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 The Legend of Yaiba 
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Rating: K+
Genre: Hard to explain... a combinatoin of action and drama, I guess.
This story is about the challenging lifetime of two Ralts, Yaiba and Aikou. I hope you enjoy.

The Legend of Yaiba
By searchman52

The expedition team was panting, quickly running out of breath. They had searched desperately for something valuable, but for three days they found absolutely nothing except one, crummy Cheri Berry.
“This is terrible,” ranted a Machoke. “We’ve been here for days, and we’ve found nothing. Maybe we should leave this dump and look elsewhere.”
“Never give up hope!” a Probopass encouraged, who was the leader. “I KNOW something is here. Trust my nose!”
As they walked on, the Machoke mumbled to himself. “Stupid nose… his mustache is probably driving him crazy. I liked him when he was only a Nosepass.”
Suddenly, a Vigoroth yelled out, “I found something!”
Quickly, everyone dashed to where the Vigoroth was. They looked down. The Machoke sighed in dismay.
“Oh come on…” he raved. “You found a rock. A pitiful rock.”
The Vigoroth shook his head. “Goriky, this isn’t any ordinary rock. Look at the markings! It must have been made by ancient civilizations.”
Goriky took a look. It was rather unusual. There was a lightning bolt mark on it, surround by four dots. It was too perfect to be created by a natural cause. He picked it up, and then felt a sudden chill.
“I don’t think this is a good idea…” Goriky suggested.
But that didn’t stop the Probopass. “I told you not to lose hope, comrades!” he announced. “We have found something, and by the looks of it, that is 108 years old! This will get us our big break! Move forward, team!”
The expedition team cheered as they marched home, thinking about what they’ll do with their bounty. Still, Goriky was worried. He was wondering about the strange rock all the way home. He knew somewhere he had seen those markings. Somewhere…
After about 2 hours of endless hiking, a strange aura filled the air. Most of the Pokémon took almost no notice of it, but Goriky freaked. Suddenly, a frightening scream emitted and sent shivers up everyone’s spine. All of the Pokémon started dashing around, trying to escape whatever caused the scream.
“Do not worry comrades!” the Probopass yelled, trying to calm his workers while looking for the source of the scream. “We will prevail! We will pre-“
Suddenly, flashes, screams, and a horrible screeching sound! Suddenly he went silent. Goriky looked back.
That was the last that was ever heard of the team.

The city of Esper was quiet this very day. It wouldn’t be for long. Chuuko, an Alakazam and the city’s elder, stared off into the distance. Today was a day worth celebrating.
Teinei and Ikusa were having a child.
On exactly 4:00 in the afternoon, a large crowd of Pokémon was gathering around Aku Square. On a large stone were Teinei and Ikusa, a Gardevoir and a Dusknoir, holding an egg, which Teinei had laid a day earlier. Teinei was a beautiful Pokémon in her young age, but the years have taken their toll. Ikusa was a rather handsome Dusknoir. He came into the city of Esper injured by a war nearby. Despite being the citizens’ enemy, he was nurtured back to health and married Teinei a few months later.
Slowly, Chuuko floated on top of the stone, and addressed the crowd. His eyes were filled with clouds of age, yet he still had remarkable psychic abilities.
“Citizens of Esper! Today is a wonderful day, as another child shall add to our plentiful population!” He looked that the couple. “Teinei and Ikusa have served us well in the past years, and they have reaped their reward from the gods.” He stared up into space and raised his hands. The rest of the citizens followed him. “Oh mighty God of Pokémon, we pray that you that you will bless this child’s life, as their parents have been faithful servants to you. We grant you our praises.”
All of the Pokémon cheered, and began to pray. Then, Chuuko slowly picked up the egg, and held it above his head. “Oh mighty gods who have served us well,” he chanted. “May you bring life to this Pokémon!”
A bright light began to shine around the egg. In a flash, the entire egg was nothing but a beautiful bright light. After a few suspenseful seconds, a Pokémon emerged from the egg.
It was a Ralts, and it was a boy.
Teinei smiled, picked up the Ralts, and addressed the crowd. “Pokémon, the gods have given me a son! I really want to thank you,” she looked at her newborn son. “And the gods watching over us, for providing me and my husband hospitality over the years and helping me give birth to this wonderful child. I hope you and the gods will help the child like you helped us.”
Ikusa began to speak as well. “I also want to thank all of you for welcoming me into your city when I was injured a few years ago, despite me being one of your enemies. You guys are very wonderful Pokémon,” He looked at Teinei. “And thank you for being my wife.” They smiled.
Chuuko closed his eyes remembering his wife, and then began to speak again. “Pokémon, as usual, we shall wait 5 days until we name this child. I shall pay to the gods that they will tell me an appropriate and worthy name for this wonderful child.
The Ralts looked up at Teinei. Teinei picked him up and said quietly to him, “I’m sure you’ll be great. I see great hopes for you, my son.”
The Ralts said nothing, but smiled.

