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Oh give me a home,
Where the Ampharos roam,
And the Absol and Dragonite play,
Where Luxray has heard,
The Togekiss' words
And the Gallade are not rowdy all day~

Resne, you've got a cool poetic sense. Only if I could think of something.
Anyway, I probably won't do a RP until I got enough posts (think it was 25), but I wanted to do this for profile. This is based off my Emerald version character. I obviously made up the background/bio, but the Pokemon are good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: May (I know, something original, but that's her name!)
Age: 15
Appearance: Typical female character in Emerald, except for emerald green eyes and blonde hair)
Gender: F
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer/Undefeated champion of the Hoenn Region
Personality: Usually calm, fair-minded, and laid back; overprotective of her Pokemon and has anger issues (and is taking classes to control her temper :D)
Nickname: RayquazaMay (only because she has a Rayquaza)
Hometown: Mohagany Town, Johto Region
Parents: Normon (twin brother of Norman, making May in the anime her cousin), born in Pallet Town, Kanto; Karyn, born in Mohagany Town, Johto
Currently: Traveling in Kanto, with Steven subbing in at the Elite Four as champion
Future Goals: Beating the Indigo Plateau and traveling to Johto and Sinnoh
History: May was born in Mohagany Town, and when she was five years old, her family moved to Littleroot, in order to help her uncle at his gym. When she became ten, she went to her father's best friend, Prof. Birch, and received a female Torchic. She was delighted to have her, and immediately named her Torchie. Soon afterwards, she met her now-best friend, Sean, who happened to be Prof. Birch's son, and decided to travel with him. When she became thirteen, May had gotten all eight badges in Hoenn, and headed to the Hoenn League championships. She placed second, only to a trainer named Ash Ketchum, who had come back from the Isshu region to redo the Hoenn Tournament. After that, she retrained her Pokemon for a whole year, and defeated the Elite Four easily. Ever since then, no one has managed to defeat her, not even her friend, Sean. Currently has a crush on Sean.
Pokemon Team
{blaziken} F Torchie Serious Nature
Torchie is May's starter, and has been a little protective of the other Pokemon. She's also the motherly figure in May's active team.
{rayquaza} -- Adamant Nature
May met this Rayquaza at Sky Pillar, when she was trying to stop the Kyogre and Groudon rampaging in Sootopolis. After that was over, May traveled back to Sky Pillar and battled this guy. Now, Rayquaza is the mixed sweeper of May's team.
{altaria} F Melody Adamant Nature
May caught her as a Swablu north of Rustboro, when she was exploring the place north of Meteor Falls. She ended up catching a Jigglypuff too. Since then, Melody has been a valuable team member, taking all of Drake's Pokemon down with a single Ice Beam, except for Kingdra, which is for Rayquaza.
{zangoose} F Lonely Nature
May got this feisty Zangoose in a trade with a different friend of hers, named Ruby. She traded a Seviper for her, and well, she's saved May from countless encounters with Poison types, thanks to Immunity. Her favorite battle was defeating Battle Pike Queen Lucy's Shuckle with a Taunt-Swords Dance- Crush Claw-Thunder combo.
{jolteon} M Calm Nature
May got this very calm (yeah no wonder) Pokemon as an Eevee, in another trade, this time with another cousin named BoNa, from Pallet Town. May was desperately trying to get herself an Umbreon, but gave up after Eevee became lv. 44. She used a Thunderstone on him, and Jolteon now is her main Electric Pokemon, who single-handedly defeated every single one of Wallace's Pokemon, except for Whiscash, which got crushed by Torchie or Zangoose.
{aggron} F Ronar Docile Nature
This tough lady came from a cousin of Sean's named well... May. Nice twist huh? Anyway, this lady will kick anyone's butt unless Torchie says no. If not, you are in for a nasty surprise. Her Double-Edge+Silk Scarf will disintegrate you in less than a second. So... you better watch out!
Notables: {shiftry} F Dots Calm Nature
One of May's first Pokemon, this girl dropped on Torchie's head, which made Torchie angry and made her use Ember for the first time. After that, in Mauville, training to defeat Watson, Dots learned Bullet Seed and Fake Out, which decided the battle between her and Watson's Voltorb.
{poochyena} F Poochie Naughty Nature
Poor Poochie! May lost her after the battle with Brawly, and she's still looking for her! If anyone's found a lovable stray Poochyena with a bang-like tuft of fur, please call May. She's desperately looking for her.

Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:07 pm
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Location: Indonesia (the biggest archipelago)
Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Birthday: 17 August 1993
Appreance: Height 1,7 m and Weight 52,1 Kg. Hair Spiky model and Blue colour. like to wear googles on his forehead, wear red/yellow shirt and black jeans and has a Poketch
background: He born at Sunyshore city, trained by Volkner and given starter by Birch. Birch see his skill to become great Trainer so he decided to send him to Hoenn.
Occupation: Champion of Hoenn


1. Chipie - {blaziken} M
L70 ( {torchic} -get from Prof.birch --> {combusken} - when fight with Roxanne's Nosepass --> {blaziken}- when almost faint when battle in Trick House)
Docile Nature
-Sky Uppercut
-Aerial Ace
-Blaze Kick

2. Flashy - {raichu} M
L68 ( {pichu} -get from Volkner before Andrew move to Hoenn --> {pikachu} -when going to Petalburg Town --> {raichu} -when he training with Wattson who gives it Thunderstone)
Adamant Nature
-Shock Wave
-Quick Attack
-Iron Tail

3. Hydrip - {kingdra} F
L66 ( {horsea} - catch when fishing at Defword town --> {seadra}- when attacked by group of Sableye at the mission to give Steven the letter --> {kingdra}-traded with Blue at Meteor falls)
Timid Nature
-Water Pulse

4. Spikky - {cacturne} M
L66 ( {cacnea}- catch in Desert when accidentally kicked --> {cacturne}- when battling Norman Slaking)
Quirky Nature
-Needle Arm
-Sucker Punch
-Pin Missile

5. Cotty - {altaria} F
L64 ( {swablu}- given by An Aide because Andrew help him in Weather Istitute, {altaria}- when battle with Winona)
Mild Nature
-Aerial Ace

6. Transfy - {castform} M
L64 ( {castform} - along with Swablu, given by An Aide because Andrew help him in Weather Istitute)
Quiet Nature
-Rain Dance
-Sunny Day

1 Shiny {stantler} , {doduo} , {golduck} , {psyduck}, {rhyhorn}, {dodrio} , {gloom} , {girafarig} , {natu} , {xatu} multiple, caught at Safari Zone
shiny {swellow} given by Winona as the prize from winning
{glalie} given by Garcia after beat Steven.
{dusclops} given by Phoebe after beat Steven
{mightyena} given by Sidney after beat Steven
Egg --> {ralts} --> {kirlia} --> {gardevoir} F, egg given by Wally, using for Contest, to beat his rival ,July.

