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 Ed & Sam ((rated T/Pg-13 for themes and suggestive content)) 
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_overview_: Something is going on in the world, and somethings are about to repeat themselves regarding Edward and Samantha. ((this is a pok'emon fanfic)). Multiple plots ((these wont be introduced till 2nd or even 4th chapters, but essentially Samantha starts to want to know exactly what had happened, while Ed begins to realize something horrifying about himself and mirrors and wishes to stop such things. not to mention other characters and eventually something involving giratina ^.~ but thats under wraps for now...))

Sitting there in the dark of a forest his hands worked almost tirelessly, the flesh raw and bruised. Reverent eyes looked over the icy finish of the marble stone ball gleefully, as he rubbed it this way and that with sand paper, while another pair of eyes watched him. She stood nearby, red eyes glowing softly in the dim light watching him almost with admiration; reaching up she touched the edge of a tree and leaned close against it, her dress billowing as she moved and peered at him. A desire welled up and suddenly she wanted him to look at her, maybe even just to catch the briefest glimpse, and she blushed darkly feeling slightly ashamed of her jealously over a piece of stone.

Small, inaccurate hands sculpted sand, compacting it this way and that while soft blue eyes held it up and scanned it for imperfections. The silent sounds of ocean waves hissed and splashes lightly, wiping away the evidence of his venture near it so he could acquire the perfect materials for making a mud poke’ ball. The wind picked playfully at his downy like hair, making it dance.
“What’s it for?”
“Finding new friends,” Both replied, their faces setting into bemused looks as they both looked up.

His face was unshaven while his hair messy and yet he was quite handsome this way, like he had been made to look unkept; like a worn out security blanket that no one could deny. He smiled brightly, his crooked but clean teeth escaping his lips and she blushed and hide herself behind the tree fully. His glacier like eyes, scouted out the edges of her dress about the tree and he laughed softly to himself.
“I can see you, you know.” He got up and set the unfinished marble poke’ ball down where he had been sitting. “And seeing as how I didn’t hear anything with my ears,” he cocked his head to one side and took a step as softly as he could, “Are you a poke’mon?”

“No, I’m not.” Small red protrusion poked out from behind a small boulder, then finally a small white face with a green hair bowl-cut; the small creature began to shake slightly, mostly from a combination of fear and excitement. The white lie, she hoped would assuage the child’s curiosity.
The small child got up quickly, dropping his mud made poke’ ball and smiling playfully, not understanding the entire situation and began to talk, “Well your too cute to be a person, so you have to be a poke’mon; at least, thats what my mommy tells me....,” He trailed off before starting up again, trying to abolish the awkward moment. “Wanna play Poke’mon trainer? Imma Psyduck,” He grabbed the sides of his head as if suffering from a terrible headache.

She laughed aloud, smiling vibrantly and feeling abit more relaxed but still alittle awkward. She blushed again, feeling odd and out of place and realizing that he had actually gotten her to come out from behind the tree simply by asking, she felt ashamed of the odd new desires running through her veins.
He reached out to her, his hand open as he smiled at her as he spoke, “I’m not a Carvanha, I won’t bite. Come rest awhile, besides you need to since you’ve been traveling for the last month non-stop.” She took his hand reluctantly and stepped forward, going with him toward where he had been working moments before; her dress blooming out about her beautifully as her fleshed burned where he touched and she couldn’t help but be even more ashamed.
“How did you kn-”
“Because, I track poke’mon for a living; I am a professor after all, I have to know this stuff. But to be honest if you hadn’t followed me as consistently as you had, I wouldn’t have even known you were following me.” He smiled at her, “Though it is a rough life, it does have it’s ups and downs; would you like something to eat?”

“I couldn’t impose on you,” She replied blushing slightly as she looked away.
“It’s fine, really; here.You can have some of my sammich.” The small child tore his lunch in half, getting jelly all over his hands as he handed her a piece of the sandwich. “If your thirsty, I have some milk too.” Being young and uncouth he took a bite of his sandwich and asked while his mouth was full, “what’s your name?”

“My name is Samantha,” She said softly using her mouth, as she held the Oran Berry he had handed her; looking it over but not wanting to really eat it even though she was hungry. Her red eyes looked over his meager little camp, “What’s your name?” She switched back, her throat already becoming rough from such use.
“Mine name is Edward,” They said, and as they both smiled; both Samantha’s hearts raced and suddenly the one that was a Ralts realized why she was so drawn to the boy. Because something several hundred thousand miles away and nearly four hundred years previous didn’t happen the way it should have when she had been a Gardevoir, and when he had been one of the first few professors. She blushed darkly feeling unsure of what it all really meant, but knowing somewhere that she liked the odd dirty look he’d end up having once he was older and that when she touched his hand or even the odd bit of food he had given her, she felt different; like she was melting.
“Do you want to play poke’mon trainer with me?” She asked, feeling abit more relaxed but alittle more on edge as her heart raced and her faced clouded over with a dark blush.
“Yeah!” Edward jumped, spilling his milk on the beach.

((sorry but i can't post the rest yet; need to sleep. it's nearly 3 am XD and i'm going to die, either from sleep deprivation or when my gf finds out i stayed up this late lol @.@ i'll post the rest tomorrow))

Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:31 am
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Much time had pasted and frost filled winds screamed through the small town of Petalburg, and Ed had to start avoiding the beach where he and Samantha had meet during the warm part of the year for fear of catching a cold.
“Are you sure this is okay?” Sam asked, tilting her hear slightly at him, her red eyes sharp and curious.
“Why wouldn’t it be?” The now six Edward said while copying the movement, more out of mirror reflex then trying to be annoying. “Besides, it’s started to get to cold for you outside, as long as mom and dad don’t see you there won’t be a problem, plus you’ll end up sleeping the entire time. Poke’mon hibernate don’t they?”
“Some do, but not all...”
“Oh,” He looked down suddenly realizing that he had generalized her.

Five years pass, and Samantha’s presence in the house is now a bit more common place; though neither of Edward’s parents realize it seeing as one of her only attacks cause all of the atomic bonds in her body to disassemble themselves and reform someplace else. She’s taken this new life quite easily, liking that Ed always brings her food and often lets her have the bed at night; though she can’t truly say she isn’t ridden with guilt because of this. Not to mention Edward’s strange new obsession with his job as the town’s paper delivery boy; his parents thought this was quite responsible of him until he came home one day with a premier ball and no savings.
“Will it hurt?” The tone in his heard concerned and almost frightened.
“No,” He says, touching the side of her face lightly, “even if it does it’s to make sure that we’ll stay together no matter what.” He smiles gently and moves back, and in moments she’s his. To everyone who finds out that he’s now a trainer, he’s got a Kirlia.

Edward is now twenty, and his failing eyesight has forced him to wear some quite large glasses. He’s moved to Johto from Hoenn, the only thing he’s brought was a few books, a change of clothes, and his only friend; Samantha the Gardevoir. She watches the house while he’s gone; cooking, cleaning, and of course spending his money on the pay-per-view to watch new movies.
“It’s almost as bad as being married,”
“Oh, don’t be that way Edward; I know you’ve wanted to see this movie for a long time too.” She looks over at him almost pleading and playful at the same time and pats a seat coushin next to herself as the movie starts.
“Psychic,” He says giving her a smile.
“No, I just know you.” And she does, well enough to actually be his wife.

Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:31 pm
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((Sorry for the lack of update, i've broken a couple bones in my foot...yeah. it sucks >.< ill try to update soon, until then i'll be limping and writting up chapters))

Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:10 pm
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