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 Psypoke Jeopardy: With a wrap-up 
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Although I had to delay the whole Jeopardy for fifteen minutes because of the lack of participation, people started popping as soon as it was well underway. I'll be sure to add more "incentive" to go next time. :wink:

To summarize, we had some fun as always. Someone set two new Jeopardy records this time, and I'm sure that at least one will last for a while. You may be able to guess from the scores before I point it out. There were some pretty high scores in general including more positive scores than negative scores.

Final scores:

EvilPenguin 16401
TonberryKing 9001
FireStarter 6000
AngrySparrow 600
DragonPhoenix 400
Sneaky_Sneasel 1
Jamie -1800
Xenon -2600
Rhapsody -27800

Scores at half:

Rhapsody 4600
EvilPenguin 3400
TonberryKing 1800
FireStarter 1400
AngrySparrow 600

Worst answers:


Worst grammar:

<TonberryKing> how many is 50%
<FireStarter> What is the Giants?
<DragonPhoenix> what is gym leader ecruteak

Biggest wager:

Rhapsody (Gardevoir~) gave in to peer pressure and wagered a record-setting 13400 on a daily triple but lost it all. She couldn't think of the question to this clue fast enough: "Daily Triple Shop * A Potion sells for the same amount as this other HP-restoring item." Because she got it wrong and thanks to the daily triple's system, her score was "good" enough to set the worst unintentional score record.



Dex 200 * This is the heaviest Sinnoh Pokemon.
What is Giratina?

Dex 400 * The Porygon evolution line is classified as this species.
What is virtual?

Dex 600 * "It attaches silk to its prey and sets it free. Later, it tracks the silk to the prey and its friends."
What is Ariados?

Dex 800 * "It is always bursting with energy. To make itself stronger, it keeps on fighting even if it loses."
What is Tyrogue?

Dex 1000 * Lotad is classified as this color.
What is green?

Tech 200 * Under paralysis, a Pokemon's speed is reduced to this much of its original speed.
What is 25% or 1/4?

Daily Triple Tech * This Ability activates Hail on battle entry.
What is Snow Warning?

Tech 600 * This attacking type is super effective against the least amount of other types.
What is Normal? (none)

Tech 800 * These two attacking types are super effective against the most amount of other types.
What are Ground and Fighting? (5 each)

Tech 1000 * This is the only non-Flying-type Pokemon that can learn Roost by level up.
What is Dunsparce?

Psypoke 200 * This was the original color of the Gym Trainer rank.
What is yellow?

Psypoke 400 * The Lite Four actually consists of this many people.
What is six/6?

Psypoke 600 * This is Frost's custom rank.
What is freeeeeeeeh!?

Psypoke 800 * This person was the first promoted to the Gym Trainer rank.
Who is muskogee?

Psypoke 1000 * Jigglypuff has recently enabled this variation of the blog comments to allow response to site updates.
What is "talkback"?

Crossword 200 * A four-formed Pokemon. (6)
What is Deoxys?

Crossword 400 * Pokemon dex number 249. (5)
What is Lugia?

Crossword 600 * A useless Water attack. (6)
What is Splash?

Crossword 800 * Last Pokemon alphabetically. (5)
What is Zubat?

Crossword 1000 * The hold item-reporting ability. (5)
What is Frisk?

Name 200 * Apple (berry).
What is Leppa Berry?

Name 400 * A shade of deep blue (city).
What/where is Cerulean?

Name 600 * The sound an owl makes (Pokemon).
What is Hoothoot?

Daily Double Name * An extreme fear (person).
Who is Phoebe? (from phobia)

Name 1000 * Grapefruit (berry).
What is Grepa Berry?

Misc 200 * Pokemon names have a maximum character limit of this much.
What is 10?

Misc 400 * Ability names have a maximum character limit of this much.
What is 12?

Misc 600 * This person is the fourth DP gym leader.
Who is Crasher Wake?

Misc 800 * In GSC, Surf was obtained by defeating these people.
Who are the Kimono girls?

