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Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Location: Weather Institute :-)
Name: TechMath
Profession: Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, etc.

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: Normal
Hair and eye colours: Black
Face type: Roundesh and has Blue Glasses
Other physical features: None
Clothing style: Blue Clothes (T-Shirt and Jean-Like Shorts)
Speech style: Sounds like a 13 year old :-)

General demeanor: Nerdy and Weird
How he/she sees himself: Better than he really is. :-)
Best qualities: Smart
Worst qualities: Lazy

Parents: Nice, but kind of poor (no cable or high-speed internet)
Siblings: None
Hometown: Route 119
Childhood history: Learning a Lot
Recent history: Playing with Technology
Plans for the future: Win it all. 8-)

Pokemon team:
Castform: Male/Loves Rain Dance
Castform: Female/Loves Rain Dance
Castform: Male/Loves Sunny Day
Castform: Female/Loves Sunny Day
Castform: Male/Loves Hail
Castform: Female/Loves Hail

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite pokemon: Castform
Favorite place: Battle Frontier
Pet peeve(s): Homework
Least favorite season: When Above 90 or Below 60 Outside
Worst memory: When I lost my Video Games right before I started my journey.

*Note: These facts aren't necessarily true, like they would be.

Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:42 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Location: Florida
Name: Omar Bradley
Profession: Pokémon Trainer

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Body type: Tall and strong, but slim.
Hair and eye colours: Hair is a dark brown, and hangs down to his eyebrows, and his eyes are an extremely dark mahogany, chilling to the sight.
Face type: Thin, with high cheekbones, and soft features.
Other physical features: Omar has a faint scar beneath his left eye. The scar is barely visible, but long and jagged. His skin is dark, from the hours spent under the sun.
Clothing style: Generally dark, baggy denim jeans with a winding black and silver dragon on the left leg, a simple long-sleeved white shirt beneath a black blazer, and white Nike’s. (Quite a contrast)
Speech style: Omar seldom speaks, but when he does, it is slowly, as if unsure of what he will say. Shows no emotion.

General demeanor: Known to be quiet, Omar shows no emotion when speaking or acting, due to his training prior to becoming a Pokémon Trainer. Omar walks and speaks with his head angled downward, and is usually cold and uncaring.
Best qualities: Courageous, hardened, intelligent and strategic.
Worst qualities: Low self esteem, too uncaring for anyone other than his Pokémon, and paranoid from his childhood.

Parents: The Petalburg Military Academies dean and his wife. Doesn’t know his real parents.
Siblings: None. An only child from birth.
Hometown: Unknown. Omar considers Petalburg his hometown.
Childhood history: Omar was born just south of Sootopolis, on a luxury cruiser touring Hoenn. His parents realized they couldn’t care for him on this trip that would continue on for another two months, so they gave Omar up for adoption. Omar was adopted by a man that simply signed as Norman. Through his life, Omar was trained in the prestigious Petalburg Military Academy, in survival arts to Pokémon battling.
Recent history: Omar recently, at the age of twenty-one, left the Petalburg Military Academy, or PMA with permission from his stepfather Norman, after learning he was adopted. With an understanding of Pokémon, Omar began his journey with a Slakoth, which he tamed himself before capturing with his only Pokéball. That Slakoth has recently grown into an extremely powerful Slaking, after Omar trained him against himself and other Pokémon.
Plans for the future: Omar really has no plans, but he does want to find his way ‘home,’ and at least face his stepfather in a regulation battle.

Favorite food: Mystery Soup (something he grew up with while attending the PMA)
Favorite pokemon: Slaking
Favorite place: The Desert Ruins, because the ruins there intrigue Omar.
Pet peeve(s): Slang, disrespect, crime organizations.
Least favorite season: Winter.
Worst memory: Waking up at 4:30 A.M at PMA to start the day with push-ups.

Pokemon 1: Slaking
Level: 63
Gender: Male
Attacks: Hyperbeam, Earthquake, Shadowball, and Brickbreak.
Personality: Slaking is trained with discipline just as Omar was, but has a better personality. He is more cheerful than Omar, but won’t act up during battles. Still lazy at times, though.

Pokemon 2: Dusclops (Deaths Messenger)
Level: 60
Gender: Male
Attacks: Toxic, Mean Look, Will-O-Wisp, and Rest
Appearance: Known as a shiny, the only thing unique about ‘Deaths Messenger’ is his dark red coloring.
Personality: About as cold, if not colder, than Omar, ‘Deaths Messenger’ is seldom seen in battle, but when he fights, an inner hatred and viciousness is released, uncommon for a Dusclops.

Pokemon 3: Shiftry
Level: 56
Gender: Male
Attacks: Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Hidden Power Fire, and Shadow Ball
Personality: Neither kind nor mean, Shiftry seldom speaks, and prefers to fight at distance.

Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:59 pm
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Pokemon Master
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It's been a while since I've posted my profiles so...


Name: (Shan)
Gender: (Male)
Age (12-18): (18)
Appearance: (Tall, muscluler. He has worked out all his life and was in track, martial arts and gym. But not very bulky, he's more of a gymnest. )
Pokemon (At earliest evolution - No legendaries): (Riolu)
What Pokemon Nature bests suits them: (Lonely)


Name: Mar Cral
Code Name (if any): Stiff
Gender: Male
Based from (may include abilities here): none, and it's a secret.
Description: Medium height and incredibly muscular, he's so big he might be considered fat if not for lack of bulge. Black hair is streaked with gray and he has gray eyes, his skin is a kind of white with black pores spots.
Personality: He is very determined and focused if facing an enemy or hazard, if not he is very (no other accurate word here) jolly and loves to be with people. He also cares a lot when people are injured or in trouble, he has been very seriously lately. He is stubborn, and somewhat boisterous at mealtimes, he can get very bored if he can't do anything for a long time and a moment he doesn't do anything is a moment wasted to him. His favorite weapon is an heavy ax, his cloths are tough leather that his people wear.
Likes and dislikes: He likes beer, meat, wrestling, fighting, people who aren't afraid. He dislikes laziness, pointed objects, empty open spaces, cowards, hysteria, panic.
Why joined up: Because he liked the way Spence thinks, he needed something to do and his house was blasted apart by team wrath.
A bit of history: He was born in a harsh world that was in the beginning of forming, through freak incidents the world got life a bit sooner than it should of, his species (it's mostly human but not entirely) has to survive in caves that, with the rest of the mountain and world, floated hundreds of feet above ground. The way the got food was falling from rock to rock and falling on animals to hunt, the fruit and vegetables were especially tough. They have technology that makes the floating derbies bunch together, it was the only way to survive. Team wrath sabotaged a lot of these mechanisms and caused the cave-city Mar was living in to fall apart, killing a few of his friends. That's when he joined with Spence, bringing an Ordon (a creature mad of air) that lived with him, and he has been acting as a security man and constant warrior on the front lines for the team ever since.
Enemy (Team Wrath): Jule, a bladed creature that serves the leaders of team wrath, he is Mar's sworn enemy, and the being who showed team wrath how to destroy the mechanisms of his and Mar's world.


Species: Gengar
Name: Sir Sreen
Rank: Royal kinght
Weapon: Long dagger.
Gender: Male
Personality: Ruthless, any person that he considers enemy, he kills. But he would die for a person he commands, or a freind. If anyone in his squad dies on a mission he carries him back. Even if it disables him. He was actually quite playful in peace, but absolutely morbid in war.
Kingom: Reconises
Speciality: Infiltraiation and assassination. He often goes behind enemy ranks during battles and kills the opposing leaders. He has a rapidash but he only uses her for quick getaways.
Weakness: Archers, if they have them in their sights his is in trouble.
Strenthghs: He can fight without warning, he can blend in completely with shadows; if he gets close to you, Your probably dead.
Fears: Blankets


Name: Samuel
Personality/history: Samuel doesn't enjoy killing humans, he can almost feel the pain himself, and the fear. He tries to kill as little as possible to survive, mostly he steals from hospitals or (if he thinks he has enough reserve) tries to only suck out a bit of blood from a sedated victim, using a switchblade instead of biting so as not to make more like his own cursed self. But Samuel is an young vampire--he was made very recently--so he has lost control a lot more than he would like. Samuel was a optimistic person when he was human, all that changed after he killed for the first time. Now he is a lot more serious about life, as he must always bear the pain of knowing he is a murderer. Only recently has he been able to suck blood and keep the victim alive; this has made him hopeful and revived a bit of his old self. Samuel tries to help anyone he can as a possible repayment for his murders, but sometimes he ends up hurting more than helping. Since Samuel resists his vampire instincts he suffers from a mild duel personality disorder, of his vampire side and his human side; this makes him have short and vicious emotional surges of anger and grief.
Additional appearance: He likes to wear a loose sweatshirt with a hood, jeans and hiking shoes ((*shrug*)).
Fears: A person getting cut or otherwise injured before he can prepare himself, if the scent of blood catches him unaware his instincts can completely take over and make him kill.


