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Heroes of Time: PokeTrigger Chronicles

Roleplay Name Heroes of Time: PokeTrigger Chronicles
Roleplay Genre: Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy


--- 1000AK, the present. There are two main known continents, under the threatening chaos of Meteor, a catastrophic historical calamity that terrorises the earth’s planet with unnatural weather disasters. An example of this was the terrifying Black Storm that almost destroyed Clock Town, four years ago.

The main continents consist of the Continent of Light and the Continent of Dark, the Light and Dark Continents respectfully. The difference of the Dark Continent is hailed under the great shadow of the Meteor, blocking out the sun and causing an endless night. Due to this, Dark Continent has always been the most dangerous.

Those residing there in the town of Midnight, the town that never sleeps --- their ancestors opposed the Hume King of The Light Continent, leading to a great war in the Middle Ages four hundred years ago, lead by a historical man called Darkrai. Those who despise the Hume King still praise the efforts of Darkrai till this day

In the present time, all different people unite to celebrate the Millennial Time Festival, paraded in Light Continent’s Clock Town, a town watched over by a towering mechanical geared clock, that’s visible from any spot in the town, still present from when it was first constructed and finally built after the war. The Millennial Time Festival celebrates peace between the two continents, the current Hume King --- Hume King Spence, and the said guardian who watches over them all, the Clock Tower.

Another major town is Twilight, on the same continent as Clock Town, The Light Continent. Its town is situated by a constant dawn of yellow and red in the day, caused again by the unnatural Meteor eclipsing the sun, that’s just out of the atmosphere. Those who don’t travel by boat or ferry cross the two continents via a long journey across dirt roads and eventually traverse the Twilight Bridge that connects the two continents, either way.

In the Light Continent, dirt roads are travelled to cross into Clock Town, the Hume’s Castle, and Twilight Town through different environments. The dirt roads all enter and intervene inside a forest called the Sacred Forest between them, the continent’s heart, a grand target for bandits to ambush travellers who are not guarded by the King’s men. Henceforth, main transportation is left for ferries that across the sea between Clock Town, Twilight and Midnight.

Because of unnatural diasters, it’s rare to see any other civilisation other than the three towns. Clock Town North, Twilight South, and Midnight East, and of course, the Hume’s Castle to the West. Both continents consist of caves, forests, fields, and lakes, crawling with feral monsters. Traversing is considered dangerous without protection or a Ponyta/Rapidash, as bandits, monsters and the like are reliable to attack peaceful townsfolk without warning. Most cases, newspapers report supply robberies from carriages being attacked by these bandits.

It was said in history, one thousand years ago, the ancestor of the current king, stopped Meteor from falling and destroying the earth with powerful and long forgotten magic. Most culture and religion is based of from different theories of the event. Some call Meteor the people’s judgement, bringing death to those who have sinned. There are, however, few people who do not believe in these theories.


--- During the Time Festival, the Hume King is attacked in the Square of Clock Town. The characters fight the mysterious man off and eventually, the characters find themselves traversing time to catch this mysterious man, finding out hidden truths and historical events in all sorts of different eras, and meeting new faces who join their cause to make the world at peace and free of destruction.

The choices they make can change, destroy the future and even the past, changing it for the better, or even worse. Can this group of chosen ones possibly save the future, without destroying what good has already come to pass?

Time periods the characters visit:
Prehistoric Era 65,000,000 BK
The Antiquity 12,000 BK
The Middle Ages 600 AK
The Present 1000 AK
Before Meteor Fall 2000 AK
The Future 2300 AK

Note; BK and AK mean "Before King" and "After King".

Additional Rules:

- All characters you create are pokemon, but the word pokemon is not heard of at all in this world (pokeballs do not exist), and characters replace people/humans. Peaceful pokemon who live in towns, who are capable of speech, act as humans. And bipedal pokemon, or pokemon who can walk upright use human tools and weaponry. Those are the pokemon you are limited to in this roleplay for job role purposes. Some jobs can be found here but are not limited to and can be discussed via PM with me

- Magic-oriented jobs fall into different eras, present era jobs can only be physical-oriented

- Acceptable pokemon examples include; Pikachu, Raichu, Wigglytuff, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Jynx, Electabuzz, Scyther, Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Meowth, Psyduck, Golduck, Lickitung, Chansey, Magma, Quilava, Croconaw, Furret, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Marill, Azumarill, Aipom, Snubbull, Sneasel, Teddiursa, Smeargle, Hitmontop, Miltalk, Treecko, Combusken, Marshtomp, Breloom, Vigoroth, Sableye, Mawile, Medicham, Roselia, Grumpig, Zangoose, Chimchar, Monferno, Bibarel, Roserade, Buizel, Ambipom, Buneary, Lopunny, Riolu, Lucario, Munchlax, Weavile, Lickilicky, Pignite, Oshawott, Dewott, The Pans and Simis, etc etc etc.

- Even if their previous forms or evolved form are not bipedal or meet the target character (those who are too big, shapeless, winged, dragon) can still act as family of the pokemon who reside in human homes. If you are unsure if a certain pokemon meets the criteria, feel free to PM me

- Obviously, you cannot play as legendaries

- Pokemon moves are limited to seven traditional pokemon attacks (physical, special & effect), and are classified as magic in his world, which every pokemon will be capable of as the story progresses, even if your job role is not magic-oriented. In the present era, nobody is able to use Special Attacks (yet) besides feral pokemon in different eras

- The pokemon consider themselves as either monster or creatures in this world, or in some eras; races, but only townsfolk and bandits use human terms to refer to each other. It is correct for a character to say either a pokemon is a man or a woman, boy or girl, for example, or refer to a group of non-feral pokemon as people. Those outside the towns are considered monsters by those pokemon, who are not capable of the human language, who don’t live in a human-like society, and are feral-like in some species. Surnames are the species of what we know the character is

- There are no human characters other than plot-related characters, such as the Hume King, and they are controlled by me and select others if the plot calls for it

- You start off as one present character living in 1000AK (after king). Eventually, as we traverse time in the plot, you can make others eventually join us when we meet them (maximum of three characters per roleplayer for now). These other characters may come from the Prehistoric Era, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, or the Future. Descriptions of the pokemon and time will come up as we continue the roleplay, allowing you to complete profiles for different era characters. When you post your profile, be sure to reserve two other pokemon otherwise you may lose the chance

- As some of the characters can use swords and blades, details and description of blood and gore must be at a minimum, if none at all. Focus on making the character peaceful, and would avoid deliberately killing other people (pokemon), focusing on subduing or knocking them out if anything else

- Try to make your character as balanced as anybody else’s. No one hit kills either

- Typical roleplaying rules apply. Stick to a groups’ decision and don’t run off on your own, no godmodding (this means no controlling another person’s character or directly writing that you hit a roleplayer’s character with your attack when its up to another to decide if they react to it or not). When you have two or more characters, please ensure their stories and their experiences are separated in your post. I use --- to separate characters from paragraphs or passages of time

- Everyone will be using third person

- Follow the guidelines of the profile quote below and backspace the explanations and hints in the brackets

- And that’s the gist of it, I hope you enjoy this roleplay and have as much fun as I have had creating it!!

[b]Era:[/b] Present

Body type:
Hair and eye colours:
Other physical features:
Clothing Style:

General demeanour:
How he/she sees himself:
Best qualities:
Worst qualities:

Childhood history:
Recent history:
Plans for the future:

[b]Job, Magic & Specials:[/b]
Job: (some jobs can be found here but are not limited to, such as from other games and anime)
Weapon: (your job weapon)
Skills: (if you've just picked a final fantasy job, skills are easy to locate, otherwise you'll need to expand on what exactly makes your job unique)
Special attacks: (seven physical, special or effect. whatever type your pokemon is, or whether they have to evolve when they learn it, hms and tms are also acceptable such as surf and ice beam. obviously, he can't learn thunderbolt, so that's out of the question.)

[b]Ultimate attacks:[/b]
(the name of the group of attacks goes here --- this is where you can get creative!)
Conditions: (you have to give your character a limit, once they use one are they exhausted? do they have to meet the right circumstance to reach this potential? do they have a time limit?)
Description: (do they have a reference? are they based on something? (ideas; mix of pokemon attacking moves, the job weapon, the pokemon's evolved form, the job role itself, the species of your pokemon, mix of skills and pokemon effects and abilities...)
Appearance changes: (does anything unique happen when they perform any of these attacks?)

(move 1)

(move 2)

(move 3)

(move 4)

(move 5)

Favourite food:
Favourite pokemon:
Pet peeve(s):
Least favourite season:
Worst memory:


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I'll edit in my profiles here later, and your free to post your present profiles and two reserves now. We'll start on my mark.

Edit: Because I'm special, don't follow my lead on how many characters I've already made or drafted. I've also reserved Snivy, Mime Jr., Wartortle, Gardevoir, and Zoroark.

Era: Present
Name: Joshua Snivy
Species: Snivy

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: Small, short, flexible
Hair and eye colours: A fringe of dirty blonde hair always sticking out of a cap, golden eyes
Other physical features: Nothing else out of the ordinary
Clothing style: Wears a Leather Cap and brown Thief Gloves, blue cloth protruding up from the insides. Another piece of clothing is a red bandana worn tied around his neck, acting as a jabot piece down his chest, has a belt with dagger sheaths at his waist

General demeanour: Being a loner ever since he can remember, Joshua is never one to take anyone or anything seriously unless the moment calls for it. Often appearing smug and only looking out for number one, he betrays this personality time to time to aid the innocent and give help to his select group of friends. He’d rather avoid a fight unless he’s emotionally involved, which he’ll take matters into his own hands. He’ll often watch from the sidelines and bicker to himself. He generally distastes authority figures and society, and always tries to take the chance to make fun or play a trick on them.
How he/she sees himself: An outsider who’s superior to everyone else
Best qualities: Being dependable when the time calls for it
Worst qualities: Often rude and sometimes a bit harsh, can seem awful and generally becomes disliked in an instant

Parents: None
Siblings: None, although younger kids look up to him as a brother
Hometown: Midnight Town, the town that never sleeps
Childhood history: Joshua never knew his parents, or even his real name. As far as he can remember, he was taken in by a group of thieves all around his age, stealing to survive. Joshua was unconfident and unsure of himself, until his entire persona was replaced by an overconfident brat who belittled even his friends. His agility enabled him to excel at everything he did, especially pilfering and pick-pocketing. His demeanour was his downfall, suddenly being betrayed by his friends and almost locked up. Joshua left Midnight, ideally finding a way across into the Light Continent to loot whatever he can.
Recent history: Having journeyed to the Light Continent as a stowaway in one of the ferries, he traverses a forest, hearing rumours of a certain celebration being held in Clock Town.
Plans for the future: As a Thief, Joshua cannot stay put in the same place for very long. So, ideally, he plans to keep moving and steal whatever gil he can get his hands on.

Job, Magic & Specials
Job: Thief
Weapon: Two daggers, preferably Mage Mashers when he can afford to get them Synthesized, Thief Swords are also a choice. Joshua sometimes wears a shield on his back
Skill: Steal, Flee
Special attacks: Magical Leaf (Unlocked), Leaf Blade (Unlocked), Energy Ball (Unlocked), Vine Whip, Wrap, Leaf Tornado, Leaf Storm,

Ultimate attacks: Leaf Dyne
Conditions: When emotions are peaked to a certain threshold, such as anger or hate.
Description: Basically referenced after a Final Fantasy character, Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. Dyne is translated from “Underhanded Tricks”.
Appearance changes: Joshua glows hot pink with pure energy flowing around him. The hat flies off his head, his fringe sticking upward in a dozen spikes.

Level 150%
Overgrowth Energy (Unlocked)
Description: Deprived from “Free Energy” and a Snivy’s ability, Joshua unleashes a volley of up to five blasts of pure energy onto a single enemy, each with a Japanese character counting down.

Level 150%
Soul Blade Frenzy
In a blade frenzy striking for multiple hits, dependant on what current blade Joshua is using, each little cut he gives his enemies can inflict them with a status condition.

Level 200%
Superior Flame
Description: Deprived from “Tidal Flame” and apart of Snivy’s evolved form’s name, creates a wall of fire that eventually crosses paths with an enemy and those standing beside them.

Level 250%
Solar Sacrifice
Unleashes so much energy it explodes furiously, taking out everything with him, leaving Joshua faint and depleted. Allies in the area are healed by this energy.

Level 250%
Storm Lethal
Description: “Deprived from “Grand Lethal” and one of the best Grass type attacks, Leaf Storm, several beams of energy lance out of the Snivy’s body, striking all enemies.

