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 Post Your RP Profiles Here 
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Also from New Pokemon RP, it's also edited in my stories.
Name:Brittancia Lunine
Gender:Female(as you can tell from her name!)
Job:Gym Leader

{typhlosion}-Flame.Lv.100.Brittancia's faithful friend.Recieved from her friend when she was young, it took a while before he trusted her.

{blaziken}-Blaze.Lv.80.Recieved from Brittancia's boyfriend, Gaven.She takes great pride in knowing it's a female(Yes, I said female.Rare but possible.)

{gardevoir}-Psyche.Lv.50.Captured with luck by Brittancia.

{typhlosion}-Fire.Lv.43.Breeded by Brittancia's father & given to her for her 12th B-Day.

{staryu}-Star-Gazer.Lv.43.Again, caught by Brittancia.

{absol}-Best.Lv.70.Recieved as a gift from the same person who gave her Flame.

{raikou}-Lv.80.(In Box)Captured with luck while Brittancia was searching for her sisters.

Appearence:Long raven black hair, white shirt, necklace with a gold'B'on it, black shorts.

History:Has 2 sisters, Angela & Lumines.Formerly left her gym in the little-known city, Corona City, she now travels trying to figure out what happened to cause her mom to pass away.

Worst memory:Finding out her mother was a Rocket & was trying to talk Brittancia into joining.

Dislikes:Anyone talking bad about her family & friends.

Favorite Pokemon Types:Ghost, Psychic, Fire & Dark.
Favorite Pokemon:Gardevoir, Blaziken & Typhlosion
Pokemon RP(Yet another one.Please join anyway!)
Name:Serene Lunine
Pokemon:Inherited Flame, Blaze, Angel(Best), Psyche from mother. Darkness(Misdreavus) & Voodoo(Shuppet) from aunt.
Appearence: Black eyes, orange & black necklace, dark skin, raven black hair, crimson shirt & red shorts.
Current adventure:Fighting Team Rocket, despite Brittancia, her mother's pleas.
Worst memory:Learning of her father passing away.
Dislikes: Team Rocket & Cipher for ruining her family's lives.

Favorite types: Ghost, Fire & Psychic
Favorite Pokemon: Gardevoir, Blaziken, Typhlosion & Shuppet

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Fri Nov 04, 2005 9:17 pm
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Location: Akita
Name: Lucrio
Profession: Trainer

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Body type: Lithe
Hair and eye colours: Long black hair in low ponytail, green eyes
Face type: Smooth
Other physical features: Hair tends to fall in front of right eye
Clothing style: Dark clothing, but usually easygoing. Mistaken for a goth.
Speech style: Very quiet and calm, eloquent with words.

Personality: Quiet, calm, stoical. He is hard to approach and is amused by trouble.
General demeanor: Off-standish, aloof and perhaps even mean. He interacts mostly with himself.
How he/she sees himself: He deems himself perfect in his own eyes.
Best qualities: His pokemon skills and his rare caring nature.
Worst qualities: His cockyness.

Favorite pokemon: Tends to lean towards dark and ghost
Pet peeve(s): Loud or annoying people.
Least favorite season: Spring

-- Pokemon --

{haunter} - Deciet

{alakazam} - Mordecai

{espeon} - Kaliska

{houndoom} - Diablo

{absol} - Disaster

{abra} - Serpus

<center> <img src=""> <p>

Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:03 pm
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My profile for every RP I do.

Name: Varies
Personality: Varies between spaz and high class, stiff person.
Look: Varies
Pokemon: Always will consist of {pelipper} , {togetic} , and {gengar} but the rest will vary
Age: 12, or 13, if I want a challenge I'll go for a mature age like 20. But if I'm bored I'll go for 6 or 7.
Enemies: Either hated by goths and loners, or hates goths and loners himself.
Gender: Guy

