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 The Canadian League 

Where should the League be?
Vancouver 19%  19%  [ 3 ]
Whitehorse 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Calgary 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Saskatoon 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Iqaluit 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Toronto 38%  38%  [ 6 ]
Ottawa 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Montreal 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
St. John's 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Halifax 13%  13%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 16

 The Canadian League 
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Hello, everyone. I have decided to have a go at writing some Fan Fiction here. This is for anyone who wanted to battle with pokemon in real life.

Welcome to the...

Canadian Pokemon League!

I also thought it would be interesting if people chose where they wanted the story to end up, so it can be more interesting. You can find a map of Canada, with all of the cities listed, here

Okay, here goes:

Chapter One-Starting in St. John's


The alarm clock began blaring, As Jake slowly opened his eyes. Exhausted, he peered over at the contraption, wondering why it was ringing so early in the morning. He opened his eyes a bit more, placing his hand over them, as the sunlight shone in from his window.

He tossed the blanket off him, sending it flying to the floor. He then sat up on the side of his bed, and quickly unplugged the alarm clock. He could still not seem to remember why it had been set for so early on a Saturday morning.

Walking to the window, the events of the previous day began to flood back into his memory. He remembered saying goodbye to his best friend, Josh, just before he went with his father to Argentia, at the southern tip of Newfoundland. There, he would be beginning his Pokemon journey, once he got on the ferry to Cape Breton Island.

After he watched Josh depart, Jake had went to see his neighbour, Mr. Smallwood, who he had been helping build a boat for the past three years. Jake remembered as he watched Mr. Smallwood's Pokemon, Quagsire and Machoke, tested the boat's motor.

The thing he was forgetting suddenly popped into his head. "Of course! I am supposed to be helping Mr. Smallwood set his boat into the water today!"

A few minutes had passed, and Jake was ready to go. He began walking down the stairs of his home, when he heard a knocking at the door. His father was in the kitchen making breakfast, so Jake decided that he would get the door. It was probably Mr. Smallwood, anyway.

Jake ran over to the door, and turned the knob, allowing the door to open, and allowing him to see who was there. It was Mr. Smallwood, just as he had expected. He had a big grin on his face, which obviously meant that the boat was finally ready.

"Hey, Jake!" Mr. Smallwood said. "Just the man I was looking for."

"Is that Mr. Smallwood, Jake?" Jake's father asked from the kitchen.

"Yes, dad," Jake told him. Turning to Mr. Smallwood, he asked, "So, is it ready?"

"As ready as it will ever be," he responded, not at all disappointed.

"Why don't you stay and have breakfast with us, so we can start once we've finished eating?" Jake was obviously excited. He wanted something to tell Josh about after he came back from his Pokemon journey.

"Well, I don't see any reason why I can't," Mr. Smallwood said. "Sure."

Mr. Smallwood walked into the house, just as Jake's father was putting the breakfast on the table. Jake noticed that it was Charizard eggs, his favourite. The three of them then sat down and began eating.

After he was done, Jake's dad said, "So, you two are going to be setting off that boat today, eh?"

"Yep. I reckon it'll need a bit more work afterwards, though," Mr. Smallwood said. "Nothing is ever built right the first time. Just look at how that new Pokemon League is working. No one knows where to go, and they end up losing battles as a result."

"There isn't any right way to travel," Jake said. "You just go wherever your imagination takes you-and wherever your Pokemon go, of course."

"Speaking of the league, I hear that Josh has already begun his journey," Jake's dad said. "He should be in Sydney right about now."

"Yeah, he's probably there by now," Jake said, trying to remember where Sydney was on the world map.

"Hey, Jake, why didin't you go with him on his journey?" Mr. Smallwood asked.

"I don't have a Pokemon yet," Jake responded. "You cannot start your journey without a Pokemon."

"Is that all?"

"Yes," Jake responded.

"Well, I know how to solve that problem, if your father here allows it," Mr. Smallwood said, looking at Jake's dad, who nodded slowly, giving his silent permission.

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Chapter Two-Jake's First Pokemon

After leaving the house, Jake and Mr. Smallwood walked next door, where they could see Machoke attaching the newly finished boat to the back of Mr. Smallwood's pick-up truck. Quagsire was in the back of the truck, ready for the trip. Both Jake and Mr. Smallwood got into the truck, as Machoke leapt into the back alongside Quagsire.

Mr. Smallwood turned the key, and they were off. Jake could see his father waving next door, and he turned to wave back. He opened the window, and shouted, "Bye, dad. I'll come back soon!" He watched his father fade into the distance, as Mr. Smallwood drove on down the road.

"So, Jake," he said to him. "What kind of Pokemon would you like to begin your journey with?"

That question stopped him. He had never thought of it before, because he always thought that he would never be able to get the chance. He knew that Josh had received a Psyduck, because he loved water Pokemon. Jake, on the other hand, wasn't as fond of the type as his friend was.

"I don't really know," he told Mr. Smallwood at last. "What type of pokemon can one get around here? Wingull? Rattata? A Ledyba, maybe?"

"You'll know soon enough, Jake," Mr. Smallwood said. "When I was a young trainer like you, I too did not know who my starter was going to be. That is, until all of a sudden I found myself lost in the forests just outside Corner Brook. That is where I found a Wooper, who led me to safety." He looked into the back of his truck, and saw his Quagsire, who was watching the fishing trawlers move through the water. "That Wooper was my first Pokemon, and ever since then, he has never left my party."

"Well," Jake said. "I guess all I have to do is wait, then."

While traveling through St. John's, Jake looked at all the places that he would soon be leaving behind: the Battle Centre, where he and Josh used to battle pokemon with their Game Boy Colours; the restaurant where they used to go afterwards; and even his old high school, from which he had graduated from only weeks earlier.

Soon enough, Mr. Smallwood had gotten to the St. John's Harbour. Jake got out, and walked over to where he could see the giant fishing boats, heading off to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, where they would be scouting for wild Magikarp. Jake remembered the old stories of the Grand Banks. Before Europeans arrived in North America, the waters around Atlantic Canada were full of fish. He had heard that, when Europeans first arrived in Newfoundland, all they had to do to get Magikarp was to put a bucket in the water, and it would be filled to the brim with them. But, after being abused for so long, the Magikarp population in the Banks has become a fraction of what it used to be.

Quagsire walked up to Jake's side. "Quagsire," he said. Jake turned around, seeing that Mr. Smallwood and Machoke were already setting the boat into the water. He quickly went over to help.

As he and Quagsire watched, the boat went into the water, staying afloat. A big smile washed over his face, as Machoke unlatched the boat from the truck.

Mr. Smallwood got out of the truck. "Well, my gosh, it works!"

"Of course it works, Mr. Smallwood," Jake said. "We put a lot of hard work into it, so I am not surprised one bit." He looked over at Quagsire, who was flapping his tail frantically.

"Yes, of course, Quagsire," Jake said. "We are going to try it out."

With that, Quagsire jumped into the water, and began pushing the boat towards the boardwalk. Once there, he leapt out of the water, landing right on the boat's back end. Jake, Machoke, and Mr. Smallwood then jumped in after him.

Mr. Smallwood, getting into the driver's seat, began pulling the motor string. "Let's get this baby into the open seas!" Soon enough, the boat's engine began humming, as Jake heard the propellor begin to turn. A few seconds passed, and they were off!

Jake watched as they left the land behind. He could also see those giant fishing ships, but they were headed in the opposite direction, so they would soon be gone as well. He then looked in front of him, where he saw a large green buoy floating in the water. But that wasn't all he noticed.

"Hey, Mr. Smallwood, look!" He shouted. "There's a Pokemon on that buoy over there!"

Mr. Smallwood slowed the boat, and sure enough, there was an Abra clinging to the buoy. Jake, realizing immediately that Abra are not found in the water, yet alone Newfoundland, said, "We have to save him!"

The Abra, who looked rather cold from the elements, looked at the boat hopefully. Mr. Smallwood, not about to leave a deserted pokemon, came closer to the buoy.

"We can't get too close to the buoy, Jake," he said. "We'll crash into it."

"Then what will we do?" Jake asked. But then something came to mind. "Wait, I have an idea."

Jake looked at the Abra, and shouted. "Hey, little Abra. We cannot go right up to you, and I don't think you should go back into the water. What I need you to do is Teleport into this boat here. Can you do that?"

The Abra, still clinging on to the buoy, failed to hear a word that was coming out of the boy's mouth.

"Abra! Use Teleport!"

The boy yelled again, and this time, Abra could make out the word 'Teleport.' He then concentrated with all the brain power that was left in him, and attempted the move.

As Jake watched, the Abra slowly disappeared. A few seconds passed, and he was lying in the boat, unconscious. Jake quickly got a warm blanket, and wrapped it around the little Abra, soon realizing that he had found his first Pokemon.

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Chapter Three-Team Oliga

Jake had wrapped up the Abra, and had placed him in his arms. Mr. Smallwood had begun to turn around, so that they could head for the Pokemon Centre at the harbour.

Quagsire walked over to where Abra was, so that he could see the little Pokemon. He was breathing, all right, but he was anything but normal. "Quagsire..." the Quagsire said, as Jake turned to Mr. Smallwood.

"Do you think we can help him?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm very sure of it," Mr. Smallwood responded. "As long as we can make it make to the harbour, as I am confident that we will."

Jake looked back at the buoy, where he had first seen Abra. "How do you think he got out there?"

"I don't know," Mr. Smallwood replied, obviously thinking the same thing. "He could have failed to use his Teleport correctly, since he is so young. But, the most common scenario is that he was abandoned by someone, left to die on that there buoy."

"Well, if that's what happened, Abra is definitely not going to be seeing his previous trainer again," he said, looking at the Abra, who was beginning to open his eyes.

Mr. Smallwood nodded in agreement. "Hey, I see the harbour, now. Not too far now, little Abra."

Jake looked into the distance, and sure enough, he could see the boardwalk where they had originally gotten into the boat from. "We're almost there, Abra. Just hold on!"

But, Jake soon realized that he spoke too early. As he watched, a long blue pointed triangle arose from the middle the boardwalk, ripping it in half. The blue triangle then began rushing through the boardwalk, ripping up the wood as it went. The people on the boardwalk were screaming, trying to get away from the creature beneath them. Several of them managed to jump into nearby boats, before they were swept away with the ocean current. Others were not as lucky, as they fell into the water, grabbing onto the remnants of the boardwalk.

"What's happening?" Jake said, startled.

"I have no idea," Mr. Smallwood said, trying to figure out what that blue triangle was.

Then, the triangle, now at the end of the boardwalk, rose to the surface.

"Sharpedo!" Jake yelled.

"Sharpedo aren't found in these waters," Mr. Smallwood said. "They're accustomed to the warmer waters down south. This Sharpedo belongs to a Pokemon trainer who has been the south." He was obviously furious at whoever was behind this.

His enragement was only going to enlarge, though, because the Sharpedo began swimming towards the boats that still managed to stay afloat. He used his sharp teeth to rip holes in them, causing them to sink to bottom of the Grand Banks. He then began heading towards Jake and Mr. Smallwood.

"Oh, no you don't," Mr. Smallwood said. "Go, Quagsire!"

Quagsire quickly jumped into the water, ready to face the oncoming Sharpedo. He quickly swam to the bottom of the Banks, gaining speed thanks to his flapping tail, and scooped up some mud. He then swam to the surface, where he used the mud to take a shot at Sharpedo. The mud hit the Pokemon, and covered his eyes. Sharpedo, now unsure of where to go, began swimming in circles angrily.

"Sharpedo, back!" Jake could hear someone say, as the Sharpedo disappeared. He looked, but couldn't see anyone. But then, he heard a loud noise coming from above him. He looked, and saw a helicopter whipping past his head. He could see a woman on board, clutching the pokeball that held Sharpedo within it. "Never mess with Team Oliga!" she shouted, as the helicopter began heading eastbound at high speed.

