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 BW2 Hall of Fame 
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Hey guys, so not even mentioning how disappointed I was; finding out Challenge Mode is only unlocked by beating Pokemon Black 2 (my friend with the game restarted as soon as he finished as well lol)... What were your pokemon recorded as in your first Hall of Fame? Mine;

Lv. 65 Metagross - Belcross
Lv. 65 Lucario - Locke
Lv. 65 Hydreigon - Cyber-End
Lv. 63 Accelgor - Shadow
Lv. 62 Samurott - Cyan
Lv 65 Haxorus - Gigantaxe

Only Cyan and Locke were actually caught in-game while the others were breeded and traded over at level 1 with the help of my friend (yeah I kinda cheated, but most of these guys I haven't played with before so it was still fun for me). A Flareon called Terra would've been in here but unfortunately getting my Guts Flareon is no easy task and just took too long. Hopefully there's an easy trick to the Hidden Grottos I haven't found yet.


Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:33 pm
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lv. 66 Grimer - TGMP (Shiny)
lv. 64 Farfetch'd - Sleek (Shiny)
lv. 65 Delibird - Chris
lv. 66 Kricketune - Oboing
lv. 66 Luvdisc - Hooker
lv. 65 Unown - Mr.V (Moveset Hack)
(all traded over @ lv.1 except Sleek & Oboing, which were @ lv.25)


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Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:09 pm
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I got Challenge Mode from a friend of mine who beat B2 before I did, and I got it right after I finished the 2nd gym. Consequently, I went through the whole game after that point on Challenge Mode. (I still haven't turned it off, even for the One and Only accomplishment.)

I traded my whole team over from other games!

Metagross (Sabaton) LV64
Magnezone (Jupiter) LV64 (shiny!)
Claydol (Exxus) LV65 (shiny!)
Starmie (UberCool) LV64
Flygon (Alex) LV64
Gardevoir (Grace) LV63 (shiny!)

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Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:49 am
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I got on pretty late to the BW2 bandwagon, but I got the game for Christmas and beat the game a few days ago, and thought I'd share my team.

Lv. 56 Serperior (Freddie) @ Overgrow w/ Miracle Seed
- Giga Drain
- Leech Seed
- Leaf Blade
- Coil
Lv. 55 Lucario (Emanuel) @ Steadfast w/ Scope Lens
- Swords Dance
- Me First
- Close Combat
- Bone Rush
Lv. 55 Arcanine (Richard) @ Intimidate w/ Leftovers
- Flare Blitz
- Outrage
- Crunch
- Thunderfang
Lv. 55 Flygon (Gaea) @ Levitate w/ somethingorother
- Dragon Claw
- Earth Power
- Crunch
- Fly
Lv. 55 Ampharos (Marie) @ Static w/ Brightpowder
- Charge
- Signal Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Cotton Guard
Lv. 55 Golurk (Asimov) @ Iron Fist w/ Rocky Helmet
- Dynamicpunch
- Ghost Punch
- Earthquake
- Heavy Slam

Yeah, the movesets aren't the greatest, and I didn't grind that much for the E4, but I made it through pretty easily, especially Iris, as Richard tore through 2/3 of her team with Flare Blitz + Outrage. I would have had Reversal in place of T-fang, but idiotically replaced it, and am unable to remember it through the move tutor due to it being a Growlithe exclusive move. I also did have a Sigilyph (Chinook, Lv. 50) that I had used for a while, but was replaced with Asimov when I found him on Victory Road. If you want, you can try and guess the reasoning behind all of their names, but some of them are pretty hard. ;)

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Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:19 pm
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I beat the game months ago but forgot to post here :oops:

Lv.62 Emboar
Lv.62 Excadrill
Lv.63 Galvantula (N's)
Lv.62 Scolipede
Lv.62 Haxorus (Roxanne)
Lv.64 Hydreigon (V3)

@twistedturtwig: how did you get your Pokémon to stay at such low levels? I skipped loads of trainers and still ended up with them all level 60+

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Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:46 pm
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I don't know the levels and I don't have my White 2 on me now but my team was Samurott, Lucario, Stoutland, Electivire, Braviary, and Haxorus. In total my team only has 8 type weaknesses (Grass Electric Fire Ground Fighting Ice Rock Dragon) which is pretty good for a full team of 6 and they all have good stats.

Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:46 pm
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