Ch. 2
Teinei, Ikusa, and their newborn son began walking to their home. Teinei began to reflect on her life. She was born under her mother, Gangar, soon after her father died. She was left here in Esper City to be taken care of. She was very glad that her mother picked this place to leave her.
Esper City was a great town. It was mainly filled with Psychic-Type Pokémon, but had some Poison and Dark-Type Pokémon as well, along with the Namekuji Family, the Gastrodons of the city. It was a peaceful city, and if war ever raged, it was far away from here.
She began to think about her life after her mother dropped her off. She went to school, like any normal kid. She vividly remembered her evolution ceremony. All of the lights, the music, the food, the cheering Pokémon! But, she felt something was missing in her life.
Then she met Ikusa.
She took a part-time job at Lucky Hospital after graduating from Foodin High School. One day, there was an urgent call from the emergency room. She and her friend, Happi, a Blissey, dashed to the ER, only to see a Dusknoir on the bed. Ghost-Types have been Esper City’s primary enemy, but, according to one of the Blisseys there, the police couldn’t leave him all by himself, badly injured on the road. So they took him in. For some reason, Teinei felt funny about this Dusknoir. Why did she have this strange feeling about him?
After the Dusknoir recovered, he revealed himself to be Ikusa, a member of the Yomawaru army who were battling the Lisyan Army nearby. He was badly injured by a Dark Pulse from the enemy, and limped over to Esper City to receive treatment. He was still a little weak and he liked the town, so he stayed there. That might have not been the best decision for him; he received a lot of insults being a Ghost-Type. Although Teinei didn’t like Ghost-Types either, she believed that no one should be treated like this all because of his type. So they became husband and wife, and slowly but surely, Ikusa began to receive the respect he deserved.
Back in the present world, Teinei was staring into space. Ikusa looked suspiciously at her. “You’re thinking about something in the past again, are you?” he asked.
Teinei smiled. “Yes, Ikusa, I am.” She sighed, staring into space. “Aren’t you excited to be a father?”
Now it was Ikusa’s turn to smile. “Of course I am,” he replied. “Who wouldn’t?’
Teinei shrugged. They nearly reached their home when they heard some sounds from a house next door. Another Gardevoir walked out.
Teinei began waving hello. “Hey, Simi!”
Simi waved back. Simi was Teinei’s friend ever since elementary school, and they still are good friends today. She was married to Torito, a Gastrodon.
“Hey Teinei, guess what?” she called. She lifted something white and green.
An egg.
Teinei’s face glowed. “Congratulations!” she yelled back. “When’s your hatching ceremony?”
“Tomorrow,” Simi responded. “I can’t wait. If it’s another Ralts, our children could be playmates!”
Teinei grinned. “Can’t wait!”
She waved goodbye, and happily walked into her house on Doku Lane. It wasn’t a luxury or anything, and that’s how Teinei liked it. To the left was a kitchen, and to the right was a circular table with some chairs and a TV. Upstairs were the bedrooms.
Ikusa shook his head. “This place really needs some redecorating,” he remarked. “Especially with our new son.”
The Ralts yawned. Teinei began to step her way up the stairs and replied, “You take care of that.”

Ch. 3
Simi’s hatching ceremony was today. All of the Pokémon got around Aku Square for the big event. Chuuko, as tired as he was, still managed to get onto the rock. He addressed the crowd.
“Pokémon of this peaceful city of Esper! We have been graciously blessed by the gods, as we’ve had two children born two days in a row! And by close friends too.” The praying occurred just like Teinei’s ceremony, and the egg began to hatch.
Another Ralts, and this one was a female.
All of the Pokémon cheered. Soon, Chuuko quieted them down. “Pokémon, we are very blessed this day. I will name this fortunate child on the same day I name Teinei and Ikusa’s child. Rejoice, fellow friends!”
After many cheering, Simi and Torito speeches, and some food and recreation activities, the large crowd began to disperse. Teinei, Ikusa, Simi, and Torito walked home together.
“I really hope that the gods will give my child a good name,” Simi hoped.
“Me too.” agreed Teinei.
As they each got home they each said goodbye to each other and entered their house. Omoi laid her child in a crib next to her bed.
“Sweet dreams,” she said quietly.
The Ralts fell asleep in no time at all.

In what seemed like no time at all, the five days were up. It was time for the naming ceremony.
Teinei and Ikusa got ready and quickly sprinted to Aku Square, with Simi and Torito beside them. They were both holding their children tightly in their arms.
Soon they arrived at Aku Square 5 minutes earlier than the ceremony begins. Chuuko was already sitting there, meditating. He woke up at the presence of the 4 new parents.
“Punctual,” he complimented quietly. “Good trait.”
Chuuko rose. “Here,” he said slowly. “Let me see your newborn child. Well, that is, newborn children.”
Simi and Teinei stepped up with their babies in hand and handed them over to Chuuko. He held them tightly and examined them. “Ah,” he said smiling. “Healthy. Very healthy. You should be proud.” He placed them on a small flower patch on the rock. The two babies saw each other and began playing. Ikusa couldn’t help but chuckle.
A few minutes later Aku square was surrounded with Pokémon again. Chuuko floated up to the edge of the rock.
“Fellow citizens! We are fortunate to have these children, and the gods have told me the names for these healthy children.” He picked up Simi’s child. “This little one shall be named Aikou. And this one,” he picked up Teinei’s child. “Shall be named Yaiba.”
The crowd chanted the babies’ new names. Teinei chanted too, but she didn’t feel right. “Yaiba” meant “blade”. Does that mean her son would be involved in wars?
Ikusa didn’t seem to notice, and was chanting as any other. Teinei was still bothered. Why? Why is his son associated with blades?
After the ceremony, Teinei decided to stay behind with Yaiba to talk to Chuuko. After everyone left, Chuuko stayed behind with Teinei.
“You look troubled,” Chuuko commented. “Is something wrong?”
“Chuuko,” Teinei responded. “My son’s name is ‘Yaiba’. Doesn’t that mean blade?”
“Does that mean my son will be associated with wars and such?”
“Mmmm…” Chuuko began to close his eyes. “Very well. I will tell you exactly what they told me. Sit down.”
Teinei placed Yaiba next to her as she sat next to Chuuko.
“You see, I was able to see Yaiba’s near future.” Chuuko told Teinei. “I saw pain, love, and war…”
Teinei was shocked. “War?! What war?! Tell me!”
Chuuko sighed. “Ok, ok. But I won’t be happy telling it…”
“The City of Esper was in flames. Pokémon were dashing everywhere to escape these minions I had never seen before. Their eyes were as bright as jewels, but the same could not be said when it came to their nature. They were destroying homes, and driving Pokémon from this city. Then, the leader arose. I couldn’t identify him: he seemed round and like a swirl. Then, a Pokémon confronted him. And that Pokémon was…”
Teinei looked at her child. “Yaiba?”
Chuuko nodded. “Yaiba. I believe he’ll grow to be a great Pokémon. He will surely defend us in our time of need. I don’t know when that time is, but I have a feeling it’ll be when Yaiba reaches his 2nd Stage.”
Teinei gulped. She picked Yaiba up and began to take a stroll across Esper city back home. She was talking to Yaiba along the way.
“Yaiba… please don’t be a savage. Like my father.”
In fact, Teinei was right. Her father was Betbet, a Muk who was a famous street fighter. It was his dirty reputation that killed him and leaves his name in disgrace. Sometimes, even Teinei feels ashamed that she was his daughter, and she was hoping that her child wouldn’t have the destructive traits of her father.
When she got home she noticed her house had some sort of strange aura around it. She dashed there as fast as she could.
Well, there was nothing to be worried about, but there was something to be excited about.
The house was greatly remodeled. The walls were repainted, lots of plant pots were on the counters, and there was a new TV.
“Wha… how…” Teinei stammered.
Soon Ikusa floated down the stairs.
“You like what I did with the house?” he asked.
Teinei was shocked. “It’s… amazing.”
“Look!” he yelled. “I bought some Golden Berries while you were gone, and planted them here. I’m sure little Yaiba here will love them.”
Teinei sighed. “Ikusa, do you know why he’s called Yaiba? He's going to participate in wars… that’s what Chuuko said.”
Ikusa looked surprised. He picked Yaiba up. “Well, if he’s going to, then they’re nothing we can do about it, right? The gods say so.”
Teinei was furious. “Well, can’t we change his fate!? Do you want him to be a violent military Pokémon?”
Ikusa shook his head. “’One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to stop it.’”
Teinei shook her head. “You just got that from Kung Fu Ursaring.”
“I know I did. But it has some meaning. Who knows, his destiny might change naturally!”
Teinei sighed. She climbed up to her room and placed Yaiba in his crib.
“Sweet, calm dreams.” She said quietly.