Wed Nov 30, 2005 6:04 pm
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Pokemon city:

~~~ Short black hair, Spiked. Glasses. Black eyes. Blue jeans, a red t-shirt a blue jacket over the shirt.

Job: Person that has a boring job

:wink: Team Inferno RP:

Name: Lester
Age: 17
Personality: Chaotic
Battle Style: Cover your Weakness's And Strike
Current Pokemon: {cyndaquil} {cleffa}

<center>Image </center>
<center>Yay. 2 Year old TC FTW </center>

Thu Dec 01, 2005 7:26 pm
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Well, here's my Pokemon RP profile. I'm very fond of RP-ing so it's very possible I must edit this post to add several other profiles :P

Name: Amrod
Profession: Pokemon Trainer, errant Gym Leader

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Body type: Athletic (but no muscular)
Hair and eye colours: black
Height: 1.65m (5.4 feet)
Clothing style: Comfortable, usually sport clothes (for training)

Siblings: 1 little sister
Hometown: Hidden Lodge Town in Johto (south of Cherrygrove)
Childhood history: I began my pokemon career at 13. My first pokemon was a Geodude which I 'caught' accidentally while I travelled to New Bark Town to get my first pokemon from Prof. Elm. Since then I've travelled around Johto and Kanto, training, teaching and learning from my pokemon. Collecting badges and having adventure.
Recent history: I was accepted for challenge Johto's Elite Four and though I lost the final battle against Lance, I was granted with the Gym Leader status and so I became the first known travelling-Gym Leader.
Plans for the future: I'm planning to travel to Hoenn where I'll try to prove that being a Trainer is much more than win battles...

Favorite pokemon: I have no favorite one, but my Golduck, my Dragonite and my Gengar are the three strongest of my team
Favorite place: A secret place around Mt. Silver
Worst memory: My Flareon trying to flee because she thought I preferred my Ninetales

Actually, I have more than 40 different pokemon and I try to spend simillar amounts of time with each of them. This list is of my current party

Pokemon 1: Vicky (female Victreebel)

Pokemon 2: Nidoking

Pokemon 3: Pineco (male) He's one of the last members of the team. He has the Rocket's Wobbuffet syndrome and pops out of his pokeball often

Pokemon 4: Slowpoke (shiny, female)

Pokemon 5: Dodrio (male)

Pokemon 6: Nina (female Nidoran) She's my Nidoking's daughter

<img src="images/trainercards/stellarleader.png">

English is not my native language.

Feel free to let me know if I say something wrong.

Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:35 am
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Pokemon Trainer

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ok heres mine:

Siblings: none
Hometown: Blackthorn city

Pokemon team:

{sneasel} Novas Faithful Sneasel when its not hurt or injured its out of the was Novas First pokemon and his favorite he found it injured on the road and took care of it so it joined him

{umbreon} Umbreon.Nova cought this pokemon in the pitch black of night while it was chased by some ferrows Nova saved it and it helps him now

{sandslash} Sandslash.Nova cought a sandshrew and it evolved into sandslash it likes to get into fights and likes to win those fights.


Thu Jan 12, 2006 6:48 pm
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Name: Aaron Theos
Profession: Lone wolf Trainer

Appearance: (See my sig for a general ref pic)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair and eye colours: Silver hair w/ black tips...silver-blue eyes.
Clothing: Wears black denim pants, black converse shoes, a black t-shirt with a black vest over it. He sports black fingerless gloves that run up his arms to just below the elbows. On the back of each of these gloves are purple fabric straps (6 on each glove). Wears a snug black neckband/collar and a black headband which has loose ends that hang down his back.
Speech style: Depends on his mood. Sometimes a bit antiquated, sometimes very casual, to the point of slang.

General demeanor: Well-behaved, though he has occasionally been known to act as a thief, stealing food or low-cost items to suit current needs.
How he/she sees himself: Still trying to fit in. He's actually an android, but he tells no one, as he is afraid of being excluded. He was built to hurt others, but he has become apathetic to his hurtful emotions and can ignore the urge to become violent.
Best qualities: Can be a very, VERY loyal friend when he learns to trust others. He bonds particularily well with steel-type Pokemon.
Worst qualities: He can become terribly introverted, sarcastic, and sometimes even angry and violent, depdning on circumstances. He is generally only a quiet passerby in most situations, content to be alone, but always longing for companionship.

Parents: None
Siblings: None
Hometown: Uknown.
Retrospective history: Rather sad, and he never talks about it or mentions it.
Recent history: Travels alone with his small party of Pokemon, rarely making human contact, training his team on mostly wild Pokemon.
Plans for the future: None, really. His life has gone downhill since he lost a close friend, and he's been cold and introverted ever since. Maybe a friend or two will help him cheer up?

Favorite food: Gummi sharks,
Favorite pokemon: Skarmory, Metagross.
Favorite place: A quiet beach at sunset or up in the mountains in solitude.
Pet peeve(s): Obnoxious or loud people, mistreatment of Pokemon.
Favorite season: Winter
Least favorite season: Summer
Worst memory: The loss of his closest friend, as well as some dark recollections of his past/creation.

Pokemon 1: Skarmory {skarmory}
Item Holding: Metal coat
Level: 30
Gender: M
Attacks: Peck, Swift, Agility, Air Cutter
Appearance: (It wears a black band around its neck with a small, single silver emblem on it; the emblem is an inlaid ruby.)
Personality: Loyal to Aaron, and may attack if it feels its trainer is threatened. Very hawk-like; perceiving everything around it with considerable acuteness.

Pokemon 2: Houndoom {houndoom}
Item Holding: Scope lens
Level: 32
Gender: M
Attacks: Ember, Leer, Howl, Bite
Appearance: Instead of the broochlike emblem under its neck, it sports a black neck band like Skarmory's, also with a ruby inlaid in silver.
Personality: Generally friendly, loyal, and loves to play. Very puppy-like in spite of being about 7 years old.

Pokemon 3: Seviper {seviper}
Item Holding: Quick claw
Level: 35
Gender: F
Attacks: Bite, Poison Tail, Glare, Crunch
