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Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:19 am ]
Post subject:  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Guides

NOTE: Guides are incomplete, and will continually be updated into my posts. Expect this to be somewhat disorganised (perhaps lacking a logical order) until the main guides and walkthrough are done. Subsequently, I'll probably merge the multiple posts together.

Also, please let me know if you spot any incorrect information by posting in this thread. You can also make suggestions by posting here.

Update History

- Nov 29: Town Area Guide added
- Nov 30: Starters Guide added
- Dec 2: Hunger Guide added
- Dec 6: Evolution Guide added
- Dec 13: Traps Guide added
- Dec 15: Friend Areas Guide added
- Dec 18: Mail & News Bulletins Guide added
- Dec 20: IQ Skills Guide added
- Dec 24: TMs and HMs Guide added

- Jan 01: Personality Test Guide added
- Jan 04: Dungeons - Basics Guide added
- Jan 08: Recruitment Basics Guide added
- Feb 19: Rescue Ranks and Points Guide added
- Mar 15: Status Conditions Guide added
- Mar 24: Reward Statues Guide added
- Apr 29: 4th Generation Pokemon Guide added
- May 06: Legendaries Guide added
- Jun 09: IQ Guide added
- Jul 01: Orbs Guide added
- Jul 16 : Version Exclusive Pokemon Guide added
- Jul 22: Gummi Dex added
- Aug 05: Tactics Guide added
- Dec 16: Linking Moves Guide added
- Dec 19: List of Recruitment Percentages added

User Submitted Guides

-Jan 05: Rescue Team Ranks and Reward Statues Guide added (Contributed by Pokemaniac)

-TonberryKing, of course, who has managed to sift out substantial portions of useful information from the game file
-Raichulatias, for his help in general
-Cuddles, for information on Pokemon which need high IQ to evolve
-tiger10x, for all the information on the Personality Test
-Numerous users for their feedback and corrections

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:32 am ]
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The Town Area

Aside from the numerous dungeons and Friend Areas, the world of Pokemon Dungeon has a large central area where many useful facilities and shops are available. Listed here is information about each of these locations.

Your Rescue Force's Base


The base will start out with a plain design, but following a key event in the main storyline, it will take the appearance of your main character.

This place will serve as your base of operations, from which you can visit friend Pokemon in their Friend Areas, visit Pokemon Square, or leave for missions at various dungeons. You will also be able to save your game progress in your base.

Last but not least, you can access your mailbox, which receives news bulletins and rescue requests. These will come from time to time, provided the mailbox is not full. The mailbox has a capacity of only four messages, so make it an attempt to regularly store messages you have read. Stored messages will go into the News List.

The Kecleon Shop


This is where you can purchase items from the Kecleon Brothers. The normal Kecleon sells ordinary items such as Apples and Gravelerocks, while the purple-coloured Kecleon sells TMs and Orbs.

Wigglytuff Club


This is a facility run by Wigglytuff, which apparently loves making friends. Here, you can purchase Friend Areas for your other Pokemon to stay in. You can also enquire about the Friend Areas of Pokemon you have already seen. New friend areas will be added after the main storyline.

Felicity Bank


The Felicity Bank allows you to deposit and withdraw money. Since you lose all the money in your Toolbox when you are defeated in a dungeon, it is highly advisable for you to store excess cash in the Bank for safekeeping.

Kangaskhan Storage


The Kangaskhan Storage facility allows you to store and withdraw items. Since you also lose most of the items in your Toolbox when you are defeated in a dungeon, it is advisable for you to store extra items. Moreover, the Toolbox has limited space, thus this facility will allow you to accumulate items, but not at the expense of Toolbox space.

Gulpin's Link Shop


Here, you can link several moves together for use in dungeons. You can likewise unlink moves. The "Link Box" item is necessary for linking moves. In addition, Gulpin also serves as a move rememberer, teaching your Pokemon moves they have forgotten.

Makuhita Dojo


This is a training facility run by Makuhita and his Pokemon volunteers. You can train your Rescue Team in various three-floor dungeons, each with a single type of Pokemon - Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Poison, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Dark or Steel. At the third level of each training dungeon will be a mini-boss battle, where you have to defeat a team of three Pokemon. By clearing all these training dungeons, you will be awarded with a Bonsly Statue to decorate your Rescue Force Base. After completing the main storyline, you can access additional training dungeons where you will face off with Team Hydro, Team Shiftry, Team Constrictor and Team Rumblerock.

In addition, using the DS Dual Slot feature, Blue Rescue Team players can load the Red Rescue Team into the dojo so you can fight them. However, you will only be able to control the Blue Rescue Team.

Pelipper Post Office


This is the place from which mail is delivered by Pelipper. Here, you can receive SOS Mail, send A-OK Mail and send/receive Thank-You Mail. Outside the building is the Bulletin Board, where you can find a list of optional missions to take on.

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Thu Nov 30, 2006 3:22 am ]
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Choosing Your Starter

When you first begin your game, you will be prompted to answer some personality questions, with the purpose of determining which Pokemon you will become. After you have answered the personality questions, you will be prompted to provide your gender. Based on your personality and gender, the game will then determine which Pokemon you will become. This will be your main character throughout the main storyline.

While the game asks you to answer the questions honestly, you are of course free to provide any answer. As such, if you are aiming for a specific Pokemon, you should aim to match its personality when answering the questions. Keep in mind that there are also Pokemon exclusive to specific genders. Meowth, Machop and Cyndaquil are exclusive to males while Eevee, Chikorita and Skitty are exclusive to females. Since gender is not important in the game, do not worry about putting down your opposite gender in order to get the Pokemon you want.

Here is a list of the Starter Pokemon and their corresponding personalities and genders.

Format: Dex Number | Pokemon | Personality (Male) | Personality (Female)

001 Bulbasaur | Docile | Calm
004 Charmander | Hardy | Brave
007 Squirtle | Jolly | Relaxed
025 Pikachu | Impish | Hardy
052 Meowth | Quirky | -
054 Psyduck | Relaxed | Lonely
066 Machop | Brave | -
104 Cubone | Lonely | Impish
133 Eevee | - | Naive
152 Chikorita | - | Docile
155 Cyndaquil | Timid | -
158 Totodile | Naive | Jolly
252 Treecko | Sassy | Quirky
255 Torchic | Hasty | Sassy
258 Mudkip | Calm | Timid
300 Skitty | - | Hasty

Choosing Your Partner

After you have chosen your starter (or rather the game has chosen your starter for you), you will be prompted to choose a Pokemon to serve as your partner. This Pokemon will be an important character as he/she will remain part of your team on every mission until the main storyline is completed. As such, it would be wise to choose a partner Pokemon who will complement your starter well.

Here is a list of the Pokemon you can choose to be your partner:

-Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip

Note that you cannot choose a partner who share the same type as your starter. For instance, if your starter is a Squirtle, you will not be able to choose Totodile or Mudkip as your partner.

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:07 pm ]
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon introduces a new game mechanic known as hunger. It is measured by your Belly, which has default values running from 0 to 100.

To view your Belly's size while in a dungeon, simply press B to access the menu:


The Basics

Your Belly will decrease as you make your way through dungeons. If you happen to be moving through special terrain, for instance, through walls, or if you hold both A and B buttons to accelerate HP regeneration, your Belly will deplete faster. Your Belly will also decrease at a quicker rate if you are holding items such as the Heal Ribbon. When your Belly reaches zero, your HP will start to decrease as you move around, whereas it originally regenerates itself. Warnings are given when your Belly size is low. When your Belly is empty, the dialogue box will flash blue/pink and orange to warn you as well:


On the other hand, there are items which help to slow down or even stop the decrease in your Belly. The Stamina Band slows the decrease in your Belly, while the Tight Belt prevent the holder's Belly from decreasing.


There are a couple of ways to increase your Belly once it is depleted. The most obvious way is through feeding. While the main food items include only the apples, a variety of other items do increase Belly as well. These range from Gummies to Seeds. Below is a list of some items which increase your Belly when consumed. Note that items, once consumed, are removed permanently from the Toolbox, thus, you should be careful when consuming items with secondary uses, such as Oran Berries which have curative properties.

Food Items

Format: Name - Effects on Belly

~Apple - Restores 50% of maximum Belly size. Will increase maximum Belly size by 5% if consumed when full
~Banana - Restores 50% of maximum Belly size. Will increase maximum Belly size by 5% if consumed when full
~Big Apple - Restores 100% of maximum Belly size. Will increase maximum Belly size by 10% if consumed when full
~Huge Apple - Restores 100% of maximum Belly size and increases maximum Belly size by 10%
~Chestnut - Restores 10% of maximum Belly size. It is favoured by Mankeys
~Grimy Food - Restores 30% of maximum Belly size, but always causes status ailments

Stat Enhancers

Stat enhancers all restores 5% of maximum Belly size when consumed. Here is a list of Stat Enhancers:

~Max Elixir


Berries all restore 5% of maximum Belly size when consumed. Here is a list of the Berries:

~Cheri Berry
~Chesto Berry
~Oran Berry
~Pecha Berry
~Rawst Berry
~Sitrus Berry


Seeds all restore 5% of maximum Belly size when consumed. Some seeds have secondary effects on Belly as well. Here is a list of the Seeds:

~Allure Seed
~Blinker Seed
~Doom Seed
~Eyedrop Seed
~Heal Seed
~Hunger Seed - Lowers maximum Belly size by 10%. If used on a Pokemon who is not the leader, it will gain the Hungry Pal status
~Joy Seed
~Life Seed
~Plain Seed
~Quick Seed
~Reviver Seed
~Sleep Seed
~Stun Seed
~Totter Seed
~Warp Seed


Gummies affect the Belly differently, depending on the Gummi and the Pokemon who eats it.

-If the Pokemon favours the Gummi, you will be told that it seems to like the Gummi. In this case, it will restore 60% of maximum Belly Size.
-If the Pokemon doesn't mind the Gummi, you will be told that it doesn't seem to dislike the Gummi. In this case, it will either restore 30%, 25% or 20% of maximum Belly size.
-If the Pokemon seems to be somewhat satisfied with the Gummi, it will either restore 5% of maximum Belly size, or not restore anything at all.

Here is a list of the Gummies:

~Black Gummi
~Blue Gummi
~Brown Gummi
~Clear Gummi
~Gold Gummi
~Grass Gummi
~Gray Gummi
~Green Gummi
~Orange Gummi
~Pink Gummi
~Purple Gummi
~Red Gummi
~Royal Gummi
~Silver Gummi
~Sky Gummi
~White Gummi
~Yellow Gummi

Hold Items

Aside from feeding to increase (and sometimes decrease) your Belly, you can also attempt to manage your Belly using Hold Items.

Here is a list of the Hold Items which affect Belly, and their effects on the Belly

~Diet Ribbon - Prevents Belly from filling. If the leader is holding it, Belly will deplete faster. If a teammate is holding it, it will get the Hungry Pal status
~Heal Ribbon - Belly depletes faster
~Mobile Scarf - Belly empties much faster when moving through walls, magma and other special terrain
~Munch Belt - Belly depletes faster
~Pass Scarf - Belly depletes whenever the item is utilised
~Stamina Band - Slows down the rate at which your Belly depletes
~Tight Belt - Prevents holder's Belly from depleting

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Tue Dec 05, 2006 11:02 pm ]
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Evolution works differently in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as compared to the main Pokemon games. It seems that evolution plays a slightly less important role in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The main reason why you would want to evolve your Pokemon is to fill up your Friend Areas with every single Pokemon out of all the 386 Pokemon.

