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 Athenas region Adventures 
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I will add more chapters to the story.
chapter one---the trainer begins
Falk:wha where am I,Oh its another nightmare I better sleep again.
In morning Flak wakes up early again.
Falk:Mum!!! :?
Mum:Yes honey??do you want breakfast??
Falk:No I juat want to go to prof.Bryan's laboratory to pick my starter pokemon!!!
Mum:Ok Honey I'll take you there.
Falk and his Mum went into the car and went to the laboratory of prof.Bryan,but on their way there they found a wild {skarmory}
Falk:Hey stupid skarmory get out of the way!! :P
skarmory: :evil: kraaaaaaaaaaaaa :x
[skarmory used steel wing]
Just then [magby use flamethrower!!]
[the flame thrower was super effective]
skarmory:kraaaaaa :!:
[the skarmory flew away.
Falk:Thankyou Prof.Bryan :D
Mum:well I have to get going to buy some groceries bye! :)
Prof.Bryan:No not at all here we see so many skarmories,come n to my lab :wink:
Here choose a pokeball in the first one you will encounter a bulbasaur,in the second one there is a charmander,and in the third one there is a squirtle. :D Wich one would you like??
Falk:Hm...... {bulbasaur} {charmander} {squirtle} {venusaur} {charizard} {blastoise}
I will pick bulbasaur!!!! :D
[Then at the door]
Jhonson:Hi Dad!
Falk: :evil: is Jhonson!!
prof.Bryan:Hi son want to pick your pokemon??
Jhonson:Yes please then I'll catch a skarmory :twisted:
Lets see I'll pick hm....... {charmander} !!!!! :P :P
Falk: :( :evil:
Jhonson:smell ya later!!
Prof.Bryan:Falk I suggest you go Valeria town to get me something then I will give you a surprise :D
Falk:Then Valeria city here we go!!!
[Meanwhile Falk was going to valeria with is bulbasaur and whooosh!!
something jumped out of the woods!!]
Falk:watch out {bulbasaur} its a wild pokemon!!!
Sneasel:Sneasel Sneasel!!!
Falk:look a {sneasel}
We cant catch it because we dont have any pokeballs so we have to raise experience bulbasaur!!
[sneasel used shadow ball,bulasaur couldnt resist it!!]
Falk:Hang on bulbasaur use razor leaf now!!
[Bulbasaur used razor leaf and it srathed sneasel!]
[Sneasel used ice beam,wow it was super effective!!]
Falk:Bulbasaur nooo!!
[Suddenly a mysterius trainer appeared!!]
trainer:Squirtle use water gun goo!!!
[squirtle used water gun,sneasek couldnt breathe!!]
Falk:wow cool squirtle!!!
trainer:it was the last pokemon in prof.Bryans lab you know :?
Go pokeball!!!
1.........2........3.....4.....poof yes I cought a {sneasel} !!!
Falk:thanx you saved bubasaur!!
trainer:your welcome,here bulbasaur take an oran berry to heal.
[bulbasaur ate the oran berrry and healed itself]
trainer:by the way my name is Andross nice to meet you!
Falk:My name is falk,do you want to travel with me??
Andross:Yes please!!
Bulbasaur:Bulba,Bulbasaur!! :D
To be continued---

Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:19 am
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Location: Creating an army of grass types to help team solar rule the world!!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:57 am
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This story will never be as good as Lugia and the catastrophy Lintaro, you should make a sequel to that instead.

