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...Is the best downloadable 3DS game currently available to non-ambassadors. The gameplay involves, as the name suggests, pushing and pulling multicolored blocks. The Level Editor steals the show, though. If you want the full story as to why you should buy it, read a review of it somewhere (IGN). The main purpose of this thread is to share levels with people. This works via QR codes. Just save the QR codes of the completed puzzles you make to an SD card, and use it to save them onto your computer! Here are the levels I've made so far. They're all based on game sprites.


Marth, from Fire Emblem on the NES.


The Screw Attack powerup from the original NES Metroid.


A Boo. From Super Mario Bros.


If you need me to tell you what this is, you shouldn't be here.


Meta Knight, from Kirby's Adventure. Which is available in 3D on the eShop!


I don't know what this thing is actually called, but it shows up in Ice Climbers and is sorta famous. It's also my easiest level.


A green Parakoopa from Super Mario World.


Mike Haggar from Mighty Final Fight. Aka: the-mayor-who-is-so-badass-that-he-fights-off-thugs-with-his-bare-hands-instead-of-using-a-police-force. He's my toughest level.


Last but not least is Jill from the underrated Drill Dozer on the GBA. She leads a crime syndicate and is only 7. What a boss.

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The screw attack and pokeball are my favourites! I to play Pushmo but i havent really gotten into it but you`ve inspired me to do so.

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