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 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Guides 
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NOTE: Guides are incomplete, and will continually be updated into my posts. Expect this to be somewhat disorganised (perhaps lacking a logical order) until the main guides and walkthrough are done. Subsequently, I'll probably merge the multiple posts together.

Also, please let me know if you spot any incorrect information by posting in this thread. You can also make suggestions by posting here.

Update History

- Nov 29: Town Area Guide added
- Nov 30: Starters Guide added
- Dec 2: Hunger Guide added
- Dec 6: Evolution Guide added
- Dec 13: Traps Guide added
- Dec 15: Friend Areas Guide added
- Dec 18: Mail & News Bulletins Guide added
- Dec 20: IQ Skills Guide added
- Dec 24: TMs and HMs Guide added

- Jan 01: Personality Test Guide added
- Jan 04: Dungeons - Basics Guide added
- Jan 08: Recruitment Basics Guide added
- Feb 19: Rescue Ranks and Points Guide added
- Mar 15: Status Conditions Guide added
- Mar 24: Reward Statues Guide added
- Apr 29: 4th Generation Pokemon Guide added
- May 06: Legendaries Guide added
- Jun 09: IQ Guide added
- Jul 01: Orbs Guide added
- Jul 16 : Version Exclusive Pokemon Guide added
- Jul 22: Gummi Dex added
- Aug 05: Tactics Guide added
- Dec 16: Linking Moves Guide added
- Dec 19: List of Recruitment Percentages added

User Submitted Guides

-Jan 05: Rescue Team Ranks and Reward Statues Guide added (Contributed by Pokemaniac)

-TonberryKing, of course, who has managed to sift out substantial portions of useful information from the game file
-Raichulatias, for his help in general
-Cuddles, for information on Pokemon which need high IQ to evolve
-tiger10x, for all the information on the Personality Test
-Numerous users for their feedback and corrections


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Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:19 am
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The Town Area

Aside from the numerous dungeons and Friend Areas, the world of Pokemon Dungeon has a large central area where many useful facilities and shops are available. Listed here is information about each of these locations.

Your Rescue Force's Base


The base will start out with a plain design, but following a key event in the main storyline, it will take the appearance of your main character.

This place will serve as your base of operations, from which you can visit friend Pokemon in their Friend Areas, visit Pokemon Square, or leave for missions at various dungeons. You will also be able to save your game progress in your base.

Last but not least, you can access your mailbox, which receives news bulletins and rescue requests. These will come from time to time, provided the mailbox is not full. The mailbox has a capacity of only four messages, so make it an attempt to regularly store messages you have read. Stored messages will go into the News List.

The Kecleon Shop


This is where you can purchase items from the Kecleon Brothers. The normal Kecleon sells ordinary items such as Apples and Gravelerocks, while the purple-coloured Kecleon sells TMs and Orbs.

Wigglytuff Club


This is a facility run by Wigglytuff, which apparently loves making friends. Here, you can purchase Friend Areas for your other Pokemon to stay in. You can also enquire about the Friend Areas of Pokemon you have already seen. New friend areas will be added after the main storyline.

Felicity Bank


The Felicity Bank allows you to deposit and withdraw money. Since you lose all the money in your Toolbox when you are defeated in a dungeon, it is highly advisable for you to store excess cash in the Bank for safekeeping.

Kangaskhan Storage


The Kangaskhan Storage facility allows you to store and withdraw items. Since you also lose most of the items in your Toolbox when you are defeated in a dungeon, it is advisable for you to store extra items. Moreover, the Toolbox has limited space, thus this facility will allow you to accumulate items, but not at the expense of Toolbox space.

Gulpin's Link Shop


Here, you can link several moves together for use in dungeons. You can likewise unlink moves. The "Link Box" item is necessary for linking moves. In addition, Gulpin also serves as a move rememberer, teaching your Pokemon moves they have forgotten.