<FireStarter>I'm sure Psyducks will be at stakes too

Tue Aug 02, 2005 2:31 pm
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Its Okay eswin I am jsut getting started besides,its chapter one there will be more.
EDIT:Ok Chapter two:For some stupid reason team rocket came!
As Falk met a trainer called Andross they start their journey to Valeria city.
Falk:All right Valeria city now I can deliver the packages to prof.Bryan!!Andross:...... :? Hey whats that??
Falk:where,what?? :o
Andross:There I see an old garage.
Falk:well then lets chek it out!! :D
Andross: :x We came here to deliver prof.Bryan's package.....
Falk:cmon in the movie Ash always cheks out weird places! 8)
Andross:you mean Ash,man are you pretending to be him or something???,Hey where did you go???
Falk:I'm here near the garage!! :lol:
Andross:allright then you win lets go!
[meanwhile in the bushes,team rocket was spying on Falk and Andross]
Jesse:Well well looks like we have the fish on the bait!! :twisted:
[Suddenly an old man appeared]
Old man:Why its time to cut the bushes :D
Team rocket: :shock: Nooo dont cut nooooooooo!!!!!
Falk:Hey Andross here I found something.
Andross:What is it,abother broken masterball?? :?
Falk:No I found this envelope and inside it has a letter,it says deliver to Bryans Lab.
Andross:Could it be that here was the delivery station??
Bryan:I dont know but lets go out tis place its starting to creep me :roll:
Andross:HA I knew it!! :P
[When they got out team rocket appeared!!]
Jesse:Preapare for trouble you have been cut!
James:Make it double we are going to shut!
Jesse:To protect the world from devastation!
James:And unite our people with our nation!
Jesse:team rocket blasts of at the speed of light!
James:Surrender now or preapare to fight!
Meowth:Meowth thats right!!
Falk:The same team rocket thats from the movies??
Andross:Weierd :?
Team rocket: :cry: Oh the shame........
Jesse:Anyway we have come here for a stupid reason,capture bulbasaur!!
Andross:.......... :shock: ........Man this day is weird
Team rocket: :cry: Oh the shame........
Falk:you wont steal my bulbasaur!!
Jesse:Oh yes we will go {seviper} !!!
James:Go {cacnea} !!!!!
Andross:hey two against one isnt fair,go {snesel} !!!
Sneasel use ice bem on cacnea goo!!
[Cacnea is frozen]
James: :cry: Oh the shame............
Falk:Go {bulbasaur} !!!
Falk:use razor leaf against {seviper} !!!!
Jesse:Ha...Bulbasaur is a weakness aginst my seviper!!!
Use Poison tail!!
[Seviper used poison tail to block the razor leaf]
Jesse:use wrap!!
[Bulbasaur couldnt move!!]
Falk:use Vine whip go!!!
[The vine whip tied seviper!!,both pokemon got tied up!!]
Meowth:I will use fury swipes!!
Andross:No you dont Sneasel use your fury swipes into meowth!!
[both meowth and sneasel started fighting with fury swipes!!]
Falk:Bulbasaur use leech seed!!
[seviper let go of bulbasaur and seviper's energy was drained!!]
Jesse:Wha seviper noo!
Falk:finish it up with solar beam bulbasaur!!
[Bulbasaur started charging sunlight,wile team rocket was writing a letter to a friend eccpet meowth,and boooooooooooooom!!!!!! the solar beam struck!!
Team rocket:Wer'e blasting off again!!!
Falk:yes I have beatened Jesse and team rocket!!!
Andross:Ash aways beats them :?
Falk: :cry: Oh the shame!!!!!!!!
Anyway lets go to the deivery station to deliver Prof.Bryan's package.
[At the Station]
Andross:look its Jhonson!!
Falk: :evil: That creep!!
Jhonson:Hi Falk looks lke you made a friend,what pokemon did you catch? :P 8)
Falk:No pokemon but I raised my Bubasaur!!
Jhonson:Well then what pokemon does your friend have??
Andross: {squirtle} and {sneasel}
Jhonson:Only those,huh I have {charmander} , {skarmory} ,{nidoranM} and {scyther}
Andross and Falk: :shock:
Jhonson:smell ya later!!
Falk:well then dont worry about hi lets deliver the package!
Package man:Hi are you Falk??
Falk:yes I am here to deliver prof.Bryan's package :D
Package man:Ok delivered,oh by the way he left me six pokeballs and a pokedex for you Falk!
Package man:the next city is cataron city ts west from here and it has a strong gym leader.
Falk:Ok then Here we go First badge!!
--to be continued--

Tue Aug 02, 2005 6:48 pm
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Talk about Drama. :P Action all over the place. I like that very much, although I would like to see more elaboration.


Go Charizard!

Elaborate part of the example:

Ash (or whoever) Screamed at the top of his lungs, "Go charizard!" And the huge, massive pokemon emerged from it's ball.