Appearance: Sports a black neck band like Skarmory's around its neck, also with a ruby inlaid in silver.
Personality: A bit laid back, friendly, though not quite as loyal as Aaron's other two Pokemon.

(Yee-HAW now that's a long bio O_O)

Inhuman assassin. DTAI-P0528, killer android.

Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:39 pm
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Name: tiny_fighter
Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Age: 16
Gender: male
Body type: medium height, average weight
Hair and eye colours: black
Clothing style: white-T, 3/4 jeans, ankle-high socks, kicks
Speech style: normal

General demeanor: outgoing, loves anything
How he sees himself: crazy little brat
Best qualities: Cares bout others
Worst qualities: loves anoyying others whenever possible

Parents: deceased
Siblings: an elder sister who looks after him
Hometown: Littleroot
Childhood history: parents died, looked after by sister since then
Recent history: aiming for the League
Plans for the future: Be either a Gym Leader or an Elite Four

Favorite food: anything sweet
Favorite pokemon: {slaking}
Favorite place: his home
Least favorite season: none
Worst memory: living with and obeying his sister

Pokemon 1: {mudkip}
Level: 12
Gender: M
Personality: playful, quirky, loyal

Pokemon 2: {slakoth}
Level: 15
Gender: M
Personality: lazy, loves sleeping, loyal

<img src="images/trainercards/tiny_fighter.png"> Image


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Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:42 pm
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Name: Ryukenshi
Profession: Ninja/Assassin

Appearance: Five foot seven. 130 lbs. Swaggers and doesnt make any sounds when he walks. Sneaky, swift, skillful; does his job with no remorse.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Hair and eye colours: Hazel eyes, pitch black hair.
Clothing: Dressed in all black classic ninja attire (think sub-zero/scorpion cloths from mortal kombat)
Speech style: Rarely talks, but when he does its with superiority and confidence.
Personality: Serious, cocky, silent.
How he/she sees himself: He sees himself being better than you and everyone else.
Best qualities: Stealthy and swift with pinpoint accuracy.
Worst qualities: Physically not that strong and cannot withstand too many direct attacks.
History: When he was 7 he lost his mom and brother in a fire, and since he never knew his dad, he was on his own. Taken in by an old priest, he ws taught all about the arts of healing. Having gone too far when trying to conjure fire dieties, the priest that took him in banished him from Kyoto at the age of 15. For 4 years he went off in isolation and practiced his skills in dark arts, sword wielding, marksmanship, and ability to pinpoint objects even when nothing can be seen. When he ws 19 he came back from isolation and killed the priest with a poison dart. Over the next few years he worked up the ranks as an assassin, and was quite skilled at covoring up evidence.
Parents: Dead.
Siblings: Dead.
Hometown: Kyoto;
Recent history: Located in Ecruteak city to track down the "Blackened Katana", a legendary weapon that is said to have demonic entities embeded in its very core. Having come from such a violent place, it is hard for him to ajust to using pokemon instead of weapons like poison darts, shurikins, ninja stars, katanas, and the mystical dark arts.
Plans for the future: To retrieve the "Blackened Katana" and return to Kyoto Japan to get revenge on whoever deprived him of a normal childhood.
Favorite pokemon: Sableye
Favorite place: In the shadows, away from the mundane, average people.
Pet peeve(s): Ignorance and overly confident people
Favorite season: Fall/Winter.
Least favorite season: Summer/Spring
Worst memory: The everlasting fire of his childhood.
Pokemon: His pokemon level up in a most unusual way. In addition to fighting to level up they feed off his emotions and each level up by a different emotional circumstance (due in part to the dark arts), although he doesnt know this. Therefore, they may reach the required level, but that is only part of it, but the good side of that is if the emotion requirement is met it has the potential to level up early.

Pokemon 1: Sableye
Item Holding: none
Level: 48
Gender: Male
Attacks: Confuse Ray, Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball
Appearance: Always shrowded in mist, his body never to be seen entirely.
Personality: Serious and straightforward, never messes around, you do not want to be on the recieving end of his Shadow Ball. Emotion "Hatred".

Pokemon 2: Charizard
Item Holding: none
Level: 40
Gender: Male
Attacks: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Double Team, Aeriel Ace
Appearance: Dark Red skin is embeded with battle scars. Its only concern is to serve and protect Ryukenshi.
Personality: Does not lower itself to fight anything weaker than it. If presented with a weaker opponent, it will just go to look for someone stronger. Emotion "Rage".

Pokemon 3: Gengar
Item Holding: none
Level: 40
Gender: Female
Attacks: Psychic, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Mean Look
Appearance: Bright red eyes, and light, scuffed up purple body.
Personality: Unlike Sableye, she is very open. Always wanting attention, she will often be having fun, even at others expences.

Pokemon 4: Houndoom
Item Holding: none
Level: 38
Gender: Male
Attacks: Crunch, Will-O-Wisp, Roar, Double Team
Appearance: Very small for a Houndoom, at first glance he might accually be mistaken for a houndour.
Personality: Very energetic, and always is ready for a fight. Very evasive, and quite possibly has the potential to become the strongest on the team. Emotion "Persistance"

Pokemon 5: Ninjask
Item Holding: none
Level: 35
Gender: Female
Attacks: Baton Pass, Sword Dance, Slash, Double Team
Appearance: Since she was often trained in fire enviroments, she has developed a dark reddish wing color.
Personality: Very hard to get a direct and solid hit on. She has a very curious mentality and is always looking aroung, almost looks like paranoia. Emotion "Devotion"

Pokemon 6: Magmar
Item Holding: none
Level: 32
Gender: Female
Attacks: Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Smokescreen, Thunderpunch
Appearance: The yellow part has become blue due to such intense heat which she has trained under.
Personality: Mostly tries to avoid attacks through things like smoke and dust. Dislikes battling but is deeply devoted to Ryukenshi. Emotion " Desperation"

