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 Most interesting/useful Sinnoh glitches 
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The Sinnoh region has its own interesting little prgramming bugs. Some of them don't affect the game much but others do all sorts of cool things. :D
So, I'm asking you: what sort of glitches have you discovered/tried in DPP? (when replying, please don't just say "the cloning trick", use full sentences and all that)

My favourite has to be the Elite Four surf glitch in the japanese versions of Diamond and Pearl (you can surf through the door and enter the black void).
I have a japanese Pearl, and I tried the glitch (twice) with the help of a tutorial with step counter on Youtube. They both were succesful tries, and I got myself these two fellows:

Also, I don't know how, but when I fought against the Elite 4 Lucian's Bronzong with a Ditto (which transformed but fainted afterwards), it kept the Bronzong's attacks (still in the jap Pearl). Here's a pic:
Haha Ditto with Psychic, Gyro Ball, Earthquake and Calm Mind :D

I've also cloned myself a lot of masterballs with the double battle+Ditto+Thief trick, which sadly doesn't exist in the english versions.

Now I noticed I haven't tested any glitches in my english Diamond, they're all from the jap Pearl.
Are there any interesting ones I haven't heard of?
Also, you people who already have Platinum, is it very glitchy or not? :P


Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:05 am
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Transformo could pass some Egg Moves. :O

The Tweaking glitch could be useful, if it was actually possible. :/

I don't know if this is a glitch, but if you have a fainted syncer first, and, say, a magnet puller second, both of their effects work.


Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:10 am
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Its not really useful, BUT if your bored or you just wanna impress your friends or something like that, you might like it. I found it on youtube so credit to whoever made that video i watched :3 Also I only know that it works on English Diamond, I havent tried it on anything else.

Right, make sure you have one honey in your bag. Go to a pokemart(any, just not a department store) and go in. Use your honey. Go to the pokemart worker girls. The shop items will have no names and no prices. You'll only see a picture on the left. Leave the pokemart to reverse the glitch.

ALSO! These are just stupid ones i found out by my self, im not the first one to find them though.

You'll need action replay and this only works in Platinum, maybe others, but i only tried this with platinum english. You'lll need a walk thru walls cheat too. That'll be it I think.

First Random Glitch: Go to pokemon center and go to Nurse joy dont talk to just walk thru the counter with walk thru walls, and press a on the computer and it'lll say The shelves are full of colourful pokemon books. Or something like that. Wierd, since when were computers shelves?!?!?!?!?!? UPDATE: Its the white computer in the counter. Beside the flat screen tv. On the right. But not the blue one, and also as far as I know it doesnt harm ur game.

Second Random Glitch: Beware, This may frighten you, and after I thnk it crashes. No harm done, as far as I know though. Once again Platinum english is all ive tried it on and u need walk thru walls on action replay.

Go to pokemon centre and go to the bit with the union room. Walk thru walls into the middle counter. go into the blue door. Loads of glitch people are there. Talk to one and ur game goes BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Turn it off to stop it. This only works ONCE. So you need a whole new game if u wanna perform it again, i think.

I squealed and shouted WAAAA HELP MOM MOM MY DS BROKE! when it happened lol

Anyway thats all i know.


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Tue May 31, 2011 7:11 am
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This isn't really a glitch but if you get to the pokemon league with no badges (cheats) the guy blocking the door will still count eight badges and let you in!

Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:12 am
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