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 Pokemon Island 
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Noctowl swooped over the ocean, the full moon shimmering overhead. The ocean churned with a deep rumble. The bird Pokemon flapped his wings harder, beating them with all his might. His muscles hurt, he was tired, but he had to reach the island. He panted for breath, swirling through the sky with deadly speed. Skimming along the beach and sending sand into the sky he was filled with renewed vigor. Noctowl sped through the forest, leaves flying in all directions. He shot through the canopy and began to climb, up into the air until he was level with a large pokeball shape carved into the island’s single mountain. The centre circle of the pokeball shape was glass and inside Noctowl could see the council chambers, dark and silent. Noctowl didn’t linger, he shot through a tiny crevice and down a long and winding tunnel before turning sharply and tucking his wings in to fit through a tiny gap. Noctowl stopped suddenly with a hard beat of his wings and shot upward again, coming to land on a ledge just short of a set off double doors.
“Don’t you DARE wake her at this hour!” Jynx snapped. Noctowl pushed past her and into the Chancellor’s quarters. Wigglytuff was sound asleep.
“Madam, you need to wake up,” He said sharply. Wigglytuff carried on sleeping.
“Noctowl, don’t you even think about it,” Jynx continued. Noctowl ignored her. He tapped Wigglytuff with his wing. She didn’t stir. Noctowl took a deep breath and drew himself up to his full height.
“NOCTOWL!” Jynx cried. Noctowl let out a piercing screech that shot through the entire mountain.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Wigglytuff screamed, leaping into the air.
“Madam, you need to come with me,” Noctowl said gravely.
“No, Noctowl,” She replied with a scowl, “I need to get a coffee,”
“Madam,” Jynx offered, handing the Chancellor a coffee that seemed to have appeared in her hand from nowhere. Noctowl could never quite understand how Jynx managed to always have exactly what Wigglytuff was about to ask for. It was strange, that was for sure.
“Chancellor Wigglytuff, I just came from the radar centre, Sudowoodu has detected a comet heading for Earth, it’ll hit Saffron City in less than a week,” Noctowl said. Wigglytuff dropped her coffee. She looked from Noctowl to the spilt coffee, then back to Noctowl, and once again to her spilt Noctowl. It was hard to tell which she was more upset about, the impending doom or the spilt coffee.
“Call the council together, I want representatives from every faction of Pokemon from Kanto to Sinnoh, meeting starts at sunrise, wake up the island, I want everyone ready for the delegates when they arrive,” Wigglytuff ordered.

Hariyama of the Fighting Clan gave a loud bellow as he stepped off of his large wooden boat. It looked like something from the Viking era. There was a large flag with a circle that had been cracked in two emblazed on it flying from the front. A dozen Meditite sat at the oars and a Machamp was standing at the rear.
“Who called this meeting?” Hariyama demanded, “I was dragged out of bed at midnight and told to be here by dawn, what’s the meaning of this?”
Hariyama was not the only one who was not happy about being dragged to the island for an emergency meeting at dawn. Delcatty from Goldenrod arrived in a hot air balloon with a sour look on her face just moments before Manectric from the Thunder Kingdom stepped off of a Lanturn’s back. The two eyed each other with hatred in their eyes. Wigglytuff, who was standing atop the steps welcoming the delegates, nudged Pikachu, the Pokemon Island ambassador.
“Manectric and Delcatty, quickly,” She said. Pikachu hurried over to Manectric.
“Our greetings to the Thunder Kingdom,” He offered. Manectric bowed and followed Pikachu toward the stairs when Delcatty hissed. Manectric spun and glared at her. Delcatty didn’t falter, she walked forward, arching her back and letting her eyes glisten in the morning sun.
“Scum of the Earth,” She purred in Manectric’s face. Manectric stayed still as she walked past and through the double doors leading into the inside of the mountain.
“One day I will kill her, I swear it, one day,” Manectric promised. Pikachu looked uncomfortably to Wigglytuff who merely shrugged and turned her attention to Hariyama who still had not left the beach. Hariyama was watching Golem from Coronet City, a city buried deep within Mount Coronet, meander up the beach to the entrance. Hariyama and Golem didn’t get along, actually it seemed most of the council members had vendettas against other members. Wigglytuff did not see how this meeting was going to work.

