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 egg moves? 
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if you put a quilava/croconaw/bayleef in with a ditto in the day care centre and you got a cyndaquil,totodile,chikorita egg back you get certain moves that it cant learn by levelling up for instance cyndaquil can learn extransory, double kick or crush claw, totodile can learn ice punch, dragon claw and bayleef can learn vine whip or leaf blade.
has anyone done this to get a certain move to a pokemon, or maybe had like 2 or 3 of the same starter with different movesets, they say your starter will be your strongest pokemon so having 2/3 typlosions sounds like a great team.
has anyone put a certain pokemon in with a ditto to get a move they really want

Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:59 pm
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The father has to know the move. The mother has to be the Pokémon you want the hatchling to be. Ditto can't be used to get egg-exclusive moves, unless you're breeding it with a Pokémon that already has them. In Extrasensory Cyndaquil's case, you'll need a Vulpix or a Ninetales.

As far as starters being the strongest, that's not necessarily so. They just tend to have balanced stats and movepools that make them easy to use, and there's that thing where you use your starter more than anything else early on because you don't want to bother with rattatas and pidgeys, and by the time you can catch anything cool, you don't want to bother leveling them up so your starter just naturally outclasses everything. Base stat totals can generally (but not absolutely) give you a good idea of how well a Pokémon should perform given the same amount of attention, advanced strategies aside.

Typhlosion, while my favorite of all starter final forms, might actually be counted as one of the worst. Its move pool has great physical potential but its base stats are more apt to special attack. Extrasensory is a great move for it, though. But even so I wouldn't recommend having two or more of any single Pokémon on the same team. That's crazy! You are crazy.

Whoever wins... has to change into a yellow outfit, okay?

Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:24 pm
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Egg Moves are something that many of us are quite familiar with, and exploit the heck out of.

Check out Psypoke's Breeding Guide for some other useful tidbits! :)

Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:29 pm
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