Ryukenshi has pokemon in the pc, but usually sticks to these 6.

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Sun Jan 22, 2006 6:41 pm
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Name: Shawonn

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Nuzleaf(Nule) never returns to pokeball
Castform(Lil Zeus)

Description: Shawonn is about 6'1 with an average sized body. He has two very light brown eyes that are the first thing to be noticed when he is in the company of others. His hair is messy, yet controlable. To him, hairstyles are not a worry, because of the black bandana he has wrapped around his forehead. He chooses to where a pair of baggy black khaki shorts with a white T-shirt partially covered by a black shirt. He is usually found to be walking so he does not mess up his extrememly clean, white running shoes. He has a pure silver Pokeball around his neck, which is a momentum from his late uncle.

Personality: You woul never know that Shawonn was in battle by the way he acts. He treats battles as the funnest events he's ever seen with acts such as laughing, making jokes, and carrying on as such. Because of this, none of his opponents take him seriously when they battle against his, some-what, well-trained Pokemon. Off of the Pokemon Field, he is the same way. His attitude is always well-mannered, but never serious.

History: Having being born, and raised in Fortree City, in the Hoenn Region, Shawonn was always found skipping school and playing with the Pokemon in the forest. His uncle would constantly come down on him for this, but soon realized that Shawonn wouldn't change. One day, things took a turn for the worst when Shawonn's uncle had a heart attack, but the school was not able to find Shawonn. When Shawonn went home that day, he noticed that Nurse Joy and Chansey were waiting for him outside of his house. They explained the situation, and before they could finish, Shawonn was already busting through the door of his home. He went to the room where his uncle had died, and searched around. He noticed a box on his uncle's bed that he had never seen before. He opened it, to see a lettter, and a silver Pokeball. The letter read "This was supposed to be your birthday present, but I decided to give this to you early." Shawonn pulled out the silver Pokeball, and as soon as he did, a Seedot was released from it. Shawonn still has that Seedot to this day. Shawonn has to live with the guilt of never making his uncle proud, but he never lets it show...

Other: When Shawonn was in elementary school, he noticed a small Seedot in the courtyard, crying in terrible pain. Without thinking twice, he scooped up the Seedot and brought it home with him. He thought he could nurse it back to health and keep it, but when his uncle found it, he immediatley sent it to the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy informed Shawonn that the Seedot miraculously healed and was to be sent back to the wild. Shawonn thought he would never see that Seedot again. This was true until the day his uncle passed...

Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:13 pm
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A lot of Pokemon RPers...well...

This is my character from both Med. Fant. RP and Land of Arpee.

Name: Drakaan
Species: Frost Dragon
Picture: Clicky
Age: Unknown at the moment
Personality: Wary of new people, but once she befriends them, she's really pleasant and protective. Berserker (If her emotions go out of hand, she'll attack anything in her path)
History: Most of her family was killed, leaving her, her brother (Gardevoir's character) Draco, and her sister Skiara. (See the Med. Fant RP for more, don't feel like writing two pages on her again)
Attacks: She can use three breath attacks (Fire, Poison, and Ice), as well as basic physical fighting. Skilled in magic.
Magic Powers (Land of Arpee): Transfiguration, teleporting (to an extent), shielding
Voice: Charizard

And, this is a person exclusively to Land of Arpee, as of now...

Name: Roy
Species: Human
Picture: Click here
Age: 18 (Random guess)
Personality: Arrogant, but once he figures you're not an enemy he'll act differently...
History: Roy is Drakaan's transformed form. Drakaan discovered she could do this after she, Jen, and Draco fought the Dark Lord (Med. Fant. RP). After they beat him, Drakaan found she could transform freely into him, even discovering she could half-transform (Roy's body, but her wings and/or tail)
Attacks: Roy's sword, limited magic.
Magic: Very limited. But, he can still use Drakaan's transfiguration.
Voice: Roy (SSBM, but English)

The statement below is false
The statement above is true

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Tue Feb 21, 2006 6:12 pm
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well here is my RP character

name:Lulu Hirusho
apperance:shoulder length blue hair, blue eyes, mostly wears black or blue, dolphin tatoo on lower back
pokemon:flareon(flare),arcanine(fang),espeon(trinity) & sneasel(shadow)

here are something i havn't metioned about her

history:her father was killed by team rocket. But a pokemon named Bright came and revived him. this all happaned when she was eight. she then went to the E-4 to prove herself, she won and desided to train her pokemon when she joined a little battle thing and lost against a newbie super nerd. he used exploded snedind both her and her pokemon to the hospital. since then she hasn't been able to battle. She hopes that maybe she can catch Bright and maybe win for the first time in 9 years. But what also distracts her is she was saved by a misterous man named Carth. she thinks him as the "most hansome man i've ever met"

personality:she is so stubern. if anyone calls her something like"beautiful" she will bite your head off. she also has a soft spot for anyone who really likes her for who she is

hey....yah...this place just isn't the same anymore....yah gone for good now....just thought i would stop by.....see yah in the future.....

Sat Mar 18, 2006 9:36 pm
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My Teen Titans RP character:

Name: Angel
Gender: Female (I'm trying to RP as a girl for a change)
Appearance: Black hair, with black eyes, she wears mostly cloathes that would make her concidered goth, she always has a mysterious neckalce around her neck with a purple gem surrounded by strings of silver.
Background: She's always been sickly and has Sicle Cell Anemia, meaning that she needs blood transfusion often. Her sister was kidnapped by a mysterious person and was found dead three years after her kidnapping.