Makuhita Dojo


This is a training facility run by Makuhita and his Pokemon volunteers. You can train your Rescue Team in various three-floor dungeons, each with a single type of Pokemon - Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Poison, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Dark or Steel. At the third level of each training dungeon will be a mini-boss battle, where you have to defeat a team of three Pokemon. By clearing all these training dungeons, you will be awarded with a Bonsly Statue to decorate your Rescue Force Base. After completing the main storyline, you can access additional training dungeons where you will face off with Team Hydro, Team Shiftry, Team Constrictor and Team Rumblerock.

In addition, using the DS Dual Slot feature, Blue Rescue Team players can load the Red Rescue Team into the dojo so you can fight them. However, you will only be able to control the Blue Rescue Team.

Pelipper Post Office


This is the place from which mail is delivered by Pelipper. Here, you can receive SOS Mail, send A-OK Mail and send/receive Thank-You Mail. Outside the building is the Bulletin Board, where you can find a list of optional missions to take on.


Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:32 am
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Choosing Your Starter

When you first begin your game, you will be prompted to answer some personality questions, with the purpose of determining which Pokemon you will become. After you have answered the personality questions, you will be prompted to provide your gender. Based on your personality and gender, the game will then determine which Pokemon you will become. This will be your main character throughout the main storyline.

While the game asks you to answer the questions honestly, you are of course free to provide any answer. As such, if you are aiming for a specific Pokemon, you should aim to match its personality when answering the questions. Keep in mind that there are also Pokemon exclusive to specific genders. Meowth, Machop and Cyndaquil are exclusive to males while Eevee, Chikorita and Skitty are exclusive to females. Since gender is not important in the game, do not worry about putting down your opposite gender in order to get the Pokemon you want.

Here is a list of the Starter Pokemon and their corresponding personalities and genders.

Format: Dex Number | Pokemon | Personality (Male) | Personality (Female)

001 Bulbasaur | Docile | Calm
004 Charmander | Hardy | Brave
007 Squirtle | Jolly | Relaxed
025 Pikachu | Impish | Hardy
052 Meowth | Quirky | -
054 Psyduck | Relaxed | Lonely
066 Machop | Brave | -
104 Cubone | Lonely | Impish
133 Eevee | - | Naive
152 Chikorita | - | Docile
155 Cyndaquil | Timid | -
158 Totodile | Naive | Jolly
252 Treecko | Sassy | Quirky
255 Torchic | Hasty | Sassy
258 Mudkip | Calm | Timid
300 Skitty | - | Hasty

Choosing Your Partner

After you have chosen your starter (or rather the game has chosen your starter for you), you will be prompted to choose a Pokemon to serve as your partner. This Pokemon will be an important character as he/she will remain part of your team on every mission until the main storyline is completed. As such, it would be wise to choose a partner Pokemon who will complement your starter well.

Here is a list of the Pokemon you can choose to be your partner:

-Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip

Note that you cannot choose a partner who share the same type as your starter. For instance, if your starter is a Squirtle, you will not be able to choose Totodile or Mudkip as your partner.


Thu Nov 30, 2006 3:22 am
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon introduces a new game mechanic known as hunger. It is measured by your Belly, which has default values running from 0 to 100.

To view your Belly's size while in a dungeon, simply press B to access the menu:


The Basics

Your Belly will decrease as you make your way through dungeons. If you happen to be moving through special terrain, for instance, through walls, or if you hold both A and B buttons to accelerate HP regeneration, your Belly will deplete faster. Your Belly will also decrease at a quicker rate if you are holding items such as the Heal Ribbon. When your Belly reaches zero, your HP will start to decrease as you move around, whereas it originally regenerates itself. Warnings are given when your Belly size is low. When your Belly is empty, the dialogue box will flash blue/pink and orange to warn you as well:


On the other hand, there are items which help to slow down or even stop the decrease in your Belly. The Stamina Band slows the decrease in your Belly, while the Tight Belt prevent the holder's Belly from decreasing.