((From my RP Homo Alien))
Name: Craun Rosher
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Personality/Brief history: Craun is not a rash guy, he likes to think thing through. He is smart, but he doesn’t use that intelligence for anything but something that interests him. He likes Psychology. He is, however, prone to indecision, it is very hard for him to commit to anything; he says this is because he likes to examine the fullness of all opportunities, but it is really because he is a bit of a coward. He keeps himself physically fit because he is afraid of getting beaten in a fight. He has a fear of commitment. He is more afraid of emotions than any weapon, physical things tend not to scare him. He had just graduated from college and was getting used to life on his own when he was “chosen” and sucked to the planet. He has learned to use a staff as a weapon and has minor Boy Scout camping skills.
Side: Random person
Ability: The ability to slow down time for only himself, but not necessarily his passage through it.
Appearance: His is medium height and has muscular arms, but not so much his legs. He can’t run for very long. He has Brown hair and Brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans, sneakers and a gray t-shirt with a black sweater when he was “chosen”.


((Also from Homo Alien))
Name: James Uli
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Personality/Brief history: James is rather optimistic, in a creepy way. If a person gets shot and dies in his arms he will say good-bye with a smile. Truly he is in deep denial of pretty much all of life, his sub-conscious has convinced itself that nothing is actually happening and that it’s all a dream; this has made him very good at endurance. He grew up in poverty and it was when his mother died that the denial started. He dropped out of high-school when his dad died from drug-poisoning and managed to make his was through life as a fast-food manager. Eventually he got caught up in a gang of drug dealers, a member of that gang was Joseph; James got addicted to heroin there. Eventually James got arrested, during his time he had no access to heroin and it eventually destroyed all sanity in his mind. He ran into Joseph again when his time was up, this time he had his own gang trying to find the meaning of life by building a machine. James was the one who came up with the idea of using terror attacks to get money, and he helped carry them out. During these he became a learned marksmen and a great tactician. He was immensely loyal to professor Joseph and became second in command. He was the person who delivered the first announcement and the first to volunteer for the test.
Side: Terrorist
Ability: He can see all positive things that can happen within two hours of the future and the actions that would need to be taken to reach them.
Appearance: He is short and slightly fat. He is not in very good shape but not horribly bad shape either, he is at least able to run full out for a few minutes without breathing hard. He went into the mission in a white sweater, black pants and black hiking shoes. He has black hair and blue eyes.


Name: Tom Winston
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: Tom think life is passion, and passion is life. So he himself is overemotional about almost everything, and he over thinks almost everything too. He is bold and says what he thinks. He likes war and fighting, he considers them the ultimate acts of passion. He does, however, value life highly; so he enjoys war but not its result.
Appearance: He's tall and lean, he has the body of a sprinter. His hair is light brown, his eyes are blue and his skin is slightly-tanned white. He doesn't like loose-fitting clothes, he likes tight jeans and t-shirts.
Sample: Tom ran through the crowded streets, his eyes rolling in their sockets wildly, hoping to catch some glimpse of what he was looking for. "Where is it? Where the bloody heck is it?" He thought, fighting panic. If he didn't find it soon...But there! Relief coursed through Tom's mind, he had finally found it. Tom slowed to a trot as he came closer to the brown building. Tom smiled, now he could get this over with and not be late for his show. He walked into the grocery store and headed for the milk aisle.


Name: Marson Washington
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Marson is a recovering masochist, so he is still numb from the his insane mind, and the urge is still there. Marson is very depressed and views life as a struggle, nothing more. He is very attuned to another's suffering and gets a certain thrill when a person is miserable, he hates himself for it.
Appearance: He is medium height and mildly bulky. He has black hair, brown eyes and black ((African black, not ink black)) skin. He likes to wear clothes with padding, it is rare to see him without a coat.
Other: He likes to fight with his fists.
Sample: Marson laughed with maniacal glee as pain race up his arm. He both loved and hated it. Loved because it awakened a certin part of him that was just so alive, a feeling hard to find in his desolate life. Hated because he knew it was bad for him, he knew his love was wrong, and he knew that it would destroy him. The person he was fighting was confused, what person laughs at getting cut? But before the person could figure it out Marson had recovered himself and launched at him, swinging his weapon--a rusty pipe. He swung it without thought or method, using the strength stemmed from the conflict of his greatest love and most loathsome hate, and the madness revealed in his eyes.

^DarkCosmos, Poems^

Sat Dec 29, 2007 12:31 pm
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Name: Loreena.
Profession: None.

Appearance: She wears a green skirt which looks lik three leaves. Her shirt is a poncho made of flax. Her hair goes down to her knees and it is dark green. Her eyes makes even the toughest sailor feel a little anxious. Her skin is pale and smooth.
She lives her life like a pokémon and she can talk with all the pokémons she meets.
All her pokémons are outside the pokéball. Exept if they are wouded. All her pokémons wear a Silk Scarf. This Scarf has no effect. It is just how she "dress" them.

Age: 19
Gender: female
Body type: normal

Best qualities: Loves and cares about her pokémons.
Worst qualities: She does not care about anyone exept her pokémons.

Parents: Pokémon breders. They were too busy to come home, so Loreena lived by her grandfather.
Hometown: Verdanturf (Hoen), but she ran into a forrest when she was 7.
Childhood history: She met a wild Swablu when she was running into the forrest. It was wounded. She took it to the nearest Pokémon Center.
That Swablu became her first pokémon and friend. She trained it into an Altaria. All her pokémons are pokémons that she has met in the nature.
Shortly after that she met a Ralts wich she trained into a Gardevoir.
Altaria and Gardevoir are her strongest pokémons.
She has been living with pokémons for so long that she does not care for any human.
Recent history: She has learned how to make medicin out of plants and other things that she finds in the wild. And though the medicin is bitter the pokémons seem to be happy.
She has also found a lot of Leftover and Shell Bells. She makes her pokémons hold these items to help them in battle.
Plans for the future: None. She lives one day at a time.

Favorite food: Berries and other things she finds in the nature.
Favorite pokemon: Altaria and Charizard.
Favorite place: Verdanturf (Hoen).
Worst memory: The years from she was 5 to she met Swablu (about 7 years old).

Pokémon Team:

Pokemon: FIRE / DRAGON

Pokemon 1: {charizard} / {altaria}
Level: 20 / 20
Gender: Female/;Male
Attacks Gardevoir: Fire Blast, Falmethrower, mega punch.
Attacks Altaria: Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, Dragon Claw

Let the psychics and the dragons rule the world!

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This is merely a general character. I can use her anytime. I'm typing entirly from scratch, so it's likely I'll be back often to make changes.

Name: Celeste

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 160

Profession: Trainer/Coodinator

Appearance: Grey jeans , Black T shirt with "I'm the naughty sister" in pink letters across the bosom area, Purple and blue tennis shoes, Black fingerless gloves with rainbow stars-made-of-stars reaching halfway down her forearms, Black biker cap, curly chestnut-brown hair down to the middle of her back, multi colored eyes (One Hazel, one blue), wears her hair over one eye almost all the times, the rest is back in a ponytail with half her bangs pinned out of her face with a green hairpin

Hometown: Mauville City
Parents: Mother runs a sanch in Mauville, Father is a policeman who supposedly died
Childhood: Grew up on her mother's ranch, Ranchero de Fuego, and help her mother often. Her father dissapeared when she was five, and is presumed to be dead. She became intent upon traveling with Pokemon so she could find him. He first Pokemon was a Ponyta her mother gave to her, and since then she has gathered many.
Most recent adventure: Winning a contest in Hearthome City and evolving her gloom into a Bellossom
Plans for future: Find her father and prove to everyone he is alive; Win the grand festival

The Good: Kind, caring, considerate, compassionate, eccentric, fun-loving, and brave, Celeste is anything you'd ever want is a best friend or a girlfriend, so it's hard to imagine why she has trouble making friends. It doesn't seem to bother her though. She seems content with her Pokemon by her side.
The Bad: Shy, quiet, reseved, though some may not call this bad, neccicarily. She can also be very vengeful if someone messes with her friends or Pokemon, and this anger often leads her to make rash decisions and act without thinking. Celeste normally keeps a level head, but make her angry, and if you can't manage to use that to your advantage, be prepared for a world of hurt.

Speech Style: Rapid and fluent with a French accent

Party Pokemon:

Nickname: Chelsea
Gender: Female
Steel Wing
Mega Punch
Personality: Chesea is very brave, but also a loner. Even though she is good friends with Celeste's other Pokemon Partners, Chelsea always tends to wander off on her own, away from the group to think things through for herself.

Nickname: Rhyan
Gender: Female
Personality: Rhyan, ever since she met Celeste, has been very motherly and a tad over-protective. She's quick to put herself in front of danger to protect Celeste or the younger memebers of the team.