Misc 1000 * This is the only Ground-type starter available in PMD.
What is Cubone?


Answers 400 * Who is Morty?
Examples: The GSC Ghost Gym Leader. The Ecruteak City Gym Leader.

Answers 800 * What is Jolteon?
Examples: Tiger's favorite Pokemon. The Electric evolution of Eevee.

Daily Double Answers * What is 100?
Examples: The national dex number of Voltorb. The base stat of something.

Answers 1600 * Where is Lavender Town?
Examples: This is where Mr. Fuji lives. This is a gymless town in RBY.

Answers 2000 * What is Berry?
Examples: This item heals 10 HP in GSC. This is one item that grows daily in GSC.

Shop 400 * One Lemonade can be bought for this much money.
What is 350?

Shop 800 * Two Hyper Potions = this many Antidotes.
What is 24?

Daily Triple Shop * A Potion sells for the same amount as this other HP-restoring item.
What is Soda Pop?

Shop 1600 * One Full Restore = this many sold Stardusts.
What is three/3?

Shop 2000 * Berries can be sold for this much each.
What is 10?

Psypoke 400 * Each new Gym Trainer has been assigned this many forums to moderate.
What is two/2?

Daily Triple Psypoke * Rule one of the forums specifically states this.
What is "do not spam"?

Psypoke 1200 * Despite there being seven Frontier Brains in Emerald, Psypoke has this many Frontier Brains.
What is three/3?

Psypoke 1600 * Instead of Pokeballs, Jigglypuff uses these for his rank icon.
What are small Jigglypuff?

Psypoke 2000 * These are the newly appointed Gym Trainers. (only need three)
Who are dragonite, DragonPhoenix, EvilPenguin, Serpentsounds, Sparrow and Valentine?

Groups 400 * Uxie, Umbreon, Ursaring, Unown.
What are Pokemon that start with U?

Groups 800 * Neo Genesis, Team Rocket, Fossil, Ex: Emerald...
What are TCG sets?

Groups 1200 * Pikachu, Caterpie, Noctowl, Krabby, Snorunt, Corphish, Muk...
What are Pokemon that Ash has caught? (Anime)

Daily Double Groups * Want, Laugh, Find, Give, Join, Undo, Keep...
What are words paired with Unown letters?

Groups 2000 * Monean, Weepth, Liptoo, Scufib, Rixy, Viapois, Dilford.
What are the Tanoby Ruins chambers?

Identify 400 *
What is the LeafGreen title screen?

Identify 800 *
What is Wigglytuff?

Identify 1200 *
Who is Juan?

Identify 1600 *
What is a Starf Berry?

Identify 2000 *
What is a Kelpsy Berry?

Misc 400 * This (American) football team won the Super Bowl.
Who are the New York Giants?

Misc 800 * This is Superman's secret identity.
Who is Clark Kent?

Misc 1200 * At the Game Developers Conference 2008, this game received the "Handheld Game of the Year" award.
What is The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass?

Misc 1600 * This person won the Nascar Sprint Cup Daytona 500 race last week.
Who is Ryan Newman?

Misc 2000 * Tiger's birthday is on this day.
When is February 25?

Final Jeopardy
Final Clue * In GSC, this is the prize for winning the bug catching contest at the National Park.
What is a Sun Stone?

I've been kind of bored lately and seeing as it has been a whole month since the last Jeopardy, I might as well do another. This one will be a little special in its own way. Rather than doing the first round full of generation-based categories, I'll make up more new ones and see how that works out. This should add a little more fun and diversity.


In the #psypokejeopardy chat channel on Saturday, February 23, at 8:00 PM EST. (click for other time zones)

For using the java applet to access the chats: go here, click on the Java Applet link, and type /join #psypokejeopardy when you're connected.

How it works:

Jeopardy can be viewed as a twist on the occasional trivia. It uses many more scripts than trivia does due to its complex structure, but it is not difficult for participants at all.