Powers: She has extremely powerful telekenesis, allowing her to lift thing with her mind, read thoughts and can break things with just her emotions going out of control. She is also a beserker, meaning she'll attack everything in her path if her emotions are strong enough.

Yay for goth psychic girls ^_^

Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:19 am
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Psychic Trainer

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im new to the site and i realy dont know how to do much. how do i start role playing? how do i create a character?

Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:16 am
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Here I am!
Note: Attacks and levels will be adjusted accordingly to the RPG being played.

Name: Regi

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 140 lbs

Profession: Wanderer, master teacher/psion

Appearance: Seemingly of another plane, Regi has a strong etheric appearance, flowing, beautiful, and seemingly not of this earth. An otherworldly charm envelopes him, which has attracted scores of females in the past. His hair is a platinum-blonde, flowing down his ears like cascading water. His eyes are of particular interest - They have been seen to change across the entire rainbow spectrum.

Background Story: Child of Sabrina, Regi was born into the Saffron gym. He was a beacon of kindness to his mother, who was said to truly open her heart to only one person. Trained in psionics from birth, Regi surpassed his mother's expectations. Sabrina passed on a newborn Eevee to Regi, who with his extraordinary kindness inspired an accelerated evolution in Eevee. He was venturing with his Eevee for a meditation period when at high noon, Eevee looked up at the radiant sun and desided to fulfill it's destiny as an Espeon.

Sabrina, seeing this, remembered her defeat to Ash Ketchum and how this has opened her heart further. She was there to witness the glorious evolution for herself, and this inspired the spark for a new beginning in her. Determined to experence the world for herself, she left along with Regi when he was eleven and began his pokemon journey in Kanto, leaving her top student in charge. She was there to guide him through his adventures, watch as he rapidly gained strength and experence. Inspired by Regi, she trained many different pokemon of her own.

Trainer after trainer, Gym Leader after Gym Leader fell to the mother and son duo of Regi and Sabrina. They ventured throughout the Kanto landmass, fascinated by it's beautiful landscapes, it's abundant life. But both had to prepare for the inevitable, and this finally arrived when Giovanni was found in Mount Moon and then defeated. Sabrina and Regi looked at the seven badges collected, knowing what this meant.

On the peaks of Mount Moon a fierce pokemon battle erupted between mother and son for claim of the marshbadge! As their full teams were brought to bear against each other, massive amounts of energy were released and the mountain tremored under the sheer force of the battle. Finally, Sabrina's Jinx faced Regi's Espeon. Both charged up simultaniously, intending to release all their firepower in a single stroke. As Jinx released a collossal blizzard attack (Which was said to be on par with Articuno's blizzard), Espeon used an unknown psychic move. As a whiteout covered the battlefield, Espeon released a rapidly expanding circle of violet light. Vaporizing the blizzard and covering the entire battlefield, the light struck Jinx with enormous force, causing it to faint and fly approximately 600 feet.

Regi earned the Marshbadge from his mother and therefore was elegible to compete in the Kanto league. She accompanied him there, so proud to have a son so successful. After Regi placed among the top four, Sabrina desided to temporarily part ways and take on adventures in different regions. They frequently contacted each other by using their pokemon for teleportation.

Clothing: Regi is never seen without his gold-violet cloak, which he handcrafted himself after defeating Giovanni. His favorite clothing is a satin sapphire blue shirt and snow white or emerald green pants.

Personality: Even at a distance, anyone could sense his radiant personality. Wise beyond his years, Regi has often supplied unexpected wisdom to anyone he crosses paths with. Intensely compassionate, he's been known to give out his heart to anyone who needed it. Buoyant by nature, he can always be seen with a radiant smile and his exuberant gaze. Intensely intuitive and mystical, people are stunned by a simultaniously practical and down to earth personality. Regi has often been considered a bundle of contraditions - Mystical and practical, active and tranquil, energetic and laid back, extraverted and introverted, extraspective and introspective, initiator and procrastinator, emotional and rational, active and passive, trusting and suspicious, logical and intuitive. He claims that this balance is the ultimate key to his success. Ultimately, Regi considers himself to be totally unique, an individual, yet not losing touch with the fact that he is also like and connected to everyone and everything else.

Speech Style: Highly sophisicated, Regi has been known for his hyper-intelligence, and this applies to his vocabulary as well. Wielding a natural elegance, Regi impresses adults and the emotionally mature with his broad vocabulary and his natural way with words. He's often been known to crack a joke at the most unexpected moment.

General state of pokemon: Regi is very tightly bonded with his pokemon, partially from his personality, partially from psionics. Empathic and telepathic, he uses these abilities to totally bond with his pokemon. He can raise a pokemon's morale so they can fight up to 20 levels higher then normal if necessary and gain abilities and levels at an accelerated rate. (Though it's extremely draining for the trainer involved) While in Orre, he showed exceptional skills in reversing the shadow condition.

Most recent adventure: Was an investigator working against Team Snagem. Freed 115 shadow pokemon and worked in conjunction with other trainers to topple the evil organization.)

Plans for future: Regi has very bright plans for the future. He plans to explore every single place on this planet, view every pokemon. Regi wants to conquer every gym and league, explore, become a professor, start a psychic training program, teach students about pokemon as a professor, become a breeder, invent new technology, and find a way to do everything in a 24 hour day. He plans to begin this establishment within two years, starting from his home in the Saffron Gym.