Nickname: Max
Gender: Male
Thunder Fang
Quick Attack
Personality: Max was, is, and always will be a lady's man. He's a lot like Brock from the anime series: always chasing the ladies. When it comes to it though, Max can be loyal, selfless and brave.

Nickname: Delighla
Gender: Female
Iron Tail
Hyper Beam
Mega Kick
Pesonality: Delighla is an eccentric young Delcatty who is faithful and compassionate. Her wild style often overshadows her kind-hearted nature, but those who can look past her insane sense of humor find themselves with a great friend who will stand by them through good and bad.

Nickname: Bella
Gender: Female
Petal Dance
Energy Ball
Drain Punch
Double Team
Personality: Very shy and reclusive, Bella likes to keep to herself. She doesn't like to talk with the other Pokemon much, and tends to hide when there is somthing bothering her, rather than talk about it. Like Chelsea, she likes to figure things out for herself. When it comes to battling, Bella likes to follow another's lead, and protect her partners from harm.

Nickname: Alex
Gender: Male
Water Pulse
Hydro Pump
Iron Tail
Body Slam
Personality: Alex is always adamant about doing what is right. He'll only go against his beliefs as a last possible resort. His heart is always in the right place, though his inflated ego often overshadows his devout nature. Alex is very brave, but his pride is the most prominent feature of his personality.

Other Pokemon:

{altaria} {pichu} {luxray} {monferno} {totodile} {grovyle} {pidgeot} {furret} {lombre} {misdreavus} {kirlia} {medicham} and {swinub}

Note: Detail will be provided when Pokemon are in party.

Finally finished! I'll still be updating it, though. PM me for an RP anytime!

You know it.
I know it.

I was born...
September 19

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Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:41 pm
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Pokemon Ranger
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Level...ops! Age:20
Tall,a little bit muscle,black hair...

Scary when it's needed...

Clothing Style:Varies...A lot!

Favorite Color:Black


{ninetales} *Shiny*
That always stays out of the pokeball...
Favorite pokémon...

{skarmory} *Shiny*



{infernape} starter...

{nidoqueen} *Shiny*

Looks like me...

Get your custom sprites,avatars and signatures at Froggy's Lilypad!
My Youtube Channel:
Watch,Comment,Rate and Enjoy! ^_^x

*Currently BUSY with real life,so i might take a while to respond messages or RMTs... Sorry,I might be back someday...*

Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:55 pm
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Location: Germany
Name: Zcythe
Profession: Elite four member/ pokemon medium


Age: 21

Gender: Male

Body type: 6'2", well built, about 180 pounds

Hair and eye colors: Black hair, medium long, shorter in the sides, from behind looks like a flame, the front is styled as a tornado; light brown eyes.

Face type: Narrow, symmetric, prominent lower jaw and chin, dark eye brows

Other physical features: beard and mustache, short and cut in a thin curly strange way

Clothing style: White shirt with no sleeves, brown-greenish squared pants somewhat tight, brown sport shoes, usually carrying a yellow quartz as a long necklace, a present from his brother.

Speech style: Deep smooth voice, emphasizes pauses changing rhythm from slow to fast (and vice versa), likes to use glances and body language as he talks. Very creative choosing his words, always philosophizing.


General demeanor: Very outgoing, confident and funny. Reliable, always protecting loved ones, pursuits uncommon goals and takes huge turns. Has always a mystical side which you can notice by the look of his eyes, just relying in his intuition takes sudden risks and complicated decisions , has somewhat a psychic sense.

How he sees himself: Likes to think of himself as a mediator, always leading conversation and letting everyones point of view shine at least a bit. Thinks is a pure heart and only looks forward to make the world a better place for interaction between pokemon and humans.

Best qualities: Has an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person or pokemon after a very short period of time. Can use his intuition and flexibility to relate to others on their own level.

Worst qualities: Zcythe has problems with authority and may abuse his ability and go quite manipulative to get his way. His overconfidence in battle might distract him and therefore ruin his own strategy. Zcythe needs change to feel full filed and from time to time might lose inspiration and become pretty inconsistent and lazy.


Hometown: Saffron City.

Background history: Son of Sabrina, Saffrons City gym leader, always had a psychic connection with pokemon and humans. Trained to become the next psychic gym leader by her mother since a young age, Zcythe developed a very talented battle strategy and decided to aspire after a greater goal; understanding Pokemon nature and their behavior towards humans.
Zcythe always sustained the theory that any kind of pokemon should be able to engage in a psychic connection.
Training hard by himself and a wild green trapinch he achieved a pokemon telepathy bridge similar to her mothers. In this way he created a unique battle technique which consist of anticipating attacks using his medium ability and bridging them to his pokemon while not giving orders but developing pokemon autonomy and cooperation telepathically. Zcythe pokemon became soon very clever and incredible versatile in any situation. Each of his pokemon developed insight and intuition by this means.
He decided to depart in his adventure and discovered soon a strange pattern between the evolution line and character developing of Dragon pokemon. Fascinated with his discovery he finally decided to get through the world and try to get in touch with the legendary ancient pokemon, in search of ultimate pokemon mental and evolution understanding while proving his way of battling was the best coordinated, smooth and devastating technique the world would ever met.

Recent history: Found Latias while flying in his flygon, near Mt. silver in his way to this years pokemon league challenge, where he officially became a member of the elite four.

Plans for the future: Leaving Will taking his place in the elite 4; Zcythe Plans to visit the Hoenn region for the first time in search of the old relicanth, and in hopes of conecting with pokemon in the different ancient ruins.

Pokemon team:

{flygon} (female) starter

-Zcythe's best pal is very brave and determined, always nice and the most intellinget of Zcythe's party.

{dragonite} (male)

-Getting a tender pink dratini as a present from Lance was already not expected, but as it became a green dragonite it left Zcythe astonished. His Strenght doubled yet Dragonite became even more tender and caring.

{kingdra} (female)

-Recently evoloved Seadra, became amazingly a purple Kingdra, and by this means Zcythe detected a suddenly change in his character. While Seadra was a very aggressive and offensive pokemon, Kingdra seems to act somehow wisely and calmed.

{charmander} (male)

Son of the once pink dratini, out of the 8 recently hatched eggs, this charmander strangely turned out to be yellow and very timid among his brothers and sisters.


Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:05 pm
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Ace Trainer
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Location: somewhere
Name: Jet
Age: 20
Proffesion:Youngest Elite four Member(At 16)
Appearence: Jet has brown hair and looks like his mentor and brother- figure, Ex-Champion Lance, Jet wears a polo shirt and baggy pants. He is tall and toned.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160


General Demeanor: Jet is fun to hang around and loves to hang with the Elite Four. He is almost always calm and looks on the brightside.
Best Qualities:Calm,Almost always happy, outgoing
Worst Qualities: doesn't care for selfish people or emos


Parents: Somewhere in Kanto.
Siblings:Same as parents. Also Kanto Champion Lance is considered Jets brother.
Hometown: Blackthorn City
Childhood History: Jet and his family used to live in Blackthorn City but moved to Fallabor, where he met his Bagon. His family moved to Kanto leaving Jet on his permission. He then met Lance at Meteor Falls and trained with him.

Recent History: Jet joined the Elite Four at age 16 becoming the youngest member in history. He is still a current member and is number 4 and is offered being Champion which is his dream.

Plans for the future: Become Champion

Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Steak
Favorite Pokemon: Dragon types
Favorite Place: Veilstone City
Pet Peeves: Losers

Pokemon: Salamence


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Note: These are the characters and teams from my two Pokémon Diamond games, I've just given the trainer and their Pokémon fictional backgrounds. I'll add biographies for my Advanced generation teams at some point as well. All the Pokémon are Pokémon I have in the games, just given a story.


Name: Kipper
Age: 25
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Kipper was born and raised in Dewford Town, a small and quiet town on an isolated island just South West of the Hoenn mainland.

As a child, Kipper was curious and had boundless enthusiasm for the world around him, and was fascinated by Pokémon, longing for a life as a travelling trainer, away from the sleepy isle of fisherman. On one of his many expiditions to Granite Cave on the northern part of the island, Kipper accidentally interupted a wild Machop's rigorous training. Angered, the Machop attacked him; not wanting to hurt the human boy, only to scare him off.

Kipper, not knowing the Machop wouldn't hurt him, panicked. His frightened cries alerted a nearby Zubat, which came to his aid and scared the Machop away. Kipper then spent some time with the Zubat and befriended the little bat Pokémon. This incident only intensified his dream of leaving Dewford and becoming a roaming trainer.

Enrolling at Gym Leader Brawly's surf school, Kipper hoped to learn something about Pokémon training from him, looking up to the trainer and even beginning to imitate his mannerisms.

Three years later, on Kipper's 12th birthday - with his dream of travelling the world seemingly dying - the local Gym Leader, Brawly, called in a favour with Captain Briney, a legendary sailor who now lived a quiet life on the mainland coast. Brawly asked Captain Briney to take Kipper to the mainland so he could pursue his dreams.