"Quagsire, get in!" Mr. Smallwood shouted. Quagsire, happy to listen to his trainer's orders, hopped into the boat.

"I'm sorry, Jake, but Abra has to wait," Mr. Smallwood said. "We have bigger problems to deal with." With that, he started up the boat's motor, en route to the Grand Banks.

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It is somewhat weird, and somewhat interesting... I kinda likeit keep at it...! :roll:



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Thanks. I will ^_^

Chapter Four-Disturbance at the Grand Banks

"What's Team Oliga?" Jake asked Mr. Smallwood as he sped after the helicopter.

"They are a group of people who want to have power over everything: people, Pokemon, and even nature."

"Why do they want that?" Jake said. "Don't they realize that power only hurts others."

"Yeah, well it won't hurt them if they have the power," Mr. Smallwood said. "Which is why they must be stopped."

"What do they want at the Grand Banks?" Jake asked.

"I have no idea," Mr. Smallwood responded. "But I guess we're about to find out."

While watching the helicopter ahead of them, Jake noticed a pair of pokeballs fly from it. One of them instantly unleashed the Skarmory that was within it, while the other one crashed into the waves, revealing a Seaking.

"Watch out!" Jake yelled, as he saw the Pokemon head towards the boat.

"You're not getting rid of me that easy," Mr. Smallwood said to whoever that woman was in the helicopter. "Quagsire! Machoke! Take care of these two, all right?"

Machoke suddenly leapt out of the boat, landing on Seaking. A few seconds passed, and both were underwater, unable to be seen. The Skarmory, on the other hand, had landed on the front of the boat, flapping his iron wings.

"Jake, duck!" Mr. Smallwood yelled.

Jake did what he was told, although he didn't know why he had to duck from the Skarmory. He soon found out, though, when a wave of cold air flew by his back.

Quagsire had unleashed an Ice Beam on the Skarmory. Skarmory fell back, as large patches of ice began to grow on his wings. Realizing this, Skarmory attempted to fly off the boat. But, instead, he ended up falling into the water, which only caused more ice to grow on his body. Jake looked back, as the Skarmory disappeared, being recalled by his trainer, the Oligan woman.

Seeing as Skarmory was no longer a problem, Jake looked into the water, expecting to see signs of Seaking and Machoke. He saw none. "Where's Machoke?" he asked, hoping that Mr. Smallwood knew thw answer.

But, unfortunately, he didn't. "I don't know, Jake," was all he said.

Jake, while worrying about Machoke, looked ahead, at the helicopter. It was hovering over a group of fishing vessels, about a kilometre away. As he watched, the woman jumped out of the helicopter, and landed on one of the vessels. The helicopter then left, heading in a southerly direction.

A few minutes passed, and Mr. Smallwood had gotten to the first of the fishing vessels. There were three men on board, all in the traditional yellow fishing outfits common to the area.

Jake recognized one of the men to be Josh's father! "Hey, Mr. Tumon, did you see that helicopter over there?" He pointed at the ship where the woman had went to.

"Yeah, I've seen it all right, and I'm worried," Mr. Tumon responded. "The boys on those ships over there haven't been responing to our messages since. We called for help from the harbour, but there has been no response there, either."

"That's because of Team Oliga," Mr. Smallwood said. "They have destroyed the harbour, and all of the boats within it. However, that's only just what Jake and I saw. They could have done a hundred other things as well, including mess with the phone lines."

"Hey, Roger?" Mr. Smallwood then asked. "Is there any chance you saw a Machoke around these waters lately, have you?"

"No, I'm afraid not," Mr. Tumon said. "But there was a Seaking around here a little while back."

Then, as soon as the words were out of Mr. Tumon's mouth, a sound began coming from the ships further out in the Banks.

"Stop where you are, fishermen," it said. It was the woman from Team Oliga, although she could not be seen. "Any attempts to come closer will result in you being unable to return home again! Now, before you get any ideas of becoming heros, I have a little something to show you."

With that, the net on one of the fishing vessels swung off, and began swimming, just a metre from the water.

"Oh, no..." Mr. Smallwood began to say.

In the net, there was a Pokemon: Machoke.

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Chapter Five-Water Battle

"Machoke!" Mr. Smallwood shouted.

"Give him back!" Jake shouted, somehow thinking that he could make a difference.

As they watched, the woman lifted up her megaphone. "Don't worry about your poor Pokemon," she said. "If you leave right now, he'll be returned to shore after my work here is finished."

"How can I believe you?" Mr. Smallwood shouted, although he knew he could not be heard.

But she answered the question anyway. "There is no way you can beleive me, but I'll tell you this: If you do not return now, you'll soon wish you had!"

Mr. Tumon then leaned over the edge of the boat, and put his hands over the side of the fishing boat. "Maybe we should get out of here, Joe," he said, winking. But, while he said this, Jake noticed a small poke ball drop from his hands into the sea. He then looked over at the two other fishermen, and noticed them both doing the same thing. Mr. Smallwood then followed suit, carefully placing Quagsire's poke ball into the sea as well.

Jake then glanced at the hijacked fishing vessel, to see if the Oligan woman had seen them. She hadn't, thankfully. Instead, she was looking southward, along with her Skarmory, who had apparently been revived, and an Espeon. She then threw two poke balls into the water, which revealed Sharpedo and Seaking, and began to shout some commands at them.

Jake could only guess at what she said, but he soon realized what it was when the sky ahead began to darken. Clouds were beginning to appear, as a heavy downpour erupted from them, almost instaneously.

Then, the Oligan woman's other pokemon began to appear onboard. One of these pokemon, Manectric, had begun to summon an immense Thunder attack. As Jake watched, the gigantic bolt of lightning came from the clouds, striking the area of water right between Sharpedo and Seaking.

The two water pokemon then disappeared from sight, beneath the crashing waves.

Jake then heard a soft wimpering sound over the loud rainfall. He looked down, and saw Abra, getting constantly colder with the pattering of the freezing ocean rain on his body. "This has got to stop soon," Jake said. "For Abra's sake, and for Machoke's sake."

"I agree," Mr. Smallwood said, looking in the water. Jake followed his gaze, and noticed the distinct outline of a Gyarados.

The Oligan woman had obviously noticed it as well. Without a hesitation, she ordered her Scizor to move Machoke's net. The large fish net then moved along the side of the ship, finally resting almost directly above the area of the sea where Manectric's Thunder had struck.

Soon afterward, a large reverberation could be heard from the bottom of the sea. Sharpedo and Seaking had gotten to their target.

"They're mining for oil!" Mr. Smallwood shouted. "A very Oligan thing to do," he said, noticeably angry.

Then, the fishermen's Pokemon finally began to show themselves, appearing on all sides of the hijacked vessel. Gyarados, Cloyster, Golduck, and Quagsire, all ready for battle. Gyarados, showing only his head above the water, began to whip up an enormous surf attack. Even in this time of turmoil Jake couldn't help but admire the magnificence of the creature, as a large wave headed straight for the Oligan vessel.

The Oligan member was obviously surprised, but she was quick as well. She grabbed ahold of her Skarmory, who took her high into the air, gettng her up above the incoming wave. However, Manectric, Espeon, Scizor, and Machoke did not have this luxory. All they could do was watch, as the surf attack enveloped them. Jake could hear the shrieks of the pokemon as they tried to get back up to the surface.

Once the water calmed, Jake could see the three Oligan pokemon swimming on the surface, watching as the at-home water pokemon headed towards them. But, the presence of Espeon, Manectric, and Scizor was not what Jake originally noticed.

Rather, it was the absence of Machoke.

"Where did he go?" he asked. But then, he noticed that Golduck was also missing. He hoped he knew what the Pokemon was doing.

Looking back on the surface, he could see that the water Pokemon were winning. Scizor was going against Cloyster, Espeon was against Gyarados, and Quagsire was trying desperately to keep the electric-type Manectric away from the other water-types.

Skarmory and the Oligan had appeared once again, struck Quagsire with Spikes, and circled around again for a repeat. Quagsire had gotten disoriented, allowing Manectric to get away, and summon yet another Thunder attack.

But, not just one would appear.

Manectric kept using Thunder, non-stop, following his trainer's orders. From several clouds in the sky, Thunder began to strike the ground. As Jake watched, Gyarados had turned a brilliant yellow, looking almost like a gigantic Lanturn. Glancing back, Cloyster was suffering the same fate. Looking further out to sea, Golduck, Sharpedo, and Seaking, who had obviously been participating in an underwater battle, all lay fainted, floating on top of the water.

Quagsire watched as all of his allies and opponents began to faint around him. He then turned to Manectric, ready for the finishing strike.

"Wait, stop!" the Oligan shouted. "You win. Just leave my Manectric alone!" Quagsire, a well-respected Pokemon, stopped, and disappeared beneath the sea.

The Oligan then recalled all of her Pokemon, and flew on her Skarmory in a southerly direction, as the rain finally begain to recede.

Once she was gone, Mr. Smallwood steered the boat to each Pokemon's side, recalled them, and placed their poke balls next to his seat in the boat. He had gotten Cloyster, Golduck, and finally Gyarados. Soon after the Gyarados poke ball was placed gently at his side, he began to hear a loud call coming from the distance. As he watched, Quagsire popped out of the water, and jumped into his trainer's boat. Once onboard, he looked into the eastern horizon.

There, a group of Wailmer were passing by, most likely on their way to southern waters. One of the Wailmers had begun to come towards the boats. As he came closer, it became apparent that he had a passenger.

"Machoke?" Mr. Smallwood asked questioningly.

As the Wailmer came closer still, the riders identity was soon realized: it was Machamp! Not quite a Machoke, but Mr. Smallwood's long-time companion nonetheless.

Machamp jumped from the Wailmer into his trainer's boat, with a big grin on his face. Mr. Smallwood was also quite happy about seeing his old friend again.

Just then, a large sound could be heard from the herd of Wailmer. As Jake and the fishermen watched, a Wailord appeared, breaching, obviously out of reach of the Great Banks.

"Your welcome," Mr. Smallwood said, as the large Pokemon crashed back into his ocean home.

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Chapter Six-Onward to Adventure

Mr. Smallwood, Jake, and the three fishermen had watched as the herd of Wailmer and Wailord continued on their journey. When they could be seen no more, Mr. Smallwood began the trek back to St. John's Harbour.

About an hour later, Jake could see the harbour getting closer. The unmistakable Pokemon Centre was the first building that he could make out, unfortunately.

Everything else was underwater. The boats, the boardwalk, and anything else that he was accustomed to seeing was underwater. The only thing he saw in front of the shore were the flocks of Wingull circling the area, and a young man, who he recognized as Alfred Greene, surfing on his Lapras.

"Hey, Joe!" Alfred called out. "Did you see what happened here?"

"Yes, I did," Mr. Smallwood answered. "It was the Oligans. They want to start drilling for oil out on the Banks."

"Yeah, I figured so," Alfred responded. Then, he looked over at Jake. "And who is this young man who is accompanying you today?"

"My name is Jake," Jake said to him. "I'm starting my Pokemon journey today," he added, proudly.

"Pokemon journey, eh?" Alfred said. "I remember the day I started, back in '02. My first Pokemon was a Wingull that I caught on this very shore."

He then pulled a poke ball out of his pocket, and tossed it into the air. The ball glowed brilliantly, and a Pelipper appeared in its place. The Pokemon flew out over the harbour that he grew up in. "He's now evolved, but he'll always remember his home, here in Newfoundland."

"Well, speaking of Pokemon, we have to get to the Centre," Mr. Smallwood said. "There were several faintings out at sea, thanks to the Oligans."

"Okay, I'll help you," Alfred said. "Since there insn't really anyplace to dock, why don't to hitch a ride on my pal Lapras, here?"

Soon afterward, Jake, with Abra in his arms, and Mr. Smallwood had hopped over onto the Lapras' back. Once they were ready, the large creature began to head towards shore.

