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 Darkest Longing (PG/Miniseries) 
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Darkest Longing (A Miniseries)
Rating: PG for occasional language, violence, and dark/religious themes
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Pokémon franchise, its properties, subsidies, etc. This story is the work of a fan writer (myself) based on the series, but also with my own creations such as characters and settings in it.

i. Allegiance
I. Crusaders of Memory
II. Bad Blood

i. Allegiance

Canersia stood alone on the upper rim of Sendoff Spring, his husky manlike form casting a lingering shadow across the pool below in the waning sunlight. He was completely inert, save only his lower pair of amber eyes shifting back and forth.

The surrounding timberland was all but silent. No wind blew to rustle the leaves, nor did a creature stir in the twilit woods. It was as if Death Himself had reaped the land of its very essence.

Only two Bibarel crossing the pond idly disturbed the tranquility. His gaze quickly shifted to them as they made their way through the water.

For a time, they just swam without noticing the prying eyes. Then, when they were in the lake’s center, the two stopped and looked up at the beast, one with a glare and her mate doing so languidly.

“Hey!” she barked, “Who do you think you are?”

He slowly raised his hands, holding out his palms to show the white ovals across them. In the middle of the ellipses, amber circles with black pits in their centers appeared.

“What do you reckon he’s doing?” her boyfriend asked.

Two gaseous orbs formed in front Canersia’s mitts, each glowing an eerie mixture of violet and light green. Then, the spheres shot towards the twosome. In a split second, the beavers were completely vaporized by the plasma’s intense heat.

“You never cease to amaze me, Canersia…” a calm voice spoke from behind the grizzly-like creature. A large amorphous shadow then appeared next to him.

He dropped his arms back to his sides. Canersia’s upper eyes opened atop his brow and all four focused on the phantom.

“Yes, but Giratina is no ordinary Pokémon. The very brute who rebelled against Arceus… Who’s to say that he’ll ally himself with us?” the specter then said. After a moment, the beast’s eyes leered and he started to growl.

“Are you truly certain? Even Nostalgia’s King might not be able to control this monster.”

A translucent blue portal opened up several meters in front of him. Then, a small bright marble materialized in between his eyes and moved a few feet forward. The white dwarf shrunk and a pinkish-purple accretion disk began swirling around it. Several beams of energy shot from the pulsar into the wormhole in close succession. Finally, the anomalies faded from existence.

Fifteen minutes had passed and ground shook violently. It did so badly that chunks of the surrounding bowl broke off and crashed into the water below.

“That should do quite nicely.”

Canersia closed all of his eyes, and a new opening in time and space appeared behind them. The wispy creature headed into it. After a few moments, the biped followed him, closing the event horizon seamlessly.

<End Prologue>

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Rated of the reasons being...religious themes?


Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:06 am
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