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My Corner: So this is my first story, and to be completely honest [I appologize to the moderators for this] I never finished it and most likely never will. Why am I posting it then? Well, I have an undeniable reputation for being the cruelest and bluntest regular in the forum. And I wanted to just give a point of reference for where I am today and how much I've improved [or at least I think I have] over the past three years. I mentioned in a few other threads about there being a stage where a writer doesn't want to take advice, it's an egotistical stage that's horribly annoying for other people. This story was during my time in that stage. Granted barely anyone read it so it was rare to get a comment much less advice, and as time wore on I was more willing to take advice but I would silently seethe about it. I wasn't...attacked...when I realized that my story really wasn't that good. I don't remember what exactly happened, I think I was rereading it and planning what I wanted to do next in it when I realized it.

It was indeed a learning curve, I felt horrible about the whole issue. I stopped Haven but continued writing, working on a different story that I finished and almost immediatly after my second story I have a third one that I'm still working on to this day.

After awhile I kind of grew out of my shock and self-loathing for thinking it any good and I rediscovered an affection for my story. Which is the way it should be in my opinion. It's my first story and I hold its main character in high regard. I carry around her memory into different stories and RPs through personality, name, appearance, or all three. My first character, who is also the main character of Haven, is my Mary-Sue; but I do still love her.

Anywho, all sappyness aside I wanted to share Haven so that the people I've...attacked...realize that I can relate a lot more then they may realize and that it does take years to improve. And for them to realize I want them to improve, that I want to watch them improve as silly as it sounds. My appologies to the moderators for posting a forever-un-finished story and for the fact that I'm going to be posting it all without waiting for any comments. And my appologies to everyone for the long author's note.

Part 1: Mistress


“Sometimes it’s better to hide in the shadows. But after a while the light will take them away. The only problem is to accept the light or not to accept it. No matter if some shadow remains there won’t be enough to hide in. Some if not most people who are thrust into the light break; while others try to get their haven back. Some make the light their new haven just like their lost shadows. Then the minority is prepared for both the light and dark. And all of this is true the other way around.

But if there are monsters in the dark, then there are monsters in the light. But the most dangerous time is when monsters from the light and dark come together with a common goal. It is best to destroy such bonds before they become too strong. But how can you destroy something as old as the universe…how can you destroy a bond that wasn’t found until millions of years later? How can you destroy a bond that is after one soul thing…is it immortality, power? Or is it a host of these things? How can you destroy Life? How can you destroy Death? If the hosts of Life and Death are destroyed will the universe end? If you don’t understand now, you will in time. Just remember…everything has a weakness…and anything can die.”

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Chapter 1

There was a night many years ago when the stars showed true until 11:30 when an unexpected rain fall poured down like a waterfall. You couldn’t see through it non-the less hear through it. It seemed like no one was out, most were at home cuddling by the fire in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and their families. One family was known to be out however.

No one knows why they went out. It was said they left for some emergency or another. But, it had been a clear night so they so they could’ve just wanted a night out. Their neighbors recall them calling that night. Apparently they asked if the neighbors could keep an-eye on the children while they were out. A five year old and an infant not even one. Another mystery is why they didn’t take them with them. But, being good neighbors and friends they agreed.

The next morning the children were gone and there were no signs as to where they went. There were no finger prints, only the door thrown open but no sign of a struggle. The neighbors said that they were sound asleep at 11 PM, the last time they checked up on the children. The father, mother, and grandfather were all dead, lying in a row in the center of the city with a hole in the center of their hearts. But there weren’t any further gashes and there was no struggle. Even though they were found in the middle of a four way intersection there was no car. The neighbors also said that if they knew that this would’ve happened they would never have agreed to baby-sit, if it would save that family.

And over the span of the next week everything having to do with the murder and disappearance, articles, files, top-secret files, reports, they all disappeared without a trace just like the children.

Eleven years later in the same town they act as if it never happened in fact no-one can recall of it. Now if you were to go to the secondary school, and drive a mile away from it you’ll find a little house with a sold sign in front. You’ll also find a moving truck there, unloading its contents. As it drives away you can see the house’s new owners standing on the porch.

“Are you ready Rini?” asked the elder girl.

“You bet Kairi!” responded the elder girl’s sister.

About 3 hours or so later as they continue unpacking Rini spoke. “Hey, Sis?”


“Doesn’t school start August first?”

“Yes it does. Why?” asked Kairi looking at her younger sibling.

“Well, are we going to be…liked?” Rini timidly asked. Kairi put down her box and walked over to her troubled sister.

Kairi a put a hand on Rini’s head and said soothingly “Of course, don’t worry; come on its late, time for bed.” As if on cue Rini yawned.

After tucking in Rini, Kairi sat on the couch with a cup of tea and a book. Though Kairi loved to read, her book lay on her lap ignored and closed. She sat there looking out the window. “I wonder how they are,” she asked herself. Kairi looked at the boxes left. They had done a lot; they had gotten through putting the furniture where they wanted. Deciding not to worry herself too much she decided to continue unpacking. She knew she wouldn’t disturb Rini because they already got all of her belonging unpacked and placed where they were wanted. Around midnight Kairi finished, and feeling satisfied with the day’s work she decided to go to bed.

Rini having had a nightmare woke up and wandered through their new house in an attempt to find Kairi’s room. But as she was entering the living room she was grabbed. Still a little unnerved by her dream Rini screamed. A hand clasped around her mouth and a voice said “Rini, stop it. You were going to run into me if I didn’t stop you.” Recognizing the voice as Kairi, Rini stopped struggling, and relaxed the strong yet gentle hands released her. She heard her sister say “Watch your eyes.”, and then turned on the lights.

Momentarily forgetting her dream she asked, “Kairi you unpacked everything by yourself.” It was more of a statement than a question really. But Rini was surprised her sister didn’t go to bed after she did.

“It was something to do and besides now it’s out of our hair. And I just finished.” her sister responded calmly. In a much more worried voice she asked “Why are you up so late?”

