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It's not called THE BIG THREAD THAT ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS for nothing. Use it!

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OK. Despite the MASSIVE collection of topics about it, no one seems to be reading any of the FAQs, Rules, and the like. So....

Help Forum's Big Thread of Answers

:idea: Preface
___ ---> Required Reading
:idea: Necromancy
___ ---> What Is It?
___ ---> When Does It Happen?
___ ---> What Do I Do?
:idea: Rules
:idea: Pokemon
:idea: ROMs and Emulators
:idea: Abuse
___ ---> From Admins
___ ---> From Moderators
___ ---> From General Members
___ ---> In the #Psypoke Chatroom
:idea: Avatars, Signatures, Icons, Images, Links, and Colors, Oh My!
___ ---> Avatars
___ ---> Images in Signatures and Posts
___ ---> Pokemon Icons
___ ---> Linking
___ ---> Colors for Text
:idea: Accounts
___ ---> Passwords
___ ---> Multiple Accounts
___ ---> Account Names
:idea: Trainer Cards
:idea: Psybucks
___ ---> What Are They?
___ ---> How Do I Get Them?
___ ---> What Do I Do With Them?
:idea: Ranks
___ ---> How do I become something other than a Bug Catcher?
___ ---> What are all the ranks?
___ ---> Why should I care about ranks?

Preface (Read me first!)
It is the responsibility of each user to read the following articles concerning the forums and its policies:

phpBB FAQs
Psypoke Forums FAQ
Forum Rules
Quick Links
Announcements Forum

By joining these forums, you state that you have read these documents, and you will abide to them. These links are also good references for frequently asked questions, so PLEASE check these BEFORE asking your question!

Do not be afraid to use the search feature of these boards to search for your answer as well before asking your question.

Section 1: Necromancy

Section 1.1: What is necromancy?
Necromancy is defined on a forum as "reviving" threads that have not been replied in for a significant amount of time. This posting is ruled as spamming, and is also an annoyance, as the thread usually died because there was no further interest in the topic.

Section 1.2: How Long Before Reviving a Post Becomes Necromancy?
In general, no topic will survive after a month of no posting. Most topics won't even survive after a week of no posting. This community is still of the size that, if a topic makes it on to page 2, it's pretty much dead.

Section 1.3: So, What Do I Do?
1) If there is a clear resolution, and your post is going to be nothing more than "I agree with [insert name here]" then don't post; you will only bring back a dead issue for nothing.
2) If the topic is sufficiently unresolved, but relatively cluttered, spammed, or otherwise a mess, make a new one. Put a large amount of detail into the new take on the matter you're bringing as well as reminding us of the basic points of the issue, so as to spark discussion on both the main issue at hand, and also on your personal take on it. In effect, you are thus creating a brand new discussion.
3) If the topic is sufficiently unresolved, not too far off the active topics list, and in reasonably good shape, gather sufficient information to provide a new, well-supported opinion, and revive the topic. By doing this, we have a clear trail of previous issues, as well as your new take to look at and respond to.

Ultimately, the mods of the forum will decide; so long as your post isn't completely pointless, most of us will let it stand. If it is spam, it will be deleted, and you should take that as a sign that the topic is quite dead and/or your reply did not properly attempt to revive it.

Section 2: Am I Allowed To...?
The general rules of the Psypoke Forums can be found here. Within, you will find: A Copy of the Registration Agreement, Rules of Posting, and Rules of Signatures and Avatars.

Also available at the bottom of the Psypoke Forum Rules is a collection of links that points to the Rules Topics of many of the various forums here at Psypoke. Please review each of those before posting in their corresponding forum.

Like the Psypoke Forum FAQ and phpBB FAQs, this link can also be found at the top of EVERY page on the forums.

Section 3: OK, So I'm Playing Pokémon...
Pokémon questions are NOT to be asked in this forum. For all your needs in dealing with the Pokémon games, please see This Wonderful Site. Thank you.

Section 4: ROMs and Emulators
Psypoke, the website and the forums, are hosted on GameSpy. GameSpy policy forbids ROMs and emulators. As such, the promotion and/or discussion of ROMs and/or emulators is not allowed on the Psypoke forums.