Pokemon: (For guidelines, Regi first ventured through Kanto, then Johto, Orre, Orange islands, and is currently in Hoenn. He however often leaps around between regions)

Espeon (Nicknamed Nostradamus, starter pokemon)
Special ability: Synchronize
Now level 82, it was level 58 when facing Sabrina's level 65 Jinx.
Move set:
Light Screen (Mastered after defeating Morty)
Reflect (Mastered after defeating Whitney)
Psychic (Mastered after defeating Erika)
Morning Sun (Discovered while battling in the Johto league, immediately mastered)
Swift (Mastered while battling Pryce)
Psycho Boost (The unknown attack that defeated Sabrina. Espeon used it only three times in 31 months, once against Sabrina, once against Clair, and once against Gonzap. It was through Gonzap that Regi discovered the identity of the attack used. With considerable effort, Espeon was finally able to master this after arriving in the orange islands, the reason being that he was the only Espeon to ever use this attack.)

Altaria (Nicknamed Archangel, captured as a Swablu in Johto and evolved while fighting Sabrina's Dragonite)
This is Regi's primary along with his starter pokemon.
Special ability: Natural Cure
Level 85
Safeguard (Started with this move)
Outrage (Taught by Sabrina, who was training a Dragonite. A reward for defeating her a second time, she offered to teach any move she learned on her adventures. Took four months to master.)
Agility (Started with this move)
Earthquake (Learned and mastered by a technical machine given by Miror B, who was impressed with his skills)
Blizzard (Taught by Sabrina)
Mirror Move (Mastered while visiting Gary, who's Pidgeot help Altaria learn it after being defeated)
Sky Attack (Discovered while battling Clair, used to defeat her Kingdra. Mastered in the Johto league)

Snorlax (Nicknamed Colosseus, captured as a Shadow Pokemon in Orre and had it's heart opened. Was used to defeat the pseudo-mayor heading Team Snagem)
Special ability: Thick Fat
Level 77
Move set:
Earthquake (Discovered when it's heart was opened. Mastered while battling Gonzap at Realgam Tower.)
Dynamicpunch (Mastered in the Orange Islands)
Belly Drum (Started with this move)
Seismic Toss (Discovered and mastered while battling in the Orange League)
Psywave (Taught by Sabrina)
Counter (Started with this move)
Protect (Taught by Pryce after defeating him)

Smeargle (Nicknamed Piscasso, given in Johto by an elite pokemon breeder)
Special ability: Own Tempo
Level 90
Sketch - Spore (Sketched while battling Erika's Parasect in a rematch. Fainted but kept the move)
Sketch - Mind Reader (Sketched with the assistance of Sabrina's Alakazam)
Sketch - Teleport (Sketched with the assistance of Sabrina's Alakazam)
Sketch - Agility (Sketched by watching a Ninjask)
Sketch - Sacred Fire (Sketched while on the Burned Tower and watching Ho-Oh fire it off in battling a trainer)
Sketch - Destiny Bond (Sketched while battling Agatha)
Sketch - Zap Cannon (Sketched while facing a Magneton in the Kanto power plant)
Sketch - Sheer Cold (Sketched while battling Glacia)
Sketch - Doom Desire (Sketched while battling a Clefable, who used it through Metronome.)

Arcanine (Nicknamed Canis Major, given by the Goldenrod Officer Jenny as a Growlithe)
Special ability: Intimidate
Level 86
Move set:
Safeguard (Started with this move)
Fire Spin (Started with this move)
Overheat (Learned from a Hoenn technical machine)
Extremespeed (Learned in the Johto ice cave, mastered on Victory Road)
Teleport (Learned from a Kanto technical machine)
Crunch (Learned at the Outskirt Stand, mastered while battling Evice)
Dragonbreath (Taught by Clair after retrieving the Dragon Scale)

Salamence (Nicknamed Draconis, found in the depths of Meteor Falls as a Bagon, critically injured. Teleported to the Lavaridge pokemon center, where it made a full recovery. Joined Regi in utmost gratitude.)
Special ability: Intimidate
Level 87
Move set:
Hydro Pump (Started with this move, discovered by accident while battling Flannery)
Dragon Claw (Discovered when Bagon used it to escape from a cave-in)
Fissure (Learned and mastered when Shelgon evolved into Salamence and took a three month journey. Taught by a pack of Diglett and Dugtrio.)
Fire Blast (Taught by a technical machine brought in Lilycove)
Hyper Beam (Taught by a technical machine brought in Lilycove)
Safeguard (Learned on it's journey as a defense while nesting on a frigid mountaintop)
Steel Wing (Taught by Steven while looking for a Sun Stone for Gloom)

Sat Apr 01, 2006 3:45 am
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Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master
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marowak550 wrote:
im new to the site and i realy dont know how to do much. how do i start role playing? how do i create a character?
Normally you can just post your profile in a currently running RP, but in some cases the RP is to far gone so no characters can be added watch for how far an RP is and if the creatore saiys that nomore characters can be made, or the creator of the RP will require you to PM them your character profile to keep the RP clean. Once the creatore of the RP gives you the okay you can start role playing. Note: If a Role Play says in the title One on One, the RP is ment for only the two people currently in it.

To create a character just make up a character apropriate for the role play you want to join. ;)

Mon Apr 03, 2006 7:08 pm
Art Commentator
Art Commentator
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My character is:

Name: Harjavik (Hal to everyone who knows him)
Age: (in his own dimension) immortal, (in this dimension) 21 and three quarters
Gender: Has no true gender since he is a spirit from another dimension. For the story's sake, he's male.
Appearance: Ugly as Hell (Due to an accident with an inter-dimensional teleporter, which is also why he's where he is)
Personality: Coarse, Slow and Grumpy
Hometown: The 9435th Dimension (Where {pidgey} and {spheal} go to when they die, because they suck too much to go to PokeHeaven)
Backstory: Hal was an unhappy spirit in the 9435th dimension when one day a teleporter was being tested (to get rid of all the {pidgey}s and {spheal}s) and he fell in. The teleporter zapped him to the PokeVerse and disfigured him to make him look like... a {spheal} with a body! Angry and jobless, he travelled around looking for work. He was reading through the newspaper one morning when he saw it... The Ultimate Job!