Ch. 4

The years flew by faster than a swarm of Ninjasks across the southern wind. Slowly but surely, Yaiba was growing up. After two years, Yaiba was able to talk.
“Teinei,” Yaiba said quietly one day.
Teinei yelped in surprise. “Ikusa, he spoke! He spoke!”
Little happened after that. In what seemed like no time at all, it was time to enroll Yaiba in preschool. In Casey Preschool, that is. That was the same place Teinei went to. She carried Yaiba into the school, which was a bit off Esper City to sign Yaiba in. Yaiba was particularly jumpy.
“So what’s this pweeshcool, mom? Do we pway? Do we do fun stuff?”
“Quiet, Yaiba. You’ll see tomorrow.”
And tomorrow came. Yaiba got a little backpack and walked off to school. As he was walking he saw Aikou with a backpack as well. She also had a pink flower on her head.
“So you go to pweeschool, too?” Yaiba asked.
Aikou chuckled. “It’s preschool, Yaiba.”
“Okay. Preschool. Preeeeschool. I think I got it.”
Aikou laughed. “Do you think we will be in the same class?”
Yaiba thought a bit. “My mommy said there’s only one class.”
Aikou smiled. Then Yaiba asked, “Why do you have that flower?”
“Since we look alike, my mom made me wear it so Pokémon could tell us apart.”
They talked and laughed all the way to Casey Preschool. When they arrived there they got in and attended class. Their teacher was a Dragonair.
“Good day class!” She addressed. “My name is Ms. Hakuryu. Welcome to Casey Preschool! Would anyone like to introduce themselves? Just say your name and your favorite food.”
For awhile the class was quiet. Then, Aikou stood up
“My name is Aikou! I like… Figy Berries!”
The class said hi. Thanks to Aikou some other kids mustered up their courage to speak. Some aren’t important for this story, but a few are.
There was a Shinx. “Hello, my name is Tomo, and I like Egnima Berries.”
A Cacnea also showed up. “Name’s Ijimekko. Like Wiki Berries, fools.”
Some kids began murmuring. “Now, now Ijimekko,” Ms. Hakuryu scolded. “Don’t call people names.”
A Croagunk stepped up. “Uhh… name’s Henshu. I like Kebia Berries.”
A Buneary also got up while fixing her fur. “My name is Iroppoi, and I like Ganlon Berries.”
A Smoochum also came up. “My name is Minikui, and I also like Ganlon Berries.”
Soon, all of the students began playing some games, coloring, and watching a little bit of TV. Naturally, Yaiba and Aikou got in the same group since they were neighbors.
In about 4 hours class was over. Ms. Hakuryu said goodbye to the class as they picked up their backpacks and headed home. Yaiba and Aikou walked home together, but another Pokémon joined in: Tomo.
“Um… hi.” Tomo stammered. “It’s Aikou and Yaiba, right?”
Aikou spoke up. “Yes. Tomo, right?”
Tomo nodded. “I live in Esper City. Somewhere around Doku Lane.”
Aikou smiled. “We do too! Let’s walk home together. Are you the son of that Luxray and Ninetales?”
“Yes. Rentorar and Kyukon.”
“Hey! You live next door then!”
The threesome talked and laughed all the way home. When they reached Doku Lane, they parted ways. Yaiba dashed into his house. Teinei open the door for him: she could easily hear Yaiba’s footsteps.
She picked him up and carried him into a couch. “So how was school today, Yaiba?”
Yaiba face was beaming. “It was amazing mommy! There were a lot of Pokémon, I made friends with a Shinx named Tomo, and I talked to Aikou, and we played games, and we watched some TV, and, and…”
Teinei put her finger over Yaiba’s lips. “Whoa, slow down! Tell me all about it during dinner.”
Teinei regretted saying that. Ikusa could barely eat with all of Yaiba’s jabbering.
“And we played tag, and we watched Peoplemon, and we ate Poffins, and, and…”
Yaiba slinked in his chair. Teinei slapped Ikusa on the face. “Don’t be yelling in at my child without good reason, OK?!”
Ikusa lifted his arms to defend himself. “Ok, ok…”