{jirachi} save at Battle Frontier
{mew} along with Mr.Briney, to Faraway Island, catch Mew


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Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:38 am
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This is another one of mine. His (yes, his) name is Sean. (Sound familiar? Mentioned him on my other profile as May's crush)
Name: Sean
Age: 15
Appearance: Normal male Sapphire/Ruby character with a blue cap and jet-black hair.
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer/Amateur Wrestler (see bio)
Gender: M
Personality: Hot-tempered, except when May is near. He is a natural leader, and doesn't notice that May has a crush on him.
Nickname: Seany (a nickname his parents called him since he was a baby; May doesn't know this fact); The Beast (his wrestling name)
Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn Region
Parents: Professor Birch, born and raised in Littleroot Town; Liona, born in Fortree City
Currently: Traveling with May and looking for wrestling matches to compete in.
Future Goals: To become the greatest wrestler in the whole world; to beat May one day.
History: Born and raised in Littleroot Town, Sean has always wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer. One day, when he was 5 years old, one of his father's friends moved next door to theirs, and he had a daughter. So, he went and said hi and became friends with her. Two years later, he saw on television a great wrestler named The Crusher, and decided that he could become a wrestler too. He trained hard until he beat the annual Littleroot Festival Wrestling Contest. When he became ten, he went to his dad's lab and received a Mudkip. His friend, May, received a Torchic, and named her Torchie. Sean's Mudkip seemed to have a crush on the Torchic, so they decided to travel with each other, and Sean named his feisty, but hardy, Mudkip, Muddie.
Pokemon Team
{swampert} M Muddie Hardy Nature
This boy had a crush on May's Torchie ever since the day they both were chosen from Professor Birch's Lab. Recently seen using the moves Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Earthquake, and Avalanche.
{swellow} M Swifty Adamant Nature
Sean caught this Pokemon in the Petalburg Woods. This Swellow was a Taillow who was bullying some Wurmples, and so he caught him to teach him a lesson. Now, he is a valuable member of Sean's team. Recently seen using the moves Aerial Ace, Fly, Return, and Brave Bird.
{manectric} F Rikelec Mild Nature
Wanting to try out Muddie's Mud Shot attack after he evolved to Marshtomp, he went to north of Slateport, and found that Team Aqua members were blocking that route. So, he went and looked around in the grass until he saw an Electrike. She was caught in a a Pokeball, after a well-aimed Mud Shot by Muddie. After this incident, helping Sean beat Winona was the best battle that Rikelec has seen. She, like Torchie of May's team, is the motherly figure of Sean's team. She will get overprotective of her friends and will lash out with a Discharge attack. Known moves on her are Discharge, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Howl, Facade, Spark, Charge, and Charge Beam.
{gardevoir} F Ginny "Granny" Modest nature
Gardevoir was the first Pokemon that Sean caught, when she was a Ralts. For this reason, every one of his Pokemon, except for Muddie, call her Granny. This old gel is known to attack with Magical Leaf, Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, and protect herself with Protect, Lucky Chant, Teleport, Double Team, and Reflect.
{salamence} M Drago hasty Nature
This quick-tempered boy has seen one too many battles. He was found as a Bagon in Meteor Falls, injured critically. Sean rushed him to Rustboro's Pokemon Center, where the Bagon recovered. Drago made it up by helping Sean defeat Drake's dragon Pokemon. Is in love with Rikelec, but does not show this. Favorite moves are Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Fly, Flamethrower, and Aerial Ace.
{umbreon} M Lightfall
Sean obtained this Eevee from May, when her Ditto was bred with her Jolteon, as an egg. He trained Eevee well until he evolved into Umbreon. As soon as he became an Umbreon, Lightfall proved to be strong when he single-handedly took down Sabrina's Psychic Pokemon. Moves known are Payback, Toxic, Sand-Attack, Bite, Faint Attack, Dark Pulse, Helping Hand, Protect, Sucker Punch, Baton Pass, and Moonlight.
Notables: {flareon} F Flare Mild Nature
Sean saw an abandoned Flareon in Lavaridge Town, and decided to keep her. She was very shy and unstrusting, but she is now a very important member of Sean's team, with strong moves that she learned, including Fire Blast, Flame Wheel, Body Slam, Quick Attack, Wish, Baton Pass, Double Team, HP (grass), and Hyper Beam. Currently with Sean's family.
{ludicolo} M Lucas Calm Nature
Ludicolo was a baby Lotad given to Sean by a mysterious person named Stan, who happened to be an unofficial Gym Leader in a small town in Kanto. Ever since this event, Lucas has learned many moves, including, but not limited to, Hydro Pump, Sing, Giga Drain, Razor Leaf, Double Team, Nature Power, Surf, Ice Beam, and Rain Dance. Currently being trained by Misty of Cerulean City.
{latios} M Lonely Nature
This legendary Pokemon is not officially Sean's Pokemon. Sean found him in Mt. Chimney, being harrassed by a couple of Team Magma members. Muddie saved this Latios by sweeping the Magma grunts out of the way. Latios became grateful, and has come to Sean's aid on many occasions, even against May. Currently with his sister, {latias}, on the peak of Mt. Pyre, awaiting Sean's summons. Moves known are Luster Purge, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance, Psychic, Extremespeed, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam.
{yanma} shiny M Rash Nature
When Yanma breeding season came around, Sean caught this Yanma in the grass just outside of Pallet Town, and he has traveled with Sean until the next breeding season, when he fell in love with a girl named Sammy's shiny Yanma. This is where both trainers departed with their Yanmas. Moves that he knew before release are SonicBoom, Supersonic, Silver Wind, U-Turn, Wing Attack, Whirlwind, Gust, Bug Bite, Double Team, Detect, and Aerial Ace.
{beautifly} F Bella Bashful Nature
Sean caught this contest queen near Petalburg City, as a Wurmple, and has trained only for Contests. Currently with Sean's family, Bella knows Aerial Ace, Morning Sun, String Shot, Silver Wind, Flash, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Gust, Whirlwind, and Mega Drain.

Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:48 am
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My other RP

Name: Julia ( July)
Age: 17 (actually 16 coz she hasn't birthday)
Gender: Female
Birthday : 28 October 1993
Appearance: Height: 1,6 m weight 49 kg. Hair model long and tied with Pink Ribbon-Colour: Yellow, wear Pink Dress and Short trousers.
Background: She born at Literoot Town and become Birch Assistent. Then she , together with Andrew, get their Starters. But her goals is become the Top Coordinator. Her Father, Tyan, was Birch's best friend.
Occupation: Coordinators, Master Ribbon Get


1. Trolla - {sceptile} F
Ribbon : 4 ribbon, Cool Categories, L65
( {treecko}- Given by Prof. Birch --> {grovyle} - when Julia making her first Pokeblocks and eaten by Trolla --> {sceptile} - Stop ex-team Magma who wants to explode New Mauville.)
Bashful Nature
-Leaf Blade
-Quick Attack
-Giga Drain

2. Pussie - {delcatty} F
Ribbon : 4 ribbon, Cute Categories, L62
( {skitty} - catch at Route 116 --> {delcatty}- Using the Moon Stone which Red give to her.)
Hasty Nature
-Iron Tail

3. Febby - {milotic} F
Ribbon : 4 ribbon, Beauty Categories, L62
( Egg - A mysterious Trainer gives it to Julia near Granite Cave --> {feebas} - Hatch in the Journey in Abadoned Ship --> {milotic} - when She and her teams battle Archie who want to remakes his Plan, Ruby throw a Legendary Pokeblocks which raise the Beauty of Feebas)
Modest Nature
-Water Pulse
-Aqua Ring

4. Erupta - {camerupt} M
Ribbon : 4 ribbon, Tough Categories, L60
( {camerupt} - Maxie's old Camerupt befriended with her when July was at Mt. Chimney, then caught)
Relaxed Nature

5. Lunny - {lunatone} --
Ribbon : 4 Ribbon, Smart Categories, L60
( {lunatone} - caught at Meteor Falls)
Careful Nature
-Calm Mind
-Future Sight

Multiple {sableye} caught when their attacked Her and Andrew, together with Red and Steven, caught some of them
Eve - {eevee} --> {umbreon} F, given by Red which was newborn from Ditto and his Espeon. Rarely use in the team.

Befriended(when was child) :
Bage - {bagon} M ,her little Bagon is the one eggs hatch from 3 eggs in Lab, lost when he and other Pokemon rescue July from drowning.
Lotta - {lotad} --> {lombre} F,her Lombre is the one eggs hatch from 3 eggs in Lab, lost when she and other Pokemon rescue July from drowning.
Paula - {poochyena} M, her Poochyena is the one eggs hatch from 3 eggs in Lab, lost when he and other Pokemon rescue July from drowning.


Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:45 am
Fails at life
Fails at life

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Name: Kris (no good last name at the moment)
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Personality: Pretty anti-social to people he doesnt know, and also unpredicatable to most everyone. Not very good on first impressions.
Appearance: 5'4", Blue eyes, normal white skin and semi long dirty blonde hair. Usually in Jeans, mostly black, with T-shirts with no design, usually black, blue, and red t-shirts. Usually wears a hoodie, usually black and mainly his black and white checkered one. Wears white & black sneakers.
History: Born in NY state in America(yes, it's more Realistic), he was raised in the suburbs. At age 10, he began his journey as a pokemon trainer. He travels everywhere, catching and training pokemon as much as he can.
Current Team:
{typhlosion} (M) "Cinder"
{tyranitar} (M)
{flygon} (M)
{gallade} (M)
{raichu} (F) "Sparx"
{exploud} (M) "Amp"

The rest of Kris's pokemon are at his hometown, where his family now owns a big area of land just for them, they're being taken care of by his older sister.

Other Pokemon:
{altaria} (F) "Altair"
{mantyke} (M) "Tyke"
{manectric} (M)
{solrock} (G) "Sol"
{lunatone} (G) "Luna"
{hippowdon} (M) "Hippo"
{wailord} (M) "Myrrh"
Image (M)
{aggron} (M) "Iron"
{swellow} (M) "Swell"
{blaziken} (M) "Torchy"
{sceptile} (M) "Tree"
{swampert} (M) "Muddy"
{meganium} (F) "Megani"
{feraligatr} (M) "Croc"

Image Image

Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:38 am
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Name: Tyler 'Ty' Plum
Profession: A new trainer trying to find his place in the world of Pokemon.

Appearance: Image
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: He has what some would call a runner's body, long stroong leans, and a lean torso.
Hair and eye colours: Eyes are pure milky white, he's blind but will not allow himself to wear glasses-what he calls labeling a blind man. His hair is dyed a deep, oceanic blue, but if you look closely you cna see his naturaly black growing up from the roots.
Face type: He has what many would call a femine type face. His small nose is also, all the time, covered with a band-aid of some sort (being blind he has a tendacy to run into things when in a rush).
Other physical features: He has a long scar on his right arm that runs from his shoulder down to his elbow. A tree branch caught his arm and litterlay raked across it (Ty was running through the woods in a rush).
Clothing style: He would dress as some would say....punk? His headphones are always over his ears, even though must of the time they are off, or around his neck. His favorite thing to wear would be any coat with a fuzzy hood-he adores soft things.
Speech style: Ty doesn't really have a speech style, if someone were to guess his accent they'd probably think a mixture of American and French.