"How would you like a job as a Team Rocket Rigging Boy? A chance to use deadly force on unsuspecting spacefarers without fear of lawsuit. You get paid what you pillage! Please apply in writing to 'Rocket Headquarters, That Part of the Cosmos Where No-one Goes, YT-22 88TY'" Our hero pondered this for a few minutes, then got a dictionary to find out what what 'Pillage' meant. One week later, after several cups of coffee, he recieved the reply to his letter! It came with a {natu} attatched, and suddenly... WHOOSH! {natu} used teleport and Hal unded up in Rocket HQ. A young man in a strange black suit enquired "You 'ere 'bout the job?". Hal smiled. Things were looking uo for once...


{natu} The original Pokemon used to teleport him to Rocket HQ.
Moves: Drill Peck, Psychic, Night Shade, Teleport

{magikarp} Sold to Hal by an unscroupulous Rocket dealer offering 20% discount on all merchandise.
Moves: Splash, Extremely Weak Pathetic Tackle

{cyndaquil} One of the starters offered to all new Rocket recruits. Extremely unwise choice, as Cyndaquil gets moodier than a Goth.
Moves: Hal has never had a chance to find out. Cyndaquil's that moody! :)

{magnemite} The standard Pokemon for all Rockets.
Moves: Thundershock, Sonicboom, Thunder Wave, Metal Sound

{porygon} Nabbed off a rich tourist in an early plunder. Very weak in battle, good for hacking though.
Moves: Tackle, Conversion, Hack, Explosion


Thu Apr 13, 2006 12:18 pm
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Name: Thorn Nitewine
Profession: She aspires to be a breeder, and is currently learning more through travelling.

Age: 17
Gender: female
Body type: lithe
Hair and eye colours: Black hair and extremely pale gray eyes [can be mistaken as white]
Face type: smooth
Other physical features: Her hair flows down until the small of her back and she has no bangs.
Clothing style: Thorn wears loose jeans and a tight, black, short-sleeved, belly shirt. She wears black gloves, the fingers are cut off and its sleeve ends just before the elbow. And sneakers.
Speech style: calm, bluntly honest, quiet

General demeanor: She is most compassionate with her pokemon and tends to avoid a lot of people. Thorn is quiet and stoic with a long fused temper. It can take a while but she'll open up more after a while with some people, basically she's stand-offish.
How he/she sees himself: Adequate in everything she does.
Best qualities: She strives to better herself.
Worst qualities: She gets so focused on her goals that she frequently forgets about her own health.

Parents: Alive
Siblings: None
Hometown: Golden Rod
Childhood history: She grew up as an only child with a fasination for learning and pokemon. Her parents, after much insisting on her part, sent her to a boarding school where she learned a variety of skills not only battling. She never had much of a taste for that part, but she did what she had to inorder to pass.
Recent history: After graduating in the top third of her class she returned home to gather supplies and then went out on a journey to learn more about pokemon in general and breeding techniques.
Plans for the future: Become a breeder.

Favorite food: none
Favorite pokemon: Houndoom [her first pokemon that was given to her as an egg at school (all students got eggs after a series of tests)]
Favorite place: 'Scissor' Town
Pet peeve(s): Unnecessarily loud people, wasting time
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: She was climbing a tree to get a younger student's kite and the branch broke, causing both Thorn and the kite to fall. She broke her wrist and the kite was torn.


Pokemon 1: Houndoom
Item Holding: none
Level: 25
Gender: F
Attacks: Ember, Iron Tail, Leer, Roar
Personality: It is protective of Thorn and usually wary of strangers because of its protectiveness.

Pokemon 2-6: None at the moment

Link changed to my library.

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Sun May 07, 2006 6:04 pm
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I haven't done any Rp's yet but if I find a good one I might.

Name: D (Noone knows his real name)
Profession: Average trainer, travelling from town to town
always has an eevee on his shoulder
Personality: Loves pokemon, never gives up, serious but can get very overconfident, and usually underestimates opponents in battle
Home town: Lavaridge Town
Background: His parents were lost after the went to the desert to find some fossils (they sold fossils to geologists sometimes) but a sandstorm blew in and they were lost(He was only eight). He went to the gym leader Mura (Flannery's Grandfather) and he took care of him until he was old enough and gave him a charmander as his starter.

{charizard} Charz
{dragonite} Drag
{salamence} Rage
{flygon} Flair
{starmie} Gem
{eevee} no nickname


^Click to Visit Pokemon Cobalt^

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Wed May 10, 2006 11:38 pm
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My second RP character. Here goes...

Name: Mite (nickname, ironic due to height)

Profession: Nerd

Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pale-faced from lack of sunlight, lanky, blood-shot eyes

Personality: Slightly ecentric, forgetful and tired

Hometown: London

Backround: Normal citizen, one of the lucky six who find the six PokeBalls that spewed from the warp.

Pokemon: Quagsire

Quagsire's Attacks: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Rain Dance


Fri May 12, 2006 6:19 am
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Pokemon Trainer
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Location: Blackthorn, Hanging with Midnight Crew
Name: Michael
Profession: Researcher

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Body type: Thin
Hair and eye colours: Black hair, Blue eyes
Face type: A thin and kind face
Other physical features: Strangly Tall
Clothing style: A dresshirt with jeens.
Speech style: Less use of slang with proper grammer

General demeanor: Often in contorl of himself. Calm and Kind.
How he/she sees himself: Just a humble researcher
Best qualities: Very intelectual and kind
Worst qualities: Some of his smarts festers into a Superiority Complex

Parents: Francis and Lina, Both reserachers.
Siblings: A younger brother and sister
Hometown: Slateport
Childhood history: Was born a family of stern researchers. His childhood was a normal life untill he meet a giant steel poekmon near the coast, which made Michael interested in research.