Finally remembering why she was up, Rini pursed her lips and shook. Kairi having worry and concern written in her eyes walked over to her quivering sister and kneeled down until they were eye-level, hands on her shoulders and asked again “Why are you up?” Breaking down Rini flung herself on Kairi, arms around her neck and cried. Kairi picked up her distressed sibling and took her to the couch and sat down with the young girl in her lap. In a soothing motherly voice Kairi asked “What’s wrong?”

After Rini’s cries had calmed down a little she said “I had a nightmare.”

Kairi was stroking her sister’s hair and whispered in her ear “And it was just that, a dream, a bad dream. It’s over now.” Kairi knew better than to ask what the dream had been, her sister would tell her if wanted to. After 10 minutes Rini was calm and Kairi tucked her in bed again and went to bed.

Two years later they were like everyone else and happy, Rini had friends and Kairi was just happy to see her little sister without a care in the world, well she did have worries but they were expected for a girl of 12.

As Kairi sat on the porch watching her sibling play she wondered if at one time she had ever been carefree. But as she searched the recesses of her mind she could find no time. Looking at her watch she stood and went inside to make dinner. As she cooked she could clearly hear laughter from the outside. The girls came in talking about what movie they wanted to watch later.

The next morning as the girls were being picked up a scheme was unfolding although its creators where the only ones who knew. Not even the ones tricked into helping their plan. One by one they drove away.

“Who’s picking the rest of you up, or should I drive you home?” Kairi asked.

“Catharine’s older brother is picking us up,” responded Cali, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed 12 year old.

As they sat outside they chatted about different things. Kairi noted that the younger girls were unusually interested on the topic of boys. Catharine asked too innocently,

“Kairi, what do you want in a guy?”

Kairi stared at the hazel-eyed girl for moment and answered, “I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it.”

A red car drove in front of the house and stopped. “Well, there’s our ride,” Catharine stated while tucking a stray lock of brown hair behind her ear.

The girls picked up their bags and entered the car. Catharine and Cali talked about Kairi the whole time, forcing the driver to listen to them. They continued until they were silenced by, “Shut up, brat! I’m only doing this ‘cause Mom made me,” coming from the driver’s seat.

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Chapter 2

“It’s finally here!” Rini yelled bounding into Kairi’s room. “Come on get up, get up! Come on it’s the last day of school! Kairi? Are you asleep?” Kairi sprang to life as Rini peered over her head, tackling her little sister and tickling her mercilessly.

When they arrived at school the festivities were beginning. There was the moon bounce, dunk tank, face painting, and other things. For every one not in high school, they had to take their finals, lucky for Kairi she was graduating.

About 4 hours later kids were filing out. “Rini maybe you can come over this weekend,” Melissa suggested.

“I’ll have to ask Kairi.” Rini answered.

“Rini, I’ve been wondering, how come you never mention your parents? I mean most kids would say ‘I have to ask my mom,’ or something like that.” Rini however gave no response and turned her head to start looking for Kairi. Melissa however wasn’t thwarted. “None of us have even seen your family other than Kairi, pictures or anything.”

Rini seemed to be more encouraged to locate her sister and to stop her friends from seeing her face. Her family was a touchy topic, and she didn’t like to think about it much less talk about it. Besides she didn’t know if Kairi would be mad if she talked about it.

Strong arms then wrapped around Rini’s waist. “Thought you needed a distraction,” a voice whispered in her ear.

She nodded her head and smiled, “Good last day of school, Jon?”

Jon answered “Yeah, you?”

“Yep!” Rini answered while pushing one of the stray strands of his chin-length dark brown hair out of his face, and he smiled.

Catharine however wasn’t happy with his appearance and proved it, “Go away, Jon-a-than,” emphasizing his name.

“Nice to see you too Catty,” answered Jon to his younger twin. Catharine seemed to be teeming with anger at the mention of her hated nick-name.

Not being discouraged Melissa continued. “Rini, tell us. Real friends would tell,” emphasizing the word real.

Rini snapped, tearing herself out of Jon’s arms she stalked up to Melissa, anger emitting from her in waves. Seething with anger Rini hissed, “How dare you! It’s none of your business therefore you do not deserve to know. And don’t you dare go accusing me of being a bad friend because a friend would know when to stop if they were touching on a sensitive topic!”

“Get out of my face!”

With venom seemingly dripping from her words Rini seethed, “Gladly, but first let me make something clear. Next time stop pushing sensitive topics. And you deserved my anger. One more thing, between the two of us currently, you are the terrible friend!” With that she spun on her heel and stomped home.

Fifteen minutes later Kairi arrived at the house and to her sister’s room. Once inside her sister’s room she found Rini staring out the window. Kairi said, “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I forgot to tell you where I was going, I’m sorry.”

The next day Rini was talking to Jon saying how she shouldn’t have gotten so mad when Melissa, who was obviously eavesdropping said, “Good. I’ll accept your apology when you answer my question.” Everyone stood their staring at her with their mouths open in disbelief.

Jon snapped out of his shocked state first and shaking with pent up anger said, “If anyone should apologize it’s you. Rini feels guilty but she shouldn’t you should you arrogant girl.”

“Liar!” Melissa said gasping and looking enraged.

People were beginning to gather around them. “Take it back!” Melissa yelled at Jon.

“No! He’s right! We knew you were pushing it but we didn’t do anything. And if you knew anything you would know she doesn’t like to talk about it! You’re the one who should apologize!” Catherine yelled hazel eyes flashing.

“Guys stop this is crazy,” Rini said quietly apparently disturbed by everything.

“No, this needs to be settled Rini,” Jon said.

“Apologize right now Missy!” Catherine yelled.

“Watch it Catty!” She yelled back. Catherine and Jon lunged, Jon and Raven were the only ones allowed to call Catherine ‘Catty; but, were stopped by strong arms.

“Cool it brats!” yelled Catherine and Jon’s older brother Raven. As he and his friends held the struggling twins, brown eyes sparking.

“Rave’ leggo! She deserves it!” Catherine screamed.

