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 Restored: Torchic or Treecko? 
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Small mea culpa here; there was a spambot post in the "Torchic vs. Treecko" thread. Because I'm an idiot, I deleted the entire topic before realizing the thread itself was non-spam. Although obviously this doesn't restore the posts themselves, perhaps the discussion can continue. Here are the posts from the previous thread:

Psyches wrote:
So I just got Emerald off ebay and am going to have a Hoenn adventure to get some Regi's and 3rd Gens in my Unova dex. I've played with Mudkip before on Emerald and once on Pearl so I want to try one of the other two. What would you choose?

DNA wrote:
Blaziken is way too much of a beast now. I'd pick him if I were you. He's like the ultimate bomber - it's very easy for him to have a moveset with all his moves at 100 or more base power. (Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, Brave Bird, and some filler move.)

Skeleton wrote:
I like Torchic, and Blaziken is one hell of a fighter. Especially if you land an Adamant one and ultimately send it to generation 4/5, where its Blaze Kick becomes a physical move and takes advantage of its high Attack stat. Say what you want about Fire/Fighting being an overused starter type combination, it's still a really effective one. If you're looking to just cruise through the game, Torchic will have your back for most of it, knocking out the Team Badguys' Dark-Types and a good chunk of the gyms and Elite Four.

I've never actually used Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile before. Beyond being a cool-looking lizard thing, and being very fast (Sceptile is the fastest fully-evolved Starter of all) it's not very remarkable. It gains fine moves in the later games... but if you take a good look at any Pokémon's move pool you'll usually be able to figure something out, as well. Sceptile's not bad, but not special. It's garden-variety. Haha.

Shuckle-rock$ wrote:
Personally I like Torchie better. In fact I'm trying to do another solo run with one right now on ruby, but I havent gotten very far recently. I'm even considering not evolving him at all (or evolve him at lv100) and doing the solo run with just that.

Anyway, I always find him easy to grind in the game since it 'seems' like he gets more exp faster. It has a great movepool which gets even better when you transfer him. Oh and I like fire types in general

And a random tip I use: in the first gym, just evolve him and use Double Kick on everything.

Once again, I apologise for my mistake, I hope it never happens again. Feel free to continue the discussion.

Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:56 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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i'd rather choose Torchic. Having a Fire-Fighting Type Pokemon is really nice. It could help a lot especially on the elite four.

Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:16 am
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I prefer Torchic, personally. Besides it being my first starter, it served me amazingly well- better that any other starter that comes to mind. As far as the fire/fighting type thing goes, it's the first and best in my opinion. As far as Treecko goes... well, I just flat out don't like grass types. I think only grass-types I like are the Bulbasaur line.

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:48 am
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Torchic. Death to grass types (save Chikorita and Turtwig).

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:44 pm
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Ace Trainer

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I think that Torchic has a better evolution line, especially because GameFreak was nice and introduced a new type hybrid with Combusken that made it more effective. Treecko's entire line got nerfed from not having an additional type, which would have made it so much better had they gotten one too. But the biggest question was what to put as the other type. I've heard answers ranging from Flying to Dragon, and just a couple of things in between, but none of them turned out (Dragon would have been quite nice, but would make Ice-types even more prohibiting).

Treecko by itself is better than Torchic in my opinion, and I love some of Sceptile's moves, but Torchic is not bad, and it evolves into the amazing Blaziken, so it's a tough call.

I guess the way to answer the question is up to interpretation of what the question actually asks for, so I'll do both (?)

By themselves: Treecko
As a whole line: Torchic

AEPMT :mrgreen: ;) 8-)

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:09 pm
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I just generally have a harder time with treecko so i would pick torchick.

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:47 pm
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I'm about to finish a playthrough of Emerald, and I chose Treecko. Now, Treecko's great and all, but I'd have to go with Torchic. Fire/fighting is a fantastic typing, after all. But the one great thing about choosing Treecko is that it forces you to train other pokémon, making a starter-only speedrun near impossible without spending HOURS on level grinding.

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Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:20 pm
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Torchic is bomb no competition

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Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:40 pm
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If you want brute force, I suggest picking {torchic}.
I always picked {treecko}, though. And he never lose any battle I had so far. But the choice is up to you.

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Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:57 am
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