On a more micro level, evolving a Pokemon might give it the ability to learn certain moves. For instance, Charmander and Charmeleon cannot learn Wing Attack, but Charizard does learn it. Aside from that, evolution serves no other purpose as it does not increase your Pokemon's stats like it does in the main Pokemon games. As such, it is perfectly alright to keep your Pokemon at their earlier evolutionary stages.

Accessing the Luminous Cave


Also unlike the other games is how a Pokemon evolves. Instead of evolving naturally when a Pokemon reaches the required level, you have to deliberately bring a Pokemon to a location known as the Luminous Cave in order to evolve it. Since you can only access the Luminous Cave after defeating Rayquaza, you will be unable to evolve your Pokemon until the main storyline has been completed.

The Luminous Cave can be found near Whiscash's Pond, north from Pokemon Square. However, you can only enter the cave if you are on your own. For your partner to leave you, simply return to your Rescue Team Base after your failed attempt to enter the Cave. Try to leave for a dungeon and your partner will stop you. Your partner has an idea at this point. He decides that you should change things so that you are able to pick the leader and members to go into dungeons. This would allow your team to handle rescues better by having more Pokemon types available. After his short explanation, leave for a dungeon and clear the dungeon. When you return, your team members will likewise leave the team, dispersing to their Friend Areas, but the difference this time is that your partner Pokemon will also return to its own Friend Area. Now you are free move around alone, and can therefore enter the Luminous Cave.

The Process of Evolution


When you enter the Cave, you will find a glowing stone, which will ask if you want to evolve. If you select "Yes", it will ask if you would give an item to evolve. Depending how your Pokemon's species evolves, select "No", or select one or two items, accordingly.


Note that you must leave the cave and come back again if you want to further evolve, provided that you have fulfilled the requirements for evolution.


How do you know if your Pokemon is ready to evolve? To check, press B to access your menu, go to your team, and view the summary of your Pokemon. Press right twice, ignoring the Stats and Features pages, and check the Info about your Pokemon. Under "Evolution", you can see if your Pokemon is ready for evolution. If it says "Possible", your Pokemon is able to evolve. If it says "No more", it means your Pokemon has already evolved fully, and is in its final form. If it says "Not now", it means that you have yet to fulfill certain criteria which is required for your Pokemon to evolve.

Making a Pokemon the Leader


As mentioned before, your Pokemon has to be alone in order for it to enter the Luminous Cave. As such, in order to evolve a Pokemon, you would have to make it the leader of the team and let the other team members return to their Friend Areas.

To make a Pokemon the leader of the team, approach it in its Friend Area, and let it join the team. Talk to it again, and you can select the option "Make Leader". This will make your Pokemon the leader of the team.


Since your original leader is still part of the team, you will have to go to the Friend Area of the original leader, or simply access your menu and ask it to "Stand By". Your new leader will now be alone, and you can enter the Luminous Cave.

Learning New Moves

Upon evolution, you might gain the ability to learn new moves. However, you might have evolved your Pokemon at too high a level, causing it to have missed the chance to learn certain attacks.

To overcome this, you can either make use of the item known as the Doom Seed. Each Doom Seed, when consumed, will reduce the level of your Pokemon by 1. Hence, you can make use of them to reduce your Pokemon's levels so that you can now learn the move(s) you have missed. Alternatively, you can visit Gulpin at his Link Shop, and get him to help you with re-learning moves.

Evolution Criteria

Most Pokemon evolve when they reach certain levels, but others require certain special items or other criteria before they can evolve. Here is a list of these Pokemon and their requirements for evolution. Also included are the locations where you can find the items required for evolution.

Note that some Pokemon need a high IQ to evolve. Feeding Gummies is the only way in which you can raise the IQ of a Pokemon.

Fire Stone (Fiery Field 29F)

Vulpix -> Ninetales
Growlithe -> Arcanine
Eevee -> Flareon

Leaf Stone (Wish Cave - Kecleon Shops)

Gloom -> Vileplume
Weepinbell -> Victreebel
Exeggcute -> Exeggutor
Nuzleaf -> Shiftry

Moon Stone (Solar Cave)

Nidorina -> Nidoqueen
Nidorino -> Nidoking
Clefairy -> Clefable
Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff
Skitty ->Delcatty

Sun Stone (Solar Cave)

Gloom -> Bellossom
Sunkern -> Sunflora

Thunder Stone (Lightning Field 29F)

Pikachu -> Raichu
Eevee -> Jolteon

Water Stone (Northwind Field 29F)

Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath
Shellder -> Cloyster
Staryu -> Starmie
Eevee -> Vaporeon
Lombre -> Ludicolo

Link Cable (Dungeons with HMs eg. Solar Cave, after the HMs have been taken)

Kadabra -> Alakazam
Machoke -> Machamp
Graveler -> Golem
Haunter -> Gengar

Link Cable + Deepseascale (Grand Sea 15F and Far-Off Sea)

Clamperl -> Gorebyss

Link Cable + Deepseatooth (Grand Sea 15F and Far-Off Sea)

Clamperl -> Huntail

Link Cable + Dragonscale (Wyvern Hill 29F & 30F)

Seadra -> Kingdra

Link Cable + King's Rock (Wish Cave - Kecleon Shops)

Poliwhirl -> Politoed
Slowpoke -> Slowking

Link Cable + Metal Coat (Southern Cavern 49F & 50F)

Onix -> Steelix
Scyther -> Scizor

Link Cable + Upgrade (Wish Cave - Kecleon Shops)

Porygon -> Porygon2

High IQ - 5 Stars

Golbat -> Crobat
Togepi -> Togetic
Chansey -> Blissey

High IQ - 6 Stars

Pichu -> Pikachu
Cleffa -> Clefairy
Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff
Azurill -> Marill

High IQ - 4 Stars + Sun Ribbon (Wyvern Hill 20F)

Eevee -> Espeon

High IQ - 4 Stars + Lunar Ribbon (Northwind Field 20F)

Eevee -> Umbreon

Beauty Scarf (Western Cave 59F)

Feebas -> Milotic

Author:  Saanaito [ Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:57 am ]
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sN0wBaLL wrote:
Since your original leader is still part of the team, you will have to go to the Friend Area of the original leader and ask it to "Stand By". Your new leader will now be alone, and you can enter the Luminous Cave.

I have something to say. You don't have to go to the Leader's Friend Area; you can open up the Menu, click Team, and the Stand By option is accessible from there.

Fixed 10/12/06. Thanks.

Author:  salamance [ Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:40 pm ]
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well i oculd help u with the guide i have some codes and everything for it easy to find not like cheats but like rescue codes for rescue missions i have blue mystery i beat it like 2 months ago so lol i can help in anyway.

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:37 am ]
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Dungeon Traps

In later dungeons, which includes most of the dungeons which are unlocked after the main storyline, gameplay is made more difficult by the introduction of traps in the dungeons. Traps are basically modified Wonder Tiles, but instead they all have negative effects ranging from stat reduction to spoiling food items.

Types of Traps

There are a total of 18 types of traps, all of which are found naturally in dungeons. The only exception is the Spikes Trap, which is created when a Pokemon uses the move Spikes. This will create a Spikes Trap on the spot the Pokemon is on.

Here is a list of all the traps (in alphabetical order) and their effects:

~Chestnut - Causes spiky Chestnuts to fall and deal 10 HP of damage to the Pokemon who steps on the trap

~Confuse - Causes Confusion on the Pokemon who steps on the trap

~Explosion - Causes an explosion in the surrounding 20 tiles, dealing heavy damage to any Pokemon and destroying all walls and items

~Gust - Causes Pokemon to fly off in different directions. Pokemon receive damage when they hit the wall, unless the Pokemon is holding a Mobile Scarf or is a Ghost Pokemon who can pass through walls

~Mud - Decreases one random stat by one

~Pitfall - Causes the Pokemon who steps on the trap to drop down one floor, while causing all other Pokemon to leave the team

~Poison - Causes Poison

~Pokemon - Causes the wild Pokemon or items in the room to change

~PP Zero - Causes the PP of one random move to be reduced to zero

~Seal - Disables one move until the Pokemon leaves the floor

~Self-Destruct - Causes an explosion in the surrounding 8 tiles, dealing heavy damage to any Pokemon and destroying all walls and items

~Sleep - Causes Sleep

~Slow - Slows down the Pokemon's movement speed

~Sludge - Turns one or a few food items into Grimy Food

~Spikes - Causes 20 damage

~Sticky - Causes a random item in the Toolbox or on a Pokemon in the team to become sticky, rendering it useless until a Cleanse Orb is used to remove the stickiness or the team leaves the dungeon

~Sweet Scent - Causes a few wild Pokemon to appear. Trap disappears after activation

~Warp - Causes the Pokemon to teleport to a random location on the same floor

Avoiding Traps

There are a couple of items and IQ Skills which are useful in helping you to avoid traps.

The items are:

~Goggle Specs - A hold item that improves the Pokémon's vision. It reveals hidden traps and invisible Pokémon.

~Trap Scarf - A hold item that prevents traps from going off if they are stepped on by the Pokémon.

~See-Trap Orb - Reveals all hidden traps in the same room

~Trapbust Orb - Destroys traps in the same room

In addition, there are two IQ Skills which perform similar functions. They are, namely:

~Trap Seer - If the Pokémon is on an undiscovered trap, upon taking a step it will make the trap visible without setting it off

~Trap Avoider - The Pokémon often avoids stepping on visible traps

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Fri Dec 15, 2006 2:44 am ]
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Friend Areas


Friend Areas are places where Pokemon from your Rescue Team stay when they are not on missions. Upon recruiting a Pokemon from the wild and successfully exiting the dungeon, whether by clearing all floors of the dungeon or using an Escape Orb, the Pokemon will automatically be found in its Friend Area the following day. Note that most Pokemon, save for special Pokemon like Legendaries, require you to have their Friend Area before they can be recruited.

You can access your Friend Areas by going left from your Rescue Team Base. A menu will allow you to select which Pokemon to visit. Selecting a Pokemon will automatically bring you to its Friend Area.


Talk to any Pokemon in a Friend Area and you will be able to access a menu which allows you to do many tasks. You can, get the Pokemon to join the team, stand by, or make it the leader of the team. You can also give/take items to/from it. You can say farewell, which will cause the Pokemon to leave your team forever. Lastly, you can check its summary page, moves, and IQ.


Obtaining Them All

Friend Areas are obtained in a variety of ways. The lists below will state how all the Friend Areas can be obtained, and they are classified according to the method of obtaining them.

Starter Friend Areas

These Friend Areas are automatically obtained when you choose your starters. They are listed in alphabetical order

Beau Plains - Bulbasaur or Chikorita
Energetic Forest - Meowth, Pikachu, Skitty
Morphing Forest - Eevee
Mt. Cleft - Charmander
Mt. Deepgreen - Cubone
Mt. Discipline - Machop
Overgrown Forest - Treecko
Peanut Swamp - Mudkip
Rub-a-Dub River - Totodile
Scorched Plains - Cyndaquil, Torchic
Turtleshell Pond - Psyduck, Squirtle

Story Events

These Friend Areas are obtained automatically once you have cleared a story event.