Once at shore, Mr. Smallwood turned to Jake. "I'll take in Abra, Jake. You stay here with Alfred." Jake then slowly moved the wekened Abra into Mr. Smallwood's arms, and watched as he went into the Pokemon Centre.

Jake then turned towards shore, once again noticing that, with the exception of the remnants of old boats appearing over the top of the waves, it did not look like a harbour anymore.

"The Oligans don't care about the well being of humankind at all-let alone pokemonkind." Alfred said. "All they ever want to do is profit off the land. I mean, there is definitely nothing wrong with drilling for oil. It's the people who do it for the soul purpose of making a profit that I can't stand."

"I agree," Jake said. "But they aren't that common, are they?"

"Well, there are quite a few Oligans on this Earth. If there weren't we'd have handled them by now." Alfred then looked back to the sea. "Hey, have you ever caught a Pokemon yet?"

Jake shook his head. "No. My only Pokemon is Abra, and I didn't really catch him in the normal way."

"All right, then," Alfred said. "I'll show you how to do it. Which Pokemon would you like to catch?"

Jake looked into the distance, where he searched for the pokemon he wanted. He noted the Wingull in the sky, and the various Magikarp that he saw jumping out of the water in the distance. But then, he noticed what appeared to be a small island arise on the water. He would not have recognized it if he had not seen it earlier that day.

"Wailmer!" he shouted, pointing at the Pokemon. "Do you see the Wailmer out there?"

Alfred looked toward where Jake's eye's were pointed. "A Wailmer, eh? What a Pokemon for a beginning trainer. But, I said I'd help you catch a Pokemon, and I'm not about to go back on my word now. Go, Lapras!"

Lapras swam out to where the Wailmer was swimming. The two Pokemon made eye contact, as their battle began. Lapras had begun to glow with electricity, as he unleashed a Thunderbolt attack on the Wailmer. Wailmer, surprised by the attack, began to cover himself with Mist. Lapras then unleashed a series of foul toxins on the Wailmer, poisoning him.

Alfred then handed a pokeball to Jake. "Will you do the honours?"

Jake took the ball in his hand, and used all the strength that he had to throw it out to sea. The ball missed the Wailmer by a few metres.

"Very good," Alfred said, handing him another poke ball. "Here, try again."

The two repeated this process three more times before the Wailmer was caught. Lapras picked up the floating ball in his mouth, as he headed back for shore.

Once the Lapras was there, he moved his large head over to Jake, who held out his hand. Lapras then dropped the poke ball into the hand. Jake gripped the poke ball, obviously happy at getting his second Pokemon.

Just then, Mr. Smallwood had come out of the Pokemon Centre. He handed Jake a poke ball. "Here is your Abra," he said. "The people in the Centre said that he looks like he did have a trainer before-a trainer who had abandoned him on that bouy."

"Well, he won't have to worry about that again," Jake said. "I'll never abandon him."

"Oh, I know that," Mr. Smallwood said. He then paused. "Jake, that's not all that I heard while in there. It appears as if there has been an accident in Argentia."

"What kind of accident?" Jake asked.

"I don't know the specifics, but I believe that the Oligans are involved in some way. The point is, however, that you will not be able to get to Sydney from there. The ferry is out of service until further notice."

Alfred then turned to Mr. Smallwood. "Who says he has to go to Sydney, Joe. Hey, Jake, how about you head northwest, towards Nunavut?"

"Nunavut?" Jake asked. "Isn't there a Pokemon Gym there?"

"Yeah, the northernmost gym in the Western Hemisphere, if I am not mistaken, in Iqaluit. I have yet to go there myself, but I planned on going there by the end of the week. Would you like to join me?"

Jake was ecstatic. "Of course I'll go."

"Okay then, it's settled," Alfred said. "We leave at two o'clock. That leaves us three hours to get ready."


Later that day, Jake and Alfred had gotten onboard the Lapras, en route to Baffin Island. Jake looked back, and waved goodbye to Mr. Smallwood, Quagsire, and Machamp, who were watching them from the shore.

After a few minutes, they had vanished from vision, as did the old Newfoundland shoreline that Jake would not see again for a long while. He then turned forward, watching the open sea.

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Chapter Seven-A New Beginning

Earlier that day, just outside of Iqaluit, NT

"Go, Poliwhirl!"

It was early in the morning, but the sun was already high in the sky. But, like any day of the year, the Pokemon trainers were already out battling. One of these trainers was Sedna, who had just gotten permission to begin her own Pokemon journey.

So, naturally, she began out in the tundra, with her old friend and companion, Houndoom. She knew her sister, Iqaluit Gym Leader Tamara, would be battling there.

"Go, Piloswine!" Tamara shouted as the battle began.

Poliwhirl, who belonged to Arnie, one of the local trainers, began with a Toxic attack, aiming a foul goo at his opponent. Piloswine, well aware of the fact that Poliwhirl might try this, had dug into the cold ground, avoiding the poison completely. Soon afterward, she had erupted from the ground, right beneath her opponent. Poliwhirl was sent flying into the air, unable to concentrate on carrying out his next attack.

Poliwhirl then rammed into the ground with an all-powerful Earthquake attack. Piloswine was well-shaken, but the damage was not enough to get her defeated. She then jumped into the air, pummeling the ground with her own Earthquake attack. Poliwhirl fell to the ground, severely wounded.

Piloswine then finished him off with a Horn Attack, fainting the Poliwhirl once and for all.

"I guess you win again, Tamara," Arnie said, recalling his Pokemon. "For now, anyway."

"Oh, don't worry," Tamara told him. "Just keep raising your Pokemon with love, all right. They'll never fail you if you do that."

Arnie then headed back towards town, where he could heal his wounded Pokemon. Tamara walked over to Piloswine, patted her on the back, and recalled her. "Good work, Piloswine," she said. "As always."

Sedna then walked over to her sister. "Great job," she told her. "I was sure that Earthquake would have gotten Piloswine."

"Yeah, so did I," Tamara responded. "But I didn't show it. You must always remain confident, and have trust in your Pokemon. Speaking of which, I suppose that you should be glad about your approval this morning. You and Houndoom can take on the Pokemon League now."

"Yes, I suppose so," Sedna said happily. "But I'm not sure if I am ready to take on you, Tamara. Your Piloswine would faint ole' Houndoom quite easily with one of those Earthquakes."

"I am your sister, Sedna," Tamara told her. "But I have to battle you according to the rules, no exceptions." She then looked at her watch. Noticing the time, she said that they better get back to town.

The two sisters then began heading to the south, towards Iqaluit, which was about twenty minutes away.

"So, Sedna," Tamara then said. "Do you plan on battling me before you leave the city, or after you get some more experience with Pokemon?"

"I'd like to have the battle soon, yes," Sedna answered quickly. "But I need a partner, right?"

"Yes," Tamara said. "I battle 2 on 2 in my gym. Maybe you would like to team up with Arnie, eh?" she added with a smile.

"Not Arnie!" Sedna exclaimed. "He doesn't know the difference between a Magikarp and a Mudkip!"

"I guess you're right," Tamara said, laughing. "Well don't worry. We'll find someone for you."

The girls continued down the road, almost at the edge of town. The Iqaluit Gym could now be seen, rising above the city. It was made entirely out of ice, which was molded entirely by Houndoom. At the top of the magnificent structure, there was an ice sculpture in the shape of a bird. But not just any bird would be on top of the gym: it was Articuno, the legendary bird of ice. According to legend, this mystical bird still lives somewhere in the Canadian north, rarely seen by people. The perfect Pokemon to be sculpted there, Sedna thought to herself.

Finally at the gym, Tamara said "I have to get the gym open now, Sed. See you later!" She then left into the building, leaving Sedna by herself.

"Come on, Houndoom, let's get going," she said, looking back at the Pokemon, lying on the ground looking like she wanted to just sleep the whole day away. Houndoom then barked gleefully when she heard her trainer's voice, wagging her tail. She then walked up to her trainer, as Sedna petted her head.

"Good girl," she said. "Let's go!"

Houndoom then barked again, and began running through the street. Sedna quickly followed, not knowing what was in store for her.

Sedna and Houndoom then reached the city centre, where the Pokemon Centre was located. Sedna could see that Arnie was just leaving it, with Poliwhirl's poke ball in hand. He looked quite angry.

Noticing Sedna, Arnie walked up to her. "Sedna, your Tamara's sister, eh?" he said.

Sedna nodded her head. "You want to try to battle me?" he said. "You could get some good practise for when you take on your sister."

"No, I don't think so," Sedna responded. "I'd like to catch a few more Pokemon first."

"All right, just tell yourself that," he told her. "You just know that I'd win by a landslide." He then laughed, and walked away.

Sedna, a bit insulted by what Arnie had said, turned to Houndoom. "I am definetly not teaming up with that guy," she said to her. Houndoom barked in agreement.

The two friends then continued walking through town, watching people go on with their daily lives. She noticed some young children with a pair of Marril over near her old school, as she did normally. She also noticed an the Glootons, an elderly couple who she had spoken to occaisonally, walk past her with their own Houndoom.

Soon enough, however, Sedna had reached the waterfront, where the Hudson Strait separated Baffin Island and the mainland province of Quebec. The water was calm, as always, as few Pokemon made their home in these cold northern waters. There were some occasional Seel or Spheal, but none were present today.

Everything seemed normal at the waterfront-that is, everything was normal before what was about to happen next.

All of a sudden, Houndoom had begun to bark uncontrollably. "Houndoom, calm down. What is it?"

It was then that a large shadow began to form on the water. Sedna looked up, so she could determine the source of this darkness.

"Oh my," she said, as she heard a shrieking coming from overhead. She was pretty sure what she thought it was, but that was impossible....wasn't it?

Soon enough, she heard the swooping sound, and looked up. Yes, it was the creature she had seen evryday from the top of the Iqaluit Gym....Articuno!

The legendary bird flew right over her head. The Pokemon was crying out loudly, as if aware of something horrible yet to come.

All Sedna could do was watch as the magnificent creature swooped down and skimmed the water.

And that is when Articuno began to use his famous Ice Beam attack, freezing everything in sight.

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Chapter Eight-Frozen in Happy Valley Goose Bay

Now, the story goes back to Jake, who is currently in the St. Anthony, NL

Jake and Alfred had spent long hours on the back of the Lapras. All the while, they had hugged the shoreline of the island of Newfoundland. But soon enough, they had left their home behind, headed for the mainland region of the province: Labrador.

While passing by the mouth of the Belle Isle Strait, Jake watched as the last town on the island, St. Anthony, vanished into the horizon.

"Have you ever left the island before?" Alfred asked him, turning around to look the young trainer in the eyes.

"No," Jake told him. "I've been there my whole life."

"What about your friend Josh," Alfred said. "Has he ever left the island before?"

"I don't think so," Jake responded, remembering about his old friiend. "He's probably made it Halifax now-quite a distance from home, eh?"

"Yeah, but not as far as Iqaluit," Alfred told him. "We don't exactly have ferries going up in this direction, do we?"

"I guess not," Jake answered, looking back out to the sea.

Things were quiet then, for a few minutes at least. After about twenty minutes of travelling, the waves began, as Lapras had reached the strong Labrador Current.

"The Labrador Current," Alfred said, noticing quite well that they were now quite far out in the open water. "Seems odd that there aren't any icebergs around yet."

"Icebergs?" Jake asked.

"Yes. The Current is the pathway for several icebergs coming from the far north. The one that collided with the Titantic so many years ago, that came from up here. I'd expect to see at least one of them by now."

"Well, we'll see them sooner or later," Jake said.

Time had passed a bit more, and there were still no icebergs to be seen.

"Okay, we have to stop now," Alfred said to Jake. "Lapras needs to have a rest. And so do I."

So Lapras turned away from the open sea, and headed for the shoreline of the small Labrador town of Happy Valley Goose Bay. Soon enough, Jake and Alfred were back on solid ground, and Lapras was resting back inside his poke ball.

