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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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The staff have come up with a little side-project to improve the relationship between us and you, the members - we're going to have staff interviews!

So here's what's going to happen. Every so often, I'll put one of the staff members up for interview. You, the members, will either reply to the topic or PM me a question for the interview. Once a certain deadline has passed, I'll submit the questions and you'll get an answer back soon.

Our first candidate was: <b>Flaming_Wuzzle</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our second candidate was: <b>Frost</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our third candidate was <b>nfield</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our fourth candidate was <b>Krisp</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our fifth candidate was <b>Skull Kid</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our sixth candidate was <b>Jigglypuff</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our seventh candidate was <b>tiger10x</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our eighth candidate was <b>DatVu</b>. Questions and answers are below.

Our ninth candidate was <b>Blue Baby Dragon</b>. Awaiting answers.


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Sun Dec 17, 2006 3:58 pm
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640
Flaming Wuzzle

18/I don't know where you've been so no/Texas

Favourite Movies:
All of the Monty Python movies, Sin City, Shaun of the Dead, the LOTR trilogy

Favourite Games:
Super Smash Bros series, Super Monkey Ball series, Animal Crossing series, Mario Kart DS

Favourite TV Shows:
Doctor Who, The Price is Right, Metalocalypse, Cheap Seats, Good Eats

Favourite Music:
Mostly rock and metal. If you want a more specific list, go to my Myspace profile

Favourite Book:

Favourite Pokemon:
Mudkips :B

How I found Pokemon:

How I found Psypoke:

If you were a fruit, what would you be?
Freddie Mercury.

Paper or plastic? (skullkid)

What does your name mean? (Preblooch and The Obsidian Wolf)

What inspired your username? (Sacred_Latios)
See above.

Why did you choose that username? (AABM)

What does 7 mean? (Preblooch)
Sheven. Sh-fourteen-teen. Shwenty-saiven-haif, shwenty-seven, thirty-seven, WHAT YOU SAAAY

Why is 6 afraid of seven? (Preblooch)
Because 6 was on a really bad drug trip and he thought seven was some kind of dragon.

If I were dying and you were the only one to save my life by giving me mouth to mouth resesitatoin, and I had a deadly virus that is extremely contageous though the mouth, would you save my life? (Preblooch)
Ignoring the virus

so i herd u liek mudkips :B (DragonPhoenix)
loevvvv mudkips :B

Why do you claim to be a village idiot. (Xalia)
Becuz Reagan *hic* stoled mah brains wif the *hic* little green mens that run da CIA *passes out*

Boxers or briefs? (Gardevoir~)
Neither, as I wear a 5-layer undergarment that makes me look like that kid from A Christmas Story.

Swamperts or Charizards? (SwampZard)

If you were never a member of Psypoke and never knew of its existence, how do you think it would have affected your life? (Darkkend)
I'd probably have a life right about now.

If Pokemon was never created, where would you see yourself searching the web for and spending countless of hours in front of your monitor doing? (Darkkend)
Probably the same stuff I do now, minus Psypoke.

Do you think Pikachu is cute? (Darkkend)
Not really.

Do you have any pets? If so, what? (blaziken234)
Yeah, a dog named Sasha. I've posted a pic of her before, if I remember correctly.

If you had a Pokemon for a pet, which one would you choose, and why? (blaziken234)
No real preference, but I'd want one that I can fly around on. Gas isn't cheap.

Why did you join Psypokes? (blaziken234)
No idea.

What is your favorite kind of cheese? (blaziken234)
Don't care

Do you like pickles? (blaziken234)

Is the meaning of life really 42? (blaziken234)
No, it's The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything. Get it right, n00b.

How does it make you feel when people who have been around for a while post like this: ZOMGTHATSAWESOME!!!!11!!ELEVEn!11!!!! (blaziken234)
*bashes head against the wall*

Do you know why the admin made you a mod? (blaziken234)
Because I'm, y'know, not an idiot or anything.

Are you secretly in love with someone on Psypokes? (blaziken234)

How many questions have you edited out of this topic because they would be embarrressing? (blaziken234)

What are your views on the pirate/ninja debate? (Roserade)
Ninja > pirate

On the chats, I see you like to make jokes, and of course, a widely used technique for mediocre comedians is to make fun of other people. Have you ever found yourself hurting someone's feelings? (pelligargetic)
Yep. Not my fault if people are sensitive.

As a mod, what did you do? If the answer to the above question is know, then what WOULD you do? (pelligargetic)
sei wut?

Why was the Love thread 100% deleted? (pelligargetic)
sei wut?

How does the amount of non-serious questions in this thread make you feel? (pelligargetic)
See ZOMGTHATSAWESOME!!!!11!!ELEVEn!11!!!! question.

What do you have for breakfast, usually? (Sacred_Latios)
Nothing. I rarely have breakfast.

What time do you have them? (Sacred_Latios)

If you can't username yourself Flaming_Wuzzle, what username would you use? (Sacred_Latios)
Blah. *head explodes*

How long have you been a mod? (Sacred_Latios)
I was made a mod sometime in mid-2005 , and promoted to Frontier Brain on October 6th this year.

Are you a mod elsewhere? If yes, where? (Sacred_Latios)
Nope. Honestly, I lurk on most of the forums I'm on. This is my only really active forum.

What emoticon do you use the most? And the least? (Sacred_Latios)

Shorts or trousers? (Sacred_Latios)
Shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear!

List all the Japanese Pokémon names you like. (Sacred_Latios)

How many games you have? (Sacred_Latios)
uh...four Gamecube games, three N64, two DS, and one GBA

What languages do you know? (Sacred_Latios)
English and |337

Do you like flowers? (Sacred_Latios)
Not really

Favourite Pokémon song? (Sacred_Latios)

Did you know the 15th question mark in this post is in this question before reading this question? (Sacred_Latios)

Did you know this is the 14th post in this thread before reading this question? (Sacred_Latios)
stupid question is stupiiiiiiiiidddddd.

lol S_S? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
rofl S_S

What is your favorite song and why? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
I don't really have a absolute favorite, but right now it's The Glass Prison by Dream Theater.

Where on earth did you get that avatar? (mudkipman)
Screengrab from this:

What's your favorite snack and why? (AABM)
Don't have one

What do u usually have for dinner? (AABM)

What's your favorite fan fic in this Fan Fic forum? (AABM)
I stay far far away from the Fan Fic forum.

If u were to give something to someone as a present, to whom would you give it and what would it be? (AABM)

At what time do you usually go to bed? (AABM)
Right now, about 3 in the morning.

When was the last time you ate a Burrito? (AABM)
Don't know.

Do you like the Oniguiri? (if u have ever tasted it) (AABM)
the crap is that?

Do you usually get that bored when reading questions like these? (AABM)
No, but my faith in humanity is dropping.

What do you think of when you read your name. (JPB GameCrazy)

Do you watch stupid 8 year old cartoons? (JPB GameCrazy)
I have no idea what you're asking.

Why does Mr. Rodgers rock everyones face? (JPB GameCrazy)
Because he does.

Do you think you will ever be able to answer all these questions? (soulmaster)
Yes. This is mostly because I don't have a life.

If yes,then how long will it take? (soulmaster)
A while.

Do you wish everybody would post more serious questions? (soulmaster)
Not really, but I would like it if they made sense. None of this 'y is <random> spehshul 2 u?!!!?1' crap.

Is this question serious? (soulmaster)

If so,can you explain why? (soulmaster)
Because the person writing it is st00pid.

What is the difference between a non serious question and a serious question? (soulmaster)

What is special about the number 41? (soulmaster)
Why would it be special?

Do you think I should stop posting questions now? (soulmaster)

Are you annoyed at me for posting these questions? (soulmaster)
Very yes.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? (DatVu)

If you could meet five people, living or dead, whom would you choose? (DatVu)
Not you, not you, not you, not you, and not you.

Someone owes you an expense free vacation (including food and shopping) for one week to anywhere with someone you know personally. Where do you go, and whom do you take, or do you go alone? (DatVu)
I give it to someone else that can actually use that.

What makes Tim cry? (DatVu)

Does the number 16 means anything? If so, what does it means? (comcast)
It means 'the number between 15 and 17 on the whole number line'

If your mum and dad fell into the sea at the same time, who will save first? (comcast)
how do i spoked english?

After reading the questions in this topic, how much do you regret volunteering to do this interview? (TheCyberMew)
A lot.


Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:25 pm
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640

18/M/New York

Favourite Movies:
Death Becomes Her, Dogma, the Nightmare on Elm Street series (except the horrible sixth installment "Freddy's Dead"), March of the Penguins, Bent, Torch Song Trilogy... normally, I'd also say the X-Men movies, but I've now realized that they all sucked. So did Brokeback Mountain, by the way. UGHHHH.

Favourite Games:
Games from the following series: Mario (including the RPGs and other spinoffs), Pokemon, Metroid, Smash Brothers, Star Fox, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Halo, DDR, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Streets of Rage. At the same time, I can also amuse myself with Hearts, Minesweeper and Soltaire for hours on end. :p

Favourite TV Shows:
Survivor (ZOMG RACIST), Big Brother, ER, Medium, The Price is Right, The People's Court, Degrassi (that show is so bad but it's like crack), Daria, Roseanne, I Love Lucy (I miss that show :( ) and, yes, Pokemon and MIGHTY MORPHIN FREAKIN' POWER RANGERS!

Favorite Music:

Favourite Book:
I don't read much. In fact, the only books that I've ever bought with my own money were the first three Halo novels. As far as stuff that I've had to read for school, I really liked Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," William Gibson's "The Miracle Worker," Robert Cormier's "The Chocolate War," John Saul's "Creature" and... wait for it... "Firestarter" by Stephen King.

Favorite Pokemon:
Here's a (not-so) small list: Dewgong, Pochama, Jynx, Rapidash, Tangela, Magneton, Dugtrio, SKITTY ^.^!, SPOINK!? and Grumpig, Mudkips :B, Cacnea, Mew, Chansey, Wigglytuff, etc. I used to like Flygon and Gardevoir before they became beacons for morons. :(

How I found Pokemon:
Fifth grade peer pressure; all of my friends liked it, so that made me look into the fandom to see what all the fuss was about. Since I didn't have a Game Boy, I cared more about the TCG and the anime in those earlier days... and then I found out what emulators were and loved Red and Blue. (I picked Charmander as my first starter, if anybody's wondering.)

How I found Psypoke:
Here's an ironic twist: I found PsyPoke through a banner ad on's message boards! Well, actually, I had seen the original before but I always thought it was a sucky site. I found the site's message boards through that Pojo ad and Coolboard was neat and the people seemed nice. So I joined... at age eleven.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
Well, that's a tough one. The Red Rangers are always the hottest one, the Pink Rangers are always the cutest one, the Blue Rangers are always the smartest one, the Yellow Rangers are always the token minority, and the Black Rangers are always the coolest one. How can I choose which one of these traits suits me the most?! :(

Why don't you ever post? (Kryten)
Because I'm not obligated to post and I don't know why everybody seems to be under the assumption that I am. There is absolutely no reason for me to take part in idiot-laced discussions about "true love" and other such nonsense. And I really don't have much to add on the topic of Pokemon, hence why I don't post in the Pokemon-related forums.

What's it like being an admin? (Kryten)
If you took away privileges such as having my own special rank and an avatar that breaks the limitations sent forth by the forum, I probably wouldn't even know I was an admin. It's not like I actually <I>do</i> any adminstrating.

Who's your best friend here? (Kryten)
Both TonberryKing and Amphy, but I think TK and I know each other better than Amphy and I know each other. And darkmind would be included here if I saw her more than during her annual "PsyPoke Vistiting" ritual. :(

What's your favourite coloUr? (Kryten)
My favorite COLOR is purple. I even wear a purple silicone wrist band on my right hand because it represents so many things that are important to me: gay rights, pancreatic and breast cancer awareness, self-harm awareness, animal abuse awareness, etc. Plus, purple is a cool color and the cool colors just look so much nicer than the warm ones... blue used to be my favorite color and green is cool, too.

How long before you made this site were you and the other admins were planning to make it? (Xalia)
Personally, I didn't really "make" any part of the site besides the anime section, which came years after the relaunch (and, let's face it, that section is pretty much dead in the water now anyway). I'm still not sure how I became the fourth admin; I guess it's because I could do text files (a.k.a. manual labor :p) for the Psydex and TK and Amphy consulted me on a lot of stuff before the relaunch.

What's your favorite animal? (Xalia)
Any animals that have cute baby forms, i.e. kitties, puppies, bunnies, duckies, kangaroos, koalas, sheep and/or anything EXCEPT HUMANS! But, overall, I'd have to say penguins. They're adorable, especially the babies. I have two Happy Feet plushies because they're just THAT DAMN CUTE.

Why did you chose Frost for your username? (Xalia)
I wanted something less lame than "JamesTR," which was my old username when I joined the forums. PsyPoke relaunched in the winter of 2002, around the time Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance was released, and I named myself after Frost because I thought she was an awesome character (and it also didn't hurt that her name was gender-neutral).

There is a major natural disaster, and the only surviors in the world are you, Rinoa, Eiko, and Yuna. To keep the human race going, you have to marry one of them, and eat the other two. Who would you marry? (Krisp)
Yuna, even though she's whiny, clingy whore with a horrible sense of fashion. Eiko is an annoying brat that simultaneously deserves to be kicked in her fat, ugly face and thrown into a volcano. And Rinoa is the definition of Mary Sue. Or, rather, she's the definition of an incubus because she sucks the brains out of Squall and turns him into her mindless lovebot throughout the course of FF8. And for that she deserves to be crucified.

¿Qué querrías hacer más: frotarme, acariciarme, o pasar la noche conmigo? (nfield)
Quiero hacer todo tres pero diría pasar la noche contigo. ¬.¬

If you had the power to an either Amphy or TonberryKing, which one would you ban? (SwampZard)
Can't I just ban you instead? That would be much less detrimental to the forum's collective intelligence quota.

If SwampZard was your father: murder or suicide? (TheCyberMew)
Murder, of course. :)

How many children do you plan to have? (Preblooch)
I hate children. They are quite possibly the one thing that I hate most in this world. If I could do it without getting caught or punished in some way, I would probably throw a baby headfirst into a brick wall. Suffice to say that I would never torture myself by adopting a child.

Can I have a dollar? (Preblooch)
No, but you <i>can</i> have a rape dollar redeemable to an angry grizzly bear.

Boxers or briefs? (Preblooch)
I wear both.

Paper or plastic? (Preblooch)
You know what they say about having plastic on a kid's head...

Soda or Milk? (Preblooch)
Diet iced tea, nubsauce.

Grain or Dairy? (Preblooch)
Your mom.

If I had 5$, and I had 1$ for every dollar I had, how much money would I have? (Preblooch)
Still not enough to buy a functioning brain.

Why don't I have a life? (Preblooch)
Beats me. Did your mom drop you on your head as a baby?

Do you like the fox and the hound? (Preblooch)
sei hwut?

If you answer no to the above question, then why do you suck like that? (Preblooch)
Because you touch youself at night.

Would you rather be shot once and die, and be like Tupac, or shot 9 times and live, and be like 50 cent? (Preblooch)
Can't I just steal the gun and shoot you instead? :)

If you had to die, would you die? (Preblooch)
My favorite movie (listed first above) tackles the question of immortality. In short, I don't think I'd like to still be alive after being maimed or pushed down a flight of stairs, which WOULD happen if granted immortality. To also quote the movie, "What if I get bored? What I get lonely?" and "I'll have to watch everyone around me die." And as much as people are afraid of death, we have to accept it as a part of life before we can move on to heaven/hell/reincarnation/lying in a hole for all eternity.

If you had to give me 2.5 million dollars, how much would you give me? (Preblooch)
I'd use my newfound monetary resources to have you imprisoned for being such an idiot.

Am I annoying? (Preblooch)
Saying yes would be so obvious that it deserves this picture:

What does Frustrated mean? (Preblooch)
It's how I, and most sane human beings, feel after reading your retarded questions.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? (skullkid)
My high school paper said that I'd most likely be working as a back-up dancer for Madonna ten years after graduation. That surely is a dream I should aspire to. D:

What are your feelings on....... penguins? (Jigglypuff)

What do you think of organic food (Food grown without pesticides)? (Weird Kid)
I don't really care about the issue either way. If people want to protest GM foods, that's fine by me. Though, at the same time, I'll probably be eating some of those mutant/gigantic strawberries that they make with freaky chemicals while the others are protesting.

What are your views on the academic Economics? Do you think it is a useful subject? (sN0wBaLL)
Advanced Placement Economics was the biggest waste of my life, energy and soul and needs to die in a horrible, horrible fire that will never EVER burn out. Economics should be abolished and we can all go back to a bartering system involving sheep, random trinkets of jewelry and people's wives. Anything is better than making kids learn about economics.

