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 Sith Order Roleplay III 
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Semmarv struggled with the controls of his damaged ship, attempting to guide it to a relatively soft landing. Reaching out with the force, he could feel a soft patch of ground ahead and to the side, though he could not yet see it through the clouds that continued to pour rain upon the wet planet. His ship responded slowly to the joystick, Semmarv guessed that the last blast must have burned the control circuits. Semmarv called once more on the force, using it to re-orient his ship and slow it's descent.

The the A-wing half-landed half-crashed into a mud bank, sending the brown goo in all directions. Semmarv slid the hatch open and looked around. It was raining, though not as hard as it had been in town. He seemed to be in a light forest, as there were several edible plants about him, and he could hear a river running off in the distance over the quiet drumming of the rain. His ship was mostly intact by the look of it, the crash had done little damage. Semmarv guessed that if he could get the damage the Droids had inflicted fixed, His trusty ship would fly again. but that would be for another day, right now he had to move. No scene in sticking around to see if they would send a welcome party.

Semmarv pulled his survival gear out of the ship's small storage compartment and closed the hatch. He jumped down onto some of the plants and made his way over to a cluster of trees that provided some cover from the rain. He then pulled out one of the digital maps he had received in the city, and slowly triangulated his position. He marked the place where his ship had crashed an the map, and then set out on foot to get away from the crash site.

Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:37 am
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((Me and Darth are going to try and revive the RP. Hopefully...))

Raziel's eyes were brimming with pure fury as he clashed lightsabers with Master Thetan. The Shistavanen Jedi was still surprisingly strong for his age, but his reactions were slightly slower, even if they were Force assisted. Slashing and hacking furiously he brought his lightsaber round with frightening speed and accuracy. Master Thetan parried the blows and replied with his own.

"You are fighting well old dog..." Raziel taunted.

"You are arrogant... This will be your downfall" Master Thetan replied.

At that moment, Master Thetan brought out a second lightsaber and leapt over Raziel. He twirled the blades before bringing them slamming into the small of his back. As the blades struck Raziel's armoured robes, they sparked and the lightsabers shut down. Master Thetan looked surprised and Raziel smirked.

"You didn't seriously think I'd come to the Jedi Temple without cortosis weave robes?" Raziel laughed.

He held out his left hand and Master Thetan rose into the air before being slammed against the rear wall. He cried out as the impact shattered one of his brittle bones.

"You have become an obstacle in my way for the last time!" Raziel cried.

Raziel then snapped his hand shut into a fist. A murderous smile formed on his face as Master Thetan's body violently imploded. His body dropped to the ground with a sickening thud as Raziel extinguished his lightsaber and attached it to his belt. He held out his hand to Rahab, who gripped it. He dragged him onto his feet. He picked up Master Thetan's lightsabers and handed one to Rahab before keeping one for himself. Rahab activated the lightsaber and a shimmering yellow blade appeared, flickered for a second before returning to normal.

"Come on... Let's make our escape" Raziel said.

Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:07 pm
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((Just to warn you, unless Ghost writer comes back, The Inevitable will be seriously delayed, captured, or destroyed before it makes contact with you, so apart from sensing Semmarv's distress, Raziel will have little or no Idea where he is.))

At first Semmarv could not decide which way to go. He knew he must get far away from his ship, but he was lost as to where to go after that was accomplished. The rain was beginning to annoy him, because despite the Rain gear he had brought, the water still managed to soak into his robe and weigh him down. As Semmarv was walking, the added weight made him trip and fall, coating his robe with mud and angering him. Semmarv got up and found a patch of ground that was dry enough for him, and removed his robe, changing into a shirt and vest from his survival gear.

To make it harder to track him, Semmarv then took his robe and, finding a large rock to weigh it down, threw it into a nearby pond.

With that Semmarv hurried along, wondering where his wandering would take him.

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Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:56 am
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