The two trainers then headed into town, where they hoped that they could find a Pokemon Centre, or at least a place where they could spend the night, and plan the journey for the following day.

"Have you ever been here before?" Jake asked his comrade.

Alfred shook his head. "No, but I've heard about it. You know Roger Tumon, one of the fishermen back in St. John's? Well, he's been here before, back whenever they were constructing the Pokemon Centre. He was hired to help out."

Finally arriving at the first houses, Jake noticed that there weren't that many people out at the time. There was just a group of young people off further into town, as well as a middle-aged man walking around outside his home.

The man stopped, and looked over at the new visitors to his town. "Hello," he said to them. "You know, I don't believe that I have ever seen you people around here before."

"You wouldn't have," Alfred told him. "We're from St. John's, out on the island."

"St. John's, eh?" the man said. "You're pretty far from home then, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Jake said. "But not as far as we will be tomorrow. We're headed to Iqaluit."

"You planning to take on Tamara, the Gym Leader there?" the man said.

"Yes, we both do," Alfred told him. "You know anything about her?"

"No, I can't say I do," the man admitted. "Probably because she was just recently chosen to lead up there. Well, I hope you like it here in Happy Valley Goose Bay while you're staying."

"Speaking of staying," Alfred said to him. "Where could we find the Pokemon Centre?"

"The Pokemon Centre?" he said, surprised. "Yes, well, I guess you wouldn't know, being from out of town and all. There was a fire there earlier this week, apparently after a wild Quilava was set loose in there."

"Is everyone all right?" Jake asked, worried.

"Yes," the man answered. "Fortunately this town is home to a lot of Water trainers. But, not even my Corphish could stop that rampaging Quilava."

"However," he then said. "If you youngsters are looking for a place to stay, I'd be happy to let you in my home for the night."

And that was it. The man led Jake and Alfred into his home, and made room for them to sleep during the night. Soon afterward, the man had went to bed himself.

A few minutes had passed, and Jake was looking up at the wooden ceiling of the house. He looked over to his left, and saw that Alfred was already fast asleep, with his eight poke balls right by his side.

Jake then pulled out his own two poke balls. One of them held the little Abra that he had found stranded on the buoy; the other held the Wailmer that was captured just off of the St. John's Harbour. Jake was obviously proud of both of them.

Obviously restless, and unused to being in a strange environment, Jake, realizing that he wasn't going to get to sleep, crept out of the house into the dark streets of Happy Valley Goose Bay. He then wandered into the nearby forest.

The only sound that he heard was the crunching of his own feet in the snow. But after walking around for a few minutes, he felt the presence of another creature. Looking quickly around, he tried to determine who or what was there.

Finally, he found it: a little Bellsprout was wandering about through the snow, following Jake. Jake, recognizing the Pokemon as the provincial flower of his province, pulled out a poke ball that he had taken from Alfred.

He threw the ball through the air, aiming at the Bellsprout. The Pokemon entered the ball, which then began to jump around. But within a few seconds, Jake had picked the ball up off the ground, placing it with the other two that he now possessed.

Then, obviously happy about catching the Bellsprout, Jake turned out toward the sea. It was rather easy to catch, but he just put it off on beginner's luck. Then, he peered out over the shore, where he hoped to see an iceberg. But still, none could be seen.

However, he did hear a large noise, which did sound a lot like the crackling of ice. He ran down to the water's edge to investigate.

Once there, he looked out for as far as he could see. There, right on the horizon, he saw a long wall of frozen water. But he was pretty certain that it was not an iceberg, because it was too short, and way too wide.

He watched a bit more, and noticed that the ice field was growing, coming ever more closer to shore. As it came closer, he noticed something coming with it. It was a Flying Pokemon, that was for sure. But Jake could not identify the creature.

As the Pokemon came closer, Jake began to realize that it wasn't going to stop. He was going to be frozen to death!

Jake then pulled out a poke ball, and tossed it to the ground. The little Abra then appeared by his side, looking a lot better then he had been when they first met.

"Abra, use Teleport, now!" Jake shouted at the Pokemon.

Abra, realizing why he was issued this command, began to glow, and spin around in circles, preparing to Teleport away from the everclosening ice field.

Jake watched until the large Pokemon was almost right above his head. He saw as an enormous beam of ice came straight out of its beak, aimed at the ground below.

He would heve seen more, if not for the little Abra, who had whisked himself, as well as his trainer, away.

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:shock: Woah.....Cliffhanger

*back to seriousness* Cool! I can't wait to see what happens next! Oh yeah, typo when those trainers are battling: "Poliwhirl, who belonged Arnie"

Or is that just me being dumb? I dunno anymore.

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No, I assure you it is me being dumb. I found one mistake in that line, editing it. And, of course, in doing so I made another one. XD

Thanks for pointing it out, heh. ^_^

Chapter Nine - A Chance Encounter

Jake opened his eyes. All he saw was white.

He looked around, and found himself lying in a pile of snow. A little to his right, he saw his Abra, lying in the snow as well.

Jake quickly got up on his feet, so he could better survey his surroundings. He definitely recognized some of the buildings around him, so he knew he was in Happy Valley Goose Bay. But there was one enormous difference.

The town was covered in snow. The buildings he did see were only roofs.

"Abra!" Jake shouted, as the small Pokemon got up and went to his trainer's side. "What happened here?"

But he had already begun to guess. "It was that bird," he said. "It created this storm."

Just then, Jake could hear a loud roaring noise coming from one of the houses. As he looked over at it, he realized that it was the one where he and Alfred were spending the night.

Suddenly, the roof of the house burst open, as a Pokemon jumped out of it.

"Magmar!" Jake said to himself. He had never seen the Spitfire Pokemon before.

Behind the Magmar, Pelipper came out of the house, with Alfred and the man he had seen the previous night on his back.

"Jake!" Alfred shouted, surprised. "How did you get out of there?"

"I was outside when it happened," Jake told him. "A giant bird had flown over the water, spewing ice and snow everywhere it went."

"A giant bird?" the man repeated. "What kind of bird?"

Magmar had then begun to wander around the town, melting the snow quickly with his warm flame body. As he did, Jake described the creature that he had encountered on the previous night.

"Articuno," the man said, astonished. "The legendary bird of the Canadian Arctic. That must have been the Pokemon you saw last night."

"Yes, I've heard of Articuno before," Alfred said. "When my English class studied Mythology. According to legend, Articuno was born in the deep underground of Ellesmere Island, the northernmost landmass on the planet. Ever since then, it has been seen on numerous occasions by the Inuit peoples, and sometimes by those who had been trying to profit off the land."

"It has also been said that Articuno protects its home if it senses danger. That is why it froze the Northwest Passage centuries ago, making it impossble to get through."

"But why has it done it again?" Jake asked. "What danger is there in this place?"

"I don't know," was all the man could say.

By that time, Jake had noticed that Magmar had completed his job of melting the town's snow. When he was done, Alfred had recalled the Pokemon.

"Well, Articuno or not, it's time for us to go, Jake," Alfred said. With that, they said goodbye to the man, and headed back to the shore.

Once there, Alfred and Jake noticed the flaw in their plan: the Labrador Current was frozen solid, making it pretty impossible for Lapras to Surf all the way to Baffin Island.

"Not a problem," Alfred said at last. "We'll just run there." He then pulled out two poke balls, and tossed them onto the frozen water. The balls glowed, and revealed two Pokemon: Tauros and Meganium.

"You take Meganium," Alfred said to Jake. "I'll ride my Tauros." Alfred then hopped onto the ice, and headed towards Tauros. He then got up onto the Pokemon, as Jake got onto the Meganium. "Okay, let's go!" Alfred shouted.

Soon enough, Tauros and Meganium had begun running on the ice. Tauros was obviously the faster runner, but he was definetly harder to control than Meganium was. Jake wrapped his arms around the Grass-Type's neck to keep from falling off, as they continued their trek to Iqaluit.

All the while, Jake watched as the coastline of Labrador whisked by. Not once did he see any section of open water, no matter how minimal.

A few hours had passed, and not a thing had changed. The entire Labrador Current was frozen, and once Jake and Alfred had reached the mouth of the Hudson Strait, it became quite evident that it too was solidified.

Tauros then stopped suddenly. Meganium insticntively stopped from behind.

"What is it, boy?" Alfred said to his Pokemon, who was suddenly running to the south, towards Ungava Bay.

Not too far into the bay, Jake saw something that he hadn't seen in a while: open water! He quickly got off Meganium and went closer to investigate. Alfred got off of Tauros and followed.

Sure enough, the two found the end of the giant ice field. "What do you suppose happened here?" Jake asked his fellow traveller.

"No idea," Alfred responded, looking over the vast bay before him. "But I don't think it was an accident, Jake."

Just then, Jake began to hear a moaning sound, followed by a loud barking noise. "What is that?" he asked.

Tauros and Meganium had both left from view, rushing towards the source of the sounds. Alfred and Jake quickly followed.

They soon came upon a Pokemon, the Dark-Fire Type Houndoom, hunched over someone.

As Jake got closer, he saw that she was a young Inuit girl. She had long black hair, which was covered in patches of ice. Also, she was soaked, which was very dangerous if you were living in a place with an average temperature mark below the freezing point.

Looking at the Houndoom, Jake noticed that she was soaked as well. She would not be using Flamethrower any time soon, that was for sure.

Alfred quickly ran to the girl's side, and checked her pulse. "She's alive," he said to Jake. "It appears as though this Houndoom here dragged her out of the water, risking her own life in the process."

Alfred then pulled a poke ball out of his pocket, and placed it on the ice beside the girl. "Magmar, you need to warm her up," he said, as the Spitfire Pokemon appeared. His Flame Body technique began working immediately, as the girl warmed up, and her Houndoom's eyes began to glow a darker orange colour.

As Jake watched, he noticed the Magmar getting shorter. "Alfred, recall him!" he shouted.

Alfred, startled by this comment, recalled Magmar. He then looked at the poke ball in his hand. "I guess you're melting the ice, aren't you, buddy? Okay, we have to get this girl some medical attention, quick. Tauros, come here!"

The Tauros clopped over to where the girl was lying. Alfred then managed to pick her up, and place her on the bull's back. He then got a piece of paper out of his pocket, and scribbled something down on it.

He then pulled another poke ball out of his pocket, and placed it on the ground. The ball glowed, and an Aipom suddenly appeared on the ice.

Alfred then handed the paper to Aipom. "Here you go, Aipom," he said. "Go with Tauros to Iqaluit. Once there, hand out that note there. Do you understand?"

The little Aipom nodded, and quickly hopped up onto the Tauros' back. He then struck the Pokemon's back with his tail, and began screeching excitedly. He pointed north, and almost immediately, the Tauros began running at top speed into the horizon, leaving Jake, Alfred, Meganium, and Houndoom alone by the water's edge.

"I hope she is all right." Jake said. Houndoom nodded in agreement, letting out a low howl.

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Chapter Ten-It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a...Tauros?

Iqaluit, NV

Tamara was in the gym, getting ready for battle. She had figured that Arnie would be coming back soon for a rematch, so she went straight to the centre of the battle arena. She let her Piloswine out of her poke ball. The large Pokemon grunted, as Tamara patted her head.

"Good job earlier," she said to her. "Let's see you do it again, all right?" Piloswine grunted again, obviously ready.

They didn't have to wait long before the gym's front doors opened, as Arnie marched in.

But for once, Arnie wasn't looking for a battle.

"Tamara!" he shouted to her, awfully quite shaken. "It's Articuno! It's taken Sedna!"

"What?" Tamara asked in disbelief, her thoughts of battle strategy suddenly lost. "That's impossible. I was talking to her only minutes ago."

"As was I," Arnie told her. "Come on, it's not too late to save her!"

Tamara quickly recalled her Piloswine, and rushed towards the gym's exit.