“What proof do we have that this is even true?” Hariyama bellowed.
“The sumo’s right, how do we know this isn’t a trick?” Golem called.
“Don’t call me a sumo, boulder head,” Hariyama shot, swooping toward Golem. All the delegates were floating in the council chamber on platforms that looked like the bottom half of a pokeball. Wigglytuff’s was bigger than the other delegate’s as she was the Chancellor, it was her job to mediate between the delegates and run the council with an unbiased view. Noctowl was her bodyguard and Jynx was her personal assistant. While there were delegates from all the main colonies of Pokemon all across the lands, Pikachu was the delegate for Pokemon Island, which although just a single island with only a few Pokemon on it still held a vote with the council.
“Calm down guys,” Pikachu started.
“Shut it pipsqueak,” Hariyama snapped to Pikachu.
“He can talk if he wants,” Golem defended.
“Rat…” Delcatty growled. All eyes turned to her. She looked at the other delegates.
“Well he IS a rat… I can’t believe my vote is worth the same as the vote of a RAT,” She explained. Manectric floated forward.
“Honestly Delcatty, exactly how far is your head inserted into your-“
“I saw that you filthy piece of gravel!” Hariyama yelled.
“This is outrageous!”
“I didn’t travel for five hours to listen to an argument!”
“Noctowl,” Wigglytuff whispered, “Crowd control,”

Noctowl flew into the air and took a deep breath, high above the floating delegates. He let out a long, low whistle and the whole chamber seemed to pulse with a shimmering light. The delegates fell into a trance. Wigglytuff opened her mouth to speak but a delegate came flying up from below her and stopped directly in front of her face.
“Nidoking,” She cried, trying to fake a smile. Nidoking didn’t return the courtesy.
“So the delegate from Royal Forces finally shows up, late of course,” Hariyama scowled.
“Sorry, I was checking with our radar laboratory to verify if this claim from the Chancellor is true,” Nidoking grumbled. There were only two Pokemon Colonies with radar facilities- Pokemon Island and Royal Forces. If Nidoking, who quite openly hated Wigglytuff, could verify the comet’s existence hen the other delegates would have to take it seriously.
“There is a comet,” Nidoking announced. The chamber exploded with arguments once more. Hariyama and Golem were bickering again. Delcatty took this opportunity to start on Manectric, who immediately started to yell back. The other delegates were yelling also, taking sides or starting their own arguments, the whole chamber was alive with screams and bellows until finally, one loud, precise, clear voice penetrated the entire mess.

“You all need to close your mouths and listen very carefully to what I have to say,” Slowking commanded, floating up into the centre of the chamber. There was no smart remark from Hariyama or sniping comment from Delcatty, the entire council went quiet and listened to Slowking.
“We will send one team down to the Mimes, deep in their underwater city. The Mimes will lend us their shield technology to help defend us against the comet. Another team will gather the Ilex Fellowship, the Fortree Warriors and the Rogun Army and take them to Saffron City where the amassed army will send a concentrated attack up to the comet, hopefully destroying as much of it as possible, before the shield from the Mimes stops the rest,”
“And if the Mimes don’t help?” Hariyama pointed out.
“Then they, and us, will all die,” Slowking replied simply.
“What makes you honestly think the Rogun Army will help the council?” Gengar drawled, sliding out of the shadows.
“Gengar… I didn’t realize you were here,” Nidoking said pointedly. Hariyama gave Nidoking a worried look.
“Why would I not attend such an important meeting?” Gengar asked seriously, staring hard at Nidoking.
“How goes the dead?” Nidoking asked with a smirk.
“You’ll know for yourself if you don’t hold your tongue, mammal,” Gengar scathed. Hariyama made a sound in his throat and Gengar shifted his gaze to the fighting Pokemon.
“As for you, you’re nothing but scum, siding with the likes of him,” Gengar spat. Hariyama looked at Nidoking but didn’t say anything.
“Gengar, what are you talking about?” Wigglytuff asked, Slowking and Noctowl at her sides.
“Didn’t you hear Madam?” He giggled, “Hariyama and the Fighting Clan now serve Nidoking and the Royal Forces. They allied yesterday afternoon, miss,”
“If that is true then only one of you can remain a delegate, the council offers one vote to each colony, allied colonies have one vote between them,” Wigglytuff pointed out.
“We are in no such formal agreement,” Nidoking answered quickly. Hariyama looked around awkwardly.
“After this crisis, I will investigate the matter, and should I find out you have lied before the council Nidoking, I’ll have you imprisoned inside the same caverns as Steelix of Synthetica,” Wigglytuff growled. Steelix of Synthetica was a delegate who tried to take over Pokemon Island and almost succeeded, but Wigglytuff managed to outwit him and ordered him frozen in ice inside the caverns of Seafoam Island.
“I will approach the Rogun Army,” Gengar offered. Wigglytuff considered for a moment and finally agreed.
“Very well, Gengar, Slowking, I would like you to visit the Mimes,”
“As you wish my lady,” Slowking replied.
“Is Arbok of the Crimson River here?” Wigglytuff called. There was a murmur across the chamber as an Arbok came forward.
“I want you to go to the Fortree Warriors and the Ilex Fellowship and bring the soldiers to Saffron,” She requested. Arbok looked at her for a long time.
“If it is the wish of the council,” He replied quietly.
“Very well, then this meeting is adjourned,” Wigglytuff finished.
“Madam, there is no way in hell that the council is going to be able to work together to get through this,” Noctowl pointed out.
“Oh I know,” Wigglytuff” replied, “But we’ll worry about that later, for now I just need a coffee.”