Favourite food: Apples, generally a picky eater
Favourite pokemon: Butterfree, or pokemon who can glow in the dark
Pet peeve(s): Adults, people who "think" they're in charge, and authority figures
Least favourite season: Autumn
Worst memory: Being abandoned by his friends

Name: Warren Wartortle
Era: Middle Ages
Species: Wartortle

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Body type: Semi-bulky
Hair and eye colours: No hair, sky blue eyes
Other physical features: Warren wears a black eye-patch and there’s a scar on his forehead, possibly injuries from war, many scratches bear on his outer shell from past battles
Clothing style: As a Knight, Warren wears a standard armour; iron plates, leggings, gauntlets and pauldrons, exposing only his back shell, fluffy tail, and his usual iron helm as well as allows his fluffy ears to protrude outward. When he isn't it combat, his shield and sheaths remain behind him

General demeanour: Warren is loyal to his comrades to the end, and will shield and support them whenever necessary. Generally kind and honest, humble and a gentleman, his greatest weakness is being to trusting. He blindly becomes dedicated to what he swears to, and finds himself lost when he realises exactly what he was fighting for to protect --- was actually a lie.
How he/she sees himself: A knight whose duty is to protect the innocent and his king
Best qualities: Loyal, generally friendly and strong
Worst qualities: May jump to conclusions, easy bewildered and taken for a fool

Parents: Both died, his mum of the plague and his father a war veteran
Siblings: None, but often calls his allies and comrades brother
Hometown: Clock Village
Childhood history: Having left the village after burying his mother, he joined the faction of soldiers of the King’s arsenal. His skill and loyalty were proven, and he accelerated up the ranks to the class of Knight, just as his father was. His dream had been fulfilled, and now takes orders blindly, swearing himself to the King.
Recent history: Preparations are almost complete for the war on The Dark Continent. He spars within the Hume King’s Castle to keep the dust from his armour.
Plans for the future: Obey the King, and fight for what he believed in, just as his father once did.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Knight/Paladin
Weapon: Usually short/long swords --- he has the sheath and strength capacity to wield two, although his shell can rebound most attacks, he carries a standard knight shield in order to defend his allies. When he gains the ability to use magic, he takes the role of Paladin, and wields holy blades, giving him the power to strengthen and protect allies and attack enemies with holy-themed techniques. His current weapon is the Longsword.
Skill: Cover, White Magic (Cure, Esuna)
Special attacks: Water Gun, Surf, Shell Smash, Flash Cannon, Aqua Jet, Focus Blast, Scald

Ultimate attacks:
Conditions: When emotions are peaked to a certain threshold, such as anger or hate. Can only cast three moves altogether.
Description: A reference of both Paladin techniques and pokemon attacks and abilities.
Appearance changes: Warren glows hot pink with pure energy flowing around him. His armour morphs around his body and glows white, turning him into a holy-like figure. This holy knight appearance also grows and flutter’s the Wartortle’s white ears and tail behind him. Most sword-themed attacks makes energy furiously radiate from the blade.

Level 150%
Excalibur Strike
Description: Combination of the spell Holy and Final Fantasy X-2's Swordplay, any sword Warren wields gains the holy-element, unleashing holy-strikes and the ability to cast holy-blasts directly into the target.

Level 150%
Gospel Rain
Description: Combination of the spell Cure and Rain Dance, and also that of Aeris's Great Gospel, offers a cloud above that delivers healing rain to the party.

Level 150%
Life Pulse
Description: Combination of the spell Life and Water Pulse. Using concentration and his own life force, can bring an ally who's on the brink of death back to life.

Level 200%
Climhazzard Stream
Description: FF Cloud Strife's Limit Break and a Swordplay Skill of Warrior's/Knight's, and the Aqua Jet and Waterfall attacks. For an instance, the sword becomes magical. Usually for much larger enemies, Warren runs and slices them across the back. For single enemies, runs his sword into an enemy, jumps up and thrusts the enemy again downward. The sword leaves mirror images behind him, dealing in non-elemental magic that harms the spirit instead of the body of the target. His speed is dramatically increased thanks to Aqua Jet running behind him, and also acts as Waterfall to leap him up to taller/higher enemies.

Level 250%
Description: Nothing special here, just the spell Holy. The heaven throws orbs of light that rain down on the enemy dealing heavy damage, usually beckoned before Warren's trance is over.

Level 250%
Guardian's Charge
Description: Referenced from FF's Charge command and the Squirtle Squad from the pokemon anime. Images of five Paladins clad in holy knight appear around both Warren and the enemy, all resembling Squirtles. Warren gives the signal as the knights all strike the enemy with swords and lances, all at once.

Level 300%
Omni Shock
Description: Referenced from FFIX's Steiner, and possibly Dragon Quest IX, the main character's best attack, Omni Slash. Delivers a powerful strike, three times as powerful as a normal attack. The sword strikes as fast as lightning, as does the sound and crackle of it.

Favourite food: Any sort of meat
Favourite pokemon: Any associated with a knightly-hood
Pet peeve(s): Evil, and the darkness that corrupts them
Least favourite season: Spring (usually gets hayfever on the season)
Worst memory: His mother's burial, and news of his father's death

Name: Matthew Mime Jr.
Era: Present
Species: Mime Jr.

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Body type: Short, pink skin
Hair and eye colours: Has light brown hair fringing down from hair clown’s hair that sometimes waves in front of his eyes
Other physical features: His nose and chest button are bright red. His hat and feet are black instead of blue
Clothing Style: Wears white gloves that resemble human hands. Wears a bright red and black cape with a hoody, an insignia design on his back

General demeanour: Friendly by nature, Matt always tries to cheer and encourage his friends anyway he can, even if there seems to be no hope at all. At the same time, Matt can take a lot of things to heart, usually upsetting him to silence. Because of his abilities, he knows one nature of life more than any other and sticks to his codes as an alchemist. He’s brave, and will help anyone in need. Friendly, caring and strong, Matt will fight to the end to save this world and his friends, and fight with his strong sense of justice.
How he/she sees himself: Usually someone who doesn’t belong, feeling misplaced, and easily discouraged from time to time
Best qualities: His kind and friendly nature to everyone around him, smart and appearing wise beyond his years
Worst qualities: Unsure of himself, easily feeling down and emotional

Parents: Snorlax (his adopted father)
Siblings: None
Hometown: The Light Continent - Clock Town. His father, Bill Snorlax, owns a small house in the bustling neighbourhood. His dad is usually working at the castle, so he’s never home
Childhood history: Knowingly, his real father, who had little to no money and no means to care for him, left Matt in the care of his old friend, Bill. Bill Snorlax happily took Matt in and from a very young age knew and called the Snorlax by dad. Apparently, his real dad is a performer, a travelling clown, who once resided in The Dark Continent.

As his dad worked a lot, Matthew went out to look for work as well. And he finally found a job. A local pub and inn called The Den. It was working at The Den that he met a very mysterious person who changed his life forever…

It was the time of the tremendous storm that threatened Clock Town, once called the Black Storm. Lots of people took shelter at the inn. After checking the list of visitors, Matt noticed the man was not among them. Matt rushed out without concern of his own well-being to search for him, witnessing the man face-to-face with the unnatural phenomena the Meteor brought on, the hurricane, a black storm, summoned from it a giant and powerful twister.

Before his very eyes, the man clapped his hands, slammed them to the ground, before suddenly a huge array burst forth --- the twister distorted, whisking away in the light. When the twister finally vanished, the sun shined back onto the earth and everyone was saved. Matt believed it to be magic, but the man said otherwise, telling him of alchemy and that it was a skill. Matt, enthusiastic, asked the man to teach it to him. Having a soft spot for children himself, the man decided to teach him at the early age of ten.

The mysterious man lived at The Den for awhile, teaching Matt alchemy. Matt was to refer to him as teacher from then on. Within four years, the man had taught him the skill, equivalent exchange, about the cycle of life and death and how it shouldn’t be tampered with, and then suddenly left one day without any word.
Recent history: Still working as an innkeeper with his friend, Jack Munchlax, Matt plans to visit and be apart of the celebration in town; the Millennial Time Festival.
Plans for the future: To work as hard as he can so he can gain something of equal worth, and to help out anyone he can using his alchemy.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Alchemist
Weapon: Chalk, and two white alchemy gloves, both with transmutation circles on the palms. Drawing circles and using alchemy to comprehend materials, break them down using natural energy, and creating them into something else, he can transmute any sort of weapon he chooses, although breakable with a few swings. He can also trap enemies with walls and shield himself and others.
Skill: Alchemy
Special attacks: Trick, Recycle, Substitute, Mimic, Reflect, Barrier, Copycat

Ultimate attacks: Philosopher's Power
Conditions: Only by obtaining a specific item, otherwise weaker forms of the attacks below. Alone, he is limited to one attack, more than one can lead to him feeling fatigued and faint. Continuous use can hurt him
Description: Holding the Philosopher's Stone, he gains the power to break limitations of alchemy, and his alchemy power is increased ten-fold, creating giant transmutations, not needing any sort of transmutation circle. It bypasses the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the rule the alchemists have used since anicent times. Instead of the normal appearance the energy takes released when alchemy is usually performed, the discharge is violent and red instead of the usual light blue using normal alchemy
Appearance changes: Basically, Matt's body flickers and distorts while using this alchemy. Based from Episode 22 of the first anime, Fullmetal Alchemist;
Full Metal Alchemist Wiki wrote:
However, when coming in contact with the red water, Ed's alchemy abilities quickly grow enhanced and out of control which Lust realizes is due to the large amount of red water and the Homunculi quickly flee. --- Armstrong, Ross, and Brosh arrive where Ed is and Armstrong quickly realizes that Ed's enhanced Alchemy is going to hit into a rebound. Ross embraces Ed which cancels out the rebound effect but leaves him unconscious.

Level 150%
Move: Alchemy Flame

Level 150%
Move: Alchemy Freeze

Level 150%
Move: Alchemy Lightning

Level 150%
Move: Alchemy Earth

Level 200%
Move: Alchemy Storm

Level 250%
Move: God Judge's You
Description: The power of alchemic powers at a massive scale, creating a giant capable of movement and fighting the target. Usually if the alchemist has their hands on something that bypasses the law of equivalent exchange.

Level 500%
Move: Human Transmutation
Description: Sacrificing himself willingly or against their will, creating an artificial human/creature known as a Homunculus. As it is a forbidden science, it takes a great toll to achieve for a person to be "brought back to life" in accordance to the law of equivalent exchange, and those who do perform this alchemy rarely live to tell the tale of their creation and speak of the horror of their sins.

Favourite food: Everything (developed a bad habit of eating after his stepfather, and almost always hungry and eats like an animal during dinner time)
Favourite pokemon: Snorlax
Pet peeve(s): Everything Joshua is and his personality, generally clashing
Least favourite season: Winter
Worst memory: Witnessing the Black Storm, and when realising his teacher disappeared


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Era: Present
Name: Dewey Dewott
Species: Dewott
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: Dewott's regular body shape, except slimmer.
Hair/eye colors: His eyes are cyan, not brown. Like this. No hair.
Other: Scars on his back and one over his left eye.
Clothing: Wears a belt made of super strong string to hold scalchops as battle weapons. He collects them as trophies.
Demeanor: He is always trying to prove himself to others. To show this, he takes scalchops from defeated Dewotts, to show that he is better. His behavior is linked to his past...
How he sees himself: Alone, broken, and in need of approval.
Best qualities: Since he is always trying to prove himself, he is a skilled fighter.
Worst qualities: He gets a bit hot-headed from time to time.
Parents: Sammi Samurott. Father forgotten.
Siblings: Sahra (Oshawott) and Sam (Dewott).
Hometown: Clock Town.
History: Since he was born, he was always the outcast, or the freak. When his group evolved from Oshawotts into Dewotts, he didnt. At 12, two years after everyone else, did he finally evolve.
His father was ashamed of him, and showed it with force. Most of the scars on his back are from his dad...
Recent History: On the eve of the Millenial Time Festival, his dad and him clash. He loses, and his dad walks away from their home on the edge of Clock Town. Dewey decided to leave to become stronger. After Day One, he feels that it was a bad idea. So he decides to stay around awhile to celebrate and relax. But when he finally gets comfortable, something- no, someONE- catches his eye. He watches this mysterious figure, but then dismisses it as some roleplayer for the festival. But then, an hour later, the same figure starts to approach the king. And he doesnt seem to be friendly about the approach...
Plans for the future: Do whatever it takes to become stronger.
Other: He has a friend by the name of Sel, who is also a Dewott.
Jobs, Magic, and Specials
Job: Monk.
Weapon(s): Just the scalchops he takes from his defeated enemies, plus his own.
Skills: Same as Monk.
Special attacks: Hydro Pump, Razor Shell, Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Sword Dance, and Ice Beam.