Arnie led her to the water's edge at the outskirts of town. "This is where it happened."

Tamara looked out into the sea, but she could see no sign of either Articuno, or of her sister.

"Are you sure it was Articuno?" she asked Arnie, still disbelieving.

Arnie nodded his head. "I wouldn't mistake that tail anywhere," he said, obviously recalling the sculpture on top of the Gym.

Tamara knelt down to the edge of the land. She noted the fact that the air seemed a lot cooler than normal. She looked out to the sea again, and noticing that there were various sized chunks of ice floating within it.

"Arnie, go back to town," Tamara said quickly. "Get to the hospital, and send the Rescue Team."

"What are you going to do?" Arnie asked her questioningly.

Tamara turned to look him in the eye. "I'm going to go find my sister, of course."

Arnie looked at the water, which even looked freezing cold. "In that?"

"Yes, in that," Tamara told him. "Now please, get to town! Now!"

As Arnie turned back towards town, Tamara took out her poke balls, and placed them on the ground in front of her. Within seconds, her team materialized. Cloyster, Dewgong, Piloswine, Delibird, Swampert, and Glalie all appeared at the water's edge, ready and willing to help.

Delibird quickly took into the sky, while Swampert and Dewgong leaped into the now freezing Hudson Strait. Cloyster hopped into the water, but instead of going under, she stayed by the shoreline.

Tamara then slowly stepped onto her Cloyster, knelt down, grabbing the Pokemon's two head spikes. She then turned to Glalie and Piloswine. "You two stay here, just in case Sedna comes ashore."

With that, Cloyster turned around, and faced the open waters, which were already being covered by thin patches of ice. "Go!" Tamara shouted.

Cloyster then sped out away from the land, with Delibird not to far behind in the air. It wasn't long before Tamara could no longer see her Glalie and Piloswine at the shore.

Almost instantly afterwards, the hail began to fall.

Like a very hard rain, golf ball-sized chunks of ice began to fall from the sky, pelting the water below. But, rather than melting, the hail just froze the surrounding water, creating even more patches of ice.

"Delibird, back!" Tamara shouted. The little Pokemon disappeared into her poke ball literally seconds before one of the ice chunks flew through the spot where she was flying.

"Cloyster, back to shore!" Tamara shouted. "We can't find Sedna in this weather."

So, Cloyster began to head back towards the shore. All the while, Tamara was dodging the falling ice.

After a few minutes of this, Cloyster struck a larger patch of ice. Tamara looked around, but could not see where it ended.

"I guess I'm traveling alone now, Cloyster," Tamara shouted. She jumped off Cloyster, landing hard on the ice. Recalling Cloyster, and turning north, she avoided the hail as much as she could.

Luckily for Tamara, she was used to dealing with ice, because it was very slippery where she was running. Most would not be able to get a grip in that kind of weather.

Finally, she could see some shrubbery up ahead-proof that she had reached the shore. Once stepping onto the land, she collapsed onto the ground. Her two poke balls then rolled across the ground.

Cloyster and Delibird both appeared, wanting to help Tamara. Cloyster managed to move herself over to her. When able, she rolled on top of Tamara, with her fleshy inside down. This successfully protected Tamara from being struck by the hail, which would be nearly nothing to Cloyster's hard shell.

Cloyster then pointed her eyes toward her comrade, Delibird. Delibird did not look back; instead, she was looking further off into the distance.

Leaving Cloyster and Tamara, Delibird went over to investigate, using her bag as an umbrella. As she got closer, she noticed that there was a large brown mass just lying in the middle of the snow.

When she got to it, Delibird realized that it was an Ursaring. Getting closer still, she noticed that the Pokemon had been struck in the head with the hail. Blood was coming out of the wound, and freezing almost instantaneously. The Ursaring was roaring furiously-so much that Delibird decided it would be better for her to keep her distance.

Delibird then looked up into the sky, and shrieked at the top of her lungs. She obviously wanted the Articuno to stop with the disastrous weather.

Then, almost as if answering the little Pokemon, the hail stopped falling, and the clouds diappeared, finally revealing the warm sun.

Able to see more clearly, Delibird turned back to where she came from. There, she saw Tamara headed in her direction.

Tamara got to the Ursaring, hearing her distress call. She then knelt down to the giant creature, but keeping her distance from the Pokemon's claws just the same. She looked at the wound, and realized the severity: Ursaring was definetly not going to survive. Tears began to drop from Tamara's eyes, but not just because of Ursaring: it was because she was thinking that the same thing could have happened to Sedna.

Tamara stayed with Ursaring, comforting her in any way she could. But in a few minutes, the Pokemon was gone. Tamara got back up on her feet, and looked out to the large field of ice before her. "Why?" was all she could manage to say.

Then, breaking the silence, she could hear a low wimpering noise. She turned around, only to see a small Pokemon coming out from a nearby bush.

It was a young Teddiursa, no more than a week old. "Oh, no...." Tamara began to say, realizing that the Pokemon was now an orphan.

But she then saw another small Pokemon in front of her.

It was a small purple pokemon, with a crazy grin on his face. He had a long tail, that ended in what looked a lot like a baseball glove.

"What are you doing here, little Pokemon?" Tamara said, looking at the two little Pokemon. The Teddiursa was just trying to wake up her mother, while the other Pokemon was staring Tamara in the eyes. He then began screeching loudly, jumping around frantically, as he pointed out onto the ice field. He then began hopping around on his baseball gove tail, pointing some more.

Tamara followed the Pokemon's gaze. She saw a large brown creature coming towards her. It was a Tauros, a Pokemon native to the southern provinces.

But what Tamara noticed more was the girl on the Tauros' back.

"Sedna!" Tamara shouted in disbelief.

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Chapter Eleven-The Meeting

Jake, Alfred, and Houndoom had walked the ice field for what seemed like days before finally reaching the Iqaluit shore.

Once there, Jake noticed that they had finally reached the ice field's end. "Why do you think it stops here?" he asked Alfred curiously.

"I don't know," Alfred responded. "But I have a feeling that we're about to find out."

The two trainers then walked straight into town, looking for any sign of the girl who they had found in the Ungava.

"I hope she is all right," Jake said.

"Yeah," Alfred agreed. "Me, too."

Almost as the words were out of his mouth, they noticed a young man running towards them. He looked about Alfred's age, but Jake wasn't certain.

"Hey, you two!" the young man asked. "Where did you come from?"

"We're from Newfoundland," Jake said. "We were on our way here, when we found a young girl unconcious in Ungava Bay. We sent her here on a Tauros. Has she made it?"

The man smiled. "Yes, your Tauros has made it. The girl you saved is at the Gym right now."

"Is she awake?" Jake asked hopefully.

"Follow me and see for yourself," the man said.

So then, the three trainers began to head for the gym. On the way, Jake and Alfred discovered that they had saved Sedna, the local gym leader's sister. But Alfred had other things on his mind.

"So, where are my Pokemon?" he asked the man, who he now knew as Arnie.

"They're at the gym," Arnie responded. "A Tauros, along with a small purple creature who doesn't know how to shut up."

"Aipom," Alfred said. "He's from the Brazilian rain forest. I guess he seems a bit out of place up here, eh?"

"Definetly," Arnie agreed as the three trainers reached the gym.

Jake looked at the gym, which was almost completely constructed out of ice. At the top he saw the sculpture of the legendary bird of the Canadian Arctic.

"Articuno," Jake said. "That is definetly the bird I saw yesterday. Why is it doing so much harm to the land?"

"I have no idea," Arnie admitted. "Articuno has always lived peacefully with the Inuit. That is, until yesterday."

Arnie, Alfred, and Jake finally went through the Gym's front doors. Once there, they saw a woman in her late teens, or early twenties.

"Are you the Iqaluit gym leader?" Jake asked her.

The woman nodded. "Yes, I am Tamara. Are you two the ones who saved my sister?"

Alfred walked right up to her. "Indeed we are, miss. How is she doing?"

Tamara led them through the gym to a small room at the side of the gym. Once inside, Jake saw the girl, alive and well. If he hadn't seen her earlier, he would never have guessed that she had been frozen and unconscious.

Sedna was watching over a small Teddiursa at the time. However, she quickly turned around to see who had come into the room.

But, rather then seeing the humans, Sedna was looking further down.

"Houndoom!" She cried as the Pokemon rushed to her side, obviously quite happy to be reunited. Houndoom leaped up, knocking Sedna against the wall, licking her face frantically. "I'm glad to see that you're all right," Sedna said to her.

"Um, I think you should know that Houndoom was the one who saved you," Jake said. "She pulled you out of the water, and then called for us afterwards."

Sedna turned to look at Jake. "Are you saying that Houndoom jumped into the water? By choice?" She was obviously quite surprised.

Jake nodded. Houndoom jumped back down to the ground, and went over to investigate about the presence of the little Teddiursa.

"So, your name is Jake, right?" Sedna asked Jake.

"Yes," Jake answered. "And you're Sedna?"

Sedna nodded. "So, are you two Pokemon trainers?"

"Well, I just started a few days ago," Jake said. "But Alfred here has been battling for years."

"Yeah," Alfred said. "We were actually on our way to go challenge your sister for a battle when we found you."

"Together?" Sedna asked them. "You do know it is a double battle, right?"

"It is?" Alfred said, surprised. "No, I didn't know."

"Hey, Alfred," Arnie began to say. "How about you and I take on Tamara, and then Jake and Sedna do it afterwards?"

"That's all right for me," Alfred said to him. "How about it Jake, you all right with that?"

Jake looked at Sedna. "Are you planning on challenging your sister?" he asked her.

"Of course!" Sedna told him. "Come on, would you like to join me?"

"Are you ready to battle now?" Jake asked her. "I think I would like to train my Pokemon a bit before I try."

"Then we'll train together," Sedna said.

"In the meantime, Arnie and I will begin the gym battle," Alfred said. "Is that all right, Tamara?"

Before Tamara could respond, a large earthquake began to reverberate throughout the gym. Large crashes could be heard as chunks of ice fell off the building's layout.

"What is that?" Tamara wondered aloud, as she headed for the door. The other trainers followed.

Once outside, they realized that the hail had started again, raining down on the city. Jake looked up, and noticed Articuno, shrieking frantically.

But that was not all he noticed. He also noticed a pack of Skarmory along with Articuno, beating it down to the ground.

"Look out!" Tamara shouted, as Articuno came crashing to the ground in front of them. The Skarmory followed, making sure it would not get away.

"Articuno, back!" could be heard off in the distance.

And then, the Skarmory stopped, as Articuno disappeared into a poke ball. Soon after, a loud crunching sound could be heard coming towards them.

"It's Paul and George," Tamara said to herself. "Team Oliga!"

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cool but to long

do the wave

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Sorry, gone awhile. I intend to post the rest of it! =D

Chapter Twelve-The Return of Team Oliga

"It's good that you remember us, Tamara," said one of the two men who appeared. He seemed about sixty years old. He was wearing a suit and tie, of all things. He was partially bald, with white hair.

The other man was also dressed in a suit. He was a bit younger than the other Oligan, with darkened grey hair.

"You like what we've done with the place?" the grey haired man said. "And it's only going to get better. After your fellow citizens see this little guy, they'll do whatever we want them to do." He then held out the poke ball that held the legendary Pokemon.

"Why, you..." Tamara began to say.

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you," the grey haired man said. "Skarmory!"

Almost like a group of trained pit bulls, the Skarmory all circled the five trainers, snapping their beaks at any sudden movements.

"You're not going to get away with this!" Tamara shouted.

"Oh, hush," the grey haired man said. "I thought at least you would be smart enough to realize that we already have."

Then, the man held out Articuno's poke ball, and said, "Articuno, you're mine now. You better have enjoyed your last minutes of freedom, because you are never going to recapture them."

He then threw the poke ball into the air. "Articuno, Ice Beam these pathetic excuses for trainers. Put them out of their misery.

