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 Revenge [PG-13 | One-Shot] 
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Writer's Corner: Yeah, this is the first One-Shot I happen to post in my life, so don't be so rude to me.

Okay, before we start, there's something you should know. This is the fictional sequel to a classic shortage called "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" wrote by Rudyard Kipling and directed by Chuck Jones in 1975 (based on one of the Jungle Books with similar title) which main plot is developed in a rural area in India.

For all those who haven't seen it yet, and for those who would be willing to spend less than half an hour to refresh his or her memory, here are the links to the First, Second and Third parts of it in Youtube, have a beautiful time!.

Okay, it's starting, so, Enjoy!


Once the news was spread throughout the entire jungle, chirps of the birds’ happiness were the most I could hear… I was tempted to wonder what would it be that might make the jungle so joyous about that the monkeys’ howls and bird songs were loud and valiant enough to snap me from my dreams at this time in the morning.

I managed to emerge from my burrow to greet the morning sun with my scaly and dark long body to get ready and rest my night meal, which I would go after again in three days… albeit, when I came to hear what was the news about, thanks to a loud conversation between two birds up in the lowest branch of my front tree, the happy news I heard from them meant a true heart break for me, harsh enough to spoil the rest of my life.

“Didn’t you know? Nag and Nagaina were killed by Rikki!” I could hear from them before they saw me and flew away.

I felt a horrid, cold breeze through my four and a half meters… Pretty early in the dawntime, and yet pretty doomed I happed to be. “How could that even happen?” I wondered as my sad expression became more obvious. My heart was just being flooded with sorrow and frustration, I really loved them both, and I was really appalled to learn that they have been killed by that cursed hyperactive mongoose.

What was known to me about that so called Rikki-Tikki is that he was just a quick, nimble mongoose with eyeballs of red, but I certainly did not believe he could manage two cobras at the same time...

I raised my head and spread my hood in authority to roar out loud a mournful “SSSIILEENCE!!” in the midst of a multitude of cries and living sounds, cutting and fearful my call was, producing a peaceful, yet irritating silence in my entire territory.

I could feel the warm tears flow from my eyes down my scaly cheeks as I turned back and slithered furiously down into my burrow again. Surely I could not believe Rikki had killed my family and even LESS could I forgive such atrocity…

In the middle of the dark, damp tunnel I burrowed myself, quick, faltering steps could’ve been felt from outside. It was then, when I heard the whispering rough voice of Mic, my loyal ‘right hand’… if I had any… “E-Exc… Excuse me, Master…” the mongoose mumbled.

He was waiting expectantly for me to come out. He is a good child, ever since I made him that terrible scar in his left eye as a sign of forgiveness, he had been a pretty down-to-ground and led back mongoose… he’s young, but strong and obedient.

As I silently slithered out of my burrow with a wry frown in my face, the little ball of fur asked a whispering, sad “Master, did you know the news already?”.

I said no words; my frustrated face made it all clear to him. After this salty moment, I left him behind and got lost in the warm, dry fallen leaves and started to rant around my territory, this is my way of clearing my mind from clouds of doubt and confusion. All my dark, gloomy day was spent in a blink of an eye while in my wandering; I saw my river, ceaselessly streaming; my hillsides, all quiet and with plenty of vegetation and my enormous grassy plains before getting again into my burrow below the cold gaze of the star-filled night sky.

Tomorrow it will rain, the damp ambience says so, which accurately meant the perfect day for those who have fallen. The earth in my burrow felt so soft and calming that I just could not stand it any more and escaped to my happy place in the world of dreams… in which… my idea of assassinating Rikki, and his usurper family of three humans… was born…

…There was no way I could kill all them four by myself, the big man and his wife had a stick that threw killing pebbles at the speed of sound and the mongoose was a pain by himself, so I’ll rather use Nag and Nagaina’s ideas and mix them with my fury… with the help of three of my best friends…

The next sunrise greeted my land and I called for my assistant for a particular job. He came quickly and peeked from the exit of the tunnel of my burrow until I slithered out of there. “What is it, sir?” he asked patiently.

