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Okay, I have gone on Pokemon Battle Revolution and had something happen several times that has me thinking. My Slaking has been EV trained with a nature that increases atk and decreases sp. atk, with a personality that increases speed. I EV trained his atk and speed to the max. Yet for some reason everytime i go against Kyogre, it always gets the first turn. What is going on? I have checked it out and most of the time Slaking should be faster. Is there a glitch or something in PBR or do personalities have that little of effect?


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Sun May 16, 2010 9:06 am
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Personalitys are really just IVs so They don't have much effect

If you did 31 IVs and 252 EVs for speed @ lvl 100 then your speed would be 299
A kyorge could Out speed you If...
...It Had Max EVs and Timid Nature (which is common) and at least 26 IVs It would react a speed of 300 held the Item Choice Scarf (which is also common) It would only need a speed of 230 to out run you which would most likely mean a modest nature with Max EVd Speed

Sun May 16, 2010 10:15 am
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What might have you confused is the personality; personalities don't increase any stats, they just tell you which IV is highest. Also, like /vXv\ said, alot of people use Scarves on their Kyogres. Obviously, something you can do is to give it a scarf of its own, because if Kyogre can outspeed you, it can do some serious damage with Water Spout.

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