Ultimate attacks:
Spitting Image, Rapid Dash, Spirit Punch/Kick, Water Aara, Dewey's Storm.
Condition: Only can he use these when he is in a rage, with the exception of Rapid Dash, which can be used as long as he focuses hard enough.
Appearance: Appearance differs with each one, so they will be listed with the moves.

Spitting Image
Description: Dewey takes the form of a Samurott and can use Hydro Cannon, Whirlpool, Retaliate, and Blizzard.
Appearance: Takes the form of a Samurott. Eyes glow red.
Effects: Only lasts for awhile. He cannot use any special-type attacks for the equal amount of time he was using Spitting Image. Awhile= 1 post for starting out, and then 2-3 posts when he gets stronger. Recovery time never exceeds two posts.

Rapid Dash
Description: He runs very fast. Contact
with him can cause damage.
Appearance: His legs glow blue.
Effects: Has little effect on him.

Water Aara
Description: He links all of his scalchops to use on opponents.
It causes infection if treated.
He links all of his scalchops together to form an aara, or a bladed whip. The scalchops ooze saltwater.
Effects: Has no negative OR positive effects on him. It effects the target(s) similar to the effects of Toxic, but the only stat changes that occur are lowered Attack, Defense, and Special Defense.

Spirit Punch/Kick
Description: His elemental energy flows into his hands (or feet) and combines to make a deadly punch (or kick).
Appearance: Beams of light colored gold (for fighting), blue (for water), and white (for ice) flow to his hands (for punch) or to his feet (for kick).
Effects: He cant use any fighting, water, and ice moves that physical-typed based for awhile. (Again, awhile is defined in posts for Spitting Image. Those times apply for this one, too!)

Dewey's Storm
He charges his elemental energy to create a shockwave (similar to the effects of the spell called 'Shockwave' in Fate, where the inspiration for this comes from) that can knock out, maim, and even kill opponents.
Appearance: Similar to Spirit Punch/Kick, except the beams circle around the body. When he is finished charging, the beams race into his body. He then forms an X while raising up off the ground. He glows bright gold, white, and blue. While still levitating, he goes into the fetal position, then finally releasing the energy by quickly forming an X again and howling. His eyes also glow bright green.
Effects: He cant use any special type attacks for two posts. He becomes exhausted for the next post. All enemies are hit by this. 1/4 damage done to allies.
*Disclaimer: Can only be used if he is strong enough. If he isnt strong enough, it'll kill him.*

*Spirit Punch/Kick can be used with Rapid Dash for an effective combo!*

Favorite Food: Whatever he can eat that wont kill him.
Favorite Pokemon: Dewott.
Pet Peeve(s): Doesnt like to be looked down upon.
Least Favorite Season: Winter
Worst Memory: When he was exiled from his house.
When everyone else evolved, but he didnt.

Name: Abel Charmeleon
Era: Past
Species: Charmeleon

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Body type: Muscular, but slim enough to retain flexibility.
Hair and Eye coloring: No hair, crimson red eyes.
Clothing style: Armor on head, torso, legs, arms, and tail.

Demeanor: Abel is a respected member of the guard, so he treats others with respect as well. He is always alert and has a watchful eye.
How he sees himself: A role model, leader, and a skilled warrior.
Best qualities:
Respectful to everyone and is a formidable force. Very orderly.
Worst qualities: When someone doesnt agree with him, or take his advice
, he goes by his own agenda. Headstrong.

Parents: Defron and Courtni
Siblings: Cain (twin, decased), Frederick (Charizard), and Ashli (Charmander).
Hometown: Clock Village
Childhood History: Abel trained with his twin brother, Cain, and his older brother, Frederick, in their hometown of Clock Village. They grew up and went into similar jobs. Frederick became the leader of a team of mercenaries, and helps Abel from time to time. But a major turning point happened when Cain led his division into battle against Darkrai's forces, against Abel's better judgement. Abel was fourth-in-command, but how do you be fourth-in-command when the people before you cant be accounted for, even among the remaining 110 out of 500 people? He returned first-in-command of the battered 15 man squad that came back.
Recent History: When
he returned, he didnt want to be a pawn of the game called War and decided to be put back on the guard.
Plans: Protect his King and serve his homeland in anyway possible.

Job, Magic, and Specials:
Job: Dragoon
Weapon: Spear, shortsword
Skills: Jump, Lancet
Special Attacks: Flamethrower, Brick Break, Fire Punch, Rock Smash, Cut, Metal Claw, Flame Charge

Ultimate Attacks:
Flame Shield, Javelin Torch, Call of the Dragons, Metal Dragon, Last Stand
Conditions: Only when he is backed in a corner with no escape does he use these, except Flame Shield and Javelin Torch.

Flame Shield
Description: A circle of fire forms on one of his forearms (the one that isnt holding a weapon, usually the left) in the shape of the shield. He can use it to smack around opponents (similar to how a Spartan utilizes his shield as a weapon) and to deflect projectiles, and blocks attacks, of course!
Effects: It obviously annoys Abel's opponents, as it is hard to get around. However, due to its large size, Abel's speed, agility, and flexibility is restricted.

Javelin Torch
Description: A javelin of fire appears in one Abel's hands. He throws it for a long range attack.
Effects: Abel cannot use the Javelin for close quarters combat, his defense takes a sight drop. But his Critical Hit chances rises.

Call of the Dragons
Description: Abel howls with a strong sonic frequency that can be heard by all, but enemies hear it duplicated in their minds.
Effects: Abel's enemies are stunned by this, as it gives them migranes as long as they still hear his howl. But, since it invades his enemies' minds, his Special Attack rises dramatically, but at the expense of Defense and Attack.

Metal Dragon
Description: Abel emits white-hot flames from his body. He jumps off the ground and chains with kunai on the ends come out from underneath the ground.
Effects: This is the biggest ultimate attack he has, as it as a large effect on stats and on recovery. Abel's defense, attack, and special attack rise, at the expense of special defense and speed. He is immobile for a brief period of time after use.

Last Stand
Description: Triggered by the painful memory of his brother's division being massacred, Abel glows crimson and unleashes a blast of intense heat and fire, which heats the ground and sets fire to the air. He then shoots fireballs from his mouth at enemies (similar to how Bowser shoots fire at Mario, except replace Mario with enemies and Bowser with Abel).
Effects: Special Attack, Defense, and Speed rises, while Special Defense and Attack drops. He has to recover for awhile, but is still mobile.

Favorite food: Anything that is in front of him when he is hungry, as long as it is edible.
Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
Pet Peeve(s): Disrespectfulness, lies, narcissism.
Least Favorite Season: Spring
Worst Memory: Battle of Twilight Bridge, where his division was massacred.

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

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Name: Sebastian “Seth” Larvitar
Era: Past (Middle Ages)
Species: Larvitar

Age: 12
Gender: Male
Body type: Small
Hair and eye colours: Seth has a small clump of spiked, blonde hair at the front of his head and his eyes are topaz yellow.
Other physical features: His teeth are razor sharp and he has a horn located on his head that glows when he is in danger. His horn can be used in battle.
Clothing Style: He wears a brown robe that looks very frayed and worn.

General demeanour: Seth acts like he knows everything but he is very naïve and is often corrected. Sometimes he gets frustrated because of this and sits by himself for a while. Seth also gets angered over the smallest of things.
How he/she sees himself: Wise and knowledgeable.
Best qualities: Despite his faults, he can find laughter at the hardest of times.
Worst qualities: Easily frustrated.

Parents: His father died during the great war of 600AK but his mother, Sabrina is still alive.
Siblings: He has an older brother, Sabbath.
Hometown: Seth lives in Twilight of the Light continent with his mother and brother.
Childhood history: The great war of 600AK began when Seth was 6. Because of this, he and his brother Sabbath were evacuated from their home. When the war ended, Seth and Sabbath returned home to find their house had been burned down and their mother had scars all over her body and was in great pain. Luckily, she had survived but the boys’ father was not so fortunate. Everyday Seth will go to his father’s burial and sit in silence for 5 minutes.
Recent history: In recent years, Seth has ventured the light continent with his brother to learn the art of Geomancy and Elementalism.
Plans for the future: Become a master Geomancer.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Geomancer/Elementalist
Weapon: Staff, Knife, Spear
Skills: Light Step, Terrain
Special attacks: Magma Burn, Storm, Whirlpool, Ice Beam (Unlocked) , Wind Slash (Unlocked), Quicksand, Horn (Unlocked)

Ultimate attacks: Gust, Stone Sheath, Flame Burst, Jet Arrow, Lightning Surge.
Conditions: After casting an ultimate attack, he becomes very fatigued and occasionally passes out.
References: Google, Final Fantasy, Pokemon
Appearance changes: His eyes glow bright white and his hair stands on end.

Gust (Unlocked)
Description: Seth spins repeatedly and creates a gust of wind that sends enemies flying.

Stone Sheath
Description: Seth pounds his fists into the ground that makes the terrain tremble. Pointed pillars of stone burst through the floor.

Flame Burst
Description: Seth’s hands and arms become surrounded with hot flames then he attacks the target with a frenzy of swift punches.
Conditions: If used for more than 3 minutes, his hands start to burn.

Jet Arrow (Unlocked)
Description: Firstly, Seth takes out his bow. Using the liquid water around him he then creates a set of arrows. When used, the arrow freezes upon impact immobilizing the target for a short period of time and mildly harms the enemy.
Conditions: Seth can only perform this attack when there is liquid water available nearby.

Lighting Surge
Description: Seth channels his energy. After 5 minutes of pure concentration a bolt of lightning surges through Seth’s arms then out of his hands.
Conditions: It takes exactly 5 minutes of concentration for Seth to perform this attack

Favourite food: Spicy.
Favourite pokemon: Tyranitar.
Pet peeve(s): His older brother.
Least favourite season: Autumn.
Worst memory: Returning home after the war.

Name: Scarlet “Scar” Sneasel
Era: Present (1000AK)
Species: Sneasel

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Body type: Tall
Hair and eye colours: Scar’s hair is long and blonde in a pony-tail. Her eyes are red.
Other physical features: Sharp teeth and claws.
Clothing Style: Like this --> ... EdgeDS.jpg but black. (I didn't give a preview of the image because it takes up a lot of space.)

General demeanour: Scar is always bubbly and energetic but she has a very short temper. Even the smallest of things can set her off. Scarlet is a natural fighter and depends on herself rather than others. Despite this, she is very sociable.
How he/she sees himself: Scar thinks of herself a socialite.
Best qualities: Her laugh.
Worst qualities: Her temper.

Parents: She was adopted by a clan of ninja Weavile.
Siblings: It is said she has a twin sister called Violet but they have never met.
Hometown: Scar lives in a forest located in the Dark Continent.
Childhood history: When Scarlet was born she was given away to a clan of ninja Weavile. However her twin sister, Violet, stayed with her parents. Because she grew up around ninja’s, she is naturally a good fighter and it’s in her blood. On her 10th birthday she was given a Razor Claw to evolve but it failed. It has taken her 18 years of harsh training for her to become the best ninja around.
Recent history: When Scarlet reunited with her parents, she was told about her twin, Violet. She decided to venture to the Light Continent to find her.
Plans for the future: Become reunited with Violet.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Ninja
Weapon: Katana, Boomerang, Daggers, Shurikens.
Skills: Stealth, Agility, Throw
Special attacks: Taunt, Slash, Scratch, Boomerang (Unlocked) , Double Team (Unlocked) , Poison Jab, Shadow Claw (Unlocked), Smoke Screen.

Ultimate attacks: Physical Illusion, Drive Kick, Metal Claw, Shadow Ball, Ice Punch
Conditions: Conditions will be explained individually.
Appearance changes: None.

Physical Illusion
Description: Scarlet must concentrate deeply to perform this attack. As her concentration increases she is able to create a duplicate of herself that can also attack.
Conditions: Scarlet’s duplicate form is not as intelligent as her. Due to this, it’s evasion and defense decreases. The duplicate only lasts for 5 minutes unless it gets killed beforehand. Scarlet also feels the pain of the duplicate.

Drive Kick (Unlocked)
Description: Scarlet charges towards the target swiftly as she spin kicks them.

Metal Claw (Unlocked)
Description: Scarlet’s claws become hardened, this allows her moves to become more powerful.

Shadow Ball
Description: Scar’s eyes glow purple then her hands radiate a charcoal black aura. She leaps high into the air and makes a pushing motion with her hands that releases a ball of pure darkness that harms the enemy.

Ice Punch
Description: Scarlet’s fists absorb the cold air around her. She attacks the target using a wide range of various punches. When she attacks an enemy weak to ice the move becomes more powerful.
Conditions: She can only use this attack when she is in a cold environment or the temperature is below freezing point.