Darkness Ridge - Obtained when Absol is recruited
Mist-Rise Forest - Obtained when you first visit Wigglytuff at the Wigglytuff Club
Power Plant - Obtained when you first visit Wigglytuff at the Wigglytuff Club
Wild Plains - Obtained when you first visit Wigglytuff at the Wigglytuff Club

Mission Rewards

These Friend Areas are obtained as rewards when you complete their respective optional missions. Also included are screenshots showing how each reward was obtained, as well as the Wonder Mail Code for each mission.

Boulder Cave


Dragon Cave


Mt. Moonview


Sky Blue Plains


Recruiting Legendaries

These Friend Areas are obtained automatically when you recruit any one of the Legendaries which belong in them.

Deep-Sea Current - Obtained when you recruit Lugia
Enclosed Island - Obtained when you recruit Deoxys
Healing Forest - Obtained when you recruit Celebi
Legendary Island - Obtained when you recruit Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos
Seafloor Cave - Obtained when you recruit Kyogre
Stratos Lookout - Obtained when you recruit Rayquaza
Volcanic Pit - Obtained when you recruit Groudon

Purchasing from the Wigglytuff Club

This is how most Friend Areas are obtained. Some are available during the main storyline, while many others can only be bought after you have completed the main storyline. The cost of each Friend Area is also listed here. Note that some of these Friend Areas are automatically obtained if you have the starters which belong in them.


~During the main storyline

Beau Plains - 600 Poke
Decrepit Lab - 1000 Poke
Flyaway Forest - 550 Poke
Jungle - 800 Poke
Magnetic Quarry - 1000 Poke
Mt. Deepgreen - 130 Poke
Mt. Discipline - 1200 Poke
Mushroom Forest - 500 Poke
Overgrown Forest - 600 Poke
Peanut Swamp - 2500 Poke
Ravaged Field - 1000 Poke
Rub-a-Dub River - 500 Poke
Safari - 700 Poke
Tadpole Pond - 500 Poke
Thunder Meadow - 1000 Poke
Transform Forest - 500 Poke

~After completing the main storyline

Aged Chamber AN - 5500 Poke
Aged Chamber O? - 5500 Poke
Ancient Relic - 8000 Poke
Bountiful Sea - 5500 Poke
Crater - 7500 Poke
Cryptic Cave - 6500 Poke
Deep-Sea Floor - 5500 Poke
Echo Cave - 7500 Poke
Energetic Forest - 5000 Poke
Final Island - 8500 Poke
Frigid Cavern - 9000 Poke
Furnace Desert - 8500 Poke
Ice Floe Beach - 9500 Poke
Mt. Cleft - 5000 Poke
Mystic Lake - 2500 Poke
Poison Swamp - 8500 Poke
Rainbow Peak - 6500 Poke
Sacred Field - 6500 Poke
Scorched Plains - 5000 Poke
Secretive Forest - 6500 Poke
Serene Sea - 8000 Poke
Shallow Beach - 5000 Poke
Southern Island - 9500 Poke
Treasure Sea - 4500 Poke
Turtleshell Pond - 5500 Poke
Waterfall Lake - 3500 Poke

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:59 am ]
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Your Mailbox and Pokemon Newsletters

The Mailbox


The Mailbox serves an important role in the game, bringing you various letters with key missions that advance story events, as well as optional missions with good rewards (for instance, it is possible to unlock the Boulder Cave, Dragon Cave, Mt. Moonview and Sky Blue Plains Friend Areas from optional missions delivered straight to you). From time to time, you will also receive news bulletins which offer useful gameplay tips and interesting tidbits of information about the Pokemon World.

While it is convenient and useful to receive such mail, the Mailbox gets full very easily as it only has capacity to store four pieces of mail. As such, do clear your mail often so that Pelipper can continue to deliver mail to you. For optional missions which you do not wish to undertake, first accept the mail before deleting the mission from your Job List.

News Bulletins

As mentioned before, news bulletins are delivered regularly, and they contain gameplay tips and interesting facts. After reading them, you can store them in the News List so they do not take up space in the Mailbox. You can view any news bulletins you have received via the News List option for the Mailbox.


Compiled here are all fifty pieces of the news bulletins you will receive in the game.

#1 Welcome to a Rescue Team!

To All New Members!
Your badge has the power to send back to town any Pokemon you've rescued. Just hold the badge up, and it does the rest. By completing rescue jobs, you will be awarded points that raise your team's ranking. Aim for the Bronze Rank for now!
- Pokemon Rescue Organization -

#2 Rescue Team Basics

Saving Your Adventure and Pokemon News
You can save your adventure by going to your bed. Get in the habit of saving often. You should also store old Pokemon News. If your Mailbox is full, you won't get the latest issue of the news or any job mail.
Check the Mailbox and store old news!
- Pokemon Rescue Organization -

#3 Accepting Rescue Jobs

If you want to go on a rescue job listed on the Bulletin Board at the Pelipper Post Office, or one that's delivered to your Mailbox, you first need to Accept the job, then choose Take Job. Only then will you be able to handle that job. Try to do accepted jobs quickly!
- Pokemon Rescue Organization -

#4 Getting Hungry

Eat Something When You Get Hungry!
While you're exploring a dungeon, you will get progressively hungry (your Belly goes down). If you become famished, you will eventually lose HP and even faint. That's why you should eat something to fill your Belly! You can always buy food at the Kecleon Shop.

#5 Throw Seeds!

Seeds Can Be Thrown, Too!
Seeds are usually meant to be eaten. But did you know? They can also be thrown at other Pokemon to unlock their effects. Toss seeds you don't want to eat at foes! Throw good seeds at friends! Don't be afraid to throw your seeds!

#6 Recent Natural Disasters

Investigations Under Way Info
Recent Rash of Natural Disasters
Pokemon in affected areas attack any outsider without hesitation. Some believe a mysterious force is behind their behavior. One source blamed Diglett for triggering earthquakes, but the investigative team is skeptical.

#7 Game Options

Change Your Option Settings to Suit Your Play Style!
Press B to open the menu, then choose Others and Game Options. You can change settings to suit the way you play.

#8 Let's Use Moves!

The Benefits of Using Moves
If a move is used on a foe, when it is defeated, you earn more Exp. Points! A move only has to be used once on the foe: after that it can be defeated using a regular attack to earn more Exp. Points. Moves are also more likely to become critical hits! Don't overuse them, though!

#9 Wonder Tiles

Wonder Tiles Reset Attack and Defence!
If your Attack is lowered by a foe's Growl, or your Defense is lowered
by a foe's Tail Whip, for example, the affected stat can be reset to normal by stepping on a Wonder Tile or going to the next floor. Beware, enhanced stats are also reset to normal!

#10 Mysterious Dungeons?

If your rescue team is defeated in a dungeon, you lose several items and
all the money you are carrying before you go off on a rescue or an outing.
Use Kangaskhan Storage to keep invaluable items safely stored.
- Pokemon Rescue Organization -

#11 Types and Matchups

Learn How Types Match Up!
All Pokemon are of certain types, such as Fire and Water. In a battle, the damage inflicted depends on how the Pokemon's type matches up with the move's type. For example, a Fire-type Pokemon is weak against Water-type moves. Exploit type matchups to win battles!

#12 Linked Moves Entry Level 1

These Are the Recommended Linked Moves for Beginners!
Grass, Fighting, and Ground Types
Vine Whip + Growl
Razor Leaf + Growl
Leer + Pound
Leer + Low Kick
Tail Whip + Bone Club

#13 Linked Moves Entry Level 2

Fire and Normal Types
Ember + Growl
Leer + Tackle
Ember + Growl
Tail Whip + Tackle
Scratch + Tackle
Tail Whip + Tackle

#14 Linked Moves Entry Level 3

These Are the Final Linked Moves We Recommend in the Entry Level!
Electric and Water Types
Thundershock + Growl
Tail Whip + Tackle
Leer + Scratch
Water Gun + Mud-Slap
Tail Whip + Scratch

#15 Poll: Top Two Items

First Gravelerock
Second Oran Berry
In a nationwide survey involving rescue teams, the most popular item was found to be Gravelerocks. According to Sudowoodo of Team Fakers, "It lets you attack from far away. It's invaluable." The next most popular item was the Oran Berries.

#16 Seven Wonders of Pokemon

The Seven Wonders of Pokemon?
The mysterious feet of Diglett.
What is inside Forretress's shell.
The intelligence of Girafarig's tail.
Arbok's variety of patterns.
We await submissions from readers on other Pokemon mysteries!
- Mystery Hunter Team -

#17 Moving as a Team

Use Team Members Effectively!
When you're fighting in a dungeon, it's important to use your team members. If attacked from the side, move horizontally. If attacked from above or below, move vertically. That way, you can have several Pokemon fighting a single foe. Change Tactics if members don't move properly.

#18 Adding Team Members

If you want to enlarge your rescue team, you must first get Friend Areas. When a Pokemon that can live in an obtained Friend Area is defeated, it may ask to join your rescue team. Add to your Friend Areas so you can recruit more members! Incidentally, you may take no more than three friends into a dungeon.

#19 Important Moving Tips

Moving Diagonally
Move diagonally to avoid foes!
Keeping R pressed, use the
Control Pad to move diagonally.

Changing Direction
It's also very important to change directions without moving. Check Hints to see how you can do this maneuver!

#20 Secrets of the Gummi

Gummis That Make You Smart
Research has revealed that popular Gummi treats not only enhance intelligence, they also have different effects depending on type. Share Gummis with your friends and get smarter for your adventures! In dungeons, throw them at your friends. Use them in Friend Areas and...?

#21 The Ultimate Dungeon

The Ultimate Dungeon Challenges You to Do Your Best!
Somewhere in the world, there supposedly is an incredibly tough dungeon. One must enter alone at Level 1, and without any items. No one has ever completed the challenge. It is considered a test not of power, but of intelligence and wits.

#22 New Types of Machines?

New Types of Machines Discovered?
In a recently discovered cave, explorers found unique types of Technical Machines. They apparently do not break after a single use. Further studies are said to be under consideration by the authorities. In related news, the cave is to be named the Solar Cave.

#23 Train at the Makuhita Dojo!

Study Type Matchups at the Makuhita Dojo!
At the Makuhita Dojo, one can learn how Pokemon type matchups affect battles. It's because the dojo's training rooms are divided by type. For example, in the Fire Maze, there are only Fire-type Pokemon.
Try move types to see what works best!

#24 New Floor Tiles?

New Types of Floor Tiles?
There have been numerous reports of new floor tiles other than Wonder Tiles. Believed to have been made by the recent natural disasters, these floor tiles remain hidden until they are stepped on. They then trigger a variety of traps. Rescue teams are urged to use extreme caution.

#25 IQ

Make Your Explorations Easier by Boosting the IQ of Team Members!
Eating Gummis boosts the IQ of Pokemon. Upon reaching certain IQ levels, a Pokemon learns IQ Skills that can be very helpful (for example, learning to seek out foes with type disadvantages). Check the IQ Skills of your team members!

#26 The Range of Moves

All Moves Have Effective Ranges
Moves that affect an entire room have a range of two tiles in a corridor. The move Growl, which lowers the Attack stat of foes in a room, will reach two tiles away in a corridor, for example. If, however, the visibility is limited to just one tile, the range of moves will also be limited.

#27 Sweet Hands!

Feel a Little Envious?
Teddiursa is often seen licking its paws that have soaked up sweet honey. While it may be sticky shaking paws with Teddiursa, one can't help but feel a twinge of envy.

#28 The Key

Head Out to the Desert Region!
If you've been wondering what lies behind the mysterious locked doors of the Solar Cave, there's been a breakthrough! Reports indicate the door keys are easily found in the Desert Region. Explorers are advised to compose teams with Pokemon adapted to the desert enviroment.

