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 Golbania's Fakedex 
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I usually don't do a whole lot of fanart, but there are some things I've got. But, I think I should be honest, I'm not very skilled. If anything, I guess this thread is more of a supplement to my Dark Nostalgia fanfic series. Anyways, enjoy if you can, though it'd be nice to have some constructive criticism (though I know beyond doubt that I'll get otherwise...why I even bother, I don't know...).

Optipug: ... ipug-1.jpg
Type: Normal
Name’s Origin: Derived from ‘optic’ and ‘pug,’ Optipug’s name pretty much says exactly what it looks like, a pug dog with good eyesight. While it’s supposed to be incredibly observant, it’s really blind, with other senses that are far sharper. Because the others are, Optipug kind gets to choose whether or not it wants to open its eyes to see when it evolves.
Classification: Vigilant Pokémon
Height: 2’ 3”
Weight: 57 lbs
Gender Ratio: 75% Male; 25% Female
Egg: Ground
Base Stats (Meh… I never really figured out specifics, but…): Health, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed-somewhat low and basically equal, but not as low as a baby Pokémon’s are supposed to be.
Ability: Preempt-Optipug senses for moves with a base power rating of 60 and up. If any are detected, Optipug will always strike first for the duration of the battle.
Lime Entry: Blind from birth, Optipug’s other senses have become incredibly sharp. Most think that they’re so acute that it has even developed ESP.
Slate Entry: Optipug are incredibly impressionable. For this reason, they live in tight-knit packs with adolescent Lupudle.
Coal Entry: Its real eyes are sealed from birth and do not open until evolution. Even so, it has the uncanny ability to foresee that acts dangerous Pokémon.
Evolution Lines:
1.) Optipug evolves into Lupudle at Level 15 if it becomes somewhat friendly with its trainer. Then, it can evolve into Metalupus at Level 50 when it’s fully friendly and is wearing the Amity Helmet (in-game description: a beautiful helmet forged from pure platinum modeled for a canine’s head. It substantially boosts physical strength and mortal stamina when worn).
2.) Optipug evolves into Caniclops at Level 15 if it becomes somewhat resentful of its trainer. Then, it can evolve into Canersia at Level 50 if it’s totally hateful and is wearing the Odium Mask (in-game description: an ominous mask forged from pure copper modeled for a canine’s brow. It substantially boosts spiritual strength and psychic resilience when worn).
Appearance: Lime, Slate, and Coal, in the Dallinos Woods of east Ronac, is somewhat rare.
Lifespan: 96 years
Vision/Perception: Blind as far as sight’s concerned, of course, and both curious and cautious in terms of interpretation.