Favourite food: Sushi.
Favourite pokemon: Weavile
Pet peeve(s): Haters.
Least favourite season: Spring
Worst memory: None.

Name: Skye Scizor
Era: Future (2600AK)
Species: Scizor

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: Tall
Hair and eye colours: Purple, spiked hair. Crimson eyes.
Other physical features: Caleb’s physical appearance has been altered greatly; The right side of his body is mechanical, including an electronic wing. Instead of red, his body is black with purple wings. His head is wrapped in a bandage that also covers his right eye. His claws radiate a strange, blue light.
Clothing Style: Caleb is clad in black armour.

General demeanour: Skye is the perfect knight; loyal, courageous, outgoing and trustworthy. In a group he often takes the role of a co-commander as he doesn’t like to lead in a direct way. He is very open and is always happy to help you out. He is modest but also cocky.
How he/she sees himself: Worthless.
Best qualities: His personality.
Worst qualities: Quite arrogant from time to time.

Parents: Father: Cyrus
Siblings: None.
Hometown: Midnight.
Childhood history: Skye was born and raised in the city of Midnight – The town that never sleeps. He was originally raised by his father Cyrus and his mother Pearl. One evening when Skye was very young his mother disappeared mysteriously. His most important possession is a brooch that she wore. Since the day she disappeared, he has a recurring dream where he in visions what his mother looked like. Apart from that one experience, his childhood was easy going and peaceful.
Recent history: When Skye was 10 he was taken out of regular school to train at a knight’s specialist school. He left the school at the age of 15 but he always finds spare time to practice, refine and perfect his skills.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Dark Knight
Weapon: Knife, Dagger, Mithril Knife, Mithril Sword, Long Sword
Skills: Assurance, Embargo, Agility
Special attacks: Sucker Punch (Unlocked), Punishment, Pay Back, Night Slash (Unlocked), Mithril Sword (Unlocked), Long Sword

Ultimate attacks: X-Scissor, Venom Shock, Razor Wind, Shadow Gauntlet, Abyssal Blade
Conditions: (Will be described individually)
References: Final Fantasy, Pokemon
Appearance changes: None.

X-Scissor (Unlocked)
Description: Taken from the Pokemon series.

Venom Shock
Description: Skye bites the target. This electrocutes the enemy and also injects a lethal venom into the target’s blood.

Razor Wind (Unlocked)
Description: Skye generates a gust of wind using his wings and arms that can slice the target.

Shadow Gauntlet
Description: The gauntlet has a complex design of spirals and flowers. Its finger tips are sharpened and can cut through any object with ease.
Conditions: The gauntlet emits a dark aura that, when used excessively, can drive the user insane and send themselves to their death.

Abyssal Blade
Description: This sword has a jagged blade with a pattern made of skulls and waves engraved on it. The grip is made of a black wood that also has skulls engraved. Its pommel bears a red ruby.

Favourite food: Anything.
Favourite pokemon: None.
Pet peeve(s): Cowards.
Least favourite season: Winter.
Worst memory: None.


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

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Name: Peony Leavanny
Era: Future (2000 AK)
Species: Leavanny (Sewaddle family line)

Appearance: Age- 27
Gender- Female
Body type- Short, slender body.
Hair and eye colors- Long blond hair that has antennas standing out from the middle of her head. Medium orange eyes with small black pupils.
Other physical features- None.
Clothing style- Wears the White Robe and Rune Bracers. Also has a medic bag wrapped around her waist. (A normal outfit for most top medics in the city.)

Personality: General- Peony is a very caring and generous woman. She would (and has) help any person in trouble, no matter what the situation. She is always trying her hardest to protect and save people from injuries and disasters. She is seen more behind the front lines of a battle, but Peony will step up to strike head-on if she feels she needs to. Peony can be skittish when it comes to discussions that involve fighting. She hates conflict between people.
How she sees herself- As a motherly figure.
Best qualities- Very caring and willing to sacrifice anything to benefit others.
Worst qualities- Can be over-caring and suffocating at times.

Background: Parents- Unknown (Taken care of by Karrisa Audino, a nun that took care of Peony.)
Siblings- Unknown
Hometown- Midnight City
Childhood History- Peony was orphaned when she was just a baby Sewaddle. She doesn't know anything about her actual family, and she wasn't left with any information when she was left on the steps of the orphanage. There is nothing more that Peony could want than to find her parents and ask them why they left her. She always told herself it was most likely due to hard times in whatever city they were in and they couldn't support her. She grew up in the orphanage until she could support herself. The nun, Karrisa, took care of Peony until she was old enough to work, but Karrisa still acts as her mother to this day. She helped Karrisa take care of the other children as well as nurse the sick ones back to health.

Peony was offered a job with a hospital not too far from the orphanage. She took it and quickly rose through the positions to one of the head medics. It was obvious that Peony had a natural talent with medicine and the healing arts. Many believed she had a very special gift. She began working more in the field, assisting city wide accidents and helping injured people everywhere she was.

Recent History- As Meteor started to get closer to the surface of the planet, chaos began breaking out through the city. Peony has been at her most needed in her entire life. She is constantly running through the city, trying to help people in need, and also trying to think what she could do to save herself from the impending doom.
Plans for the future- Try to find a way to save everyone.

Jobs, Magic, and Skills: Job- Medic (White Mage)
Weapon- A metal staff she uses mostly to rummage through fallen debris. Has sharp objects in her medic bag as well (i.e. scissors, needles, a small knife). Mainly magic wielding.
Skills- White Magic
Special Attacks- String Shot, Razor Leaf, Leaf Storm, Protect, Energy Ball, Toxic, Safeguard

Ultimate Attacks: Names- Protecting Overcoat, Swarm of Leaves, Helping Guard, Blazing White Light, Mist of Poison, Mother's Love

General Condition- Peony has to be fighting furiously and has the desire to battle even more.
1) Swarm of Leaves: Peony grasps her staff and swirls it around. Leaves form out of the tip and begin making a funnel around the enemy, inflicting intense damage.
Appearance- She focuses all of her energy into her staff, which glows a faint white.
Origin- Combination of Leaf Storm and Swarm ability.

2) Helping Guard: Peony wishes her friends well as they fight. This spell increases her allies attack by a little bit and prevents them from getting any status ailments.
Appearance- Peony appears to be cheering but is actually chanting a spell. All allies are coated in a soft blue light.
Origin- Combination of Helping Hand and Safeguard.

3)Protecting Overcoat: Peony grabs her staff by two hands and thrusts it into the ground. A decent sized dome forms over the entire party, protecting them from any attack.
Appearance- A clear dome forms around the party, shatters like glass when the spell is over.
Origin- Protect and Overcoat ability.
*Note- Peony can only use a few times as it drains her strength. Every attack drains her stamina, meaning one large attack can break the shield and cause her to pass out.

4) Mist of Poison: Peony holds her staff out and a dark mist pools out from it. It locates any enemies and creeps up their body. This attack poisons all enemies and does a good amount of damage.
Appearance- A dark purple mist billows out of the end of her staff that moves along the ground like a snake until it finds its target and coats it.
Origin- Amplified Toxic.

5) Blazing White Light: Peony raises her staff as a large ball of light forms above it. She slams down her staff the ball bursts. It blinds the enemies, leaving them dazed for some time, and heals all allies a good amount.
Appearance- A large orb of white light that goes off in a flash.
Origin- Flash and Heal.
*Note- Each time it's used the effects weaken (ex. blind wears off faster and healing isn't as much health).

6) Mother's Love: Peony drains herself of energy, giving it to all other allies. This complete heals them and restores their stamina.
Appearance- Peony holds her hands to her chest and closes her eyes. She glows a very bright light that shoots off to each ally.
Origin- Pain Split
*Note- Peony must have an intense desire to save her friends and be willing to do anything. Once this attack is used then she is passed out till the end of the battle.

Quirks: Favorite foods: Hamburgers
Favorite Pokemon: Any young Pokemon
Pet Peeve: People that do dangerous things.
Least favorite season: Fall
Worst memory: Being told that she could never have children.

Name: Trevor Gallade
Era: Present
Species: Gallade (Ralts family line)

Appearance: Age- 23
Gender- Male
Body type- Average height, slender, agile
Hair and eye colors- Green mohawk and crimson red eyes
Other physical features- Bite mark/scar on his right shoulder
Clothing style- Wears the Shell Armor and Shell Helmet, the uniform of the Guard. The armor has a clock face on the chest and the back, signifying the Guard of Clock Town.

Personality: General- Trevor is very persistent and fast thinking on his feet. He's well-known for his fiery attitude and fighting skills. He also tends to jump into battles without a thought. Trevor fights more on instinct rather than strategy. He does what feels right and defends his belief till the end. Trevor is a good ally to have and is loyal to all of his friends. He tends to rush head first into most situations, which can lead him into trouble. Trevor doesn't have a problem taking orders unless he sees a better way.
How he sees himself- As an undefeatable opponent.
Best qualities- Loyal till his last breath.
Worst qualities- Can be very hard headed at times.

Background: Parents- Dominick Gallade and Jasmine Gardevoir
Siblings- Rose (a Ralts) and Peter (a Kirlia)
Hometown- Twilight
Childhood History- Born and raised in the town of Twilight, Trevor is the eldest son of Dominick and Jasmine. Dominick is the Captain of the Guard of Twilight. Since Twilight is where the Bridge between Continents is located, there has always been a need for an excellent Guard. Trevor was raised to become a swordsman just like his father and aid in keeping the peace in the Light Continent. His mother is a very caring woman and came from a very spiritual and ancient family of women. Jasmine was another good influence for Trevor to become a Guardsmen. She also taught him ot be his own person and do what he felt was right regardless of what he was ordered to do. Trevor has a younger brother named Peter, who looks up to him, and a baby sister named Rose.

Once Trevor was able to beat his father in a duel his father told him he was ready to join a Guard. Trevor was accepted into the Guard of Clock Town and his parents were happy for him. The entire town of Twilight threw a party for Trevor's acceptance in a Guard. When the party was starting to quite down his mother took him inside the house. Jasmine gave Trevor a warning that Clock Town used to be where her ancestors used to live before the Great War. They were strong magic users and were forced out of the area before being accused of using Dark magic. She told him that magic runs deep in his veins and to always be careful. Trevor wanted to ask more but she wouldn't talk about it anymore.

Recent History- Trevor made it to Clock Town and established himself in the Guard. He's been living in the town since then and was picked to help the King's Elite Guard during the Millenial Time Festival.
Plans for the future- Join the Elite Guard and become the Captain.

Jobs, Magic, and Skills: Job- Guardsmen (Same as Warrior, just sounds better for the species)
Weapon- Bladed arms (magic enhancements later)
Skills- Advance and Spell Blade (acquired later)
Special Attacks- Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Fury Cutter, Close Combat, Slash, and Double Team

Ultimate Attacks: Names- Advanced Combat, Blade of Justice, Judgement Strike, Sword Magic, Ragnorak Fist, and Blades of Nature
General Condition- Trevor goes beyond his peak level for anger/sadness.
1) Advanced Combat: Trevor's armor shoots off and his speed increases out of extreme fury. He hits opponents with damaging punches and kicks.
Appearance- Trevor is coated in a fiery red aura and his eyes are piercing.
Origin- Combination of skill and Close Combat
*Note- Lowers Trevor's defense.
2) Sword Magic: Uses magic to power up his Special Attacks for a limited time. Also allows two attacks to be combined for a stronger effect.
Appearance-His mohawk grows brighter to signify the magic effects.
Origin- Combination of Ability and Sword Dance
3) Blades of Justice: The blades on Trevor's arms extend out to have farther reach. Allows more striking distance.
Appearance- The blades glow a dark gold color.
Origin- Combination of the Pokemon ability Justified and Psycho Cut (but with gold instead of pink)
4) Ragnorak Fist: Hits enemies with a combination of the three elemental punches. The hits are quick and strong.
Appearance- Both fists are incased in ice, coated with fire, and crackling with electricity.
Origin- Combination of the three elemental punches and Close Combat.
5) Judgment Strike: Trevor slashes at the air using Blades of Justice, sending volleys of golden energy strikes towards enemies. The strikes always find their target unless countered.
Appearance- Golden arm extensions that send out energy strikes.
Origin- Same as Blades of Justice.
*Note: Can only be used with the enhancement of magic while using Blades of Justice.
6) Blades of Nature: Trevor's strongest attack. Creates five more copies of himself that surround his opponent, each wielding an element on their blades (Earth, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Dark, and Light). All six of them strike the enemy at the same time.
Appearance- Five copies of Trevor slide out from the original, forming a circle around the opponent. Each Trevor's blades glow the color of the element they're using.
Origin- Combination of Double Team with elemental blade attacks.
*Note: Uses an extremely high amount of magic and energy, forcing Trevor to pass out.

