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 Save Hoenn!!(For Emerald) 
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This is just a small Game for Emerald(D/P hasnt come out in england yet, but it comes out same day as Simpsons movie Sweet! :) )

Ok, This is basically how it works.
I will ask you to do some errands on Emerald, which may be easier if you had finished the game! Points will be made on the way, and explained.All errands can be done without having to start agen.

Ok here we go,

The World has seen Champion Wallace been defeated... Congratulations!

But you are never the master unless you have beaten and experienced many battles. So,

How Many Battles have you participated (check out the Pokenav) ?

1-299 - You still have a long way to go! 10 points
300 - 699 - Well done, trainers start to respect you ! 20 points
700 + - You are a true Master ! 30 points

Make Sure you write your scores!

After travelling around the world you see many trainers, but there is still much training to be done, But How good of a trainer are you

Take Your most powerful Pokemon ( Based on levels)
Legendaries do not count, especially rayquaza, e.t.c

Is it... Level 50 or under? 10 points
Level 50 -70 ? 20points
Level 70 + ? 30 Points
Level 100 !? Bonus (50points)

Add your score

There are many rare pokemon throughout Hoenn, and since you are a confident you must have caught many of them. For the following monsters The point system will be next to the each monster.
Masquerain - 5 points
Alakazam - 5 points
Shedinja - 5 points
Wailord - 5 points
Grumpig - 5 points
Flygon - 5 points
Milotic - 25 Points !!
Chimecho - 20 points
Heracross - 10 points
Gorebyss - 15 points
Relicanth - 15 points
Kingdra - 5 points
Salamence - 10 points
Metagross - 10 points

add your scores!!

Your original mission was to catch all 200 Known species of Hoenn pokemon, but have you stuck to this mission while becoming powerful?

Check your pokedex for this(this is for Hoenn dex)

Have you caught/own ...

0-49 species? 10 points
50 - 149 species? 20 points
150 + species? 30 points
All 200 !? Bonus Points ~~~ ( 50 Points )

The Strange man in Mauville city has many stories about legendary trainers, but they are only about you, for the following game, it is based on the Story of the Rock smashing trainer!!!

How many times have you rock smashed?

20 or under times - 10 points
21 - 40 - 20points
41 + - 30 points
uve smashed 70!!!! Bonus points ( 50)

Dont forget adding!!

As you are the Champion of Hoenn You love battles, tough ones. How many Hall of Fames do you have?

30 or under? 10 points
31 - 70 ? 20 points
71 + ? 30 points
u have reached 150! BONUS 50 points!!

Now its time to see your catching skills!!!

Head for route 117 ( between Mauville and Verdanturf)
You may only use normal pokeballs for this part. walk around the grass for a while until you meet a poochyena. you may not damage the poochyena in any way, neither can u send out a pokemon that lowers the attack of the poochyena or anything of the kind. No items can be used as well

Continue throwing pokeballs until you Poochyena.

20 + balls - 10 points
10 + balls - 20points
10 - balls - 30 points
1 BALL!!! BONUS BONUS 40 Points!!!

Ok Now its time for the Battle frontier.

Head for the Battle Pike
Check out the Results TV, and look at your Open Level RECORD score
[ If you have not got a record get ready to and do the battle pike 2 times, so ur score is based on the two times u went for a record, simply just do it as many times until you lose, then repeat that process . now check the results TV ]

If you have cleared...

28 or under = 10 points
84 - 29= 20 points
84 + = 30 points

Ok heres the Score Board
Maximum ammount of points available - 450

[Points Ranking]

450 = Legend
400 + True Master
350 - 399 Master
300 - 349 Trainer
200 - 299 Beginner
100 - 199 Rookie
0 - 99 .........

Personally I got 320, though i think i could get more.


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Thanks !!

Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:38 am
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This is not a roleplay... :?


Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:10 pm
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