Section 5: Someone's Being Mean to Me
As state in the Psypoke Rules, personally attacking or harrassing another member is not allowed. Use the following to determine what to do.

Section 5.1: I Think the Admins are Mean
I can think of no other way to put this: nothing is keeping you here. If you truely feel that the admins are being mean, talk to them. However, this forum is run by the admins, and if you feel that their rules are unfair, they are not at fault. This forum is not your country. Your local laws and government do not apply here (yes, my fellow Americans, this includes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; they are null and void here). If you are unable to resolve this issue, it would be best for you to leave. Alternatively, if you take a hostile stance on the matter, you may be asked or told to leave.

Section 5.2: I Think a Moderator is Being Mean
First of all, talk to the moderator. While the rules state that moderators are allowed to moderate their respective forums without need to publicly justify their actions, that is not to say they may act without just cause or reason. A moderator will always have a reason for editing or deleting your posts; if you do not see the reason yourself, ask the moderator (by means of a PM) why they did what they did.

If you feel that a moderator is personally harrassing you without just cause, take the matter up with an admin in PM.

Section 5.3: Another Member is Flaming Me
Once again, your first action should be to send a PM to this member asking them to stop attacking you, and also asking why they were doing so in the first place.

If the flaming has been occuring in topics on the forums and your attempts to resolve the matter are not working, notify the moderators of the forums that this has been occuring in; it is a moderator's job to clean up flaming, and we will often delete it on sight and assume "no harm done" if there is no evidence to the contrary.

If the flames have been in PM, notify a moderator who is currently online. If no moderators are online, PM one who often is (such as TheCyberMew, FireStarter, Flaming_Wuzzle, Jigglypuff, Krisp, Darkk, or sN0wBaLL). By alerting us that there is a lingering problem, we will take more direction action to resolve the problem.

Do not, however, report such matters to the admins. By reporting it to the moderators, you have done your duty. As the moderating staff, we will do what we can to resolve the situation. If it cannot be resolved, we will take the issue to the admins ourselves, on your behalf.

Section 5.4: In the #Psypoke Chatroom...
While there cannot ALWAYS be someone watching over the chatroom, there are generally people there with the power to take action, even if they are not currently looking at the chatroom window. In the nickname list on the side, you will see users with special marks by their names, @ and +. These users have the ability to take action. Double click on their name to begin a private message, and notify them that you feel something is happening in the chatroom that should not be. If that person is at their computer, they should be allerted by the chat when you send them a PM.



Section 6.1: How do I set an avatar?
Go to your User Control Panel's Avatar Page of the Profile Section and scroll down to the bottom. You'll see the button "browse." Click that button, and find the picture you want to use as an avatar. DO NOT TRY TO LINK TO A URL. IT DOESN'T WORK AND YES WE ARE AWARE IT DOESN'T WORK. Your avatar also can not be any greater than 75x75 pixels, and no larger than 21KB.

Section 6.2: How do I put images in my signature, or post?
First, you must upload the picture to an image host. Commonly used hosts are Photobucket, Tinypic, Pic Tiger, and Imageshack. To put them in your sig or post, you must use the [img] tags. Example:

You may insert pictures directly into the post as you would the rest of it. For your signature, please edit your profile.

Section 6.3: How Do I use pokemon icons?
Use the brackets. Example:


Section 6.4: How Do I Make Links?
Standard links work by typing the URL, like and the like. For special links, use
[url=]Click Here[/url]
to change the text.

This can be combined with the image tags to make a clickable image, such as
which will result in:

Section 6.5: How Do I Make My Text a Cool Color?
The color of the text in your post can be changed with the color tags. Observe:
[color=red][size=24]Section 8: User Accounts[/size][/color]
The results of this code can be seen below. For a MASSIVE list of available colors, including the forum background color, which is useful for images, see this post over in T&A. Keep in mind, however, that if you're using a color that is annoying or difficult to read, we will remove it for you.

Section 7: User Accounts

Section 7.1: Passwords
It is the responsibility of the user and the user alone to maintain a secure password to their account. Under no circumstance will the administration take the blame for a hacked account. If you have lost your password, use the lost password feature found on the login page. If you have forgotten the email to your account, then I apologize, but you're out of luck. If your account is hacked, and you cannot longer access it, your best bet is to create a new account with a secure password. Here is a random password generator for your convenience.