Personality: Ty can be confusing....even to his Pokemon. Most of the time he is quite and just minding his own business, lost in hisown world and generally will only speak when spoken to, but on the other hand he can be as sassy and stubborn as a donkey on a hot summer's day.
General demeanor: He gives off a very cold shoulder kinda he is unapproachable.
How he/she sees himself: Ty sees nothing more then a blind person that has no place in the world of sight He tries hard to overcome this...trying to forget what he was brought up in and prove to the world that a blind trainer can be just as good, if not better, then a trainer with sight. It is for that reason he may seem snoobish at one second, as if everyone is below him, and then the next second he may seem lost and alone about who he really is.
Best qualities: Persistance. Ty willl not take no for an answer. He will do anything to prove the world wong. He is also a very good listener, and will never tell anyone any secert...o matter what it is.
Worst qualities: His attitude. It is for that attiude that he needs no one in this world that that he will not accept help from any trainer and prefers to stay alone with his Pokemon rather then with other humans. He can also be a bit...implusive. Once he sets his mind to soemthing, he won't stop, and even will rush into things if he believes it will help him acomplish his goal.

Background: Ty grew up being babied his whole life by his Mother and Father. They never gave him the chance to do anything by himself, and since they were rich, he ahd maids and butlers aways serving him. Ty found thi this boring and wanted to explore and dreamed of going out and battling the eelite and the battle tower and all ththe things that major trainers battle and attene. But his Mom shuned him frm these thoughts and kept him locked up, telling him it was dangeros out there for a person of his condition. annoyed at being told he couldn't do what a person with sight could, he broke out one night, not to long ago, and never returned home. He would've auctully died out in the forest, but that is where he met his first, adn most trusted partner....his Mightyena, Fang.
Parents: Lillian Plum and Greene Plum.
Siblings: Only child.
Hometown: Snowpoint City.
Childhood history: See background, but for more detail-He was homeschooeld so after eh run off was hsi first time out of the house he had been locked away in for so many ears, and for that reason is he is utterly clueelss about the outside worl.d
Recent history: Ran away from home and set out to find out where to start his journey.
Plans for the future: Beat all the major trainer hotspots-just to prove he is as good as any trainer with sight.

Pokemon team:
Image Male Fang also is his 'eyes' so to speak.

Quirks: People touching his arms. He doesn't like to be gudied by another human it reminds him too much of life back at the mansion.
Favorite food: Jell-o. He adores jell-o more then anything else! Name a falvour and he will devour it within a few seconds.
Favorite pokemon: Mightyena, since it was a Mightyena that saved his life.
Favorite place: Anywhere that is not at his old home, and has no walls to lock him up behind.
Pet peeve(s): People using words like "look" "see" and other sight related subjects, mainly if they are suggest he use his eyes or something like that. It also annoys him when people are like "OMG YOU ARE BLIND" he really just wants to pucnh people in the face for that, same goes for people who doubt him.
Least favorite season: Summer. It's hot outside and he can't wear his fuzzy hoodies.
Worst memory: Being told by his own Mother and Father that there was no way he would even be able to beat a first gym leader, none the less anyone else-and that he would be mush better to forget the whole thing and stay home.

Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:10 am
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I know I need more deatale ,but i'm in a rush. I'll do it later.
Name: Derek Gradener
Age: 17
Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto
Appearance: Derek has bright blue hair that goes down to his neck. He has Blue eyes and a muscular build. He wears a black suit with red strips and black pants.
Identifying Marks: He wears long red capes. Which he got from his master Lance.
Personality: He is a happy fun loving kind of guy, but he can be serious if he needs to be. He is one of those people who all ways smiles no matter want happens.
Flaws: He always is trying to be the best trainer no matter what the cost which . He usually leads to reckless decisions. He will do anything to save those close to him.
Skills: He has the rare ability to understand what dragon types are saying. He is also is a very strong pokemon trainer beating all the gyms in Shinnoh.
Past: When Derek was 6 Lance visited Blackthorn City. He took interest in Derek after Derek talked about become a great pokemon trainer like Lance. Lance took Derek under his wing and trained him until he was 15. By that time he was almost as strong as Lance. Not wanting to be beaten by his apprentice he sent Derek off on his journey. Derek easily defeated the gym leaders in Sinnoh and is now on his way to face the Elite Four.
Family: Derek

Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:03 pm
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Another RP Character for me!
Name: Ruby
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn Region
Appearance: Typical S/R male character with red hair (that makes people think of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter) and a blue headband
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer/Breeder
Personality: Even-tempered; Ruby is Sean's second cousin, once removed, and differs radically from his second cousin, once removed. He prefers to assess the situation and then attack.
Nickname: Red-hair (because of his hair), Ron (Some geeky friends of his who had read Harry Potter books when they were eight years old gave the nickname to him), Judge (because he usually ends all the fighting between friends), Day-Care Boy (since he's an awesome breeder in Hoenn)
Parents: Robert DeLeon, father; born and raised in Littleroot Town, Hoenn Region; Lucy Birch-DeLeon, mother; born in Saffron City, Kanto Region
Currently: In the Johto Region in order to receive advice from Prof. Elm and Mr. Pokemon on the mystery of Pokemon Eggs.
Future Goals: Get himself the ultimate Ditto; meet May again to see how his Zangoose's doing; meet Gary Oak and having a battle, breeder style; meeting Reggie, Paul's brother, for a match.
Bio: Born and raised in his father's hometown of Littleroot Town, Ruby DeLeon is an average 15 year-old Trainer/Breeder, who wants to become the number one Breeder in the world. Ever since he received Treecko from his distant relative, Prof. Birch, he vowed to travel the world of Pokemon in order to get the ultimate breeding Ditto, as well as good Smeargles and get the ultimate bred Pokemon in the world.
Pokemon Team:
{sceptile} M Greenie Quirky
This Sceptile's a bit of an enigma, as all he wants to do is lay in the sun all day and watch Ruby breed Pokemon. Known moves: Dragon Pulse, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Giga Drain, Slam, Leaf Storm, Sunny Day, Synthesis, and Solarbeam.
{ditto} (shiny) -- Ditty Hasty
Ditty was Ruby's first ever caught Pokemon, and he happened to be shiny. Now, Ditty is in charge of almost all, if not all, the breeding projects that Ruby makes. Recently seen using Transform to Transform into a Dragonite to Dragon Claw away a scary-looking guy in a shady-looking costume.
{smeargle} M Smithers Lax
Ruby met him at Artisan Cave after following May and Sean to the Battle Frontier. Ruby named him Smithers after one of hi favorite book's characters, Smithers, a jolly and fat man who provides the main protagonist of the book Stormbreaker, Alex Rider, with weapons concealed as everyday objects. Loves to fight. Moves: Sketch (always ready to sketch a move), Spore, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Baton pass, Swords Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Body Slam, Extremespeed, Mach Punch, Crunch, Blaze Kick, Wish, Curse, Icy Wind, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Air Slash, Sky Attack, Discharge, Sheer Cold, Mind Reader, Focus Punch, Taunt, Iron Tail, Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Megahorn, and more. (Man! He knows more moves than three Pokemon combined!)
{staravia} F Dawn Adamant
Dawn is Ruby's latest addition to his team, which allowed him to Fly to different towns and cities without having to ride the trains and buses. Moves: Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Whirlwind, Roost, Pluck, Steel Wing, U-Turn, Fly, Quick Attack, Double Team, Wing Attack, Take Down, and Close Combat.
{roselia} F Rosalyn Modest
Always out of her Pokeball, Rosalyn helps to take care of Ruby's Pokemon. Ruby met her as a tiny Budew when he was five years old, but had to say goodbye to her. Years later, he met her, now as a Roselia, near Erika's Gym, after getting some information that that month was "Roselia Month" in Celadon City. Moves: Aromatherapy, Toxic Spikes, Toxic, Synthesis, Petal Dance, Mega Drain, Sunny Day, Magical Leaf, Growth, Stun Spore, Grasswhitle, and HP-Fire.
{machamp} M Champ Adamant
He's Ruby's guardian against thugs and rival breeders who want to ruin Ruby's day. A martial arts master by nature, Champ has taught Greenie the art of Tae Kwon Do and kendo. Moves: Cross Chop, Karte Chop, Low Kick, Seismic Toss, Wake-Up-Slap, Revenge, Vital Throw, DynamicPunch, Stone Edge, and Fire Punch.
{dragonite} F Lightwing Rash
She is the protective mother figure of Ruby's team. The best memory she has of her trainer is that of having two kids by Smeargle and having all her kids know Swords Dance, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, and Dragon Rush. Moves: Dragon Rush, Outrage, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Draco meteor, Wing Attack, Extremespeed, and Dragon Claw.
Ruby hopes to get an Eevee.
So this is Ruby's Profile. Thanks
EDIT: As I want to avoid double posting, I've decided to edit my already-long post with another RP profile. (None have been used so far except this one)
RP Name: Zerg-Pokemon Invasion (My own RP)
Genre: Sci-Fi, Pokemon, loosely based on StarCraft
Character Name: Julia "Julie" Chestnut
Gender: F
Age: 15 at start, 18 later
Race: Terran
Family: Father (deceased), Stepfather (Captain Strayer), and Mother (Mrs. Chestnut)
History: Julie's father was the commander of all Terran forces, until he was killed in action by the evil Zergs. And then her friend gets captured by the Zergs and is infested (turned into one of them+brainwashed). Now she's looking for recruits so she can have backup when she goes looking for her friend.
Personality: Very selfless and caring, although savage when dealing with Zergs at times.
Pokemon Team
(Three max, five moves each)
{rhyperior} "Superior"
Rock Wrecker
Stone Edge
{meganium} "Flora"
Sunny Day
-coming soon
-coming soon
-coming soon
{dragonair} "Aera"
Dragon Dance
Dragon Rush
Aqua Tail
-coming soon
-coming soon
(Sorry! I can't remember their moves right now)
Powers: Teleportation at will on a three-mile (or was it five?) radius

Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:17 pm
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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Location: Avoiding roasted cabbage, not eating earwax, and looking on the bright side of life
For most non-pokemon RPs:
Name: Terry Unikozi
Age: 17
Description: Strong legs, hair like Brandon from RSE, hazel eyes, wears dark jeans and a dark green shirt.
Personality: Quiet, has a way with words that can inspire people to follow him in near impossible situations (see Roran in Eldest).
hylian shield.jpg

Specialties: Solving puzzles and finding hidden clues, fails at common sense. VERY flexible.
Profession: Math Professor, he graduated early. A secret shadow hunter.
History: An orphan for unknown reasons, he is a shadow hunter in secret as he believes that one creature is responsible for his parent's death and leaped an such a big opportunity to finally finding the right one.
For most pokemon-based RPs:
Name: Terry Unikozi
Appearance: Likes to wear grey or green, blonde hair, braces with dark blue and yellow bands. Blue eyes, powerful legs. Usually wearing a sweat jacket, no matter the weather. Matybe 5'11" and 110 pounds, I'm not sure.
Personality: Quiet, highly intelligent but no common sense, and can kick (or bust) @$$ when he needs to. He has a dark past, but doesn't let it show.
Pokemon: {gengar} (dopple)-hypnosis, dream eater, nightmare, night shade, shadow ball
{hypno} (harry)-hypnosis, dream eater, nightmare, psychic, ice punch
{raichu} (richie)- attract, sweet kiss, thunder wave, thunder, rain dance
{shuckle} (salazar) toxic, rest, sleep talk, sandstorm, protect
{milotic} (adurnathil) aqua ring, surf, facade, sleep talk, rest
{blissey} (nurse) softboiled, ice beam, thunderbolt, calm mind, aroma therapy [this one is from the psydex]
Powers: A stange abillity to predict the future without knowing it. Example: he may accurately predict it in conversation, but light-hearted, as if a joke.
History: For the first 6 years of his life, Terry was very happy. He had kind and loving parents, and a field full of pokemon that he adored. But when he turned 7, his parents got a divorce and 10 pokempon caught a horrible disease and died. Later, when he was 10, his father was brutally murdured by a rouge Tyranitar. By age 13, his mother was mentally tortured and slaughtered by a Gallade. Terry then got fired a year later at his only job at a humongous department store. By then, all but four of his pokemon were dead. They were the only reason he survived.
His unique fighting style consists of only annoyers, to torture the enemy. Terry takes a morbid pleasure in watching his enimies suffer helplessly, as can be told from his pokemon's movesets. However, he knows when he has to end a battle quickly and makes sure each pokemon of his has a devestating STAB move to quickly KO his enimies. (I know every ppokemon has 5 moves. Most pokemon RPs let a pokemon have 5 moves, though)