#29 Azurill--the Little Hero!

With a simple act of courage, Azurill became a hero despite being small in size. Azuril came across Slowpoke, who had fallen into a pond. Our hero's tail, thrown at the struggling Slowpoke, saved a sure drowning! Slowpoke claimed to have entirely forgotten having the ability to swim capably.

#30 Dungeons and Weather 1

Sunny: Boosts Fire-type moves, and weakens Water-type moves.
Sandstorm: Regularly inflicts damage except on Ground, Rock, and Steel types.
Cloudy: All moves and attacks, excluding the Normal type, are weakened.
Rain: Boosts Water-type moves, and weakens Fire. Prevents explosions.

#31 Pecha Scarf--Top Popularity!

Amoung rescue teams, there is growing demand for equipment that is not only practical, but also fashionably appealing. The pink Pecha Scarf is especially popular. Even the Kecleon Shop is having trouble keeping it in stock. If you're lucky enough to spot one, make a beeline for it!

#32 Wobbly Wobbuffet Wanders!

Earlier today, Wobbuffet reportedly wobbled the wrong way and wandered off. It had to be rescued by the famous Team Hydro. Fortunately, the wayward wanderer Wobbuffet was only wobbly and otherwise unharmed.

#33 Dungeons and Weather 2

Clear: Pleasant weather.
Hail: Regularly inflicts damage, except on the Ice type.
Fog: Turns the status of all Pokemon on the floor to Mud Sport.
Blizzard: Boosts the movement speed of Ice-type Pokemon by one level.

#34 Where Is Kecleon?

There have been numerous reports that the older of the Kecleon merchants in Pokemon Square occasionally goes missing. Some residents claim, "He's
greedy. He must be off doing business somewhere." His younger brother denies such claims: "He wouldn't get free items in dungeons and try to sell them..."

#35 Switching Leaders

Power Up Combination Attacks!
Some dungeons allow rescue teams to switch leaders on the spot for doing
combination attacks and so on. When you enter a dungeon, open the menu,
choose the Pokemon you want as the leader under Team, then select the
command Leader.

#36 Key Items for Pokemon 1

When Used Somewhere Special...
Sunkern and Sun Stone...
Skitty and Moon Stone...
Growlithe and Fire Stone...
Shellder and Water Stone...
Clamperl and Deepseatooth
There appear to be many others!

#37 Key Items for Pokemon 2

When Used Somewhere Special...
Eevee and Water Stone, Fire Stone, Thunderstone, or...
Exeggcute and Leaf Stone...
Onix, Metal Coat, and Link Cable...
There appear to be many others!

#38 Noxious Gas Leak?!

Reports of a noxious gas leak caused widespread chaos in the Sinister Woods. Specia-lists speculate that the recent natural disasters are to blame. However, some also blame Team Koffing's training in the area for the foul-smelling gas. The answer, apparently, is blowing in the wind.

#39 Castform's Daily Weather

Today, the weather over Pokemon Square promises to be clear with no
chance of showers. Other regions can expect showers followed by clouds. There may be sun breaks depending on the day's moods.

#40 Smeargle Painting Auctioned!

Smeargle, the artist known for his unique artistic vision, had a windfall day as one of his paintings was auctioned for 300 million poke yesterday. The auctioned artwork was one of Smeargle's signature works from early in his career.

#41 Kabuto Feels Young Again!

One of our oldest residents claims to feel rejuvenated. Kabuto reportedly had an encounter with Relicanth in which both parties reminisced about the "old days." However, even Kabuto could not keep up with Relicanth's tales from a hundred million years ago. Kabuto stated, "It made me feel young talking to Relicanth."

#42 Chansey's Fortune-Telling

As a special treat, I'll share a simple way to tell fortunes with you! The key is the first thing you find in the day's first dungeon. If it's money, you'll be sure to make more. If it's a Berry, your health luck is good.
If it's an Apple, you're super lucky!
- Chansey -

#43 Fan Club Seeks Members!

We proudly announce the foundation of the Red & Blue Fan Club, an organization for supporting Pokemon rescue teams. We are currently recruiting new members. Won't you join and throw your support behind our hard-working rescue heroes?
- Plusle and Minun -

#44 Rawst Berry's Effect

Research has revealed that Rawst Berries found in dungeons are usually unripened and colored green. When ripe, they turn a sky blue colour. An unripened one is easier to eat, however, because it has no yet turned bitter. It is known to heal all burns.

#45 Vileplume's Weighty Problem

Vileplume are widely recognized for their massize flower. However, few dare to approach Vileplume because they scatter clouds of allergy-inducing
pollen. Vileplume complain that they tire very easily because the flower's weight makes their head heavy.

#46 Sea Rescue a Success!

A high-seas rescue in the Stormy Sea by Team Sea Dragons ended yesterday with the successful recovery of Tentacool. The client, Corsola, is said to be delighted by the outcome. Tentacool stated, "I didn't realize how far I'd been washed out to sea."
The Stormy Sea is unforgiving!

#47 Beware of Pitfalls

As a result of the natural disasters, there have been many reports of Pitfall Traps appearing in dungeons. However, there also appear to be pitfalls made by Pokemon that are not harmful. The latter are thought to be made by foraging Swinub. Some even turn out to be hot springs that erupt occasionally.

#48 Slakoth Pillows for Insomnia

Relief for Delicate Souls Who Can't Sleep with Different Pillows!
Insomniacs rejoiced over the announcement of the Slakoth Pillow, which is said to induce sleepiness just by seeing it. Already the inventor is swamped with inquiries from all over. However, production is said to be not yet ready.

#49 Linked Moves for Pro Level 1

These Linked Move Combinations Can Be Devastating!

Razor Leaf + Sleep Powder
Body Slam + Reflect

Screech + Pound
Focus Energy + Karate Chop
Tail Whip + Bonemerang

#50 Linked Moves for Pro Level 2

Try These Linked Moves to KO Foes!

Confusion + Disable
Bite + Scary Face
Flame Wheel + Smokescreen

Thunderbolt + Double Team
Tail Whip + Doubleslap

Special News Bulletins (WARNING: SPOILERS)

These are special news bulletins, delivered when you clear certain story events.

A Letter from Pelipper

Yo! Amigo! It's awesome you're back! I'll be delivering mail to you again! I've been looking forward to this with my bill outstretched! I'll deliver tons of mail, so you'd better be ready, amigo!
-The wandering postal carrier, Pelipper -

Pokemon News Extra 1

(Your Name) Innocent! Part 1
He/she met with Ninetales on Mt. Freeze. Ninetales testified that (Your Name) was not the human that appeared in the legend. As a result, Gengar's claims were found to be malicious lies.
The clearly dismayed Gengar's quote:

Pokemon News Extra 2

(Your Name) Innocent! Part 2
Quote from Charizard on the scene:
"That's what I thought right from the start, hahaha!"
Quote from Tyranitar on the scene:
"That muckraking Gengar... He's not getting away with this! He'd better be ready for it!"

Buried Relic Discovered!

Mystery Ruin Found Underground!
Its site had been hidden by the crater of a meteor strike in ancient times. The Buried Relic is thought to date back beyond recorded history. There are rumours of treasures... And perhaps even Pokemon that lived in ancient times. The Buried Relic is the main topic in Pokemon Square.

New Friend Areas!

The Wigglytuff Club has added new Friend Areas for sale!
Rescue Teams are urged to check with Wigglytuff for what is available. By adding to your Friend Areas, you can recruit Pokemon that wouldn't join your rescue team before!

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Wed Dec 20, 2006 3:11 am ]
Post subject: 

IQ Skills Guide

IQ Skills are the reason why one would want to raise a Pokemon's IQ. These are learnt once a Pokemon gains a certain amount IQ Points, and, when used, confer upon a Pokemon certain advantages which help it function better in dungeons. Most of the skills are relevant only to partner Pokemon, and have little use on the leader. For instance, the IQ Skill Exclusive Move-User would have little effect on the leader, because you can choose to let the leader use only moves and not perform the regular attack. As such, you should always check out newly learned IQ Skills to see if they would be beneficial or not.


To check your IQ Skills and to choose which to use while in a dungeon, press B to access the menu. Select Team, and then choose to Check IQ for a particular Pokemon. A list of the IQ Skills that the Pokemon knows will appear. Those skills with an icon of a star beside it are currently in use by that Pokemon. Note that you can also check and select IQ Skills of Pokemon while in Friend Areas.

Skill Descriptions

In total, there are 23 IQ Skills which can be learned by each Pokemon, and they do not differ in any way between different Pokemon. Here is a list of the IQ Skills, arranged in the order in which they are learned. Also included is whether each move affects the leader, partner Pokemon, or both the leader and the partner Pokemon.

Note that the IQ Skills Item Catcher, Course Checker and Item Master are automatically activated when a Pokemon is first recruited. Also note that the IQ Skills Item Catcher, Course Checker, Dedicated Traveler, Item Master and Exclusive Move-User are known by every Pokemon by default (ie. all Pokemon know these IQ Skills even if IQ has not been raised at all)

01. Item Catcher
Description: The Pokemon can catch and hold a thrown item. It can't make a catch if it is already holding an item. It also can't catch Seeds and drink items.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

02. Course Checker
Description: If this Pokemon has a foe targeted for a move or a thrown item, it will check first for walls and other Pokémon that may get in the way. It will stop if there is an obstacle.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

03. Dedicated Traveler
Description: The Pokemon will focus on traveling. It will use moves and items less often.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

04. Item Master
Description: The Pokemon will use or throw its hold item.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

05. Exclusive Move User
Description: The Pokemon will only use moves. It will not use its regular attack.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

06. PP Checker
Description: The Pokemon will stop using linked moves that are on the verge of delinking. It also stops using moves with no PP left.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

07. Efficiency Expert
Description: When battling several foes, the Pokemon will first target Pokemon with the lowest HP.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

08. Status Checker
Description: If its target has a status problem, the Pokemon will not use moves that cause the same status problem.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

09. Nontraitor
Description: If it becomes Confused or is Cowering, the Pokemon's wildly thrown attacks will not hit friends.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

10. Self-Curer
Description: The Pokemon recovers faster from status problems.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

11. Quick Dodger
Description: The Pokemon becomes better at evading attacks and moves.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

12. Type-Advantage Master
Description: The Pokemon's critical-hit rate is boosted when attacking foes with a type disadvantage.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

13. Weak-Type Picker
Description: When battling several foes, the Pokemon will first target Pokemon that have a type disadvantage.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

14. Trap Avoider
Description: The Pokemon often avoids stepping on visible traps.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

15. Nonsleeper
Description: The Pokemon resists Sleep from traps and the moves of foes.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

16. Exp. Go-Getter
Description: When battling several foes, the Pokemon will first target Pokemon that are worth the most Exp. Points.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

17. Energy Saver
Description: The Pokemon's Belly empties slower.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

18. Lava Evader
Description: The Pokemon will avoid fiery lava.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

19. All-Terrain Hiker
Description: The Pokemon gains the ability to walk on water, lava, and clouds.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

20. Sure-Hit Attacker
Description: The Pokemon's regular attacks never miss.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

21. Trap Seer
Description: If the Pokemon is on an undiscovered trap, upon taking a step it will make the trap visible without setting it off.
Affects: Leader

22. House Avoider
Description: The Pokemon avoids monster houses.
Affects: Partner Pokemon

23. Super Mobile
Description: The Pokemon gains the ability to walk on water, lava, and clouds. It can also dig its way through walls.
Affects: Leader and partner Pokemon

Skill Groups

There may be 23 IQ Skills which can be learned by any Pokemon, but, in practice, the game does not allow you to activate all 23 skills even if you have learned them all. Instead, the skills are organised into Skill Groups, and you can only use one skill from each group at any one time. Here is a list of the Skill Groups.