After a kind Fisherman escorted Kipper to Littleroot Town to avoid dangerous wild Pokémon. Upon his arrival, Professor Birch offered him one of the three Hoenn starter Pokémon, and a Pokédex. He chose Treecko, a grass type, and departed on his journey.

Kipper went on to catch many Pokémon, including three "Shiny" Pokémon (Pokémon of an alternate colouring that is not normally seen), even encountering the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. Collecting all 8 Hoenn Gym badges and defeating the Elite Four, he stood down from the position of Champion, not wishing to be tied down as he felt in his childhood.

Leaving all his Pokémon but his first in storage, Kipper and his now fully evolved Sceptile departed for Sinnoh. He again travelled the land, collecting Pokémon and Gym Badges before challenging the Elite Four. He once again stood down from the Champion position, but remained in Sinnoh.

Kipper, now an experienced and weathered 25 year old, is set on exploring the rest of the region and learning more about Pokémon as he goes.

Party Pokémon:
Image Sceptile / Male
Kipper's first Pokémon, given to him by Professor Birch in Hoenn. They are best friends, and Sceptile is often out of his Poké Ball, walking alongside his master. Sceptile is the only Pokémon Kipper took with him when he left Hoenn. Sceptile is generally considered by Kipper to be his most powerful Pokémon. All of Kipper's other Pokémon look up to Sceptile as leader and role model, seeing his experience and strength and following his lead.

Image Staraptor / Male
The first Pokémon Kipper captured in the wild on his travels through Sinnoh. As a Starly he was cheerful and had a knack for battling. He matured with his evoluton into Staravia, but his battling prowess only grew. With his final evolution into Staraptor, he became a solemn and intimidating Pokémon. Extremely capable in battle, he was instrumental in Kipper's defeat of Sinnoh's Elite Four. His loyalty to Kipper is unbreakable.

Image Luxray / Male
When Kipper captured a young female Shinx, he met a young Pokémon Trainer named Addie. She had only recently began her journey; and Kipper was impressed by her young Chimchar as he watched Addie battle and capture a Shinx of her own. Kipper approached the trainer with his new Shinx and congratulated her capture. Addie offered a trade when she saw the shy female Shinx at Kipper's side. The Shinx Kipper received from Addie was fesity and playful, and maintained these traits even after his final evolution from Luxio into Luxray. He is overly protective of Kipper, and has something of a soft spot for Addie, and apparently romantic feelings for her Luxray. Luxray is a very tough and physical Pokémon, using his Spark and Crunch moves to take down his opponents.

Image Torterra / Male
Kipper was given this Pokémon as a gift from Professor Rowan, when he was just a tiny Turtwig. He was the first Pokémon Kipper obtained when he arrived in Sinnoh, and has travelled with him ever since. Torterra is a gentle giant, and has developed a close bond with Kipper's Sceptile, both being grass Pokémon. Torterra serves as a mount, and place to sleep when Kipper is on the road. Aside from that, he is a physical powerhouse, using powerful moves like Earthquake to devastate his opponent's defenses.

Image Infernape / Male
This fire/fighting Pokémon was found as a Chimchar, plucking fruit and harassing the local bug Pokémon on the outskirts of Eterna Forest. Kipper, fascinated by the monkey Pokémon since he first encountered it at Professor Rowan's lab, and again under Addie's care, as her starter Pokémon. Kipper battled the Pokémon and captured him, and since then his penchant for mischief has gotten him into trouble a number of times. While he was a Chimchar, and sometimes as a Monferno, Sceptile took on a brotherly approach to the monkey and bailed him out of trouble. He has since matured into a dedicated Pokémon as Infernape, and no longer needs Sceptile's help to get out of trouble. He is very loyal towards Kipper, and has a friendly rivalry with Addie's Infernape.

Image Empoleon / Male
Kipper first encountered this Pokémon washed up on Sandgem beach, unconscious. Kipper naturally cared for the Pokémon and dropped him off at the Sandgem Pokémon Center for supervision. Hitting the road, Kipper didn't get far before he noticed the tiny blue penguin toddling along behind him. Kipper offered to take him on him, and the Piplup accepted. Piplup was unusually dependant on his trainer, but has since matured into a naturally independant and capable Empoleon, who was instrumental in Kipper's Elite Four challenge. He is fiercely loyal to Kipper, Sceptile, Staraptor, Luxray, Torterra and Infernape. He is somewhat weary, however, when in the presence of others, including some of Kipper's other Pokémon.

Other Pokémon of Note:

Crobat (Male): Once Kipper had gotten used to life as a trainer, he returned to Dewford to get his second badge. Looking for a flying Pokémon to take on Brawly, and encountered the Zubat from his childhood. He captured it, and it became one of his closest partners in his travels through Hoenn. He currently resides with Kipper's family in Dewford Town.

Torkoal (Male): Torkoal was captured after it tried to attack Kipper's Grovyle, but did not expect the fast thinking grass type to dodge the slow fire type's attack and use Quick Attack, catching him off guard. Torkoal and Grovyle resolved the bad blood after his capture and formed and effective fighting duo, with Torkoal's defensive capabilities perfectly balanced with Grovyle's speed and offensive power. Torkoal was so loyal to Kipper, that he was able to use Return to its full power. He currently resides with Kipper's family in Dewford Town.

Magneton: Captured in New Mauville, Magnemite quickly became close to Kipper. His quirky nature and tendency to follow him around outside of his Poké Ball ensured he stood out from Kipper's other Pokémon. He soon evolved into Magneton and proved his worth in battle time and time again. He currently resides with Kipper's family in Dewford Town.

Wailord (Male): Wailmer was caught when Kipper needed a water Pokémon to pursue the evil Teams Magma and Aqua with the other Hoenn trainers who rose up to fight them. He proved himself to be more than a mode of transport when he saved Kipper from a near fatal attack from an angered Gyarados, blasting the serpent with an Ice Beam. He evolved into a massive Wailord and became one of Kipper's strongest Pokémon. He currently resides with Kipper's father, who uses the massive sea Pokémon on his fishing trips.

Flygon (Male): Caught in the Hoenn desert as a Trapinch, Flygon has always been a reliable and dependable Pokémon. He was quite close with Kipper's Sceptile, the two were nigh on inseperable. Flygon was injured battling Lucian of the Hoenn Elite Four and opted to return to stay in Dewford Town with Kipper's mother, who was a reputable Dragon trainer, owning a female Dragonite. Kipper suspected the two would mate, and he turned out to be right.

Kipper also owns / has owned...

Shiny Trapinch (Male): The offspring of Kipper's Flygon and his mother's Dragonite.

Shiny Seviper (Male): This was the first Seviper Kipper ever saw, and did not realise it was shiny until much later when he fought a trainer who owned three regular Sevipers.

Shiny Zigzagoon (Female): Kipper caught this Zigzagoon purely because he knew it was shiny, and felt guilty because of this. He gave it to Addie because he knew she would take care of her the way she deserved. She has since evolved into a Linoone and became a member of Addie's active party.

Combee (Male): Kipper caught the Combee on a whim when he threw a Net Ball into a swarm of the Pokémon. He immediatly fell in love with the three-faced bee Pokémon and took him with him to the Pokémon League, leaving Sceptile with Professor Rowan to get some rest. Although Combee was unable to safely battle at such a high level as the Elite Four, he remained out of his Poké Ball at Kipper's side and cheered on his team mates as they battled their way to the top of the Sinnoh League. He has since been sent back to Kipper's parents when Sceptile returned to Kipper's active roster.

Kipper owns, among many other Pokémon, a Ditto, a Slugma, a Rotom, a Duskull, a Taillow, a Chatot, a Riolu, a Krabby, a Caterpie and a Tangela. He also has numerous starter Pokémon from the regions of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.

Currently in need of a Vulpix! Someone hook me up!

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Name: David, but goes by the Surname Sir Casm.
Profession: Breeder

Appearance: Image
Age: 15
Body type:
Hair and eye colours:
Face type:
Other physical features:
Clothing style: Gothic decour for outside trips and adventures. More of a "preppy" inside sense of style with a vbast majority of polo's and baggy blue jeans.
Speech style: Precise and courtious of sorrounding people and their customs as not to offend anyone.

General demeanor: The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.
How he/she sees himself: He see's himself as someone who is constantly watched and shoved in the directions of others incentives. Such as battling was his fathers dream not his, and his mother did the contests. He would rather be a breeder even though he has trained his entire life to battle and defeat others.
Best qualities: Doesn't label people and believes everyone has their own story, even if it's just to fill someone elses pages.
Worst qualities: Doesn't second guess others Authority, Ideas, or behaviors and it gets him in guilds load of trouble.

Background: Grew up in Ceruleon with his family and ran a normal life.
Parents: Mother and Father
Siblings: 3, One older sister two younger brothers.
Hometown: Ceruleon {I think thats how its spelt.}
Childhood history: Learned to battle and particapate in conests
Recent history: Caught his Pokemon and started his fathers adventure.
Plans for the future: Become the worlds largest pokemon breeding farm.