Melissa scoffed and turned to Rini who had been staying to the side with a deer in the headlights look. “Rini,” she began with a sickly sweet smile, “come on I’m just trying to thank you for your generous ‘gift’. After all you turned my friends against me.” She began to walk toward Rini who in turn walked backward.
“Melissa calm down, this is insane. I’m sorry but I won’t answer.” Rini said shakily still stepping backward.

“That’s right you didn’t answer but I’m going to get an answer out of you,” Melissa’s voice hardened.

Rini had walked into a tree, ‘end of the line,’ she thought desperately as she trembled. She knew Melissa could hurt her; the only thing was how much. Her mind raced trying to find a way out of the mess she was in as Melissa stalked towards her with the look of a predator in her eyes.

“That’s enough Melissa,” a voice commanded from the crowd. Melissa paled. Catherine and Jon stopped struggling, and Rini looked a bit relieved. They turned to look at a tall figure standing near them. They wore forest green cargo-pants with a black T-shirt. Her shoulder length black hair was kept up by a matching green bandana. Her outfit contrasted with her pale skin and misty-grey irises. She was slender and even with her standing still one could tell how graceful she was when moving.

Melissa snapped out of her shock, “This is just a little argument. No need to worry,” she said shakily. There was no way for her to do what she wanted now and she knew it; she had hoped not to have to deal with Her. ‘Quick, have to be quick,’ she thought, ‘maybe I’ll be lucky’.

The misty-eyed person looked at Rini who was crying, and back to Melissa, “Doesn’t look like that to me.” Her voice was eerily distant, and her eyes seemed to see into her Melissa’s soul.

Melissa smiled a bit before snapping around with her hand raised. It never came down though, because her wrist was caught in air. She looked up fear entering her eyes as she looked up at the hand that caught it and it followed the arm until it reached the stoic face with flashing eyes. Melissa shrunk away as the ebony locked teen turned her gaze to Rini’s and signaled for her to get out of there with a mere look. More than willing to get away Rini ran home as fast as she could. Melissa was spun around to face her captor, as her chin was caught and jerked up. Fires blazing in misty eyes, fear encasing her entire being as a cold voice commanded, “Don’t ever go near her again.” With that she was let go as the figure walked away picking up her discarded books from the bench where she left them.

Raven and his friend let go of the twins and asked, “Who the hell was that?!”

Jon and Catherine both answered “Kairi.”

Catherine then went on to explain, “She’s Rini’s big sis’.”

Raven spent the rest of the day with his friends, who, like him, seemed to have a fixation on Kairi. He however didn’t voice it. ‘How did she do that?’ Raven asked him self over and over again. But he could never figure out how she had been able to get from where she was to the other girl that fast. ‘She was at least five feet away from that kid.’ His friends were wondering about…other things.

Another said, “Man, why haven’t we seen her before I mean we’ve seen like everyone!”

‘That’s a good question, why haven’t we.’ Raven thought. His friends continued gossiping about her and envisioning her in other clothes; he however didn’t this time. Most of the time he would be adding his ideas but this time he felt wrong doing that.

“Hey Raven, what’d ya think ‘bout her?” his friend Jason asked taking him out of his thoughts.

Raven shrugged and responded, “Dunno, suppose I could get some info from the brats.”

He hadn’t expected the response they gave, “Awesome!” in unison no less.

Later that day, “Catherine!” yelled Catherine’s mother.

“What?” she responded from the other room.

“Get over here now!”

“Ugh…” Catherine said getting off the couch from doing her homework to see what her mother wanted.

“You, young lady, are in so much trouble!” her mother yelled as soon as she stepped into the kitchen.

“What did I do?”

“Why did the dog go to the bathroom in the house?!” her mother screeched.

“Mom it was my fault!” Raven yelled running into the kitchen.

“What?” her mother asked.

“I was supposed to let Daisy out,” he lied.

His mother bought it and said, “Oh, well no internet for a week.”

As Catherine and Raven walked out of the kitchen he whispered, “You owe me.”

Catherine whispered back as they turned out it, “What do you want?”

“Info, come on,” was Raven’s response as he grabbed his little sister’s arm dragging her to his room.

Once there Catherine asked “What kind of info?” as Raven closed the door.

“About that girl, Kairi, tell me everything you know.” He said sitting on his bed.

“Kairi?” Rini asked her going into the living room. Her sister looked up her from her book and Rini continued, “Why don’t you have friends? Doesn’t it, like, bother you?” In truth before today barely anyone had known her sister existed. And as far as Rini knew Kairi didn’t have any friends.

Kairi smirked which was in actuality her smile; she had lost her ability to smile, at least that was what she had told Rini once. “It’s never bothered me,” Kairi said quietly, “But I do have two friends, and we’ll meet up again sometime.” Rini was utterly confused, she didn’t know about this or at least she didn’t think she did.

“You mean you have friends? Who are they, what are they like, why don’t you hang out with them?!” She asked snapping out of her shock.

“You were about two when we last saw each other, they knew we had to leave,” was Kairi’s response turning the page of her book.

Rini was now even more confused if it were possible, “Why did we have to leave?”

Her sister’s reply was in a much quieter voice, “It wasn’t safe for us, they understand.” Rini could tell that the conversation had ended now, so she went to her room to ponder about what her sister just said. According to what Kairi had said she would’ve been 6 or 7 depending on when they left.

When she reached her room a thought struck her, ‘Maybe they know her as well as I do if not better.’ Rini lay back on her bed thinking of the possibility of tricking her sister into telling her, ‘A billion to one,’ she thought wryly. So instead she moved on to listing everything she knew about Kairi, reaching for a notepad and pen.

About half an hour later she was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. She opened the door and walked out into the hallway and saw a man that could only make her think one word which became a little chant in her head, ‘Hot! Hot! Hot!’ Rini heard the man say his name Mr. Luke Spreno. ‘New neighbor,’ she thought vaguely.

He noticed her and said with a smile that could charm angels. “Hello, I’m Luke Spreno, your new neighbor,” he said extending his hand.

“I’m Rini Avalon, nice to meet you.” Rini shook his hand with a sincere smile, ‘He seems nice,’ she thought.