Moveset (Move-Level-Type: Description/Power/Accuracy/Category/PP)
Reaper Fang-1-Ghost: A terrifying attack in which the user turns its fangs into spiritual clamps that reach into the mind of an opponent and draws out its consciousness, causing an instant knockout. It becomes more accurate the later in battle it’s used (increasing by 5 points per round from the beginning), and works on all Pokémon regardless of type or level. Accuracy: 10 Category: Physical PP: 20
Bark-1-Normal: The user woofs harshly at its enemies, scaring them and causing their Defense and Special Defense by a level each. Accuracy: 85 PP: 10
Eerie Bay-5-Ghost: As it would in its pack, the user cries to the heavens, summoning a darkened veil the envelopes all Pokémon and prevents their escape. Soundproof does not have immunity to this, and the effect lasts even after the user faints. PP: 10
Wolf Roar-10-Normal: After growling for the first half of the turn, the user roars so harshly at its foes that they not only get forced back into their Poké Balls, but also take critical damage the next time they appear. The echoes of this roar hurt the next Pokémon sent out. Just causes regular damage to wild Pokémon, however. Power: 60 Accuracy: 95 Category: Special PP: 10
Odor Sleuth-15
Trepidation-20-Ghost: The Pokémon unleashes a terrifying howl that reverberates throughout the minds of all others on the battlefield, reawakening memories of traumatic experiences. This leaves the afflicted Traumatized (likely to flinch after every attack). And, while it affects all other creatures regardless of type or preventive ability, it doesn’t affect members of the Doxi family, nor Metalupus and Canersia when their abilities are active. Power: 50 Accuracy: 90 Category: Special PP: 30
Flip Flop Flux-30-Psychic: By evoking the ever-shifting space-time of The Nexus (essentially, a portion of the Space-Time Rift where all realities are supposedly rooted), the user randomly changes the type match-up ratios of all the Pokémon on the field, in some cases completely flipping them (leaving such afflicted Pokémon with a type immunity open to an instant knockout). PP: 20
Trick Room-30
Last Resort-35
Dying Wish-40-Ghost: Having become fed up with the battle, the user casts a terrifying spell in a primitive language that causes it to forfeit all of its health in order to take out the others after the next turn. Category: Special PP: 5
Fire Fang-Egg
Ice Fang-Egg
Thunder Fang-Egg
Ultimatum-Egg-Dark: After exhausting all other attacks, the user bargains with its antagonists. If they try to strike it at any point during the following turn, the user immediately retaliates with a brutal assault that causes the offender to faint. Category: Physical PP: 5
Yearning-Egg-Ghost: The Pokémon unleashes a sad-sounding howl that reverberates throughout the minds of all others on the battlefield, reawakening memories of overwhelming greed. This leaves the afflicted Insubordinate (likely to disobey). Like Trepidation, it doesn’t affect members of the Doxi family, nor Metalupus and Canersia when their abilities are active. Power: 50 Accuracy: 90 Category: Special PP: 30
Ferocity-Egg-Ghost: The Pokémon unleashes an angry-sounding howl that reverberates throughout the minds of all others on the battlefield, reawakening memories of intense aggression. This leaves the afflicted Hostile (Confused, with Attack and Special Attack increasing every turn until the end of battle). Like Trepidation and Aspiration, it doesn’t affect members of the Doxi family, nor Metalupus and Canersia when their abilities are active. Power: 50 Accuracy: 90 Category: Special
Battle Cry-Egg-Dark: The user summons forth the savagery in its heart to sharply boost its Attack and Special Attack. However, the Pokémon becomes Insubordinate. PP: 10
Mock-Egg-Dark: The user taunts the foe into attacking it, and then tries to avoid the assault at the last second (maximizing evasion momentarily). If it was an attack move and it misses, the Pokémon turns that move on the enemy with twice its normal power. PP: 10
Mal Corona-Egg-Dark: As a show of malice, the user shows a darkened halo around its body. This immediately turns it into a pure Dark-type. PP: 25
Lupine Terror-Tutor (Ex-Champ Jay after fight in the Forest Ruins)-???: Drawing strength from fallen members of the team, the user unleashes a devastating counterattack, as if being taken down a pack of ravenous wolves. Power rating equals 50 multiplied by the number of fainted Pokémon, and this move never misses. Category: Unknown (strength determined by a combo of physical and special stats) PP: 5

Lupudle: ... pudle2.jpg
Types: Normal and Fighting
Name’s Origin: A combination of ‘Lupus’ (Latin for wolf) and ‘poodle’ (kept from the name of its original version, Choodle), Lupudle’s name isn’t so much meant for describing its overall design as much as it is to sound like the name of a Pokémon character.
Classification: Loyalist Pokémon
Height: 3’ 11”
Weight: 109 lbs
Sexual Dimorphisms: Females have longer manes than males do.
Egg: Ground
Base Stats: Health-moderate, Attack and Defense-somewhat high, Special Attack and Defense-low, Speed-moderate
Ability: Camaraderie-The friendlier Lupudle is towards its trainer, the more likely its moves are to go critical. /Feral (wild ones only)-The Pokémon will never obey its trainer, regardless of badges obtained, and will attack its partner in Double Battles instead of the opponents.
Lime Entry: Naturally obedient, Lupudle become hearty, healthy, and happy companions to any trainers who raise them from birth. This is also seen within their packs in the wild.
Slate Entry: In the wild, Lupudle are subordinate members within Metalupus’s pack. They are raised under strict bylaws to prepare them for the rigors of hunting.
Coal Entry: Because Lupudle are easily disciplined when raised from infancy, they are preferred as police and guard dogs over any other species.
Appearance: Lime, Slate, and Coal, in the Dallinos Woods, very common, but its catch rate is exceedingly low.
Lifespan: 96 years
Vision/Perception: When it comes to sight, low tones stick out a lot, while bright ones look dull or gray. As for perceiving things, it reads for subtle signs of hostility but not narrow-mindedly.