There are a couple of ways to increase your Belly once it is depleted. The most obvious way is through feeding. While the main food items include only the apples, a variety of other items do increase Belly as well. These range from Gummies to Seeds. Below is a list of some items which increase your Belly when consumed. Note that items, once consumed, are removed permanently from the Toolbox, thus, you should be careful when consuming items with secondary uses, such as Oran Berries which have curative properties.

Food Items

Format: Name - Effects on Belly

~Apple - Restores 50% of maximum Belly size. Will increase maximum Belly size by 5% if consumed when full
~Banana - Restores 50% of maximum Belly size. Will increase maximum Belly size by 5% if consumed when full
~Big Apple - Restores 100% of maximum Belly size. Will increase maximum Belly size by 10% if consumed when full
~Huge Apple - Restores 100% of maximum Belly size and increases maximum Belly size by 10%
~Chestnut - Restores 10% of maximum Belly size. It is favoured by Mankeys
~Grimy Food - Restores 30% of maximum Belly size, but always causes status ailments

Stat Enhancers

Stat enhancers all restores 5% of maximum Belly size when consumed. Here is a list of Stat Enhancers:

~Max Elixir


Berries all restore 5% of maximum Belly size when consumed. Here is a list of the Berries:

~Cheri Berry
~Chesto Berry
~Oran Berry
~Pecha Berry
~Rawst Berry
~Sitrus Berry


Seeds all restore 5% of maximum Belly size when consumed. Some seeds have secondary effects on Belly as well. Here is a list of the Seeds:

~Allure Seed
~Blinker Seed
~Doom Seed
~Eyedrop Seed
~Heal Seed
~Hunger Seed - Lowers maximum Belly size by 10%. If used on a Pokemon who is not the leader, it will gain the Hungry Pal status
~Joy Seed
~Life Seed
~Plain Seed
~Quick Seed
~Reviver Seed
~Sleep Seed
~Stun Seed
~Totter Seed
~Warp Seed


Gummies affect the Belly differently, depending on the Gummi and the Pokemon who eats it.

-If the Pokemon favours the Gummi, you will be told that it seems to like the Gummi. In this case, it will restore 60% of maximum Belly Size.
-If the Pokemon doesn't mind the Gummi, you will be told that it doesn't seem to dislike the Gummi. In this case, it will either restore 30%, 25% or 20% of maximum Belly size.
-If the Pokemon seems to be somewhat satisfied with the Gummi, it will either restore 5% of maximum Belly size, or not restore anything at all.

Here is a list of the Gummies:

~Black Gummi
~Blue Gummi
~Brown Gummi
~Clear Gummi
~Gold Gummi
~Grass Gummi
~Gray Gummi
~Green Gummi
~Orange Gummi
~Pink Gummi
~Purple Gummi
~Red Gummi
~Royal Gummi
~Silver Gummi
~Sky Gummi
~White Gummi
~Yellow Gummi

Hold Items

Aside from feeding to increase (and sometimes decrease) your Belly, you can also attempt to manage your Belly using Hold Items.

Here is a list of the Hold Items which affect Belly, and their effects on the Belly

~Diet Ribbon - Prevents Belly from filling. If the leader is holding it, Belly will deplete faster. If a teammate is holding it, it will get the Hungry Pal status
~Heal Ribbon - Belly depletes faster
~Mobile Scarf - Belly empties much faster when moving through walls, magma and other special terrain
~Munch Belt - Belly depletes faster
~Pass Scarf - Belly depletes whenever the item is utilised
~Stamina Band - Slows down the rate at which your Belly depletes
~Tight Belt - Prevents holder's Belly from depleting


Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:07 pm
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Evolution works differently in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as compared to the main Pokemon games. It seems that evolution plays a slightly less important role in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The main reason why you would want to evolve your Pokemon is to fill up your Friend Areas with every single Pokemon out of all the 386 Pokemon.

On a more micro level, evolving a Pokemon might give it the ability to learn certain moves. For instance, Charmander and Charmeleon cannot learn Wing Attack, but Charizard does learn it. Aside from that, evolution serves no other purpose as it does not increase your Pokemon's stats like it does in the main Pokemon games. As such, it is perfectly alright to keep your Pokemon at their earlier evolutionary stages.