Pokemon team:
Sir Casm Elite- {toxicroak} {crobat} {golduck} {zangoose} {vigoroth} {drapion}
The above is his set of knockout pokemon battlers. Although his boxes consist of other teams Some names have been repeated but he consists of only one the exception is Scyther and Scizor theirs a reason for that.
Water Team- {golduck} {tentacruel} {gyarados} {feraligatr} {sharpedo} {toxicroak}
Fire Team- {charmeleon} {arcanine} {rapidash} {magmar} {quilava} {infernape}
Kanto- {beedrill} {pidgeot} {arbok} {nidoking} {primeape} {alakazam} {machamp} {golem} {cubone} {rhydon} {scyther} {electabuzz} {pinsir}
Johto- {ariados} {crobat} {gligar} {scizor} {heracross}
Hoenn- {vigoroth} {ninjask} {aggron} {zangoose} {seviper}
Sinnoh- {kricketune} {mothim} {hippowdon} {drapion} {gallade}

Favorite food: Rice, because he likes to try and stay natural for his health.
Favorite pokemon: He loves all his pokemon the same but he sense a bounding between himself and Cubone and thus doesn't catch him but allows it to travel alongside him as a companion
Favorite place: Ceruloen
Pet peeve(s): When men disrespect or abuse women.
Least favorite season: Winter, it gets cold and snow is terrible to walk through.
Worst memory: He tends not to share those.

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Note: These are the characters and teams from my two Pokémon Diamond games, I've just given the trainer and their Pokémon fictional backgrounds. I'll add biographies for my Advanced generation teams at some point as well. All the Pokémon are Pokémon I have in the games, just given a story.


Name: Lennox
Age: 15
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer

Lennox was born in Johto, living a happy life with his parents in Goldenrod City. At the age of three, his father left home one morning with his one and only Pokémon, a Typhlosion, to join a group of Pokémon Trainers (including the revered Pokémon Trainer Kris, who later went on to be the Champion of the Pokémon League) who rose up when Team Rocket started experimenting on Pokémon in Johto. Unfortunately, when several trainers went to free the Pokémon Team Rocket had stolen from trainers, a Feraligatr that had already been altered began to rampage.

It has never been confirmed that he was killed, but he was never seen again. Typhlosion found his way back to Lennox's home, and managed to tell Lennox's mother what happened. She took the news as badly as can be expected, and changed dramatically. Too upset to remain in Johto, seeing trainers every day who were there, holding them responsible. Rather than face up to her grief; she took Typhlosion and her own Pokémon, a Wartortle and a Butterfree, and left to travel the world. Unfortunately for Lennox, already struggling to understand why his father wasn't around anymore, and why his mother was seemed not to care anymore, this meant he had to travel with her until he was old enough to go on his own journey.

His mother, now cold; bitter; callous and driven, quickly blasted through the Kanto gym leaders. On their journey through the region, they encountered an abandoned baby Poliwag, which his mother dismissed. Lennox fed the little tadpole Pokémon, and allowed him to follow them around. His mother's attitude towards the cheerful baby stuck with him for many years afterwards, and is the reason Lennox treats his Pokémon as friends, and does not care about their battling prowess, despite his current status as a League hopeful.

She grew tired of the Poliwag's "endless cheer" and captured him, training him rigourously until he evolved into a quiet and stern Poliwhirl. She later evolved him again into a Poliwrath, and he became a vicious powerhouse on her team.

Soon after that incident, they departed for Sinnoh and Lennox turned 10. Now eligible to own and train his own Pokémon, he took the opportunity of arriving in Sinnoh to seek out the region's Pokémon Professor. As stoic and intimidating as his mother's Poliwrath, Lennox knew how to handle this kind of personality and bounded up to the Pokémon expert and asked for a Pokémon.

Rowan, an evolution expert, regarded Lennox with interest and offered him one of the Sinnoh starters; Lennox refused and asked what was in the Poké Ball on his belt.

"A Poliwag I captured on a recent excursion to Kanto." he answered, "I want to study how they evolve."

Lennox pleaded the Professor to let him have the tadpole, and eventually Rowan relented. His only request was that Lennox allow the Pokémon to evolve fully so that Rowan could study the energies from Water Stones, or the energy that triggers evolution when a Poliwhirl is traded holding a King's Rock.

Lennox then departed from his mother's company, and embarked on his own journey. Despite the tragedy of his father's death, and his mother's change from a caring and dedicated mother and wife to a jaded and ruthless woman with nothing in her life but Pokémon battles, Lennox is cheerful and full of hope. Some mistake him as naive, but his past experiences and being on the road since he was 3 years old have taught him cunning and wisdom beyond his years.

Party Pokémon

ImagePoliwhirl / Male
Lennox's first Pokémon, and his best friend. Despite not being his most powerful Pokémon by a long way, Lennox relies heavily on Poliwhirl, with him taking part in almost every battle Lennox has been in since he became a trainer and received him as a Poliwag from Prof. Rowan.

Rowan gave Poliwag to Lennox on the condition that he would evolve him fully so he could study the process and outcome, but much to Rowan's chagrin and grudging respect, Lennox opted not to evolve Poliwhirl and instead trained the water type to rely on his abilities. With above average speed and physical defense, Poliwhirl and outmatch Pokémon such a Gyarados, that are supposedly much more powerful than him. His physical attacking abilities far outweigh his special abilities, so Lennox taught him moves like Waterfall and Strength. Lennox also taught Poliwhirl the potent combination of Hypnosis and Wake-Up Slap.

Lennox's Poliwhirl also has an intense rivalry with Lennox's mothers Poliwrath, and has managed to defeat the powerful Pokémon on three seperate occasions. Lennox's peers suspect he refuses to evolve Poliwhirl for fear of turning out like his mother, relying on sheer power over friendship and tactics.

Poliwhirl is very like his trainer, cheerful and optimistic. He is out of his Poké Ball the majority of the time and so is well adapted to meeting people, he is also naturally curious and adventurous, and so is the perfect partner for Lennox, who likes to explore his surroundings and investigate the places he travels through. This trait probably stemmed from his journeys with his mother, who didn't take time to appreciate the lands she moved through, only rushing to the next gym leader.

ImageHeracross / Male
A present from Bugsy of Johto, Heracross is absurdly strong, able to smash boulders without much effort. His fighting capability has aided Lennox in many battles, as well as him being calm and easy-going, Heracross is good to travel with, and is very close to Poliwhirl. Like most Heracross, he loses focus when near tree sap, hovering off to gorge himself. He frequently fights with Lennox's Carnivine because of the sweet smell he gives off to attract food.

ImageElectivire / Male
Lennox was fortunate enough to capture an Elekid at the Valley Windworks in Sinnoh. Before long, Elekid proved hard to handle. He was over-powred for his evolutionary level and as such was short-tempered and didn't listen to Lennox. Lennox persevered however, and after a few training tips frm the Daycare Lady in Solaceon Town, Lennox gained enough control over the young eletric type to train him to evolution. With his evolution into Electabuzz, he has settled down and has control over his own electricity, returning to normal power levels. A chance meeting with a more experienced trainer named Addie, who happened to have an Electrizer in her bag. Electabuzz tackled the unsuspecting girl, and rummaged through her bag. Lennox, thinking Electabuzz had returned to his ways before his evolution. Muttering sorry to Addie, he didn't notice the huge Electivire behind him. Stunned, Lennox thanked Addie for her understanding and left, his most powerful Pokémon in tow. Electivire is very loyal and powerful, once hurting an Onix not with the electricity from his ThunderPunch, but from the sheer strength of his fist.

ImageCarnivine / Male
The son of Addie's Carnivine, Lennox's grass type is overly-friendly, wrapping his vines around those he likes, which is nearly everyone he meets. While he can fight, he does not enjoy it, and is not as capable as Lennox's other Pokémon. He is also notoriously fond of dancing, after meeting a group of Bellossom in Gardenia's Gym.

ImageCharizard / Male
Lennox found an egg in the tunnels through the base of Mt. Coronet, never finding out who it belonged to. He took care of the egg tirelessly until it hatched into a baby Charmander. Lennox had wanted a Charmander of his own since he went through Kanto with his mother, Maria. When Lennox suggested she capture one, she disregarded him, saying Squirtle was the only worthwhile starter from Kanto. Even as a Charmander, he was serious and dedicated to Lennox. Now he has evolved into a Charizard, he is extremely strong and capable; as well as being very protective of Lennox. Charizard also appears to be very intelligent. His loyalty to Lennox is second only to Poliwhirl's.