“Is this your mother?” Mr. Spreno asked innocently. Kairi entered the hall and tensed so slightly that it was barely noticeable, she didn’t like something about him or she had taken his comment as an insult to her age but Rini doubted that.

“We’re sisters Mr. Spreno. Now you were about to answer why you were here,” Kairi’s voice was curt. Rini sighed inwardly; her sister was always blunt and honest, unless there was a loophole that could get her out of any attention that could be thrown her way.

“Wow, didn’t expect that one. I was wondering if your parents were home?” he asked getting over the shock of someone so mature, and well, cold being that young.

“They aren’t here and won’t be so you’ll have to tell me.”
“I’m afraid I’m confused,” he looked as confused as he said.

“I meant what I said, so what do you need Mr. Spreno?” Kairi’s voice becoming sharp, it was late and Kairi wasn’t in the best of moods, her least favorite day was coming up and this man obviously wasn’t welcome around her.

Unable to suppress it Luke shivered, he hadn’t thought a voice could freeze someone. “I wanted to exchange phone numbers, you know incase of emergency.” He had a creeping suspicion as to why this girl was acting like this, he hoped he was wrong but she had walked to her sister’s side from where she could pull her out of the way if anything happened, it made him think he definitely knew why. He pulled out a notepad and wrote his name and number on it and ripped the paper of the pad and handed it to Kairi. She took it and studied it for a moment before tucking it into her pocket. Mr. Spreno held out the pad and pen which were grabbed by Rini, who wrote their names and phone number and handed it back. They said their adieus; all the while Rini studied him, dark brown hair spiked in the front, hazel eyes, taller than Kairi’s 5’ 8”, tanned skin, and well muscled body walk out the door.

Kairi put a hand on the door, and whispered to her self, “Damn him, why doesn’t he get it?” her hand curling up leaving imprint in the door, and pushed of the wall. Looking at her sister as she passed her she said, “It’s late, go to bed.”

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Chapter 3

“Kairi, Rini, hey!” Catherine yelled running through the mall saying excuse me to the other people in the mall. “Hey, how are you guys?” she asked panting but a cheerful smile in place none the less when she reached them.

“We’re fine,” Rini said smiling at her hazel eyed friend. “What are you doing here?”

“Mom’s making me and Rave bond or somethin’,” the brunet said, “and, whatcha doin’?”

Rini opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted, “There you are! Y’ know Mom would kill me if you got kidnapped!” Raven exclaimed storming toward them.

“Aw, you were worried, I’m touched,” Catherine replied sarcastically. Raven opened his mouth to retort but Catherine beat him to it, “So what are you doing here?”

“I’m getting a birthday gift, and Kairi just drove me.” Rini said chuckling at the siblings.

“Who’s b-day?” Catherine inquired.

Rini put on a faux façade of happiness and answered, “Its Kairi’s, she’ll be 18 in July.”

Catherine got an eerie smile on her face, “Well, I got an idea. How bout me and Rini go shop and you two go somewhere else.” Then she begged, “Please Kairi.”

“I don’t see why not, meet back here in two hours maximum,” Kairi’s silky voice betrayed nothing as she stared seemingly blankly at the younger girls.

“Thanks! See ya!” Rini and Catherine yelled in unison running off.

“Hey, get back here!” Raven exclaimed after them. “Argh, brat,” he muttered glaring after his younger sister.

A chuckle broke his through his thoughts and a whispered thought barely audible, “She’s a good kid.” When he looked for the speaker he found no one. He decided to wander around the mall since he had nothing better to do, going into a store here or there.

“What does she like?” Catherine asked going through racks of clothing. She and Rini were wandering around after running off.

“Not sure,” Rini replied looking around the store. “Maybe a necklace,” she said running off to the jewelry counter.

Catherine absorbed her friend’s words and ran after her, “A necklace?” she asked incredulously coming to Rini’s side.

Rini chuckled, nodding her blonde locked head “Doesn’t seem the type does she? But yeah she wears 3 necklaces all the time. I don’t know where she got two of them, but I know that she got the third one, it’s a locket,” she said looking over the items in the display case.

“A locket!” Catherine exclaimed.

Rini jumped at her friend’s response, “Cat be quiet, and yes,” she said in a hushed voice she pulled out a chain that had been hidden by her shirt, on the end of it was a heart. There were two rows that had words engraved, the top row read ‘Rini’ and the bottom row read ‘lon’.

Cat peered at the necklace and asked “Why does it say ‘lon’?”

Rini’s sad smile was missed by her friend as she explained, “Sis’ says that our dad got us these custom made so that when we got older we would always remember that we’re family no matter what, Sis’s says ‘Kairi Ava’.”

Catharine not liking the suddenly sad mood decided to lighten things up, “Alright then, what kind of necklace would she like?”

Raven walked into the bookstore having gone to all the other stores worth going into. He was wandering when he heard something drop as he turned the corner, he found Kairi standing in the isle. He would’ve thought that she was just passing if it weren’t for the book lying open at her feet.

Curious, he looked at the sign above the book shelves, it read ‘Mythology’, kneeling down he picked up the book, open to a page labeled as ‘Prophesies.’ Closing the book he read the title ‘Forgotten stories by Don Sire.’ Chuckling he thought wryly, ‘I wouldn’t want to have his name.’

Standing up he looked at Kairi and nearly dropped the book again, her eyes betrayed an array of emotions which changed from one moment to the next, first hatred, sorrow, then anger, and lastly fear. “Kairi, here’s your book.”

He said holding it out, ‘She hasn’t moved a muscle,’ he realized. He watched as her eyes continued to cycle through the more negative emotions. “Kairi, snap outta’ it you’re freakin’ me out!” Raven yelled. He had no idea what was happening all he knew was he didn’t like it, so he did the only thing he knew to do, he shook her shoulder. Kairi gasped and blinked, and then her eyelids fell, her eyelashes falling to rest on her cheek bones, as did the rest of her body. Out of reflex Raven caught her dumbfounded snapping out of shock he exclaimed, “Kairi! Kairi! Kairi wake up!”