What are some of your aspirations in life? (sN0wBaLL)
I want to move to New Zealand and land a role on the sixty-third annual incarnation of Power Rangers, become a l33t haxx0r ninja at Computer Science, and help save all the poor little penguins from global warming. No, rly. :(

What motto do you live by, and/or what values do you strongly believe in? (sN0wBaLL)
I don't really have a motto. My values are extremely liberal and place an emphasis on, say, science over religion. Archie Bunker would probably call me a commie pinko if I was a character on All in the Family.

A little girl walks up to you holding a picture of a horribly ugly exploding fire hydrant and tells you it's a puppy she drew, and asks what you think about it. What do you say? (Gardevoir~)
"Bitch, please."

Have you already thought about your future career? If you have, what is it? What do you intend to work with? (Galar)
At first, I really wanted to be a writer or artist of some sort. Taking a college English course in my last year of high school effectively scared me out of English-related careers FOREVER, and I just don't have the patience for art (although I do have an appreciation for it). Computer programming is just screaming my name since it's fun and I've already spent so much of my life on a computer... it's just too bad I'm still so inexperienced.

What is your favorite Pokémon and why? (Galar)
It's always been Dewgong. It's so cute and it ALWAYS smiles in the Anime. I mean, even when Ash KOs Pryce's Dewgong, he goes down with a smile on his face. Great attitude. Besides, I started playing Pokemon in the RBY generation, and Dewgong wasn't bad back then. Unfortunately, Nintendo has found it fit to make Dewgong worse/make similar Pokemon better with each passing installment. :(

What do you do in your free time? (blaziken234)
Usually play one of the video games, watch one of the TV shows or listen to some of the music listed in the standard questions section. Oh, and obsessively stalk my list of bookmarked websites.

What pets do you own? (blaziken234)
I don't have any right now. I'd love a little black kitty like the one that frequents TK's car. :D

What is the meaning of life? (blaziken234)
Who cares? Just enjoy it while it lasts.

Why did you decide to start/help start psypokes? (blaziken234)
I helped TK and Amphy because they're both just ever-so charming (and, amazing, this answer did <i>not</i> contain any sarcasm!).

Why do you never update the main page? (blaziken234)
Because I have absolutely no reason to update the main page.

When did you meet Amphy, TK, and Darkkend? (blaziken234)
What does Darkkend have anything to do with anything? I assume you mean darkmind, the other admin. I met all three of them (and, for that matter, Darkkend too) through the chat and forums for the original PsyPoke site.

Why is your avatar like Freddy in Freddy vs. Jason? (Peanut-Lover)
The Pink Power Ranger is not Freddy Krueger. But to answer your question, my Halloween name was "Frosty Krueger" and he was the accompanying avatar. And he was in seven movies long before "Freddy vs. Jason," tyvm.

Which generation is your Favorite: RBY, GSC, FRLG/RuSaEm , PD (Peanut-Lover)
RBY because they're the originals and FRLG because they're originals only prettier. GSC was probably the best installment overall, however, and RSE just fails at microlife.

Why haven't you been on? (Peanut-Lover)
Who says I <i>haven't</i> been on? Because I haven't indulged in posting on these "wonderful" forums? Some words of advice for the forums collectively: quality over quantity. And also, subtley is a nice touch.

How old are you? (Peanut-Lover)
18, but only for another two months. :(

When did you meat Amphy and TonberryKing? (Peanut-Lover)
What a most unfortunate typo you have there.

What is your major in college? (Peanut-Lover)
Computer Science.

Who would you like to marry? (008xtreme)
a) Me
b) SwampZard
c) Yerself
d) TonberryKing
e) A foolish Feebas
f) Yer mom
g) Kill yerself
I'm leaning more towards the secret choice H, "Kill You."

If you were able to have lunch with any three people who have ever existed, which three would you dine with? (Amphy)
Paris Hilton, Elton John and Eminem. So I can watch them beat each other up, Celebrity Deathmatch-style.

What would be your ultimate dream? (Amphy)
Watching Paris Hilton, Elton John and Eminem beat each other up, Celebrity Deathmatch-style.

Would you rather be a famous singer, actor or writer? (Amphy)
A writer, because it's the most low-key of the three. People don't have to know who I am, what I look like or where I live for me to write. Meanwhile, a lot of crazy lunatics stalk singers and actors. Plus, writers can still make a hell of a lot of a money, and I'm a much better writer than I am the other two.

If we were to sell psypoke, what is the minimum amount you would be prepared to accept? (Amphy)
Zero percent, unless the buyer was particularly interested in the anime section for some reason... because, well, I did actually write all of that stuff. :p

Which non-elite member would you most want to meet? (Amphy)
Mah nfield. <3

What would be your ultimate job? (Amphy)
To be paid to listen to music... which, obviously, makes me wonder why I don't become a music critic or something. Nobody ever said I made any sense. Oh, and I'd also like something to help any animals in need, but I don't see how one can put those two jobs together.

If you could give one piece of advice to Madonna, what would you tell her? (Amphy)
"Honey, please put the vocoders DOWN and step AWAY from the mixing machine. This isn't year 1998 anymore, plus you're NOT Cher, <i>and</i> you're wasting all that vocal talent you gained from the lessons you took to star in <i>Evita</i>. Seriously, stop masking your voice and just sing for once, kthx."

If you could go back in time and watch one event unfold which would you like to witness? (Amphy)
So many choices. The beginning of the universe?! The beginning of the planet?! The invention of something important?! No. I'd want to see the beginning of Madonna's career... or the day Power Rangers first aired.

If you could go back in time and change one event in your past, which would you change? (Amphy)
I'd go back to fall 2005 and smack myself for being such a mopey loser for no good reason at all. (At the same time, I'd give myself a handshake for choosing to go to cheap, nearby community college for two years and then transferring.)

Does your name have anything to do with "FROST" from Mortal Combat? (Archfiend007)
Yes, I'm named after the Frost from Mortal <b>K</b>ombat.

If you could bring back any old member from the psypoke's of past who would you bring back? Why? (Darkkend)
Pyrasaur, even though she, with a great amount of legitimacy, thinks the PsyPoke community has become a cesspool of blithering idiots. Why Pyra? Because she's awesome, talented, and wouldn't mind telling off some of the morons we have littering the forums these days.

What was your favorite psypoke memory? (Darkkend)
When I applied the site to Classic Gaming and, even though TK thought otherwise, it was accepted.

Were do you see psypoke in the year 2007? the year 2010? 2020? (Darkkend)
2007: Flooded by even more morons due to the release of Pearl and Diamond. 2010: Most of the few remaining intelligent members have already become fed up and left years ago. 2020: It's not happening, face it. TK is basically the one holding the site together and I seriously doubt he'll still be working on it in his mid-30s.

If you had the chance to start fresh on psypoke, new name, no one knew your history here, what name you'd choose and what direction would you go in your post? (Darkkend)
Frost, with the direction of telling it like it is... oh, oops, I'm already doing that.

If you some how came across $100 what would you do, what would you buy?
If you some how came across $1,000 what would you do, what would you buy?
If you some how came across $10,000 what would you do, what would you buy? Would you invest any into Psypoke? (Darkkend)
$100: I'd probably just blow the money on CDs. I have a whole list of them that I want to buy eventually.
$1,000: I'd deposit most of it into my savings account and probably still spend a little on CDs I want.
$10,000: I don't really know what I could "invest" into PsyPoke, but I'd like to help out if I did ever randomly find this much money. Otherwise, the savings account and CDs still hold up... and I'd probably get something nice for my parents.

Do you think Pikachu is cute? (Darkkend)
It can be, but it can also be seriously ANNOYING.

out of everyone here who would you marry and give a reason. (Pokemaniac)
B. TonberryKing, because he asked me the following question.

All the retards asking you pick someone from Psypoke to marry should be: (TonberryKing)
a) Banned
b) Castrated
c) Burned at the stake
d) All of the above
e) Unspecified method (Please specify)
D, for sure. Marriage sucks!

When was the last time you cried? (DragonPhoenix)
Sometime last winter, for reason that are, in retrospect, stupid.

What do you regret most in your life (please don't be corny and say "nothing")? (DragonPhoenix)
I regret the sun. :(

What song(s) do you sing when you are in the shower? (DragonPhoenix)
I don't sing in the shower, seriously.

If you could introduce a law somehow by which all citizens had to abide by, what would it be? (DragonPhoenix)
To treat everybody with respect and dignity, even if they dare to have a different gender, religion, se<b></b>x orientation, physical or mental condition, ethnicity or political belief than you do.

If you were a country, which one would you be? (DragonPhoenix)

If you could, who would you wipe from existence? (Pokemon Hero Rio)
A. Bush
B. Blair
C. Lickitung
A, wiped from exist thanks to the efforts of C.

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor? (Peanut-Lover)
Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, and Peppermint are all good.

What type of cuisine do you like best? (Peanut-Lover)
The kind that clogs my arteries.

Do you eat sushi? and by that, I mean both raw fish and vegetable rolls. (Peanut-Lover)
I try to eat as few animals as possible. Plus, fish seems like it would taste gross. Especially raw.

What is your favorite kind of cheese? (Peanut-Lover)
The kind on Pizza Hut pizzas... excuse me while I drool.

If you could commit polygamy (In other words, have multiple spouses), how many would you have? (Peanut-Lover)
Zero. Seriously, why is everybody obsessed with who I want to marry, assuming I even want to get married in the first place? Marriage is a crock, and gay people can't get married anyway.

How many kids are you planning on having? (Peanut-Lover)
Negative thirteen.

Do you have a girlfriend now? (Peanut-Lover)
Gay people <i>do</i> exist, you know.

Can you describe your ideal spouse? (Peanut-Lover)

Also, can you send me your Wii? Please... (Peanut-Lover)
What makes you think I <i>have</i> one?

If you could be eaten by anyone at psypokes, who would it be? (Pokemon Hero Rio)
Die in a fire.

After reading these user questions, has your faith in humanity risen, dropped, remained the same, or is it now non-existent? (TonberryKing)
It was already pretty low, but come on... I think the answer is obvious.


Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:30 am
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640

17/M/United States

Favourite Movies:
Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Matrix, Little Miss Sunshine, V For Vendetta, Casino Royale, Goldeneye, The World Is Not Enough

Favourite Games:
Pokémon, Grand Theft Auto Series, Final Fantasy X, Mortal Kombat, DDR, Guitar Hero, 007 Series

Favourite TV Shows:
Home Improvement, Deal or No Deal, 24, Law & Order, Roseanne, Murphy Brown, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live, Cold Case

Favorite Music:
30 Seconds to Mars, AFI, The All-American Rejects, Augustana, Bad Religion, Blink-182, Bowling for Soup, Franz Ferdinand, The Fray, Fuel, Green Day, Juanes, The Killers, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance, Nickleback, No Doubt, Panic! At The Disco, The Pink Spiders, Plain White T's, Rammstein, Rilo Kiley, Sean Paul, Shiny Toy Guns, Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, U2

Favourite Book:
Fahrenheit 451

Favorite Pokemon:
Dragonair, Arcanine, Persian, Metagross, Magcargo, Kanghaskhan, Lapras, Articuno, Weezing

How I found Pokemon:
A bunch of my friends were playing it at school, and I told my parents I wanted PkMn blue for christmas.

How I found Psypoke:
I was playing Sapphire, and wanted to see the move differences between the starters. I googled "Pokemon Sapphire," and came across Psypoke. I never noticed the actual forums until middle-late August.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
Red Ranger, he's a leader and courageous.

What alcoholic drink best describes you?
Margarita, because it's fun and sweet.


What was your first pokemon game, and which starter did you choose? (Krisp)
I got Blue for Christmas, and chose Bulbasaur. I can't remember why I picked Bulbasaur.

Do you consider yourself: (Xaliaphous)

a) Man
b) Rabbit in a dog suit and clown shoes


Why did you change your name to swift53 then back to nfield? (Kryten)
I first changed from nfield38 to swift53 because I was worried my friends would google me and see that I belonged to a PkMn forum. Then I had it changed to nfield because I didn't even use swift53 in the chats anymore, and I didn't care if my friends knew or not.

If you could ban any one person, who would it be? (Kryten)
SwampZard, for exceeding that special level of idiocy.

If you could live anywhere, where would you go? (Kryten)
I would want to live in Madrid, or possibly London.

Do you play any musical instruments? (Kryten)
I used to play the trombone when I was about ten years old. I can play a song or two on the piano, and I can play Guitar Hero. :P

What is your dream job? (Preblooch)
I'm not really sure, to be honest. I don't really know what I plan to major in when I go to college. Working at Subway maybe? :x

Why do you think you are a mod? (Preblooch)
I have no life, and can thus spend time moderating forums on the internet. :)

If you werent a psypokian, what would you be? (Preblooch)
If I didn't ever encounter Psypoke, I would not know IRC. If I didn't know of IRC, I suppose I would still be a big video gamer.

Why are colors what they are? (Preblooch)
Why's your face what it is? :(

Cuando felipe pregunto a Cristina si se quería casar con el, esta contesto:
"No estaría mintiendo si te dijera que no puedo no decirte que es imposible negarte que si creo que es verdadero que no deja de ser falso que no vayamos a casarnos." ¿Cristina se quiere casar? (garabato)
Su madre.

Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? (garabato)
Because we touch ourselves at night.

Why do mothers always wait to get to a public place(wall o mark for example) to beat their children? (garabato)
To humiliate them.

Why dont furtune tellers win the lottery? (garabato)
The hell's a furtune teller?

If a jogger runs at the speed of sound, can he still hear his mp3? (garabato)
What makes you say this jogger has a mp3 player? What if the jogger is poor and can't afford one? You're being very stereotypic and should be ashamed of yourself. :(

If you can't drink and drive, why do bars have parking lot? (garabato)
God how much of a waste is this post?

If vegetable oil is made of vegetables, what i baby oil made from? (garabato)

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? (garabato)
Humans. You're next.

If you spend your day doing nothing, how do you know when you're done? (garabato)
...and then you die

If you're traveling at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens? (garabato)
You implode.

If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? (garabato)
So we can have posts like this to waste my time.

Do you understand my signature? Can aybody? (garabato)
Pensaba que eras listo, pero después de leer tus preguntas, yo sé que no tuve razón.

Did you ever believe the moon was made of cheese? (rubypoke)
I did for awhile after that Wallace and Gromit, but my mom assured me it wasn't.

When did you stop believing in Santa? (rubypoke)
Well I had found out that the Tooth Fairy wasn't real when I was about seven or eight. At the same time I had asked my mom, "if the tooth fairy isn't real, does that mean Santa Claus isn't either," and I got my answer.

Do you like the Zelda series? (rubypoke)
To be honest, I've never played them. The only games I've played with Zelda have been Super Smash Brothers. :o

Would you play the Queen of Britain at Ice Hockey? (rubypoke)
Sure, why not?

England or Australia? (rubypoke)
God Save the Queen.

Would you eat a shoe for $300? (rubypoke)
I'd probably attempt it.

Is this my last question? (rubypoke)
Unfortunately no.

Do you like spicy foods? (rubypoke)
I like some spicy foods. Indian spicy I'm not a fan of, but Thai food and Mexican food is good.

What are your favorite places in the world? (Galar)
Spain was an awesome place to be, and I would love to go back. I also love spending time in my home town of Los Angeles, and my cousins' ranch in Montana.

If you had enough money, which place in the world would you like to visit and spend some good time? (Galar)
I would take a trip through Europe, and then probably settle down in England for awhile.

Do you have, or have you had, any pets? (Galar)
I have two cats, Tuffy (the black cat), and Tiger (the grey). These have been the first and only pets I've ever had, unless you count a class hampster that I babysitted for a weekend.

Click for image:

What is your favorite animal and why?
Kitties. 8d

Which languages would you like to learn and why? (Galar)
I definitely want to learn German, and probably will. I would also like to learn Italian, as that would pretty much cover Europe. Quiero aprener portugués también, ¡Galar, para que yo pueda hablar contigo ^^!

Are you gay? (SwampZard)
I'm whatever you want me to be, baby ;)

Okay if I was unbaned from the chats, what would you do? (SwampZard)
Add a noexpire akill for your host. Then reban you in the chats.

If you could do one of the following what would you do? (SwampZard)
A. Ban me
B. *removed. inappropriate*
C. Merry me
D. *removed. inappropriate*
E. *removed. inappropriate*
F. All of the above

If any of the removed ones had to deal with rape and/or murder, I'd pick that one.

Why are you so cheap with the Psybucks when you have unlimited? (Peanut-Lover)
It's two sodding psybucks. Get over it.

What languages do you speak? (Peanut-Lover)
I am fluent in English, almost fluent in Spanish, and am learning French.

