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 [constructing] PMD 1: Pokemon Battle Roles and Moveset Guide 
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After playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1 for a while, I realized there is a certain battle roles for the Pokemon in your team. And the battle roles are dependent to the moves available through TM, HM, and level up movesets...

But first, let's go over a few properties.

Properties of PMD:
1. Both abilities apply to the Pokemon. that means an Aggron has Rockhead and Sturdy, and it also means Magnetrike has Lightning Rod and Static.
2. Different moves have different range of effects. While Explosion effect 1 tile radius, Flamethrower will hit foes in a straight line.
3. Fire types cannot be burned, Grass type cannot be leech seeded, and poison type cannot be poisoned.
4. Not much of an immunity here, BUT the attacks hit is reduced greatly.
5. Moves learned from level ups can be relearned again from the Gulpin. I have no record of TM's yet. Alternatively, HM cannot be removed in any ways... -_-

Then, we should look at the moves range classification. Typically, moves can be classify as MELEE, RANGED, or ALLY.

I. Melee
--A. These moves only effect foes around you, whether it is in front or side. Foes that you can attack if you just press START.
----1. Major Type Moves Example: Fighting, Dark, Flying, Steel, Ghost, some Normal, most Ground type, Rock type,
------a. Moves Example: Body Slam, Focus Punch, Wing Attack, Iron Tail, Spite, Magical Leaf, Explosion, Thrash. Splash, Thunderbolt etc.
----2. Moves's Range: Foe in Front, Cut Corner, Foe within 1-tile Range
--B. Advantage: 1. These moves tend to do more damage than your other moves.
_____________2. If you have any ally present and they are near your foe, they can help finish up or inflict damages at the foe.
--C. Disadvantages: 1. If you are confuse, you have chances of attack your ally. But an IQ of Non-Traitor would do the trick.
_________________2. You might get hit already by some "Room Moves" or "Line moves"

--D. Foe in Front, or simply your normal MMORPG type of "Melee"
----1. You can easily rearrange your direction with a simple START
----2. You are also vulnerable for them to attack you.
----3. Or your foe can does the same thing to you.

--E. Cut Corner, or what I call "Corner Killer"
----1. You can easily rearrange your direction with a simple START
----2. You can simply hurt your foe before they attack you.
----3. Or your foe can does the same thing to you.

--F. Foes within 1-tile Range, or what I call "Radius Moves"
----1. You can hit multiple foes
----2. There is chances that you can hit your own ally if you don't have Nom-Traitor
----3. Since you are surround by your own foe, you are likely to have high defense and special defense for this type of moves.

II. Range
--A. These moves are capable of inflicting damage a distant away even before your foe can attack you.
----1. Major Type Moves Example: half of Water, some Ice type
------a. Moves Example: Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Perish Song, Silver Wind, Psybeam etc.
----2. Moves's Range: Straightline, Foes in Room, Foes in the Same Floor
--B. Advantage: 1. You can hit your foes before they cam damage you.
--C. Disadvantages: 1. These moves may miss sometimes, which is kind of frustrating.
_________________2. Only the "Room Moves" are capable of surviving Monster Houses.

--D. Straightline, or what I call them "Line Moves"
----1. You can fix the direction quickly with START + DIRECTION
----2. These moves are elemental, meaning you should watch out for Fog.
----3. Like I said earlier, these moves miss more often than your melee moves.

--E. Foes in Room, or what I call them "Room Moves"
----1. You can inflict damage at multiple foes in the same room.
----2. It is vulnerable to Spites and PP Trap
----3. Monster House killer, can give you and your ally quick and heavy EXP under 1 PP spent

--F. Foes in the Same Floor, or what I call them "Floor Moves"
----1. These moves are mostly weather
----2. Also easily removes Shedinjas in the same floor.
----3. There may be Pokemon of type or abilities that grants advantage to them.

III. Ally
--A. These moves are only buffs or shields for the User or the Ally.
----1. Major Type Moves Example: Various
------a. Moves Example: Protect, Detect, Agility, Safeguard, Mist, Aromatherapy, Reflect, Pursuit etc.
----2. Moves's Range: User, Ally
--B. Advantage: 1. You and your ally receives buffs and resistance.
--C. Disadvantages: 1. There are moves that can break through your shields. (Except our Protect and Detect friends.)

--D. User
----1. Only affect the user of the moves.
----2. These moves are mainly buffs like Sword Dance, Iron Defence, Bulk Up

--E. Ally
----1. These moves only affect allies in the same room or radius of 2 tiles.
----2. These moves are debateable if these moves are really needed in the movesets.

SO... Now we know the basics of moves, let's move on to how to set up a Pokemon team with these moves.

