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 Possible TCG Sequel? 
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Japan - more new trademarks reveal '3DSware', '3DSplay' and more
May 18, 2010 by The News Team Filed Under: Nintendo in general, 3DS Nintendo

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??2010-021086 ????????????
??2010-021087 ??????????
??2010-021088 ???????
??2010-021089 ????????
??2010-021090 ????????
??2010-021091 ?????????
??2010-021092 ???????
??2010-021093 ???????
??2010-021709 ???????
??2010-021710 ????????????
??2010-021711 ????????? (Nintendo 3DS)
??2010-021712 ???????
??2010-021713 ????????????????
??2010-023066 ????
??2010-024659 ?????????? (Pokemon Card Game)
??2010-024660 ???????????? (Trainers Web Site)
??2010-024661 ?????? (Trainers)


TCG on the GBC was strangely addictive, making it one of the best games in terms of longevity. TCG2 was released in Japan but never translated into English, which was a huge shame. Does Nintendo trademarking "Pokemon Card Game" have any relation to a third TCG game for DSi/3DS? Then again, it could just be for protection/rebranding purposes but right now I'm pretty excited as to what this could mean.

I'd much be more excited than a new TCG game than the G5 games.

I was doing a bit more poking around the internet and I found this on a messageboard:

I actually emailed both TPC (The Pokemon Company) and Nintendo a few months ago asking wether they were ever considering another TCG and they said that due to pending things they couldnt awnser my questions about it ( ... pan?&st=15)

So maybe? Maybe not? I can see why they wouldn't, as TPC would probably irritate their brand licensees (I dont know who makes the cards but I think it used to be WOTC, might still be them)

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Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:32 am
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Nintendo itself handles the card game now.

I'm intrigued, but at the same time I can't get too excited. For some reason Pokemon keeps neglecting to make sequels to the cool games like TCG GB and Snap in exchange for more and more Dungeon and Ranger sequels. Meh.

Another problem with making a TCG sequel is that there are so many existing cards now. Where do they even begin? Including all of the cards probably wouldn't be realistic. Including all of the DP-era cards? Well, that could work, except there'd be little to no BW promotion in such a scenario so it's unlikely. BW-only era cards? That'd be fine but if this possible game were going to come out soon, there probably wouldn't be enough BW TCG material to make the game worthwhile.

A TCG-based video game would be great on the DS's interface, though, so I really hope this is true.


Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:21 am
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Yes, I agree with Frost. I hope they'll make a PKMN tcg game with wi-fi play. And, I'd be really excited if you could download new sets over wi-fi. That would be awesome. It would bring a lot of people into the TCG, too.

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Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:56 pm
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I wouldn't mind having an overload of cards. I'm thinking two games (versions if you will) with similar story arc except you get different cards depending on the game you get. And of course they'd be transferable (hopefully with the speed of the original GB trades, without having to save and blablahblah...). Or maybe it'd be the newer cards only (post TR cards, or.. I don't know. I'm not familiar with Pokemon cards at all)

I did manage to play a bit of TCG2 (at least 4 years ago), and I got up to the grass Club. This time, battling the leader would incur more challenging rules (eg: to battle the Grass leader you could only have grass energy cards in your deck) so if this does happen I'm looking forward to a bigger challenge too. I used to love making new decks over and over again.

Downloadable sets would be amazing but unlikely (unless you had to pay for the extra content or something...)

PS: I really want to play TCG2 (ive got a partially translated patch) so if anyone finds anything/has it can they please PM me ;)

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Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:24 am
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