Whats your favorite type of cheese? (Peanut-Lover)
American is best on sandwiches (subway), and swiss is best on burgers.

If you had to have me or SwampZard as a sibling, who would you choose (what, its different from the parent thingy)? (Peanut-Lover)
You, despite your greed.

Do you eat sushi? (Peanut-Lover)
I can't keep it down. The mere thought of sushi makes me ill.

If you live in the United States, are you Blue, Red, or Purple? (Peanut-Lover)

If you don't live in the US, do you support the US? (Peanut-Lover)
I live in the US, though I don't fully support the current actions of the US.

Do you like my countrie's president, George W. Bush (ideas, views, etc; not personal) (Peanut-Lover)
Not really.

What type of government do you like best - Direct Democracy, IndirectDemocracy(Republic), or Dictatorship? (Peanut-Lover

Which economic system do you like best...Communism or Free Enterprise? (Peanut-Lover)
Do I look like a commie to you, punk? :(

If you could control one country, what would it be? What would you do with it? (Peanut-Lover)
I would control Canada, simply because it's that cool of a country. I wouldn't do anything with it, but let it exist.

Whats your dream car (Company, model [ie, Convertiible, Pick-Up, SUV], Color, Seating [leather vs. other material], etc). Basically, describe what car you would have if you could have any car on earth (or even in the movies - batmobile is popular). (Peanut-Lover)
The Delorian time machine, of course.

Which three people are most important to you? (DatVu)
My parents, because I can come to them for anything and they will listen, and my best friend Lindsay, because I always have a good time with her.

You can spend a day with any one person living today. With whom do you choose to spend time? What would you prefer to do? (DatVu)
With either Scott (TCM) or Frost, because I can party with TCM, and watch Power Rangers or Happy Feet with Frost. :o

What is the most important thing you believe one should know about you? (DatVu)
I am a very good listener.

What got you into IRC as much as you do and coding scripts? (Skull Kid)
Back when I was dreaded as swift53, RegalChillin, Confused Flareon, and I created a channel called #afsa. We felt like we needed to "protect" from the EVUL MODZ, and that's where I started. Later on, TonberryKing introduced me to while loops for a small snippet, and things just started to click. Scripting soon become second nature to me, though I still have many things to learn.

What was it like when you first joined Psypoke, and who were your first friends? (dark_phantom and sN0wBaLL)
The userbase seemed much more mature and intelligent (no..offense?), and I tried to fit in and be cool. Then I met Confused Flareon and became an asshat (no offense there either :x). My friends were her, RegalChillin, and Sanctuary.

What do you think of the band Queen, and what is your favorite song by them?
I don't really listen to them. They're very good as a band, don't get me wrong; it's just not something I listen to. My favourite song of theirs is probably Killer Queen.

If you could bring one person back from the dead intact (i.e. they still have all their skin and hair and stuff like that), who would you bring back? (Gardevoir~)
I would bring back my grandfather. He died when I was very young, and my brother and sister never met him. He was a great person, and my brother and sister should know who he was.

¿Tienes tú algunos taco? (Gardevoir~)
¿Quieres poder tener relaciones s<b></b>exuales cuando seas adulto? Si sí, no me preguntes así. :)

Would you say Macs are nifty? (2x4b)
I can't stand using Macs -- they are too limited in terms of programs, and I'm not familiar at all with them. My Dad is a network administrator at the university here, and I've used Windows since I can remember. Almost all of the computers at school are macs, which is a pain, since I use Windows at home.

Could you think of any possible ways to rid Psypoke of all the effing arses that plague the forums nowadays, or is it hopeless? (Registeel_Rocks)
Develop an airborne virus that instantly kills any child under the age of fifteen. That, or set a bomb off at the server site in Canada. :)

Also, do you have any nuances that really make you stand out from the crowd? (Registeel_Rocks)
I hate odd numbers. Hate them. On IRC, I have to be in an even number of channels. The volume on the TV must be divisible by two.

If there is one thing in 2006 that you could have done differently, what would it be, and why? (sN0wBaLL)
I would've been more outgoing. I am more outgoing now, but because of my shyness earlier this year, I have friends that aren't outgoing, which is rather annoying. I enjoy having a good time at parties, and meeting new people -- the opposite of my current friends' personalities. I like my friends, don't get me wrong; I just wish I had met others similar to myself now.

What are some of your aspirations in life? (sN0wBaLL)
Meet someone I love, live happily, and have enough money that I don't need to worry about how I'm going to pay my next bill.

What motto do you live by, and/or what values do you strongly believe in? (sN0wBaLL)
I think it's really important to be open minded to others' opinions, and never to judge people because of what they think or believe in.

Apple or Microsoft? (Weird Kid)

Do you like pizza with pineapple on it? (Weird Kid)
I've never had it. My mom likes it, though.

Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii? (Weird Kid)
XBox 360. The PS3 is overpriced, and the Wii looks like something that would be fun for a couple months, and then get old. Just a novelty.

Were you or any member of the Psypoke staff blackmailed into having these interviews?? (Weird Kid)
I wasn't, and as far as I know, Flaming_Wuzzle and Frost weren't either.

If you had one day left to live, what would you do?(supposedly saying that you could do anything..) (lapras and Sneaky_Sneasel)
Try pot. I know that sounds really bad, but it's what I would do. I would also spend my last moments cuddling the one I love.

How do you think Psypokes is doing? (lapras)
The quality of posts goes down as the number of users goes up. I think that's normal for any situation, though.

One bourbon, one scotch, or one beer? (Jigglypuff)
I've never had bourbon, so one of those, please. n___n

If you could erase one section from these forums (e.g. Music, RBY Discussion), which one would you pick? (goldenquagsire)
I would erase the Roleplay Forum, because of my one role play in there. Just for that, yes; it's that embarrassing. D:

What is your idea of a perfect forum? (goldenquagsire)
A moderate-sized userbase that's not big enough to have a lot of morons, but not small enough that you know every single person by heart. All of the users would also be moderately active and half at least four fifths of a brain.

Are you getting tired of being asked questions in Spanish? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
No tienes la menor idea.

What's your favorite color? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
Blue is pretty hot, but I also like green.

Lame Question but do you read SomethingAwful? (Eswin)
Photoshop Phriday is usually pretty cool, but other than that, no.

Plus, shoe on head? (Eswin)
Frost wrote:
sei hwut?

Do you enjoy working in Psypoke? (Kacho)
I was unaware I was employed for this community!

What is your favorite legendary Pokemon? (Kacho)
Articuno, for its grace. Ice PkMn are pretty sweet to begin with in the first place.

What time do you sleep at night?... if you ever sleep at all... (Kacho)
I change my sleeping habits daily to give the illusion that I don't sleep.

If you could be any creature in the real universe; besides a human; what would it be? (Radio Willy)
Kitty! n___n

If you could be any creature in the pokemon universe; besides a human; what would it be? (Radio Willy)
A dragonair, my favourite pokemon.

What is your response to this question? (Radio Willy)
I thought you were an intelligent member. :(

What do you think of me? (Radio Willy)
I don't really know you. You seem to have a brain though, so you should visit the chats more often.

Any Siblings? (blaziken234)
A brother and a sister, who are twins and nine years old.

If you were able to talk to any 5 people, dead or alive, who would you talk to, and why? (blaziken234)
George Bush, to see into what compels him to make important decisions regarding the United States; my Grandma, who died before my parents were even married, because I want to know who she was; evad from DarkMyst, because he's one of my best friends on IRC; Adolf Hitler, because I also want to see what is in his head; and Governor Schwarzeneger, just to hear him say "I'll be back" in real life.

Is there anyone from Psypokes that you know/have met outside of psypokes? (blaziken234)
About a week ago, TheCyberMew and DatVu came to Pennsylvania, and we had a party. It was a blast, and hopefully we'll meet up again. :)

Who from Psypokes would you most want to sit down and have a chat with? (blaziken234)
Frost, so we can discuss and watch Power Rangers (y nos frotamos).

When did you become a mod? (blaziken234)
June of 2006.

What does your name mean? (blaziken234)
N is my first initial (Nick), and Field is my last name.

What games do you own? (blaziken234)
Blue, red, yellow, pinball, gold, ruby, sapphire, fire red, leaf green, snap, stadium one, stadium two, colosseum, XD, mystery dungeon blue rescue team, mystery dungeon red rescue team. These are all property of my brother now, due to my lack of playing them.

What is your favorite Kanto pokemon? Johto pokemon? Hoenn pokemon? (blaziken234)
Dragonair is my favourite Kanto, Magcargo is my favourite Johto, and Metagross is my favourite Hoenn.

You meet Swampzard in a dark alley. You: (blaziken234)
A. Pull out a knife
B. Say nothing and hope he doesn't see you
C. Punch/Kick him.
D. Cry
E. Any or all of the above
F. Unspecified method, please state what.

F, for "rape and kill."

Do you liek Mudkips? :B (blaziken234)
Yes :B

Favorite Emote? Least Favorite? (blaziken234)
My favourite is "o.0", and my least favourite is ";=;".

Paper or plastic? (blaziken234)

Butter: discuss (blaziken234)

Is this a lame question? (Sacred_Latios)
Almost as lame as you!

What question is this? (Sacred_Latios)
The second of your onslaught of moronic questions.

(The real stones) Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Agate, Flourite, Peridot, Moon Stone or Topaz? (Sacred_Latios)
I'm picking opal, because it's my birthstone, and I don't like you!

Green or Yellow? (Sacred_Latios)

Someone gave you the stone(s) you chose from question ketiga. You do not know who. What would you do with the stone(s)? (Sacred_Latios)
Pawn them for drug money.

Potato or Sweet Potato? (Sacred_Latios)

Silver carp or golden carp? (Sacred_Latios)
Silver carp.

Duck or chicken? (Sacred_Latios)

Goat or sheep? (Sacred_Latios)

You comb your hair, brush your hair or you just don't bother about your hair? (Sacred_Latios)
I run my fingers through it if needed; otherwise I leave it be.

So far, did I have any mistakes with my numbers? If so, how many? (Sacred_Latios)
Why are you wasting your time doing this?

Am I annoying? (Sacred_Latios)
Hell yes.

Is thirtheen as unlucky number? Why? (Sacred_Latios)
Are you by any chance mentally unstable?

If you have to commit suicide, how would you kill yourself? (Sacred_Latios)
a) By burning yourself
b) By drowning yourself
c) By strangling/hanging yourself
d) By cutting yourself on the neck
e) By getting such a scare that you scared yourself to death
f) By falling off a cliff
g) By skydiving without any equipment
h) By food poisoning yourself
i) By poisoning yourself
j) By getting a disease
k) By feeding yourself to a tiger/lion/whatever that's fit to eat you
l) By getting stung to death by killer bees
m) By getting crushed to death
I would want to skydive, since hitting the ground would (hopefully) be instant death.

^ Naze desu ka? (Sacred_Latios)
A sphincter says what?

Have a guess; am I male or female? (Sacred_Latios)

Shirt or T-shirt? (Sacred_Latios)

Long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves? (Sacred_Latios)
Short sleeves.

Did I ask too many questions? (Sacred_Latios)
Nineteen too many.

What's your favorite flavor of cat? Dog? Icelandic musician? (Kirke)
Short-haired, black cat; Husky; stfu

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? (Kirke)
In your closet.

What happened to Amelia Earhart? (Kirke)
Dead. Like your face.

Deal.....or no deal? (Flaming_Wuzzle)

Will you ever respond with good timing on IRC (5 seconds after someone attempts to make contact with you? (pkmn_trnr_geno)
I usually do. You just suck at finding me.

Are you even on mIRC most of the time, Or are you just lurking there waiting till you find a wrong doer so you can smite them with your almight power? (pkmn_trnr_geno)
Always there, always watching. Always.

Why dont you love me!? ;=;! (pkmn_trnr_geno)
Because you use the damned emote.


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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640


Favourite Movies:
Scream, Power Rangers: The Movie, Home Alone 1 and 2, Pokemon: The Movie 2000, Dragonball Z: Lord Slug, American Pie, Scary Movie.

Favourite Games:
Sonic The Hedgehog series, Final Fantasy series, Pokemon, Mario series, Super Smash Brothers (Melee), Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64, Animal Crossing Wild World, Earthbound

Favourite TV Shows:
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Full House, Roseanne, Beavis and Butthead, Malcom In The Middle, Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Favorite Music:
Disturbed, AC/DC, Drowning Pool, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson

Favourite Book:
wtf reading

Favorite Pokemon:
Kanto: Charizard, Lapras, Pikachu, Raichu, Dragonite, Snorlax, Jolteon, Eevee, Slowbro, Zapdos, Kabutops
Johto: Heracross, Raikou, Togepi, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Xatu, Hitmontop
Hoenn: <s>rofl hoenn</s> Zangoose

How I found Pokemon:
My brother got the TCG for gameboy one year (1999 I think), and I stole it from him, erased his file, and started a new one. After getting every card, beating the grand masters etc. I decided Pokemon was awesome. It was also popular at school.

How I found Psypoke:
To be honest, I don't really remember. I know it was through google. I think I was looking for a pokemon channel on IRC.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?
I don't know...o_o

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
Pink. Always the hot one.

What alcoholic drink best describes you?
Mike's Hard Lemonade. :O

As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?
A dancer ._.

What's your favourite Generation of Pokemon? (Kryten)
Johto ftw!

What's wrong with Trozei? (Kryten)
It fails?

Have you ever read any James Bond books? (Kryten)

Who's your favourite Nintendo character? (Eg: Mario, Kirby etc.) (Kryten)

Have you ever watched Wallace & Gromit? (Kryten)

Doctor Who or Torchwood? (Kryten)
rofl SciFi (I almost spelled it PsyFi o.o)

Best IM program? (Kryten)

What do you think are the highest and lowest points of this forum? (goldenquagsire)
The staff is awesome, and definitely one of the highest points on this forum. A low point is the disapointing amount of spam we've been getting lately.

When was the best time on these forums, i.e. the "Golden Era" in your opinion? (goldenquagsire)
When I first joined, I remember the chatroom averaged at about 7-10 people per night. Now it's about 20 something...for some reason, it just seemed a lot cooler then.

What is your least favourite person in existence? (from anywhere, it could be Psypoke, real-life or another forum. You don't have to know them personally.) (goldenquagsire)
I really don't have a least favorite.

And your most favourite person? (goldenquagsire)
Same as the above question.

If a group of scientists proved that playing Final Fantasy halved your lifespan, what would you do? (goldenquagsire)
I'd tell that group of scientists that they're full of ****.

Which is worse: licking five hundred payphones, or licking a toilet rim at a gas station? (nfield)

Which is worse: having the guy you like making a really funny joke and you peeing all over the place because it was so funny, or sitting next to your crush and farting in complete silence? (nfield)

Why do you wish you had labeled yourself as male on the forums/chats as opposed to a female? (nfield)
Not sure exactly...I just think I'd fit in better if I were male.

Why is pink your favourite colour? (Sacred_Latios)
Pink is really pretty and feminine.

If not, why are using it as a text colour? (Sacred_Latios)
Because it's hot.

Why is the sky blue? (Sacred_Latios)
Because you tou...I mean, I have no idea.

Choose a Pokémon. Any Pokémon. ......Why did you choose that Pokémon? (Sacred_Latios)
Wigglytuff because I'm talking to TonberryKing right now.

Steam or evaporated water? (Sacred_Latios)
Aren't they basically the same thing?

Dark blue or light blue? (Sacred_Latios)
Light blue...actually, I don't really care. :(

If there's anything you can change in a game, what would you change? (Sacred_Latios)
I'd change the battle system in FFII, because it really fails.

If you can something disappear forever, what is it? (Sacred_Latios)
My mother's "desire" to have a boyfriend. Seriously, she can't bring home ONE decent guy. Her last one had no job and played my N64 24/7 ;[

What is your wish? (Sacred_Latios)
I wish my dog would never die. I feel like crying everytime I think of life without her, since shes my best friend.

Which reptile(s) do you like the most? (Sacred_Latios)
Snakes, because they're awesome, and everyone hates them. I also caught a Snake at the creek once, but he looked kind of I let him go.

Black or white? (Sacred_Latios)
White. Good always beats evil, and White Mages will always prevail against Black Mages.

Why did you choose to username yourself Krisp? (Sacred_Latios)
A jerk I used to know online was called "Crisp." I didn't like him, so I signed up on his forum as Krisp to mock him.

If you can't username yourself Krisp, what is your username? (Sacred_Latios)

What is the colour of your shoes you recently wore/are wearing? (Sacred_Latios)
Silver with pink.

Skirt or pants? (Sacred_Latios)

What colour do you think a shiny Latias is? (Sacred_Latios)
Probably orange? I think I've seen a shiny Latias in someone's avatar before.

Is the fourth generation of Pokémon a good one? (Sacred_Latios)
How should I know? I don't keep up with the D/P news.