This Jeopardy works very similarly to normal Jeopardy. A clue is given, and after three seconds, people can buzz in. In order to do this, all you have to do is say "buzz" after the mode -m is set and hope that you entered it first. The buzzing process will be explained again at the beginning of Jeopardy.

After you buzz in, you will have eight seconds to answer. In order to answer, you must give the question to the clue (like normal Jeopardy). For example, one clue would be "this Pokemon is the first alphabetically," and its correct question (what you submit) would be "what is Abomasnow?". If you get the question wrong however, you do lose Psybucks (in the game, not the forums). If you need help, simply watch other people play along.

Jeopardy also consists of the ability to choose the next question from multiple categories and Psybuck values. This only happens for the person who gets a question correct though. There are two rounds of six categories and five values, which adds up to 60 total questions. Sometimes however, a round will end a little before all of the questions are chosen if it takes too long. Regardless, this has happened very few times.

It even consists of its own bonuses. One Daily Double in the first round and two in the second round can (as they suggest) double your Psybucks in the game. Only the chooser will be able to answer the question, and ten seconds are allowed to answer. Daily Triples made a debut last time, and those can really rack up the points. Other special bonuses come and go.

Final Jeopardy concludes the event. Here, one usually tough clue will be given. Like Daily Doubles, you can wager as many of your Psybucks as you want. For this question, an amount of twenty or thirty (depending on the type of question) seconds is allowed for you to think over your answer while you imagine the special Jeopardy music. After this, the final scores are tallied, and the winners are announced.

All script commands will be explained during the event for those that need help.


1. No /me. There are actual reasons why this is a rule, so don't do it anyway.
2. Do not argue if you thought that you buzzed in before someone else. The entire process is scripted, and it is based on what appears on my screen only.
3. Do not PM any ops, especially me. If you have a complaint/question/whatever, wait until a break. (during the event)
4. Do not use any reference materials (such as the site).
5. Answers MUST be given in a question format such as "What is Pikachu?". This will be taken loosely, but drastic mixups between "where" and "who" will be called incorrect. (Pokemon are considered as "what"s)
6. You must use your forum name to receive any prizes. Various exceptions are allowed, but ask first. Also, do not change nicks during the event.


Psybuck prizes will be awarded after the system is reorganized. In the meantime, people's names will just have to be put on "waiting list."

(non-staff, except for ribbons)
Winner: 3x Psybucks from Jeopardy, top three trainer card ribbon, temporary +v (voice) in #psypoke
Second and third: 2x Psybucks from Jeopardy, top three trainer card ribbon
Other people with positive scores: Psybucks earned + 1000
Other people with scores > -5000: 500 Psybucks
Yet other people: 100 Psybucks (for "effort")
For all people that come: the participation trainer card ribbon


How much different is this from a normal trivia?
The biggest difference is in the questions themselves. It is possible to lose points, and you have to buzz-in before you answer. The question format for answers is slightly different, too. Similarities are basically in the knowledge bit, and it has the same trivia-like "atmosphere" to it. Benefits of Jeopardy comparatively include the amazingly high Psybucks amounts, an ability for everyone to score more easily or get back into contention for the lead, and the addition of small strategies (picking higher questions and the like). See above for all the little details.

Why should I go?
Because it's something really fun and worthwhile, and because I said so. :P

Are the questions Pokemon-related?
Yes, although there is a special category for random knowledge.

What time is it in my time zone?
Click the link and find out.

Is there freezing?
No. There are no extra restrictions like this, but in the event that someone goofs off too much, I can put he/she on "buzzignore."

Does only "buzz" work for buzzing in?
Yes, so you better type it out first and wait for -m to press enter. Even missing a "z" or using colors would cause the script to skip over you.

What are the special commands that will be included?
!chart: Shows the chart to the person choosing the next question.
!stop: Stops the countdown when a person is answering a question.
!q (category) (amount): Selects the next question.
!wager (amount): Allows an easier process for wagering in daily doubles, daily triples and final jeopardy.

Only the third and fourth commands there will be mandatory. All will be brought up during the event.

