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 Pokemon Stories 
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I have decided to write pokemon stories. The stories wont be very long but im going to make many of them. They will be sort of like TV episodes, they revolve around 1 main charecter, and his pokemon.


Story 001: The Heartless Sharpedo!

"Gah!" Alex gasp when he saw what was happening behind the pokemon center. "Nurse Joy! Why is it doing that?" Alex was still a beginning trainer, he had started a year ago at the age of 11. His pokemon, a Natu, was being treated and well he was looking around, he stumbled upon a sight he would not rather repeat. "That is a very cruel Sharpedo, the other pokemon often get hurt by it. But it usualy doesn't damage them this much." What had happened was, the Sharpedo had started moving down stream, but many Magikarp were moving upstream, and the Sharpedo had been angered by them getting in his way. "That Sharpedo knows some strang attacks. Even some I havent seen. He knows Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and even an attack that has been named Anger, that is much like an very powerful Rage attack. When he uses it, the water turns black, and he rushes forward, the water moving with him like a giant blade. There is somthing odd about that Sharpedo though. It has no teeth, no scar, and no gills for some reaseon." Nurse Joy walked back to the room where Natu was, well Alex thought about the description of the Sharpedo. "Hmmmm." Alex thought and thought until he relised somthing. " Nurse Joy, come here!" She ran into the room as quickly as she could, and asked "What's wrong?" Alex stared out the window, "Well, I just figured out what that Sharpedo is." Nurse Joy looked puzzled. "What is it?" Alex answerd with 2 simple words, "A ghost." Nurse Joy gasped, then asked "How can that be? The last Sharpedo to die around here was 5 years ago." Nurse Joy went back to her puzzled look. "One day, about 5 years ago my dad, who works at Mt. Pyre came home with a list, just like every other day. Just like every other day, I had to write down the pokemon, its name, and where it died, plus where it would be buried/tombstone be placed. Sharpedo live a long long time dont they? Well they are usuely realeased just before they die. But this ones trainer would release him. Or at least thats what my dad told me. That is probebly why its haunting people and pokemon around here. So if Natu ok, I think ill go put it to rest!" Alex looked determined, but Nurse Joy knew that that would not be enough. "Your Natu is not strong enough! If you try that you will be its next victim." Nurse Joy was being dead serious. "I know I can beat him! I just know!"

To be continued......

Thu Jul 14, 2005 2:58 pm
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5/5.Kept me on the edge of my seat, even if I could barely read it because of the lines being pushed together.Can I post my story, at least part of it?(I have a tendency of making them LONG)I'll explain it if you let me.

Sat Sep 10, 2005 3:22 pm
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