What do you hate the most about yourself? (Sacred_Latios)
I have really low self esteem, so I won't answer that. :)

What do like the most about yourself? (Sacred_Latios)
That I've managed to live with my mom's horrid boyfriends for 10 years without going insane.

Do you have a boyfriend ?(People on the chats know what this is about ) (SwampZard)

If you could ban any member in psypokes who would it be *cough me cough*? (SwampZard)
Flarey and Regal, and any other attention ***** that says they've "grown up" and they're too old for Psypoke! Seriously, get off the internet and never come back.

Are you reluctant to answer all of these questions? (SwampZard)

Do you think I'm the most idiotic person in psypokes? Or is there someone else(please specify)? (SwampZard)
Honestly, no. You have twice the amount of braincells in your head than this guy.

Will you donate me 1000 psybucks like you did to blaziken234? (SwampZard)
Sure, but can I ban you first?

What would you say the IQ of Psypoke is now, and what it was when you first joined? (dark_phantom)
I have no idea what it was when I first joined, since I posted like 10 times in May-August.

Who were your first friends on Psypoke and are you still friends with them now? (dark_phantom)
TheCyberMew and Amphy were my first friends. Yes, we're still friends.

Do you think your Awesome? I know i do (pkmn_trnr_geno)
Not really, but thank you for thinking I'm awesome.

So... Why Chocobos? (pkmn_trnr_geno)

Heracross is adorable and vicious at the same time, Agree? (pkmn_trnr_geno)
I agree about the adorable part, but definitely not vicious.

If heracross was real would you keep it as a pet? (pkmn_trnr_geno)
Sure, as long as it protects me from my mom's boyfriend and his dogs.

What languages do you speak? (Peanut-Lover)
English and 1337 :p.

Whats your favorite type of cheese? (Peanut-Lover)
You know that cheese that comes in a can and you spray it on crackers? Man, that stuff is great.

If you had to have me or SwampZard as a sibling, who would you choose (what, its different from the parent thingy)? (Peanut-Lover)
This is a very interesting question. Lets see...someone who has an ego the size of Texas, or someone who probably can't spell his own name right? Decision: I'd force my mom to radioactively abort you both. :)!

If you live in the United States, are you Blue, Red, or Purple? (Peanut-Lover)

If you don't live in the US, do you support the US? (Peanut-Lover)
I do live in the US.

Do you like my countrie's president, George W. Bush (ideas, views, etc; not personal) (Peanut-Lover)
I don't follow politics closely, so answering would be really stupid.

What type of government do you like best - Direct Democracy, IndirectDemocracy(Republic), or Dictatorship? (Peanut-Lover)

Which economic system do you like best...Communism or Free Enterprise? (Peanut-Lover)

If you could control one country, what would it be? What would you do with it? (Peanut-Lover)
I'd control the good 'ol USA and make them stop poluting the earth, so other countrys can stop *****ing about it..

Whats your dream car (Company, model [ie, Convertiible, Pick-Up, SUV], Color, Seating [leather vs. other material], etc). Basically, describe what car you would have if you could have any car on earth (or even in the movies - batmobile is popular). (Peanut-Lover)
*shrug* I dunno really.

What is your dream house (how many floors, rooms? how big? Elevators vs. escalators? How big would the property be? How big do you want your backyard? etc) (Peanut-Lover)
Same for above.

What are some of your goals and aspirations in life? (Peanut-Lover and sN0wBaLL)
To get a job, I dunno.

If you had to volunteer (as in community service), and you had a choice of doing anything, what would it be? Would it be serving food at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen, working in a hospital? Would it be picking up trash on the street? (Peanut-Lover)
In Sociology, we learned about how some children in orphanges really suffer without someone to read to them, hug them, etc., so I'd do that for those poor kids...

If you could be excused from one subject at school, what would it be? (Peanut-Lover)
Gym, because I have really bad asthma.

1.) Which generation of games is your favorite? Least favorite? (Peanut-Lover)
Johto is my favorite, and Hoenn is my least favorite. (Ironically, Hoenn Generation was the first forum I moderated here at Psypoke, so it sorta became one of my favorite forums.)

2.) Which generation introduced the best pokemon? The worst? (Peanut-Lover)
Kanto had the best pokemon by far, and Hoenn had a lot of crappy pokemon. *cough*Regis*cough*

3.) Which generation had the most balanced metagame? (Peanut-Lover)
...What's a Metagame? :O

4.) Which generation of anime was your favorite? (Peanut-Lover)
I guess I have to say the original season, since it's the only one I've seen.

1.) How does it feel to have a higher rank than your early equals (those except nField who are fronteir brains). (Peanut-Lover)
Not different.

2.) What new powers do you have, and how will you use them? (Peanut-Lover)
Let's put it this way: I can edit all of your profile into, ban you, and delete your account. Brb, I'ma do that now.

3.) How does it feel to be an equal with sN0wBaLL, possibly the best of the best here at psypokes (3rd only to Amphy and TK)? (Peanut-Lover)

Oh, and TK, please answer my question from nFields interview - Do you have a calendar of the interviews? (Peanut-Lover)
No he doesn't. We do it voluntarily.

This is a question for all mods - Why did you all change your avatars to power ranger thingies? Is it as a result of the standard questions? (Peanut-Lover)
Because MMPR is AWESOME!

Also, now I don't know who's a Gym Leader vs. Fronteir Brain vs. Lite 4. CHANGE BACK, PLEASE!!!! (Peanut-Lover)

Will you marry me, Krisp? <3 (TheCyberMew)
Of course I will! <3

Do you enjoy your new rank and avatar? <3 (Frost)
I love both the ranks and avatar! <3> (DatVu)
[color=#ff6ec7]Cedar Point. Best place ever.

If you had $100 that you had to spend immediately, what would you spend it on? (sure I could say a billion or something, but then it's an even more stupid question.) (Blue Baby Dragon)
I'd give it to my mom, so she can take my dog to the vet for a check up. She has a lump on her side, and I'm really scared it's cancer...I actually have tears running down my face from thinking about it.

Where have you traveled? (Blue Baby Dragon)
To Tenessee and back to Ohio. Not very far.

Who is your favorite FF character from each game you've played? (Blue Baby Dragon)
FFI: Thief
FFII: *shrug*
FFIII: Refia
FFIV: Rydia
FFV: Boko
FFVI: Celes
FFVII: Yuffie
FFIX: Freya and Beatrix (it's a tie)
FFX: Rikku
FFX-2: Baralai and Paine (also a tie)
FFTA: Ritz
FFXII: *shrug*


Sun Jan 14, 2007 2:46 am
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640
Skull Kid

19/Yes please (male)/Michigan

Favourite Movies:
Clerks, Clerks II, Spirited Away, LOTR series, Star Wars series, Borat.

Favourite Games:
Zelda series (Majora's Mask mainly), Star Fox 64, Mega Man 2, Sonic series, Mario 3, Mario 64, Secret of Mana, Metroid, NiGHTS Into Dreams, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (along with the entire series), Earthbound, Pocky and Rocky 1&2, Claymates, Kid Chameleon, Contra, Metal Slug series, Gunstar Heroes and Super Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, and many others.

Favourite TV Shows:
Beavis and Butt-head, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Bros., Futurama, Mythbusters, Home Improvement, and that's just about all.

Favourite Music:
Clicky. I blame FW for getting me into Dream Theater and loving them so much. :P

Favourite Book:
lol reading (but I do like The Divine Comedy)

Favourite Pokemon:

How I found Pokemon:
It was a school fad, and thought I would be "hip" if I played also, or something along the lines.

How I found Psypoke:
Crosman went here a couple weeks before he got me to sign up. I'm not really a big Pokemon fan and was kinda reluctant in joining a Pokemon forum at first, but look at me now. I gave into peer pressure. ;o

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
Green, because green is cool.

What alcoholic drink best describes you?
After Shock, because it's rampid and hateful.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?

If a video game was real life, which game would you want it to be?
Earthbound, because that game is funky


What was your first video game? What is your favorite video game? (Krisp)
I had a few, some I can still remember to this day. Mario 1, Mario 3, A Boy and His Blob, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Solar Jetman, Castle of Dragon, Mega Man 2, Fester's Quest, Gumshoe, and a couple others that is just a blur.

Who is your favorite Sonic The Hedgehog character? (Krisp)
Sonic (boom).

If someone offered you the actual Sonic 2 Beta for $500, would you buy it? Would you buy Sonic 2 Alpha for that price? (The REAL ones with the holographic label and everything). (Krisp)
If someone offered me $500 to buy them, I would.

What was your first pokemon game, and what was your starter? (Krisp)
Blue. Squirtle (go figure).

Be honest. Do you miss smokin' up Tadmorv with Bob? (Krisp)
Yes. :(

Would you say that by becoming "one of the staff" here at Psypokes made you any more mature of different in any way? (The Obsidian Wolf)
Not really. In some ways, maybe.

What (if at all) is your favourite egg group from the Pokemon games? (The Obsidian Wolf)
lol egg groups.

What is your least favourite Pokemon? (The Obsidian Wolf)
Luvdisc. ugh...

Are you of any particular religion? (The Obsidian Wolf)
lol religion.

If you were forced to live in a different country than the one you're living in, which one would it be? (goldenquagsire)
Japan. At least fat people get praised there.

Do you have any phobias, if so, which ones? (goldenquagsire)
Acrophobia and arachnophobia.

Do you play any musical instruments? Singing counts here as welll. (goldenquagsire)
I played drums once...

Your favourite school subject? (goldenquagsire)

Your least favourite subject? (goldenquagsire)
Science, suprisingly. I found it to be quite boring.

Who is worse - Tony Blair or George Bush? (goldenquagsire)
Can I use a lifeline?

Coca Cola or Pepsi? (Kryten)
Pepsi, unless it's Cherry Coke.

Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing? (Kryten)
Mario Kart.

Crocodiles or Alligators? (Kryten)

Favourite Celebrity? (Kryten)
Jim Carrey.

Do you buy games on a regular basis, or just when you feel there's a new/good one? (Kryten)
Depends on how much money I have. Usually, I find myself buying more games in the summer due to yard sales, etc. People like to sell old games cheap and that's where I come in for the st33l.

Favourite advertisment/commercial? (Kryten)

White or brown bread? (Kryten)

Apart from Crosman, who else do you know in person on the forums? (Kryten)
The King, who is Crosman's brother.

Have you read any of Maddox's stuff and if so did you like it? (bobashotmace)
Yes and yes.

When where you born? (Munchlax911)
A hospital in Toledo, Ohio.

Do you like Mario? (Munchlax911)
The plumber, yes. Not the crappy rapper.

What's your favorite food? (Munchlax911)
Steak! <3

Do you like or hate Bush? (Munchlax911)

Do you have a girl freind? (Munchlax911)

Why are you sooooooooooo good at siggys? (SwampZard)
Becuz I is!

Will you make me one? (SwampZard)

How long did it take you? (SwampZard)
I've been using image editing programs for about 4 years.

What is your job that made you work 60hours in a week or w/e? (SwampZard)
Plastech, which is a plant that makes interior parts for Ford vehicles. They seem to love handing out overtime too.

Were you reluctant to answer these questions? (SwampZard)
I was reluctant to answer ANY of them.

Do you want to banme? (SwampZard)
I don't have the ability to, which sucks.

Do you enjoy your job (if you still work)? (nfield)
Sometimes, and sometimes I hate it. But you get that everywhere in the field of lolwork.

Which is better: DarkMyst, or Windfyre? (nfield)
Windfyre, but only because it has more features and cooler parties. And I know more IRCops there. :P

If you could kill one psypokian, and in turn bring back another, who would these two people be? (nfield)
lintaro, and bring back darkmind, even though she comes and goes on random occasions.

Which is worse: swallowing a goldfish, or eating a worm? (nfield)
Swallowing a goldfish, I would assume.

Which is worse: going to jail for two years, or doing ten years of community service? (nfield)
Ten years of community service, since, you know, what has the community ever done for me?

What is your favorite type (i.e. bug, dragon, normal) and why? (blaziken234)
Psychic, because it's dark and cool.

What is your least favorite type? (blaziken234)

Where do you work? (blaziken234)

Do you play any sports? (blaziken234)
lol sports (I bowl sometimes).

Did you go/Are you going to college? If so, where? (blaziken234)

You get to talk to any 5 people, both dead and alive. Who do you talk to and why? (blaziken234)
Einstein, because he's so damn smart.
Dracula, because he's Dracula!
John K., because Ren and Stimpy was epic.
Patrick Warburton (voice of Brock Samson from Venture Bros.), because his voice is so badass!
Shiggy, but that was a given.

What is your dream car? (blaziken234)

What are you feelings on... Peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches? (blaziken234)
Gift from the heavens.

What question(s) (if there are any) were you expecting us to ask you, but we didn't? What are the answers to those questions? (blaziken234)
I'm actually suprised I didn't get asked about games as much as I thought I would.

Who, from Psypoke, would you most like to meet? (blaziken234)
Amphy, TK, Flaming Wuzzle, Krip, nfield, and DatVu (among the many)

Have you actually met anyone from Psypoke? (blaziken234)
Besides Crosman, no.

What languages do you speak? (Peanut-Lover)

Whats your favorite type of cheese? (Peanut-Lover)
Swiss, but I'm also fond of pepper jack.

Do you eat sushi? (Peanut-Lover)

If you live in the United States, are you Blue, Red, or Purple? (Peanut-Lover)

If you don't live in the US, do you support the US? (Peanut-Lover)
I live in the US, thx.

Do you like my country's president, George W. Bush (ideas, views, etc; not personal) (Peanut-Lover)
Personally, he's intelligent and seems to be well rounded, but not so much at a political sense.

What type of government do you like best - Direct Democracy, IndirectDemocracy(Republic), or Dictatorship? (Peanut-Lover)
I really don't care.

Which economic system do you like best...Communism or Free Enterprise? (Peanut-Lover)
Free Enterprise. Only an idiot would say communism.

If you could control one country, what would it be? What would you do with it? (Peanut-Lover)
Russia. I would use it to blow up the earth, or something badass.

What is your dream house (how many floors, rooms? how big? Elevators vs. escalators? How big would the property be? How big do you want your backyard? etc) (Peanut-Lover)
I want to live in Angkor Wat.

What are some of your goals and aspirations in life? (Peanut-Lover)
I would like to go to college eventually and become a profession artist and/or professional photographer. I would love to travel the world and photograph the best and most mysterious things that the world has to offer.

If you had to volunteer (as in community service), and you had a choice of doing anything, what would it be? Would it be serving food at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen, working in a hospital? Would it be picking up trash on the street? (Peanut-Lover)
Probably picking up trash.

Would you prefer to work in an orphanage, or adopt abandoned/parent-less kids? (Peanut-Lover)
Neither, because I hate kids.

If you could be excused from one subject at school, what would it be? Please don't say gym due to a medical condition - you can get a medical excuse from a doctor... (Peanut-Lover)
Gym, due to a medical condition.

Which generation of games is your favorite? Least favorite? (Peanut-Lover)
RBY. GSC? I dunno.

Which generation introduced the best pokemon? The worst? (Peanut-Lover)

Which generation had the most balanced metagame? Seeing as it was an unclear question for anyone who doesn't fight competitively, which do you feel had the most balance between sweepers, tanks, and walls? (Peanut-Lover)

Which generation of anime was your favorite? (Peanut-Lover)
lol anime.

Compared to the other mods in the last few months, have you become more tense, less tense, or about the same? (Peanut-Lover)
A lot more tense.

What motto do you live by, and/or what values do you strongly believe in? (Peanut-Lover)
If you want it, get it yourself.

If there is one thing in 2006 that you could have done differently, what would it be, and why? (Peanut-Lover)
I would have bought a vehicle that isn't trying to kill me.

What is better about Psypoke now than it was when you joined? (Blackwind)
It's better?

Can you name two or three non-mod members you liked but aren't around anymore? (Blackwind)
To be honest, I can't.

Do you enjoy working in Psypoke? (Kacho)

What is your favorite legendary Pokemon? (Kacho)

What time do you sleep at night?... if you ever sleep at all... (Kacho)
I get to bed between 4-6am.

Are using a laptop or a computer? (Kacho)

Sun or moon? (Kacho)
Moon...3 days. 3 DAYS! 3 days!!!

Hurricane or Tornado? (Kacho)

Snowstorm or heatwave? (Kacho)

Uno or playing cards? (Kacho)
Playing cards.

When you play a game using computer/laptop, do you prefer mouse or keyboard? (Kacho)

What is your favorite grass type pokemon, if any? (Kacho)
Venusaur? Hell, I dunno...

Do you like Pocky? (Kacho)
Pocky and Rocky? Then yes.