Reaper Fang-1
Eerie Bay-5
Wolf Roar-10
Drop Kick-23-Fighting: The user sweeps its legs or tail under the foe, tripping it up under its own weight at the first part of the turn, making any attack it was about to use miss. Then, it begins to kick-box the offender with rapid strikes. Attacks from 3 to 6 times in one setting. However, this fails if the user gets struck while in mid-attack in a double battle. Power: 30 Accuracy: 85 Category: Physical PP: 30
Bulk Up-30
Eden’s Peace-45-Psychic: The user turns its head to the heavens with its eyes closed, listening for ancestral whispers that sing of times long past when all was at peace. After hearing them, its spirit calms to the point where the next focused (single target) attack does slightly more than twice normal damage (2.2 to be exact). PP: 5
Thrust Kick-53-Fighting: Lupudle draws close to the foe, hops onto its strong tail, and taunts it the first turn. The wolf then kicks the target brutally in the stomach (or similar area) without fail on the next turn. This has a 33.3% chance of causing paralysis, too. Power: 95 Category: Physical PP: 10
Feral Fang-60-Dark: The user chomps on the foe with a bone-crushing bite so powerful that it leaves the attacking Pokémon stunned for the next turn. But, this has a 75 % chance of making the foe flinch. Power: 150 Accuracy: 90 Category: Physical PP: 5
Lupine Terror-Tutor

Metalupus: ... alupus.jpg
Types: Normal and Steel
Name’s Origin: Metalupus is a combination of ‘metal’ and ‘lupus,’ basically translating into ‘metal-wolf’ that goes well with describing what it is.
Classification: Courtly Pokémon
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 239 lbs
Gender Dimorphism: Females have longer manes than males do.
Egg: Ground
Base Stats: Health-moderate, Attack-maximum, Defense-very high, Special Attack-very low, Special Defense-very low, Speed-moderately high
Ability: Jupiter’s Hull-Metalupus’s armor gains the power to prevent status problems, the negative effects of antagonist abilities, critical hits, instant knockouts, and recoil damage so long as the wolf is as friendly as it can be towards its trainer. Anything less, and this ability has no effect. /Feral (wild ones only)
Lime Entry: For Metalupus, the code of chivalry is not just some guideline but instinct. It lives a strict life and is not afraid to do what it must to protect the pack it leads.
Slate Entry: Metalupus are widely revered as knights but also feared as predators. Their talons can cut through even diamonds, and their bites crush bones with ease.
Coal Entry: It is always a mistake to fight members of Metalupus’s pack. If one of its children is hurt, the alpha will ruthlessly hunt the one responsible with intent to kill.
Appearance: Lime, Slate, and Coal, in the Dallinos Woods at the Forest Ruins, one appears once a month on the night of the full moon, but catch rate is exceedingly low. Appears in the Tower of Beyi-geyi Leyi-geyi atop Mount Corona and the Otulp Abyss, rarely though. Also, appears in the Beyi Quofyi (World of Nostalgia…or memories) commonly and is always over Level 85 but cannot be caught.
Lifespan: 96 years
Vision/Perception: Sight remains the same as Lupudle, but its strict mindset blocks out any outside thoughts.

Nostalgic Eve-1-Ghost: Darkness falls upon the battlefield, with the glow of arcane moonbeams reawakening memories of such nights long-passed. This doubles the strength of all Dark, Ghost, and Psychic moves, while cutting the strength of Fighting, Grass, and Fire moves in half for the next five turns. During this time, Moonlight fully restores health, Morning Sun’s potency drops to 1/16, and Normal-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Ghost attacks. PP: 5
Wraith Run-1-Ghost: Transforming into a virtually untouchable specter, the user relentlessly attacks its opponent over the course of two to three turns, wreaking havoc on its body and mind. If the target is asleep at the time this is used, it takes on the Nightmare and Eternal Nap (afflicted will not be able to awaken until after it faints) statuses. However, this leaves the user confused due to exhaustion afterwards. Caution: the moves Shadow Force, Breach, and Twilight Ram strike through this, dealing double damage and disrupting the assault. Power: 90 Accuracy: 90 Category: Physical PP: 10
Reaper Fang-1
Eerie Bay-5
Wolf Roar-10
Double Kick-23
Bulk Up-30
Eden’s Peace-45
Twilight Ram-50-Dark: The user rushes the foe headlong while cloaked in a blackened aura (like Shadow Rush in Pokémon Colosseum), causing paralysis with the negative energies in the process. In turn, this causes 7/8 of the total damage it dealt to the user and leaves it confused. If it misses, though, the dark powers overwhelm the user and it faints. Power: 250 Accuracy: 95 Category: Physical PP: 5
Blood Talon-65-Steel: Metalupus slashes its target with its amazing sharp talons to inflict serious damage. The critical hit ratio goes up the more Metalupus likes its trainer. Also, this attack has a 40% likelihood leaving the foe Bleeding (loses 1/8 of its total health per turn over the course of the next five turns). Power: 100 Accuracy: 90 Category: Physical PP: 10
Feral Fang-95
Lupine Terror-Tutor