Ch. 5

One day, it was Saturday, so Yaiba didn’t have to go to school. How bored he was! He just sat there, staring off into the empty blue sky, watching Swellows fly by. He longed to be up there flying like the Flying-Type Pokémon.
As he was watching, he heard some quiet banging. Interested, he got up and walked around the house. Behind the house he saw his father, Ikusa, punching a punching bag with glowing fists.
Yaiba slowly walked up beside his father. “Daddy, what are you doing?” he asked.
Ikusa paused for a moment. “Practicing,” he said quickly.
As Ikusa continued, Yaiba stared blankly. Something about the rhythm of the punches, the beauty of the fire and ice flying out of Ikusa’s fists, and the pure strength of the punches… Yaiba just admired them. It took awhile, but he finally mustered enough courage to say,
“Can you teach me, daddy?”
Ikusa smiled and picked Yaiba up. He thought about teaching him, then replied, “It’s ‘May you teach me,’ and of course. Why not?”
So that was the start of the “Saturday Punchin’ Lessons” according to Ikusa. Every Saturday Yaiba would eagerly run down from his bedroom to the backyard to practice his combat skills without his mother knowing. He tried to learn as many punches he could learn: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Shadow Punch, Mega Punch… if there was a punch Yaiba tried to learn it. Soon, Yaiba was a skilled and talented puncher.
Too bad that cost him.
One day, Ijimekko accused Yaiba of having a deep relationship with Aikou. One quick Fire Punch and Ijimekko ran away.
And so did Yaiba as he quickly dashed to the principal’s office to avoid others seeing his shameful face.
Soon, Yaiba was sitting on a small chair fiddling with his fingers as Ms. Hakuryu talked with Teinei.
“I don’t understand. How could Yaiba do such a thing?” Teinei wondered.
Ms. Hakuryu shrugged. “We don’t know. All we know is that Ijimekko accused Yaiba of liking someone, then, WHAM! A Fire Punch.”
Teinei looked up. “Fire Punch? Of course…” Teinei sighed and picked up Yaiba. “Do you mind if Yaiba went home early today?”
Ms. Hakuryu shook her head. Teinei walked out the door with Yaiba in her hands. She then set him down on the sidewalk and walked home.
“I don’t understand. Why would you hit someone?” Teinei asked Yaiba.
Yaiba didn’t answer. He was too angry to talk. He stayed like that for the whole trip.
When they got home Ikusa was in the kitchen. He was smiling, but when he saw Yaiba’s face his smile quickly transformed. “What happened?” he asked.
Teinei was furious. “You happened, that’s what happened, fool! What were you thinking teaching Yaiba fight moves?!”
Ikusa yelled back. “None of your business! And for your info, he was the one who asked!”
“I told you, punching junk outside would not benefit us in any way!”
The argument went on for awhile. Yaiba sighed and walked up to his room. He sat on his bed and buried his face in his hands.
“What have I done…?”

Ch. 6
The Saturday Punchin’ Lessons came to a halt after that fateful day, but that didn’t stop Yaiba’s life. After 180 days of preschool it was graduation day. Ms. Hakuryu was addressing the kids on what to look forward to.
“You guys will all be entering elementary school. They make you do some work there, but in return you’ll be smarter there than you’ll ever be here. You’ll go through several levels like in those video games you guys are always playing. The first level is kindergarten, which is like preschool. Then you go into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade until you go to middle school. When you reach middle school you guys will go through an evolution ceremony, where you’ll reach your 1st stage. After middle school you guys will all be in your 2nd stage.”
Ijimekko raised his hand. “What about us who only have 2 forms?”
“You’ll stay in your first form in middle school. Don’t worry, you’ll still be about as tall as everyone else. If not you’ll likely be faster.”
That caused a lot of sighs of relief around the room. Aikou raised her hand.
“If we go to our 2nd stage during high school, why are you still a Dragonair, Ms. Hakuryu?”
Ms. Hakuryu smiled. “If you’re willing, you can ask your village elder to ‘devolve’ you. I’ve always wanted to be a preschool teacher, and I felt being a Dragonite wouldn’t be appropriate. So, I ‘devolved’.”
The crowd of children began murmuring, then Ms. Hakuryu hushed them. “Hush children. We all need to practice for our graduation ceremony tonight a little more if we want to impress your parents. Does everyone remember our song?”
The crowd chanted yes.
“Good! Ok, from the top now:

(One world)
One world - now and forever!
(Best friends)
Best friends, loyal and true!
(One dream)
One dream that side by side,
There's nothing we can't do!

(One hand)
One hand helping the other!
(Each heart)
Each heart beating as one!
(We live)
We live always together,
Sharing the same bright sun!

You & Me & Pokémon!

The children sang beautifully, in the rehearsal and the actual performance. There were many crying parents watching their children on the stage, singing. After the performance, the kids and adults were introduced to refreshments. Yaiba was dressed up in a small tuxedo struggling with a juice carton.
“Here, let me help you with that,” someone said.
It was Aikou. She was dressed in this cute little pink dress while pouring Yaiba a cup.
“Thanks,” Yaiba replied. “You… you look beautiful.”
Aikou smiled. “Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself!”
After a few seconds Tomo literally fell between them. He was dressed in a tuxedo similar to Yaiba. “Whew! That was close!” he said as he picked himself up and dusted himself with a few electric shocks. “Darn big Pokémon… they’re always stomping on us preschoolers!”
Yaiba and Aikou just stared. Tomo didn’t know he was in the company of the two Ralts. He soon realized with a jolt.
“Yikes! You surprised me there! Hey Yaiba. Hey Aikou. Oh, Aikou, nice job! You were singing beautifully during our performance.”
“Thanks,” she replied. “I practiced every day.”
“Heck yeah!” someone yelled behind them.
Ijimekko came up from behind the two Ralts and grabbed their necks, pining them together in a hugging fashion. “We’ll be friends forever, eh?”
Yaiba grumbled. He personally disliked Ijimekko for his attitude. But, he couldn’t be too mean to him. After all, they were all going to the same elementary school.
Henshu the Croagunk also stepped up. He hung out with Ijimekko all of the time. They were like partners in crime. “Yeah.” He said in a dorky fashion. Yaiba also personally disliked him for his dorkiness and strange way of acting.
“What about Iroppoi and Minikui?” Aikou brought up. “You know, that Buneary and Smoochum that have a lot of vanity and stuff like that?”
Tomo looked up. “Vanity? You mean, like ‘I’m all pretty don’t mess up my hair’ vanity?” Aikou nodded. “Well they do live around the elementary school according to my mom,” Tomo answered. “But who knows? We might be lucky.”
Aikou sighed. Iroppoi and Minikui always hanged around each other, squealing and tending their hair. For some reason Aikou looked down on them, and hated them personally.
After an hour of refreshments it was time to go home. The kids waved goodbye as their parents took them home by the hand. Yaiba, Aikou, and Tomo’s families walked home together. When they got home, Yaiba fell asleep. That entire night he dreamed about the days he’ll have in elementary school with his friends.

I'm still working on this story, but read this for now. Enjoy!


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It's interesting how you took the idea of Pokemon and applied it to a society much like our own. Completely original from what I've read on Psypokes, which is a breath of fresh air. Now, I do have some points I would like to make.

Esper City? Is the name completely random, or is it from what I think it's from, and if it is, we should talk.

