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 Special Sweeper 
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I am getting a headache trying to come up with the special sweeper for my HGSS-specific team. I have SoulSilver, and don't really have any of DPP.
I wanted Latias but again, I have SoulSilver, so I can't really get that. Even if I can get someone to give me one, chances are it wouldn't have a great nature/IVs. Some of the ones I was thinking:

Magnezone - It has great Sp. Atk, and Thunder Wave can more or less compensate for the lack of speed. With this pokemon my team would become pretty sandstorm-oriented (Tyranitar) and the good defense and special defense would let Magnezone take a few hits before going down.

Togekiss - Is a good choice, but I was retarded enough to waste Roost TM at the beginning of the game. Chances of me getting another Roost TM are probably grim, and Togekiss can't learn it by egg move. I could, however, substitute Roost for a coverage move, such as Flamethrower or Fire Blast. I could also replace it for Wish. I honestly think Roost is better for a Pseudo-Sweeper Togekiss, but oh well.

Starmie/Suicune - Calm Mind sweepers, which was what Latias was meant to be. Suicune is harder to control for natures/IVs (is it true that the nature of a pokemon that runs around the map such as Latias and Suicune is set at the very beginning of the game?), not to mention Starmie is faster. Suicune could also serve as an extra wall though.

Gengar - Would probably come with Specs. I don't really like Specs on a sweeper though, because of the lack of control. Plus, I already have Scarf on Tyranitar.

Porygon-Z - An interesting choice of a special sweeper, I honestly don't really why he's considered UU, especially since he has an alright speed and Nasty Plot.

Any of these other than Magnezone would be affected by Tyranitar's sandstorm. Of course, the best choice for a special sweeper on my team would be Scarf Heatran, but again, I don't have access to DPP, so that's not really much of an option.

Anyway, please express your opinions, and if anyone has a different special sweeper that I overlooked, please let me know.


Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:22 pm
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sand-proof special attackers
Pokemon Base SA
Dialga 150
Heatran 130
Magnezone 130

Caturne 115
Lucario 115
Omastar 115
Empoleon 111

Camerupt 105
Jirachi 100
(Starmie 100)

Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:25 pm
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wowlolreally wrote:

Porygon-Z - An interesting choice of a special sweeper, I honestly don't really why he's considered UU, especially since he has an alright speed and Nasty Plot.

It's 90 base is too slow to be effective as a sweeper in OU and it's defensive stats are horrid to even think of tanking and make him a target for priority moves. It's still usable in OU and effective but it either needs para/trick room support or a scarf.

If you have sand stream in your team your sweeper best be immune or holding leftovers. Azelf and Starmie are both powerful and varied special sweepers that can sweep without boosts due to great coverage. Sticking to sand-immune pokes Lucario and Magenzone are both good options though magnezone has bad coverage outside of HP moves. LO or Specs Flygon is also decent due to it's movepool and STAB draco meteor.

Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:55 pm
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One good special sweeper you could try is Alakazam. I would go with:
Calm Mind/Charge beam
Reflect/Barrier (I think this is an egg move)
Energy Ball/Signal Beam/whatever you feel like

Personaly I prefer Azelf (Mainly due to Nasty Plot) but I used him alot before the 4th gen, which kind of made me mad since I had him using Ice Punch which is now perfectly useless on an Alakazam because it is no longer a special move :( Oh well...

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Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:21 pm
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