Which planet do you like? (Kacho)
Uranus, lololol. Seriously though, Saturn is awesome.

Do you have pokemon mystery dungeon? (Kacho)

Does the staff ever get together and talk about how much they hate some of the members? (JameJame)
I'm not at liberty to say.

Would Psypoke be better if I never joined? (JameJame)
Since you asked an emo question, I will answer with yes.

Is punk dead? (JameJame)
Yes. So is hip hop.

If you had a horse, would you name it Epona? (JameJame)
Yes I would...

Why did you choose the name Skull Kid? (Gardevoir~)
Interesting story. Me and Crosman had a huge thing for Zelda a few years back, and we would discuss who we would be as Zelda characters. Since he chose Link, I thought Skull Kid would be a cool character since he tried to destroy Termina with the friggen moon! After that, it was basically my second name. I used it everywhere I signed up at. If the name was taken, I used the name "sacredskullkid", which I thought up one day randomly.

Navi or Tatl (which is better)? (Gardevoir~)
Tatl, but only because she doesn't scream out "HEY" "LISTEN".

If you could bring one video-game character/monster/whatever to life, what would you bring to life? (Gardevoir~)
Zelda, and I would introduce her to Krisp. :P

Did you ever have a game you liked previously and now can't believe you ever liked it? If so, what? (Gardevoir~)
If there ever was one, I can't think of it.

Who is your least favorite member and (optional) why? (Gardevoir~)
I'm not at liberty to say.

If you could make up your own video game, what would it be? (as in, plot, characters, genre, etc, etc) (Galar)
Actually, I want to make a game like Illusion of Gaia, where you travel several mythical and old landmarks, like the Tower of Babel, and the Great Wall of China. My game would be just like that, but with more landmarks, and more mythical places, like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the mysterious Sphynx.

Do you regret anything you've done in your life? If you do, what is it? (Galar)
I regret slacking off in school as much as I did, but at least I came out victorious.

What do you think of the Skull Kid design in Twilight Princess? (if you've even seen it) (mudkipman)
Win and awesome. It's just a shame they don't have character art for him. :(

If you could change one thing about Psypoke, what would it be, and why? (dragonite)
I would get a lot more people with a positive IQ number in here, because the ratio of morons greatly exceed the amount of intelligent people.

Do you think bunnies are cute? (dragonite)
Yes! ^^

What type of weather do you like? (sunny, rainy, etc.) (dragonite)
Sunny. I like storms though.

Do you have any pets? If not, do you want a pet? (dragonite)
Two cats.

Do you like strawberry icecream? (AABM)

When were you born, and where? (AABM)
I was born in March, and answered already.

Did you know I´m Venezuelan? (AABM)
o rly?

Why is the sky blue? (AABM)
The blue color of the sky is due to Rayleigh scattering. As light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wavelengths pass straight through. Little of the red, orange and yellow light is affected by the air.

Are you afraid of death? and why? (AABM)
When I really think about it, I am, merely because I don't know what to expect when I die.

Do you hate Squirrels? (AABM)

What´s your favorite Zelda Game? (AABM)
Majora's Mask.

Would you kill President Bush? (AABM)
How about I just kill you for asking such a dumb question?

Are you naive? (AABM)

Do you consider yourself as an intelligent person? (AABM)
i ar has smart. thx 4 askign.

Do you have a snake as a pet? (AABM)

Why are you guys doing this round of Staff Interviews every week anyways? (AABM)
So you guys can get to know us better. At least, that's what TK's aiming for.

If you would give me a brief information of yours and tell me a non-legendary Pokémon you like, would you like me to do a signature for you at my shoppe? (AABM)
No thanks. I make my own sigs.

Why is this the last question? (AABM)
Because you touc....because I have enough questions to answer.

Can YOU do a barrel roll? (Jigglypuff)
Not since my Z and R stopped working.

Mario or Luigi? (lapras)

If one day, the world became ruled by one person, and you were a lucky person who could choose to be a minion or a leader of minions, which would you choose? (lapras)
Minion, because I'm not the leader type.

What is Pokemon to you? (a hobby, an interest, etc..) (lapras)

Did you know Cup Ramen wasn't invented by Japanese people? If so, do you know who really invented it? (lapras)
Yes and no.

Brother or sister? (Sacred_Latios)

Which amphibian(s) do you like the most? (Sacred_Latios)

What do people hate about you? (Sacred_Latios)
No idea.

What do people like about you? (Sacred_Latios)
I get stuff done.

do you hate it when people put to many emoticons on their posts? (Titan of Lightning)

which do you like better: psypokes forums or video games? (Titan of Lightning)
Video games.

what's your favorite topic on this site? (Titan of Lightning)
My shop.

do you hate it when people ask unessesary questions? (hhmmm... Wink ) (Titan of Lightning)
Yes. I do...

What is your least favourite game? (Neo_Matrix)

Have you ever lost to a girl on a video game? (Neo_Matrix)
lol girls playing video games.

Have you ever played any other Psypoke staff member (online or locally) and if so, did you win? (Neo_Matrix)
Only played with another Psypoke staff member on ACWW.

What game do you "KICK THE AXXORS" at? (Neo_Matrix)

Do you like soccer? (Gnaaye)
lol sports.

What do you think about wars? (America-Iraq, Israel-Palestine etc..) (Gnaaye)
War bad, duuuude.

If you would have the power to rule the world, what would you do? (Gnaaye)
I would prevent the smiley "XD" from ever being used by anyone.

Team Aqua or Magma? (Gnaaye)

What do you think 'bout Armenian-Turkish discussion? (Gnaaye)

What is your IQ grade? (Dun be shy, post it Smile ) (Gnaaye)
Last I checked...123, but I didn't put any effort into it.

Have you ever played the sport paintball? (heartofdarkness77)

Do you think pokemon is as popular than ever? (heartofdarkness77)
In Japan, maybe.


Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:27 am
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640

18/M/Twin Cities, MN

Favourite Movies:
Stargate, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, National Treasure, LotR Series, Pirates of the Carribean, any good "realistic" SciFi, anything focused on ancient civilizations, or any of those treasure hunting movies like National Treasure.

Favourite Games:
I believe I answered this is the other questions, but I'm a fan of the old Sonic games, and I'm currently obsessed with Guitar Hero II.

Favourite TV Shows:
Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Heroes, Eureka.

Favourite Music:
I'm a rock fan. I'll listen to pretty much anything, but I don't care for most rap or country made after 1995. Clicky Here

Favourite Book:
I don't read much, but Hitchhiker's Guide FTW, I liked the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid, I enjoy the Harry Potter books, and there's this cool series called Imponderables that answers odd questions like "Why is 'blacktop' more of a dull gray color?' and such. It's a fun read.

Favourite Pokemon:
Jigglypuff, obviously. I like most normal types.

How I found Pokemon:
I want to say that it was in 4th grade (8 years ago.. wow) that I started playing. Everyone was into it. My mom got me a GBC and Red, and I had to play in secret, because my dad was strongly opposed to getting a second game system since I still had my Genesis.

How I found Psypoke:
I don't really remember. I know that I was making my own website and somehow ended up on the Psypoke Webring. I'm guessing I was looking for codes, walkthroughs, and stuff before and then signed up at the forums and got my site on the webring.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?
A cherry, because they're awesome.

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
Green. I like green, and weren't the geeks always the green one?

What alcoholic drink best describes you?
Best describes me.. I dunno. A good beer, perhaps. I'm casual and laid back, but not cheap, pathetic, or watered down like a Bud or a Coors.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?
A video game maker/tester. Also, an astronaut.

If a video game was real life, which game would you want it to be?
I don't really know. Something rather happy-go-lucky, I suppose. How about ToeJam and Earl?

What is the ultimate pie?
A thin crust, because too much dough is a bad thing. Filled with sweet black cherries, because there is no better filling. Topped off with a layer of cream cheese (thus practically making this pie into an upside-down cheesecake) and then covered in whipped cream. The tricky part is to get the cherries to be warm but keep the cream cheese and whipped cream cool and of the proper consistency.

How many aliases (on the internet) have you gone under? I remember you using a few different ones on IRC, and I was just curious. (Skull Kid)
Um, a lot. I started Psypoke as Jiggypufff back on the CoolBoard. I've had Jigglypuff, Dalek, Alex_Rowe, and Jack in the chats, and there's a bunch more all over the internet. There's got to be at least 10.

If I forged a real life broodwich, would you eat it? Need I remind you the sandwich is free. (Skull Kid)
Broodwich? What's a broodwich?

Played any Psypoke Staff/Member online/locally? (Neo_Matrix)
Back in the days of the Bots, I had a few battles with people. The E4 always wiped the floor with me, but I was able to beat more of the common members.

Favourite Game? (Neo_Matrix)
Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Guitar Hero II, Super Monkey Ball, Cool Spot, ToeJam and Earl, Super Smash Bros. Series, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Dance Dance Revolution, Evil Genius, Risk, Monopoly, and Mafia.

Least Favourite Game? (Neo_Matrix)
I can't really think of one.

Ever lost to a girl at video games? (Neo_Matrix)
Yes. Some girls are very good at video games. Others hit you if they lose.

Which Next-Gen console? (Neo_Matrix)
I <3 my Wii.

Which Handheld console? (Neo_Matrix)
I don't play handhelds much, actually. I like the DS, but I rarely use mine.

First Game Console?
Sega Genesis, packed with Sonic Spinball.

How would you rate me as a member? (Rapidash)
I'm afraid I don't know you that well. Thus, you rate neither good nor bad as far as I'm concerned.

If you could change the name "Psypokes" to something else, what would it be? (Rapidash)
Psypoke, like it's supposed to be... stupid domain name thieves.

Do you like cookies? (SwampZard)

Who's your favorite member? (SwampZard)
All of them that do not annoy me.

Can I have a cookie? (SwampZard)
Only if you give me at least two.

What's your favourite coding language? Why? (nfield)
I don't really have one. I work primarily in Java, but it can get really frustrating at times. I never got far enough into C++ to accomplish much, but it seems like a good language. And, of course, I did start off with mIRC Scripts, though I don't remember too much anymore.

Have you decided on a university? I can't remember if you've been accepted or not. (nfield)
Yes. I will be going to Carroll College, located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconcin.

You should come to the next psypoke party I have, if I do. Just thinking about it. (nfield)
Indeed, I should.

What is your favourite cartoon, and why? (nfield)
American cartoon? The Simpsons, back when it was good. Same thing goes for Family Guy. They've gone downhill. As far as Japanese Anime goes, I really liked Last Exile, Azumanga Daioh, Dual!, and Fate/Stay Night. Conversely, Air is probably the most depressing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Which is worse: having a unibrow for the rest of your life, or having only one eyebrow for the rest of your life? (nfield)
The monobrow. You can shave off the center of a unibrow much easier than you can transplant hair to mirror a monobrow.

Which is worse: having a job that you love but pays poorly, or having a job that you hate but pays very well? (nfield)
Having a job you hate but pays well. I have a job I hate that pays like crap, though. If I had a job I loved and still got paid the same as now, I would be much happier than if I were to get a massive raise on my current job.

Christopher Ecclestone or David Tennant? (Kryten)
Chris. David's cool and all, but Chris just seems better. "It IS protected" has nothing on "I'm the Doctor. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" you know?

What's your job? (Kryten)
I work at a grociery store.

What's your dream job? (Kryten)
Computer Programmer, hopefully working on video games.

Do you like ninjas? (Kryten)
If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

What would you do if you found a fossil worth over a million {insert currency here}? (Kryten)

Favourites: (Kryten)
-Time Era?
Ancient. As in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome. Sure, that's quite a spread, but all those "Ancient" cultures are quite interesting to me.

-Famous Person?
Masi Oka, David Hewlett, Richard Dean Anderson, or Michael Shanks.

Pasta, so long as it has plenty of sauce, and preferably with some meat, and LOADS of cheese.

-Dangerous animal?
Penguin. Seriously, they're dangerous!

-Pokemon? (lol)
Pikachu..... norly. Jigglypuff, thus the username.

WHAT is the circumference of a moose?!? (Flaming_Wuzzle)
Michael Palin with his face in a pie times Douglas Adams squared.

What languages do you speak? (Peanut-Lover)
I only speak English, though I can read Latin. It's difficult to converse in it though.

Whats your favorite type of cheese? (Peanut-Lover)
Farmer's Cheese is good... so is Colby-Monteray Jack. Cheese in general is good.

Do you eat sushi? (Peanut-Lover)
No, but I'd like to try some day.

If you live in the United States, are you Blue, Red, or Purple? (Democrat, Republican, Mix) (Peanut-Lover)
None. Democrats and Republicans are not the answer. Political Parties are nothing more than a way for the idiodic masses to blindly check a box based on what letter is in parenthesis after the guy's name. My political views lie in the Centrist region of the diamond-spectrum.

Do you like George W. Bush (ideas, views, etc; not personal) (Peanut-Lover)
I believe that, given what he had to work with, he's done the best he can. He could have done better, but I think that the people that blame Bush for every little problem are morons who just feel like blaming someone.

What type of government do you like best - Direct Democracy, IndirectDemocracy(Republic), or Dictatorship? (Peanut-Lover)
A totalitarian government where all who oppose the greater intellect (ie, the shallow end of the gene pool) are exterminated. This is a stupid question. Everyone's going to go with a government where the people have the rights they deserve and the protections they should be able to expect.

Which economic system do you like best...Communism or Free Enterprise? (Peanut-Lover)
Oh, communism all the way. We wouldn't want people thinking for themselves and being innovative now, would we? Again, stupid question.

If you could control one country, what would it be? What would you do with it? (Peanut-Lover)
Liechtenstein. Conquer the world.

Whats your dream car? (Peanut-Lover)
A brand new, dark blue, convertible Mazda RX-8 and a dark blue 1968 Pontiac GTO.

What is your dream house? (Peanut-Lover)
Three or four levels should do it. A big garage, a larger power line running in. Wire it all up for networking, audio, and video. Finish it off in cherry wood. Not natural Brazillian Cherry, but that fake kind, where it's almost sickeningly red, like it's oozing grenedine, but actually still looks REALLY nice.

If you had to volunteer (as in community service), and you had a choice of doing anything, what would it be? Would it be serving food at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen, working in a hospital? Would it be picking up trash on the street? (Peanut-Lover)
I found $20 when cleaning a road once.

Would you prefer to work in an orphanage, or adopt abandoned/parent-less kids? (Peanut-Lover)
I definitely don't want to work in an orphanage, but I never really would think about adopting either.

If you could be excused from one subject at school, what would it be? Please don't say gym due to a medical condition - you can get a medical excuse from a doctor... (Peanut-Lover)
Either English or Latin.

For the following questions, please choose one answer from the list below: (Peanut-Lover)
RBY, GSC, EmSaRu/FrLG, or DP
Which generation of games is your favorite? Least favorite?
I liked RBY and GSC. R/S were ok. Never played E, Fr/Lg or DP though.

Which generation introduced the best pokemon? The worst?
RBY. Anything after GSC was like they weren't even trying.

Which generation had the most balanced metagame? Seeing as it was an unclear question for anyone who doesn't fight competitively, which do you feel had the most balance between sweepers, tanks, and walls?
Balance between what?

Which generation of anime was your favorite?
Um... back when it was set in the RBY area.

Compared to the other mods in the last few months, have you become more tense, less tense, or about the same? (Peanut-Lover)
My life has been consistantly stressful.

What motto do you live by, and/or what values do you strongly believe in? (sN0wBaLL)
Never tell me what I CAN'T do or who I SHOULD be; I'll prove you wrong or die trying.

If there is one thing in 2006 that you could have done differently, what would it be, and why? (sN0wBaLL)
I should have gotten a better job, and got it sooner.

What are some of your goals and aspirations in life? (sN0wBaLL)
I want to become a programmer, but I'll have to graduate first. I've got an internship at nVidia waiting for me, and I wouldn't mind making a career out of that. Some day, I'd like to be able to build my own home (well, hire people to build it to my specifications).

When will youedit nfields post about you giving a cookie if we report pokemon talk in the help section? (Peanut-Lover)
Do not listen to this nfield. He is the Great Deceiver. He shall lead you down the path to burning hellfire.

which do you prefer: psypokes, or video games? (Titan of Lightning)
Well, Psypoke was founded on a game. I spend more time playing games, but there isn't all that much to do around here.

Do you enjoy working in Psypoke? (Kacho)
It's not bad. Pay's decent, we get good benefits, every Friday is Casual Friday, and Amphy can often be spotted wandering around the office without his shirt on. I can't complain.

What is your favorite legendary pokemon? (Kacho)
I never cared for legendaries. Articuno was cool, though. (No pun intended)

What is your favorite grass type pokemon? (Kacho)
Again, never a big grass fan. I can't think of any one that stands out.

What is your favorite planet? (Kacho)
Neptune's an interesting place.