Quirks: Favorite foods: Italian
Favorite Pokemon: (I didn't really understand this one haha) Gallade
Pet Peeve: When someone criticizes him.
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: Watching his friend being dragged away by a Mightyena when he was younger. He got bit badly and passed out. His mother managed to heal and save him.

Name: Claudius Slowking
Era: Past (Antiquity)
Species: Slowking (Slowpoke family line)

Appearance: Age- 30
Gender- Male
Body type- Tall, average size
Hair and eye colors- Ocean blue eyes and a black soul patch ((lol))
Other physical features- Callous on his hands from writing so much.
Clothing style- Red and white Scholar robe. Carries a satchel full of books with him at all times.

Personality: General- Claudius is usually very calm and conservative. He is always thinking before he acts. Usually seen as the voice of reason among his peers, Claudius always argues his opinions and expressed his thoughts on any matter. Claudius is an occasional fighter, never starting a battle without analyzing his enemies and forming a plan. Sometimes he won't fight if he doesn't see a solution and will research it instead.
How he sees himself- The advisor of any situation.
Best qualities- Extremely knowledgeable about most situations. Helpful and wise.
Worst qualities- Can be very stubborn with his ways and argue his opinions strongly.

Background: Parents- Regena and William Slowking
Siblings- None
Hometown- The Academy
Childhood History-. Claudius was sent to the Academy when he was fairly young. At that age he showed high talent at performing magic, and his parents couldn't allow it to go out of control. They sent him to the Academy where he was taught how to control his powers. Since Claudius was seen as a prodigy he was sent to study under the Sage known as Blake, one of the best sages of the realm.

Claudius met a young Gardevoir by the name of Adrienne that was also studying under Blake. They both were amazing castors, but Claudius took more to the books then Adrienne did. Thus, he became a well-known scholar and she became a great sage. Together they became a very powerful team and worked under Blake for many years together.

Recent History- Being told of a dangerous mission through time itself, Claudius has prepared himself for the travel. He brought everything he needed; all his books and his blank one with a brush and bottle of ink to write his thoughts down. He is also hoping to find his other two books somewhere through time.
Plans for the future-Complete his magic book collection.

Jobs, Magic, and Skills: Job- Scholar
Weapon- Magical books. He has the four books of Nature and needs the Book of Destiny and the Ultimate Book to complete his collection.
Skills- Study/White and Black Magic
Special Attacks-Water Pulse, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Light Screen

Ultimate Attacks: Names- Lightning's Strike, Fire's Burn, Water's Flood, Ice's Frost, Twilight Blast, Wrath of the Elements

General Condition- Claudius must be absolutely focused to concentrate on his books. Unless he is ultimate peril, his books will defend him. His powers are limited to his books.
1) Ice's Frost: The Book of Ice floats up out of the satchel and opens above Claudius' head. It opens up inflicting ice typed damage. Also freezes the enemies feet.
Appearance- A book with a light blue snowflake opens above his head and a bird made of snow flaps its wings, causing a harsh blizzard.
Origin- Blizzard and Articuno

2) Lightning's Strike: The Book of Lightning floats out of the satchel and opens. It inflicts electric type damage, possibly paralyzing the enemy.
Appearance- A book with a yellow thunderbolt opens and a dog made of electricity runs out at an alarming speed. It targets an enemy and lunches at them, making a loud boom after it hits.
Origin- Thunder and Raikou

3) Fire's Burn: The Book of Fire floats out of the satchel and opens. It inflicts fire type damage that can possibly burn the enemy.
Appearance- A book with a red and orange flame opens and a bird made of fire opens it mouth unleashing a large amount of fire in the shape of the Japanese symbol for fire.
Origin- Fire Blast and Moltres

4) Water's Flood: The Book of Water floats out of the satchel and opens. It inflicts water type damage that could confuse the enemy.
Appearance- A book with deep blue waves opens and a dog made out of water opens its mouth, releasing a large jet of water that pushes the enemy far back.
Origin- Hydro Pump and Suicune

5). Twilight Blast: The Book of Destiny floats out of the satchel and opens. Light and Dark combine to inflict a lot of damage on multiple foes. The initial blast hits one target (taking the most damage) then the explosion damages the surrounding enemies.
Appearance- A book, that is white on one side and dark on the other with a gold circle in the middle, floats up and opens. A large Yin-Yang symbol appears spinning before firing a large beam of intertwining Light and Dark. Explodes on impact.
Origin- Yin and Yang, Hyper Beam, and Explosion.
*Note- Can only be used once in the possession of the Book of Destiny.

6) Wrath of the Elements: The Ultimate Book floats out of the satchel and into Claudius' hands. He reads the spell and the other five books float up around him, each opening. Inflicts a huge amount of damage to the area.
Appearance- The books of Nature revolve around the Book of Destiny as they all open. Each book fires its elemental attack, tangling themselves together as they approach their target.
Origin- Tri-Attack
*Note- Needs both Book of Destiny and Ultimate Book. Completely drains Claudius of energy.

Quirks: Favorite foods: Seafood
Favorite Pokemon: Psychic types
Pet Peeve: When people don't listen to him.
Least favorite season: Summer
Worst memory: Losing his books.

Wooh that took a bit, but it's one of my better profiles for sure.

Also I reserve Slowking and Leavanny for my other characters.


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((Again, you only need your present pokemon finished (for now, ultimate attacks and specials don't matter), and those who haven't finished can't post yet. Let's do this!!))

The sun was shining on a wonderful day. It was 1000AK. The Millennial Time Festival had finally arrived.

"Ahh, Trevor! What a great day!" The royal Hume King sat relaxed in his private carriage, speaking to his most trusted friend, Trevor Gallade, who today sat opposite to him, "Look, I know you're upset about me sneaking out of the castle... But when you have a million bodyguards around, a fair isn't as much fun as you can hope! Besides, my friend, no one will ever know it's me. So please, relax and enjoy yourself, Trevor. Let's just have some fun today, shall we?" King Spence laughed to himself, an unsure Gallade full of concerns.


"...Ever since I can remember, I've always dreamt of another world, a different time and place --- my true home... There were all these pretty lights, dancing around me... I think I never really fit in anywhere because in my heart, I know this place isn't my real home... Or maybe it's all but a fantasy; something made up to make living not as hard... So, have I been rejecting this world and all the different people I've met for nothing...?"

The Snivy laid up on a branch of a tree, a comfortable height above the ground shadowing a path leading outside the forest. A twig rolled across his lips as he peacefully daydreamed. Horses and carriages went by in numbers today --- some even riding all the way from Midnight, the Snivy's hometown.

"Today is the day of the celebration, huh...?" he quietly whispered to himself.

The Snivy got himself up, swinging and jumping down from the tree. Leaves fell from the spot he left behind. Suddenly, Snivy became cautious. He could almost feel the sickening presence of something watching him --- no, he had already been surrounded - darn!

Four bandits had ambushed him, all different creatures but it was hard to tell what they were --- "Give us all your gil, kid!"

The Snivy smirked to himself, patting his tail to the ground in a taunt, "Sorry guys, I don't have anything --- nothing but a giant ass-kicking for you guys."

"Then we'll take everything you have! And for being a smartass, we'll take your life as well!"

The Snivy chuckled to himself, placing his hands to his hips and shaking his head, "What, you maggots? Don't make me laugh."

They approached him, each wielding a short blade. Snivy made no hesitation --- skidding around one, he slid one dagger from his side and gave him a quick swipe at his back. The man cried, falling to his knees --- he rest of the goons finally stepping up their game. Snivy chuckled darkly, jumping to the hurt man's shoulder, eyeing everyone else surrounding him. He quickly leapt up --- slashing a man to the side, the man falling with a loud grunt.

The last of them were two, at either side --- they advanced --- the Snivy opened his second sheath at his waist, his two trusty daggers in both hands. Hesitant, they went to strike --- the Snivy promptly parried the first guy --- striking the second man with a cut across the stomach.

The Snivy took a breath of relief. Most of the bandits were whinging about the most minimum of pain. Snivy lightly snorted, "They're only scratches, you'll live --- meanwhile, go back to what hole you came from --- there's only one thief in these parts now."

Suddenly, a man silently reached for his pistol, aiming his gun's crosshairs in the Snivy general direction. "Take this, you brat...!!"

"Now, who has all the gil --- huh?" Snivy turned, just in time to see the blast from the barrel. Snivy's eyes widened, falling to the ground with a thud. The echo of the shot travelled throughout the forest.


Ding, dong... Ding, dong... The Clock Tower echoed throughout town.

The Mime quickly pulled on his bright red cape, running downstairs. "Have fun, Matt!" his work buddy Munchlax waved as he poured a man a drink at the bar.

"See ya, Jack!" the Mime waved him goodbye as he opened the door, leaving the bar. Work was over, and it was finally time to join everyone!


"Whew, just in time!" The eager Mime happily strolled around the square. The Millennial Celebration was posted everywhere, there was no way he could miss it! The Mime Jr. gazed in awe at all the different attractions, balloons and advertisements littering the entire town, making the world bright and colourful... Everything looked so exciting, but where would he go first? Hmmm...

"Let's see... There's..." he peered around, spotting tents and arenas of all sorts, "There's a fortune reader... A sparring contest... A running marathon around town... A drinking contest... Ugh, no way. Beer's gross."

It was hard walking around without getting trampled. Before he knew it, the Mime felt himself feeling faint under the blazing sun, falling onto a bench and resting for a while. "I wonder when my friends will arrive... Sure taking their time..." He sat up, turning a little to see the Clock Tower in the distance, quietly ticking away and watching over the town, "Fifteen past twelve, huh...?"


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Name: Caleb Medicham
Era: Present
Species: Medicham

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Body type: Tall, Semi-Muscular
Hair and eye colours: No Hair, Green Eyes
Other physical features: Nothing unique.
Clothing Style: Wears a cloak clasped around his neck fastened with a Star-shaped Brooch.

General demeanour: Fairly quiet and subdued, but not shy, doesn't get angry easily, and he is loyal to his friends. He also doesn't back down when he gets into an argument but he doesn't want to end up in a fight, although he fights to the end not holding back. He has a habit of confusing himself.
How he/she sees himself: Honest, trustworthy, and valuable, but flawed.
Best qualities: Optimistic, puts others before himself
Worst qualities: Questions what he is doing constantly

Parents: Lisa Medicham and Mack Medicham
Siblings: Younger Brother Bradely Meditite
Hometown: Midnight
Childhood history: Shortly after his brother was born his parents were forced to sell Caleb into slavery to pay off a large debt. Caleb was sold to various masters and was eventually sold to an old Grumpig, named Drew. Drew was far nicer than any of Caleb's previous masters. After a year of serving under Drew, Caleb was given his freedom however, Caleb chose to stay with Drew as Drew was old and had no family.
Recent history: During this time that Drew taught Caleb how to fight. Caleb and Drew were training in a forest when they were attacked by thieves. Caleb and Drew eventually drove them off, but Drew had been mortally wounded. Drew gave Caleb his star-shaped brooch, Drew's daily heirloom, and a large sum of money and told him to leave Dark Continent. Caleb returned to his family and took them to the Light Continent, buying passage on a ferry, eventually travelling to Clock Town.
Plans for the future: Help his family get settled in Clock Town.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Monk
Weapon: Gauntlets, Knuckles when he wants to be unnoticed.
Skills: Retaliate
Special attacks: Swords Dance, Focus Blast, Psychic (Unlocked), Psyshock, Hi Jump Kick (Unlocked), Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt (Unlocked).

Ultimate Attacks:
Conditions: Caleb reaches an emotionless state. Leaves Caleb very fatigued and unable to use another until he meditates and fully recovers.
Appearance changes: Caleb gains the colouring of a shiny Medicham until he finishes the attack, as well as attack-specific changes.

Name: Healing Grace (Unlocked)
Description: The user can either take some of an allies injuries onto themselves or give some of their injuries to an opponent. Contact must be made. Caleb's eyes glow blue. Gauntlets must be removed.
Origin: From move Pain Split

Name: Anvil Strike (Unlocked)
Description: Calebs fists become solid steel and he moves incredibly fast breaking all barriers. Gauntlets are absorbed into Caleb's hands turning them a silver-grey colour.
Origin: Combination of Bullet Punch and Brick Break

Name: Glacial Flame
Description: One of Caleb's fists becomes extremely hot while the other becomes extremely cold. The target is often burnt or frostbitten after being hit. Hot fist becomes red, cold fist becomes blue. Gauntlets must be removed.
Origin: Combination of Fire Punch and Ice Punch.