They had searched desperately for something valuable, but for 3 days...
Even though I think it only happened once, it's still a pretty big mistake. Never use the number, always write (or type) it out.

And I wish we had known more about the prologue. By six chapters, there should've been some mention or reference of what happened.

And about the chapters: Don't post all six at once. Not only does it make for skimming through (something you never want to happen as it means you've lost the reader's attention), but we lose the chance to point out mistakes made that could've been prevented.

More descriptions, please. It's imperative that writers find the perfect balance between too little, and too much (yes, there can be way too much).

Good things about the story: I thought it moved rather smoothly, though there were a few parts that were a little slow. And, you used humor to help keep the reader's attention. ROFL at Kung Fu Ursaring and Peoplemon.


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Thanks for your critism and compliments. I'll try to take them into effect. To answer your questions:

Esper City is Psychic City in Japanese. All of the proper names are Japanese. I like doing that.

My story is actually pretty long, so a mention of a prolouge will come soon.

Thanks. I'll be posting the next chapter or two soon.


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All right here we go!

Ch. 7

After 104 days of summer vacation, it was time for the school year again. Yaiba was unhappy because he needed to wake up early again, but he was happy to see his friends again. His parents were unhappy to walk Yaiba to school every day again, but it kept Yaiba occupied so Ikusa and Teinei could spend some time alone.
The elementary school Yaiba was going to was called Heart’s Eye Elementary School. It had a good reputation and was about 5 blocks away from Doku Lane, so Yaiba was able to walk by himself with his friends.
Oh how much Yaiba longed to go back to school! He went on a vacation to Mt. Moon for one week, but the rest of the summer he was so bored! His dad bought him a small NES to keep him company, but Yaiba wasn’t too interested in video games. Too complicated for his taste.
And so began his first day of kindergarten. Yaiba walked around the campus for a bit to explore. The school’s color was mainly based on pinkish purple. It was rather large for an elementary school. There were about twenty rooms in total, five of them were recreation rooms such as the library and the computer room. His classroom, Room 6, composed of 25 tables, a few easels, a chalkboard, and a lot of educational posters. His teacher was Mr. Barrierd, a Mr. Mime. So the kids began introducing themselves, though Yaiba already knew half of the kids. Apparently Iroppoi and Minikui were somewhere else, which relieved Aikou. Unfortunately Henshu and Ijimekko were still there. Yaiba couldn’t believe he’d have to be with those stooges for 5 whole years.
“I’d rather live in a vat of Revival Herbs,” he muttered to himself. “Than those idiots.”
Aikou didn’t mind. In fact, she enjoyed kindergarten very much. She found preschool not challenging enough. Aikou had very high academic talents, already knowing how to add double-digit numbers during preschool. She was glad for some challenges.
Tomo didn’t say much about elementary school. He didn’t find it good, but he didn’t find it bad either. It was the same as preschool according to him. “Wake up in the morning, go to school, learn, and then come back home. I don’t see the difference.”
Ikusa had always told Yaiba that everyone has a destiny. Yaiba, Aikou, and Tomo each began following a path over the next few years of elementary school. Yaiba excelled in athletic activity, and began participating in some small sports activity. Aikou’s academic abilities excelled her actual grade each year, so she visited classes that were a grade above her for more challenging work. Tomo enjoyed volunteering, so he volunteered in many programs around the school, keeping his grades and fitness level on average. Ijimekko and Henshu took a reputation as the class clowns, playground bullies, and bad-grade holders.
Yaiba’s destiny was soon revealed further in 4th grade, during the annual Pokémon Heart’s Eye Elementary School Annual Battling Tournament. All of the 4th graders stood in line to register. Yaiba was 5th in line, with Aikou and Tomo right behind him. Ever since he’d heard of this tournament Yaiba had been itching to participate. He felt pumped whenever he watched a professional battle on TV. He felt like he just had to battle a few Pokémon. When he reached the front of the line he wrote down his name and picked up an identification tag. The number on it was 157. Aikou got 159, and Tomo got 17. Then, they got into the auditorium to see the battle tree.
The principal, Mr. Kairiky, announced the listings and rules.
“Okay kids, I hope you do well in this tournament! Here are the matchups!”
A large screen with a projection on it began to descend on the wall. A listing of the matchups were displayed.
“The tournament is split up into five rounds. Simply battle. If you win, you’ll battle another winner.”
Yaiba looked at the matchups. His first round was against a Machop named Dynamo. Aikou was against a Spinarak, and Tomo was against a Wingull.
“This should be easy.” Tomo and Yaiba said simultaneously.
So, Yaiba and Dynamo were up first. Mr. Kairiky was the referee. He raised his arm.
“Ready… set… BRAWL!!!”
Dynamo quickly flung at Yaiba, ready to fling a Fire Punch. Yaiba was ready. Quickly he teleported to the side and put his arms together.
“Confusion!” Yaiba yelled.
Instantly Dynamo felt queasy and fell to the ground, clutching his head. At that moment Yaiba rushed forward and pulled back his fist.
“FIRE PUNCH!!!” he cried.
Dynamo was sent flying across the arena right when the punch made contact. Burning in a great ball of fire, Dynamo hit the stage, dazed.
“And Yaiba is the winner!” Mr. Kairiky announced. The crowd cheered except for Henshu and Ijimekko.
Tomo and Aikou had similar results. The threesome quickly swept the next battle. And the next. Well, except for Tomo, who was knocked out by a Geodude in the 3rd round.
Up to the fourth round, Yaiba didn’t feel much. Well, he did feel something mentally. He was pumped! He just couldn’t contain his joy and hyper nature inside him! This tournament was, to put it simply, awesome!
Yaiba looked at the matchups to see who was his next competitor.
No. No way.
His next competitor was Ijimekko.

