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 Memory = Intelligence? 
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So a classmate and I were arguing about something. Now, this is the same guy who critiqued my artwork when I drew people because he couldnt. Anyways, we were arguing that when someone who has great memory, also has a lot of intelligence. I supported this slightly, but he's all like "Durrr, memory and intelligence are like, the same thing." Now, I have photographic memory, but I also have selective memory. And you all know that I have my smart moments, and my moments that are completely stupid. Hell, a few threads I made were those moments.
So, what do you guys think?

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Mon May 28, 2012 12:28 pm
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well for me. I am super good at multiplying and dividing but my memory is only so-so, my skill in math is so good because I remember thing like formula and process instead of charts and tables, making it know to me that smaller things are easier to remember.
also like when i sit in front of a computer I put my fingers on the W, A, S and D keys the control pad for the game MineCraft (a super great game that everybody should give a try (:P!!!! I'm addicted !!!:P) ) so that being a habit does that make it memory too? and does that kind of memory = intelligence?

does experiences make memories?
does experiences give intelligence?
and does the kind of memories make a difference? good, bad, happy, sad etc, etc, etc, etc,,,,,,

ouch my head hurts O_O.

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I supported this slightly, but he's all like "Durrr, memory and intelligence are like, the same thing."

I am incredibly intelligent and yet my long-term memory (and, occasionally, my short-term memory as well) is like a colander.


By the way, not to be offensive or insensitive or anything, but there are a few autistic people out there with phenomenal memories, but only about average or below-average intelligence.


Mon May 28, 2012 3:32 pm
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I do well in almost all subjects (Algebra is my exception) and how good my memory is depends. I often forget to bring my jacket to school and that kinda stuff, but if it is about me getting a bad grade on something, I'm sure to remember it.

Memory helps increase intelligence (especially when learning a foreign language), I think, but it is certainly not equal.


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Thu May 31, 2012 1:30 pm
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Whilst I don't think that memory = intelligence, it annoys me a little when people say things like "You shouldn't have to sit exams to be able to apply for University courses, as it tests your ability to remember as opposed to your ability to be a good Lawyer" or something. Obviously to be a good Lawyer (or other service profession) you need a multitude skills and qualities that do not relate to the books, but a basic knowledge grounding is definitely needed in these courses. I know I for sure wouldn't want a Lawyer who had the best way with words, but needed to constantly refer to common legal theories that he should know like the back of his hand.

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