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Arbok slid along the corridor to the walkway out into his small airship. It was cylindrical with a thruster engine on each side. The front was transparent and inside he could see Likitung, his pilot, preparing for their departure. She had a red bow atop her pink head and was fiddling with the controls. As Arbok entered her tongue shot over her head and started to clean the glass. Arbok shook his head silently. Likitung was a little bit, well, odd. Bellossom walked in a moment later, she was Arbok’s personal assistant.
“Did you want to go to Fortree Jungle first and see the Warriors or the Ilex Forest and see the Fellowship?” Bellossom asked. Arbok checked the map and scratched his chin with his tail.
“Ilex Forest is closer,” He told her and so the trio set about plotting their course. The airship shot out of the launch bay like a cannonball and screeched through the sky away from the island. Down below, Arbok could see a small speedboat skimming over the water heading in the opposite direction. It was Slowking’s boat and onboard was Slowking, Lapras and Vileplume. Lapras was looking down at the water with a thoughtful expression while Vileplume searched the sky for any sign of trouble.
“Relax Vileplume,” Slowking chortled, “There won’t be any trouble on this journey,”
“Too right there won’t, Slowking,” Wigglytuff cheered over the radio. Back on Pokemon Island, Wigglytuff was sitting in her chambers with Noctowl, Pikachu and Jynx.
“Everything will be fine, you’ll see. This is just another cheerful adventure of Pokemon Island,” Wigglytuff giggled.
“Very cheerful, madam,” An oily voice rang out. Wigglytuff had no time to react. The room was quickly filled with smog and something shot by Wigglytuff and exploded, sending her crashing to the floor. As she opened her eyes and looked up she saw the smog clear. Noctowl, Jynx and Pikachu were knocked out as a Weezing floated overhead spewing sludge everywhere. A Hitmonchan ran past Wigglytuff and grabbed at the control console by her throne. He shut down the security alarms and started to type away furiously. Wigglytuff turned back to the door, dumbfounded.
“Oh Arceus,” She trembled. A massive steel snake slid into the room, towering high above Wigglytuff. It was Steelix, the same Steelix that Wigglytuff had ordered imprisoned in ice not long ago. He snarled at her and bent down low to look her in the eye.
“You, madam, are an idiot,” He smiled. Wigglytuff trembled beneath him as his tail swung in all directions, destroying the furniture in the room and knocking the walls out of the way.
“We invaded your radar centre weeks ago and made them report to you that there was a comet when, to be honest, there really wasn’t,” Steelix laughed.
“You just sent Slowking and Arbok, the only Pokemon in the land with the courage to fight me, to the ends of the Earth. I’m free to take over Pokemon Island now, and with it, the Pokemon Council,”
“You won’t get away with it. Nidoking from Royal Forces wants to take over the Council, he’ll fight you for it, and he’ll win,” Wigglytuff said. She was mostly bluffing, but there was little else she could do. A Hypno had now entered the room with an Electrode and Wigglytuff was fast realizing that there was no escape from Steelix’s invasion.
“You think Nidoking will fight me?” Steelix cackled. Nidoking strolled into the room behind Steelix and smiled cruelly at the Chancellor.
“When it is reported that you have fallen ill, the Chancellor’s role will be passed on to whoever of the council controls the most land,” Nidoking told Wigglytuff, walking toward her with a casual gate.
“That’s Hariyama of the Fighting Clan,” Wigglytuff began, but Nidoking merely laughed.
“But Hariyama will have to leave the council because the Fighting Clan and Royal Forces have an alliance now. Only one of us can be on the Council, and that’s me because I’ve been on the council the longest term, so I will become Chancellor. As long as I’m in power, no one will ever so much as remember you,” Nidoking cackled.
“Not while we’re around,” Came a cry from behind Nidoking. Steelix and Nidoking turned, their henchmen not quick enough to protect them. A huge wave of snow came cascading down over them and Jynx leapt into the air, spraying ice over the layer of snow.
“Hurry madam,” Pikachu said, bounding over the snow with agility and reaching Wigglytuff quicker than Noctowl, who was actually flying upward, not to the chancellor. He flew into the high ceiling and hovered until Jynx shot a psybeam at the wall. There was a massive explosion, Hypno leapt toward the hole in the wall, Noctowl shot out and into the clear blue sky. Smoke was billowing everywhere now but with a great roaring sound, Nidoking was on his feet again, throwing snow and ice from his huge build. Wigglytuff was paralyzed with fear until Pikachu threw her toward the hole in the wall. Hypno dived, Weezing followed suit and Jynx collapsed as Hitmonchan smacked her over the head with a flaming fist. Pikachu fell to the floor also as Nidoking hurried past, smashing him aside and growling fiercely. He swiped furiously but missed Wigglytuff by inches. She fell through the hole in the wall and Noctowl swooped to save her.
“We’ve got to catch up to Arbok and Slowking and bring them back to fight!” Wigglytuff told Noctowl. Just then the world fell apart.