Name: Palm of Poison
Description: Caleb's hands becomes coated in a poison that is absorbed through the skin of the target. The poison casues the target to become paralyzed and if left long enough will paralyze the respiratory system. Must make contact with target's skin for poison to take effect. Caleb's deadliest attack. Calebs become a light purple colour. Gauntlets must be removed.
Origin: Combination of Force Palm and Poison Jab

Name: Focused Strike
Description: Caleb erects reflective barriers of around himself causing images of himself to appear. He then meditates and gathers his energy. When his energy reaches its peak he releases a volly of projectiles quickly followed by a powerful punch. The tiniest distraction will cause this attack to fail. Caleb passes out regardless of whether this attack is successfully executed or not. Caleb's strongest attack. Calebs eyes glow blue and he emits a white aura.
Origin: Combination of Double Team, Focus Punch, Focus Blast, and Reflect

Favourite Food: Chinese
Favourite Pokemon: Medicham
Pet Peeve(s): Being ignored.
Least Favourite Season: Spring
Worst Memory: Watching Drew die.

Name: Billy Pawniard
Era: Future
Species: Pawniard

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Body type: Short and Stocky
Hair and eye colours: No Hair, Blue Eyes
Other physical features: Nothing Significant
Clothing Style: Wears some armor over his torso, arms and legs.

General demeanour: He is and has always been a follower. He tries to please everyone who is more powerful or higher ranking than him. He is extremely loyal and helpful.
How he sees himself: A nobody.
Best qualities: Very loyal and enjoys helping others.
Worst qualities: Has trouble thinking for himself, Fairly dependent

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
Hometown: Clock Town
Childhood history: His parents abandonned him as soon as he was born. He was taken into a gang led by a Bisharp. He quickly proved himself to be a valuable member through his loyalty to the gang.
Recent history: His gang was obliterated by a rival gang. Billy was the sole survivor, he moved into the wilderness to avoid detection.
Plans for the future: Become stronger and find new friends.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Warrior
Weapon: Uses Hands, Which are Knives.
Skills: Advance, Guard, Cover
Special attacks: Night Slash, Metal Claw, Sucker Punch, Slash, Faint Attack, Protect, Headbutt

Ultimate Attacks:
Conditions: Billy reaches his peak anger level. Billy is left feeling depleted and very tired.
Appearance changes: Attack Specific.

Name: Thunder Rocks
Description: A wave of electricity is sent out parlyzing the opponent. At the same time rocks are torn up and sent flying at the target. Billy's eyes glow yellow.
Origin: Thunder Wave and Stealth Rock

Name: Substiteam
Description: Billy replicates himself several times making substantial "dummies." Billy has to retreat from lack of energy after this move. Billy and his clones appear to be faded versions of the original Billy.
Origin: Double Team and Substitute

Name: Sweep of Toxins
Description: Billy kicks the opponent taking out their legs which leaves them vulnerable for a scratch from one of his toxin covered "hands." Billy's "hands" appear a slight purplish colour.
Origin: Toxic and Low Sweep

Name: Headcutt
Description: The axe blade on Billy's head elongates and grows very large. Billy then slashes at all enemies. Billy becomes unbalanced and slightly out of control.
Origin: Headbutt and my own ideas.

Name: Blade Storm
Description: The blades on Billy's body replicate themselves and get launched at a target causing intense pain and many cuts. Billy is completely drained after this attack. Billy glows with a silver aura. Billy's strongest attack.
Origin: My idea

Favourite food: Berries
Favourite pokemon: Bisharp
Pet peeve(s): Being called useless
Least favourite season: Fall
Worst memory: Watching his gang be obliterated

Name: Edward Electabuzz
Era: Past
Species: Electabuzz

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Body type: Very Muscular
Hair and eye colours: Normal Electabuzz Hair, Crimson Eyes
Other physical features: Long scar on his back.
Clothing Style: Heavy Armor

General demeanour: Gets angry very easily. Enjoys a good fight. He only cares about winning and protecting his friends. He often comes across as arrogant and cocky. He has a soft spot for kids, which he always denies.
How he/she sees himself: An invincible fighter.
Best qualities: Wants to protect his friends.
Worst qualities: He only wants to win.

Parents: Miranda and Matrim Electabuzz
Siblings: None
Hometown: Clock Town
Childhood history: As soon as Edward was old enough his father started to teach him to fight. Edward showed natural talent and soon was better than his dad. After Edward evolved into an Electabuzz, his dad found him a well known teacher to tutor him. The first time Edward sparred his teacher he thought that it was just a training excercise, however his teacher proved him wrong sloashing him across the back giving him his scar. From that point on Edward began to like his teacher less and less.
Recent history: Edward was eventually good enough to leave his teacher, whom he now despised. When he left he vowed to never lose a match again. He soon found a job as being a mercenary and has been doing that ever since.
Plans for the future: Become the most well known fighter on the continent.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Gladiator
Weapon: One-and-a-Half-Handed Long Sword, Several Throwing Knives, Shield
Skills: Lure, Finisher, Reckless
Special attacks: Thunderpunch (Unocked), Ice Punch, Fire Punch (Unlocked), Mega Kick, Iron Tail, Hammer Arm, Thunderbolt (Unocked).

Ultimate attacks:
Conditions: Edward reaches his peak anger state.
Appearance changes: Yellow and black reverse (instead of being yellow with black stripes, he changes to be black with yellow stripes).

Name: Thunder (Unlocked)
Description: Same as Pokemon move.

Name: Sword Slash (Unlocked)
Description: Edward's sword flies out of his hand and slahes at enemies of its own accord. It drains Edward's energy to stay aloft.

Name: Furious Fists
Description: Several fists made of energy are created. They radiate and electric aura. Edward directs them with his mind.

Name: Knife Stream
Description: Edward starts throwing knives made of energy. There is a seemingly endless supply and they explode on impact.

Name: Beam Strike
Description: A beam of pure enrgy is blasted out of Edward's shield. This attack consumes all of his energy.

Favourite food: Any Meat
Favourite pokemon: Elekid
Pet peeve(s): Losing, Being Helpless
Least favourite season: Spring
Worst memory: Getting his scar.


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Trevor sat in the private carriage of the King, looking constantly out the windows and watching for danger. King Spence quickly caught on and began speaking.

Trevor nodded his head, "I know my Lord, but it's just that one guardsmen is not enough to protect you if something were to happen." He stared out the window for a moment. "But I will say that today of all days is very wonderful. It's not like you'll get the chance to celebrate your forefathers success again." Trevor smirked and began laughing to lighten the mood.

"Is there anything my King would like to do first?"


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Forget him, Dewey Dewott was walking around town, thinking to himself. I'm not worthless, he thought. He felt his right eye to make sure it was still how it was when he left yesterday. The newly formed scar from his father's blade throbbed. He looked up and saw a nice place to sit on a roof. He made his way up there, and he sat.
"Finally. I can actually sit!" he said outloud.
"This seat taken?" Dewey tensed. He turned his head to his only friend Sel, who was already sitting down. "Why'd you do it?" she asked.
"Do what?" he asked back rhetorically.
"Rebel. Against your dad."
"He wasnt being nice to me." Dewey answered. They sat in silence. Dewey looked around the square. He spotted King Spence and a Gallade, but that's not what got his attention. It was that Watchog and the Seismotoad on one of the other rooftops. The Watchog would tell the Seismotoad what he sees, and the Seismotoad would talk into a phone. On the receiving end of the phone was a...
"What's that?" Sel said. She gestured toward the coastline.
"The Meteor."
"No. There's something else I saw. I saw something move." Dewey looked closely. He saw what she gestured to. But he didnt see what she saw. Instead, he saw the phone. He took off to listen in on the conversation, runnin along the rooftops...

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

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(OOC: This is my first roleplay on Psypoke, correct me if I get anything wrong.)

Violet stood at the entrance to the twilight bridge. With her arms crossed she whispered to herself in despair "She should be here by now...". Suddenly a brief shadow crossed Violet's back. Violet turned her head swiftly. She saw nothing. "But I swear-" Before Violet could even utter the sentence Scarlet Sneasel dropped from a tree and landed in front of her twin.
"Looking for me?"
Violet's face lit up.
"Sis, is that really you?" she said skeptically.
"Yes, now c'mon the time festival is coming to a close"
"Wow... Where should we go first, there's so much to do!" Violet exclaimed excitedly.
"Hmmmm" Scarlet scanned her surroundings. "Hey look!" Scar pointed at the fortune teller's hut.
"I'm not too sure..." "Those things are always a rip off." Violet said in reply.
"What are you, scared?" Scarlet giggled to herself.
Violet's facial expression showed defeat and she knew her twin had won. Scarlet took Violet's hand and ran to the hut. "C'mon!" she said giggling again. Scarlet cautiously opened the creaking door and walked silently inside. "Wow!" she muttered to herself. The interior of the hut was simply spectacular. The walls were draped in navy blue, sequin covered quilts and there was a single table in the centre that held a crystal ball. The atmosphere in the room was uplifting and calmful and A chair was situated behind the table but there was no one sitting in it. Scarlet turned around to tell Violet to come in but as she turned her head back round a Jynx was sitting in the previously empty chair. Scarlet became confused but kept it to herself. The door slammed shut and the mysterious Jynx said with a calming voice: "Welcome, my name is Casandra, would you like your fortunes read?" Scarlet looked skeptical but sat in the chair oppposite Casandra's. "Yes, yes we would" Scar said in reply. "Okay, then let's get started." "Please hold my hands and close your eyes." Scarlet did as she said. "I can feel your aura. It is strong..." "I sense you will go on a long, dangerous journey and that you will meet several other chosen ones to restore the present, and change the future for the better..." Scarlet opened her eyes slowly. "Thank you" she said. "How much?"
"Nothing" Casandra said while smiling.
"Okay then. Thanks again!" Scarlet stood up out of her chair and walked out the hut. Violet followed behind quickly.
"That was weird, right?"
"Yes, very. But somehow I can find truth in her words..."
"Your over thinking it, c'mon let's get something to eat!"

The 2 girls walked off into the distance giggling together and chatting.


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

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The King laughed, leaning over to place a hand to Trevor’s shoulder, “And Trevor, please skip the formalities. I’m happy everyone’s celebrating my forefather’s peace, but that’s not all we’re celebrating today. Today, I’m just another person walking on this earth. There’s no way they’d take me for the King anyway,” he smiled. Along with his trademark spiky long hair, he was dressed more along the lines of a common nobleman. Having notoriety, especially since even people from the other continent were present today, was something of a bad idea.

The King sat back, “As long as I don’t wear the crown, I’m not your King. So, Trevor Gallade, I’d like you to address me as Spence today. How does that sound?”

The carriage had reached its destination. The King was overwhelmed with excitement, “Let us go, Trevor, let’s see what this celebration has to offer!” he said with enthusiasm as he jumped from the carriage, promptly handing the driver his gil.

The King jumped as he turned to see a Dewott and his friend, “…Trevor,” he whispered, “Let’s get past them quietly… I’m sure that young man knows my face from myself meeting his father once. Let’s not make ourselves known.”


This was definitely much more stress free than watching over the kingdom. Walking the square, the King sighed peacefully. Walking among his people --- it was a great feeling indeed. When he spotted the sparring arena, he addressed his friend Trevor beside him, “Care for a match? Haha, and don’t you go easy on me! I know you’re one of the best, but I‘ve got considerable skill myself, you know?” The King was a swordmen as well. The massive blade behind his back was fearsome, nonetheless.

((You can start us up here, Red.))


“My friends… Ditched me…” Matthew Mime sighed depressingly, still laying on the bench, his gloved-hand reached to the sky at least to shade his face from the sun. He leaned up, checking the time, “Fifteen to One? They really DID ditch me…”

He thought to himself. His dad was still at the castle working, and Jack was still at the bar as well. Everyone else he knew were doing something important. He sighed again, turning to leave. Maybe he should just go home.

When he turned, he spotted Sir Gallade! He worked above his father, Bill Snorlax, as the Elite Guard. He was happy to see a familiar face, at least.

“Hey! Sir Gallade!!” he shouted out, running over to meet him, “It’s good to see you today! How’s my father doing at the castle? And oh,” he noticed his friend, a man about his age with long spiky brown hair, “Sorry, I’m Matthew. My friends call me Matt. Were you about to join the sparring?”

At this moment, the castle was probably up in arms to where he had gone off to --- especially this child’s father. The King offered the young boy a hand, “My name’s Spen--- uhh, no, it’s Isaac. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The Mime shook his hand with a bright smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, Isaac! Let me grab your armour for you!”

