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 Wind Rhymes [PG-yet another one-shot] 
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My Corner: I literally made this in the last half hour, it's a bit of a different style from how I typically write; but, we have to experiment every-so often. I just had a sudden urge to write and didn't really think about it, and this popped out. All the 'typos' in the italicized sentences are on purpose by the way.

<p align="center">Wind Rhymes</p>
“One, two, three, four, don’t forget to lock the doors.”

Everyone counted at night, they did it naturally, without thought. Every night they’d count to four, acting on a nursery rhyme they learned as children. It was one of the only rules everyone followed without question. No one, not even the mentally unstable, dared to go against the fundamental rule.

“If you do, the boogey man will come after you.”

It had gone on this way for years, without thought, without complaint, without questioning. No one wondered where it had come from but no one cared. They had no reason to follow such a rule, they just did. It was natural to them, like breathing.

“He’ll open the door, oh so low, you’ll never even know.”

But like all things, one day someone wakes up. And someone wonders. This time it was a little girl, she had heard the rhyme like all the others. She felt the urge but wondered why. She had lain in bed after her bed time awake for hours, waiting for her parents to go to sleep. When she heard her parents’ door close she climbed out of bed and went to her door. And that’s when, that’s when she undid the first lock.

“One, two, three, four, don’t forget to lock the doors.”

Quietly she opened her door and crept out of her room. She climbed down the stairs without concern for her parents. They wouldn’t open their door. She reached the front door and reached up, and up, and up. On her toes she undid the dead lock with a click. Then she unlocked the door silently. She didn’t open the door, no; she went to the stairs and sat upon them watching the door. She watched, and she watched, she waited, and she waited. The door knob turned and the door opened.

“Five, six, or you’ll be his next pick.”

The little girl still watched, transfixed. The door opened wider and she saw a man of shadows. He had no eyes, no features, but she knew the mass of shadows was indeed a he. She stared up at him in wonder, not fearing him but knowing she should. She never had a chance to fear him though, for the next thing she saw was the world being over come by shadows. The morning after everyone lived on, no one noticed the missing girl. Her room was as it had been before her, as if she’d never been there. But come dusk, the rhyme they heard every night on the wind was sung by a new voice. By a little girl, who had added a new line to it.

“You should fear, or you’ll disappear.”

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Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:05 pm
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