The legendary Ice-Type Pokemon appeared in the air once again, flapping its wings wide. It then circled through the air, and turned towards the trainers.

Jake couldn't believe what was happening. If only I had stayed in St. John's, he thought to himself. Then I wouldn't be in this mess.

But then he thought of something that could help. He pulled a poke ball out of his pocket, and placed it on the ground in front of him. The Skarmory began to snap at him, but they were not fast enough for the little Abra that appeared.

"Abra, Teleport!" Jake shouted, and just like that, the little Pokemon began focusing his mind on a different place.

Just as the Ice Beam had come out of the Articuno's beak, the Teleport started working. By the time the Ice Beam did hit, all it got was a group of bewildered Skarmory.

However, due to the large amount of matter that Abra was Teleporting, they only moved about a few metres away. But, only four trainers actually appeared.

The odd one out was Jake, who appeared in a rather different place-Articuno's back!

Jake held on tight to the Pokemon's ice-covered feathers, trying to keep his grip. He looked down, and saw Paul and George turning red, despite the abnormal cold weather.

Abra was also on the Pokemon's back, just in front of Jake. He had managed to crawl to the head, where he noticed an odd red beeping light.

"What do you have there, Abra?" Jake said, as he looked closer. There, he found a red collar that had been wrapped around the Articuno's neck, most likely by those now frozen Skarmory.

"You thinking what I'm thinking, Abra?" Jake said.

Abra focused his mind on the collar, and it soon disappeared.

Almost instantly, Articuno began to fly more smoothly. It settled down on the top of the Skarmory ice cube.

Looking at the Oligans, Jake noticed that the grey haired man was trying to get his collar off.

"Articuno, use Ice Beam!" the white haired man yelled out.

"With pleasure," Jake said, as he could feel Articuno's body temperature constantly dropping. It then opened its beak, and let loose an enormous Ice Beam, aimed straight at Team Oliga. Within seconds, the two had been struck, freezing instantly.


Jake had gotten off Articuno. Articuno had then taken the ice cubes that were Team Oliga, and took them out to the sea, placing them in small canoes. They would hopefully be in either Ontario or Quebec, the places where the Oligan resistance was greatest, by the time they woke.

Once off of Articuno, Jake noticed that his Abra was glowing an odd orange colour. He didn't know what it meant, but he soon found out. Within a few seconds, a Kadabra was now standing where the little Abra had been.

Then, Articuno said its goodbyes to the trainers of Iqaluit and St. John's. It even picked out one of its own icy feathers, and handed it to Jake in its beak.

"Thank you," Jake said, as the Legendary Bird of the Canadian Arctic flapped its enormous wings, and took to the sky. It flew northward, probably headed back for its Ellesmere Island home.

The Skarmory were rescued, thanks to Alfred's Magmar and Sedna's Houndoom. They were taken to the Pokemon Centre, where they would be healed, and where they would slowly be welcomed back to a world without Team Oliga.

Alfred was then reunited with his Pokemon, Aipom and Tauros. Almost immediately afterwards, he was ready to begin the battle with Tamara.

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Finally, I am back in business!

13 chapters, wow. I have switched to the present tense for this chapter, as I will for all gym chapters, because I feel its works better that way.

Well, here we go with the 1st gym battle. Think ASB, add abilities, subtract rounds, and you get:

Chapter Thirteen-Iqaluit Gym Battle:Alfred + Arnie vs Tamara

Welcome, everyone, to the Iqaluit Gym. Double Battles are the battle of choice here, so we will be seeing four Pokemon out battling at once. Also, challengers will have three Pokemon set aside, of which two will be allowed to battle, whereas the gym leader will have six, of which four will be participating. For those who don't know about the gym, here is the basic layout: It is shaped like basketball court, although it is a square, with the imprint of a giant poke ball, which was put there by many Houndoom. Also, this court is made entirely out of a thick layer of ice, with an open pool of freezing cold water below. Above the court, large blue icicles are hanging from the ceiling, ready to come crashing down at the slightest impact. The average temperature here is fifteen degrees below zero, which is why our battlers will be watching from afar, as their Pokemon compete

Alfred and Arnie both step up to the battlefield, for as far as they are allowed to go. Arnie takes a poke ball out of his pocket, and tosses it onto the field. The ball glows, as a Poliwhirl appears on the field. He appears pumped, and ready to begin.

Alfred then takes out his own poke ball, and tosses it onto the field. Magmar then appears, glowing brilliantly under the natural light of the icicles. Flames blow off his body, ready for anything that could come up.

Tamara then shows herself at the opposite end of the court, with two poke balls, one in each hand. She looks at her opponents' choices and grins, as she sends both of her Pokemon onto the field. Both poke balls hit the ground, and begin to glow. One reveals Cloyster, who appears with her black fleshy centre wide open, facing her opponents head on. The other poke ball reveals Swampert, who slowly looks around at her fellow Pokemon, with a big grin o her face.

The battle has now begun.

Round One- Home: 4 / Guests: 4

ImageImage vs ImageImage

The first move of the battle goes to Swampert, who forms some mud on her body, and then shoots it towards Magmar. The mud hits Magmar, knocking him onto the ground. Magmar then gets up of the ground, and notices that his Flame Body has melted a large section of the battlefield. Magmar then hops out of the ditch he has made, with his palm surging with electricity. Cloyster could see the Magmar coming, and decided that she should block the attack by throwing some Spikes at the oncoming Magmar. She unleashed a series of the spikes onto the ground, and watched as Magmar tripped over them, and was sent flying towards her. The two Pokemon collided, and the Thunderpunch attack was successful. Cloyster was sent rolling backwards, finally stopping when her forehead spikes stuck into the ground. Magmar quickly backed away from the overturned Cloyster, as he saw his comrade joining in the battle. Poliwhirl opened his mouth wide, as he unleashed a powerful Ice Beam attack, headed in Swampert's direction. Magmar had to duck in order to keep from being struck by the attack himself.

The battle continued with Swampert using Double Team. The Pokemon ran as fast as she could, until there were a total of four Swampert on the field, as the next movement began. Magmar turned toward Cloyster, and powered up his breath. He then opened his beak, and let out a large stream of fire, headed for Cloyster. The Flamethrower attack struck Cloyster, sending her rolling into the wall. However, if Magmar could have seen Cloyster's insides, he would have seen her smiling. She was smiling because she was forming a series of bubbles. She then opened her shell, as unleashed the Bubblebeam attack at Magmar. The bubbles flew through the air, striking Magmar head on. Magmar fell back into his self-made ditch, drawing himself evermore closer to the rushing stream below. Poliwhirl then jumped into the fight, giving another Ice Beam attack to Swampert. However, instead of striking the real Swampert, the attack struck one of the clones, causing it to vanish into thin air.

Swampert then decided to give the battlefield a drastic change. She leaped up into the air, and crashed down with a tremendous Earthquake attack. From where she stood, the ice began to break apart. A large crack appeared, which sped throughout the court. Magmar and Poliwhirl didn't see it coming, and they were sent falling into the stream below as a result. Cloyster, on the other hand, had already covered herself in an invisible veil, so when she fell down into the stream, she was dealt no damage. She crashed down into the water, and sunk to the bottom, bobbing back up to the surface soon afterward. She looks up at Swampert, who had clung onto the wall with her strong webbed feet. She then looks over at Magmar and Poliwhirl. Magmar is lying on a patch of ice floating in the stream, and Poliwhirl is lying on a separate piece. Both look pretty stunned, but Magmar looks the worst. He manages to get up on his feet, but only long enough to see his chunk of ice melt away into nothing. He then jumped into the air, trying desperately to keep away from the water. But his attempts fail, and he crashes into the stream, where he becomes engulfed with the freezing water.

Alfred recalled his Magmar, and sent a second poke ball into the brawl. "Go, Aipom!" he shouts as the little Pokemon appears hanging onto one of the hanging icicles.

Round Two- Home: 4 / Guests: 3
ImageImage vs ImageImage

Swampert begins the battle by jumping straight off the wall, and into the rushing stream below. She flies very quickly, and uses gravity to her benefit as she aims for the Poliwhirl below her. Poliwhirl looks up, but it is too late: Swampert falls on top of him, cracking the piece of ice he was standing on. Both Pokemon then disappear beneath the waves. Cloyster and Aipom wait for them to surface, as they hear an enormous rattling coming from below them. Apparently, Poliwhirl had reached the bottom, and had used his own Earthquake attack. A few seconds later, Swampert came flying out of the water, where she struck the wall quite hard. The impact was so hard that the icicles on the ceiling began shaking. Soon enough, they began cracking, and crashing into the strean below. One of these icicles had Aipom gripping onto it, chattering furiously. Aipom then jumped straight up in the air, just as his icicle crashed into the freezing cold water. He flew through the air, with a bright yellow glow about him. He then landed on the top of Cloyster's shell, as he let loose his Thunderbolt attack. Cloyster rocked back and forth from the attack, as the electricity ran through her veins, and eventually right into her fleshy centre. Aipom grabbed onto the Pokemon's front horns, as he soon realized that she was sinking into the stream, unable to battle anymore. He then leaped into the air, just as Cloyster was recalled by Tamara.

"Cloyster, back!" Tamara calls, as her Pokemon goes back into her poke ball. She then pulls out another poke ball. "Go, Piloswine!" she shouts as her next poke ball flies into the fight, landing neatly on a chunck of floating ice.

Round Three- Home: 3 / Guests: 3

ImageImage vs ImageImage

Aipom flew through the air, finally landing on Piloswine's back. Soon after that, he looks over across the water, and sees Swampert and Poliwhirl break the surface, as Swampert spits out some mud from her mouth, The mud strikes Poliwhirl, as he falls back into the stream, unable to perform his next attack. Aipom then jumps down to look Piloswine in the face, as his tail's temperature increases dramatically. Once fire begins to form, Aipom whips his tail straight at Piloswine, who falls backward, badly hurt from the fire. However, she is not hurt bad enough to stop battling, which is shown as she rushes straight at Aipom, with her front horns outstretched. Her horns impact the little Aipom, sending him flying right into the cold water below, where he fainted, unable to withstand the temperature.

Tamara then looked down into the stream, quite happy about how her Piloswine was battling. But then, everything changed, as the Pokemon began to grunt furiously. Tamara had even feared that she would fall into the stream as well. She looked closer, and noticed that her ears were flapping madly, a sure sign of aggression. "Piloswine, back!" Tamara shouted, the Pokemon disappeared, reappearing as a poke ball in Tamara's hand.

Tamara then turned to Sedna, and told her to take Piloswine to the Pokemon Centre, quickly. She would be there soon, after the battle had ended. She took out another poke ball, and tossed it onto the field. The ball landed in the water. Seconds afterward, a glistening Dewgong shot up out of the water, and crashed back into the stream below.

Alfred then recalled his Aipom out of the water, and turned away. Arnie would now be telling both Pokemon what to do. Arnie pulled out a poke ball, and threw it into the brawl. It landed on a long patch of ice, which was creating a kind of frozen shore along the edge of the stream. "Go, Granbull!" Arnie shouted as the bulldog Pokemon appeared on the shore, fresh, and ready for battle.

Round Four- Home: 2 / Guests: 2

ImageImage vs ImageImage

The first move of the round goes to Dewgong, who leaps out of the water, aqiming a powerful Ice Beam attack at Granbull. The ice flies through the air, constantly lowering in temperature. It then strikes Granbull, causing his body temperature to lower dramatically. However, it wasn't enough to freeze him, so he formed some foul poisons from within his body, and unleashed a powerful Sludge Bomb attack into the water, striking Dewgong head-on. Meanwhile, Swampert and Poliwhirl are in an all-out brawl at the bottom of the stream. Everyone feels the ground shake as they both use Earthquake on one another. But, soon afterward, everything stops, as a single Pokemon appears out of the water: Swampert. She has exhausted her opponent into fainting, while getting to that point nearly herself.