Group 1
~Type-Advantage Master
~Sure-Hit Attacker
~Quick Dodger

Group 2
~Exp. Go-Getter
~Efficiency Expert
~Weak-Type Picker
~Dedicated Traveler

Group 3
~All-Terrain Hiker
~Super Mobile

Group 4
~Trap Avoider
~House Avoider

Group 5
~Energy Saver

Group 6
~Trap Seer
~Lava Evader

Group 7
~PP Checker
~Exclusive Move-User

IQ Skills which do not belong in any groups can all be activated simultaneously.

Author:  salamance [ Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:29 am ]
Post subject: 

well i can give u some codes that u will prolly never see anywhere else... codes for joy seeds, codes for friends bows all at mt. steel floors 1 - 8. like mime statues. weavile statues etc. just ask me and i can get. and nice guide its coming along good = )

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Sun Dec 24, 2006 3:19 am ]
Post subject: 

TMs and HMs

Mystery Dungeon features all the TMs and HMs from that of FRLG and RSE, with the removal of certain moves such as weather moves like Sunny Day and Rain Dance. These TMs have been replaced with Orbs such as the Rainy Orb and Shiny Orb, and thus do not exist in the game.

In addition, all 8 HMs make a return, with some of them critical to advance through story elements since they are needed for entry into certain dungeons.

Lastly, there are four new TMs, of which only two are known to be obtainable. These new TMs teach moves which are similar to the basic attack of every Pokemon, in that they do not belong to any type.

One thing to note is that unlike the main RPG games, the TMs and HMs in Mystery Dungeon are not numbered in any way. Instead, they are simply arranged in an alphabetical order. You should also take note that HMs can only be utilised when you're not in a dungeon, whereas TMs can be utilised any time.

TMs List

Here is a list of all the obtainable TMs in the game, as well as their types, PP and descriptions. Since the TMs are not numbered in the game, this list will be arranged in alphabetical order instead of numerical order.

Name | Type | PP



Aerial Ace | Flying | 8
Description: Teaches the move Aerial Ace. It inflicts damage on the target. It never misses

Attract | Normal | 10
Description: Teaches the move Attract. It changes the target's status to Infatuated.

Blizzard | Ice | 10
Description: Teaches the move Blizzard. It inflicts damage on the target. It may also leave the target frozen and incapable of action.

Brick Break | Fighting | 12
Description: Teaches the move Brick Break. It shatters the target's Reflect or Light Screen to inflict damage.

Bulk Up | Fighting | 22
Description: Teaches the move Bulk Up. It boosts the user's Attack and Defense by one level.

Bullet Seed | Grass | 10
Description: Teaches the move Bullet Seed. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It hits two to five times per use.

Calm Mind | Psychic | 19
Description: Teaches the move Calm Mind. It raises the Pokémon's Special Attack and Special Defense by one level.

Dig | Ground | 12
Description: Teaches the move Dig. The user's status becomes Digging, and it attacks on the next turn. It is not possible to link this move.

Dragon Claw | Dragon | 10
Description: Teaches the move Dragon Claw. It inflicts damage on the target.

Earthquake | Ground | 10
Description: Teaches the move Earthquake. It damages all Pokemon in the same room. It inflicts double damage on any digging Pokemon.

Facade | Normal | 12
Description: Teaches the move Facade. It inflicts damage on the target. If the user is poisoned, badly poisoned, or has a burn, its power is doubled.

Fire Blast | Fire | 9
Description: Teaches the move Fire Blast. It inflicts damage on the target. It may also cause a burn. It thaws and frees frozen Pokemon.

Flamethrower | Fire | 12
Description: Teaches the move Flamethrower. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It may also cause a burn. It thaws and frees frozen Pokemon.

Focus Punch | Normal | 10
Description: Teaches the move Focus Punch. The user's status changes to Focus Punch, and it attacks on the next turn. It is not possible to link this move.

Frustration | Normal | 20
Description: Teaches the move Frustration. It inflicts damage on the target and inflicts greater damage if the user's IQ is low.

Giga Drain | Grass | 10
Description: Teaches the move Giga Drain. It inflicts damage on the target. It also restores the user's HP based on the damage it inflicted.

Hidden Power | Normal | 12
Description: Teaches the move Hidden Power. It inflicts damage on the target. Its type and power change with the dungeon.

Hyper Beam | Normal | 8
Description: Teaches the move Hyper Beam. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. However, it also makes the user paused and incapable of action.

Ice Beam | Ice | 8
Description: Teaches the move Ice Beam. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It may also leave the target frozen and incapable of action.

Iron Tail | Steel | 10
Description: Teaches the move Iron Tail. It inflicts damage on the target. It may also lower the target's Defense by one level.

Light Screen | Psychic | 14
Description: Teaches the move Light Screen. It makes the user's status Light Screen. It halves the damage from Special Attack moves.

Overheat | Fire | 10
Description: Teaches the move Overheat. It damages all foes around the user, but it also lowers the user's Special Attack by two levels and thaws frozen Pokemon.

Protect | Normal | 10
Description: Teaches the move Protect. It changes the Pokéemon's status to Protect and prevents damage from enemy attacks and moves.

Psychic | Psychic | 10
Description: Teaches the move Psychic. It inflicts damage on the target. It may also lower the target's Special Defense by one level.

Reflect | Psychic | 22
Description: Teaches the move Reflect. It makes the user's status Reflect and halves the damage from all Physical Attack moves and regular attacks.

Rest | Psychic | 10
Description: Teaches the move Rest. It makes the user go to sleep. Upon awakening, the Pokemon regains HP and recovers from any status problems.

Return | Normal | 12
Description: Teaches the move Return. It inflicts damage on the target. Its power rises with the user's IQ.

Roar | Normal | 14
Description: Teaches the move Roar. It sends the target flying. If the foe hits a wall or another Pokemon, it sustains damage.

Safeguard | Normal | 15
Description: Teaches the move Safeguard. It changes the status of the user and team members in the same room to Safeguard and prevents status problems.

Secret Power | Normal | 10
Description: Teaches the move Secret Power. It inflicts damage on the target. It may also trigger other effects depending on the terrain.

Shadow Ball | Ghost | 10
Description: Teaches the move Shadow Ball. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It may also lower the target's Special Defense by one level.

Shock Wave | Electric | 8
Description: Teaches the move Shock Wave. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It never misses.

Skill Swap | Psychic | 17
Description: Teaches the move Skill Swap. It switches the user's Special Ability with that of the target.

Sludge Bomb | Poison | 10
Description: Teaches the move Sludge Bomb. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It may also leave the target poisoned, damaging it over several turns.

Solarbeam | Grass | 9
Description: Teaches the move Solarbeam. The user's status becomes Solarbeam, and it attacks on the next turn. It is not possible to link this move.

Steel Wing | Steel | 10
Description: Teaches the move Steel Wing. It inflicts damage on the target. It may also raise the user's Defense by one level.

Taunt | Dark | 20
Description: Teaches the move Taunt. The targeted Pokemon's status changes to Taunted.

Thief | Dark | 20
Description: Teaches the move Thief. It inflicts damage on the target. It also snatches the target's hold item and makes it the user's hold item.

Thunder | Electric | 9
Description: Teaches the move Thunder. It inflicts damage on the target and may also cause paralysis. Its accuracy is affected by the weather.

Thunderbolt | Electric | 10
Description: Teaches the move Thunderbolt. It damages all foes around the user. It may also cause paralysis, which prevents attacks and moves.

Torment | Dark | 16
Description: Teaches the move Torment. It prevents the targeted Pokemon from repeating its last move while it remains on the floor.

Toxic | Poison | 12
Description: Teaches the move Toxic. It badly poisons the foe Pokemon. If a Pokemon is badly poisoned, it sustains damage over several turns.

Water Pulse | Water | 12
Description: Teaches the move Water Pulse. It inflicts damage on the target even at a distance. It may also leave the target confused.

New TMs

Excavate | None | ?
Description: Teaches the move Excavate. It digs through the wall the user is facing.

Spin Slash | None | ?
Description: Teaches the move Spin Slash. It inflicts damage on all foes surrounding the user.

Vacuum Cut | None | 7
Description: Teaches the move Vacuum Cut. It inflicts damage on all foes in the room.
Location: Far-off Sea, 50F, requires Key

Wide Slash | None | 10
Description: Teaches the move Wide Slash. It inflicts damage on foes on the 3 tiles diagonally and directly in front.
Location: Far-off Sea, 72F, requires Key

HMs List

For the HMs, there exist only one copy of each move in the game. In Mystery Dungeon, it is possible to throw or lose HMs.

However, it is possible to get them back. Once lost or discarded, simply return to the original location of the TM to retrieve it again. If, however, you return to the location with the HM already in your possession, you will find a Link Cable instead.


Note that some dungeons require you to have certain HMs in your inventory, and/or require the move to be taught to a Pokemon in your party before you can even enter the dungeon.


Here is a list of the HMs in the game, in the same format used above. Also listed is their locations, as well as the dungeons to which entry require the HMs.

Cut | Normal | 10
Description: Teaches the move Cut. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move damages all foes around the user.
Location: Buried Relic, 80F (requires a Key, Rock Smash and the ability to cross water)
Requirement for: None

Dive | Water | 12
Description: Teaches the move Dive. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move makes the user's status Diving, making it attack strongly on the next turn.
Location: Given to you by Whiscash at the Whiscash Pond. When lost, it can be found at Solar Cave, 10F (requires a Key and the ability to cross water).
Requirement for: Stormy Sea, Silver Trench, Grand Sea, Far-off Sea

Flash | Normal | 22
Description: Teaches the move Flash. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move lowers the target's Accuracy by one level.
Location: Buried Relic, 70F (requires a Key)
Requirement for: None

Fly | Flying | 12
Description: Teaches the move Fly. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move makes the user's status Flying, making it attack on the next turn.
Location: Wyvern Hill, 30F (requires a Key)
Requirement for: Sky Tower

Rock Smash | Fighting | 12
Description: Teaches the move Rock Smash. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move digs through the wall the user is facing.
Location: Buried Relic, 45F (requires a Key)
Requirement for: None

Strength | Normal | 12
Description: Teaches the move Strength. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move hurls the target at another Pokemon to inflict damage.
Location: Buried Relic, 60F (requires Rock Smash)
Requirement for: None

Surf | Water | 11
Description: Teaches the move Surf. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move damages the target. Inflicts double damage on a diving foe.
Location: Solar Cave, 20F (requires the ability to cross water)
Requirement for: Fiery Field, Lightning Field, Northwind Field, Mt. Faraway, Western Cave, Wish Cave.

Waterfall | Water | 12
Description: Teaches the move Waterfall. It does not break, but cannot be used in a dungeon. The move damages the target.
Location: Solar Cave, 15F (requires a Key)
Requirement for: Waterfall Pond

Replaced TMs

As mentioned earlier, several TMs from RSE/FRLG have been removed from the game, and the functions they perform are replaced by Orbs. Here is a list of these TMs, and the Orbs they have been replaced with.

