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 Emerald Cloning!!!! 
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i found out how to clone on emerald!

1. Save in front of the PC in the Battle Tower.
2. Deposit the pokemon you want to clone into the first slot of an empty box.
3. Leave the PC and save again.
4. Go to the PC one more time and withdraw the pokemon you want to clone, the one that's in the empty box. (don't save after withdrawing!)
5. Talk to the lady on the far right, and she will ask you to join a Multi Battle.
6. Select Yes and choose any two pokemon.
7. When she asks if you want to save, select Yes.
8. If everything so far has been done correctly, the game will wait about one second before doing anything else.
9. It doesnt matter what you do from here, the One Second wait was the glitch taking place.
10. When the game asks you if you want to overright the save data. (yes/no) turn the game off.
11. Turn off your game, and now the cloned pokemon is both in the PC and in your party.

It works!!
Have fun. :D

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Sat Jul 29, 2006 1:44 pm
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i just worked out it can be done a little quicker:

1. Save with up to 5 empty spots in your party.
2. Withdraw up to 5 Pokemon from a box on the computer
3. Talk to the lady on the far right and choose two Pokemon to enter the battle.
4. When she asks if it is ok to save say yes.
5. There will be a pause.
6. When it asks you if you would like to save, turn off the power.

it saves time because you dont have to save twice.....

by the way, i have done this trick hundreds of times and nothing bad has happened at all.

everything you will ever need to know is in my sig.

Thu Sep 14, 2006 11:08 pm
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An Easy-to-read summary of this topic:
• The cloning glitch may erase your game or parts of your game data; however, this seems to be a fairly infrequent happening, although the danger seems to increase the more times the glitch is used.
• Cloned pokemon can be traded, provided the original could be traded. (IE, Deoxys cannot be traded, clone or not.)
• Cloning is similar to cheating, in that you get the use of a pokemon that you did not catch or trade for yourself; as such, not everyone may wish to use it.
• If done right after catching a ledgendary pokemon, cloning may be useful, allowing you to train it with several different strategies; IE, Special sweeping, Physical sweeping, Tanking, Hazing, etc.
• It only works in Emerald, because it must be done at the Battle Frontier.
• Items attached to a pokemon are also cloned; thus, this glitch can be used to duplicate the Master Ball, Rare Candys, PP Max's, TMs, and other unique.
• It works on any pokemon, as you do not have to enter the pokemon you are cloning in the Double Battle; as a result, you can clone pokemon that you cannot enter in the Battle Frontier, such as ledgendaries like Rayquaza.
• Cloning may become even more useful after the release of Diamond and Pearl, when global trading becomes an option.

An additional, unmentioned way to clone just items:
Cuddles wrote:
1. give an item you want to clone to a pokemon in the pc.
2. save the game.
3. take the item from the pokemon and put it in your bag.
4. go to the lady on the far right and follow the same procedure. ie, talk to her, choose two pokemon to enter, say yes when she says "is it ok to save". after the pause, when she again asks if you want to save, turn off the gameboy.
5. when you turn the gameboy back on, the item is in your bag, and also with the pokemon in the pc.

to speed it all up, imagine you have a box of 30 pokemon all holding rare candies. you can do the above process but, before saving, you withdraw all 30 rare candies. this will have the effect of cloning all 30! and then if you want to do it again, after turning the game back on, all you have to do is simply beging from step 3 above since the items are already in place and tha game has already been saved.

Also, an easy-to-make mistake in the order can result in deletion of the pokemon, instead of it's cloning:
Cuddles wrote:
1. save with some pokemon in your party.
2. deposit one of them into a box on the pc.
3. talk to the lady on the far right and enter two pokemon in the battle.
4. say yes when she asks you to save (there is a pause).
5. she will ask you again; without saving, turn off the gameboy.
6. when you turn it back on the pokemon you moved will be gone forever.

As daveshan found out here, the cloning trick can be done with 6 pokemon:
6 Pokemon Cloning Procedure wrote:
1. Visit the battle tower in the battle frontier, after becoming champion.
2. Put your first 5 pokemon you want to clone into box 9. Make sure those r your only pokemon in that box. (u can only put 5 in your box right now because it wont let you deposit your last pokemon.)
3. Withdraw any other pokemon that you own, DO NOT WITHDRAW A POKEMON YOURE CLONING. Now you can deposit your 6th pokemon with the others in box 9. Log off your p.c.
4. Save the game. Shutting it off after you save wont make a difference. So, to do it quicker, dont shut it off.
5.Now Withdraw 5 pokemon from box 9, because thats how much you can store right now.
6. deposit your pokemon that you werent going to clone. U know, the one you got from a random box as I said in step 3. Now withdraw your last pokemon in box 9.
7. talk to the lady right next to u. The multi link lady.
8. Go to open challenge.
9. She will now be saving the game for u. But b4 that, there will be a long pause. That is when the process of cloning is. So, DO NOT TURN IT OFF DURING THE PAUSE. Wait till it says " do you want to save your game?", then shut it off.
10. When you turn your game back on, look in box 9. There will be 6 cloned pokemon there.

Credit goes to various psypoke members, too numerous to name, who first brought up these ideas. If you have any further ideas to add to this thread, or if I forgot anything, please PM me.


Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:28 pm
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