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 My own Pokémon Stadium game 
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Just for the record, this is something I've had in my mind for years, ever since I first played Pokémon Stadium back in 2005.

Essentially, there are 9 modes in the game, which are as follows:

* Everything's the same as before unless specified and this game doesn't include generation 5 whatsoever.

1) Stadium: All cups can be fought in either single or double battles.

Poké cup - Purely a L50 cup this time. 4 rounds.

Challenge cup - 4 rounds.

Frontier cup - The basic theme of this cup is weather. Before you start each battle, the weather effect will be randomized (after you choose your 3 Pokémon obviously) and will run throughout the entire battle. Attacks and abilities that summon/eliminate a weather effect (such as Sunny Day or Rain Dance) are deemed useless. The level is L50, you can enter Pokémon higher than this level but will drop to L50. 1 round.

Prime cup - 1 round.

2) Mt. Battle.

3) Battle Frontier - There's 5 facilities this time around.
-Battle Arena
-Battle Factory
-Battle Hall
-Battle Salon - This is a double battle facility, via a tag team. You pick 2 Pokémon to enter and team up with a partner. You can enter yourself as a (computer or not) partner via the wifi.
-Battle Tower

4) Fighting Dojo - The basic rule to this battle mode is a generation-based rule. On the surface, it's like a Stadium cup - you've got the four rounds of difficulty (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh) and you must clear the previous round in order to proceed to the next round. Otherwise, this mode is exactly like the Battle Frontier - you enter with 3 Pokémon at the start and face seven randomized trainers. Like the Frontier Brains, a Dojo Master will challenge you as the 21st and 49th trainer, and has a team that consists of the 3 starters in that region. Obviously, the difficulty gets tougher as you go along.

Anyway, each round has a generation limit on the Pokémon you can use - only the first 151 Pokémon are eligible for round 1 and the first 251 Pokémon are eligible for round 2 and so on and so fourth (obviously, the ban on super lendaries such as Mewtwo and Mew still applies). Furthermore, the limit on eligible Pokémon for round 3 and round 4 are both based on their respective regional PokéDexes (Hoenn and Sinnoh).

5) Free Battle.

6) Mini-games.

7) [insert player's name] - Essentially the same as Oak's Lab in previous games. You also have the ability to customize your character.

8) Hall of fame - Essentially the same as Victory Palace in Stadium 1.

9) Shop.

Once you complete the 4 main battle modes, you'll enter a boss battle, essentially the same as that of Mewtwo and the rival in previous games. The final battle has a special rule not found elsewhere: the battle has the same rule as that of the Waterfall colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution, with minor changes. The battle is a full 6-on-6 battle and you must win at least 4 rounds in order to win but all 6 Pokémon must participate.

The good thing is, it isn't over. There are 3 extras to be unlocked when you meet certain criteria - which is basically that you everything twice.

Extra: Dojo cup
Mode: Fighting Dojo
Criteria: After you defeat the final trainer in the game and the credits roll, this extra is automatically open to you.
Details: This extra is basically an upgrade. The mode becomes a fully fledged staidum cup. Speaks for itself really.

Extra: Rival Cup
Mode: n/a
Criteria: Complete the Dojo cup and the other 3 battle modes in singles *and* doubles and then defeat the final trainer again.
Details: The structure of this cup is notably different from the others. Firstly, there is a 100 trainers in total, divided into four sub-cups with 25 trainers per cup. Each sub-cup is divided even further with 5 rounds, 5 trainers per round. The structure of the entire cup is governed by the same tournament chart rule as the Battle Dome. As with the Fighting Dojo, a generation-based rule applies to the first 4 rounds of each sub-cup. Furthermore, each sub-cup is governed by different rules, separate from the other sub-cups. They are as follows:

-Poké Ball: The standard knock-out round, a la the Battle Tower and Poké cup.
-Great Ball: The 3 turn rule, a la the Battle Arena.
-Ultra Ball: The randomized weather effect rule, a la the Frontier cup.
-Master Ball: The randomized team rule, a la the Battle Factory and Challenge cup.

Your opponents will be randomized like the Battle Frontier but you still have to choose 3 Pokémon at the start of each battle, to comply with Stadium rules. However, the final trainer in each individual round will remain the same and will serve as a gym leader type battle. Finally, the entire cup has the open-level rule.

Extra: Orre colosseum
Mode: n/a
Criteria: Complete Rival Cup and then defeat the final trainer again.
Details: 8 rounds with 4 trainers each, this is the hardest challenge in the game.

So, what do you think?

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Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:13 am
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I think it's a great idea of a Pokemon Stadium game, I would gladly play it if it was made. Plus, the large amount of modes would make this game interesting and actually not boring to play. Have you decided on a name yet?


Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:20 am
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