A sales clerk came to the section to reprimand him for being so loud when he saw Kairi, “What happened?” He asked looking at Raven for a moment before returning his gaze to Kairi approaching slowly.

Raven still holding Kairi up said frantically, “I dunno,” glancing at Kairi he asked, “What should I do?”

The clerk hesitated in his answer, “Uh, um, can-can you carry her?” Raven moved his arms around so he could hold her bridal style and nodded his brows scrunched in confusion and looked down at Kairi, who looked like she had fallen asleep.

The clerk seeing Raven’s nod turned and said, “Follow me.” The scenery passed by quickly to Raven’s eyes whose mind was working as fast as his feet; before he knew it they had reached a faculty area of the customer service area. The bookstore clerk pointed to a sofa and said something, but Raven’s ears weren’t working at the moment, so he merely laid Kairi carefully on the sofa. Finally back in reality, Raven heard the clerk from before asking, “Did she come with anyone?”

Raven nodded and finding his voice answered, “Her little sister, I don’t know her name though.”

A nurse kneeled down by Kairi and asked, “Is she with anyone you know?”
A dawning expression appeared on Raven’s face and he answered, “Yeah, my little sis’. Her name’s Catharine Jones.”

Rini was browsing when something caught her eye, “Hey Cat, come ere’”

Catharine ran over and looked where Rini was pointing, “I dunno Rini; it’s a little creepy.”

Rini smiled and said, “It’s perfect, and I can buy it!”

As Rini paid for the item an intercom announcement came on, “Catharine Jones please report to customer service, report to customer service please.” Rini and Catharine shrugged and made their way toward customer service.

“So, how do you know her?” a clerk asked.

“I know her from her sister, and my siblings,” Raven answered.

“Raven, what’s going on?” Catharine yelled pushing through the lines of people roughly, where as Rini excused herself as quickly as possible so as not to lose sight of her rambunctious friend.

The clerk from the bookstore turned toward the two girls and explained, “A young girl passed out; are either of you her sister?”

The two girls exchanged looks and Catharine said, “I’m his sister,” emphasizing ‘his’ while pointing to Raven and adding as an after thought murmured something a lot like unfortunately.

“So, that would mean that you’re her sister,” the clerk deduced.

Before Rini could ask what the girl looked like she was interrupted by someone exclaiming, “Miss! You should be resting!” Footsteps were followed, coming down the hall.

Turning they saw Kairi walking up to them with her eyes closed, next to her was the panicked nurse who they had heard yelling. Kairi’s whispery smooth response was, “I’m fine.” She then reached Rini, her eyes flickered to show compassion but as fast as it was there it left; glancing at the clock out of the corner of her eye she said, “You still have another hour.”

“Please Miss, you need to rest,” the nurse said exasperatedly but worried all the same.

For the first time Kairi lowered her gaze to the stout man, eyes like voids piercing through his, with a little more force she repeated, “I’m fine,” then the right corner of her mouth twitched up for a moment before she added, “Spencer.”

The nurse, now identified as Spencer, looked confused for a moment and looked for their name tag, but not finding it, before saying, “Oh, I must’ve told you my name.” Kairi shook her head in a ‘no’ fashion, and headed out customer service, with a chuckling Rini close behind after saying good bye to Catharine.

Raven, Catharine, and everyone else who had over heard were left behind in a whirl of bewilderment.

“Sir, we’ve located her,” someone said holding out a file with the word ‘Operation Mistress’ on it.

‘Sir’ took hold of it and looked through its contents finding what he wanted he laughed a little. “Figures,” he said off handily, “Lieutenant,” he continued, “if you were the one hunted instead of the hunter, where would be the last place you think they’d look for you?”

Link changed to my library.

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Chapter 4

Almost three weeks later Rini was packing to go to Catharine’s house for a sleepover. Kairi came in, and by the way the atmosphere changed Rini could tell that there was going to be something very different this time, she had known something was off at the mall three weeks ago but she didn’t think much of it at the time. Turning around she looked at her elder sibling and was taken aback, Kairi was known, by anyone who knew of her, to be composed, graceful, and void of emotion, granted the last one was annoying at times but hey what could she say it was true; now though, just how much life had taken its toll on Kairi showed, her eyes showed how tired mentally she was, you could see how much she stained her face now that it wasn’t, and by how her shoulder’s were a little more slouched than their usual position, proper position as some people may’ve said. All her suspicions that something was going to be different, and she had a feeling it wasn’t something good, were just confirmed. Rini had never seen her sister like this, she looked small and scared, just like a little girl who got separated from her family and in one way that’s what Kairi was.

She knew Kairi didn’t like to be around people on July first, tomorrow, because of this. So she would just disappear for the day and leave Rini to her devices if she didn’t stay at a friend’s house. Rini still didn’t quite understand why it was on that day she disappeared since it was Kairi’s birthday but she did and nothing her little sister did could stop her.

Hearing the unspoken question Rini heaved her duffle bag strap up on her shoulder and said, “Ready,” her sister nodded and walked down the hall out to the car. Following Kairi, Rini vaguely thought, ‘I need to pack lighter,’ and got in the car.

On the way to Catharine’s house Rini realized something randomly, ‘Kairi gets the same look in her eyes when I bring up our family.’ She glanced at Kairi, who had regained her void façade before they had left the house, and decided to worry about it later.

After dropping Rini off, Kairi sat in her room, looking at her hands. It looked as if she was expecting something to suddenly appear, a sign of some sort. No matter how many times she did this, which was quite often, she never saw what her mother and grandfather did. It wasn’t as hard now to know what they thought, as it was when they were still around, she’d always known what they thought and it hurt, the way they were scared of her, the way her mother hated her for being different.

Glaring, Kairi stormed out of her room and slammed the door. Closing her eyes to collect her thoughts she breathed deeply, when she opened them she found herself looking at her front door. The five indentations she’d left when she personally met her new neighbor looked like nothing more than claw marks from a monster. Scowling she thought, “that’s just what ‘They’ thought; and without seeing anything like that.”