Arnie then recalls his Pokemon. "Good job, Poliwhirl," he said, as he took the poke ball, and placed it in his pocket. Then, rather than take another, he shouted, "Okay, Grnabull, its one on two now, but one of your opponents is severely weaked. You can do it!"

Round Five- Home: 2 / Guests: 1

Image vs ImageImage

Dewgong repeats her last action, leaping out of the water and blasting Granbull with another Ice Beam attack. However, Granbull had created a defensive shield, rendering the Ice Beam useless. Swampert then leaped out of the water herself, causing the stream's water to go with her. The water crashed into the shield, not affecting Grnabull. However, Swampert also washed up on shore, and ended up cracking some of the ice.

Seeing that the protective shield is down, Dewgong once again leaps out of the water with another Ice Beam atatck. The ice flies through the air, finally impacting with Granbull's hide. Granbull crashes into the far wall, just as he is creating a small Shadow Ball attack. Granbull falls to the ground, as the Shadow Ball strikes Swampert. It seemed to be the last straw, seeing that it caused him to slump down, and crash into the ice he was standing on. Unfortunately for Granbull, it meant that both of them would be going into the water. Granbull groaned as the ice gave way, and he fell into the water, along with his fainted opponent.

Round Six- Home: 1 / Guests: 1

Image vs Image

Granbull gasps for air as he tries to remain above the surface of the water. He doesn't even notice as Dewgong speeds up towards him, and Slams him into the wall. Granbull flew out of the water, finally striking the side of the cave, where he fainted. Seeing that she has won, Dewgong disappears beneath the waves. Soon afterward, she leaps straight out of the water, screeching in the low voice that her species is famous for. Gravity then takes over, as she does a belly-flop back into the stream.

And the Winner is: Tamara, the Iqaluit Gym Leader!

Arnie recalled his Granbull, and stomped his foot into the ground. "Beaten again!" he said, as he watched the previous battlefied grow back to its original splendor. Soon as it had, Tamara stepepd foot onto it. "Good work, guys," she said. Looking straight at Alfred, she said, "You definetly have some potential in the League." She started to smile, but she was suddenly interrupted by the opening of the gym's door's.

It was Sedna. "Tamara, you've got to get to the Pokemon Centre. Piloswine was pregnant!"

Surprised at the news, Tamara quickly left the gym, and followed her sister to the Pokemon Centre. Once there, she could see several of the Centre's employee's around Piloswine. Getting closer, she could see the little Swinub resting by her mother.

"Hello, Tamara," said one of the Centre employees, Jordan. "Did you know?"

Tamara shook her head.

"I didn't think so," he told her. "You can never tell with Piloswine. She must have been pregnant for about three months, but we will only find out three minutes before."

Tamara looked down at the newborn Swinub. "Is she all right?" she asked.

"Perfectly fine," Jordan said. "A normal, healthy Swinub. There is one problem, though."


"Piloswine have been known to eat their young on occasion," Jordan told her. "I think it would be better if you kept them apart, for a few weeks, at least."

Tamara then turned to her sister. "You like Swinub, don't you? Would you like one of your own?"

"Of course!" Sedna said. A few minutes later, she walked out of the Pokemon Centre, with not one, not two, but three Pokemon, just like her friend, Jake.

Later that day, Piloswine was admitted out of the Centre, and was taken back to the gym, where she was already prepared to take part in the battle between Tamara and her sister.

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Chapter Fourteen - Iqaluit Gym Battle: Tamara vs Sedna + Jake

Welcome, everyone, to the Iqaluit Gym, up in Nunavut Territory, Canada. Like before, the battlefield is indoors, in a replica of an underground cavern, which is covered with overhanging icicles. The field is shaped like a square basketball field, with the imprint of a poke ball in the centre. Let's begin!

From one end of the field, Tamara appears, and walks up to the edge of the battlefield. She has a poke ball in each hand, which she sends out to the field, one by one. The first poke ball lands on the field, glows a brilliant blue colour, as its inhabitant is revealed. Soon enough, Piloswine appears on the field. She grunts loudly, eager for the battle to begin. The second poke ball then appears not too far from Piloswine, as it too reveals the Pokemon within it. Within seconds, a blue aura surrounds the ball, as Glalie appears.

The next to appear is Tamara's younger sister, Sedna, who has started her Pokemon journey just the day before. She takes a poke ball in her hand, and moves it up to her lips. She whispers something to the ball, amd then tosses it onto the field. The ball, strikes the floor, instantly disappearing. Her Houndoom then appears, ready for battle.

Jake, the sixteen year old boy from St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, walks up to the field next. He tosses his own poke ball out onto the field. "Go, Kadabra!" he shouts as the powerful Psychic-type appears on the field, right next to his comrade, Houndoom.

Round One- Home: 4 / Guests: 4

ImageImage vs ImageImage

The battle begins as Kadabra and Houndoom look at each other, as they determine who should go after who. In the end, Kadabra runs toward Piloswine, as his body temperature is constantly dropping. Houndoom then rushes towards Glalie, with fire flowimg through her body. Kadabra is first to make impact, striking Piloswine with his Fire Punch attack. He looks over at Glalie, and sees her get blown away by Houndoom's Flamethrower. Shaken by the attack, Glalie hits the ground, as she faces Kadabra, and unleashes a giant Ice Beam attack. The ice flie sthrough the air, finally making contact with Jake's Psychic Pokemon. Kadabra strikes the wall, unprepared for the attack. The final Pokemon to move is Piloswine, who runs towards Houndoom. She then plows rightb into her, using her powerful Double-Edge attack. Houndoom barks loudly as she rolls across the ice, along with Piloswine.

Kadabra then turns towards Glalie, and concentrates with all of his psychic powers. The Confusion attack that he has performed was successful in hitting the Glalie, but it was unsuccessful in confusing him. Glalie, still quite healthy, opened his mouth, where the Shadow Ball could be seen. The ball flew through the air, finally impacting Kadabra, dealing some super-effective damage. Kadabra fell to the ground, as Houndoom began her own attacks. Houndoom rammed right into the Piloswine, as she unleashed a powerful Flamethrower attack. The fire singed Piloswine's side, effectively burning her. Piloswine then rushed straight back at Houndoom, with another Double Edge attack. Houndoom took the attack, and went flying towards the wall. As for Piloswine, she had taken some damage herself, in addition to the painful burning on her side.

Kadabra and Houndoom then got up off the ground, and looked at each other. They both appeared to same the same thoughts going through their heads. Soon afterwards, the two Pokemon began running around their opponents, trying desperately to increase their numbers. By the time they were finished, there were five Kadabra and four Houndoom on the field. Glalie and Piloswine then came closer together, as they watched the nine Pokemon circling them. Then, they both opened their mouths, sending out a series of ice, snow, sleet, and hail. The Blizzard attack flew through the air, striking every Houndoom and Kadabra in the room, causing the fake ones to disappear, and the real ones to take the damage.

Not to glad about the last turn's results, Houndoom and Kadabra came up with a different strategy. Houndoom let out an enormous Flamethrower attack on Piloswine, as Kadabra concentrated on increasing his body temperature. The Flamethrower struck Piloswine first, and before it was complete, Kadabra's Fire Punch had hit as well. Once Houndoom and Kadabra had backed off, Piloswine fell to the ground, unable to battle any more.

Tamara then recalled her Piloswine, as she thought about who to send out next. But soon, she knew it had to be Delibird, and sent her out to the field. Delibird appeared next to her comrade, Glalie, and waited for the next round to begin.

Round Two- Home: 3 / Guests: 4

ImageImage vs ImageImage

Kadabra and Houndoom repeated what they had on their last turn. Houndoom unleahed the Flamethrower attack on Glalie, as Kadabra powered up for the Fire Punch. However, after the punch was taken, Glalie did not faint. Instead, she looked over at Delibird, who had begun to flap up into the air. Once she was sure of Delibird's safety. Glalie rammed straight into the ground, using her own Earthquake attack. All around her, the ice began to crack, as the opening headed towards Kadabra and Houndoom. Houndoom yelped, as she got as far away from the crack as she could. Then, the floor began to collapse, yet agin, revealing the cold stream below. Glalie, and most of the other ice, went tumbling into the water. The ice Kadabra was standing on was tumbling into the water as well. However, as he fell, Kadabra had managed to grab ahold of a chunk of ice. As he managed to hold on, he began to feel Houndoom grabbing onto his arm, trying to pull him up. But, Houndoom knew that her attempt had failed, as she watched Kadabra fall into the stream below.

"Kadabra, back!" Jake yelled. Kadabra was recalled before he would of struck the water. "Go, Wailmer!" he then shouted, as he sent a second poke ball into the mix. Wailmer appeared in the cold water, but protected by his blubber, unlike Kadabra would have been.

Round Three- Home: 3 / Guests: 3

ImageImage vs ImageImage

Houndoom, standing all alone up on her chunk of ice, looked at the Delibird flying around her face. Delibird was flying straight for Houndoom, preparing for her aerial attack. However, she didn't quite make it, as Houndoom used yet another Flamethrower attack, this time aimed at her. Delibird stopped in mid-air, and began to fall towards the water below. Glalie screeched from below as she saw her comrade coming straight down. Luckily for Delibird, she landed on Wailmer, instead of the water. Wailmer, then noticing something on his back, thought that it would be best to start his attack from underwater. Delibird then looked around her, as she realized what was happening. Before Wailer had fully submerged, Delibird had flapped into the air, finally landing on her comrade's head. Glalie screeched as the Pokemon landed on her head, but she was still glad that she could help. But then she realized why Wailmer had submerged in the first place. Wailmer had went to the bottom of the stream, and had begun racing stright towards the floating Glalie. Coming out of the water, Wailmer struck Glalie, sending her flying right out of the water and into the air. Delibird went for the ride too, but she had managed to fly off of her friend as she crashed into the wall. She then closed her eyes as she went tumbling back into the water below.

"Glalie, return! You've fought well!" Tamara shouted as she recalled the Pokemon. She then placed the poke ball aside, as she replaced it for another. The other was Cloyster, who appeared in the stream in the spot where Glalie had just been.

Round Four- Home: 2 / Guests: 3

ImageImage vs ImageImage

The next move went to Houndoom, who again looked for the flying Delibird. She found her, and immediately began unleashing another Flamethrower attack on her. Delird took the hit, but managed to avoid the majority of it. She then pulled out the bag she was carrying, and threw it to Houndoom. The bag hit the chunk of ice that Houndoom was residing on. Houndoom went over to sniff the Present, to see what was inside. Delibird then smiled inwardly as the bag exploded in Houndoom's face, as she soon realized what would be happening. The bomb cracked the ice that she was standing on, and caused her to go tumbling into the sea below.

"Houndoom, come back!" Sedna shouted, as Houndoom disappeared into her poke ball. She then pulled out her other two poke balls: Teddiursa and Swinub were inside them, both unexperienced, and unable to withstand the cold water. "Put your Pokemon on Wailmer's back!" Jake said to her, as she tossed one of the poke balls into the field. The little Teddiursa appeared on Wailmer's back, ready for her first battle.

Round Five- Home: 2 / Guests: 2

ImageImage vs ImageImage

Cloyster began the round by sending an Ice Beam through the air, aimed for Teddiursa. Seeing this, Wailmer rocked back and forth, creating a Surf attack. The large wave flew right towards the Ice Beam. As a result, the surf was frozen solid, as it continued on towards Cloyster. The icy Surf struck Cloyster, causing her to go beneath the waves. Teddiursa then looked up, where she saw Delibird flying straight at her, with her beak outstretched. Bracing herself quite carefully on the Wailmer's back, Teddiursa waited for the hit. When Delibird was just decimetres from hitting, Teddiursa grabbed her wing, and sent her tumbling into the stream. Delibird went under, where she collided with Cloyster.