PC or laptop? (Kacho)
Laptops are nice an portable, but my desktop is much more powerful.

Sun or moon? (Kacho)
Moon. I like the night, and I'm an amature astronomer.

ice creams or muffins? (Kacho)
How about a bowl of ice cream with a Mr. Muffin on the side?

Nile or Himalayas? (Kacho)
Nile. Egypt = win.

Coca-cola or Pepsi? (bobashotmace)

Do you worship and pray to me as your god? Just like me? (bobashotmace)
I bow before no man.

What is your favorite restaurant? (Galar)
Fast Food: Arby's. Semi-fast: Culver's. Sit-down: Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill

What is your favorite type of pie? (Galar)
French Silk, Cherry, Lemon... almost all pies are good.

Oreos or Skittles? (Galar)
SKITTLES! ;P Though, I won't refuse an Oreo.

If you had a dime, for half the things you did that didn't make no sense at all, would you be living a little higher on the hog? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
Indeed I would.

Favorite candy? (Sneaky_Sneasel)

Favorite chocolate bar? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
Most of them.

Opinion on the ninja vs. pirate debate? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
Pirates and Ninjas agree: Cowboys suck.

lol S_S? (Sneaky_Sneasel)

What do you do in your spare time? (DatVu)
Relax, watch SciFi, play video games, talk to friends.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? :o (DatVu)
Manipulation of Time-Space. Being able to stop, start, speed up, or slow down time, and intantly teleport.. that would be cool. So would phasing though... both trough solid objects and the visible spectrum. Tough call.

Where would you like to travel? (DatVu)
I'd like to go back to Australia, see Japan, the Carribean, and I have, on several occasions, threatened to invade New Zealand.

Kirby vs. Jigglypuff - who would win? (Krisp)
Jigglypuff. While Kirby was getting ready to inhale, the beatdown would begin.

Sonic vs. Mario - who would win? (Krisp)
Sonic. Speed and power. Well, assuming we're talking about Super Sonic, of course.

Tails vs. Luigi - who would win? (Krisp)
Luigi. Cause he's cool like that.

Who is worse? George Bush, Tony Blair or Angela Merkel (the comedy option ^_^)? (goldenquagsire)
Who's Angela Merkel? I vote Helen Clark.

Have you seen Torchwood yet? (goldenquagsire)
No, actually.

Daleks VS Cybermen? (goldenquagsire)

English or Latin? (AABM)
Latin is interesting, but I converse in English.

Brazil or Italy? (AABM)
I like Italian food, but I know this nice girl from Brazil, so I'll take the former.

Do you like Wigglytuff, and why? (AABM)
Sure. That's more of TK's business though.

Should you go on chats when possible? (AABM)
I'm on the chats quite often. Other people should be too.

Can I ask you one more question? (AABM)

what would yo like to do next time you read a post like this: "OOOWWHH, MAN THTH WAS GEWD!!!11!1 I LUVT IT!"? (AABM)
Delete it.

Would you prefer it if I asked you my "standard" questions personally instead of having another person post it on my behalf? =O (sN0wBaLL)
I should think that's only the decent thing to do.


Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:03 pm
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640


Favourite Movies:
The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, most Jackie Chan movies

Favourite Games:
Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, various Mario games, Super Smash Bros. (not Melee), James Bond games

Favourite TV Shows:

Favourite Music:
Also none

Favourite Book:
Most of Douglas Adams' books, the Harry Potter series

Favourite Pokemon:
Jolteon, Milotic, Starmie, Charizard, Umbreon

How I found Pokemon:
In third grade, the cards were really popular, and eventually some of my friends gave me some, so I just started collecting those.

How I found Psypoke:
Probably through searching the internet for how the Pokemon games worked.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
It wouldn't matter as long as it's not white. If not, I could get minority benefits.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?
Professional baseball player

If a video game was real life, which game would you want it to be?
Probably Animal Crossing because it looks so easy. If not, probably Pokemon.

What can you tell about yourself that you think most people wouldn't know?
I play sports and do a lot of other things than video games, Pokemon, or the internet.


tiger10x is: (5 adjectives) (DatVu)
Multi-talented, athletic, quiet, aware and usually doing something.

tiger10x is stuck in a boring seminar titled "Art Has No History," he'd rather be doing what? (DatVu)
At home, wondering why I would be in such a seminar.

"The three most important people to me are:" (DatVu)
My father, mother and brother mainly because they've been with me my whole life.

If you could go on an expense paid vacation to anywhere, to do whatever you wanted, where would you go and what would you do? (DatVu)
Some place with a beach, zoo, and unlimited gaming resources. What I would do is self-explanatory.

What is your favorite legendary pokemon? (Kacho)

What is your favorite grass type pokemon? (Kacho)
The new Grass Eeveelution Riifuia/Leafia. Excluding the 4th gen, I can't say that I have a favorite Grass type.

Do you enjoy working for Psypoke? (Kacho)
Yes; it has its ups and downs.

What is your favorite planet? (Kacho)
Earth, mainly because I live here. Also mainly because if I didn't say Earth, the planet might get mad at me and kick me off.

Why is there an "x" at the end? (Kacho)
When I first signed up at one of my friends' forums, it required an eight character username. I wanted "tiger10" but had to but in something else to make it fit. "X" is a cool letter, so I just took that.

What is your first pokemon game? (Kacho)

Can questions like this interview get more personal? (Kacho)
Unfortunately, yes.

Rainy or sunny? (Kacho)

Earth or air? (Kacho)
Umm, I'm kind of used to living on the ground, so I guess earth. Flying would cool, though.

Cold climate/weather or hot climate/weather? (Kacho)
Hot. No shoveling snow.


What languages do you speak?
I can speak all of them, but I wouldn't know what I'd be saying.

Whats your favorite type of cheese?

Do you eat sushi?

If you live in the United States, are you Blue, Red, or Purple? (Democrat, Republican, Mix)
Yellow. I'm my own political party.

Do you like my country's president, George W. Bush (ideas, views, etc; not personal)
I don't dislike him, but I don't love and cherish every single thing he does.

What type of government do you like best - Direct Democracy, IndirectDemocracy(Republic), or Dictatorship?
One that I wouldn't have to worry about so that I could live normally.

Which economic system do you like best...Communism or Free Enterprise?
A barter economy.

If you could control one country, what would it be? What would you do with it?
I wouldn't want to control a country even if I could.

Whats your dream car (Company, model [ie, Convertiible, Pick-Up, SUV], Color, Seating [leather vs. other material], etc). Basically, describe what car you would have if you could have any car on earth (or even in the movies - batmobile is popular).
I'm not interested in any specific types of cars.

What is your dream house (how many floors, rooms? how big? Elevators vs. escalators? How big would the property be? How big do you want your backyard? etc)
I'd have to be actually looking at available houses to see what I'd like, but a medium-sized one would be nice. Enough of a yard to do stuff in, and escalators would be cool, but a little too weird to have in a house.

If you had to volunteer (as in community service), and you had a choice of doing anything, what would it be? Would it be serving food at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen, working in a hospital? Would it be picking up trash on the street?
I helped with a local library's chess club once, and it was always fun to mess with some little kids' minds and either tell them really complicated strategies or how pawns had magic moves that could only be used if you did something weird or stupid. (Example: having four pawns on the same square while singing "Old McDonald" results in automatic victory.)

Would you prefer to work in an orphanage, or adopt abandoned/parent-less kids?

If you could be excused from one subject at school, what would it be? Please don't say gym due to a medical condition - you can get a medical excuse from a doctor...
Health or an arts credit in general.

Which generation of games is your favorite? Least favorite?
RSE is my favorite, but I think I'll like PD more since it's new. There's no real least favorite.

Which generation introduced the best pokemon? The worst?
The 4th, PD, mainly because it's one that I'm around for when it's being introduced. Again, no worst.

Which generation had the most balanced metagame? Seeing as it was an unclear question for anyone who doesn't fight competitively, which do you feel had the most balance between sweepers, tanks, and walls?
The metagame will always adapt itself to be more balanced, so there's no real "most balanced."

Which generation of anime was your favorite?

Compared to the other mods in the last few months, have you become more tense, less tense, or about the same?
Same, I guess.

Why r u so quiet on the chats?
I'm just quiet in general. If I don't have anything to say specifically, I won't say anything. Also, I'm usually busy doing other stuff like homework. I do talk if I'm in a really good mood, too.


What motto do you live by, and/or what values do you strongly believe in? (sN0wBaLL)
A motto would be: "If I had a bar of gold." It's really vague, but you have to be able to think to understand. For values, I think that honesty, organization, and the ability to understand are really important.

If there is one thing in 2006 that you could have done differently, what would it be, and why? (sN0wBaLL)
I would have tried harder to get myself ready for baseball season.

What are some of your goals and aspirations in life? (sN0wBaLL)
There are quite a few careers that I'd be happy with, but I doubt that I could get them all. These include: computer programming (like games), writing reviews/guides/strategies on games, teaching, and coaching.

What is your date of birth? (Krisp)
Feb 25, 1991

Have you completed the pokedex in any version(s)? (Krisp)
Only the Hoenn dex in Sapphire and Emerald. I have needed only Hitmonlee in my FireRed, but I still haven't gotten it (or at least tried to) for some reason. The National Dex is just too big.

Why are you so quiet? (Krisp)

I know your favorite Eeveelution is Jolteon, but what is your second favorite? (Krisp)
Umbreon. The entire order goes like this: Jolteon > Umbreon > Gureishia > Riifuia > Espeon > Flareon > Vaporeon. And even though Vaporeon's last on that list, I still like it a lot more than other Pokemon.

Will you be my Valentine? (Krisp)
Umm... no?

tiger y u not talk in chats???????/? :( (Krisp)
Because if I talk, the world will go boom.

You said awhile ago in the chats that you play baseball. What position do you play? (nfield)
I can play third base, pitcher, and utility infield.

Are you ticklish? (nfield)

If you could have one thing, what would it be? (nfield)
A pardon from homework.

Are you ever going to post a photo? (nfield)
I probably will once I get a good enough photo and/or if I give into peer pressure.

What do you think about having a meme named after you (HE NEEDED TO GO, etc)? (nfield)
It's umm... interesting, I guess. I don't mind it, but I wouldn't like it if it became a really big thing.

Did you know that I <3 you? :X (nfield)

Which is worse: pouring a big bowl of cereal and realizing there is no milk, or pouring a big bowl of cereal and milk and later finding out the milk is sour? (nfield)
I wouldn't know because I've never poured a bowl before.

Which is worse: being with the one you love 24/7 and getting sick of each other, or being 500 miles apart and missing each other? (nfield)
The getting sick one because that would result in no longer liking the person or liking to be with the person.

Do you need to go? (Jigglypuff)
Not yet

What will your next daily quit message be? (Skull Kid)
"I think I may or may not need to go." However, considering that my number of forced disconnections has gone up considerably, the disconnection message would work.

What's your favorite place in the world? (Galar)
My house, mainly because it's where I'm used to spending all of my time.

If you could play any Pokemon in-game role (as breeder, trainer, gym leader, etc.), which would it be, and why? (Galar)
Being a gym leader would be cool if it was really in-game. Then you could set your own traps and challenges and stuff. A breeder would be nice and calm, though.

What is your zodiac sign? Do you think you are a good example of that sign's personality? (Galar)
Pisces. I don't believe that the time that a person born in should have or has any similarities with a person. I'm not that superstitious.

Have you already thought about your future career? If you had, what will it be? (Galar)
Yes, see above.

What's your favorite Pokemon game outside of the versions (RBY, GSC, etc.)? (Sneaky_Sneasel)

Favorite food? Color? Number? School subject? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
Watermelon, orange, 10, computer programming (respectively).

Where did your screenname come from? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
"Tiger" was the name of my dog, and "10" was just a number. They originally formed my first password (as "tiger10"), but eventually I started using it as a screenname. The "x" came in because I needed an eighth character at some forum, and it stuck.

lol S_S? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
S_S lol

*poof* -FW (Kryten)
Presuming that was a stupid question, ty.

What's your favourite video game? (Kryten)
Standard question. I don't have an absolute favorite.

How long have you been at the forums? (Since before the new ones) (Kryten)
I joined on the date in my profile. I was not a member of any previous Psypoke forums.

What's your current wallpaper? (Kryten)
I use a family computer, so it's still the default.

Do you enjoy writing game guides? (Kryten)

How do you find time to do the CMHoF? I'm hard pressed to find time for the DBHoF and I could use some time management help. (daveshan)
I don't have a necessarily tight schedule, but I'm still usually busy enough to keep out of my priorities for a while. I don't try to make it really important, but I do it when I can.

What do you think of the P/D pokemon? (Radio Willy)
I like them. New things are usually welcome to me, and since I've never actually had a chance to welcome in a new generation of Pokemon (I picked up the games with Crystal after RS came out), it's pretty cool.

If you could be any creature in the real universe, besides a human, what would it be? (Radio Willy)
Dog. They're cool and get to do whatever all day

If you could be any creature in the pokemon universe, besides a human, what would it be? (Radio Willy)

If you could be any creature in a non-real/sci-fil/fictional, e.t.c universe, besides a human, what would it be? (Radio Willy)
A dog again, I guess.

What do you think of these forums? (Radio Willy)
I haven't been along long enough to notice a severe decrease in constructive discussion, but I can say that it has become less fun to take part in discussion.

Have you ever played the game Escape Velosity Nova before? (Radio Willy)
No, and I've never heard of it.

What do you think of me? (Radio Willy)
And you are...?

Coke or Pepsi? (bobashotmace)
Ironically, I don't drink soda.

What's your fave type? (SAIRAM)
Electric or fire. I don't have a real favorite one, but those ones stand out a little.

which do you like more: video games, or psypokes? (Titan of Lightning)
Video games are for fun, and Psypoke

would you like it if this random member gave you 1000 psybucks for no reason at all? (Titan of Lightning)
I wouldn't care, it's money on the internet.

would you like it if it was real money? (Titan of Lightning)
...more than likely, yes.


Sat Feb 03, 2007 11:11 pm
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Psypoke Legend
Psypoke Legend
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Joined: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:28 am
Posts: 640

20/Male/Cleveland, Ohio

Favourite Movies:
12 Angry Men, Airplane!, All about Eve, All the Presidents Men, Amadeus, American Beauty, The Aviator, A Beautiful Mind, Big Fish, Back to the Future, The Birds, Chicago, A Christmas Story, Crash, Die Hard series, Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Finding Nemo, Forrest Gump, Gandhi, Gladiator, The Godfather I & II, Indiana Jones series, The Green Mile, Groundhogs Day, It’s a Wonderful Life, El Laberinto del Fauno, Little Miss Sunshine, The Manchurian Candidate, Memento, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Mononoke-hime, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, My Cousin Vinny, My Fair Lady, My Fellow Americans, The Pianist, Planet of the Apes, The Princess Bride, Psycho, Pulp Fiction, Rain Man, Ray, Saving Private Ryan, Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi, The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, The Sixth Sense, The Sound of Music, Stand by Me, Star Wars IV, V, & VI, T2: Judgment Day, Toy Story, The Usual Suspects, The West Side Story, Willy Wanka.

Lots of movies I’m sure I’m forgetting, and I recommend that anyone see any of these. No westerns on the list; I don’t like them, but I’m sure some are good. Lots of older movies I still want to see as well that I’m sure would make the list.

Favourite Games:
Zelda Series, Tetris Series, Mystical Ninja, Tekken Series, Morrowind, Goldeneye, SSBM, Resident Evil Series, etc. etc. etc. Monopoly, Axis and Allies, and Chess for board games. Baseball, tennis, and golf as organized sport games.

Favourite TV Shows:
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Friends, Futurama, Spongebob, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, 12oz. Mouse, ATHF, The Simpsons, Mission Hill, Camp Lazlo, South Park, Family Guy, Venture Bros., Morel Orel, The Oblongs... I watch almost exclusively cartoons and probably will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Favourite Music:
I enjoy classical music. Mostly piano pieces, pieces from the Baroque era, or Catholic liturgical music. Chopin, Bach, Händel, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky are some of my favorite composers. The piano (obviously), violin, and organ are my favorite instruments. I also consider and enjoy the voice as somewhat a pseudo-instrument. It is an important part of a piece, the quality of it can seriously affect the quality of the piece, and I don’t ever what to know what the hell they’re singing about. Never in English, somewhat for the same reason as stated here:

Morgan Freeman as Red in The Shawshank Redemption wrote:
I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don’t want to know. Some things are best left unsaid. I’d like to think they were singing about something so beautiful, it can’t be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it.