ImageWailord / Male
While taking a break from travelling, Lennox was relaxing with Poliwhirl and his other Pokémon on Sandgem Beach when a distressed beached Wailmer fired off an Ice Beam at then Charmander. Taking the blast in his stride, Charmander launched a powerful Flamethrower attack at the ball whale Pokémon, a trait he apparently inherited from one of his parents. Unphased by the fire attack, Wailmer, his distress only enhanced by the battle he had found himself in, used Surf on Charmander, the attack Lennox and the other Pokémon as well. Obviously not particularly affected by the move, Poliwhirl and Carnivine leapt into action and subdued the Pokémon. Concerned for his safety, Lennox captured the Pokémon and took him with him on his party. Wailmer already knew powerful moves, and so was instrumental in several of Lennox's most major battles, as well as serving as the perfect mode of transport. He evolved into Wailmer after overcoming a trainer's powerful Grotle, and since then has only grown in strength. He is very light-hearted and caring, and is grateful to Lennox for taking him on rather than leaving him on the beach. His massive size prevents him from taking part in a lot of Lennox's activities, but is always happy to lend a hand when he can.

Currently in need of a Vulpix! Someone hook me up!

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Name: Derrient(Derri) Zulius

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Height : Medium

Weight: Medium

Profession: Pokemon Trainer / Collector

Appearance: A red short-sleeve shirt, a blue-outside and black-inside cloak, Black boots, and the ear of a sneasel(found near Icefall Cave) pierced to his right ear, One eye is Red the other Blue, Blue Jeans, and a circlet fitted with a green gem on his head.

Background Story: Born in Kanto, since age 5 he has been obsessed with becoming the first person to catch all the pokemon ever seen. Even though he was so young, he eventually left home one day and even the Kanto Region itself, once he completed the Pokedex for that region of course. At age 13, he settled down in the Hoenn Region for awhile, still working on his Pokedex. Once he discovered there was a new region, though unfinished with his dex for that region, set off for the Sinnoh region, Hoping to complete the dex there quickly, as to finish his Hoenn Dex.

Personality: Rather Overconfident, Laid-Back, sometimes acts foolish in front of others to please them

Speech Style: Uses Correct English, sometimes corrects others (don't worry, i won't do that online)

Most recent adventure: Catching over 100 of the Hoenn Pokemon

Plans for future: Complete ALL Pokedex's


Image Name: Zell, Male Lv: 36

Image Name: Reena, Female Lv: 38

Image Name: Valara, Female Lv: 40

Image Name: Salaria, (like to think of it as Female) Lv: 50

Image Name: Raznor, (like to think of it as Male) Lv: 73

Image Name: Tails, Male Lv: 100

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Name:Vitross Teakus

Nickname:Vit or Teaks

Age: 14th Turn (human years:182)

Species: Manakete (Human/Dragon)

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"


I.Q: 175

Place of Birth:Crysik Viatem

Current Residence:Outskirts of Sunyshore Town

Occupation:Alchemist/Pokemon Trainer

Hobbies:Finding new ingredients and finding there uses

Abilities:Makes potions on the fly
Strengths:Plots everything in advance even if he doesn't tell you what exactly is going on,Can make a healing potion out of some rice and water

Weaknesses:(oh boy here we go...)Doesn't consider others in his plans,forgets stuff alot,doesn't trust anyone

Bio:Vitross is older than dirt as he himself would put it,being the old fart that he is you would expect him to be lazy but the exact opposite is true, Vitross has all the energy of a rambunctious teenager and isn't afraid to use it.

Vitross hails from Crysik Viatem a very vast City that spans over 150 square miles, most of which is used for mining silver and copper.

Vitross was a middle class Manakete (which in Crysik Viatem's standards he ranks above all humans even though he is half human himself) that could barely keep up with rent,Vitross tried to find a easy get rich quick scheme and ended up stumbling on the lost art of alchemy,He immediately started work on a potion that could cure wounds instantly(later becoming the potions you buy at the pokemart)And proceeded to sell them to travelers and healers(for a hefty sum of $20.00 each{2000 pokecash}),With that money he payed off his debts and bought a shop to easily sell his wares.

Vitross soon grew tired of the shop life and started traveling and ended up in the sinnoh region where he first saw the creatures known as Pokemon.

Instead of seeing friends to be made in the Pokemon,he saw them more as a source of food, which in turn got him sent to jail for about a month,all the while learning about Pokemon and what they are. When Vitross was released he started to make up his mind and become a trainer. He sold his Potion recipe(keeping a copy for himself of course)to the now world famous PokeMeds(suppliers of potions and other Pokemon healing items)and use the money to buy 10 Pokeballs(and one free premier ball)and started looking for Pokemon.

His first Pokemon that he encountered was a strange Vulpix,after losing his first 10 regular Pokeballs he lobbed his premier ball at the strange Vulpix and caught it. He later discovered that this vulpix was very different from the others as it was in addition to being a fire type it was also a Psychic type. After he found out about this Vulpix's special type he never put it back in the Pokeball(unless it wanted to be).

Pokemon: {vulpix}
Gender: Female
Name:Myrhh (pat on the back on who guesses what game thats from)
Attacks: Will o Wisp,Flamethrower,Psybeam,Confuse Ray(extras if applicable Ember,Confusion,Future Sight,Fire Blast,Psychic)
Level: 42
(thats it ^^)

Description: Jet Black Hair,Glasses,Gray Full Body Cloak,Left Arm and Torso Covered In Scales,Everywhere Else Is Normal Human Skin

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You are Crunchy and Taste Good with Ketchup!
Thou shalt not slay thy dragon, thy dragon shalt slay thou.

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Name: Alec Crusoe
Age: 15
Appearance: He is tall, with longish blond hair. See DMC's Dante for length. Has brown eyes and a small nose, wears a black denim jacket with yellow trimmings with a white shirt. Also, blue jeans.
Height: 5'6'' (just so I can empathise with him)

lv: 50
Flamethrower, Brick break, Shadow claw, Iron tail

lv: 39
Waterfall, Slash, Ice beam, Thunder fang

lv: 46
Force palm, Aura sphere (somehow, I dunno, I'm a cat, you see...), Ice punch, Water Pulse

lv: 42
Steel wing, Dark pulse, Shadow ball, Aerial ace

lv: 35
Blizzard, Energy ball, Ice shard, Bide

lv: 89
Thunderpunch, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Cross chop
Note: Does not usually obey Alec

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Location: Johto
Name: Typhon (Ty for short)
Profession: Dragon Trainer

Appearance: Image
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Body type: tall, lanky but muscular
Hair and eye colours: black spiky hair, brown eyes,
Face type: similar to his father Lance
Other physical features:
Clothing style: wears dragon tamer clothes when training and battling, likes t-shirts and jeans at home
Speech style: cool and collected

Personality: serious but can have his fun moments
General demeanor: stoic, but is kind and caring to his closest companions
How he/she sees himself: as a good trainer, but feels like he is overshadowed
by his dad Lance
Best qualities: good battler and trainer, very loyal to whom he cares about
Worst qualities: shy, comes off as arrogant because he's not very social

Parents: Lance is his father, his mother is a cooltrainer from Johto
Siblings: 2 little sisters, both only 7 and 9
Hometown: BlackThorn City
Childhood history: lived in Blackthorn city as a child, would go and watch his dad battle challengers at the
Indigo Plateau with his charmander, Ryker
Recent history: currently somewhere unkown in Meteor Falls, training his dragon pokemon
Plans for the future: aspires to take on the elite four of every region and defeat them all, including his own father

Pokemon team:

{charizard} [Inferno] lv. 70- His first Pokemon, has had him since he was 5, he has a hasty personality. Ares and Ty became extremely close when Ty and him ventured
into the Dragon's Den and were attacked by a dragonair.Ty and Ares are extremely close and would
protect each other at all costs

Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace

{dragonite} [Chronos] lv. 67- was given a dratini egg by his father when he first set off on
his journey, Lance had not told him it was a dratini inside. One of Ty's toughest battlers, he is feared by most opponents.

Dragon Claw
Ice Beam

{salamence} [Chaos]- lv. 67- caught just recently during his training in meteor falls as a Shelgon,
Ty trained him intensely to catch him up to the rest of his team, is now one of the most powerful.
Chaos was named for his merciless style of battle.

Dragon Claw
Rock Slide
Brick Break

Favorite food: sushi
Favorite pokemon: Dragons, has dreamed of taming a Rayquaza since childhood
Favorite place: Lilycove City
Pet peeve(s): people who don't appreciate their pokemon
Least favorite season: Likes all seasons, just dislikes the cold
Worst memory: venturing into the dragon's den in blackthorn with Ares when he was 6 and being attacked and knocked unconscious by a dragonair


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I know that my background looks like Aniria's. That is because we made the story together.

Name: Erica.
Profession: None. Protector of the nature.

Appearance: She wears a green skirt which looks lik three leaves. Her shirt is a poncho made of flax. Her hair goes down to her knees and it is dark green. Her eyes makes even the toughest sailor feel a little anxious. Her skin is pale and smooth.
She has got a very special flute made of wood. She has also got a necklace. It is made of a leather thong and to feathers. The feathes are from HO-OH and LUGIA.
Erica is often called the "Ghostwalker" because she often walks around without anyone seeing it.
She lives her life like a pokémon and she can talk with all the pokémons she meets.
Altaria and Gardevoir are outside the pokéball. Exept if they are wouded. All her pokémons wear a Silk Scarf. This Scarf has no effect. It is just how she "dress" them.
When she battles she only use one kind of pokémons: Dragons or Psychics.