Before Isaac could argue, the Mime went ahead and grabbed a helm and iron armour for him.

“You two are up next? Okay! Just step into the ring!” the sparring announcer bellowed.

The King laughed, lifting the armour above his head and sliding it on, “You sure do have a good friend in Matthew! Let’s give them all a good show, shall we?” he addressed Trevor with a smile.


Meanwhile, in the forest… Snivy’s body lay motionless under a single array of light escaping from the trees. His daggers and gil were stolen, taken by the bandits who had already fled. A cold chill swept passed. A dark cloaked man stood, towering above the Snivy.


“Is this… the end?”

The Snivy awoke, battering his eyes open. It took him awhile to adjust and refect on what had happened. He was sitting in a bed, some inn. He could hear crowds of people from outside. Was this Clock Town…? He checked his body over, remembering the bitter taste of a bullet. But a wound did not appear. The Snivy was fine, yet bewildered and a little confused. He sighed, laying down one more time. What had happened, and who carried him here in the first place? Before he could find out, he jumped out of bed and proceeded downstairs.

There was a Munchlax at the bar. “Hey, how are you feeling? Your friend already left!”

“Friend?” He had no friends. What was going on? The Snivy walked up and hopped up onto the bar seat, “Did you see what he looked like? Did he say anything?”

The Munchlax thought to himself, humming and umming, “Well, he was wearing a black cloak. So, it was hard to see his face… but he paid handsomely for your room, I didn’t complain. He said you felt a bit ill, so he brought you here. After that, he just left. Sorry, that’s all I know.”

“Okay… thanks,” the Snivy said sarcastically, leaving the inn. He noticed the bar was called The Den or something.


Trying to leave what happened aside, he now had no weapons nor any gil to live on. The fair was easily the best place to pickpocket unweary travellers. He grinned to himself, spotting just the right idiot. A Dewott and his friend. This was going to be easy.

He walked along casually as they almost crossed paths, accidentally, on purpose, walking right into him, “Oh! I’m so sorry! Are you okay? Please, let me help you up!”

As soon as the Dewott said anything he needed to say, the Snivy proceed to walk in the opposite direction, disappearing into the crowd. When he was at a safe distance, the Snivy chuckled to himself, throwing a gil pouch up and down in his hand.

The Snivy quickly pocketed the gil as he saw a female Sneasel and her probably her sister. He turned his head in the other direction, tipping his hat to her. That Sneasel looked familiar somehow… was she from the Dark Continent? But never mind that, he had gil to spend.


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As the Snivy passed Scarlet she seemed slightly perplexed. She nudged Violet with her elbow and said to her: "Doesn't he seem familiar to you?" The twins turned their heads without making it too obvious they were staring. "No, I don't think I've ever seen him before." Violet said in reply. Scarlet pondered for a while and came to a conclusion. "Ah yes!" Scar exclaimed. Violet looked at her in confusion. "I remember him now, the Snivy." Scarlet continued. "I was in the sacred forest on my way here and I saw him stealing some money from a couple of travellers." "I'm sure he'll be up to no good. He's probably going to ruin the festival."

"Should we follow him, just to keep him out of trouble?" Violet suggested. "Yeah, that would be a good idea, wouldn't it?" Violet nodded and smiled. "C'mon let's go."
Violet yawned loudly. "We've been following him for a while now and he hasn't stolen anything. Maybe we should just give up." she said. "No, look at this!" Scarlet pointed into the crowd. "He's just pit pocketed that poor Dewott!" Violet exclaimed. "Let's go talk to him." The girls ran off to find the Dewott.


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

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Trevor smiled as Spence challenged him to a sparring match. "I'm well about how good of a fighter you are, but do you thinj you're a better fighter than me?" He began laughing. As long as no one recognizing the King then this will be easy. Besides, Spence hasn't been outside of the castle for some time.

As they approached the sparring area Trevor heard a voice call his name. He turned to see a young Mime Jr. Oh crap. I really hope this doesn't become a problem.

"Well hey there Matt. Your father was doing fine earlier today." Trevor then muffled under his breath so that only Spence could here, "Though I'm sure it's a bit chaotic now." Trevor watched as Spence greeted Matt and gave the name of Isaac. ((had a remembrance of Viral Secrets haha))

Trevor just kept his Guard Armor on as Spence put on armor that Matt gave him. He laughed at Spence's comment, "Yeah he's a great kid. It's a shame his father works so much though. The two of them walked up to the actual ring where the announcer got their names. As they climbed into the ring Trevor smiled at Spence, "Just letting you know now, I won't take it easy for you just because of who you are.....Isaac. Be prepared for a good show indeed."

The announcer began speaking, "Ladies and gentlemen! I give you two new challengers; Trevor and Isaac! Now gentlemen give us a good clean fight. Begin!"

Trevor stood in his figthing stance. He began slicing the air with his blades before running at Spence. Trevor jumped into the air and sliced down at Spence.


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"Heh, well, I've got some moves..." the King chuckled, fitting his iron helmet on before withdrawing his sword.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I give you two new challengers; Trevor and Isaac! Now gentlemen give us a good clean fight. Begin!" the announcer bellowed. Cheering was heard in the audience.

As Trevor came flying from the sky, the King guarded with his sword, bracing his friend's impact. He skidded backward, swords at a lock. The King chuckled, a sweat falling down his chin. He managed to release them, clashing and following Trevor's quick swordplay blow after blow. When he had the chance, Spence swung his body around, taking the sword with him to give Trevor his Spin Attack!! The crowd gasped.

"Whoa, they're good," Matthew was a little shocked. He knew Trevor was good, but this guy was his match. He continued watching the fight from the fence.


The Snivy walked around town, down walkways, alleyways, among crowds, all the while keeping an eye on his back. He noticed the two sisters following him earlier. And if it wasn't for them crossing his path like they did earlier, he would've never known. He knew the eyes of someone who despises your existence. He was a thief, after all. They must have been Ninja from the Dark Continent. Little was known of their existence, but he had heard rumours.

The Snivy sighed a breath of relief when he summarised the coast was clear, walking into a Weapon's Shop. He came out with just the right weapon; a good old Mage Masher. The purple blade shimmered in the sunlight as he grinned, sheathing it away. He looked around for a moment before deciding to head back to the square. Not all his gil was spent yet.


Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:43 am
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Dewey jumped off a roof and continued. As he accelerated, a Snivy bumped into him, knocking him off-balance and on the ground. Dewey opened his mouth to speak, but the Snivy just glanced at him, then ran off. "Hey!" Dewey exclaimed. Fine, be that way. Let's see how you like this! He began charging an Ice Beam to freeze the runner, when Sel tackled.
"What in your mind are you doing?!?"
"It's called justified punishment. He stopped me from what I was doing, so he should have the same happen to him!" Dewey explained in a harsh tone.
"Well maybe if you look around, you'll find a few important details." She said back to him. Dewey gave her a glance of confusion. "Missing something?" She said, picking up a gil. She showed it to Dewey. "He just needed some gil, that's all."
"There are plenty of others around to bump'n'rob. He just earned himself a free ticket to be mopped the floor with. And guess who's doing the mopping? Me!"
"Why'd you run off?" She said, changing the subject.
"I was chasing after..." Dewey trailed off. He looked past Sel. "Oh come on! You got to be kidding me!" He complained. Sel glanced behind her. She saw two Sneasels walking up to them. She turned to Dewey, who was turning away. "Oh-no you dont. Get back here."
"I dont wanna." Dewey moaned. Sel dragged him back to his feet.
"Too bad. Cry about it." And with that, she turned to the approaching Sneasels.
((OOC: I know we are not allowed to use Ultimate Attacks, so I made it that Dewey started to charge it up, but could not use it before Snivy pickpocketed him.
Did I do good, Crunchy?
EDIT: Fixed. I think I got this down now. I'm still recovering from the car accident, but I should be fine now. Expect little, if not no more, trouble from me here on out!))

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

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((Ultimate attacks are really for learning later, when magic is unlocked, so nobody would be aware of them. And I just noticed, but a lot Oshawott's character's moves can be grouped together into the Skill "Throw" for the Ninja, so keep that in mind Oshawott for when we get into Ultimate Attacks as the story progresses.))

The Snivy glanced around, seeking something to spend the rest of his money on. "Mmmm..." he approached a fruit stand. Usually he'd just swipe said apple, but today he felt generous. "Thanks," the Snivy spun the apple on his finger, whistling to himself.

He took a bite of the apple, looking across the square and through the crowds to see the Sneasel approach the Dewott. This... may be a problem. The Dewott looked flustered, obviously he had caught on that he was mugged. The Snivy laughed, finishing his apple as he approached them.

"Hey guy and girls, what's up?" the Snivy smugly grinned, tossing his apple core to the pavement behind him, "Oh, I think you dropped this..." Snivy reached into his pockets, retrieving the gil pouch. He promptly threw the pouch back into the Dewott's possession, "You should take more care of your things."

((If any of your reactions is to battle him, pay close attention to how Red and I battle without godmodding. Describing your attack in his general direction, letting them post if it hits or they dodge, etc etc.))

((I'm more or less waiting for Dare to post lol.))


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((And what a glorious battle it has become haha.))

Trevor quickly broke away after Spence stepped back for a moment before coming at him spinning. What the hell?! Trevor crossed his arms, blades outward, and defended himself against the attack. Spence's blade sparked as it collided several times with Trevor's blades, sliding him across the ring.

"Seems that you can don't even need a Guardsmen.", Trevor chuckled as he slashed back at Spence again and again. I have to get more ground or else he'll force me out of the ring.

Trevor began gaining speed in his swings, trying to push the King back. An idea suddenly occurred to him and Trevor backed up to the edge of the ring. He placed one of his feet against the wooden post and launched himself at Spence. He copied Spence and began spinning in the air as he got closer to the King.


Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:03 pm
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Dewey stood, or rather, stumbled, towards Sel's side. "I dont approve of this." He said to her gruffly.
"You'll thank me later!" Sel replied back to him slyly.
"Hey guy and girls, what's up?" a Snivy said has he approached the group. Dewey studied this Snivy over and realized he was most likely his thief that hit him earlier.
"Are you stupid? Or do you actually want to die?" Dewey spoke under his breath. Sel mustve caught what he said, because she shot him a look that basically said, 'Do it, and running from the authorities will be the least of your worries.' The Snivy continued, "Oh, I think you dropped this..." he reached into his pockets and pulled out Dewey's Gil Pouch. He proceeded to toss it at him. "You should take more care of your things." Dewey couldnt take it anymore. He unclipped his two scalchops that are initially his own, and he lashed out.
"You heartless thief! That was my great-great-grandfather's pouch! He got it during the War, many centuries ago!" He screamed, and dashed towards the Snivy. "Prepare to pay for your deeds! You messed with the wrong Dew- Oof!" Sel hit Dewey with her scalchop, using it as a hammer.
"Lighten up, Dew! It's not like he knew!"
"I dont care. He deserves this!" Dewey stood up. He raised his scalchops and charged again. Sel jumped in his path.
"There is a time and a place." she said. She glanced back at the Snivy. "Now is not the time. Here is not the place." She glanced around. "I'm sure everyone is here for a reason other than to antagonize a poor soul!" She then looked down at Dewey, whom was in a headlock. "Are you going to sit calmly if I let go?"
Dewey hesitated for a few seconds. "Fine."
"And you!" Sel turned around and pointed at the Snivy. "Where do you come from and why do you have to be so mean?"

((OOC: Oppurtune time for Oshawott's characters and Dewey to have a conversiation. That is, if Oshawott is up to it.
Also, I hope this post tells you why Sel is important to Dewey's character and personality traits.))

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

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((You do realise Sel won't be travelling with us, neither will the other twin sister of Sneasel :P))

The Snivy chuckled to himself, "You should listen to your girlfriend. Then if the pouch was that important to you, you were lucky I gave it back, right? Anyway," the Snivy turned away, hands to his hips, "You townsfolk are always the same. Possessions are all you're worried about. I was almost going to feel pity for you, but obviously I picked the right target. Along with a buffoon, you're also the idiot I expected you to be. Thanks for the blade though," he placed his glove to his waist where the sheath that held the Mage Masher was, "It was a nice present. Awfully kind of you."

The Snivy tipped his leather hat to the two Sneasels who were clearly watching, "You're Ninja from the Dark Continent, right? I heard the rumours, but I never thought it was true... You know what our world is like. It's about survival, and who cares about anyone else."


The King panted with a huge grin. To them, this was like roughhousing. Trevor was spin-attacking in the air, there was nothing the King could do but block it. Guarding with his blade, sheltering his stance the best he could, Trevor's last impact sent the King flying backwards. He fell with a thump to the dirt. The crowd gasped. Feeling a little winded, the King shook his head, "Whoa," the King then suddenly burst out laughing, "You got me! Well done!"