Caniclops: ... Canic2.jpg
Types: Psychic and Normal
Name’s Origin: Caniclops is a combo of ‘Canis’ (Latin for ‘dog’) and ‘Cyclops’ (the monster from The Odyssey). Also, the first four letters in its name can be rearranged to spell Cain, the Biblical character that killed his brother Abel and was banished from the Garden of Eden (similar idea here, at least in terms of treachery).
Classification: Dissenter Pokémon
Height: 3’ 7”
Weight: 98 lbs
Egg: Ground
Base Stats: Health-moderate, Attack-low, Defense-low, Special Attack-moderately high, Special Defense-moderate, Speed-very high
Ability: Reclusion-The more resentful Caniclops is of its trainer, the more likely it is to strike a weak spot with its moves.
Lime Entry: Exiled from Metalupus’s pack, Caniclops travels the world searching for truth. Its mask allows it to thoroughly analyze anything it comes across.
Slate Entry: After questioning its father’s authority, a scorned Optipug grew into Caniclops. For this treason, it was banished and forced into seclusion from all beings.
Coal Entry: Caniclops is eternally blind; punishment for the dissention it went through. Though physically inept, its ever-increasing intellect makes it a horrid foe to fight.
Appearance: Lime, Slate, and Coal, inside the Forest Ruins, somewhat rare and the catch rate is exceedingly low.
Lifespan: 96 years
Vision/Perception: Blind, but ESP lets it see things in a type of grayscale. Always aware of immediate thoughts of all nearby creatures.

Quantum Web-1-Psychic: Psychically cutting a gouge in the Space-Time Continuum, the user creates an intricate web of overlapping realities that randomly resets the levels, known moves, and evolution stage (only shifting between its current stage and previous ones; Pokémon cannot become something they haven’t been). Note: these changes are permanent, but they do not affect Metalupus or Canersia while their abilities are active nor do they affect Nostalgia’s Keepers, Beyi-geyi, or Leyi-geyi. PP: 20
Reaper Fang-1
Eerie Bay-5
Wolf Roar-10
Mind Lock-23-Dark: Employing the most heinous of its spiritualist techniques, the user forces its target to become completely obsessed with the last move it used, making it impossible to change attacks even if the afflicted switches out. PP: 20
Soul Roulette-30-Psychic: The Pokémon return to their Poké Balls momentarily and get thrown into an illusionary roulette wheel. After several spins around, they each land inside one of eight slots and receive its marked effect (spiral=confusion, eye=Mind Lock, triangle=depleted PP, skull=depleted HP, plus sign=full health restored, minus sign=random status problem, up arrow=sharply-raised stats, down arrow=sharply-reduced stats). This can only be used during a trainer battle. Category: Special PP: 15
Dark Pulse-38
Hades’ Cortex-45-Ghost: The user envisions the realm of the deceased, drawing from the painful memories of forgotten souls and intensifying its own malice. This trance results in a terrifying power spike that makes the next wide-sweeping attack (moves that strike more than a single foe at once) cause just a little more than twice normal damage. PP: 5
Psycannon-53-Psychic: Caniclops senses its target’s mental energies the first turn, and then unleashes a sphere of its psychokinetic energy that never misses the enemy. This has a 33.3% chance of traumatized. Power: 95 Category: Special PP: 10
Pulsar Jet-60-Psychic: The user creates a miniature white-dwarf star in front its face that wobbles awkwardly, emitting several streams of energy and particles that hit all enemies with incredible force. This attack has a 75% chance of leaving targets confused. Power: 150 Accuracy: 90 Category: Special PP: 5
Lupine Terror-Tutor