Hail Orb
Replacement for: Hail (TM 07)
Description: An item that changes the dungeon floor's weather to Hail for several turns. Range: All Pokemon on floor

Sunny Orb
Replacement for: Sunny Day (TM 11)
Description: An item that changes the dungeon floor's weather to Sunny for several turns. Range: All Pokemon on floor

Rainy Orb
Replacement for: Rain Dance (TM 18)
Description: An item that changes the dungeon floor's weather to Rain for several turns. Range: All Pokémon on floor

Evasion Orb
Replacement for: Double Team (TM 32)
Description: An item that raises the user's Evasion by one level.
Range: User

Sandy Orb
Replacement for: Sandstorm (TM 37)
Description: An item that changes the dungeon floor's weather to Sandstorm for several turns.
Range: All Pokémon on floor

Rocky Orb
Replacement for: Rock Tomb (TM 39)
Description: It inflicts damage on the target. It also lowers the target's Movement Speed by one level.
Range: Foe in front

Snatch Orb
Replacement for: Snatch (TM 49)
Description: It switches the user's status to Snatch. It steals the moves of Pokemon on the same floor.
Range: User

Teaching TMs/HMs Multiple Times

Unlike in the main RPG games, you can fill up the four slots in a Pokemon's movesets with the same moves, using TMs and HMs. For instance, the screenshot below shows a Squirtle knowing three sets of the move Dive, and Bite.


While this has little use in most situations, it can be applied as a useful strategy in dungeons where your level is reduced back to 1, in what is known as the Frustration Strategy. By teaching a Pokemon Frustration four times, your Pokemon will be able to handle these dungeons easily. This is because Frustration deals a set 45 damage at the lowest level of IQ.

Used TMs and Recycling TMs

Also unlike the main RPG games, TMs do not disappear once used. Instead, they remain in your inventory as "Used TM" items.


Used TMs cannot be placed in storage, so you would have to discard them if you do not want them to take up storage space in your Toolbox.

However, there is a way to restore Used TMs so that they can be used once more. To do so, you would need a Pokemon, such as Mr. Mime, who knows the move Recycle. Mr. Mime learns Recycle at level 33. Using the move with a Used TM in your inventory would then restore the Used TM.


Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

The Personality Test

When you first start the game, you will be prompted to take a Personality Test in order to determine the identify of your starter, who will represent you throughout the main storyline.


While the game asks you to answer honestly, there is of course a need to aim for certain personality traits when answering if you are aiming to get a certain Pokemon as your starter. This guide will help you achieve a particular trait you desire, and hence aid you in obtaining the starter you want.

Questions and Answers

You will be asked a series of questions in the Personality Test, and depending on your responses, points will be added to specific personality traits. At the end of the questionnaire, the points will be tallied. The personality trait in which you have the most points will be the personality of your starter.

Note that while there are many possible questions, only a randomly selected few will be asked each time you take the Test. As such, it may take multiple tries before you get the starter you desire.

Here are the questions:

~A delinquent is hassling a girl on a busy street! What will you do?
Help without hesitation: Brave + 3
Help, even if scared: Brave + 2; Hardy + 2
Call the police: Docile + 1; Relaxed + 1; Timid + 1
Do nothing out of fear: Timid + 3

~A foreign person has started up a conversation with you. To be honest, you don’t have a clue what this fellow is saying. How do you reply?
Haha! Yes. Very Funny!: Jolly + 3
Um . . . Could you say that again?: Hardy + 2
Right . . . Well, I gotta go: Timid + 2

~A friend brought over something you’d forgotten. How do you thank your friend?
Say thank you regularly: Docile + 2
Say thanks with a joke: Lonely + 1; Naive + 1
Say thanks, but be cool: Sassy + 2

~A human hand extends out of a toilet! What would you do?
Scream and run: Timid + 2
Close the lid without a word: Calm + 2; Hardy + 1
Shake hands with it: Brave + 2; Impish + 1; Naive + 1

~A test is coming up. How do you study for it?
Study hard: Hardy + 2
At the last second: Relaxed + 2
Ignore it and play: Impish + 2

~Are there many things you would like to do?
Yes: Impish + 2; Hardy + 1
No: Quirky + 2; Sassy + 1

~Are you a cheerful personality?
Yes: Jolly + 2; Naive + 1
No: Quirky + 1; Sassy + 1

~Are you often late for school or meetings?
Yes: Relaxed + 2; Sassy + 1
No: Hardy + 2; Hasty + 1

~Can you focus on something you like?
Yes: Hardy + 2; Docile + 1
No: Quirky + 2

~Can you go into a haunted house?
No problem: Brave + 3
Uh . . . N-No . . .: Timid + 2
With someone I like: Naive + 2

~Can you sincerely thank someone when you fell grateful?
Yes: Docile + 2; Calm + 1
No: Sassy + 2; Quirky + 1

~Do you dream of lounging around idly without much excitement?
Yes: Calm + 2
No: Impish + 2

~Do you fall asleep without noticing?
Yes: Relaxed + 2; Calm + 1
No: Hardy + 2

~Do you hate to be the last person to leave class at the end of the day?
Yes: Lonely + 2; Timid + 1
No: Brave + 3; Relaxed + 1

~Do you like groan-inducing puns?
Love them!: Naive + 3, Impish + 1
A little: Jolly + 2
Spare me: Sassy + 2

~Do you like pranks?
Yes: Impish + 2
No: Docile + 1; Relaxed + 1

~Do you like to imagine things for your own amusement?
Yes: Naive + 2
No: Hasty + 2

~Do you like to noisily enjoy yourself with others?
Yes: Jolly + 2; Lonely + 1
No: Timid + 1

~Do you often yawn?
Yes: Calm + 2; Relaxed + 1
No: Hasty + 2

~Do others often call you childish?
Yes: Naive + 2; Jolly + 1
No: Calm + 2

~Do others tell you to watch what you say?
Yes: Sassy + 2; Impish + 1
No: Calm + 2

~Do you feel lonesome when you are alone?
Yes: Lonely + 2; Timid + 1
No: Sassy + 2

~Do you get the feeling you’ve slowed down lately?
Yes: Relaxed + 2
No: Hasty + 2

~Do you like to fight?
Yes: Timid + 2; Impish + 1
No: Calm + 2; Lonely + 1

~Do you occasionally consider yourself to be dull and overly cautious?
Yes: Calm + 2; Lonely + 1
No: Hardy + 2

~Do you sometimes run out of things to do all of a sudden?
Yes: Quirky + 2
No: Hardy + 2

~Do you tend to laugh a lot?
Yes: Naive + 2; Docile + 1
No: Quirky + 2

~Do you think you are cool? Be honest.
Yes: Sassy + 2
No: Relaxed + 2

~Grab any digit on your left hand with your right hand. Which digit did you grab?
Thumb: Timid + 2
Index finger: Hasty + 2
Middle finger: Jolly + 2
Ring finger: Sassy + 2
Little finger: Lonely + 2

~Have you ever made a pitfall trap?
Yes: Impish + 2; Lonely + 1
No: Calm + 2

~How quickly do you respond to email?
Reply right away: Hardy + 1; Hasty + 1
May reply, may not: Quirky + 2
Too much trouble: Sassy + 2

~It’s a pleasant day at the beach. How do you feel?
This feels great!: Jolly + 2
Snore . . .: Relaxed + 2
I want to go home soon!: Hasty + 2

~It’s a weekend, but no one will play with you . . . what do you do?
Go on a trip!: Jolly + 1; Lonely + 1
Hang around vacantly: Relaxed + 2
Huddle in a corner: Lonely + 3; Timid + 1

~It’s the summer festival! Do you like carnivals?
Love them!: Jolly + 2
Don’t care: Hasty + 1; Quirky + 1

~It’s the summer holidays! Where would you like to go?
The beach!: Jolly + 2
Spas: Calm + 2
Anywhere: Quirky + 2

~On vacation outings, you want to . . .
Go alone: Hasty + 1; Quirky + 1
Go with others: Jolly + 1; Lonely + 1

~Someone calls you “weird but funny.” How does that make you feel?
Happy!: Lonely + 1; Naive + 1
Not happy: Hasty + 1; Sassy + 1

~The road forks to the right and left. You are told there is a treasure on the right. What do you do?
Instantly go right: Docile + 2
It’s a trap! Go left: Sassy + 2
Choose either side: Quirky + 2

~There is a bucket. If you put water in it, how high will you fill it?
Full: Hardy + 2
Half: Calm + 2
A little: Quirky + 2

~There is a person you like . . . but there is no opportunity to get close. What do you do?
Bravely declare my love: Brave + 3; Hardy + 1
Might say hello: Quirky + 2
Pull a prank to get attention: Impish + 2
Look from afar: Timid + 2

~There is a scream from behind a door! How will you react?
Yank the door open: Brave + 2; Hardy + 1
Scream in unison: Naive + 2

~There is a wallet on the side of the road. What do you do?
Turn it in to the police: Docile + 2
Yay! Yay!: Naive + 2
Is anyone watching . . .: Impish + 2

~There is an alien invasion! What will you do?
Fight: See next question
Run: Timid + 2
Ignore it: Relaxed + 2

~You valiantly fight the Aliens . . . but you are defeated . . .. An alien says to you “You have impressed us. It was a pleasure to see you. Join us and together we shall rule the world.” How do you reply?
Rule with the Aliens: Relaxed + 1; Sassy + 1
Refuse: Brave + 4

~What do you do with your room’s light when you’re going to bed?
Leave it on: Lonely + 2; Timid + 1
Turn it off: Calm + 2

~When the going gets touch, do you get going?
Yes: Brave + 2; Hardy + 2
No: Quirky + 2; Sassy + 2

~You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take?
Big box: Docile + 2; Naive + 1
Small box: Timid + 2; Calm + 1

~You are suddenly locked inside a pitch-black room! What do you do?
Kick the door: Timid + 2
Cry: Lonely + 2
Clean it: Impish + 2; Quirky + 1

~You broke a rotten egg in your room! What do you do?
Open a window right away: Docile + 2; Hasty + 1
Take a sniff first: Naive + 2; Relaxed + 1

~You come across a treasure chest! What do you do?
Open it right away!: Hasty + 2
No . . . It could be a trap . . .: Timid + 2
It’s going to be empty . . .: Sassy + 2

~You receive a gift! But you don’t know what’s in it. You’re curious, so what do you do?
Open it now: Hasty + 2
Open it later: Calm + 2
Get someone to open it: Timid + 2

~You win a lottery! What do you do with the money?
Spend it now: Jolly + 2; Hasty + 1
Save it: Calm + 1; Hardy + 1
Give it away: Brave + 2; Quirky + 2

~Your country’s leader is in front of you. How do you speak to him or her?
Speak calmly: Hardy + 2
Speak nervously: Docile + 2
WHATEVER!: Sassy + 2

~Your friend fails to show up for a meeting at the promised time. What do you do?
Become irritated: Hasty + 2; Docile + 1
Wait patiently: Relaxed + 2
Get angry and bail: Hasty + 3

~Your friend is being bullied! What do you do?
Face up to the bully: Brave + 3
Caution the bully from afar: Timid + 2
Heckle the bully from behind: Impish + 2

~You’re going bungee jumping for the first time. Since it’s scary, you decide to test the rope with a doll. . . . The bungee cord snaps! Will you stilly try to make the jump anyway?
Yes: Brave + 3; Impish + 1
No: Docile + 2; Timid + 1

Author:  Kacho [ Wed Jan 03, 2007 8:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for writing 2 more guides!

