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 Lifesaver Pokemon 
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So, I'm replaying Leaf Green. I'm only up to Vermilion, but my teams are usually set well beforehand.

I made a decision that Marowak would be on my team - Bonemerang is almost as good as Earthquake, you get access to Brick Break, and recoil free Double-Edge by level up. Come on, what can be better?

Only problem is that you don't get it until AFTER the stupid electric gym, headed by Lt. Surge.
What is one to do?

Before the gym, before CUT even, I picked up my Abra, went through Diglett cave, got my Mr. Mime (you can trade Abra for Mr. Mime before cutting), so that I could trade Mr. Mime on the ship. On my way back, I run into Digletts abound. And then, I come across a level 31 Dugtrio (keeping in mind, my pokemon range level 10-17). In my honest opinion, this is probably the best pokemon you can get before that gym. And at such a high level.

Make it even better - get it before the ship, he can take out most of your Rival's team with a single Dig (keep in mind, due to the high level, these Dugtrios forgot how to use Magnitude). This is insane.

(Of course, after I get my {cubone}, I'm dumping this guy - his only moves without tutors and non-reusable TMs are Earthquake and Tri-Attack. But he has gone up in my book if only for temporary use and saving my behind)

Lt.Surge is undoubtedly one of the harder gym leaders in this remake because of {magnemite} and its plethora of resistances.

Other pokemon that could qualify:
{butterfree} - Charmander starters can attest to how hard Brock is without this guy. Sure, you could possibly gdt off a metal claw with some luck. But Butterfree can floor them with Confusion. It is useless after then, but come on - 1 gym is a good deal if it is minimum training!

Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:05 pm
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Butterfree and Dugtrio are your best choices, unless you want a Drowzee but considering that you have a Mr.Mime its pointless. Just give it a go, or just train to level 20 per pokemon then you probably wont need a "Life Saver" pokemon.

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Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:30 pm
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And then, I come across a level 31 Dugtrio (keeping in mind, my pokemon range level 10-17). In my honest opinion, this is probably the best pokemon you can get before that gym. And at such a high level.

And that's why I always use a Dugtrio in RBY.

As for FRLG...? Kadabra/Alakazam qualifies as a good bet, being able to trounce most anything in the game, and it's available early on to boot. Aside from Kadabra and Dugtrio, I don't think I've run into anyone more useful in the early game, but in the late game I've found Cloyster to be a rather underused gem.

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Saturos02 (Golden Sun music on synthesizer)
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SmoothMcGroove (A cappella music)
YuGiOh4RealMen (Them Jugimanz)

Bye guys, I loved all of you. ...except for you.

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