Canersia: ... k/Cane.jpg
Types: Psychic and Dark
Name’s Origin: Canersia is a combination of ‘Canis’ and ‘inertia’ basically describing this thing as a ‘motionless dog,’ which makes some sense since its supposed to be in a permanent state of meditation. Like with Caniclops, the first part of its name can be thought of like Cain again (since it is supposed to symbolize treachery) or staffs that old people often use for walking that could be interpreted as a symbol of wisdom and insight, which this Fakemon’s supposed to be renowned for.
Classification: Ascetic Pokémon
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 159 lbs
Egg: None
Base Stats: Health-moderate, Attack-very low, Defense-very low, Special Attack-very high, Special Defense-moderately high, Speed-maximum
Ability: Pluto’s Cloak-Canersia’s malice manifest itself as an invisible shroud around the beast that protects against status problems, the negative effects of antagonist abilities, critical hits, and instant knockouts so long as it continues to hate its trainer as much as it possibly can. Anything less and this ability has no effect. Please note as well that, because of its nature in general, Canersia’s ability also makes it think independently regardless whether it’s active or not and the badges you have.
Lime Entry: Dallinos lore depicts Canersia as a demonic creature that forsook life’s pleasures to become omniscient. Its telekinesis is said to be unmatched by anything else in the multiverse.
Slate Entry: Meradai lore depicts Canersia as a tortured beast that became turned to asceticism after its pack exiled it. It is believed to peer into the deepest memories of others and steal them.
Coal Entry: Canersia is feared by many as the angel of death and keeper of dark memories. Even legendary Pokémon flee its presence in ancient glyphs left in ruins of the Dallinos and Meradai.
Appearance: Lime, Slate, and Coal, in the Forest Ruins and Waste Ruins after fending off Zenith’s Admins at each location, alone in the first and with Carastone in the latter. Also can be seen in the Tower of Beyi-geyi Leyi-geyi post-ending, but cannot be caught in any area.
Lifespan: Endless
Vision/Perception: The Nostalgia Gaze lets Canersia see the memories of all conscious beings; lower eyes focus on present and past memories, while the uppers focus on future and off-branching/nonexistent ones.

Jehovah’s Eye-1-Psychic: The user foresees the target’s upcoming move and immediately counters with one that its type is weak against, but with three times the normal force. PP: 10
Time Traitor-1-Dark: A miniature black hole is created near the target, cutting its speed in half for the remainder of battle. This maximizes the strength of Gyro Ball and prevents the usage of any first-strike moves that the afflicted has. It doubles speed if used after Flip Flop Flux. PP: 5
Solemn Blaze-1-Ghost: The user encircles itself with rings of hellfire (commonly blue or purple, but to emphasize its malice, Canersia produces ebony flames). Then it approaches the foe and severely burns it. This attack cannot miss or be stopped by Protect, Detect, Shadow Force, or Wraith Run. Power: 90 Category: Special PP: 20
Reaper Fang-1
Eerie Bay-5
Wolf Roar-10
Mind Lock-23
Flip Flop Flux-30
Dark Pulse-38
Hades’ Cortex-45
Chastise-50-Psychic: Canersia strikes down its target with psychically created whips. It’s more likely to strike a weak spot the more this Pokémon hates its trainer. Has a 50% chance of causing bleeding. Power: 100 Accuracy: 90 Category: Special PP: 10
Nostalgic Eve-65
Echoed Plight-80-Dark: The user flies into another reality for several turns, usually for between three and five even though it really isn’t set, and then strikes the opponent from out of nowhere with an unavoidable charge. Sometime in the next few turns, two shockwaves hit the target in succession, each dealing half the damage the enemy received. Should the foe have fainted, they hit its replacement with quarter damage apiece. Power: 60 Category: Special PP: 20
Shine Vector-95-Steel: Streaming ionized particles and colliding them into each other, the user creates antimatter that releases beautiful microcosmic blasts in the immediate time-space. These cause reality to contort to the point of breaking and severe damage on all Pokémon on the battlefield, including the user. Power: 200 Accuracy: 100 Category: Special PP: 5
Lupine Terror-Tutor

Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:57 am
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I can't believe you have the time on your hands to write all that. I like your drawings, I'm guessing you have a fascination with dogs? I really like Canersia, but do Psychic and Dark go together?