1. Evader
Moves: Protect, Detect, Smokescreen
Strategy/ Idea:
1. Protect yourself from damages while slowly or quickly work your way down to defeat your foe.
2. Also note that you should use the moves before your foe reach you.
3. If you are a Smokescreen-er, you have to use the move in respective order.
1. For smokescreeners, if the foe have THEIR protect or detect on.
2. Your moves missed you

Powder Snow
Ice Beam

2. Ranger
Moves: Any "LINE MOVES" a.k.a. "Straightline Moves"
Moves example: Razor Leaf, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb, Bullet Seed, Water Pulse
Strategy/ Idea:
1. To inflict damage to your foe before they can attack you.
2. These moves are probable to be missed.
3. The high your Attack and Special Attack, the more likely you can do "1-move KO"
1. Your moves missed

One of my "example"-in-training:
Ice Beam
Water Pulse/ Hydro Pump
Psybeam/ Lock-on

3. Status Strikers
Moves: any moves that inflict status
Moves example: Lovely Kiss, Stun Spore, Spore, Imprison, Sleep Powder, Attract
* Attract is considerable, but remember the Pokemon with that one ability to defy that.
** Perish Song is still counted, but you get no experience from return, so why bother. Now itdoesn't mean you cannot have the move for fun...
*** I personally dislike poisioning or using Toxic since you are likely to defeat your foe before they really get seriously inflicted from status damage.
Strategy/ Idea:
1. First inflict status, then attack
2. Lots of pokemon have Insomnia, Early Bird, or other "sleepless abilities". You might want to consider Stun Spore for your grass type majorities, since there is only Ditto and Persian with Limp ability. But for our mushroom friends, Spore is reasonable.
1. Foes with Safeguard on
2. Foes with ability that grants them status immunity.

Here I think I will use my Oddish family as example:
Stun Spore
Petal Dance
Acid/ Sludge Bomb (melee or range? more pp or lesser?)
Moonlight/ Aromatherapy

4. Weatherman
Moves: any moves that causes weather and allow teammate's abilities to boost and/or activate
Moves example: Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm
Strategy/ Idea:
1. For Sunny Day, it is best to have a team of 2 or 3 with Chlorophyll ability... or fire pokemon
** Note that Sunny Day is not a TM, so the pokemon with this move learned is limited.
2. For Rain Dance, it is best to have a team of 2 or 3 with Swift Swim ability... or other water pokemon
3. For Sandstorm, it is best ot have a team of 2 or 3 with Sand Veil ability... or rock, ground, or steel type.
4. Some water Pokemon know Agility, boost attack quickness with Agility-(ies) along with weather move.

Because I currently have my eye on a few pokemon,
so the examples are small...
Sunny Day
Giga Drain
(any moves you like... I was thinking of maybe Attract or Bullet Seed or Sludge Bomb)

or a Rain Dancer with some pokemon with Swift Swim:
Rain Dance (learned from Lotad at level 31)
Giga Drain
Hydro Pump/ Water Pulse (I prefer the higher pp one)
Fury Swipe

You probably remember the Poliwhirls in Waterfall caves or even Northwind Field, but the wild Pokemon that used it doesn't benefit anyone except maybe you.

5. Team Support
Moves: any moves that aid ally by increasing stats, restoring hitpoints, or provide protection
Moves example: Safeguard, Helping Hand, Agility, Moonlight, Aromatherapy
Strategy/ Idea: To aid your ally as much as possible
1. Aromatherapy and Safeguard are anti-status. We know how annoying it is to be paralyze or confuse in the middle of monster houses.
2. Moonlight, Morning Sun are healing moves. The moves heals hitpoints to more than one ally.
3. Helping Hand and Agility boost your efficiencies, but they can't really beat being Sand Attacked. Note that Helping Hand takes lot of time to do it in a team of 3, so you might consider agility over that if you are in a rush.
1. None, the moves are likely accurate... unless you count the boost or shield disappear while a new foe comes.

Remember Sky Tower monster houses?... So let's try Aerodactyl
Iron Tail/ Steel Wing

Only that this one uses TM

or a better one, Ledian
Giga Drain

6. Repetition
Moves: any moves that does consequel damage under that 1 pp used
Moves example: Fury Attack, Icicle Spear, Roll Out, Rock Blast, Fury Swipe, Bullet Seed, Boomerang
Strategy/ Idea:
1. The only thing I can say is that thses moves lower your foe's hp one by one repeatingly.
2. But note that your accuracy, attack or special attack depending the move must be high.
3. If you are at a moderate level, you should be fine at surviving.

I think this pokemon of mine might be a good example.
Pin Missile
Fury Attack
Twin Needle

Okay, I lied. My Beedrill is only level 30 at the time of writing this. But I do have an idea what to do with him.
Also, you can get a random grass type and equip it with all Bullet Seeds or a random water type and give it all Water Pulse... but it would be boring movesets, Blah.

7. Room Master
Moves: any moves that affects to foes in the same room
Moves example: Heat Wave, Silver Wind, Earthquake, Magnitude, Powder Snow
Strategy/ Idea:
1. Gather at least 3 Pokemon in 1 room and use the move
2. Go Monster houses hopping and hope to destroy some foe.
3. For (mainly) Earthquake and Magnitude, pokemon with Levitation can immune the damage. Flying type can halves the damage too.
1. You got confused and defeated your own partners.
2. Your move actually missed horribly or the damage is too low to actually cause some "one-move KO"

***constructing Battle roles... I need some comments, LOL


Sat Oct 20, 2007 1:35 pm
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