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." -Abraham Lincoln
"You can't argue with all the fools in the world- it's best to let them have their way and trick them while they're not looking." -Brom
Credit to Jester for the avatar!

Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:04 pm
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer
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I just made this stuff up but... here goes

Name: Jimbob
Age: 19
Profession: Pokemon Hitman (goes around defeating tough trainers for money)/Pokemon Detective
Weight: Medium
Pokemon Team
Name: Arms Strength: Lifting things
Name: Driller Strength: Can Destroy a steel building Solo
Name: Phoenix Strength: Creating Blazing Infernoes (Jimbob was chosen by Ho-oh to be guardian of the sacred ashes of Johto)
Name: Firefighter Strength: Taking down Any pokemon, Jimbob's starter pokemon and strongest (Was made shiny when Lugia and Ho-oh blessed him)
Name: Big Guy Strength: Being able to fly through tornados, Hurricanes ETC. (Was traded in Kanto)
Name: Lucky Strength: Power of the Aura

Pokemon known to be in storage
Name: Sunny Strength: Changing weather patterns (Sunny is a Sunflora with a strange defective gene pattern. Sunny is considered a legendary pokemon)
Name: Gnashers Strength: Brutal Strength
Name: Blaster Strength: Blowing anything up with it's wrist cannon
Name: Levitatorinator Strength: Psychic powers surpassing any normal metang
Name: Claws Strength: Digging anything (Was caught when Celebi's powers were exploited by Team Aqua and Team Plasma, causing Jimbob to go back in time)

Pokemon Known to have had/used
Name: Celebi (Used once to destroy the Team Plasma base where Celebi was being held
Name: Driller Evolved into Rhydon against Winona
Name: Bomber Crushed by falling boulders after battling Archie's Salamence
Name: Screamer Borrowed from Day Care man during the Team Rocket takeover of Cerulean City
Name: Eruption Sacrificed Himself to quell Groudon's Rage
{torchic}, {combusken}
Name: Firefighter {torchic} - {combusken} during battle against Wattson, {combusken} - {blaziken} During battle against Tate and Liza
That is my RP profile. if you see this in the forums then it's me

The best defense is an AMAZING offence. The Worst Defence is an awesome Foe

THELEGENDARY123: Proud Founder and Owner of the TL channel: Commited to bringing you the BEST pokemon banter of All time. PM thelegendary123 for availible positions!

Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:41 am
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Seneca Kyina

General Information
Nickname: Sen-Sen
Birthday: Jun 5th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Status: Dating Green/Gray

Height: 5'8
Weight: 120
Body type: Small.. I guess
Hair: Long and pink.
Eyes: dark blue
Piercings/Tattoos: None
Unique Details: she's always in dark cloths and most of the time an arm is broken. Also she keeps her left long bang in her face.

can be nice but only if you know about a rare pokemon that she don't somehow have.

Seneca was born in Pallet town and grow up part way up Red and Green. She wasn't really allowed outside since her bone were so weak and broke easily if she fall. When after Red and Green left town to become trainers, she become lonely. She didn't really get make friends since she didn't like anyone other then her two best friends.
Well on her 16th birthday, Pr. Oak gave her a pokemon with her first pokemon in it. He told her that Green talked him and her mother into letting her too become a trainer but she had to be careful. Well that night, while thinking about leaving, she let the pokemon out of the black pokeball* to see what is was. It was a Charmander. At first she didn't really know how to take it but she soon hugged onto her first pokemon. She liked this fire pokemon ever since Green showed her his. And now she got her own.
So the following morning, she got everything that she needed and even some things if she happened to break something. She kissed her mother goodbye, petted her mother's Ninetales then left with Charmander following closely behind her.
On her first week out, she somehow broke her left arm but got three new pokemon. A Rattata, Pidgey and Caterpie. She was a bit happy until she talked to Green at Pewter City's Poke Center. He told her to keep the four pokemon she had and he would get her some that he had two of. He also told her to stop doing things to hurt herself after he saw her arm being wrapped up. She didn't really listen though. Red was wrapping her arm, making her finish and Charmander glare.
After leveling her four pokemon up, she were and battled Brook. She won and fall over a rock, lightly hurting her right left. So Brook took her to the poke center himself and took her to rest until that healed. Which she did.
((I'm stopping there. Because I don't really want to post her WHOLE history from start to finish since I'm still working on things with her and Green. Like when did they start dating and such. So any ideas would be helpful. ))

RP Sample:
Seneca walked around a forest, muttering to herself. She left the poke center that she just talked to Green and then Red. Why she didn't know. But she got two... can you believe it? Two stay puts! Which got her to leave that city(whichever) fast. The reason why they said that was maybe, just maybe her right arm with broken in four areas. She didn't even know how she did it.
She looked over at Charizard who was walking beside her, his left wing was lightly hitting her back as they walked. Her Espeon was one her other side, looking area for anything that would hurt his trainer. She sighed lightly. 'Why are my pokemon always so worried about me?' She thought.