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Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:06 pm
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I will try that Chapter 3 the battle at the mall
After Falk recieving his pokedex and his pokeballs he gets ecxited to go to cataron city,but before going there Falk is hungry.
Falk:ouuch,I'm hungry I want to eat :(
Andross:Well there is a mall near by lets chek if there is a restaurant in there,oh and we better buy merchansies for our journey.
Falk: :x foood!!food!!!!foooood!!!! :x
Andross: :shock: Allright then lets go to the restaurant first :?
Falk: :D
[Suddenly a thirten year old bot challenged Falk!]
Boy:Hey you!
Boy:No the other one :P
Boy:Yes you!!I challenge you to a battle,the winner wins this hamburger!!!Falk:Ok then I love free food!! 8)
Boy:Go {raichu}
[A huge electric spark appeared when raichu was out of the pokeball!]
Falk:Huh..A weakness Go {bulbasaur}
[Bulbasaur was ready for battle!]
Boy: :evil: Go use double slap!!
[Raichu slapped bulbasaur up!]
Falk:I want that burger!!!Use vine whip!!!
[Bulbasaur used vine whip to slap back!!]
Boy:use iron tail on that vine whip!!
[Raichu used maximum of its tail's power to make an iron tail,bulbasaur's vines were hrut badly!!!]
Boy:He he!!That otta show you!!
Falk:Bulbasaur use leech seed!!
[Bulbasaur fired a seed that was planted on raichu,bulbasaur's leech seed was draining raichu's power!!]
Boy:Noooooo :shock: !!!
Falk:Finish it with razor leaf!!!
[Huge sharp leaves cut raichu,Raichu got tired and it was unable to battle!]
Boy:...... :evil: :x :cry: ......
Andross:you did it!!
Falk:Where is the hamurger??
[suddenly a car of hamburger crashed the wall!!]
Jesse:Preapare for trouble I would eat!
James:Make it double because I like meat!!
Jesse:To protect the world from devastation!
James:And tu unite the people to our nations!
Jesse:Team rocket blasts of at the speed of light!
James:surrender now or preapare to fight!!~
Meowth:Mewth thats right!
Andross:you again!!!
Team rocket:Yes and we have come to steal bulbasaur!
Falk:No way,you are not taking my bubasaur :P
Jesse:Oh yes we will,Go {dustox} !!!!
[a huge smoke of poison apeared when dustox was out from the
Falk:Go {bulbasaur} !!!
James:Go {cacnea} !!
Noo dont hug me!!!
Cacnea:cacnea cacnea!!
James:use pin missle!
[A huge rain of spines attcked bulbasaur,and bulbasaur was hurt!!]
Andross:Go {squirtle} !!!
[Squirtle was preapared for battle]
Andross:Go use water gun!!
[a huge water gun ttacked cacnea,but it wasnt super effective!!]
Jesse:Go Dustox use psybeam!!
Andross:Squirtle use skull bash!!
[squirtle protected himself from the psybeam hiding inside his shell,then squirtle attacks Dustox with a skull bash!!]
Jesse:How dare you!!!!Return Dustox
James:use needle arm cacnea!!
[cacnea's needle arm hit bulbasaur!!]
Falk:Dont give up use sleep powder go!!!
[Bulbasaur's sleep powder made cacnea sleep]
James: :shock: Return cacnea!!
Falk:You wont escape team rocket!!
Bulbasaur use vine whip!!
[suddenly in the hamburger car Meowth turns on the force field, and bulbasaur was trapped!]
Meowth:Ha how do you like that!!!
Andross:Squirtle fire your water gun at the remote!!
[Squirtle fired the water gun to the remote,the remote was broken and the force field was gone!!]
Falk:Bulbasaur use vine whip go!!
[Bulbasaur hitteam rocket with a vine whip and sends them blasting off!]
Jesse:I knew that those twerps were strong! :evil:
James:And it took me all my money to buy that blasted car!!
Meowth:Its not the only thing thats blasting you know :?
Team rocket:Tea rocket is basting of again!!!
Falk:Well we should get going to cataron city now.
Andross:Okay lets go :D
---to be continued---

Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:10 am
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I rate it 9.0/10.I butchered the 1 point because of the inpending unevolving disaster that is Bulba.Please don`t tell me a grass gym is gonna have a {venusaur} and then repeat the whole *{bulbasaur}:I won`t evolve to fight that Venusaur because I have an ego and I wanna remain cute* bit.As far as I`m conserned the story is great but please evolve Falks {bulbasaur},it doesn`t have to be right away but evolve him in the future.Good story!

Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:53 am
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It will evolve in chapter six :D
Thanx for reading
EDIT:Chapter 4 I love eevee
After eating in the mall Falk and Andross decide to go to cataron city but they have to cross a huge river first.
Falk:Great now what?? :?
Andross:Nothing we have to wait for the boat to arrive in.........five hours
Falk: :shock: Five hours!!!!
Andross:lets rest I'm tired :o
Falk: :x I want to go to cataron city!!!
[Then in the bushes something was moving]
Falk:Hey Andross look something is there,it looks like...
Falk:Hey wake up :evil:
[Then an eevee got out of the bushes running!!]
Falk:Look an eevee
Pokedex:eevee the evolution pokemon,eevee can evolve into five diffrent forms by training or using stones,this pokemon when not well trained refuses to obey as in result wanting to evolve.
Falk:Cool {eevee}
Andross:zzzzzzzzzwhe wha ...zzzzz an eevee......zzzzzz
Falk: :? :x WAKE UP!!!!!!!
[As Falk screamed eevee ran away]
Andross:Is it morning?? :roll:
Falk:Hey where's eevee!!
[Meanwhile in the forest,eevee was gathering berries for lunch,suddenly a pack of poochyena apeared and they wanted the food that eevee gathered!
[The poochyena used shadow ball,and hit eevee!]
[eevee used thundershock at the poochyena,the poochyena ran away!!]
[Then eevee looked tired,she slept over some huge leaves,meanwhile falk and andross were searching for eevee]
Falk:I want to catch that eevee as my first pokemon! :? where could she be??
Falk:look {butterfree}
Andross:they are beautiful!! :D
Pokedex:Butterfree has a superrior ability to serach delicious honey from flowers.It can even search out,extract and carry honey from flowers that are blooming over six miles from its nest.
[Suddenly a huge cloud of smoke appeared!!]
Jesse:preapare for trouble the flower is mine
James:Make it double because we are going to preapare wine!
Jesse:To protect the world from devasatation!
James:To unite the people with our nation!
Jesse:Team rocket blasts of at he speed of light!
James:Surrender now or preapare to fight!
Meowth thats right!!
Falk:Team rocket!!
Jesse: :lol: Thats right and now we are going to take bulbasaur with us!!
Andross:Not this time we are looking for eevee!!
James: :D I love eevee
Falk:Hey forget it that eevee is mine!! :P
James:No one steals my favourite pokemon!!! :evil:
Falk:I want that eevee :x
Andross :roll:
Jesse: :roll:
Meowth: :roll:
Falk:Thats it we are going to settle this with a battle!
James:I agree go {cacnea} !!!!
Falk:Go {bulbasaur} !!!!
[The two grass pokemon were ready to fight!!]
James:pin missle!!
[A huge rain of in missle attacked bulbasaur fiercely!!]
Falk:Go use razor leaf!!!
[Cacnea was stroken with sharp leaves!!]
[meanwhile at the forest eevee woke up and she was hungry,but in the trees there were pokemon watching for eevee]
Falk:Use vine whip!!
[Cacnea got tied up and couldnt move!!]
James:use needle arm on the vines!!!
[cacnea used needle arm and bulbasaur's vines were hurt]
James:good now use sandstorm!!!
[Bulbasaur was stroken by he sandstrom!!]
Falk:Bulbasaur use sleep powder now!!!
[Bulbasaur couldnt make a sleep powder in the sandstorm!!]
James:you might as well give up because your bulbasaur is bulb-history!!
Falk:Cmon bulbasaur try to get out!! :x
James:ha ha ha ha
Falk:Bulbasaur use your vine whip to spin!!
[Bulbasaur's vine whip got out of the sandstorm and it was spining he sandstrom away!!]
James: :shock: eeek!!!
Falk:Great now use solar beam!!
[Bulbasaur charged a solar beam,and booooooom!!!]
James: :evil: You Jesse and meowth are useless you didnt do anything when I was in battle :x !!!
Jesse:we didnt even care
Meowth:Me too
James:Team rocket is lasting mad again!!
[Meanwhile eevee was eating and a swarm of beedrill came out of a tree and attacked eevee!!]
Falk:Look its eevee and.... :shock: {beedrill} !!!!!
Andross: :shock: ruuun!!!!!!
[Beedrill used hyper beam and sends Falk,Andross and eevee on the other side of the river!!
Falk:Hey we are on the other side of the river yay :D
Andross:well the beedrill actually helped us :lol:
Falk:eevee do you want to come with us in a pokemon journey??
[eevee jumps to falk's hand]
Falk:I guess thats a yes!!
--to be continued--

Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:55 am
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Location: Creating an army of grass types to help team solar rule the world!!!!!!!!

Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:10 pm
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A very sporadic episode.
Falk should catch more pokemon.
Enough with the Bulba=Pika.
Don`t catch hundreds of pokemon like Gary but don`t limit Falk to 6 pokemon per region like Ash.

Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:41 pm
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Yes I know I will make Falk more like ash

Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:52 pm
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It's getting better already! I see more elaborate and that's nice. Keep up the drama effect. :P

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Wed Aug 03, 2005 3:18 pm
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Chapter:5 Wings of truth
As Falk a young trainer who travels with his best friend Andross and his trusty bulbasaur catches an eevee along the way to cataron,now what surprises does wait.
Andross:Okay........I think were lost..
Falk: :shock: Whaat!!!!I want to get my Gym badge!!
Andross calm down there is a cabin nearby.. :?
Falk:Okay then lets go....
[Then a mysterius Man was spying them at a tree,at the cabin the door was unlocked]
Andross:Anyone here!!
[Then suddenly three ninjask appeared!!]
Falk:Cool {ninjask} !!
Pokedex:Ninjask,the ninja pokemon.
If Ninjask is not well trained it refuses to obey its trainer,then it will search for another one.
[Then the ninjask Attacked Falk and Andross witha shadow ball!!]
Falk:Hey we were jsut asking for directions,go {eevee} !!!!
[The ninjask used hyper beam and eevee fainted,then a lady appeared]
Lady:Ninjask stop,hey what are you doing here are you looking for a fight!?? :?
Andross:What!No we were just asking for directions,your door was unlocked...
Lady:You should have knocked :?
Falk: :oops: ooops sorry....
Lady:Thats Ok by the way my name is Rose.
My name is Falk
And mine is Andross
Rose:Hi nice to meet you :D
Andross:Anyway we were just asking for directions to Cataron city
Rose:Well its northwest from here,dont you have a map??
Andross:weird in the map it doesnt show this place..
Rose:That is because this place is unexplored,do you want to meet my pokemon??
Falk:Yes please!! :D
Rose:Ok here are my pokemon Go {roselia} and {espeon} !!!
[As Roselia came out of its pokeball it spinned and did a petal dance!!]
Pokedex:Roselia,the thorn pokemon.
Roselia's flowers are beautiful but dangereus any pokemon smeling this flower can be attacked by roselia,roselia has thorns on its head anyone touching the thorns will be poisoned.
Espeon,the guardian pokemon.
As a result of the sun's effect an eevee will evolve into espeon,this pokemon protects its trainer from harm by creating a psychic force field.
Falk:Cool,but my eevee needs help.
Rose:your Lucky I worked in the cataron pokemon hospital before :wink:
Falk:So you can cure eevee??
Rose:Yes eevee just needs a good night sleep thats all.
Falk:speaking of sleep,can we stay here for the night??
Rose:Of course!! :D
[Meanwhile the mysterius Man was spying on them by the window without anyone noticing!!]
Rose:I know do you want to double battle??
FalkOk :D
Rose:Lets battle at the Garden Battlefield!
[Falk and Andross went to the Garden Battlefield with Rose]
Rose:Ok go {roselia} and {espeon} !!!!
[As Roselia came out of its pokeball it spinned and did a petal dance!!]
Falk:Go {eevee} !!
Andross:since roselia is a grass type I cant use squirtle,then go {sneasel} !!!!
Rose:Go espeon use confusion on eevee and roselia use petal dance on eevee!!
[eevee was badly hurt from all of the attacks!]
Andross:My turn go sneasel use ice beam on roselia!!
[Roselia was forzen from the ice beam!!]