Accessing the Luminous Cave


Also unlike the other games is how a Pokemon evolves. Instead of evolving naturally when a Pokemon reaches the required level, you have to deliberately bring a Pokemon to a location known as the Luminous Cave in order to evolve it. Since you can only access the Luminous Cave after defeating Rayquaza, you will be unable to evolve your Pokemon until the main storyline has been completed.

The Luminous Cave can be found near Whiscash's Pond, north from Pokemon Square. However, you can only enter the cave if you are on your own. For your partner to leave you, simply return to your Rescue Team Base after your failed attempt to enter the Cave. Try to leave for a dungeon and your partner will stop you. Your partner has an idea at this point. He decides that you should change things so that you are able to pick the leader and members to go into dungeons. This would allow your team to handle rescues better by having more Pokemon types available. After his short explanation, leave for a dungeon and clear the dungeon. When you return, your team members will likewise leave the team, dispersing to their Friend Areas, but the difference this time is that your partner Pokemon will also return to its own Friend Area. Now you are free move around alone, and can therefore enter the Luminous Cave.

The Process of Evolution


When you enter the Cave, you will find a glowing stone, which will ask if you want to evolve. If you select "Yes", it will ask if you would give an item to evolve. Depending how your Pokemon's species evolves, select "No", or select one or two items, accordingly.


Note that you must leave the cave and come back again if you want to further evolve, provided that you have fulfilled the requirements for evolution.


How do you know if your Pokemon is ready to evolve? To check, press B to access your menu, go to your team, and view the summary of your Pokemon. Press right twice, ignoring the Stats and Features pages, and check the Info about your Pokemon. Under "Evolution", you can see if your Pokemon is ready for evolution. If it says "Possible", your Pokemon is able to evolve. If it says "No more", it means your Pokemon has already evolved fully, and is in its final form. If it says "Not now", it means that you have yet to fulfill certain criteria which is required for your Pokemon to evolve.

Making a Pokemon the Leader


As mentioned before, your Pokemon has to be alone in order for it to enter the Luminous Cave. As such, in order to evolve a Pokemon, you would have to make it the leader of the team and let the other team members return to their Friend Areas.

To make a Pokemon the leader of the team, approach it in its Friend Area, and let it join the team. Talk to it again, and you can select the option "Make Leader". This will make your Pokemon the leader of the team.


Since your original leader is still part of the team, you will have to go to the Friend Area of the original leader, or simply access your menu and ask it to "Stand By". Your new leader will now be alone, and you can enter the Luminous Cave.

Learning New Moves

Upon evolution, you might gain the ability to learn new moves. However, you might have evolved your Pokemon at too high a level, causing it to have missed the chance to learn certain attacks.

To overcome this, you can either make use of the item known as the Doom Seed. Each Doom Seed, when consumed, will reduce the level of your Pokemon by 1. Hence, you can make use of them to reduce your Pokemon's levels so that you can now learn the move(s) you have missed. Alternatively, you can visit Gulpin at his Link Shop, and get him to help you with re-learning moves.

Evolution Criteria

Most Pokemon evolve when they reach certain levels, but others require certain special items or other criteria before they can evolve. Here is a list of these Pokemon and their requirements for evolution. Also included are the locations where you can find the items required for evolution.

Note that some Pokemon need a high IQ to evolve. Feeding Gummies is the only way in which you can raise the IQ of a Pokemon.