The crowd cheered, Matthew blowing a few whistles himself. "The victor! Trevor Gallade!!" The announcer bellowed.

"Way to go you guys, you were great!" Matt called to them from his spot on the fence.

The King sat in the dirt, still a little taken back. "You know, when I said don't hold back, you could've held back just a little," he joked with a grin on his face, removing his helm.


Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:03 am
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((I know, I'll find a way to get rid of her in time :P))

The Snivy tipped his leather hat to the two Sneasels who were clearly watching, "You're Ninja from the Dark Continent, right? I heard the rumours, but I never thought it was true... You know what our world is like. It's about survival, and who cares about anyone else."

"Who cares about any one else!!" Scar exclaimed. "I became a ninja out of passion, not survival. How could you degrade our kind like that?" "You heartless-"
Violet interupted Scarlet trying to hold her back from lunging towards the Snivy. "Leave him, Scar. He's not worth it!"
"Your right." Scar said reluctantly. The Snivy smirked at Scar and walked off. ((Sorry for godmodding, I couldn't find another way out of it.))

Scarlet and Violet found a small, quiet bench to sit on that was located just outside the festival.
"How could you let him say something like that to me? He's a fool and a terrible excuse for a thief, you know that?" Scarlet said in a raised voice.
"You know what? I'm sick and tired of hearing your whining! It's always about you isn't it? I'm just the 'twin sister' aren't I?" Violet said in an even more raged voice.
"Is that how you really feel, is it? That your just my sister? If that's the case, then why am I even here?" Scar said chuckling lightly.
"Yes, and if you don't mind I will be leaving now. Good. Bye." Violet stood up and walked away as a tear trickled down her cheek.
Scarlet sighed loudly. "It's that Snivy, stiring trouble and breaking friends apart" she said to herself out loud. "But when he comes between me and my sister, THAT'S WHEN HE CROSSED THE LINE!" Scarlet stood up and took a purple headband out her pocket and tied it on tightly. "He will pay for this, and I won't let him get away with it."


"You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true." -N

Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:37 am
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As Spence fell off the ring and Trevor was declared the winner, his feeling of pride was quickly dashed away as he realized what actually happened. Trevor quickly jumped from the ring and down to the King's side.

"I'm so sorry sir. It seems that my instincts took control more than I tended to." Trevor lifted up the King then began laughing, "Though it was a fantastic battle and you are a great swordsman. I only resort to my instincts when I'm challenged." He smirked at Spence as he removed his helm as well.

Trevor looked over at Matt and waved his hand for him to come over. "Are you here by yourself Matt? I know your father is busy at the castle but I would of assumed someone would be with you."


Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:23 am
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((Sorry about not replying sooner but my wifi has been acting up - it should be ok now))

"Are you coming Brad?" Caleb yelled as he finished puting on his gauntlets.

"I'm right here, stop being so impatient!" Brad said has he walked into the hallway.

"Then lets go!" Caleb responded. "We're leaving now, see you later."

"Ok you two, have fun!" said Lisa, Caleb and Brad's mom, as she gave each of them a hug.

"We always do!" Caleb laughed as he walked out the door, fastening the star-shaped brooch that held his cloak. "So, what do you want to do? I'm sure there's plenty to do!"

"I want to do everything!" Brad enthuisiastically replied. "It all looks like so much fun!"

"Well, we can't do everything all at once! What do you want to do first?" Caleb replied with a chuckle.

"How about we go watch a sparring match, maybe you can compete!" Caleb suggested.

"We can go watch but I probably won't fight, you know that I don't like to." Caleb replied in an exasperated tone.

"Ok." replied Brad looking and sounding disappointed.

Caleb just shook his head and led the way. They eventually arrived at the ring. "Looks like we just missed a fight, that Gallade is taking his helm off. From the way the crowd looks it was a good fight."

"Maybe if you weren't so slow, we could've seen it." Brad replied.

"I was waiting for YOU, remember? I'm sure that another fight will start soon any way." Caleb said. The two settled down to wait for the next fight.


Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:40 pm
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((Just for character relationship sake, Joshua Snivy and Caleb Medicham were friends in the past before Caleb left Dark Continent. No one is to approach the dark-cloaked man.))

A mysterious cloaked man stood high atop of the Clock Tower, watching, waiting. A chilly breeze swept his black cloak.


"Don't be sorry, you fought heroically. I'm glad to call you my friend, Trevor," King Spence took the Gallade's hand as he helped him up. The King brushed himself of the dust.

Matt jumped from the fence and met the two fighters happily. Trevor started some light conversation, which asked for the reason why Matt was by himself. Matt felt saddened, lowering his head, "Well, I guess I just don't have that many friends. I am weird, after all..."

The Snivy smirked as the twins left, only to hide a frown when they completely vanished from sight. From what he said previously, that was Snivy's beliefs. If he didn't believe in his own words, what else was the purpose of his existence? Why did he exist if only for himself?

Continuous bellowing and crowd cheering got the Snivy to turn around to see what all the commotion and fuss was about. To his surprise, he saw at the arena a Medicham getting ready to join the festivities. "Caleb? What is he doing here?" He had met him when he was still a young slave in Midnight. Who was his master at the time --- Grumpig something? It took the Snivy to reflect back to finally realise what was going on, "So, that's where he went off to without a word, after disappearing on me... Well, I see, I'm glad he's finally happy. That must be his brother with him." He murmured.

The Snivy looked back on the Dewott couple, "Let us hope we never meet again." He said harshly, turning to leave. He wanted to speak to Caleb straight away.


Suddenly, a towering black-cloaked individual stopped him. It was almost instantaneous. His cloak fluttered to the ground, almost as if he landed right beside him. The Snivy's heart thumped.

"I wouldn't approach them if I were you."

"What? Why not?!"

The dark-hooded man gazed up at the Clock Tower. It was almost a quarter past two.

"Because, this is the one moment in time when the Savior will be at his weakest."

"Weakest?! The King?! He's here?!!" The Snivy eyed the man curiously, tilting his head. He gasped when realisation hit him, "Hey, you're that guy who saved me back at the forest!!"

"Hmph," the dark-cloaked man made little response to it, walking away.

"Hey! No, wait!!"

Suddenly, thunder crashed, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Immediately, everyone got down, crowds running in fear in screams and panic. The Snivy gasped, being knocked shoulder to shoulder until he finally gazed up in awe. The fastest storm you could ever see emerge, advancing right above Clock Town. Clouds of Darkness, but these phenomena were also called by another name. The Black Storm had approached. Within seconds, a giant shadow loomed over the entire town.

The Snivy glared, "...How many lives will it take now? Hey, what?!" he looked back, only to realise the shadowy figure had gone. Desperately searching for him, the Snivy cried out, "You bastard, where did you go?! Don't hide from me!!"


The King glared upward as his new friend Matthew stared mystified at the Black Storm. It was already sending down dark lightning, one after another, destroying buildings and sending debris soaring upward in every direction.

Matt murmured under his breath, "Black Storm... Just like four years ago... It's back," Matthew gritted his teeth, trying to shed the fear away with a quick shake of the head. "Pull yourself together, Matt! Teacher's not here to save you anymore!!"

"Trevor, take everyone you can to safety. I'll halt Meteor's Wrath myself. Through time, each King had stopped Meteor's attack. I leave the people to you." The King entrusted. The man's eyes were fixed skyward, showing no fear of the darkness. His eyes were as clear as the sky he still remembered.

Matthew turned in a hurry to Isaac, who was still oblivious to who Isaac actually was; "You're insane, there's no way! Not even my alchemy can stop that! I'm ---!!" Matthew sunk his head, "I'm a failure. My alchemy can't do anything to save anyone..."

The King smiled warmly, placing a hand to Matthew's shoulder, "Maybe not today, but there's definitely the future. Please, follow Trevor Gallade and see to your own safety."

Matthew gasped, his eyes in awe of the courage and strength of his words. Isaac... he was incredible. There was something about him, like you could trust anything he could say and simply believe it. Just like his teacher. Flashbacks of his teacher flooded his mind. Matt regrettably nodded his head, "Okay! Isaac, do what you have to do!"


Snivy looked back on the Dewott before he ran off, "You're still here?! Take cover you moron!!" he swiftly approached Caleb, "I can't believe you're here! But now's not the time! Get your brother and leave this place, now!!" the Snivy darted around to one of the twin Sneasels, "That means you, too! Do you want to die?!"


A dark twister thrashed and tore through the town, heading straight into the square. Sliding the sword, from the frame of the sheath on his back, Isaac – King Spence – concentrated energy into the powerful blade in his possession. Energy ---- blue aura ---- burned around the steel of the thick metal, his body and long spiky-hair burst into a flame of red-like energy. The King opened his glowing white-piercing eyes, throwing it upward into the sky. A beam of furious bright energy surged straight into the sky from the blade --- opening and tearing a hole into the storm. All that could be heard was the roar of the King's might, and the terrifying scream of the storm.

((Leaving it here so I can get reactions. The storm isn't over --- the King's currently fighting it off, the only one who can currently.))

Matthew turned, his eyes at a gleam of the power Isaac threw into the storm, this seemingly ordinary person, experiencing something along the lines of a trance-like state, "...Incredible. Not even alchemy can do that. Trevor, your friend, who is he ---?" he spoke, obviously awestruck, his words slow and hard to come by.

The Snivy gritted his teeth, throwing his head upward to witness the clash of powers. The Black Storm versus a single man --- but this man presented almost fairytale-like power. None he had ever seen before in his travels. And it wasn't over yet. Deep down, Snivy hoped this man --- no, he had hoped the King would succeed. Just because Snivy hated them all, didn't mean he wanted anyone to die. "Come on..." the Snivy clenched a fist, holding on to hope.

This is the moment the world stood still.


Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:39 am
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Trevor was about to say something to Matt but the entire town soon turned dark as night. He looked up to see the clear sky quickly get blotted out by dark clouds. Lightning began striking the town, sending debris of destroyed buildings everywhere.

Spence told Trevor that he had to get as many people as he can to safety, then explained it was the King's duty to stop this storm. Trevor stared and nodded, "I won't fail you. Let's go Matt."

The wind began picking up as Trevor ran around the square finding people and sending them to the Inn. He saw two kids over by the sparring arena and went over to help them. He picked them up from the ground and began running towards the direction of the Inn. With three kids with him, Trevor was being overly cautious and that's the only thing that saved their lives from what was about to happen. A bolt of lightning crashed into the building beside them, sending a large chunk of it at the boys. Trevor managed to push everyone out of the way as the piece of building crashed into the town square.

"Is everyone alright?" Trevor looked where Spence was at, who was now glowing brightly with the power of the Kings. Matt asked him who that really was, "That is King Spence. He is doing what his fathers have always done, protect his people from Meteor."

All of the sudden a twister ripped down from the sky and began coming towards the square. Damn, there's no way we can make it to the Inn now. Trevor looked around and saw a skinny alleyway, "Quick! Run over there and take cover!" He forced them into the alleyway and saw another group of people standing by the edge of the square. "Hey!! Come over here before you're all sucked into the twister!!"


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((OOC: Got it. Stay away from the mysterious dude.))
After the Snivy left, Dewey picked himself up off the ground. Sel scowled at the Snivy. "How rude?"
"What do you have to complain about this? You didnt have a prized possession disrespected and disgraced before you. Not to mention have it stolen." Dewey dusted himself off and took one last glance at the thief. He turned as Sel started talking to him.
"But he just left without even answering me!"
"Well, cry about it."
"I will." They exchanged those words with kindness, and they didnt argue or clash like they've been for the past few days. It calmed Dewey knowing he still had a friend. He reached his hand into his Gil pouch to count how much he had left. One, two- His whiskers twitched. Dewey looked up. "What's that?"
"Hmm? I didnt say anything."
"No. Something else. You cant feel that? Something's coming. I know that feeling. But how?" The sky started to darken. Sel took notice.
"Umm... Dew?"
"Not now! But-"
"Dew!" Dewey shot a look towards Sel.
"I was thinking."
"You should be running." Dewey looked puzzled. "Remember where we met? Remember the weather?" Sel hinted.
"Yeah. What abou-" He caught on and looked towards the cloud in the sky. "- it... Holy s***! How could this be?" Dewey looked at the cloud in disbelief. "The Black Storm. Again? Perfect!" Inspiration took hold of him. He wanted to stay out. "Just one more time. Please. I want the power. I NEED the power. Give it to me!" He started screaming at the storm. Sel turned and grabbed him, then ran to the shelter they made.
((OOC: I'll post the remainder of the time that was summed up in my next post, as it contains a flashback.))

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

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