By the way, about teaching multiple TM/HM's in reset-to-level-1 dungeons...
does it mean I have to teach it to my pokemon in te dungeon? (like Wish Cave?)

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Oh I guess I didn't really go into detail about that; in the future such details should (hopefully) be covered in a walkthrough.

Yes, you can only teach the TMs after you enter the dungeon, which means that if you want your Pokemon to have four Frustration sets in its moveset, you will have to bring four Frustration TMs into the dungeon. You should keep the Used TMs so that you may Recycle them after you leave the dungeon.

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:47 am ]
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A Basic Guide to Dungeons

New to Mystery Dungeon? As implied by the name of the game, the core focus of the game is the dungeons. You'll spend more gameplay time in dungeons than anywhere else. This guide will cover some of the basic mechanics and features of trawling through dungeons.

An overview of the things which will be covered in this guide:
-Dungeon Layouts
-Turn-based Mechanics
-Status Ailments, Stat Changes and the Wonder Tile
-Barriers and Hidden Items
-The Wind
-Dungeon Restrictions
-Kecleon Shops
-Monster Houses

Dungeon Layouts

The unique aspect of the games' dungeons is that their layout is randomly generated upon each entry. As such, each dungeon will change each time you enter, in terms of the layout, item distribution, Pokemon distribution, etc. However, the Pokemon species which you can find on each floor will always remain the same. In addition, the items you can find in each dungeon and the total number of floors do not change as well.

To clear a dungeon, you have to navigate your way past all the levels of the dungeon. Dungeons can be as small as Tiny Woods, which has only 4 floors, or they can be as big as Wish Cave, which has 99 floors. To progress, you have to find the stairs in each floor so that you may access the next floor. When you reach the end of a dungeon, you will be automatically return to your base.

The basic layout of each floor is always the same - large rooms inter-connected by narrow, one-spaced corridors.

On the screen, you can view the layout of the floor you're on since it is superimposed on your main screen. Here is a key of the icons used in the dungeon layout:

White line - Wall
White circle - The Pokemon you are controlling
Yellow circle - Partner Pokemon
Red circle - Wild enemy Pokemon
Blue circle - Item
Blue dot - Wonder Tile
Blue square - Staircase


To view a clearer image of the dungeon layout, simply press select to toggle between the dungeon layout image and the superimposed image.


Equipping an X-Ray Specs on your lead Pokemon will allow you to see all items and enemy Pokemon, even in unexplored regions. You will still be unable to see the full layout of the dungeon though.

As you travel in dungeons, you can pick up and discard items and battle wild Pokemon, possibly recruiting them in the process.

Turn-Based Mechanics

The game adopts a turn-based mechanic. This means that as you make a move, all enemy Pokemon will similarly make a move. A "move" is made either by taking a step, using a move (including the regular attack), or using an item. After you make a move, all enemy Pokemon will each make a move as well. Think of it as playing a game of chess, with each dungeon as the chessboard and the Pokemon as chess pieces. As such, in between moves, feel free to take as much time to think and ponder about what moves to make.

As you make moves, your HP will heal itself while your Belly does the opposite and decreases in value. If your Belly decrease to zero, however, your HP will decrease instead as you make moves.

For an overview of Hunger, Belly and the associated mechanics, use the Hunger Guide found here.


You can use the direction pad to move either up, down, left or right. However, unlike the main Pokemon RPG games, Mystery Dungeon allows you to move diagonally. Do so by holding the R button and the associated buttons on the direction pad. For instance, hold R and press Up and Right to move diagonally to the top-right.

Sometimes, it might be important to change the direction you are facing without taking a step (and therefore not using up a turn). To do so, press Start. A grid will appear, with the tiles in your direct line of sight highlighted red. To change the direction you are facing, use the direction pad.



Enemies in the same room will always head towards you via the shortest possible route, and as you navigate through each floor of each dungeon, you will inevitably face enemy Pokemon. Most often than not, you have to defeat these Pokemon to prevent getting knocked out by them, or simply because they are blocking your way in a narrow corridor.

There are several ways to attack an enemy. The first is to execute a simple tackle on the enemy by pressing A. This regular attack can be performed an indefinite number of times and is not constrained by PP, but its main drawback is its low damage. Also note that Shedinja is immune to this regular attack.

The second way to attack an enemy is to use a move which your Pokemon knows. To access your Pokemon's moves, press B to access the menu, and choose a move to use from the list of moves which your Pokemon knows. You can also choose to set a move as the default move to use. When you do so, you can execute that move easily by pressing A while holding L.


The third way is to throw items at the opponent, such as Gravelerocks and Spikes. Note that Shedinja does take damage from such thrown items, and therefore a well placed thrown item is a useful way to take Shedinja out quickly. To use a throw item, press B to access the menu, then go to items, and choose to throw the item. Note that any item can be thrown, but items such as TMs and Orbs deal very meagre damage, while any item other than throw item can actually be caught by and/or utilised by the enemy Pokemon. As such, it is advisable for you to only attack with throw items. You can also select a throw item as the default item to use, and thereafter you will only need to hold L and press R to throw the item.


Note that the direction you are facing while attacking is important. The move will simply miss if you are not facing the foe. For ranged moves, they will travel in a straight line, so the enemy has to be in your line of sight. To check if your ranged move would hit the enemy, press Start to check if the enemy is in your direct line of sight.

Another thing you should take note of is that you can only control your lead Pokemon in battle. Your partner Pokemon are automatically controlled, and will attack on their own. However, you can choose to limit your partner Pokemon to certain moves by disabling certain moves. To disable or enable a move, access the menu, access the moves of the partner Pokemon, and choose to switch on or off the move. Moves with stars beside them will be used by the Pokemon, while moves without the stars will not be utilised.


This feature can be useful as some Pokemon continually carry out pointless attacks, such as Illumise using Moonlight with each step it takes.

You can also exert some control over what your partner Pokemon do by altering their IQ Skills, or by changing Tactics. For more information on IQ Skills, use the IQ Skills Guide here.

Status Ailments, Stat Changes and the Wonder Tile

Sometimes, during battles, your Pokemon may be inflicted with status ailments such as Burn, Poison or Confusion. Most effects, such as Poison, will remain unless you cure yourself with the relevant cure items, or go to another floor. Other effects, such as Confusion, Attraction and Paralysis will cease after several moves or steps. Note that some status ailments can be cured in special ways. For instance, to cure a Burn, simply step into deep water.

Your Pokemon's stats may also be lowered as a result of stat-lowering moves, such as Growl. These will persist until you go to another floor, and are indicated by a yellow arrow hovering over the affected Pokemon.


However, there is also a way to restore your stats to normal without leaving the floor you're on. Scattered in random locations around dungeons are tiles with a green arrow. These are known as Wonder Tiles, and stepping on one will restore your stats to their normal, default values.


Note that stat increases, brought about by stat-boosting moves such as Agility, are also eliminated when you step on Wonder Tiles, so be cautious when using them.


Traps are only found in later dungeons, mostly those that are unlocked after the main storyline has been completed. For more information about Traps, use the Traps Guide here.


In later dungeons, there will be special terrain which can be accessed only by certain Pokemon. For example, only Fire Pokemon can walk on Lava, while only Water Pokemon can move on deep water. Most Ghost Pokemon can move in walls, with the exception of Dusclops and Sableye.


There are also Pokemon which levitate or are capable of flight. Examples include Abra and Shuppet. Such Pokemon are capable of moving on (ie floating over) lava, deep water and other forms of terrain. However, they will not be able to move through walls.

Special IQ Skills and items can allow your Pokemon to move around on special terrain. For instance, using a Mobile Scarf allows you to pass through walls, while the IQ Skill Super Mobile allows you to move on any terrain. Do note that moving through walls lowers your Belly very quickly, specifically, 5 Belly per step. Also note that non-Fire types will be inflicted with the Burn status when moving on Lava.

Sometimes, you will need these special abilities to get across barriers which surround key items. Your other partner Pokemon, which are unable to travel on the special terrain, will simply skirt along the edges, and eventually wonder off on their own if you walk too far away. If you attempt to go back on normal terrain, but your partner Pokemon is in the way, the game will prompt you to warp the partner Pokemon to another part of the dungeon, essentially creating space for you to move onto the normal terrain.


Since your partner Pokemon might get stranded in a distant part of the dungeon if you do so, it is best not to get into such a situation where you're stuck on special terrain with no way to get back on the normal terrain unless you warp the partner Pokemon away.

Barriers and Hidden Items

Some dungeons have special items (most notably HMs) which are sealed off by barriers and special terrain. The most common barrier is the locked chamber, and to unlock these you will need Keys. Other barriers include special terrain such as deep water, which require you to have a Water Pokemon.


Items may also be hidden in walls, and to get to them you will either need a Pokemon which can pass through walls, use Dig, or use the move Rock Smash to break the wall. Sometimes, these items may be very deep within walls, so such methods will not be feasible. Instead, use a One-Room Orb to eliminate all walls in the floor.

For instance, if you use a One-Room Orb in the Far-off Sea, you can find Trap Scarves, Bounce Bands, Dodge Scarves, Mobile Scarves and Goggle Specs which are hidden in the walls.


Weather conditions exist in certain floors of some dungeons. They are actually special status ailments which affect all Pokemon on the floor. If a certain floor has special weather conditions, you will be notified when you first enter the floor via a quick animation followed by a report.


Some Pokemon can also trigger weather effects which are temporary by using the associated moves. For instance, a Pupitar can use Sandstorm to trigger off a sandstorm. You can create weather effects by using the relevant Orbs. For instance, using a Rainy Orb will trigger Rain.

Here is a list of the possible weather conditions which you can encounter:

The weather is cloudy and dark. This condition lowers the Attack and Special Attack of all Pokemon except for the Normal type.

The weather is foggy. This condition weakens the power of Electric-type moves.

The weather is bitterly cold with hail. This condition inflicts damage on all Pokemon except the Ice type.

The weather is rainy. It boosts the power of Water-type moves and weakens Fire-type moves.

There is a raging snowstorm. This weather condition boosts the Movement Speed of Ice-type Pokemon by one level.

The sun is blazing. It boosts the power of Fire-type moves and weakens Water-type moves.

The Wind

Wind does not actually exist in the game, but there is something colloquially known as the "Wind Demon". It is basically a mechanic to limit the number of steps you can take in each floor of a dungeon. Should you stay on any single floor of a dungeon for too long, the game will give you warning signs that your time is about to run out. Each warning sign is characterised by leaves blowing past you and a warning message. The messages are, in this order, "Something's stirring...", "Something's approaching..." and "It's getting closer!". The final message is "It's right nearby! It's gusting hard!". When this happens, you will be blown out of the dungeon by "an unseen force". Your current mission will be considered failed, and you will be teleported out of the dungeon with immediate effect.


As such, as soon as you spot any of the afore-mentioned warning signs, you should locate the stairs and leave the floor as soon as possible.

Dungeon Restrictions

In the later part of the game, some dungeons have certain restrictions pertaining to entry into them. For example, you will require certain HMs in your Toolbox or Pokemon which know the move to enter certain locations. Some dungeons have a limit on the maximum body size of your party, or the number of members in your party. For instance, only one Pokemon can enter the Purity Forest. You will not be able to enter a dungeon unless you have fulfilled all the necessary requirements.