I do also like many other forms of music. I enjoy music from the genres of classic rock, alternative, metal, 80’s pop, industrial, blues, jazz, and some oldies, modern pop/rock/whathaveyou, R&B, and a little techno. I’m not a fan of rap/hip-hop, and I can say that I hate reggae and country. I have a account, which I recently reset, but I don’t scrobble anything but classical. My listening habits for other genres are highly irregular, such as listening to one or a few songs to cure a fix for a particular sound. Other music is for driving or listening to while working out or kicking someone’s ass in a video game, a reason why I wish Xbox would have used the “rip music to listen to in-game” feature more.

Favourite Book:
I don’t read works of fiction, and all other books I don’t read front to cover. It’s mostly just reference materials. I like short reads such as definitions and the like. My favorite book is a picture book called McMinn’s Color Atlas of Human Anatomy: Fifth Edition. That cost me quite a bit for a book its size I must say, but I suppose that’s true with all books with print similar to this one.

Favourite Pokemon:
Chansey, Jirachi, Vileplume, Pochama, Wooper, Togepi, Chikorita, Plusle & Minun, Mudkip, Skitty, Torchic, Luvdisk, and Wobbufet. Anything cute really (well, wobbufet and vileplume not being so cute, but I still like them).

How I found Pokemon (Kryten, Krisp):
I remember Pokémon was a huge deal when it first came out, but it was labeled a kid’s game, etc. Yet, it was still in my age group to play it (I was in 5th grade), it wasn’t the cool thing, and you were lame if you did. I assumed this was true and never played it, until one of my mother’s ex-boyfriend’s kids was playing Red when they were visiting the house. I was grounded from doing pretty much anything, so I snuck it from one of the kids, and as soon as I started playing, I was hooked (my first starter was Charmander, btw). I played it for probably eight or nine hours straight that day, and it was the first and last time I would ever play a Pokémon game until I bought my SP and FireRed only two years ago. I went through an eight-year dry period of no Pokémon; a desire to play that taunted and festered inside of me all the while. :O

How I found Psypoke:
Same as nearly everyone else. After I bought FireRed, I searched for a complete Pokédex with all the information I was looking for, and Psypoke had a nice, well-organized Pokédex compared to others I found. I joined the forum a while after I found the site, after I went to Pokémon Rocks America in Chicago. I didn’t really plan on showing up much, but decided to stick around after I had made a number of posts.

I might have almost joined Serebii, since I didn’t find Psypoke for a bit. Their site was under construction at the time, and since I couldn’t find a decent ‘Dex, I kept checking back to see if they were back up. Had they came back up and their ‘Dex been any good, I might have joined their forums instead. :O

If you were a fruit, what would you be?
A litchi (US FDA (and Firefox preferred) spelling, also lychee, common name for species Litchi chinensis according to ITIS). They look cool and are original and make tasty martinis.

Which colour Power Ranger would you be?
I don’t know; I never really liked Power Rangers. I hardly even know the colors. There’s a green one right? I’ll pick him, because umm… he kicks the most ass?

As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?
I’ve always wanted to be a medical doctor of sorts. Traditional MD, psychiatrist, (brain) surgeon. One time I said I wanted to be a priest, because going to church made me feel good. Not because I thought it was the right thing to do, or that it made me feel pious, it just gave me a good feeling. That idea didn’t last long though.

If a video game was real life, which game would you want it to be?
I really don’t know. Owning and trading some pokeymanz would be pretty cool, but it also might be cool to live in a more fantasy world, like in Elder Scrolls or something. Castlevania seems neat to me, or if I could live in a place where I get to shoot things like in Resident Evil and such (though some monsters are too scary. D:)

What alcoholic drink best describes you?
I might have to say a martini. There’s a flavor that suits just about anyone’s taste. It’s also a social drink, but not cheap like beer or too expensive like a nice Scotch or Cognac. It can be classy too, but not too stuffy to have during any occasion, like wine or champagne. Despite it being a sweet drink at times, it isn’t overly sweet (or sluttish even) like a blended drink can be (margaritas or daiquiris).

Whats your fave Poke? (SAIRAM)
My favorite Pokémon is Chansey, then Jirachi, just ‘cause they’re cute.

Whats your fave type? (SAIRAM)
I’m not really sure what my favorite type is. I think fire, electric, or ground maybe. :|

Coca Cola or Pepsi? (bobashotmace)
For the first part of my life, I used to drink Pepsi and Pepsi products. I actually drink almost exclusively Dr. Pepper, milk, or water now (as far as non-alcoholic drinks are concerned ._.), but I have taken a preference to Coke over Pepsi in the past couple of years.

Well, Valentines Day is coming up, do you care? (bobashotmace)
I care very much. Valentine’s Day, like birthdays, anniversaries, and other days you get to celebrate people close to you, is very important to me. I don’t often have the opportunity to show my affection for some people I know, so holidays give me the means and the excuse to spend my time and money on them. It’s hard to think of something to do with my girlfriend when I don’t have a lot of money to spend. :( We like to travel or eat at nice places, but I don’t have the money to do anything. My girlfriend is trying to think of some place we can go, but I feel like hell that she has to be spending most of the money.

What’s with your avatar? (Kryten)
I’m not sure which one you’re referring to, since I changed it very soon before you asked this question. This avatar is the fifth row alien of Space Invaders. My previous one was a drawing my girlfriend drew of me about a year or so before we even dated called Super Virgin. Before that, I believe it was a picture through a microscope of “Chaunsey,” a “face” I saw in a slide of human connective tissue. Then was probably my Pingu avatar, a spoof off The Ring, an American take on the Japanese movie named Ringu. Thus, Pingu, the German (?) penguin clay coming from the well. Before that, it was a drawing my girlfriend drew of me choking on a piece of her hair, which I frequently do. Can’t remember anything before the choking.

Did you ever used to watch the Anime? (Kryten, Gnaaye)
I can’t really remember animé ever being a big thing when I was a kid. Sure it was popular, but not enough so to be apart of regular programming. I believe the first animé I ever watched was Speed Racer on Cartoon Network, and I liked that, but I despised animé for its almost identical animation style in every show. I did catch a few episodes of Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing when Cartoon Network picked up their shows, but I still wasn’t keen to them. I don’t mind them much now. Sometimes I’ll watch Fullmetal Alchemist or InuYasha when they come on Adult Swim, but I don’t follow the series.

Have you ever been to KFC and not had chicken? (Kryten)
No, and I miss their stuffing. I’ve never been to another chicken place either. Sometime I’ll hit up Church’s or Popeye’s on the East Side.

How did you pick your username? (Kryten)
My username comes from a Vietnamese man that lives on the West Side of Cleveland with a large number of his relatives living in the same house. One night, my cousin and I were bored (somewhere between 2-4 am) and decided that we were going to prank someone. We took out the White Pages, opened it up to a random name, I slammed my finger down on a page (an idea I got from the movie The Jerk), and pranked whomever’s name I touched. Dat Vu, 1-216-671-7560.

The calls didn’t end that night, we weren’t the only ones to prank him, and eventually they changed their number and made it unlisted (after a few years mind you). I stopped calling him a long time ago, and I don’t condone this type of behavior, but he’s a legend in my heart. I had decided that if I ever have trouble thinking of a username, screen name, or character name, I would use the “default” DatVu. I was also prompted to use numbers when I signed up for my Photobucket account, so I had to use MrVu671 (671 being Vu’s city code in his number), which I sometimes use.

The next Psypokian real life meeting is going to be me and you. RITE? :O (Krisp)
I thought that was the plan. I talked to SK when I met Nick and Scott, and he suggested that the next time I meet someone, it should be him, you, and I. I’d pick you up on the way, and then we’d hang out at SK’s? I don’t really know, we’ll see how things work out.

Ohio > Michigan, right? ;D (Krisp)
That’s where we dump all of our degenerates, so yeah.

Are you popular in the toen [town?] you live in? (Preblooch)
I don’t know anyone who hates me in real life. I’m sure that some people don’t care for me somewhere, not everyone likes you. I don’t have many friends, because I prefer to have fewer, close friends. When I was in high school, I only had three people I would have considered friends (yet, I really wanted more). I wasn’t unpopular; people knew who I was, and they liked me, but I never went out and did anything. I was and still am different from people my age.

I only have about three friends now, and I mostly spend time with my family; I’m very close to them. Everyone I knew in high school are in school, working, or making losers of themselves, so very few are actually still around anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’re popular, as long as you’re happy with the people you’re close to.

Why do you think you’re a mod? (Preblooch)
I think I’m a mod, because the other staff generally like me. I am intelligent to an extent, constructive, respectful, and I adhered to the rules of the community pre-mod. Also, something about gravy.

What is the most useless holiday ever created? (blaziken234)
I love almost all holidays, to be frank. They usually give me an opportunity to spend time with my family and my girlfriend. I even like Sweetest Day, but maybe only in that I have someone. However, I do disagree with national holidays that celebrate individual people, President’s Day, MLK Jr. Day, and Columbus Day (Christmas and Easter being different in ways I’d rather not bore you with considering I’ve talked enough already). Columbus Day is by far the most ludicrous.

Columbus’ Voyage was financed by Queen Isabel of Castile to find a Western trade route to India. Upon reaching Española (present day Cuba), it were the goals of the expeditions of the Spaniards to “procure as much gold as need[ed]” and lead the indigenous population “to become Christians,” as ordered by the crown’s secondary objectives of the expedition. As soon as 1500, the Arawaks that greeted Columbus and his crew were all but exterminated, primarily by disease, but by slavery, abuse and murder as well, to instill fear for controlling and converting the natives to the Holy Catholic Faith and obtaining the riches of this new land. However, Queen Isabel never paid Columbus for “discovering” the New World, since he did not in fact reach India. Pathetically, he died penniless, proclaiming until his last breath that the “New World” was indeed India. This is the man we celebrate.

Burger King or McDonalds? (blaziken234)
I typically go to McDonald’s more. I just like their plain or double cheeseburgers. I’ll eat a Whopper when my girlfriend wants to go to BK, which she prefers, and I like the “flame broiled” taste sometimes. I rarely go to either anyway. I eat at Quizno’s a lot for fast food. Taco Bell too, I like their Chicken Burrito Supremes.

Cake or Pie? (blaziken234)
I actually don’t like frosting, so pie. I like those ice cream cakes as a replacement for traditional cakes. My favorite pie would have to be apple with some vanilla ice cream. :9 A good, tart berry pie is also yummy, and rhubarb is pretty tasty for a change of pace.

Favorites:(blaziken234, Kacho for Fruit)
Meat: Most of all, Tournedos for beef, but also bacon for pork, duck for poultry, tuna or halibut for fish, and crab for “shellfish” (lumped together despite bivalves and crustaceans being distinctly different (I also find it curious that people are allergic to both despite them being rather different taxonomically. If anyone has the answer for what properties are present in both bivalves and crustaceans that make people allergic to them both at the same time, please PM me for Psybucks reward.))
Fruit/Veggie: Bananas or strawberries. Veggie is harder. Many meals I love have spinach or broccoli, and red bell peppers can add great flavor. I love the sweet flavor of cooked tomatoes, but raw, they make me want to vomit literally. However, if we’re talking plain, I would say corn.
Cereal: Another hard choice. I always proclaimed my favorite was Peanut Butter Crunch, and I think it is, but I’ve taken a great likening to Crispix and Corn Chex. I just love cereal in general and it’s very hard to pick a specific favorite. It’s one of my favorite foods.
Soft Drink: I sort of answered this earlier, but Dr. Pepper is my favorite. :)

Why does Peanut-Lover ask retarded questions? (blaziken234)
I don’t know of any questions he’s asked other than in this interview, and I don’t feel they’re “retarded.” Some are relevant to my interests, and surely you could have asked that question in a more constructive manner.

If you live in the United States, are you Blue, Red, or Purple? (Democrat, Republican, Mix) (Peanut-Lover)
Very much purple. I always try to find both sides of the issue. I hate that every media is biased and the fact that almost all media is liberal in the US. It’s difficult to find the “truth” on any topic, and I often have to do a lot of research to generate views on certain political subjects. In 2004, I voted mostly Democrat, but in 2006, I voted mostly Republican.

Do you like my country’s president, George W. Bush (ideas, views, etc; not personal) (Peanut-Lover, Gnaaye)
Yes and no. I admire his attitude to an extent. I think his religion plays too much in some political decisions. I think he made this country safer. Iraq was bad timing, and partially a lie, but Saddam was a terrible person. This is a loaded question, and unfortunately, I don’t have that much time to discuss, sorry. I hope I helped explain a little bit.

Whats your dream car (Company, model [ie, Convertiible, Pick-Up, SUV], Color, Seating [leather vs. other material], etc). Basically, describe what car you would have if you could have any car on earth (or even in the movies - batmobile is popular). (Peanut-Lover)
Luxury, elegance, and style. Mercedes seems nice, but rates poorly on reliability. Yet, if I had a ton of money, I suppose that wouldn’t matter. Porsche, Ferrari, and the like seem like fun cars, and they have luxury, but when will I be able to go fast? James Bond had some nice cars, but the government doesn’t let you blow **** up.

What is your dream house (how many floors, rooms? how big? Elevators vs. escalators? How big would the property be? How big do you want your backyard? etc) (Peanut-Lover)
2 living floors, attic, and basement. Older style would be nice; brick/stone house, leaded windows, and slate roof. If I have an elevator for accessibility reasons, it’s rather old in style as well (1920’s). Marble and hardwood floors, carpet in living areas, and a large, sweeping marble staircase in the main hall like at the Palace Theater downtown (it would be cool to commission a fresco ceiling in the main hall, but who the hell paints like that anymore?). The property doesn’t have to be large, but it is preferred and not particularly apart of a neighborhood, but not in the middle of nowhere too. Backyard should be medium sized and on the lake.

If you had to volunteer (as in community service), and you had a choice of doing anything, what would it be? Would it be serving food at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen, working in a hospital? Would it be picking up trash on the street?
I’d probably volunteer at an animal shelter, hospital, or maybe a senior home, because I feel sorry for them. I’m not a fan of volunteer work for some reason. I plan on donating a lot of money if I become rich, mostly to animal shelters and research.

Would you prefer to work in an orphanage, or adopt abandoned/parent-less kids? (Peanut-Lover)
I really wouldn’t do either. I would adopt a child if my wife couldn’t bare children, but I really only want to have one kid. My girlfriend wants to adopt an Asian child, because she thinks they’re all cute. If I had to choose between the two as a punishment, I’d work in one, unless it was indefinitely, then I would adopt a child.

If you could be excused from one subject at school, what would it be? Please don’t say gym due to a medical condition - you can get a medical excuse from a doctor... (Peanut-Lover)
When I was in grade school, I was messed up. All kids who were messed up or had learning disabilities received an IEP, or in some behavioral cases, an MFE. An IEP is an Individual Education Plan, which stated by some 1970’s education law in Ohio that the schools must adjust to a child’s needs to make learning “equal.” If a child needed a test read aloud, tutors, or special learning classes, he got it. I manipulated this law to my benefit. I had an extreme fear of changing in front of other people and used my IEP to take gym (as it is required for graduation) in the summer, and make up the other credit of gym as a different elective.

In college, I don’t have that. It is a general education requirement to take an “African American Experience” course, and a “Human Diversity” course to obtain my degree. I wish I could be exempt from those, but I’m already taking an African American history course, so I guess it’s a little late for that. I’ll save this hypothetical wish for a graduate course, if I get that far.

For the following questions, please choose one answer from the list below: (Peanut-Lover)
RBY, GSC, EmSaRu/FrLG, or DP

1.) Which generation of games is your favorite? Least favorite?
RBY for nostalgic reasons, I suppose. EmSaRu are sort of lame.

2.) Which generation introduced the best pokemon? The worst?
GSC made almost all the cute Pokémon. ^_^ Most the Pokémon in DP seem ugly and laughable at their designs.

3.) Which generation had the most balanced metagame? Seeing as it was an unclear question for anyone who doesn’t fight competitively, which do you feel had the most balance between sweepers, tanks, and walls?
There isn’t a part of that sentence I understood. I don’t know much about Pokémon. Hence, favorite Pokémon only being cute.

What would you do if you found a dying animal on the road who’s pelt was worth well over a billion {currency}? (Swampert King)
b)Heal it and set it free. Animals are not here for our amusement or to make us rich. I am opposed to animals in the circus, pet shops, and some zoo settings. And if it were a billion yen, it wouldn’t be that much worth it either.

Light or Dark? (Swampert King)
As in day or night, I would have to say dark. I like nightlife, and cities look prettier at that time. Gloomy days also appeal to me, and it looks exceptionally pretty in the fall. But if this question pertains to colors, I don’t have a particular preference, as long as it looks good (though I have been showing a slight preference towards white lately).

Red or green? (Swampert King)
If we’re excluding variations, I would say red. Green, if we aren’t.

Fruits or vegetables? (Swampert King)
Vegetables, since they play a larger roll in creating dishes I enjoy. But again, if they’re raw, then fruit.