Ch. 8

It was time for the 4th round against Ijimekko. Yaiba cautiously walked up to the stage. He noticed Aikou standing next to the arena. She motioned Yaiba to kneel down.
“I’m rooting for you.” She whispered in his ear. “Good luck. Use everything you learned, and take him out!”
Ijimekko got some fans of his own. He was on the opposite side of the arena, waving his arms to commemorate his cheering fans. When Mr. Kairiky raised his arm to call the beginning of the match, Ijimekko whispered in Yaiba’s ear.
“I’ve waited long for this. Hope you’re ready you little Magikrap!”
That statement really pumped Yaiba up. His past experiences with Ijimekko were horrid. Ijimekko and Henshu were always making fun of him, stealing his lunch money, and throwing soccer balls at Yaiba during recess. Hard.
“Ready, set, BRAWL!!!!”
At that Ijimekko flung at Yaiba, readying a Needle Arm. Unprepared, Yaiba took a direct hit, flinging him to the end of the ring.
That wasn’t enough to take out Yaiba. He improved his stance and stood ready, while Ijimekko began charging another Needle Arm.
“Come on!” Ijimekko taunted. “You too lazy to move? Or are you too busy thinking about your girlfriend?”
Yaiba just couldn’t take it anymore and flung himself at Ijimekko, ruining his stance. Ijimekko was ready and smacked Yaiba hard. Gasps of shock emitted from the crowd as Yaiba hit the wall again.
Yaiba stammered as he tried to get up. He could barely see, except Ijimekko charging another Needle Arm.
Then Yaiba heard something. It was Aikou. “Ignore his taunts!” she yelled. “You can do it!”
Yaiba nodded and stood up. Ijimekko snickered as he charged at Yaiba. Yaiba fixed his posture and stood still and steadily. Right when Ijimekko got near Yaiba, Yaiba teleported away.
“What?!” Ijimekko yelled. Yaiba appeared right behind him.
“Psychic!” he yelled as he fired a pulse of energy at Ijimekko. A loud explosion was heard as Ijimekko flew into the ceiling. Unfortunately he quickly recovered and charged a Poison Sting.
Yaiba wasn’t falling for the same trick again. He leaped into the air as the crowd gasped in awe. Apparently Ijimekko wasn’t ready for that at all as Yaiba charged a Fire Punch.
“This is for making fun of me,” he yelled as he landed a Fire Punch, sending Ijimekko plummeting to the ground with a massive explosion! Yaiba landed and punched him again.
“This is for hitting me,” he cried. Ijimekko was sent skyrocketing after that punch. He was pretty much blacked out, but Yaiba wasn’t done. HE leaped into the air.
“And this… is for… calling Aikou my GIRLFRIEND!!!”
His act of rage nearly killed Ijimekko as the Fire Punch turned Ijimekko into a burning pinball. He landed on the arena, face flat on the floor. Yaiba stepped on him as Mr. Kairiky announced “Yaiba is the winner!”
Oh how wonderful Yaiba felt as he saw Ijimekko being carried to the Nurse’s office! He felt this rush of confidence and enjoyed the look on Henshu’s face.
Aikou climbed onto the arena. “Congrats!” she yelled. “I’m glad you did well.”
Yaiba smiled, and then cringed. HE felt poisoned.
“Aikou…” he muttered. Suddenly he fell to the floor with a loud thud.
Aikou gasped. She threw Yaiba onto her back as she carried Yaiba to the nurse’s office.