Additional Notes
The * up in her history is there because her pokeballs are different. The red area on the normal pokeball is black on hers. Pr.Oak somehow got Charmander in one. Also no one in the pokemon world has those. Why? Because her father who is in Team Rocket for a good reason, made them just for her. Even while working for the bed side, he somehow gets her some poke balls.
The reason why he's in the Team Rocket is to find a way to 'save' his daughter from her weak bones. I got an idea that he puts pokemon DNA into her bones to make them better but I don't know. Also he's a Scientist working more for good then bed but who cares. lol

her main six pokemon: (using my LeafGreen pokemon lvls)
Lvl- 63
lvl- 62
lvl- 63
lvl- 60
lvl- 59
Espeon or Umbreon
lvl- 61 lvl- 61

Come to me Children
And follow my way
Into the World
Of Darkness and Magic
With all my Power
I'll show you the way
To all your Dreams,
Hopes And Illusions

Will only do one x one rps with canon x oc pairings.

Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:13 pm
Profile YIM WWW
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Name: Lola

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height (You can use exact or approximate): 5' 3"

Weight (Once again exact or approximate): about 140

Profession: dark/fire Trainer

Appearance: Red Shirt with a 13 on her left sleeve. She wears black jeans and blue nikes. She has Black hair and Baby Blue eyes.

Background Story: She grew up in Blackthorn City. Her mother was a Water Pokémon trainer and her Father was a Flying type Trainer. When she turned 10 her parents gave her an Eevee, which she named Dusk. She enjoys traveling around the Johto Region.

Some good ideas about what to write from Gryphflame:

Personality: She loves her pokemon, but she is a bit over protective of them. When she gets a new Pokémon, she tends to train them rather hard. Her favorite type is the dark type

Speech Style: She is careful with her words, she does not want people to get a bad impression of her.

Most recent adventure: Climbing Mt. Sliver with only her Umbreon, Dusk.

Plans for future: Travel other Regions


Name: Dusk (female)
Lvl. 83
Moves: Shadowball, Dark pulse, Quick Attack and Toxic

Name: Killer (male)
Lvl. - 65
Moves: Flamethrower, Shadowball, Fire fang, Hyper Beam

Name: Lily
Lvl. - 20
Moves: Growl, Roar, Tackle, Thunderfang

Name: Shagon
Lvl. - 15
Moves: Zen Headbutt, Headbutt, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower

Image Umbreon RULEZ!!!!
Check out my DevaintART page

Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:42 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Name: nobody knows. Nickname: Gray (dont think of it as a color). Gender: Male.
Age: 14.
Height: Short.
Weight: Light.
Profession: Pokemon Trainer. Background: Gray grew up in the sububs, near a forest where he often walked and observed pokemon such as pidgey, hoothoot, rattata, sentret, and various bug pokemon. He got his first pokemon when he was 3, as he had no other companions as he was homeschooled by a worker while his parents were always gone working. His first pokemon was a Larvitar he found while on a trip to mt. Silver. It was an abandoned baby, his parents were gone, never to be seen again by the lonely larvitar.

Appearence: Steel-toed boots, blue jeans, navy blue t-shirt and a black jacket with his pokemon stored in the inside. Wears mirrored sunglasses because his left eye has a scar on it from when he was a naive toddler and larvitar slashed his eye for being a nuisance. The scar clouds his eye and
makes the iris turn blue from brown and turns the pupil white.

Speech: Talks rather quietly, but uses good grammer.

Personality: usually pessimistic, but doesnt say his feelings aloud. Usually doesnt trust others until he is sure he can. Despite his misanthropic personality, he loves pokemon.


Espeon - psychic type

Dragonite - Dragon/Flying type

Lapras - Water/Ice type

Vanasaur - Grass/Poision type

Typhlosion - Fire type

Tyranitar - Rock/Dark type

Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:14 pm
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master
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For pokemon related, I have two. I will participate if they have Unova or only Johto and Kanto (or Kanto by itself), or a fake one. My Unova one is posted below followed by the Johto/Kanto one.

Name: Zaro Cane
Appearance: 6' 1" with Silver and Blue hair with red, blue, grey, or black eyes (gotta love colored contacts). Slightly above average build. Is usually seen in hooded cloaks similar to jedi robes, but flicks it off when he goes into battle, whether it be hand to hand or pokemon.
Lives: Nimbasa City.
History: Depending on RP, this will change, but lives with his mom, who is executed by Plasma Sage Gallo for revenge of the defeat of Team Plasma. Afterwards, he flies to Sinnoh.
Age: Defeats Plasma and flees to Sinnoh after mother's death: 18. Any other
circumstance: 21.
Team: Samurott, Reshiram (usually dies for the 'no legendaries' reason), Emolga, Lucario, Haunter. Pokemo may vary, however.

Name: Same one as above.
Appearance: Same as above, only slightly smaller.
Lives: Celadon City, or Viridian City.
History: Not much. Depends on RP.
Age: 13
Team: For Kanto only: Blastoise, Onix, Haunter, Farfetch'd, Sandslash, Hitmonlee. For both Johto and Kanto: Typhlosion, Togepi, Haunter, Dragonite, Gyardos, another Dragonite.

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:49 pm
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Bug Catcher
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Weight:5,000 lbs.

Pokemon:Dragonite,Level 80

Mismagius,Level 76

Zapdos,Level 64,Level 120

Charizard,Level 86

Clefable,Level 48

Appearance:Avatar,but taller and fatter :3

Regions:Kanto,Johto,and Sinnoh

When life gives you lemons,stab em.

Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:24 pm
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Psychic Trainer
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Name: Cyan
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Profession: Elite Four
Appearance: Navy blue, spiked hair (similar to Gary.) And sapphire blue eyes. Wears a baby blue shirt with a navy blue waistcoat that has an emblem on it.
Background Story: Cyan was born and raised in the Kanto region and received his first Pokemon (Squirtle) from his parents on his 10th birthday. Since birth, Cyan has always had a fascination with water type Pokemon as his Mother owned a Marill. At the age of 13 he had already defeated the Kanto gym leaders and ventured to Johto. But a rare encounter with Suicune changed his path forever. Instead of defeating all the regions gym leaders, he set his sights on become a member of the Elite Four who specialises in Water-Types. He then went on to capture Feraligatr, Swampert, Empoleon, Samurott and unintentionally Suicune to complete his team.
Personality: Bipolar – Bubbly and content but also angered and serious at times.
Speech Style: Informal
Most recent adventure: Encountered Lugia.
Plans for future: Befriend or capture the legendaries of each region. (His next priority is Kyogre)
Pokemon: Cyan’s team consists of the 5 region’s water-starters.
{blastoise} M (Tsunami)
Level 93
{feraligatr} M (Oceanus) – Greek for Ocean
Level 86
{swampert} F (Numa) – Romaji for Swamp
Level 85
{empoleon} M (Neptune) - Roman god of the sea
Level 85
Samurott F (Umi) – Romaji for Sea
Level 85
{suicune} (Moses) – Named after Moses from the Bible
Level 78 (Still in training)


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:20 am
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Pokemon Master
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@Oshawott: Looks good! Glad to see your interested in RPing! Although, you might want to watch out for that Suicune. I know I have Reshiram, but I usually kill it or it gets taken depending on RP rules.

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:07 am
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Samurott wrote:
@Oshawott: Looks good! Glad to see your interested in RPing! Although, you might want to watch out for that Suicune. I know I have Reshiram, but I usually kill it or it gets taken depending on RP rules.

Oh okay. :o I'm really new to this, see. If that's the case I might find a way to release it for some reason or something.


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:18 am
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master
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So was I! But, I'm not saying you HAVE to get rid of it, but get used to working without it! If you want to start one, but do less work, Crunchy is having an AWESOME RP drafted up right now where it is collaborated on! Check it out!

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:29 am
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Samurott wrote:
So was I! But, I'm not saying you HAVE to get rid of it, but get used to working without it! If you want to start one, but do less work, Crunchy is having an AWESOME RP drafted up right now where it is collaborated on! Check it out!

Yeah, do Zorua and Zoroark count as legends by the way? And I did check out Crunchy's RP thingy but I don't know really know what to do. :/


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:40 am
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master
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Thats iffy. It depends on the RP rules. I'll PM you to try to help you get a better explanation of his RP.

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:44 am
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Samurott wrote:
Thats iffy. It depends on the RP rules. I'll PM you to try to help you get a better explanation of his RP.

Okay, thanks. That would be greatly appreciated. :)


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:47 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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I've been thinking of doing some RPs, if I'm not too busy. Here's a character I have been thinking about for awhile;

Name: Avalon (Ava for short)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: Average
Weight: Light
Profession: Trainer (mainly dragon types)

Appearance: Has long, dark black hair that is straight (goes to the waist). Brown eyes with golden flecks in them. Wears a golden vest with a lighter pink long-sleved turtleneck under it. Pants are tight-ish jeans that are black. Boots are of a black leather-like material with a gold buckle.

Background: Avalon was raised in Solaceon town in the Sinnoh region, but she moved with her uncle to Johto. Her uncle studied pokemon, specifically dragon types, sparking her love of serpentine pokemon. Her first pokemon was a dratini that also happened to be shiny. It later evolved to dragonair and has been her best friend in thick and thin. At the moment she is looking for Rayquaza.

Personality: She is rather serious and cares deeply for those she loves. She has a disregard for anything that is not practical (like music). When angry, she usually hides it. Hates accepting help. If you play a practical joke on her, you better run. She is generally loner-ish and quiet.

Speech: Formal
Recent Adventures: Trying to find Rayquaza
Plans for the future: Make a guild for trainers and their pokemon to get stronger.

{dragonair} Eve/Female (shiny)
{altaria} Joy/female
{arbok} Silvester/male
serperior - Devin/male
{gorebyss} Delila/female

These pokemon have separate personalities, but I'll add that later on, should a PMD RP take place.


sad but rad

Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:32 pm
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master
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Now that I have a notable number of posts in an RP, I think I'll post my character. I'm gonna use this guy to all RPs I'll enter. Changes will be made depending on RP rules, of course.

Name: Bill 'Death' Jackal
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 1,80
Weight: 65 kg
Profession: Roamer, Rebel
Hair: Dark brown, longer-than-average, cover most of his forehead
Eyes: Brown
Body Type: Not much muscle, agile
Clothes: Black t-shirt with a skull, jeans, hooded leather jacket, fingerless gloves, black sneakers
Personality: Intelligent, aggressive, slightly arrogant, has unstable confidence, strong sense of justice
Best qualities: Good at solving hard problems, never betrays friends, defends everyone's rights
Worst qualities: Short-tempered, can be very critical and ironic, easily loses confidence
How he sees himself: Very intelligent, but nothing else whatsoever
Pokemon: Blaziken, Garchomp

The chill of death, the heart of a metalhead. A lone rebel.
I'm a competitive battler, ask me if you have any questions on competitive battling or want advice on Ubers teambuilding.
Credit to DragoBoy for the banner!
The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!

Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:21 am
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Name: Fang

Age: 14

Weight: Light-Average

Height: Medium-Tall

Gender: Male

Profession: Works as a guard/assassin for whoever pays the most.

Appearence: Skinny with a black cloak on. Has a peice of black cloth over his mouth and has a black bodysuit underneath the cloak. Always has fingerless gloves.

Voice: When he does talk he has a low raspy growl-like voice.

Background: Born a slave he learned to fight and move stealthily. His slavemaster payed for him to get training and then hired him as a guard. People that hated that man gave him a mudkip and paid him more to murder the man.

Personality: He is trustworthy to only his freinds. He does any thing to protect those he cares about and won't let anyone hurt them. He is mysterious to everybody but those who know him.


Wet Willy/Swampert
Muddy Water

Furry Fury/Lucario
Aura Sphere
Bone Rush

Ice Beam
Grass Hammer
Water Gun

Shadow Claw


Fairy Wind
Moon Blast

ME=Mega Evolve


73% of teenagers would cry if they saw Justin Beiber standing on top of a skyscraper about to jump. If you are the 27% sitting there with popcorn and 3D glasses, screaming "DO A BACKFLIP!", copy and paste this as your signiature.

Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:04 pm
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