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The Ideal Pokemon Team
I’m trying to make the ideal team for Pokemon platinum. A team which can fight against all the elite four members. A team to be admired.

I’ve thought of various teams variation and they are as follows:


Garchomp Dragon Type
Toxicroak Fighting Type
Empoleon Water/Steel Type
Houndoom Dark/ Fire Type
Chansey ( Defence )
Snorlax ( The Alakazam Killer )

SET 2:

SET 3:
I was wondering what types shud I cover in my ideal team?

Dark – Houndoom/Masmigaus
Fire – Rapidash/ Houndoom
Water- Empoleon ( only )
Grass – Tropuis/ Other any suggest pls
Fighting : Toxicroak / Gallade / ???
Dragon : Garchomp / ??
Defence / Healer : Chansey
High Attack / High Spec . Def : Snorlax
Psychic : Gardevoir
Ghost: Haunter?
Electric : Luxray / ?

I cant get ganger no trading…. Know any great ghost types pokemon?

P.S: Where can I get toxicroak and garchomp and snorlax?


is houndoom a good choice for fire / dark pokemon

Is chancey a god edition to my team

is tropius a god addition as a grass type if so what nature and moves?


Rate my team

Lvl 42
Nature : Timid

Focus Blast
Magical Leaf
Shadow Ball

Lvl 42
Adamant Nature

Flash Cannon

Lvl 34
Bold Nature

Beat Up
Flame Wheel
Fire Blast

Lvl 31
Adamnt Nature

Aerial Ace
Wing Attack
Quick Attack


how to get amulet coin and gible?

Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:04 am
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1 You cant get a toxicroak snorlax or garchomp but u can get thier per evolve forms. You can get coagunk from route 212 and the greatmarsh which is near pastoria city. You can get muchlax by slathering honey on a treee and the coming back some hours later(warning muchlax is very rare) you can get gible from wayward cave. This is a seceret cave under cycling road look it up on the internet for mor info.
2. yes houndoom is a great choice especially since it can take out lucians bronzong( which i REALLY annoying if you cant! :frustrated: ) And the use the dark moves to destroy his other pschics. It will also own arrons bugs types
3 Chancey is a wall pokemon with a lot of Hp.It will serve you well in the ingame but due to its lak of offense i see that training could be hard. it haas a much better use in online though.
4. There r better grass types like roserade.
5 srry im not much of a team rater so i dont think my words would be too helpful
6.u can get the amulet coin in amity square which is a place where u can wwalk with your starter and some other spicific pokemon The coin can be found "Hidden in a hut to the left of the boy with the Drifloon"

Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:11 pm
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Toxicroak, snorlax and garchomp aren't available as they are instead you need their earlier evolutions. Munchlax, groagunk and gible. Munchlax is available from slathering honey on a tree and will take a few hours to arrive but munch lax is a very rare addition to the honey. Croagunk is available in the safari zone or great marsh in pastoria city. Gible is available in wayward cave (the secret entrance) under the cycling road towards the north west.
2. Houndoom is a great addition for a battle against the elite 4 because of lucians bronzing only having a real weakness to fire and being able to take out his other pokemon with dark attacks.
3.chansey isn't a very good addition against the elite 4 as it has a lot of hp but not very offensive which is what you need against the elites.
4.tropius is not a very good pokemon. Your better off with a leafeon or roserade. You also have the option of tangrowth but he isn't very helpful either.
5. Not really a team rater as I just slap a bunch of diverse pokemon in my team and just battle.
6. The amulet coin is in Amity square an area in hearthome where you can walk certain "cute" pokemon. It is in the clay hut to the left of the boy with the drifloon or drifblim I can't remember. And I already explained how to get gible... Btw why don't you just look up how to get certain pokemon in the psypokedex all you need to click is locations

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As the others already pointed out, Houndoom is a very good addition. Be careful of Focus Blasts, though. As for its movepool, try Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Solarbeam(if you want) and Nasty Plot.
I don't understand why you want a Chansey. Can't you get a Blissey? A Blissey has excellent HP and Sp. Def, so it is very useful against Flint and Lucian. With Minimize and Softboiled, it will be unbeatable.
Also, why don't you add legendaries in the team? Do you want to strictly use regular Pokemon?
For Empoleon's movepool, you should definitely try Ice Beam. However, if you wish to play an Atk. Empoleon (I see you chose Adamant Nature), you should go with Waterfall, Swords Dance and perhaps Metal Claw and Aqua Jet.
Tropius is a bad idea. Try to get a Leafeon or Roserade.
Luxray is a pretty good Electric type, since you can't get Electivire due to lack of trading.
For Staravia, evolve it into Staraptor and go with its Brave Bird and Close Combat moves.
Garchomp is just awesome, if you can get it. With Earthquake, Dragon Claw/Outrage and Swords Dance it can take out almost any Pokemon.
If you don't want legendaries, then I suggest you go with Empoleon, Garchomp, Gardevoir, Staraptor, Houndoom and Snorlax/Blissey.
Note that this is no rating. If you need your team rated, post in the rating sticky.

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