Stalking into the kitchen she reached for her crimson mortar and pestle, not the normal color for such objects but it was a gift and she’d sure as hell use it. Opening several small drawers and taking out an herb from each of them. Placing them in the mortar she began to grind them as she got a teapot from a cupboard on the other side of the kitchen and filled it with water. She deposited the finely ground herbs into the water, stirred them a bit and placed the teapot on the stove.

Kairi looked at her watch, it read 10:45, and scowled bitterly at the informant. She got out a cup just as the teapot began to whistle, she poured herself a cup and sat at the kitchen table. She took a long swig of the draft, and felt her muscles begin to unclench. Lowering the cup she looked at the liquid, it had the taste and appearance of fresh blood but it was made entirely out of herbs and boiled water. Named Ruby Tea for the blood like appearance, and metallic taste, was a beverage that was either liked or disliked; but for all it did relieve stress. Since the age of five, it’d been Kairi’s favorite drink.

When a clock chimed 11, Kairi was taken out of her revere for a moment before turning her gaze out the window and once again losing herself to her memories.

Meanwhile, at the Jones’ house, “Yay, pizza’s here, I’m starving!” Catharine exclaimed hurtling over the coffee table and couches to the door. She squealed when she saw the pizzas, hurriedly she paid and tipped the stunned delivery man, grabbing the pizzas so fast that he could barely register what was going on. Realizing that he was now staring at a closed door he turned away, when the door opened again and Rini looked out calling after him.

“Thank you!” after going back inside Rini found herself in the midst of a sibling argument.

Raven was holding Catharine’s beloved pizzas far above her head as she jumped trying to reach them. “That’s enough, you brat! We had a deal!” he yelled, clearly wishing he was somewhere else.

“Food now, deal later,” was Catharine’s only response as she continued to jump. They stopped when Rini cleared her throat.

“Um,” she began, “why don’t we do both at the same time?” Raven looked as if he was insulted that someone years younger thought of it before him, but lowered the pizzas anyway.

“Fine,” he said flopping on a couch, looking at Catharine, who had proceeded to pounce on the pizzas after they were lowered, his face transformed into one of disgust as he saw his younger sibling eat a piece in 3 bites. Returning his gaze momentarily to Rini he asked, “Do you even know what the deal is?”

When he saw the young girl shake her head Catharine quickly interjected, “Please don’t be mad.” Rini’s eyebrows scrunched together, and Catharine continued, “Raven agreed to watch us if,”

Raven interrupted and continued what Catharine had been saying, “If you tell me about your sister.”

“If I didn’t you wouldn’t have been able to come over!” Catharine added hurriedly.

“Ok,” Rini smiled brightly grabbing a piece of pizza and taking a bite. As an after thought she added, “What do you want to know?”

Reaching for a slice of pizza, Raven asked, “How come barely anyone knew of her until that fight?”

Rini frowned and thought for a bit and said, “Sorry, but I’m not sure. The only thing I can say is that she does it because she can.”

Jon came in and wrapped an arm around Rini, as Catharine asked, “Why doesn’t she smile?”

Rini shrugged and responded with, “I asked her the same thing once, I thought she was always mad at me. She said something like; she ‘lost’ the ability to.”

Jon looked at his girlfriend and asked, “What’d you mean?”

Rini merely shrugged again and tried to elaborate, “I’ve never seen her smile, but I know she has in the past. That’s the only explanation I can give. She smiled before ‘They’ went away.”

Intrigued Raven leaned forward, “Who’s ‘They’?”

Rini slapped her hand to her mouth realizing her folly. She slowly removed it and looked sheepishly at the three Jones siblings. After a while she sighed, giving in to their piercing gazes.

“You have to promise not to act any different around me or Kairi, especially Kairi.” After the three Jones promised she began to explain, and answer their questions.

Kairi was kneeling by the closet in her room, she was looking at paintings she had painted and stored in it. They weren’t badly painted, quite the opposite actually, but the meaning, emotions, were too deep.

Then she heard it, the rain that poured down so hard it was hard for even her to hear through.

She felt a strange sensation and before anyone could blink an eye she was out the door.

Link changed to my library.

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Chapter 5

“11: 30,” Sir said looking at his watch. Turning to face someone in the shadows he said, “30 more minutes and you’ll know exactly what happened to your family.” He turned his back to them ignoring their muffled cries.

Kairi sprinted through the suburbs and into the city. Frantically she thought, ‘Please don’t let me be late again,’ the rain poured down on her like a ton of bricks but it didn’t hinder her. The rain echoed in her ears, but she didn’t care, her only care was getting to the center of the city before midnight.

She arrived at her destination at 11:55 and her eyes immediately found and locked with Sir’s. “Brandon, you bastard, where is she?” Kairi snarled.

Brandon smirked and said warmly, “Ah, how long has it been Kairi? Almost 13 years? My how you’ve grown, we’ve been apart for far too long, in my opinion, anyway. How are you?”

Kairi merely stood there trying to calm her fury and settled with glaring at the black clad figure. Brandon, like the other men she knew were there, wore a black mask hiding their faces except for their mouths. Preventing people to see their faces, however, it didn’t work on Kairi.

After a little while she managed to coolly say, “I see my mark is still on you, I hope it hurts.”

Brandon chuckled and said, “It stings once a year, my dear, and only once a year.” He removed his mask revealing four scars glowing crimson on his face. They began above his left eyebrow to his lower right jaw line, someone else’s right.

He looked at Kairi, his gaze going down to her left wrist, which glowed cerulean blue. He smirked a bit at this and said, “And it seems I left a mark as well. Does it always glow?”

Kairi began to hold it like she had just been burnt, and snarled at him. Then she said viciousness rising in her voice with every word, “Where is she?”

He raised an eyebrow, as if to mock her, but made a gesture, signaling four men to come out, dragging four hostages with them.

Kairi’s rage grew, growling she said, “You kidnap my little sister, Raven, Catharine, and Jon.” At the sound of their names they began to struggle again and released cries muffled by their gags.

“Give them back; they have nothing to do with this. It has to do with you and me alone.” Kairi said taking a few steps forward.

