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 A Dark Poké Fan-fic PG-13 
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Hi, here's my first fan fiction. Dark pokémon play a major role in the plot so if you don't like that type then this will not be for you. The rating for this is PG-13 since it contains references to blood and various aspects of darkness, hence the usage of dark pokémon. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Storm, Part 1
The sky was an ominous steel grey with storm clouds gathering in the distance. A Rattata was foraging in the long, thick grass for fallen berries. It soon found a particularly juicy Pecha berry and, seizing the berry in its mouth the small rodent scampered over towards a concealed stump where it could eat in peace, away from the other greedy Rattata. Suddenly its ears picked up a soft rustling sound, like the sound one would make if they put there foot ever so gently onto a patch of dry leaves. Alert, ears pricked Rattata waited for signs of danger. Its sharp eyes pinpointed something flickering between one of the gnarled trees. Food perhaps? But wait, it was moving, up and up. It tentatively crept closer to this strange new phenomenon until it was almost an inch away. Crash. The Houndoom slashed through the grass too quickly for the rat to even flinch. Houndoom’s crunch hit hard, paralysed with fright the tiny pokemon could not even muster the strength to fight back. A trainer emerged into the clearing, casting a shadow other the other pokémon
“Get rid of it Houndoom”, ordered Malice, “I don’t need a pokémon as weak as that”
Obeying his masters orders the Houndoom threw the Rattata into the air. The rat landed on the floor with a sickening crunch, one of its paws was broken.

Malice was a trainer with a passion for dark type pokémon and wished to capture every single one and become the supreme dark pokémon trainer. As a result his clothes, even his trainers and hat were coloured a jet black. Due to the time he spent exploring in caves, mountains and other aphotic locations his pokéballs were nearly all but Dusk balls. His Houndoom was one of the few contained in a standard pokéball. Malice had travelled across the Kanto but to his disgust had found very few dark pokémon and instead forced to capture ghost pokémon such as Gastly to which he found only slight pleasure but found their use of dark attacks amusing. Hoenn was more substantial a he had captured many dual types such as Carvanna and Shiftry. His favourites by far had been Mightyenna and the fearsome Absol. He was now in the process of travelling through Johto which he was enjoying, pounding all the other trainers puny pokémon which could not have a hope against him gave Malice immense satisfaction and laughed manically at how easily the Rattata had been disposed of. Delighting in his skill he opened up a tin of pokémon food, it was a few weeks out of date but what did he care. He didn’t have to eat it.

More coming, this was just more of a test run to get feedback from you guys. Thanks for reading XD

Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:42 pm
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It's really quite good, a few grammatical errors (mainly commas), and this:
Shadow_Luxray wrote:
“Get rid of it Houndoom”, ordered Malice, “I don’t need a pokémon as weak as that”

I would have said "ordered the trainer" and continue to shroud his name in mystery, untill a little later. But that's just me. Anyways, carry on, I'd like to see where this'll go from here.

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Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:50 pm
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Here's the second half of chapter one and part of chapter two enjoy

As Houndoom was finishing his meal Malice felt a steady trickle of rain running down his neck. The place Rattata had chose was sheltered by a thick canopy of trees and so had not let the rain through until it had reached full strength. Cursing Malice scrambled to his feet, ordering Houndoom to follow in his wake, Houndoom obeyed, but not before devouring a fistful of the fallen berries. After about half an hour of walking Malice eventually reached the base of a craggy mountain. Ferny plants were growing from the side and the rock face was wet and slippery. He began to climb, slipping and sliding on the soft rock until he spotted a groove in wall. It was almost impossible for a grown man to enter but just perfect for a twelve year old like Malice, he crawled through the gap and emerged into a large cave. No-one on the outside could have even guessed that through that tiny crack there would a cavern of this size. As Malice stood there, gazing at the sleek black walls Houndoom caught a whiff of something charred. His growling and deep barks echoed around the chamber.
“Houndoom! Shut Up!” yelled Malice into the din.
Houndoom ceased immediately. “Better”, sighed Malice, he was just about to work on his attack when he heard a soft squeak coming from the other side of the cave. “Flamethrower” he ordered threateningly.
Houndoom opened his mouth and a raging ball of fire began to form, growing and growing until it was the size of an orange or some other large fruit. Suddenly Houndoom ejaculated the contents of its mouth and sent of scorching beam of white hot flames across the cave.

Chapter 2, Part 1: The Cursed Walls

The flames ignited the branches that had been used to make a nest. The flames illuminated the cave and lying quivering in the centre of the flames were three young Vulpix. They looked up at Malice with wide, fearful eyes. Houndoom bared his teeth and Malice smirked. “Vulpix huh”, thought Malice, “Yes you’ll do, now Houndoom use crunch on the left Vulpix”
As Houndoom leapt forward the other two Vulpix squeaked and ran to far side of the cave while the petrified target collapsed on the floor in a futile attempt to fool its foe but to no avail. Immediately Houndoom turned on the right Vulpix, standing its ground Vulpix growled and barked at the opposing pokemon, Houndoom charged in unopposed and crunch hit hard. Vulpix fainted and Houndoom howled in pain, it could no longer use crunch, Vulpix’s grudge had worked. The last Vulpix was gutsy and was not about to go down without a fight. Taking its chance, it launched a quick attack which hit. It wasn’t powerful and Houndoom dug its sharp claws into the earth, reducing the force of impact and tried to use crunch but failed once again. With fire moves and crunch rendered useless, an irritated Malice ordered an iron tail attack. Vulpix tried to avoid it with quick attack but was to slow, Vulpix slammed against the wall and slumped to the floor, panting heavily Vulpix found the strength to get back up and launched a flurry of quick attacks which were easily dodged. Impressed with the pokémon’s strength Malice decided he’d catch it and threw a dusk ball. With its last remaining strength Vulpix resisted the capture. Enraged, Malice ordered Houndoom to use Vengeance, an extremely powerful Dark type move which he had created. Houndoom grimaced and began charging power, its body glowing with black flames, opening its jaws wide Houndoom fired the gathered energy as a black beam which seemed to suck in the light and warmth from around it. Just as it was about to hit Vulpix saw a streak of glistening gold fur leap forwards shielding it from the attack. The force of the attack sent shock waves echoing off the cave walls and as the dust cleared Malice could see an injured Ninetales which lay panting heavily on the floor. Suddenly Malice remembered that Ninetales were also able to wield dark and ghost moves and so aimed a Dusk ball at Ninetales. Suddenly the ball shattered. Ninetales’ eyes were glowing with rage. “You tried to hurt my children. For that I shall show…No Mercy!” she shrieked. Darkness flowed into Malice’s body, engulfing every cell with rage and hatred as he succumbed to the darkness. Clutching his sides in agony Malice shrieked “What have you done to me?!”
“It is not what I have done, it is what you…have done” replied Ninetales, her curse complete she slumped to the ground. Malice was getting steadily weaker, drained of his strength he too collapsed, out cold along with Houndoom.

Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:28 am
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