Age: 15
Gender: female
Body type: thin

Best qualities: Loves and cares about her pokémons and the nature.
Worst qualities: She does not care about anyone exept her pokémons.

Parents: Pokémon breders. The were too busy to come home, so Erica never got any love from her parents.
Hometown: Verdanturf (Hoen), but she ran into a forrest when she was 7.
Childhood history: She met a wild Swablu when she was running into the forrest. It was wounded. She took it to the nearest Pokémon Center.
That Swablu became her first pokémon and friend. She trained it into an Altaria. All her pokémons are pokémons that she has met in the nature.
Shortly after that she met a Ralts wich she trained into a Gardevoir.
Altaria and Gardevoir are her strongest pokémons.
She has been living with pokémons for so long that she does not care for any human.
Recent history: She has learned how to make medicin out of plants and other things that she finds in the wild. And though the medicin is bitter the pokémons seem to be happy.
She has also found a lot of Leftover and Shell Bells. She makes her pokémons hold these items to help them in battle.
Plans for the future: None. She lives one day at a time.

Favorite food: Berries and other things she finds in the nature.
Favorite pokemon: Altaria and Gardevoir.
Favorite place: Verdanturf (Hoen).
Worst memory: The years from she was 5 to she met Swablu (about 7 years old).

Pokémon Team:

Pokemon: PSY / DRA

Pokémon 1: {gardevoir} / {altaria}
Level: 50 / 50
Gender: Female/Female
Attacks Gardevoir: Psychic, Calm Mind, Future Sight, Hyper Beam.
Attacks Altaria: Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, Dragon Claw.

Pokémon 2: {alakazam} / {salamence}
Level: 50 /50
Gender: Female / Female
Attacks Alakazam: Curse, Rest, Psychic, Future Sight.
Attacks Salamence: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Dragon Claw, Dubble Edge.

Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:18 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Joined: Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:09 pm
Posts: 0

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 99 kg

Profession: Former Elite Four

Appearance: Long red hair, along with a gray snow jacket with one red stripe on each sleeve. His black, full length pants have three small hooks on each leg, where he keeps his Poké Balls.

Background Story: Sankai started out as a young Trainer in the Sinnoh region. His first Pokémon was Chimchar, and soon enough, it evolved into Infernape. Sankai traveled through many lands, meeting and capturing different kinds of Pokémon. When he was 15, he was asked to join the Elite Four in a faraway region. He was the last and toughest of the quartet a Trainer faced, so he didn't get very many challenges. He battled a challenger about 20 times, and lost only twice. The first one lost to the Champion and went straight home, never coming back. The second Trainer, however, managed to become the new Champion. Sankai rarely ever saw a Trainer after that, and in two years, he got bored and quit. He's gone back to traveling now, and hasn't seen his ex companions since.

Personality: Sankai may seem deep and aloof, but his love and caring for Pokémon is second to none

Speech Style: Calm, doesn't use emphases much

Most recent adventure: Traveling through the Stormhead Tower, where he battled and freed a possessed Rayquaza.

Plans for future: Sankai doesn't think much about the future


Medicham (female)
Level: 57
Ability: Pure Power
Shadow Ball (GST)
High Jump-Kick (FGT)
Psychic (PSY)
Ice Punch (ICE)

Lucario (male)
Level: 51
Ability: Inner Focus
Aura Sphere (FGT)
Dark Pulse (DRK)
Flash Cannon (STL)
Dragon Pulse (DGN)

Toxicroak (male)
Level: 51
Ability: Anticipation
Poison Jab (PSN)
Cross-Chop (FGT)
Shadow Ball (GST)
"X" Scissor (BUG)

Name: Breloom (male)
Level: 55
Ability: Poison Heal
Force Palm (FGT)
Seed Bomb (GRS)
Double-Team (NRM)
Sludge Bomb (PSN)

Infernape (male)
Level: 60
Ability: Blaze
Flare Blitz (FIRE)
Shadow Claw (GST)
Grass Knot (GRS)
Close Combat (FGT)

Reala is awesome

Sat May 03, 2008 1:22 pm
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Posts: 90
Location: Denmark
Name: Wyron
Gender: Male.
Age: 15.
Profession: Dragon trainer.

Appearance: Image
Pale with long purple hair. He is wearing a dark blue cape and light blue trousers and T-shirt. He looks like a Suicune.
He's tall and not very strong (physical). He's weak because he meditates and trains with his Pokémon, Horsea, every day and night.
As you can see, he's able to hold the PokéBall without touching it.
He doesn't talk very much and people often think that he is evil, but he is a very friendly.

Bagground: He was born in Kanto and he lives there today.
He met Horsea in Vermilion City. It was wounded so Wyron took it to the nearest PokémonCenter. When Horsea was healthy again Wyron tried to set it free, but it wouldn't leave him. So he caught it and now they will fight together. Horsea was holding a Dragonscale when he met it. He kept it so Horsea can be evolved into Kingdra when it's possible.
Wyron's parrents were very surpriced to see the Horsea and Wyrons father didn't like to have it in the house, so Wyron ran away and he is now living somewhere in Kanto.
Some people say that they have seen him in Mount Moon, some people say that they have seen him in Lavender town and some say that they have seen him in Viridian Forrest.
All are true. Wyron travels around the Kanto region.

Recent History Wyron has learned how to make food for both human and Pokémon.

Personality: Wyron is often mistaken for a cold guy that doesn't want to talk, but he isn't, though his love to pokémons is second to nothing.

Pokémon Team:
(All Pokémons are female and have no nickname)

{horsea} | Shell Bell.

Level: 5.
Ability: Swift Swim.
Moves: Bubble; Flail; Aurora Beam; DragonBreath.
Personality: This is the first Pokémon Wyron ever met. It is very friendly and cute.

TrainerCard: Image

Image Image

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Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:48 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Finley was designed with the main intention of being able to be stuck into any storyline.

Profession:Wandering Trainer

Age:Mid to Early Twenties(Actual Age Unknown)
Body type:Lead Muscled
Hair and eye colours:Black Hair, Blue Eyes
Face type:Smooth, unblemished
Skin tone:Pale Caucasian
Clothing style:Tends towards shades of red and black, often layers his clothing, almost always wears a long coat(typically red or black) with a matching homburg hat
Speech style:Typically speaks in a casual manner with slang thrown in but can become near incomprehensible on the rare occasions he gets truely angry
Notable Personal Effects:Black backpack, Badges(refer to sig)

General demeanor:Laid Back, Imaginative, Curious,
How he/she sees himself:Rarely takes a true look at himself but sees himself as a friendly, outgoing person
Best qualities:Relaxed, Friendly
Worst qualities:Sometimes Overly Curious, Slow to pick up on bad intentions

Parents:Can't remember due to a severe case of amnesia(The most he can ever manage to remember is that they both have black hair)
Siblings:Same issue as with parents but considers it unlikely
Hometown:Again due to his amnesia he can't recall anything before the start of his journey with Dougal
Childhood history:Refer to above
Recent history:Has been traveling for as long as he can remember with his friend and pokemon Dougal, although neither can recall where, when, or how they met. Both he and Dougal are actually the products of a Team Rocket experiment though neither can remember the experiment or anything prior to it due to a memory alteration performed by Team Rocket before "releasing" them.
Plans for the future:Travel around and just generally enjoy the experiences of the world

Preferred foods:Actually has no preference regarding any foods aside from a very small list of foods he doesn't like that changes almost daily, sometimes more often
Favorite pokemon:Dougal(his Gastly)
Favorite place:The World
Pet peeve(s):Being forced to fight, Being chased, Being cold
Least favorite season:Winter(Cold weather requires more clothes than he really likes to wear)
Worst memory:Being chased from a town because the people were "afraid" of Dougal(Although this never really happened and was merely an implanted memory)
Special Traits:Can Speak with Ghosts, Can be attacked by pokemon, Can use some fighting and normal type moves, Can sometimes use some ghost type moves but always attributes them to Dougal, Can "borrow" Dougal's eyesight(eyes turn red while doing this)

Gender: M
Appearance: Grey replaces the normal purple of most gastly and he has patches along his face that match the skin tone of Finley(refer to sig or avy)
Speech Style:Often speaks in a rather manner of fact way and rarely uses slang, obviously only pokemon and the few people who can understand ghost pokemon can understand what he says
Personality:Level-headed, Tactical, Easily annoyed
Pet peeve(s):Finley's tendancy to play "guardian angel" to children, Being accused of being mischevious, Being accused of being evil
Special Traits:Can't Evolve, Can't go inside pokeballs, Can teleport to Finley, Only weak versus psychic, Only immune to normal, no other type resitance or weaknesses

NOTE:When Finley "borrows" Dougal's sight it is merely him copying the special aspects of Dougal's eyes(Perfect vision in any degree of darkness, can see ghost pokemon, can see auras, slightly improved range and scope of vision[i.e. He can notice details human eyes would miss and his field of vision is slightly wider and slightly further than that of a human])
NOTE2:Finley dislikes using the moves he does know so he tends to only use them when he is actually being attacked or when Dougal is busy with something else. The ghost moves he knows he can't actually choose to use, they are more like instinctive reactions.
NOTE3:Finley cannot tan or get a sunburn and so his skin always remains the same pale coloration.
NOTE4:"Can be attacked by pokemon" basically means pokemon percieve him the same as another pokemon. Since any pokemon could attack a trainer but it would normally be able to tell the difference.
NOTE5:Dougal doesn't just refuse to go inside his pokeball like Ash's pikachu and a few others but he actually cannot be capture within a pokeball and thus has no pokeball.
NOTE6:Dougal's inability to Evolve combined with having only one immunity and no resistances are meant partly as an offset for the lack of weakness to anything but Psychic moves.


Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:24 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Name: Riley

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Height 4'11"


Profession: young pokemon trainer

Appearance: Baggy white T-Shirt, Baggy blue jeans, backwards red-and-white cap, blonde hair, blue eyes

Background Story: after telling his mom he wants to be a trainer, his mom said yes. so there he went. (lol i didn't think of ANYTHING else)

Some good ideas about what to write from Gryphflame:


Speech Style: common english

Most recent adventure: none (he just started)

Plans for future: To be a Master pokemon trainer

{shinx} Name:Lightning
{eevee} Name:Zen

Pokemon he Wants:
{unown b} {unown c} {unown d} {unown e} {unown f} {unown g} {unown h} {unown i} {unown j} {unown k} {unown l} {unown m} {unown n} {unown o} {unown p} {unown q} {unown r} {unown s} {unown t} {unown u} {unown v} {unown w} {unown x} {unown y} {unown z} {unown !} {unown ?} (anyone of those unowns)

Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:50 am
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer
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Joined: Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:39 pm
Posts: 26
Location: Central New York
Name: Blaine Murrock

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: Roughly 200-230 lb.

Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Jet black hair, blue eyes, medium build

Background: Born in Violet City, Blaine's family moved to Rustboro when he was 9. He started his career as a Pokemon Trainer when he was 12, and in 4 short years he has acquired the 8 Hoenn badges, and placed in the Top 4 in the Hoenn League Tournament, as well as getting into the top 8 in the Johto League back home.

Meteor Mash
Hyper Beam

Dragon Claw

Focus Punch
Vital Throw

Leaf Blade
Giga Drain

Sheer Cold
Ice Beam

Perish Song
Shadow Ball


Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:18 pm
Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
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Posts: 370
Name: Jake
Profession:Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Contests, Pokemon Breeding
Appearance: Not that short, white shirt, green shorts, black shoes, brown short hair, tannish skin, blue vibrant tie, white backpack, black beanie, brown eyes
Personality: Shy, not too talkative, brave at heart, energetic with people well known
Background: Born in Pallet town in Kanto, then traveled to Hoenn for a month, visited Johto for a week, Settled into Sinnoh for a while.
Pokemon: {dewgong} Lv. 80 Moves: Ice beam, signal beam, surf, earthquake
{blissey} Lv. 80 Moves: Softboiled, refresh, egg bomb, rest,
{tyranitar} Lv. 80 Moves: thunder, earthquake, crunch, rock slide
{gardevoir} Lv. 80 Moves:Psychic, Reflect, Light Screen, Calm Mind
{absol} Lv. 80 Moves: Night Slash, slash, double team, sword dance
{garchomp} Lv. 80 Moves: Crunch, Earthquake, Fire fang, Dragon rush

Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:52 pm
Fails at life
Fails at life

Joined: Sat May 31, 2008 9:58 am
Posts: 52
Location: At Asda, getting a pint of Milk
I decided to put a few of my rp pokemon here

Water -
{empoleon} Hydro Cannon, Ice Beam, Drill Peck, Mud Slap
{kingdra} Dragon Pulse, Swift, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump
{gyarados} Aqua Tail, Dark Pulse,

i will finish later




Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:02 pm
Profile YIM
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Joined: Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:00 am
Posts: 0
Location: Oregon City, OR
Name: Maria Maple
Profession: Trainer and Coordinator

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Body type: medium, skinny, athletic
Hair and eye colors: red/brown, aqua eyes
Face type: skinny, oval feature
Other physical features: Back hair up and two front part down
Clothing style: black shorts, white cami, white socks, orange vest that goes down to her thighs, white gloves w/ rim and fingers black, green pouch, and green bandana.
Speech style: She speaks really calm when she’s with her friends. When she’s about to battle a trainer or gym leader, she has confident and bravery in her voice. When talking to bad guys, she doesn’t speak very happy especially when there are lives at stack.

General demeanor: She is brave and is confident in herself, her family, her friends, and in her Pokémon. She loves being around with other Pokémon and very kind.
How she sees herself: She sees herself as kind, gentle, caring person.
Best qualities: her best qualities are to never give up and trying her best.
Worst qualities: her worst qualities are when she is in a pickle and doesn’t know what she would do.

Parents: Norman Maple, Carol Maple
Siblings: May Maple (twin sister), Max Maple (Lil’ brother)
Hometown: Little Root Town
Childhood history: She used to live in a fine town before she moved to littleroot with her family. She has started school and has become interested with sports. She also had a dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer and a Pokémon coordinator. She had this dream ever since. Just before she and her family moved to hoenn, she met an eevee that was hurt and decided to take care of her and named her Night.
Recent history: after her father became a gym leader in petalsburg town, she, her mother, her sister, and her brother moved to hoenn so she can be with her dad and also become a Pokémon coordinator with May and a Pokémon trainer. She has gone on many Pokémon adventures with May and Max and made friends.
Plans for the future: take college, have a family of her own, and open up a Pokémon ranch for injured, weak, and abandoned Pokémon.

Favorite food: Dressing, She likes the flavor and the stuff in it.
Favorite Pokémon: Groudon, she always loves rare and ancient Pokémon.
Favorite place: Mt. Chimney, it’s her favorite place to go.
Least favorite season: winter, gets really cold and trying to keep warm through the night.
Worst memory: meeting team magma and trying to stop them. Tried to control Groudon but didn’t work.

Pokemon team:

Name: Blaze

Name: Lily

Name: Drago

Name: Cara

Name: Poochy

Name: Night

Fri Dec 05, 2008 2:24 am
Profile YIM
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Posts: 100
Location: Johto
I love making characters, this is my newest...he is sort of a pokemon version of my real life self.


Name: Jay
Profession: Pokemon Trainer


Age: 15
Gender: Male
Body type: about 5'7'', thin but muscular
Hair and eye colours: brown hair, brown eyes
Clothing style: white shirt with blue vest that has a pokeball like image on the back, black pants and blue vans
Speech style: calm, voice a little raspy

Personality: loves to mess around, but is very competitive
General demeanor: friendly unless he dislikes the person
How he/she sees himself: very confident in his abilities but remains humble
Best qualities: humble, confident, friendly
Worst qualities: can be a jerk when he is in a bad mood or battling

Hometown: New Bark Town
Childhood history: Moved from Vermillion City to New Bark town when he was 5, had lived in New Bark since then.
Recent history: Finished collecting all the Johto and Kanto badges.
Plans for the future: Wants to continue to train his pokemon to get better, maybe one day
taking on the Elite Four and defeating them.

Pokemon team:

Scizor was caught as a Scyther in the Bug Catching Contest. Jay uses Scizor's speed to tire out opposing pokemon.

Espeon was raised from an Eevee that hatched from an egg given to Jay as a gift. Espeon is still
relatively young compared to the others. Jay seems to give in to this idea, babying Espeon.

Electabuzz is one of Jay's favorite pokemon to use in battle. Electabuzz gets along great with
Nidoking, both of them being very savage and physical in their battling style.

Arcanine is a great battler, and very goodhearted. Jay has used him in many gym fights, always pulling through for him.
Jay likes to ride on Arcanine's back when he needs to get somewhere fast.

Nidoking was the second pokemon Jay caught, as a Nidoran. Nidoking is extremely strong, and lives to crush his opponents.

Image Feraligatr
Feraligatr was Jay's starter pokemon given to him by Professor Elm. Jay likes to wrestle with Feraligatr, helping to develop
Feraligatr's battling skills. Jay and Gatorshare the closest bond out of anyone on the team, and he is Jay's powerhouse.

Favorite food: Pretzels
Favorite pokemon: Charizard-hopes to own one someday.
Favorite place: New Bark Town
Pet peeve(s): When people don't train their pokemon but expect to be good.
Least favorite season: Fall
Worst memory: Losing to his first ever pokemon battle.

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Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:33 pm
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