Smirking Brandon said, “I thought you might say that,” he made another signal and the men removed their hostages’ blindfolds. Kairi quickly whipped out a glove and placed it on her left arm, covering her wrist, covering its glow. Brandon merely laughed and made another gesture, and the three men holding the Jones kids threw them at Kairi.

She untied them, and got in front of them, to prevent their getting hurt when Brandon said, “11:57, Kairi, they can leave but the younger Miss Avalon stays for three more minutes.”

He rested his hand on Rini’s shoulder and Kairi spat, “Don’t touch her, you corrupted fiend.” The anger and hatred in her voice could’ve melted lead.

Brandon turned to face his last captive and tilted her head up with his thumb and index finger. He spoke softly to Rini, as if she were a wounded animal he wanted to help, “She did a good job you know, raising you. She didn’t go to school until she was ten, keeping quiet and seemingly invisible.” Unable to do anything else, Rini just glared at him. But he didn’t stop, he continued, “She hacked into the government database. Made the Locator, designed to find her, have us go on a wild goose chase for 12 years, when she was five and from a pay phone no less. Then three weeks ago we discover that she’s been here the whole time, in her, and your, home town.” Rini’s eyes held a dawning expression as things clicked into place.

Kairi turned to the Jones and said, “Get out of here, now.” They began to protest and she said quietly, “Dineh, gorea kaeyano mika doshi.” Immediately they stopped arguing and ran home, unable to help themselves.

As the clock tower began to chime twelve, Kairi’s heart missed a beat. She spun around finding Brandon had turned around his hands firmly on Rini’s shoulders, and had a wild grin on his face. On the tenth chime he said, “Happy birthday, Kairi.” He threw Rini toward Kairi and shot her, Rini’s cries muffled by her gag and the rain.

Before Rini hit the ground, Kairi caught her and cut her bindings. She proceeded to take Rini to the nearest hospital.

At the hospital, Kairi was in the waiting room resting her elbows on her knees and her face in her hands. ‘Rini; why did you make me promise not to heal you myself? Why did you make me promise to take you to a hospital?’ she asked herself this so many times it was forever etched into her mind.

A nurse came out and said, “Miss Avalon, your sister is awake. She would like to talk to you.”

Kairi slightly regained her composure and walked down the hall to Rini’s room. When she opened the door, Rini looked over and smiled weakly at her. She walked over and took her sister’s hand in her own and whispered, “I’m so sorry,” gently squeezing Rini’s hand.

“It’s ok,” Rini whispered, “My coat; can you get my coat for me?” Kairi looked at Rini for a moment and then got the said object, which was in a chair by the room’s window. Rini began to search her pockets for something, when she stopped Rini looked up at Kairi and said quietly, “That man, he was the one who did it; wasn’t he?” Kairi nodded solemnly, and Rini continued, “Why?”

Kairi whispered, “There are hungry men in the world Rini, food hungry, lust hungry, blood thirsty, money hungry, and power hungry.”

Rini lowered her gaze and said sheepishly, “I told Cat, Jon, and Raven; about us, our family, only a little though. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Kairi said softly stroking her little sister’s hair, “I’m not mad, it was your choice. I only hope that it doesn’t come back to haunt us.”

Reassured, Rini lifted her gaze and smiled brightly, “I know, now, why you don’t like your birthday. But you’re 18 now, so happy birthday big sister.” She took her hand out of the coat pocket and a little black velvet box was cradled in her palm. Rini held the box out to Kairi and said, “Open it.”

Taking it Kairi regarded Rini for a moment before opening it. Inside she saw a pendent for a necklace. It was a black sword; it had two blood crimson jewels in the handle at the beginning and end. It also had another jewel at the tip, which angled in just like the diamond shaped jewel and proceeded to the handle as a narrow piece of metal.

Kairi looked at Rini and said, “Thank you, it means a lot to me.” Rini’s eyes had dulled and her smile weakened.

“I’m glad,” she said, “Kairi, make me a promise.” Rini’s eyes dulling by the second. Kairi nodded and she continued, “Don’t cry, don’t break your vow not to cry because of me.”

Kairi said, “I don’t understand,”

“Just promise me Kairi,” Rini said, her voice soft but urgent.

Kairi pursed her lips before saying, “I promise,”

Rini smiled sorrowfully and said, “Never forget Kairi, I love you.”

“I love you too, but why are you talking like this?” Then it hit her, she couldn’t hear her sister’s heart, she buzzed the nurse call and ran into the hallway. Kairi found the doctor running past her into the room; some nurses followed closing the door behind them. Kairi stood outside the door not moving just staring at it, waiting. Then finally, after what seemed like eternity, the doctor came out and saw the worried look on the young girls face. He shook his head and walked down the hall, Kairi collapsed to her knees. She could feel her soul shattering more and more.

Kairi felt Brandon’s aura behind her, but she was so distraught that it didn’t register what it meant until he spoke, “You have nothing now Kairi, your purpose for existence is gone.” He walked to her left side and swiftly grabbed her left wrist and pulled her up saying, “And now, you’re mine.”

Kairi’s eyes widened, and she gasped, “No.” Her right hand raised, she brought it down cutting into his four original scars and adding one new one with her thumb; as a reminder to everything he took from her. She tore her wrist out of his grasp and disappeared down the hallway, not consciously thinking about where she was going, but her memories, and body did; to the place where time and space meet Cross Roads.

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Part 2: Wind and Rain


”Long ago, when the Fates were still making the universe, two gods became the best of friends. The god of the howling winds; and the god of the drenching rains. They eventually became almost inseparable.

Legend has it that when the wind howls and the rain pounds, a great sorrow has befallen someone.

This much is true to knowledge, how ever few it be who knows; where there is a god part of their essence is transferred to another. This, however, didn’t occur until ‘The Sacrifice’; when the portals between the Realm of Fates and the Mortal Realms were sealed.

A god’s essence is usually transferred into a mortal being, humans normally. They receive it because they receive the gift of Naivety. Given to the child, it is lost over time; some sooner than others, but worn away none-the-less.”