Rose:Good move,espeon use morning sun!!!
[Espeon's morning sun healed roselia!!]
Falk: :shock: Morning sun!!eevee use Thundershock on espeon go!!
Rose:Yes I thought espeon when it was still an eevee,espeon use psychic! on eevee!
[eevee couldnt make a thundershock and it was baly hurt from the psychic!!]
Rose:Now espeon use morning sun and roselia use solar beam!!
[While espeon was using morning sun roselia was charging a solar beam and boom!!Eevee had serius Damage!!!]
Falk:NOO!!......think Falk think......Thats it!! 8) Andross use an ice beam to espeon!!
Andross: :? Okay Sneasel use ice beam on espeon!!
[Espeon was frozen!!]
Falk:Yes now no more morning sun eevee use tackle on espeon go!!
[Eevee's tackle broke the ice and did serius damage on espeon!!]
Rose:noooo espeon!!
Andross:Sneasel finish roselia with shadow ball!!
[Both Roselia and espeon fainted!!]
Rose:Well return,good stratergy Falk :D
Falk:Thanks :D
Rose:Lets go in and lets drink some lemonade.
Andross:Fine with me :D
[Then at night it was raining,everyone was sleeping but Falk went out of the cabin.]
Falk:Go eevee use moonlight!!
[But eevee couldnt do it]
Falk:Cmon eevee you have to learn moonlgiht if you want to evolve!!
Try it again use moonlight!!
[but eevee couldnt do it]
Falk:Try again moonlight!!
[But eevee couldnt do it]
Falk:Again go moonlight!!
[Then the moon began glowing and then eevee healed itself!!Then the mysterius Man appeared!!]
Man:Hey kid dont stay up at this late and go to your bed!!
Falk:Who do you think that you are?!
Man:Go {mightyena} !!
Falk:I think he is looking for a battle eevee go!!
Use thundershock!!
[The thundershock did serius damage because it was raining!!]
Man:Mightyena use hyper beam go!!
[BOOOOOOM!!!!!!that was a furius hyper beam!!!!Eevee was seriusly damaged!!]
Falk:Eevee use moonlight!!
[Eevee healed itself!!]
Man:So that eevee can use moonlgiht :twisted:
Use Bite mightyena!!
[Mightyena use bite on Eevee and eevee fainted!!]
Falk:Nooooo eevee!! :cry:
[Then a gust attcaked myghtyena!!]
Falk:What the :?
Man: :shock: what the where did that gust came from??!! :evil:
[Then a {pidgeotto} appeared!!]
[Pidgeotto used Drill peck on Myghtyena and myghtyena was seriusly damaged!!]
Man: :evil: Grrrrrr....Mightyena use hyper beam!!!
[mightyena used hyper beam and id serius Damage on pidgeotto!!Pidgeotto used wing attck and Mightyena fainted!!]
Rose:What is going on out here??
Andross:Falk come in its raining!!
Falk:Okay,but wait.
Pidgeotto do you want to travel with us on a journey??
Falk:I guess its a yes :D
[The next day]
Rose:if you take the northwest path you wil get quicker to cataron :D
Andross:Okay thanks bye!!!
--to be continued--
Jesse:Wait it cant be we didnt make our crime wait!!!
--to be continued-- :wink:

Thu Aug 04, 2005 10:40 am
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9.5/10 Add more episodes like the ones about the red {gyarados} in the anime.

Fri Aug 05, 2005 6:38 am
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Yes remember today is the chapter when bulbasaur evolves!!

Fri Aug 05, 2005 6:48 am
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Lintaro wrote:
Yes remember today is the chapter when bulbasaur evolves!!

Will it evolve already?

Sun Aug 07, 2005 12:37 pm
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Troll on a hotdog/10

EDT:I wasted my levelup post on this?!?!

Well at least it is semi funnyish...


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That which will guide the lost child back to her mother's arms. Exile.
The waves that flow and dye the land gold.
The blessed breath which nurtures life. A land of wheat.
The path the angels descend upon.
The path of great winds. The Grand Stream.
What lies in the furthest depths of one's memory?

The place where all are born and where all will return. A blue star.

Wed Aug 10, 2005 12:06 pm
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