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Ch. 9

“No…. no…. NO!!”
The City of Esper was in flames. Pokémon with sparkling eyes were everywhere, barging into houses, destroying anything and anyone inside!
Yaiba looked around. What happened? This place… it couldn’t be his home, could it? Suddenly he remembered. “Mom!” he yelled. He dashed to where his house was.
When he got there, he breathed a sigh of relief. His house was fine. He ran inside, ready to see his parents.
When he got in he was surprised. “Mom? Dad?” he called. Funny. No one was home. He looked around. He saw something on the kitchen table. He picked it up. It seemed to be a rock, but not a normal rock. It looked funny. Its shape was smooth, too smooth to be made naturally. Even stranger, there were markings on it. Five to be exact. One was a large zigzag down the middle. There were four more dots surrounding the bolt.
“What's wrong with me?" he said to himself. "This isn't where I live! It must be some mistake. A prank? Maybe. What happened before this? Come to think of it, I can’t remember anything. Wait a minute… Aikou!”
Carrying the odd stone in his hands he dashed over to where Aikou lived. The house was okay, but it was eerily quiet. He knocked on the door. No answer.
“Shoot! I’m too late!” he blamed himself. “No… I can’t!” He focused energy into his hands.
“Psybeam!” he yelled. A large beam of rainbow light emitted out of his hands and destroyed the door with a loud bang. When the smoke clear Yaiba looked inside.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.
He saw a Gardevoir and a Gastrodon lying on the floor, breathless. Shocked, Yaiba rushed in to examine them. They weren’t breathing, and their bodies were cold.
“Oh no…” he said to himself. “Aikou!”
He checked upstairs. That’s odd. Aikou wasn’t there, but there was a Gardevoir lying on the floor. An aunt, maybe? No wait…. she had a flower on her head… Yaiba couldn’t believe it. That was Aikou!
“Aikou!” he yelled as he went to assist the evolved-Aikou. He tried to feel for a pulse. He felt one. The body was still warm, and there weren’t many signs of damage. Then, her eyes slowly opened.
Yaiba gasped. “Aikou? Are you okay?”
Aikou groaned. She struggled to get a closer look at her savior. “Y-Y-Yaiba?” she managed to speak. “O-oh… thank you.”
Yaiba let out a sigh of relief. Aikou shifted her position uncomfortably. “Uh, Yaiba. Your blade. It’s poking me.”
Yaiba was puzzled. “Blade? What blade?”
Aikou smiled. “Please. No time for jokes. It’s not as if you can’t tell you have to blades on your elbows! Silly Gallades…”
Gallade… Gallade… Gallade… The words echoed in Yaiba’s ears. He stepped a few paces back and looked at his arms. She was right. There were swords on his elbows! He looked all around himself. He wasn’t a Ralts anymore.
He was a Gallade.
“Arceus Christ! This can’t be happening!” he yelled. “This… we’re… I’M EVOLVED!!!!”
Suddenly a loud bang was heard from downstairs. Aikou suddenly freaked and hid herself in the corner. Yaiba didn’t know about these attackers, but he wasn’t gonna let them destroy his town. He looked at himself. Well, he may not be the Ralts he originally was, but he had a few blades, and maybe that’ll help. He tried to remember the moves he saw on TV that had to do with blades.
“I remember Slash, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, and Cut. That’ll do.”
Yaiba knew he couldn’t face his attackers head on since he wasn’t accustomed to his new body. He put his body against the wall next to the stairs and stared down to identify his enemies. He couldn’t really tell; the room was too dark and the Pokémon seemed to blend.
As Yaiba began to stare at his enemies trying to think of a plan, a Pokémon burst into the room.
This Pokémon was a lot bigger, and didn’t blend in. Yaiba guessed he was the leader. He never saw a Pokémon like this before. It was some sort of swirl of lights sitting on top of a rock. It made weird sounds as it walked. Its voice was even creepier.
“Find… my… keystone…” the Pokémon said in an eerie voice.
Yaiba retreated from his hiding spot. Keystone… he picked up his rock. Could this be it?
“Krap,” he whispered. “He might be looking for me.”
He tried to crawl to the window, stone in hand, to throw the keystone out. Unfortunately, he smacked the bed.
The Pokémon looked up. The leader spoke.
“There’s one here! Bring him to me…”
Yaiba cursed to himself. He then hid behind the bed. “If I’m gonna die I might as well die fighting!” he thought to himself. Some Pokémon climbed up the stairs. Yaiba was able to get a closer look. The Pokémon were Sableyes! He barely saw those but he read about them in books. Let’s see… Ghost and Dark type. They’re offensive but can be defensive too.
He turned his head to Aikou. “Aikou, grab the stone and get out of here. I’ll be fine.”
Aikou hesitated at first, but then nodded. She teleported herself and the stone out.
“Alright. Here goes nothing…” He tried to focus. He knew Psycho Cut wouldn’t work, since they’re Dark-type. He saw a Sceptile throw a leaf from his Leaf Blade attack, so he’ll try that.
He quickly leaped out of his hiding space. “Leaf Blade!” he yelled. He rushed a little closer and slashed his blade, causing leaves to fly out, striking all of the Sableyes, causing them to fall on the ground.
Some more Sableyes got up the stairs, rushing at Yaiba. Yaiba tried a different technique. He began charging.
“Night… SLASH!” he yelled. He lunged forward, slashing all of the Sableyes. They all groaned and fell to the ground.
Yaiba felt a sense of satisfaction. Then, suddenly, he felt something pierce his back. He felt this horrible throbbing pain. He tried to reach the thing in his back. Right when he touched it, however his hand burned. He looked behind him, out the window. He spotted something rustle in the trees. As he was staring outside he was suddenly jumped by another Sableye. Yaiba tried to fight back but the pain in his back made him near immobile. The Sableye then thrust its claw into Yaiba’s back Blood began to gush out. Yaiba couldn’t take the pain and collapsed.
He woke up, tied against the wall, weak and tired. A group of Sableyes were surrounding him. Suddenly, their leader stepped in. Yaiba eyed him viciously, but he knew it was no good.
The strange Pokémon made a sinister smile. “Hello, my dear friend. Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”
Yaiba stared into his eyes. They were crooked, with a violent evil beneath them. His mouth was a shining green color. His entire body was purple. For some reason, Yaiba could even hear moaning inside his body.
“Hand me my keystone. Now.”
Yaiba hesitated. He’d be glad to, but he wasn’t too sure if it was the right thing to do. “Why do you need that stone?” he asked weakly.
He suddenly received a vicious punch to his stomach. Grunting in pain, he tried to recover. He didn’t see anyone or anything throw a punch.
“Now listen to me,” the Pokémon demanded. “Where is my keystone?!”
Yaiba kept quiet. He wasn’t too sure whether to speak. Rather, he was too scared to speak. This Pokémon looked like his worst nightmare. Now that he thought about it, he looked like something that would be a nightmare.
“I’m don’t know why you’re here, but I have a feeling it ain’t good. You’ll never get your hands on that keystone or whatever it is again.”
The Pokémon smiled. “Very well.” Yaiba looked up. The room suddenly turned black. Yaiba was grunting in pain. He felt pulses in his body, as if souls were attacking him. Yaiba screamed. The pain was unbearable! It felt worse than anything he could ever imagine. It felt like knifes poking you and twisting before being pulled out. Rapidly. Then he heard a voice.
“I told you we could do this the easy way. I guess not.” It was the strange Pokémon’s voice. It sounded so much darker now. “After this I’ll kill your wife, too.
Wife? He couldn’t mean Aikou! “If he did, then I’m… no wait! Aikou! She’ll die then! No! NO!” he yelled.
The Pokémon snickered. “Goodbye, Yaiba.”
Yaiba suddenly ran out of breath. He tried to breathe, but he couldn’t In fact, he couldn’t even see. He couldn’t even think no more.
He died.


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Sorry for being so late. From now on i'll only post another chapter after someone leaves a comment.

Ch. 10

“Yaiba? Yaiba?! YAIBA!”
Yaiba woke up. He was inside the nurse’s office, lying on a cot. Aikou and the nurse, a Chansey, were looking at him.
Yaiba got up and looked at himself. No blades. Just his helmet and flimsy arms.
He couldn’t believe it.
It was all a dream.
Yaiba breathed a sigh of relief. He was glad that dream wasn’t real. It seemed so real, as if it was really happening. Then Yaiba noticed something. “Aikou, when will I get better for the tournament?” he asked Aikou.
The nurse Chansey responded. “You’ll be fine in about 3 hours, thanks to our new advanced Tyrouge-lenol Medicine Caplets.”
Yaiba sighed. “Thank goodness.” The nurse smiled and walked over to a small office to do a few things. Aikou looked behind her to watch the nurse, and then looked back at Yaiba.
“Um, Yaiba… Mr. Kairiky was talking to me. We’ll be facing each other in the last round.
Yaiba was speechless. How could he fight Aikou? Great. First the dream and now a fight. He tried to look on the positive side as it seemed Aikou was a little sullen. “Well, that means you made it through the semi-finals, so it’s not that bad. Besides, it’ll be good experience.”
Aikou exhaled deeply. “Look,” she told Yaiba. She held his hand. “Whatever happens we’ll be friends forever, right?”
Yaiba looked at Aikou. “Of course,” he responded truthfully.