Here is a list of all the possible restrictions and limits which dungeons might have:

-Specific HMs
You must have a required HM in your Toolbox, or a Pokemon which knows the move.

-Water Type Pokemon
You must have a Water Type Pokemon in your party.

The game will automatically be saved when you enter the dungeon, preventing you from resetting the game to retry should you be defeated in the dungeon.

-Maximum Number of Pokemon/Body Size Restrictions
You may only bring a certain number of Pokemon with you into the dungeon. In most dungeons, the maximum is three Pokemon, but you can recruit a fourth member when you enter the dungeon.

-Maximum Number of Items/Item Restrictions
You may only take a certain number of items with you into the dungeon. Alternatively, you will lose all your items upon entry into the dungeon. You should store all your items at the Kangaskhan Storage facility before proceeding.

-Level Regression
Upon entry, all your Pokemon will temporarily be brought back to level 1, losing all TM/HM moves learned and unlinking all linked moves. All these will only be restored after you leave the dungeon.

-Money Restrictions
You will lose all your money upon entry into the dungeon. You should deposit all your money with the Felicity Bank before proceeding.

Kecleon Shops

You can sometimes find Kecleon Shops in dungeons. Certain items such as King's Rock and the Leaf Stone can only be bought in these special Kecleon Shops. You can walk around on the mat to browse through the items on display, and pick items up to buy them or drop items on the mat to sell them.


When you leave the mat, the Kecleon will warp to your location and first pay you for items you've dropped, before asking for payment for items you have taken.


You can either pay up at this moment and proceed on peacefully, or decline. Should you decline, the Kecleon will be incensed and call you a thief, inducing Kecleon to appear all over that floor of the dungeon. All these Kecleon will attack you on sight, and they not only move very quickly (covering a few steps in a single turn), but are very strong. Unless you are at a high level and can defeat the Kecleon, you should pay up or risk getting knocked out.


There are ways to avoid all the enemy Kecleons though. If the Kecleon Stall is located near to the stairs, simply grab the items you want, defeat the shop owner, and leave the floor immediately. If you do not wish to engage any Kecleons at all, use a Trawl Orb, which warps all the items on the floor to you, near the stairs, then grab all the items and leave, hopefully before any Kecleons get to you.

However, note that stealing items from Kecleon Stalls is the only way to get wild Kecleons to appear. Hence, if you want to recruit Kecleon as a Friend, you will have to steal items from such stalls.

Monster Houses

In later dungeons, there exist events known as Monster Houses. Monster Houses only occur in rooms and not the corridors joining the rooms, and they are triggered the moment you step foot into the room.

Monster Houses will always be found in rooms where your are rescuing another player. However, in normal gameplay, there is no absolute way to ascertain if a room would turn out to be a Monster Room. Typically though, rooms which have quite a few items or those with many Wonder Tiles are very likely to trigger off Monster Houses. Sometimes, if luck goes against you, you might even land right in the middle of a Monster House as soon as you enter that floor of the dungeon. In this case there is no avoiding the event.

So what then are Monster Houses? Basically, the event, once triggered, will cause a large number of enemies to appear in the room, which can spell trouble if your Pokemon is too weak to defeat all of them.


There are ways to clear Monster Houses with greater ease, however. You can make use of moves which affect the entire room, such as Powder Snow, Heat Wave and Magnitude, to attack all the enemies at once. Also useful is the Petrify Orb, which will petrify all the enemies in the room.

Author:  Pokemaniac [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:22 am ]
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Hey sNOwBaLL I was wondering could I help you with your guide for stuff like ranks and statues?

Author:  Kacho [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 4:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

I have some things to add to monster houses...
the least monster houses I got was only 1 pokemon fly from the sky, and the highest was like 9 or 10... I don't know if it can go any higher
also moves like earthquake, silverwind, slumber orb, and growl effects fow in same room
lastly, monster houses seemed to appear naturally starting magma cavern
and if for a friend rescue, anywhere, any dungeons

and you forgot sandstorms in your weather thing of the dungeon

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Kacho, the "list" of moves and items which affect the entire Monster House is non-exhaustive. To check if an item or a move will affect the entire room, you can check the description for the range of the item/move.

As for the "least monster houses" and "most monster houses" part, what do you mean? Lastly, I've already mentioned that Monster Houses will always appear where you make friend rescues.

Pokemaniac, of course you're welcome to help. However, how would you want to help; by providing information, or writing up guides of your own?

Author:  Pokemaniac [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:10 pm ]
Post subject: 

I was thinking of writing a guide of my own but one bad thing am I going to get pictures so that way I can show them?

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hmmm if you aren't able to take screenshots nor do you have a camera to capture images from your DS/GBA, you can still go ahead an write the guide, then let me know what kind of images you need. I and/or TK will try to obtain those images for you.

Author:  Kacho [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

for items and moves that affect the whole room... I am just saying...

now for "least monster house", I worded it wrong, "smallest monster house" would be better, and about "largest monster house" there along with pokemon from corridors walking into the house.... I hope you get it...

and for the sandstorm part, it is one of the weather you see in dungeons like desert regions... or if those nosepass triggered it... (and i hate them)

Author:  Pokemaniac [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:10 pm ]
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Pokemon Ranks

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon there are Missions called Rescue Missions.In these missions you go to various places know as Dungeons to rescue Pokemon in need of help or to be escorted to friends in the game.Know there is a difficulty setting for missions some missions are simple,while others are hard.All Pokemon rescue missions will give you rescue points.Here are the difficulty settings of missions.

E-Gives 5 Rescue points

D-Gives 10 to 20 Rescue points

C-Gives 40 to 60 Rescue points

B-Gives 80 to 100 Rescue points

A-Gives 150 to 200 Rescue points

S-Gives 300 to 400 Rescue points

*-Gives 700 to 1500 Rescue points
Now off to the Ranks

Normal Rank Rank you start off with at the start of the game

Bronze Rank 50 Rescue points

Silver Rank 500 Rescue points

Gold Rank 1500 Rescue points

Platinum Rank 3000 Rescue points

Diamond Rank 7000 Rescue points

Lucario Rank 15000 Rescue points

When you have gotten the Lucario Rank you will be given a Lucario statue which will be put outside of your house.The higher your Rescue rank the easier it will be to recruit wild Pokemon,including the Legendaries.


Now in the game there are Reward Statues that you can get by making great achievements.In total there are 4 Statues that you can get.Here is how to get them.

Bonsly Statue-This is obtained by clearing Makuhita's Dojo

Weavile Statue-This is obtained by doing a Very hard Rescue Mission which will be either * or S rank mission

Mime.JR Statue-This is obtained by doing a Very hard Rescue Mission which will be either * or S rank mission

Lucario Statue-This is obtained by getting the Lucario Rank

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Mon Jan 08, 2007 4:22 am ]
Post subject: 

The Basics to Recruitment

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, it is possible to obtain all 386 Pokemon by recruiting them into your Rescue Team. With the exception of certain Pokemon which join your team automatically, other Pokemon have to be recruited from the wild.

Pokemon recruitment works in this way. Whenever you defeat a wild Pokemon, there is a chance that it will request to join your rescue force, and you can accept or decline each offer.

For a Pokemon to be successfully recruited, you still have to escort it out of the dungeon, either by clearing all the floors, warping out after finishing a mission, or using an Escape Orb. Note that the Escape Orb would not work on special floors, such as floors with Legendaries like the Regis. Another thing of note is that you will lose your recruited Pokemon if it falls into a Pitfall Trap before you successfulyl escort it out of the dungeon.

Subsequently, upon leaving the dungeon, your recruited Pokemon will disperse to their Friend Areas.



To successfully recruit a Pokemon, there are several requirements which have to be fulfilled. They are:

1. Corresponding Friend Areas

To recruit a Pokemon, you must first have its Friend Area so that the Pokemon will have a place to live in once recruited. For a list of Pokemon and their Friend Areas, refer to the Friend Area Listings found here

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Lugia, Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Deoxys and Celebi can be recruited without their Friend Areas. Instead, you automatically gain access to the Friend Area of each Pokemon when you recruit them.


2. The Final Blow

For a Pokemon to stand a chance of being recruited, it must be defeated by the Team Leader, which means that you have to get your Team Leader to land the final blow on the Pokemon.

3. Body Size

You must have enough room in your party for a Pokemon to be recruited. The maximum permissible Body Size of a party is six stars.

To check a Pokemon's Body Size, access the menu, go to Team, and check the Info of the Pokemon.


4. Number of Pokemon in Party

You are only allowed to bring up to three Pokemon, including the Team Leader, into any dungeon. You are, however, allowed to add a fourth member by recruitment. If your party already has four Pokemon, you will not be able to recruit any more Pokemon.

Recruitment Percentages

Most Pokemon have a base recruitment percentage, which is its chance of requesting to join your team when defeated. For example, a Squirtle has a base recruitment percentage of 11.7%. This means that whenever you defeat a Squirtle in the wild, it has an 11.7% chance of requesting to join your team.

Note that some Pokemon, including most evolved Pokemon, have negative recruitment chances. Many evolved Pokemon are impossible to recruit as well. For instance, Wartortle has a base recruitment percentage of -19%, so it will never be able to join your team unless you can raise its recruitment chance. Other evolved Pokemon like Gyarados and Milotic cannot be recruited, but must be evolved from their unevolved counterparts.

Recruitment Bonuses

Recruitment bonuses are bonuses to base recruitment percentages which will allow you to capture Pokemon with negative base recruitment percentages.

The Friend Bow

The Friend Bow is a rare item which can be found at Mt. Faraway, 30F. You will need a key to gain access to it. You can also find additional Friend Bows on sale in Kecleon Shops in Joyous Tower.

When equipped to your Team Leader, it increases the recruitment percentage of all Pokemon by 10%.

Your Level

You also get different recruitment bonuses for different levels. As such, do train up your Pokemon to higher levels to boost your chances of recruiting other Pokemon.

Here are the bonuses:

Lvl 0-29 Bonus: 0%
Lvl 30-39 Bonus:5%
Lvl 40-49 Bonus:7.5%
Lvl 50-59 Bonus: 10%
Lvl 60-69 Bonus: 12.5%
Lvl 70-79 Bonus:15%
Lvl 80-89 Bonus: 17.5%
Lvl 90-100 Bonus: 24%

Other Factors?

The Friend Bow and level bonuses are the only ways to raise recruitment percentages. Other factors, such as your Rescue Team Rank, the IQ of your lead and partner Pokemon, as well as your partner Pokemon's levels do not affect recruitment percentages.


This section describes how one can recruit Kecleon, which is a popular question among many players.

The lowest base recruitment percentage existing in the game is that of Kecleon, which is -33.9%. While other Pokemon such as the Kanto starters' final forms have -33.9% for their base recruitment rates, they can be obtained by evolving their earlier forms. On the other hand, the only way to get a Kecleon is to recruit it from the wild.

To find wild Kecleon, you must first attempt to steal from a Kecleon Shop in a dungeon. The Kecleon Shop Keeper will sound the alarm, inducing many more Kecleon to appear in the floor. You will be able to recruit these wild Kecleon.

How then, can one overcome the -33.9% base recruitment percentage? To recruit a Kecleon, you must therefore be level 90 or above, and have a Friend Bow equipped. This will raise the recruitment percentage of a Kecleon to -33.9 + 24 + 10 = 0.1%, which is low by any standards. As such, you may have to literally defeat hundreds of Kecleon before you can recruit one, since this translates roughly to a 1 in 1000 chance of recruiting a Kecleon.

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