If you could choose one way to die what would it be? (Swampert King)
I would prefer to die by natural causes. If I were going to die from an unnatural cause, then I would want to die protecting, serving, or fighting for ideals I believe in or people I care about. It would probably be from exhaustion or in a battle of sorts (knife, bullet wound).

Do you like The Green Mile? (gaiusmarius)
I never read the book, but I liked the movie. It’s somewhat on my list of favorite movies.

Do you think History is cool? (gaiusmarius)
Sure, history is very interesting. I suppose mostly European history, world history from 1900-1950, and some Asian and ancient history are most interesting to me. However, political history, social history, etymology and art history are also pretty neat.

Do you like Avatar: The Last Airbender? (gaiusmarius)
I don’t really have much to compare it to since I don’t watch this type of TV. I only watch comedy cartoons. I’ve seen the show a couple of times; it’s ok, but a little tame. I think there could be a little more ass kicking.

Are you satisfied that the Colts beat the Bears in the Super Bowl and that Peyton Manning is being revered.....-even more! (gaiusmarius)
Umm... I didn’t watch the game. I’m not really a fan of either team, nor do I follow football so closely. I was hoping for the Bears to win actually but for no reason in particular.

Why does Ohio suck so much? (Skull Kid)
I don’t know whether I should scrub the skin off your hands with steel wool or burn it off with a lighter for typing those words in combination.

What is your favorite legendary pokemon? (Kacho)
Jirachi’s legendary, right? He’s cute. I bought the Colosseum bonus disk to get him for the game.

What is your favorite grass type pokemon? (Kacho)
Vileplume, because I used him for my original Pokémon team mostly, but I also think he looks kind of cool.

Do you enjoy working for Psypoke? (Kacho)
I suppose it’s not much different, except I’m more “in the know” now of site changes, activity, and events. I don’t do a whole lot of moderating, because it always seems someone beats me to it, but when I do, I enjoy it.

What is your favorite planet? (Kacho)
Earth is more interesting on the surface than others, but second to Earth would be Saturn, only because it looks cool.

Hot climate or cold climate? (Kacho)
Temperate zones are better. I want the best of all four seasons. Out of the two, hot climates maybe, though far more cold climates have pretty scenery.

Volcano eruptions or tornado destructions? (Kacho)
Lava is cool and you can watch it up close sometimes. Volcanic eruptions can also preserve history, like Pompeii.

Fire or water? (Kacho)
Water, it sustains life. Fire is good though, because you cook with it, keep yourself warm, and it’s good for illegal fun.

Muffin, cupcake, just cake, or donut? (Kacho)
Donuts are yummy and easy to eat. I like the custard filled ones or apple cinnamon. Dunkin’ Donuts is better than Krispy Kreme unless you’re getting the traditional glazed. Muffins would be second because they’re tasty too, but they leave a lot of crumbs.

What’s your favourite place in Cleveland? (nfield)
That’s hard to say. I suppose it would be “uptown” Cleveland, by University Circle, Rockefeller Park, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Little Italy. University Circle is where the Cleveland Museum of Art and natural history museum are, just north of which is Little Italy where they have those red brick streets I like ( and good food ;) ). Going through Rockefeller Park is rather pretty (esp. in the fall), and it reminds me of going to the Clinic, which I enjoyed, since I like doctor appointments. The Clifton and Tremont historical districts have attractive houses and these kinds of oak trees I’m fond of. In addition, if you drive down West Blvd. through the Clifton district, you reach Lake Dr., which has many nice homes that I sometimes like to look at. At the east end of Lake is a portion of Edgewater Park. You can eat lunch there at a picnic table near a ledge, look at the lake, and walk to the beach after you’re done.

Also in Clifton, there’s Don’s Lighthouse, which is a seafood restaurant that my mother used to work at. I like it for nostalgic reasons I suppose, but the building is also rather beautiful, and behind the building is an alley, and at the west end of the alley is a tunnel made of large, now mossy, sandstone bricks. It’s one-way and only serves the purpose of going under a man made hill that elevates railroad tracks leading to downtown, but I like it a lot, because it seems unique. I like the county court house and the Cleveland Public Library main branch too. They’re both pretty buildings, but the courthouse reminds me of all the times I was able to skip school long ago for the custody battles between my mother and father. Not much of a nice sentiment, but it’s the interior I’m fond of and its marble drinking fountains. :) I think that’s the best of Cleveland to me, though there’s much more to mention.

Did you enjoy coming to my town? (nfield)
I liked the people I met, but the town itself was a little lol. :P No, it’s a nice place, but I could never live there. It’s too quiet. D: You’re awfully worried that I didn’t have a good time. :( I had fun.

If you could be better at one thing, what would it be? (nfield)
It depends on whether better defines perfection or not. I suppose having only better concentration would be infinitely useful to me, because I’m having trouble with my schoolwork, as I always have. But if by better, I’m perfect, then I would like to be better at playing the piano. :(

What do you wish you didn’t have? (nfield)
My back is crooked in my upper thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. Sometimes it hurts to lie down, sit for long periods, or do certain exercises. I have a fear that it’s going to worsen and possibly affect my ability to walk or even stand later in life. I have physical therapy exercises I could be doing, but I almost never do them. So, I guess I wish I didn’t have a crooked back.

Who’s your favourite SSBM character? (nfield)
Marth, I think, particularly in his white outfit. I like speed and would trade it for power any day. I might only like him though, because I usually play with my brother. When I pick Marth, he always picks Roy, and they tend to be good battles, fun to play. Zelda/Sheik is my second favorite. Zelda is the only character I like for her power, and Sheik obviously has the speed, but almost no power. Some of my other favorites are Capt. Falcon, Luigi, Link, Pikachu, Ness, and Princess Toadstool, but in no particular order.

What do you hope people notice about yourself? (nfield)
I hope people notice the attitude about my personality I try to show on others. I hope that people feel I am approachable, friendly, honest, sincere, fair, and above all, respectful. I don’t think that people should automatically recognize that I am these things, or I truly believe I am without a doubt. Nevertheless, I certainly try my best be that kind of person, and I hope it shows. It would also be nice if everyone thought I was a genius, funny, and very sexy... Mr. Saturn ;).

Which is worse: losing your keys, or losing your shoes? (nfield)
Whether I lose them completely or just temporarily, to both I would say keys. Keys are smaller and harder to find and some I only have one copy of. I could always buy more shoes or wear sandals. :

Which is worse: having shoes that are too big, or having shoes that are too small? (nfield)
I suppose it depends on how big or how small. I bought 13’s against my better judgment a while ago which were only a little snug, but caused a lot of painful rubbing on the outside of my foot and my tendocalcaneus area. I also bought a pair of work shoes that were only slightly larger, and they didn’t cause much discomfort at all. If they were too large, they’d be hard to keep on my feet, cause little rubbing, and I’d get snow in them, but I suppose that would still be better than shoes that were too painful to wear.

Can you bring more Malibu next time?
I don’t want to be responsible for any deaths. And really, the stuff tastes like I’m putting syrup in my mouth. I’d rather have something more potable. All I can say is I’ll think about it. >:| What will you bring?

This summer, do YOU hear the drumming? (Jigglypuff)
No, that’s a little before my time. I have no heartfelt feelings towards the event itself or the victims. I don’t know anyone who’s connected with the event in anyway. I’ve only been to Kent once myself. The saying around here goes, “Kent read, Kent write, Kent State!”

How did you learn to make cookies? (Galar)
I’ve been cooking for myself for a long time now, starting with basic microwave cooking and such since first grade or so, but I started making my own dinners by the time I was in third. When I got home from school, my mother would go to work, because she could make more money at night, so I learned to cook. She wasn’t always gone, and even sometimes when she wasn’t, I’d make dinner. She showed me a bit, but some things I taught myself. One day I just happened to decide to make cookies, and everyone loved them, so every now and then I do it.

I also just worked at a restaurant, and I learned a lot about techniques and skills of cooking. When you work with such high volume cooking, you have to be extremely fast, clear-minded, and consistent; if not, you have to re-make the meal. I didn’t do so well working on the line, because it was hard to clear my mind and focus on more than three or four tickets at a time. However, the experience helped me learn cooking techniques, and how some common meals are prepared. That combined with the experimentation of food prep enabled me to bring skills home to cook better meals. I discovered that I don’t like cooking for lots of people since its extremely arduous and stressful, but I do like cooking more now, and I like thinking of dishes to cook and such. I don’t do it often mind you, but I think about it.

If you could visit any place in the world right now, where would you go? (Galar)
There are many places I want to visit; picking one over the other is difficult. I think maybe Paris. There’s a lot of art there, and I bet good food. My girlfriend could go shopping as she wants, and I could try my horrible French skills on the natives. Or maybe Rome for the same reasons, except I can’t speak Italian. :

Are your wrists too small? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
I think so, and so does my twin brother, seeing as we both have the same wrists. My girlfriend says I’m crazy. I think the poll here said I was right, or at least 50/50. When I was at Famous Ray’s with Darkk, he explicitly said, “Your wrists really are small!” That’s all I have to say about that.

lol S_S? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
I don’t know where this came from, I don’t understand what it means, and I don’t think I’ve ever said it. I’m not sure why you’re “lol,” but maybe it has to do with the fact that you listen to country. That would be my guess. :P

What would you say your best quality about you is? Your worst? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
I suppose my best quality is that I’m respectful. I try not to judge or stereotype, but everyone is guilty of that once in a while. I try to be helpful and treat people with dignity, even if I don’t like them. However, it is a general fact that people like some more than others, and for whatever reason, have earned more kindness and respect. I firmly believe there are some that naturally deserve more respect, parents/grandparents, teachers/professors, employers, admins (in psypoke’s case), and political figures (yes, even the Queen). This doesn’t mean they deserve unconditional respect, but it is difficult to respect oneself if one doesn’t revere any respect to those one is subordinate. Regardless, an unbiased mind is something that should be present in all professional settings, and it’s something I try to practice when I moderate. This doesn’t mean I’m overly nice. If someone tries to bring themselves above my level or others, I have to knock them down. I don’t tolerate much disrespect.

My worst quality might be that I have bad temper sometimes. Occasionally, I can be very irritable and... enraged, for lack of a better word, when I’m bothered. I’ve been known to say or do some nasty things, most of which I didn’t mean. Not many people have seen me truly angry, thankfully. Maybe only my immediate family members and three people I used to work with. I work on better discipline everyday though, not only with my temper, but with concentration, procrastination, and certain self-seeking pleasures.

If you could change one (appropriate) body part on you body, which one and why? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
A confidence machine assures me I don’t have to worry about that anyway. ;) I gave a related answer with nfield’s questions, but I assume you’re looking for an answer related to physical appearance. I suppose I would want to be stronger, more built; have a healthier, fit look, so muscles? I can’t really think of anything else. Less hairy maybe, smaller eyebrows; they kind of look like caterpillars died above my eyes (but those can always be plucked or waxed anyway).

Are you tired of all the [insert choice A] or [insert choice B] questions? (Sneaky_Sneasel)
No, I was actually disappointed to read that questions were limited ten to a person now.

Who ARE you? (Radio Willy, Gnaaye x2)
I am Matthew. :D I joined Pyspoke on 17 October 2005 and became a gym leader on 06 October 2006. I was born in Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on Thursday, 18 September 1986, just four minutes after my brother in the afternoon at 15:53 EST by Dr. John T. Murray. I am one of three male spawns of my mother’s loins; one brother is four years older than I am. White, light brown hair, bluish green eyes, 6’ 2” (187.96 cm), 170 lbs (77.10708 kg). I was born to a large, Catholic, Republican lower-middle class family with ancestry from Germany, Ireland, England, France, Hungary, and former Czechoslovakia. I spent only the first two years of my living in Cleveland and all subsequent years in two different suburbs. I enjoy watching movies, dinning out, talking, traveling, photography, video games, and all of these even more with friends and people I love. :) Reserved but loquacious, friendly, respectful, hardworking, and trustworthy. I graduated from high school in 2004 with a 1.7 GPA, and stayed out of college for two years after a failed attempt at a local community college. I am now attending Cleveland State University, and I am still a freshman. I am currently unemployed, but I might be starting work at the old restaurant I just recently quit. :/ I have a girlfriend that I’ve been dating for over 2.5 years, and I consider myself very lucky. If you still don’t know who I am, perhaps you didn’t read anything but this. :) Not much else that hasn’t been said already.

What s your IQ grade? (Gnaaye)
Is it everyone’s interest to attempt to assert themselves over another with numbers? I don’t know; I haven’t taken one in 8 years.

Did you ever necro-posted in Psypokes? (Gnaaye)

Do you enjoy workin in (Gnaaye)
When I can, yes. I like the people I “work with,” and I get paid in Psybucks when I post too! Who the hell could argue with that?

Don’t you think that USA should leave Iraq alone? (Gnaaye)
I believe that if they’re going to ratify the removal of troops from Iraq, they might as well do the same for Afghanistan. I don’t know what the solution is, but if continued military involvement isn’t the solution to help regain stability in the government we have established, then bring them all home. If we’re removing, because we’re failing and we’re giving up, that’s cowardice and abandonment of responsibility. We put ourselves in the situation, and it’s our job to resolve the nation’s issue. I don’t really care how, as long as someone knows what they’re doing (which is no one really). There are many pros and cons, many variables to consider and potential outcomes of each plan, and conditions to explicate which would allow us to implement alternative plans if we need to respond to those outcomes, unless, of course, we choose not to. I don’t have all that information to give a good answer.

can you and your twin brother read each other’s minds? can you and your twin brother feel each others pain? are you sure? (xoxoStephie)
No, no, and yes. None of this is true or has ever been true. Look, if any of you out there ever feel the need to ask a twin this, don’t; they’ve heard 4761098273646591287369410 times before you. And if you ask them, despite me telling you not to, I hope they slam you so hard on the head that the only way to save your life is to drill a hole through your skull immediately, because the hemorrhaging will surely kill you.

How would you solve the USA/MEXICO inmigration problem? (garabato)
The only way really to solve the immigration problems is to correct unemployment and labor laws in Mexico. It’s very difficult to say what could be done to help Mexico in this respect so again, I don’t have an answer. I think there are many international forces working against Mexico and other nations to which large corporations outsource labor (India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and a few African countries). This issue is apart of the larger issue of world poverty, which won’t be solved in our lifetime. There isn’t any simple one answer to develop nations and eradicate unemployment and poverty. Something needs to illicit change in these areas but what exactly no one knows.

How do you think Erika Ortiz died (princes leticia sister) died? *I know probably the reason will be public known by the time you answer it, but I think this is an intresting question right now* (garabato)
To be honest, I didn’t know who she was until you mentioned her here, and I looked her up. Health problems related to stress, drugs, or cancer? I have no idea; people don’t traditionally die that young unless it’s one of those three thing.

If you had money to live without working. What would you do? (garabato)
Well, I still want to have a family, so I’d probably get married and have one kid, build a home, and try to raise her like any normal working family might, though I’d have more time with her (yes, I want a daughter). I’d stay home, and do some traveling until she went to school, then I’d make attending school my job, because I love to learn. I’d obtain degrees in foreign languages, history, biology and medicine, political science, and maybe economics, business, or finance, traveling once in a while on vacations. When my child graduates, I’d stop learning and travel some more.

When I’ve been everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go, I’d return home and buy up vacation properties in my favorite places to return to them whenever I want to revisit to see something new, eat good food, or shop. I’d get a job to keep myself busy, probably in a science or medical field, and possibly attempt to run for a political office. :o What else is there to do?

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote:
I could not, at any age, be content to take my place in a corner by the fireside and simply look on.

You open your mail and then find an E-mail wich threats you if you dont send it to 10 people. Why does people sends chains?. Do you find them annoying or funny? (garabato)
I haven’t received any in a long time, but if I open one, I don’t even finish reading them, I just delete it. They’re a little funny and annoying at the same time. Funny by what they say and that some people actually believe in them, annoying because I have to waste my time deleting it and that some people actually believe in them.

What motto do you live by, and/or what values do you strongly believe in? (sN0wBaLL)

Mohandas “Mahatma” Karamchand Gandhi wrote:
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Abraham Lincoln wrote:
The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter from the support of a cause we believe to be just.
Dag Hammarskjöld wrote:
Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.

If there is one thing in 2006 that you could have done differently, what would it be, and why? (sN0wBaLL)
There’s not much about 2006 I’d really change. Perhaps I would have spent less money, done slightly better in school, or kept my job, since there doesn’t seem to be a reason why I quit anymore. No one will hire me. >_>

What are some of your goals and aspirations in life? (sN0wBaLL)
To be well educated, well traveled, make people happy, and make a difference in something. I want to be happy, have a good home, a job I love, and good friends. That’s all for which a man could ask. :)


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