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Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:34 pm
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The Dex info itself is really stuff I wrote up alongside my fanfics to help keep track of my character ideas. If its too much, I guess I can abridge it next time.

Anyways, yeah, I have kind of a canine fettish. This series came about due to our lack of Dragonite-rank dogs, which would kind of explain why they're info is a bit thick. As for Canersia, it's one of my favorites too, because of its dark nature. When it comes to the types, I guess it's up to debate but I always thought of psychics and demons being almost one in the same at times, at least when it comes to spiritual basis; ergo, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Canersia falls into that dual type combo. Still, I think I get where you're coming from.


Golbania: ... lbania.jpg
Types: Ghost and Water
Name’s Origin: Golbania is just a jumbling of letters more than it really is anything else. But, the concept is based on three fronts. One: Pisces (though just in part); two: the mythological Hydra; and three: my own idea of how a creature could exist in the realm reflected in mirrors (essentially, a part of the Space-Time Rift known in Ronac as The Nexus, where all physical realities and the Distortion World supposedly converge). Surprisingly, though, this isn’t a legendary…
Classification: Reflections Pokémon
Height: 31’
Weight: 362 lbs
Gender Ratio: 100% Male
Egg: Dragon
Base Stats: Health-very high, Attack-moderate, Defense-high, Special Attack-moderate, Special Defense-high, Speed-very low
Ability: Solace Mirage-Golbania will create a decoy on occasion, instead of attacking right away. After the decoy gets destroyed, the opponent will not attack for the next two turns due to being lulled into a state of satisfaction.
Lime Entry: An arcane myth from the Meridai tribe depicts Golbania as four sentient beings bound to the realm reflected in mirrors. They try to mitigate the damages caused between the dividing walls of the Reverse World and all other realities.
Slate Entry: Golbania’s presences were first reported in the late 1700s, when maidens saw the images of four snakes staring at them in calm water. Since then, it has been demonized as “The Devil’s Archfiend.”
Coal Entry: It is believed that Golbania cannot exist in any one universe without being connected to a reflective surface. If they were to fully leave their realm, the quadruplets would perish and would their consciousnesses fade.
Appearance: Lime, Slate, and Coal, Hall of Remembrance in the Golbanian Temple under Feraburg Island. In the shrine, there are five mirrors, four of which correspond with the unique heads (Chaste, Sly, Conviction, and Serenity). Each snake must be confronted and captured individually as a test of worth. Causing any one of them to faint will cause this Pokémon to flee forever, but if all are caught, they will all reappear in the final mirror and draw their attacker into The Nexus for a final battle. When captured this final time, any Poké Balls that were used on the individual heads will be returned.

Jehovah’s Eye-1
Echoed Plight-10
Time Traitor-20
Flip Flop Flux-30
Lamentation-40-Ghost: The most powerful Ghost-type attack, this move forces the user to bellow a horrific cry of pain and sorrow that shatters the barriers of reality and consciousness, disrupting molecular bonds and damaging memories. This severely hurts all other Pokémon on the field, while leaving the user unable to attack for the next turn. It also has a 10% chance of causing an instant KO regardless of ability or type. Power: 150 Accuracy: 85 Category: Special PP: 5
Shine Vector-50
Crystal Wall-60-Ice: Golbania forms a protective wall of ice that prevents any physical attacks from hitting him for the next several turns (2 to 6). Shatters if hit by a Fighting-type move with a power rating of 80 or higher, though. PP: 5
Mind Lock-70
Strangulate-90-Normal: The user constricts its entire form around the victim’s neck to cut off its air supply and make it faint. This can only be used once per battle, but it will never miss. Category: Physical PP: 5
Refractor Box-100-Ice: Golbania creates a mirrored prism around its target and then strikes it from its walls over the course of the next four turns. When the respective heads attack, there’s a 25% chance of leaving the target confused (Sly), infatuated (Serenity), force-focused/Mind Lock (Conviction), or traumatized (Chaste). Power: 75 Accuracy: 100 Category: Physical PP: 5

Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:31 pm
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