Why can't I talk when I get in there?
This would be supposing that you're late and +m is set. This usually means that it is between questions. +m is a special mode to be set on chat channels that mutes people without special privileges (voice or op). These are only given to staff members and people choosing questions.

How will typos be dealt with?
If they are understandable, they will be acceptable. Eight seconds are allowed for one to answer, so this should not come up too much.

What happens to rule-breakers?
Loss of 10000 Psybucks in the game, loss of all Psybucks on the offender's forum account, and permanent bans from #psypoke, #psypokejeopardy, the forums, the main site, and the internet forever. In other words, don't do it. :O

Did you just copy/paste the last Jeopardy topic without changing anything?
No, I changed some areas. :O


Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:15 pm
Lite Four
Lite Four
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Goddamnit work.

I can't make it. I have a job.


Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:49 pm
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Pokemon Ranger
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Will there be another trivia any time soon?
Also, if I'm just on the channel the whole night, do I get psybucks? :x

Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:50 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Joined: Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:46 am
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I'm just wondering,will the jeopardys and trivias *always* be at 7:00pm EST?I'm GMT so I can't usually make it to them.

EDIT:Sorry I had to put the "*"s in,BBcode was off in this message.
There's no smilies either :(.

Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:07 pm
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Gym Leader
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I don't know if FireStarter or some other person on the staff is planning a trivia soon, but it's not like trivia has been replaced by this. Until FireStarter made it much more common, trivia was a rare, once/twice per year thing. It has seemed to die back down to that again. Seeing as the last one was right before Halloween and I hosted it, I would think that another should indeed come around soon. FireStarter's last one was last summer right before I came up with this new weird thing based on Jeopardy. Maybe since Krisp has been at work the last few times, she can do something or, even better for her, make someone else do something at a good time for her. :P

Actually, you could abuse the Psybuck prize system and just go to receive 500 Psybucks. You could have fun reading the log or idling or something and get a prize for it. Or you could get a question right and get over 1000 Psybucks. Based on occasional Jeopardy scores, you could even place.

As for the times being awful in other parts of the world, sometimes that's unavoidable. This time, I was thinking about doing it in the afternoon in EST, so it would have been evening at GMT. Right before I posted this though, I realized that my own schedule wouldn't allow that time. On the other hand, I won't be able to host one for a while after this date. I can also probably only be sure of Jeopardy dates two weeks in advance, so these last ones have just been better for me at those times. I'll make sure that whenever I do the next one, I'll set it at around 7 or 8 PM GMT on a Saturday. :P


Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:06 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Joined: Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:46 am
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Thanks so much,I've always wanted to go to one but couldn't :).

Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:15 pm
Lite Four
Lite Four
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Joined: Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:03 am
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I think I'll be performing guard duty in camp, so I might miss Jeopardy once again =/


Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:57 pm
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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Joined: Sat Oct 28, 2006 6:56 am
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Uh...I'll probably still be akilled for no reason. </3 Krisp

Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:48 am
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...Would you just get the hell over it, SZ? Nobody gives a damn.

This time, I might actually come, but I won't score very well because I'm not very fast at these types of games. :p

Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:40 am
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Super Saiyan
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As always, I am coming, because tiger would kill me otherwise. :P

Not that I don't want to come. It's always a good time. :)

Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:59 am
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Lite Four
Lite Four
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sN0wBaLL wrote:
I think I'll be performing guard duty in camp, so I might miss Jeopardy once again =/

having a life sucks doesn't it sN0wBaLL <3


Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:25 am
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Pokemon Ranger
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blah. :O
tiger10x are you going to post the results of that other round thing that we did? and my awesome answers to go with it? :(
i do hope so.
because i [b][u]won[/b][/u]. ;O

Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:51 pm
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That was just a "script test," so it wasn't very serious or special in any way. I only announced it once to the chats and that was five minutes before it started. Plus, all of the questions and their answers were viewable in the previous Jeopardy's wrapup. None of your answers were really "unintentional" enough to be considered for "worst answers" either even though that the worst answers are only used in wrapups.


Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:15 pm
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Gym Leader
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Wrap-up bump.


Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:13 am
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