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Fails at life
Fails at life

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Somewhat similar to the create an Elite 4/Champion thread, welcome to the create your own Region thread! Create random characters, routes, towns and regions! (for the elite 4 go to that specific thread plz!)
(you don't have to delve too deep into detail if you don't want to.)

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Wed May 19, 2010 6:00 pm
Psypoke Maniac
Psypoke Maniac
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Region = Billivare(current placeholder name ok?)
Environment Type = Mountains & mostly Wasteland
Minimum age permitted for trainers to recieve starters = 13
New Pokemon in Region = around 100
Gyms = 8
Safari Zone for the region = Toxic Zone, Grass Resort
Other Environment Types in region = Volcano, Body of Water, Grassland, Cave, Forest City, Iceland, Island
Popular sights = Abandoned Train, Billivare Volcano, Glacier Springs, Grass Resort, Toxic Zone, Ninja Village, huge Unamed Mountain, a Steel Valley, etc...
Battle Frontier = with 6 facilities & it's own Frontier Brains
A lot of foreign trainers with a "Incident" in the same league as say the times when the continents were shifted into their places & it was all caused by a pokemon as a punishment for something but what exactly? Also a region where people who aren't trainers suffer from a state of poverty due to the Incident so some people become trainers to support their families...

More later...

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Wed May 19, 2010 8:51 pm
Fails at life
Fails at life

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Region- Deklio(?)
Towns- 15
New Pokemon- 157

Deklio is famous for its 10 giant lakes, 5 ancient Ruins, 2 Valcanoes, 3 Mountain Ranges, 13 islands, the mysterious unmoving/hardly changing cloud that can be seen across the region and the mysterious caves across the region that seem to have a mystic power to them.

Deklio has the normal age limit, 10, and it seems to draw people to it, especially the strong trainers. There are exactly 5 unexplained dissappearences each year and all unrelated. In each lake there seems to be a cavern that tells about a Legendary pokemon with a prophecy to acompany it. Then in the Mountain ranges and Valcanoes, there is a single chamber in each. In the ??? valcanoe there is a platform in the middle of the lava that connects to the side and heart of the valcanoe. In the ??? valcanoe, there is a chamber inside the molten magma. In the ??? mountain range, there is an extremely confusing labrynth that leads to the chamber. About 20-30 people get lost in there every year but if you say "I give up" you somehow find yourself at the entrance. Oh and the labrynth walls are impenatrable. The ??? mountain range is...almost hollow. The entrance is the chamber itself which leads to a paradise, a few Shaymin have been encountered here. And the ??? chamber is...unlocated, the way in changes each year. There is one main island, huge. It comes with a rain forest and a town. Surrounding this is 9 more islands, 5 of them populated and the others are... weird. One is a desert island, another is a large meadow, the third is a swamp and the last, has... something on it but it is unseen by the eyes of man. The 4 remaining islands are forbidden, but few know why. The caves across the region are similar to the labrynth, but all are connected through a mysterious underground route. The mysterious cloud can't be flown to, once you come within a mile of it, it dissappears to your eyes, but your eyes only.

For Gyms go to the fake gym leader thread and for elites go to the elite 4/champion thread.

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Thu May 20, 2010 4:10 am
Fails at life
Fails at life

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I realize my earlier described region doesn't sound kool but...
I will edit the region completely...uhh somewhat completely later...
Well I think i'll sooner or later fuse my gyms/elites/battle frontier and such with the region just to peace things together...
The main reason i'm posting is to say I do sometimes write my own Anime for fun and my latest include this region so...I was thinking I could post it(?) but I think it kinda sucks so... I dunno why people think i'm a good writer...maybe just good with most topics...?

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Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:04 pm
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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i am just making this up off the top of my head

name: mutsu
environment: rough ocean, moutains, plains
towns: 6
cities: 8
new pokemon: 200(because it is so isolated by land, most of these('bout 100) are water or flying)
main story legendaries: Nashi(ground/dark), Shi(ghost/steel), Iro(the good one that saves the day)(fire/electric)
gyms: 9(because there are 10 HMs(one for after the leage))
atractions: the volcano(Iro), lost city(Shi), underground pit(Nashi), the beach, mountain range, crash site(base of team gust)
gang/team: team magma/team aqua/team gust(team gust try to stop aqua/magma)

this region is isolated by an impassable mountain range, so the only way in or out is by sea or sky. because this region is so isolated, it has many unique pokemon. it also has 9 gyms(9 gyms + elite 4 + 3 starters = 17 types) of the types ghost, ice, flying, poison, dark, rock, dragon, fighting and rock, in that order(according to the league handbook). because of its rough environment it has 10 HMs(gym leaders and the champion give them to you if you beat them as standard). it's bike path splits to go off to 2 different exits.

i actully like this description i made(i mean the whole thing, not just the "description") so i think that i will do some designing and mabey make some maps anda story line. not playable, just maps.(although, if i was going to make it playable, it would be the Night Generation, and they would be called "POKEMON DUSK" and "POKEMON DAWN", because the ledgendairies are dark and ghost which are like the night)

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The Amber Mine wrote:
hahahaha olo XD so funnzy

I hate myself...

Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:38 am
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Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Location: Indonesia (the biggest archipelago)
Name: Folran
City: 21 (include Frontier)
New Pokemon: about 150
-Chileaf(Grass-Type Chick Pokemon)
-Dynamose(Fire-Type Mouse Pokemon)
-Poslug(Water-Type Slug Pokemon)
Battle Frontier= 8 facilities and 3 plus facilities (Frontier is consist of 6 Islands/Cities)
Special Place= Mt.Clustera, Elite Garden(Safari Zone), Raiweed Grove, Meteor Wasteland, Chrone Island, Raven Temple, Volcrang's Island, Terra Dessert, Green Ocean, etc.
Town= Trawill Town, Lilac Town, Raiweed City, Terracone City, etc.
Legendary= Chromacean, Volcrang, Zapleon.
The starting town located on Trawill Town, the next town is Lilac Town, where you get Pokedex. After travel Raiweed grove, you come at Raiweed City, which you fight Bug-Type Gym Leader and Terracone City with Ground type gym after Terra Dessert


Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:59 am
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