Fire Stone (Fiery Field 29F)

Vulpix -> Ninetales
Growlithe -> Arcanine
Eevee -> Flareon

Leaf Stone (Wish Cave - Kecleon Shops)

Gloom -> Vileplume
Weepinbell -> Victreebel
Exeggcute -> Exeggutor
Nuzleaf -> Shiftry

Moon Stone (Solar Cave)

Nidorina -> Nidoqueen
Nidorino -> Nidoking
Clefairy -> Clefable
Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff
Skitty ->Delcatty

Sun Stone (Solar Cave)

Gloom -> Bellossom
Sunkern -> Sunflora

Thunder Stone (Lightning Field 29F)

Pikachu -> Raichu
Eevee -> Jolteon

Water Stone (Northwind Field 29F)

Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath
Shellder -> Cloyster
Staryu -> Starmie
Eevee -> Vaporeon
Lombre -> Ludicolo

Link Cable (Dungeons with HMs eg. Solar Cave, after the HMs have been taken)

Kadabra -> Alakazam
Machoke -> Machamp
Graveler -> Golem
Haunter -> Gengar

Link Cable + Deepseascale (Grand Sea 15F and Far-Off Sea)

Clamperl -> Gorebyss

Link Cable + Deepseatooth (Grand Sea 15F and Far-Off Sea)

Clamperl -> Huntail

Link Cable + Dragonscale (Wyvern Hill 29F & 30F)

Seadra -> Kingdra

Link Cable + King's Rock (Wish Cave - Kecleon Shops)

Poliwhirl -> Politoed
Slowpoke -> Slowking

Link Cable + Metal Coat (Southern Cavern 49F & 50F)

Onix -> Steelix
Scyther -> Scizor

Link Cable + Upgrade (Wish Cave - Kecleon Shops)

Porygon -> Porygon2

High IQ - 5 Stars

Golbat -> Crobat
Togepi -> Togetic
Chansey -> Blissey

High IQ - 6 Stars

Pichu -> Pikachu
Cleffa -> Clefairy
Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff
Azurill -> Marill

High IQ - 4 Stars + Sun Ribbon (Wyvern Hill 20F)

Eevee -> Espeon

High IQ - 4 Stars + Lunar Ribbon (Northwind Field 20F)

Eevee -> Umbreon

Beauty Scarf (Western Cave 59F)

Feebas -> Milotic


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sN0wBaLL wrote:
Since your original leader is still part of the team, you will have to go to the Friend Area of the original leader and ask it to "Stand By". Your new leader will now be alone, and you can enter the Luminous Cave.

I have something to say. You don't have to go to the Leader's Friend Area; you can open up the Menu, click Team, and the Stand By option is accessible from there.

Fixed 10/12/06. Thanks.

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well i oculd help u with the guide i have some codes and everything for it easy to find not like cheats but like rescue codes for rescue missions i have blue mystery i beat it like 2 months ago so lol i can help in anyway.

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Dungeon Traps

In later dungeons, which includes most of the dungeons which are unlocked after the main storyline, gameplay is made more difficult by the introduction of traps in the dungeons. Traps are basically modified Wonder Tiles, but instead they all have negative effects ranging from stat reduction to spoiling food items.

Types of Traps

There are a total of 18 types of traps, all of which are found naturally in dungeons. The only exception is the Spikes Trap, which is created when a Pokemon uses the move Spikes. This will create a Spikes Trap on the spot the Pokemon is on.

Here is a list of all the traps (in alphabetical order) and their effects:

~Chestnut - Causes spiky Chestnuts to fall and deal 10 HP of damage to the Pokemon who steps on the trap

~Confuse - Causes Confusion on the Pokemon who steps on the trap

~Explosion - Causes an explosion in the surrounding 20 tiles, dealing heavy damage to any Pokemon and destroying all walls and items

~Gust - Causes Pokemon to fly off in different directions. Pokemon receive damage when they hit the wall, unless the Pokemon is holding a Mobile Scarf or is a Ghost Pokemon who can pass through walls

~Mud - Decreases one random stat by one

~Pitfall - Causes the Pokemon who steps on the trap to drop down one floor, while causing all other Pokemon to leave the team

~Poison - Causes Poison

~Pokemon - Causes the wild Pokemon or items in the room to change

~PP Zero - Causes the PP of one random move to be reduced to zero

~Seal - Disables one move until the Pokemon leaves the floor