Section 7.2: Multiple User Accounts
Because multiple user accounts are often used for malicious purposes--spamming, psybucks, etc--the limit of accounts is one user per person. Anyone found of having more than one active user account will be dealt with accordingly by the responsible administrators.

Section 7.3: The nickname that I want is registered!
Unfortunately, there is nothing that the administration can do about this. The rule on these forums is first come, first serve for nicknames. The best you can hope for, is that the current owner is willing to give the nick up.

Section 8: Trainer Cards
Trainer cards are those images you'll find in some people's sigs. Some of them are available in Slateport Market, others are available only to members of certain teams, but the only Official Psypoke Trainer Cards have to be ordered. You'll find all the information you need about them here. I also took the time to make a thread here in Help for you, that can be found here. A few things to note:
1. You cannot be a bug catcher (you must have at LEAST 25 posts, and we will delete them if you decide to spam).
2. A card costs 20Psybucks.
3. The more you bug sN0wBaLL about your card, the longer he will wait before getting around to it. Order your card, and then wait patiently. sN0w will make it when he has time.

Section 9: Psybucks

Section 9.1: What are Psybucks?
Psybucks are not currently functional. They will be re-implemented when a cash mod for php is developed.
Psybucks are the official currency of the Psypoke Forums. As of yet, the system is not fully implemented, so their uses are limited.

Section 9.2: How Do I Earn Psybucks?
Right now, you can earn Psybucks either by winning a competition, either hosted by Psypoke or running in Activities and Competitions, you can sell things in Slateport Market, or receive them as a donation.

Section 9.3: What Can I Do With Psybucks?
Right now, you can save up Psybucks to buy things like custom ranks and name changes, you can use them to buy things in Slateport Market, or you can donate them to people. In the future, you will be able to use them as a part of Psypoke Arcade, opening as soon as the Psybucks system becomes fully functional.

Section 9.4: How Do I Donate Psybucks To Someone Else?
Click on the "Donate" link under someone else's name in any of their posts. (The donate button does not appear under yours to you, because you cannot donate to yourself. It is visible to everyone else, though, just like theirs are visible to you.) Type in the amount of Psybucks you want to give them, add a message if you want, click "donate", and the number of psybucks you specified is subtracted from your total, and added to theirs.

Section 10: Ranks

Section 10.1: How do I become something other than a Bug Catcher?
By making 25 Constructive Posts, in any forums besides Kanto Safari Zone, Slateport Market, Ecruteak Theater, and Lilycove Museum (Post count is disabled in those forums, and so posts there do not increase your post count). Constructive posts follow the Forum Rules, are not one-word or emoticon-filled posts, add to the topic, are posted in the right forum, and do not fall under any of the other definitions of spam.

Section 10.2: What are all the ranks?
The Psypoke FAQ has a list of the ranks that forum members can achieve, as well as the post count levels it takes to reach them.

Section 10.3: Why should I care about ranks?
To put it simply, you shouldn't. You must be at least a Cool Trainer to apply for a Trainer Card, but other than that, gaining ranks doesn't give you any special privileges. In general, the rank system is just a cool way to tie in Pokemon to every forum-goer's profile. It indicates if you've been an active member, but on the other hand, posting just to go up a rank will a) get the Staff annoyed at you and will b) bump you back down a rank when the Staff deletes the Spam messages you posted to gain the rank in the first place. So, think before you post, "is this actually a good comment, or am I making a post the Mods will delete the first time they see it?"

Krisp edit: Section 6 and 7 added.
Edited (NField/27 May 2006): Added section 8. And fixed the part I deleted. ;o
Jiggz: Added outline and ROM section over the past few days; subsequently renumbered. (Jun 12th)
Etiam added sections 9 and 10 (Jun 23rd)
JsXtm: Section 10.4 added (4/5/07)
JsXtm: Teams deleted, so Section 6 deleted, and following sections renumbered (6/25/07)
JsXtm: Ranks section added (Section 10)
JsXtm: Forum names updated in Section 10

If there is another topic you feel should be covered, please PM a forum moderator.

Wed May 17, 2006 4:06 pm
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