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 Another Year Wiser 
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My Corner: I wrote this yesterday while I was visiting my relatives, don't ask how it went. Anyway, I was kind of inspired by my best friend. She's turning seventeen this Wednesday, she's probably one of the most important people in my life. I had been thinking of giving this to her as part of her gift but I'm rethinking that. Regardless of my indecision, I hope you enjoy my latest one-shot and feel the urge to comment!

<p align="center">Another Year Wiser</p>
The air was filled with chatter as people enjoyed the party to the fullest. It was not a large party, its only guests were friends, family, and neighbors, but they acted like it was the celebration of the century.

“How does it feel to be seventeen?”

The birthday girl answered her uncle with a smile, “Not much different than sixteen.”

Their conversation was cut short when she was enveloped in a bear hug, “Here’s my baby cousin!”

It always irked her how her cousin, who was only three years her senior, insisted on calling her that. “Jake,” she whined as she wormed out of the red head’s tight hold, “I’d like to see another year.”

He laughed, “Right, another year older, another year wiser.”

Jake’s father said jovially, “Whoever said that obviously never met you.”

Anna laughed at them; they were always full of energy. Jake and her uncle were natural born social butterflies.

“You’ll never guess what I heard, Anna,” her uncle said attracting her attention again. He began spinning the threads of another tale. He was notorious for terrorizing children with his stories and exaggerations.

The brunette played along, “I give up, what?”

His voice lowered even more to the barest of whispers, “I heard that every time someone blows out a candle a planet explodes.” Jake opened his mouth to speak but he continued, “No, nothing happens if the wind blows the candle out, studies have been done.”

Jake muttered under his breath, “He probably rehearsed this.” His father always thought of the things that would ruin his tale.

Anna smiled, “I’ll keep that in mind later.”

Her uncle laughed, “Even if you blow us up, we’ll love you in spirit.”

“I don’t know why you entertain him,” the red head said.

The brunette flicked her cousin’s head, “He comes up with interesting stories.” She remembered when they had believed every word her uncle had said. But, now, they had grown older and wiser.

Time progressed and Anna found herself talking to her aunt. “Ben’s so cute.” She spoke quietly so she wouldn’t awake the toddler in her aunt’s arms.

“He’s finally asleep; he refused to take a nap today. He’s been saying his favorite phrase relentlessly.” Her niece smiled.

“He was too excited about the party I guess.”

They made their way to the dinning room where Anna’s mother had summoned everyone for the climax of the evening, the cake. Ben began to awaken in his mother’s arms as everyone sang.

He was fully awake by the time everyone was silent waiting for the candles to be blown out. He didn’t understand why everyone waited with bated breath as Anna pulled back her long hair. But he understood what the cake was for. He smiled as his cousin leaned down to blow out the candles.

The toddler, with a wide grin and anxious to eat the cake, said his favorite phrase, “boom boom.”

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LOL,that was so funny when the toddler went boom boom. :lol:

Mon May 21, 2007 3:26 pm
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