I did smile at the idea of mine. As my body grew out of the hole, I started to round the little mongoose into loose coils as I gave him my order… “In the eastern land from here, not too far from the bounds, are the plains where rhinoss gather. I’m needing you to find one with the name ‘Rook’ and take him to the northern cave, I’ll expect you two there” I sneered the order at him with a blink of friendliness in it and narrowed deep brown eyes.

“Did you underssstand?” I asked slowly staring at him deeply in his greenish right eye.

“Y-y… ye-yessir!” he nervously answered. After his faltering reply, I smiled at him as a token of thanks, so I let go of him and off he went, rushing like a dashing beam of light. The slim, crimson assistant of mine was surely now nowhere to be seen, so I was off to the boundaries of my river to seek another beloved friend of mine.

As I got the sight of the bank, bound of my river, I saw the reticulated python I was looking for, I peeked at the sun-bathed snake from behind the bushes and called his name… “Hey Habu!” I shouted at him and interrupted his peaceful rest.

He raised his head from the muddy riverbank in a rather shocked fashion and was shifting his head around, when he spotted me, he slithered near. The reptile in front of me was roughly twice my size and weight, but he was my best friend ever.

His cold voice said “Good morning, King Deus” saluting me with a bow.

I got eye contact with him and asked “Good day to you, my friend. I’ve come to you to assk you a favour”.

“Will I get any reward for helping the king?” the smart serpent asked politely.

“Oh, of course you WILL get rewarded; you jusst do your part of the deal. Now, come with me” I said last before leading him into the forest. After some hours of wandering through the somewhat confusing, damp jungle, the two of us took shelter from the starting downpour in the northern cave I meant to wait for Mic, the mongoose and Rook, the rhino to come.

It was then, when the two of them appeared suddenly in the entrance with the flash of a loud thunderbolt. I recognised their distinctive silhouettes; a tiny one in two legs and a massive one with a fearful horn on it’s nose.

They silently came in the cave and I proceeded to tell them my plan.

It seemed like the world in entirety had lost it's sound, but the idea was on, and the plan was bound to work.

Early in the morning, the man enters the small damp room with the mirror and won’t have his killer stick, so, completely out of nowhere and severely unexpected for him, the Indian rhino, Rook, breaks in the dark room using his physical strength by crushing the wall with his head and proceeds to quickly tackle and stomp the man down before he can react, proving fatal.

It is then when the woman comes absolutely astonished into the room, and that’s when my loyal right hand, with his small size, dashes into the woman’s clothing, not even fighting and moving is able to stop the little monster from biting and doing saliva-wet serious wounds and finishing her with a chomp in the throat.

While the rhino keeps damaging the bungalow structure heavily, Habu and I dart into the house and quickly go upstairs, where we find the seven-year old boy outright confused and surprised, then is when Habu, using his heavy body and speedy movements, takes the boy down with a bite in the shoulder before rounding the coils of death.

I came to the canopy of the usurpers’ turf and the mongoose was nowhere to be found, but then I felt a pair of fangs that fell onto my head, the crushing pain meant nothing that could stop my rage, it was Rikki-Tikki who was gnawing on my head, I struggled and squirmed to try taking him away from me, then, my tail met his neck. In that moment, like the instinctive trinity and joy of hunting, I wrapped two small coils around his neck, followed by his entire small body… and before I knew it, the immobile mongoose’s head was lying still in my mouth with my two fangs in his broken neck… I didn’t know his blood had that sweet and cold taste…

The "Small damp room with the mirror" is the bathroom. The "Stick that threw killing pebbles at the speed of sound" is a riffle. And the "Canopy of the usurpers' turf" reffers to upstairs.

Where did all this come from, you ask? Well, I just have no idea, I just remember all this happened in a dream I had, and I felt like if I didn't write about it, something would happen to me.

I know it has been more than a year since I posted this, and that this story is outright dead, but I loved this work, and desided to accomodate the codes for it to look better.

RIP, Revenge... now that you've served your purpose... I'll let you rest.



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