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 Battle Tower Forum Rules 
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1. The Team Rating Center (when opened) is where all Rate My Team (RMT) posts should go. The exceptions for this are team discussion topics, such as "How can this Sand team better counter Keldeo?". Please avoid plain topics such as "Which Mega is best?" or "Magnezone sets here". Note: until the Team Rating Center is opened, you may start individual RMT threads.

2. Do not make posts or threads asking for a battle. If you are looking for battles, please see the Psypoke Battle Registry.

3. All tournaments must be approved before they are started. Tournament rules and sign-ups can be found in a separate topic.

4. Please familiarize yourself with all other stickied threads or announcements before posting; threads related to what you want to post may already exist.

5. If you have any technical problems using Wi-Fi, go to Nintendo 3DS support before asking here.

6. Before asking a question, first check if the information you are looking for can be found on the main site or elsewhere on the forums.

7. This is a forum for battling, not trading. If you want to trade via Wi-Fi, please visit Pokemon Stadium.

8. Follow all the other global Psypoke forum rules.

Breaking these rules will result in post deletion and/or locking of topics, usually without warning. Consistent rule breakers will be banned or put on probation.

Updated 1 January 2014


Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:35 pm
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Lately, I have been seeing a lot of "What moves should I give _______ ?

There are moveset guides on Psypoke for 4th generation pokemon is here: ... 159#236159

If you want to discuss a specific pokemon in depth, please post in the thread Jigllypuff made: ... 726#294726

If this post doesn't belong to this thread, please move it elsewhere. But I didn't want to clog up this area with any more threads.

Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:43 pm
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Hello everyone, I'm sure you've been noticing me in out of some of the threads here in Battle Tower recently, most notably locking topics. I hate to be the grumpy teacher at the head of a classroom full of students, but it's more than noticeable that the rules of this forum section are starting to fade away from our memories (or worse, never learned to begin with!).

That being said, I thought it would be a good time to post a refresher on Battle Tower's rules and some of Psypoke's universal rules. By doing so, I hope we can all help each other to keep this forum clean and appealing, which is desperately needed in these times. I'm only going to repost the important ones I think need to be repeated, as some of the other rules are being upheld normally.

tiger10x wrote:
1. The Rating Center should be where ALL moveset inquiries go. The only exception for this is a discussion topic. This means to not post vague "discuss _ here" or "moveset needed for _" topics. (At least put some effort into discussions)

In other words, please try not to make a ton of threads where you ask "I just got this new Garchomp with awesome EVs and IVs; what moves should I give it?" This can be done at The Rating Center, along with normal team ratings. Oh yeah, don't post new threads asking for ratings either as well; that's the main purpose of The Rating Center!

tiger10x wrote:
4. Other stickies/announcements are just as important, too, so read them.

Yes; the whole reason stickies and announcements exist is because they are important! These are probably the top 4 you'd want to be familiar with:

tiger10x wrote:
8. Follow all the other forum rules.

Above all else, the most important. In case you're forgetful on even some of those, allow me to refresh your memory on some of them:

Forum Rules wrote:
1. Do not spam. See this page for a definition and some tips. And please make sure your message is understandable - if it looks like garbage, it will be treated like garbage

Self explanatory.

Forum Rules wrote:
6. Do not post excessive smilies/icons.

In other words, don't go overboard with them, especially the Pokemon ones.

Forum Rules wrote:
13. Do not post twice in a row - use the Edit button. This includes bumping topics.

Please, if anything, pay attention to this one. Double posting is against the rules. The Edit button is your friend; he hangs out at the bottom of your posts, always there to rely upon.

Psypoke Signature Policy wrote:
1. Maximum Height Limit.--No signature may exceed a height of two hundred (200) pixels. This is an absolute limit, meaning that your signature may not be any larger than two hundred (200) pixels. This limit includes text.

Along with double posting, I'd say this is the most common violation of Psypoke's forum rules in Battle Tower. Please be knowledgable on the size of your signatures; failure to do so could result in penalties, and no one likes losing privileges. :(

Well, I think that about sums up what I wanted to refresh you guys on. Thanks for reading, and let's all work together to make this area less of a burden, ok? :)

Edit: I forgot to add this...

If continued violation of the above rules ensues, I may start resorting to deleting topics instead of just locking them. Not fun, right? Keep it fun by following the rules then. ;)

Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:21 am
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Updating the links since a couple are old/broken.

tiger10x wrote:
*outdated rules*

Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:42 am
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