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Chapter 1

‘Children’s voices filled the air at Jenai Park, located a little way from the elementary school. You could feel the innocence dance in the air.

A little boy, about four, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes was running toward another boy; who was holding a ball.

“Hey, hey you!” the little boy yelled to the other. The ball holding boy turned toward the voice, he was also about four years old. He, however, was an inch or two taller than the other, with platinum blonde hair with emerald eyes.

The brunette smiled brightly and asked, “Wanna play?”

The blonde nodded and said, “I’m Drew, who’re you?”

The brown haired smiled again and responded cheerfully, “I’m Chris. Come on.” He ran off, Drew smiled and ran after him.'

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Chapter 2

‘Two years later, they were inseparable. Chris was going over to Drew’s, for their first sleepover ever. Needless to say he was a little more than ecstatic.’

‘The whole night went smoothly; they went to bed at eight. Three hours later they simultaneously awoke. Their chest throbbing in pain, and their heads felt like they were splitting in two.

Somehow, unbeknownst to them, they ended up outside at a bad part of town. It was now 11:30, and the rain and wind that had started and the pain that drove them crazy; subsided a little. But they continued running and eventually ran down an alley way.

The alley way turned out to be a dead end, and the pain was now tolerable. There was an old rusty swing at the end of the alley, and in it was a little girl with the blackest hair that fell to her knees if she stood up, made wavy by the rain. Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks had tear stains on them; but you could tell that she wasn’t crying at the moment. She was also holding a bundle in her arms, as if she were trying to keep it dry.

The little girl raised her head, and they saw the palest, almost like mist, gray eyes they’d ever see. The seemed to glow, even with her eyes half lidded. Chris and Drew could feel the sorrow coming off her, as she studied them. The bundle she was holding moved and she turned her gaze to it; the bundle was a baby, she was trying to keep it dry so it wouldn’t get sick Drew realized.

Chris had a slight blush on his cheeks, whether from pain or not no-one knew. Either way, he found his voice and said, “Do you hurt too?”

She nodded slowly, when he opened his voice say something he stopped, all three, excluding the baby, did. “Did you hear that?” Drew asked.

The little girl stood up, shifting the baby so it was held with one arm, she walked over to the man hole in the middle of the little clearing, in a forest of buildings. The puddles she walked on, didn’t give off any ripples.

Kneeling down, using her right hand she lifted the covering, like it was a piece of paper and placed it next to the hole. In a whispery voice she said, “Follow me.” With that she jumped down into the hole.

The once black hole was now bright as a spot light, but didn’t hurt Chris’s or Drew’s eyes. They went down the ladder, where the little girl was waiting. Once both boys were on the ground she walked away, after she turned a corner the boys ran after her. They found her staring at a rock wall, which seemed to be a mile high.

They felt their minds prickle and heard telepathically, Who, are you?” The walls surface rippled, like a puddle in the rain, as the voice spoke to them; and they assumed it was in fact the wall that was talking to them.

“What?” Drew asked.

The wall repeated itself, and the little girl opened her mouth and confidently said, “Mistress.” The boys were still confused and she turned to them and asked, “Jiiara conii arrejea?” Her question echoed through the sewage tunnel, which for some reason didn’t stink. Though never hearing that language before; Chris and Drew both knew that it meant, “Who are you?”

A dawning expression played on Drew’s face and he said, “Wind.

Rain,” Chris said a little above a whisper. The little girl Mistress put her right hand on the rock wall and walked through it, the surface rippling as she passed through. Chris and Drew soon followed suit.’

“Can you believe it’s been 13 years since we met?” Rain asked walking down the same alley way.

Wind laughed, “I know, remember when she went exploring the tunnels. We found her right after she broke a V’s’ arm! And he was like 4 times as big as her. She just glared at him, and went back to ‘Haven’.”

Behind the rock wall, they found runes in the same language Mistress had spoken to them. She said it translated into ‘Haven’, so at a loss of what else to call it, they agreed it was good enough of a name.

The swing at the end of the alley way had been nicknamed, Mistress’s Throne. Since it was so old that it couldn’t hold weight, and since Mistress was weightless only she could sit on it.

The end of the alley way, it turned out, had a name. Its name The Cross Road, the place where souls go before they’re sent to the other world.

The usually unoccupied swing now held a young woman. Her long legs bent to accommodate the swings height, her hair half on the ground. Her half lidded eyes were down cast. She held a bandanna in her right hand, while her left fore arm was covered by a glove.

In a whisper Wind asked, “Mistress?” knowing she could hear him. She raised her head, and looked from him to Rain, then lowered her gaze again. It was times like these, even though the cause is horrible, that made her seem like she was human. The sky was crying for her, since all she would—could—do is allow her eyes to show how torn she is on the inside.

Rain walked over to her and kneeled down to eye-level, and took her hands from the swing chains and held them. Chris said softly, “Come on, you’ve been gone for too long.”

Mistress merely nodded slightly so Rain stood up taking her with him. Leading her to the manhole he looked back at Mistress. She was looking at one of the many floating orbs, which happened to be souls.

He hated seeing her like this, but it was one of the few times anyone could see behind the void, her abilities made her seem inhuman but she was still human; no matter how strange. No matter how many years passed, Mistress was still like the lost little child that he met, she’d never been carefree but, she was still a lost child.

When Mistress looked back at Chris he said, “Let’s go home, Kairi.”

My Corner: And this was as far as I got [yes this was the end of the chapter and Part 2]. I still reread this silly thing so I don't forget how bad I was in comparison to where I am now and how much I've improved over the past three years. Anywho, I shall no longer plague you with...posting after myself. [*cowers from mods*] Comments...uh have at it. I can't really think of anything. A discussion of any sort would basically be welcome.

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Crimson...You have to go on...You've renewed the emotions I have been feeding off so long...

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Do I seem like some psycho girl who hates people still? Or have you realized that I'm not spouting complete nonsense?

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Well, I don't think a lot of people thought you were spouting nonsense. Or even you were psychotic. Just a bit hard sometimes on the new writers. Any time you pointed something out to me on my stories (all of two, and only one time) I've taken it seriously.


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