Rocks and boulders fell all around them, a great tearing noise made the two Pokemon believe that the world had been broken in two, they were showered with gravel and stone and Wigglytuff disappeared. Noctowl was beaten and bashed by rock after rock until he finally realized he was flying off the coastline of the island. Looking back he saw that the entire side of the mountain was now a gaping hole. Smoke was billowing everywhere and it was impossible to see what had happened. Pikachu and Jynx were still in there, and Wigglytuff must have fallen off. But that didn’t seem likely to Noctowl. He waited until the smoke cleared enough to show him Steelix’s massive tale retracting with Wigglytuff bound by its end.
“Noctowl will bring back an army to defeat you,” Wigglytuff moaned as she was encased in a bubble of psychic energy by Hypno.
“Not likely,” Hypno whined. He had a high pitched, scratchy voice, “Master Steelix is sending his best Pokemon after the bird. Noctowl will fall,”

“You have never failed me,” Steelix drawled, “I have rewarded you beyond any other and I do not reward easily. This is our most important time; you have a most important task. Find Noctowl, kill Noctowl and bring his bloodied, mangled corpse body to me,” Steelix roared with heightening intensity.
“Yes my Lord,” Scyther replied. This was not any Scyther. He was covered in black armor plating. A torso piece with shoulder pads, armored scythes on his arms, big black boots and his wings were longer, like that of a Yanma. He was known throughout the Pokemon world, but not by name or face. The Black Scyther was known throughout the land from the killings he’d performed at Steelix’s hand. He was the strongest Scyther of the Ilex Forest Clan of Scyther, but now he was the hired hitman of Steelix. And Noctowl, the last hope of the Pokemon Council, was the Black Scyther’s new hit.

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Hm, this is pretty damn good. I love the whole...well, everything. It's refreshing in the fact that it's not the typical 'clever plot from a trainer's persepective,' it's clever and mixes action with politics in the same way that Star Wars does (though the floating poke balls were certainly reminiscent of the Chancellor scene <3)

This is cool, I look forward to the next part.


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I like it, definitely one of the better pieces of work on here. Much better than The Impossible Gym.

The title could use some work thought. It's so....meh, otherwise good.

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I've been playing this story fore ages, wasn't sure if I shoudl post it. But I suppose I shall...

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