After a few hours Yaiba was up and ready. Of course he wasn’t happy to fight Aikou, but his passion for fighting… he couldn’t help it. He had one day before the match, so he was able to go home and do some… research.
So, Yaiba got home, did his homework, and spent a few hours laying his butt on the couch watching WBE. He watched a battle of WBE every day. He was always rooting for Luc Earthdasher, a Lucario that was amazing. They say that he used to be a martial arts teacher high in the mountains of Mt. Moon, but no one knows for sure…
Teinei passed by Yaiba as he was watching a battle between Luc Earthdasher and an Electivire. Teinei sighed in disgust. “Yaiba, stop watching that!” she scolded. “You shouldn’t be watching that so much! Can’t you watch cartoons like a normal kid?”
Yaiba looked up. “Mom! It’s research. Remember the tournament I was talking about?”
“Very well, then. But dinner’s in five minutes, and wash your hands.”
Yaiba groaned and shut off the TV. He paced over to the nearby stream to wash up. As he was washing his hands he spotted Aikou near the mouth of the river. She was washing some berries. Yaiba just stared and smiled. He felt pretty funny. His cheeks felt pretty warm, and his stomach began to churn a bit. Aikou finished washing her fruits and noticed Yaiba. She waved to Yaiba. Yaiba smiled awkwardly and waved back. Aikou giggled at his face and returned home.
Yaiba sat down for dinner. He wasn’t too sure what that feeling he had was, but he kind of liked the feeling. He smiled as he ate his dinner.

The next day came by. Yaiba was a bit reluctant to go to school, but he didn’t want to feel like a fool, so he went anyway.
After Language Arts and Math class, it was time for the tournament to continue. Mr. Kairiky said his usual thing, and then the arena rose again out of the ground.
Yaiba climbed up onto the arena with Aikou. Yaiba still felt that feeling, but that didn’t stop him from. Mr. Kairiky stood in the middle.
“And now it’s the final round; coincidentally the competitors are the same species! This will be a heated battle!”
He raised his arm. “Ready, set, BRAWL!!!”
Aikou fell in a trance-like state and raised her hands, performing a Calm Mind. “Pretty smart,” Yaiba muttered. “Nicely done.”
Aikou stretched her arms wide. “Well, why don’t you make a move?” she began creating a lightning bolt between her arms. “Shockwave!”
A large bolt of electricity lunged at Yaiba. Yaiba stayed put. He couldn’t put it into words, but he felt immobilized…
Then he started moving. Towards the wall. A massive cloud of dust flew out as Yaiba struck the wall, electrocuted. He fell to the ground, kneeling.
“Come on, Yaiba!” Aikou yelled. “Now I know you aren’t trying! I told you, nothing will happen after this! Trust me!”
Yaiba didn’t trust her. He felt weakened, as if the very sight of Aikou weakened him. He saw Aikou put her hands together to charge a Magical Leaf.
“Yaiba! If you don’t get up and face me seriously I’m seriously gonna kill you!”
Yaiba kept quiet.
Aikou seemed furious. “You asked for it!” she cried. “Magical Leaf!”
Aikou let out masses of colorful, sharp leaves, hurling at Yaiba. He wanted to reflect the leaves, but then he remembered his dream. Aikou, as a Gardevoir, helpless and hurt… he just couldn’t. He teleported out of the way. The leaves followed him. Shocked Yaiba dashed away but was still struck by the leaves. They cut up his body, leaving painful incisions on his body. Blood was seeping out of the wounds, and Yaiba was nearly finished.
Aikou stood up to Yaiba, who was on the ground, breathing, but badly hurt. Aikou sat down.
“Yaiba. I’ll be fine. You not fighting is hurting me more than you actually fighting me. I’ve trained too, you know.”
Yaiba picked himself up. “Aikou… I really can’t.”
Aikou frowned. She slapped him in the face. Yaiba fell to the ground on his back. Aikou picked him up.
“Now listen, Yaiba! You’re gonna fight me or else I am gonna kill you and torture you more than ever before!”
She slammed him into the ground and leaped to the opposite side of the arena. Yaiba pushed his body off the ground and stood upright. He could barely see, and his entire body was in pain. He clutched his arm. He was gonna kill himself for this, but he decided to fight.. Just this once.
Aikou stretched her arms out, and let loose a Thunderbolt. Yaiba stood ready, and leaped out of the way. He lifted his arm toward the bolt.
“Psychic!” he cried. he stopped the bolt dead in its tracks and launched it at Aikou. Surprised, Aikou teleported out of the way, nearly getting shocked by the bolt.
Aikou smiled. “Now we’re getting serious!” She leaped at Yaiba and threw a few Magical Leaves. Yaiba countered with a Fire Punch. The two attacks hitting each other caused a tremendous explosion, sending both of the Ralts flying into the ends of the arena. Aikou laughed. “I never thought it might come to this! You’re doing well Yaiba. But not well enough! Icy Wind!”
A frigid wind blew across the arena. Yaiba shielded himself. How did Aikou learn such a strong attack? Yaiba stayed put. Aikou was amazed at Yaiba’s stamina. “Not bad, Yaiba! But I’m not giving up yet!” She increased the all ready high strength of the Icy Wind.
Yaiba started to slow down. His teeth were chattering, and his sweat started freezing. Even the audience was starting to feel the effects of the wind! Yaiba thought a bit. Freeze-lie the Glalie used his Icy Wind attack often. He was usually countered by a Heat Wave attack. Yaiba didn’t know Heat Wave. He wished he did. He tried his best with his Confusion attack. He raised his arms and let out a Confusion attack. Funny. He didn’t know his Confusion attack made his hands warm. He looked ahead.
Huh? He wasn’t using Confusion! He was suing heat Wave!
“Huh? What? How?” Yaiba stammered. The Heat Wave he emitted cancelled out Aikou’s Icy Wind. Yaiba and Aikou were puzzled. Yaiba smiled, however. “Heat Wave!” he yelled. He tried using Confusion. Sure enough, a Heat Wave came out. Aikou stood there, watching the cloud of fire.
Aikou was blown away by the immense heat, and fell to the ground, dazed. Yaiba hands were smoking, so he shook the smoke off. Mr. Kairiky lifted Yaiba’s arm. “And Yaiba is the win-“ Yaiba shook Mr. Kairiky’s arm off and ran over to Aikou.
“Aikou! Aikou!! AIKOU!!! Don’t die! Come on!” She didn’t reply. Yaiba panted breathlessly. He picked her up and threw her onto his shoulder. He staggered as he carried Aikou over to the nurse’s office.


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