Recent history: Travels about the caves and whatnot in serach of ancient secrets
Plans for the future: Hopes to capture and study that one Pokemon he meet years before.

Favorite food: Spam (Yes, indeed)
Favorite pokemon: Absol and Aggron
Favorite place: The area around Forttree City
Pet peeve(s): People who disrespect pokemon. Peiple you take th e'easy road' of life
Least favorite season: Summer
Worst memory: Once he was traped at sea.

Pokemon: A
Pokemon 1: Aggron
Item Holding: None
Level: (Aprox 40-45)
Gender: M
Attacks: Iron Tail, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Takedown.
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: A fine compainion who protects Michael without fear. Battles tough, but is kind.

Pokemon 2: Absol
Item Holding:
Level: (Appros 40-45, if asked for)
Gender: F
Attacks: Slash, Blizzard, Hyber Beam, Razor Wind.
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: A poekmon that often like to be alone. Always composed.

Pokemon 3: Crobat
Item Holding:
Level: (Approx 40-45, if asked for)
Gender: M
Attacks: Sluge Bomb, Confuse Ray, Bite, Extreme Speed.
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: A clumsy Pokemon that tries to do whats right.

Pokemon 4: Skarmory
Item Holding:
Level: (Approx 40-45, if asked for)
Gender: M
Attacks: Fury Attack, Fly, Air Cutter, Steel Wing
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: A big more 'up-tight' and father-like figure to the team.

Pokemon 5: Breloom A pokemon of his Sister's)
Item Holding:
Level: (approx 40-45)
Gender: F
Attacks: Mach Punch, Solar Beam, Sku Uppercut, Counter.
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: Shy, not a hard battler.

Pokemon 6: Kingdra (Poseidon; Michael's father's prized pokemon)
Item Holding:
Level: (Approx 40-45)
Gender: M
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Bubblebeam, Water Pulse.
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: The basic 'tough guy' look.


Wed May 17, 2006 6:06 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Location: middle of sea

{poliwag} lvl:100

{meganium} lvl:100

{espeon} lvl:100

{milotic} lvl:100

{pidgeot} lvl:100

{pikachu} lvl:100

Sun May 28, 2006 11:12 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Location: Louisville, KY
Name: Rob

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Profession: Traveler/Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Researcher

Battle Style: Strength and strategy combined!

Appearance: Refer to Bill in the avatar gallery.

Background Story: Born in the Kanto region, Cerulean City. Brother of Misty and her sisters. Grew up mostly normal except he loved pokemon school. There was, however, one thing that he was unhappy with. whenever he battled his enemies,he couldn't defeat them because they kept using type advantages. Water pokemon were his life, so, one morning, he decided to depart on his own pokemon adventure.

Personality: Kind-hearted, gentle, and serious.

Most Recent Adventure: Traveled around all regions and met Wallace of Sootopolis Gym in Hoenn.

Plans For The Future: Study, train, and battle. He has completed the hardest part of his pokemon journey at such a young age. He plans to travel to Pallet Town, battling and training on his way, and settle down and study with Professor Oak.

Pokemon Team



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Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:22 pm
Name: Brandon

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Long, dark hair, dark green t-shirt, regular sized jeans

Height: 5' 10


Background: Born in the Kanto region, Pewter City. One of the many siblings of Brock. However, Brock doesn't know about me since I have lived with my father instead of with him. I am almost as old as my big brother and am confident that I am much stronger. My father has cared for my younger siblings ever since Brock left with the legendary Ask Ketchum of Pallet Town. Soon after he left, I also departed, along with my team of rock/steel/ground pokemon. I stayed in Kanto for a while, honing my skills. Once I thought I was strong enough to start challenging others, I started going into new regions, in search of my older brother so that I could see him, but also so I could battle him.

Personality: I am confident in my abilties, never let anyone tell me what I can't do or how much potential I have, believe that a rock hard defense is an awsome offense as well, and train train train.

Pokemon Team (when I left):


Pokemon Team (currently):


Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:42 pm
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Name: Chris

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Profession: Elite Four Champion

Appearance: My avvie except with no hat and longer hair

Height: 6'

Weight: 130

Background Story: Born in Pallet Town about 4 years after Ask Ketchum. He knew Ash as a kid, and still is good friends with him today. Ask and him were best friends until Ash left for a pokemon adventure and left Chris home at the sleepy town. Four years from that day, Chris began he own pokemon journey. He traveled and trained like any other pokemon trainer. He was suprised to see that every gym he went to, Ash had beaten the leader. after beating Giovanni of Viridian Gym, he headed into the Johto and Hoenn regions, beating all 8 gym leaders there as well. After that, he headed into Victory Road to train for one year. He was determined to meet Ash after he beat all 3 region Elite Four's and challenge him to a battle. After his one year of training, he headed back to Kanto to challenge the Elite Four. It was a breeze. After his battle with Gary of Pallet Town, Lance asked him to stay and take Gary's place as Kanto's champion. Chris accepted, knowing that sometime, Ash would show up and have to battle him. Once that day came, Ash defeated Chris easily. Chris was truely respectful to Ash knowing that he was the best and would always be the best of his time. Ash was a true pokemon master and Chris was honored to be one of his friends. Now, Chris is still Kanto's champion and no one has seemed to beat him except for Ask Ketchum of Pallet Town.

Pokemon when he left Pallet:

{squirtle} Lv.5

Pokemon currently:

{blastoise} Lv. 90
{tyranitar} Lv. 88
{arcanine} Lv. 88
{electabuzz} Lv. 88
{alakazam} Lv. 88
{dragonite} Lv. 88

Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:55 am
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