Tamara ran over to the edge of the field as she watched Cloyster rise to the surface, with the little Delibird, fainted on the top of her shell. Tamara then smiled, as she recalled her Pokemon, and looked over to her sister, as she called out her next commands.

Round Six- Home: 1 / Guests: 2

ImageImage vs Image

Cloyster and Wailmer then looked straight at each other, as they both swam to opposite ends of the stream. Once they were far enough apart, the two Pokemon begab racing towards each other, at quite a high speed. Teddiursa was holding on tight as the two Pokemon finally struck each other head on. Cloyster didn't take as much damage due to her protective armour, but the damage was enough. However, Teddiursa wasn't so lucky, as she soon lost her balance, and went tumbling into the sea.

Sedna then recalled Teddiursa, as she looked over at Jake. He said he could do it, she told herself. Let's see if he keeps his word.

Round Seven- Home: 1 / Guests: 1

Image vs Image

Cloyster and Wailmer swam around in circles, staring at each other. Wailmer knew that Cloyster would be tougher than he is, as Cloyster knew that he would be larger. All the trainers came over to watch as the two Pokemon submerged, and went into the depths of the stream. Everyone watched as a large whirlpool began to appear. Cloyster then came flying out of that whirlpool, as Wailmer burst out after her, curled up into the shape of a ball. Cloyster then fell back into the water, and waited for Wailmer's large body to crashing down on top of her. It did, as an enormous array of water began to spread around in all directions. The cold water splashed up to where the trainers were, covering them with a light mist.

Tamara and Jake then went to the edge of the cliff, where they recalled their Pokemon. "Good job, Wailmer," Jake said to his poke ball, as he noticed Tamara doing the same to hers.

"I can't believe you beat her!" Arnie cried in disbelief. "A pair of newbie trainers!"

"I, on the other hand, can believe it," Tamara said, looking at Sedna and Jake. "You have both battled well, and you are going to be rewarded for it."

"Good job, Jake," Alfred said. "That Wailmer was a sure fine catch, if I do say so myself."

"As was Abra, Houndour, and even the little Teddiursa," Tamara said, as she pulled out two badges.

They were shaped like the sun, although they were a icy blue colour. All around it, there were what appeared to be icicles, made entirely out of white rock. In the centre of the badge were the words:

Whoever owns this has beaten Tamara, the leader at Iqaluit Gym

Tamara handed the first bade to Sedna, and the second to Jake. "Congratulations. You are both an eighth of the way to reaching the Pokemon League."

"Where is that?" Jake asked her.

"It's location is yet to be decided. Some of the world's best Pokemon trainers are currently in the process of determining where it will be."

"So, where is the next gym?" Sedna asked her sister, as she noticed Arnie on the urge of breaking a fit.

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I vote for Vancouver!

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4 triple posts and 1 quintuple post.

dont think the mods will like that.

but very good story.


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oh, canada, our something something land!

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Great story, each chapter is a little long though.Also try to not to write one chapter after another without letting other people reply. :D


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I'm pretty sure the multiple-posting rule does not apply to Fan Fiction. XD

Chapter Fifteen - The Doomsday Pokemon

"The closest gym is in Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories," Tamara responded.

"Yellowknife," Alfred said. "Isn't that where Arnold has his gym?"

"Yes it is," Tamara told him. "Have you met before?"

"Yeah, I have," Alfred responded. "He's a former Oligan member, or at least that's what the rumours say."

"Well, it's not a rumour," Tamara said. "It's the truth. We gym leaders have to keep in touch with each other, you know."

"Oligan or not, we are going to challenge him," Sedna said. "Right, Jake?"

"Of course. You coming, Alfred?"

"I'm afraid not," he told him. "I would like to stay here in Iqaluit for awhile. I'm hoping for a rematch," he said, looking for Alfred.

"In the meantime, I would like to help you two get to the mainland," Tamara said. "Come on, let's go to the airport."

With that, Tamara closed up the gym, as the five trainers headed off. After a short stop at the Pokemon Centre, Tamara led the others to the outskirts of town, near the spot where the Piloswine-Poliwhirl battle had took place.

Sedna heard a loud noise coming from above her head. She looked up, where she noticed a small plane coming in for a landing.

"Ah, there she is," Tamara said. "Sedna, you know Melissa, right? I believe she went to your school a few years back?"

Sedna nodded, as she watched the plane hit the ground, and slowly came to a stop.

Sedna then watched as the doors opened, and Melissa got out of the plane. She was in her late twenties, although she looked a lot younger at the moment. Sedna could see why.

"Tamara!" she shouted. "Now what would a gym leader be doing out here at this time of day?"

Tamara then smiled, and turned to her sister. "Sedna here has received her badge today, and we were wondering if you could take her and her friend here down to Yellowknife."

"Beaten your sister, eh?" Melissa said to Sedna. "Bet she went full out on you with that nasty Cloyster of hers."

"As a matter of fact I did," Tamara said. "But she couldn't take that Rollout attack."

"And who is this young man," Melissa then said, looking at Jake. "I have never seen him around before."

"My name is Jake," Jake told her. "I'm from Newfoundland."

"Newfoundland, eh?" Melissa repeated. "I've never been there before. You like it there?"

"It's great," Jake said. "I plan to go back one day."

Melissa then turned to Tamara. "I can get them to Yellowknife all right. They'll be all right with me."

"I know they will," Tamara said. Tamara then turned to her sister. "Bye, Sedna. Come home soon, all right?"

"Definetly," Sedna told her.

With that, Sedna got into the plane along with Jake. Jake had gotten into the back seat, whereas Sedna had gotten into the seat next to the pilot. Melissa then got in, and started it up.

Jake and Sedna looked out of the plane's window, and waved at Alfred, Arnie, and Tamara, who were waving back. The loud motor of the plane then sounded, it began to take off. Sedna watched as her sister didappeared from view.

"You ever been to the mainland before?" Melissa asked them once they were in the sky.

"No, never," Sedna admitted. "I've never left Baffin Island."

"Well, I guess Labrador is part of the mainland, so yes, I've been there before," Jake said. "But only recently."

Jake then looked down at Hudson Bay below them. He noticed a group of Seel and Dewgong rising among the waves. But they soon left from view as Melissa began flying over the land.

Sedna was looking down now too, as she watched the trees go by. They were flying over a forest of large conifers, which were covering up whatever may have been on the ground.

It seemed like many hours had gone by, and still Jake and Sedna could only see the large pine trees. But then, Melissa came up to a small lake that was in the middle of the forest.

"Hey, look!" Jake said. "There's a Pokemon down there!"

Sedna looked to where he was pointing, and sure enough, there was a Pokemon by the water, looking up at them. It was white and black in colour, with an odd knife-like thing protruding from its head.

"Oh, my," Melissa said, glancing over to see the creature. "That's Absol!"

"Have you seen them before?" Sedna asked her. "It's quite beautiful."

"Very beautiful," Melissa told her. "That what everyone says, if they don't know about the Doomsday Pokemon."

"Doomsday Pokemon?" Jake repeated. "Why was it given that name?"

"Because every time someone sees an Absol, something horrible happens soon after. That's what the legends say, anyway." She then shrugged. "I don't believe in that though. We'll be fine. Yellowknife isn't too far away now. You two will be battling Arnold in no time."

That's when they heard it: a loud crackling of Thunder in the distance. Soon after, the rain began to pour, almost out of nowhere."

"That's odd," Melissa said. "It wasn't supposed to rain today."

Sedna looked out of the plane's window, and was surprised to see that she couldn't make anything out at all. "Um, Melissa, all we all right?"

"As long as we stay in the air, yes," she responded. "And we're definetly going to stay in the air."

But, she soon found out she was mistaken.

A large smack could be heard from outside, as one of the plane's wings struck the top of one of the trees.

"Oh, no...." Melissa began to say.

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Usually I post a few chapters at the time, which makes it hard to have someone post in between them, XD.

Chapter Sixteen - Lost in the Canadian Wilderness

Sedna opened her eyes.

She got up, and realized that she was lying in the snow. She looked into the sky, but all she saw were the bottoms of the conifers.

Getting to her feet, she looked around, trying to find any signs of the plane. She didn't see a thing.

She suddenly reached into her coat pocket, where she was relieved to see three poke balls. She took out one, and placed it onto the ground. Houndoom then appeared by her side.

"Hey girl," Sedna said to her. "Your nose is better than mine. Can you see if you can find anything?"

Houndoom then barked gleefully, as she set off into the wilderness. "Don't get lost!" Sedna called to her as she ran off.

Once again alone, Sedna began to walk through the forest, looking for any clue as to what had happened. The rain had stopped, that was for sure, and that was all she knew.

She then heard Houndoom barking loudly. She ran in the direction of the noise to see what was getting her all nerved up.

She then found Houndoom at the wreckage of the plane. "Jake!" she shouted, as she saw her traveling partner stuck in the plane, with blood dripping on his head.

Quite quickly, Houndoom jumped into the plane, and ripped out the front seat. She then grabbed Jake by the shirt, and took him out of the plane, and over to the ground.

Houndoom then started sniffing the plane, as her eyes grew large. She then grabbed onto Jake's shirt, and began running away from the plane.

"What's wrong?" Sedna wondered. But then, she noticed the scent that her Pokemon had already discovered.

Sedna was then running herself, trying to get enough distance between her and the wreck.

Then, the plane exploded, blowing flames straight through the trees and into the air. Sedna fell down to the ground from the impact, as she noticed that Houndoom had done the same.

She got up to her feet, only to see the forest behind her on fire. The explosion had caused several trees to burst into flame, which quickly spread to those adjacent.

Knowing that she had to stop it, Sedna reached into Jake's pocket, pulling out his poke balls. "Wailmer, please help!" she shouted.

Wailmer then came out of the poke ball, appearing right in the middle of the fire. He then used all of his strength to unleash a powerful Water Spout attack. Water then burst from his blowhole, flying straight up into the air. The water then began raining down on the trees, putting out any and all fires that were present.

Some of the water also struck Jake, somehow causing him to wake up as a result. Jake opened his eyes, unsure of where he was. He then looked over at his Wailmer. "Wailmer, back!" he shouted, as the Pokemon returned to his poke ball.

Sedna then looked over at Jake, glad to see that he was awake. "Jake, do you know what happened?"

"Yeah, I think so," he told her. "We hit a tree, and then braced ourselves for a crash landing."

"Have you seen Melissa?" he asked her.

"No," Sedna admitted. "I haven't."

Jake then got up to his feet, and surveyed his surroundings. "Do you know where we are?"

"Somewhere in the Northwest Territories," she told him. "But other than that, your guess is as good as mine."

"Well, it's definetly not Newfoundland," Jake told her.

"I guess not," Sedna agreed. "Do you have any idea which way is west?"

"Not a clue," Jake told her. "The plane was facing west when we crashed, but whose to say it's still facing that way? Anyway, if we go any way other than west, we'll be headed deeper into the wilderness. So, I don't know what to do.'

He then got an idea. "Do you think we could see that lake from atop of those trees?"

"Sure," Sedna told him. "But how can we...?"

But Jake was already sending Kadabra out of his poke ball. "Kadabra," he said to him once he was out. "Can you Teleport me to the top of the trees?"

Kadabra held his spoon out in front of him, as he began to levitate off of the ground. He then disappeared into thin air. "Good luck!" Jake said to him.

Soon afterwards, Kadabra reappeared behind Jake. He was pointing his spoon out in the direction of the plane.

"Is the lake that way?" Jake asked him. After seeing Kadabra nod, Jake turned in the other direction. "Then Yellowknife is this way."

Jake, Sedna, Kadabra, and Houndoom then began walking in the direction that they assumed would bring them to Yellowknife.

"I hope Melissa is all right," Sedna said after a few minutes.

"She's probably thinking the same thing about us," Jake told her. "She must be half way to Yellowknife by now."

"Yeah, you're right," Sedna agreed.

As they were walking, they heard a large scuffle in the woods. A few seconds passed, and Absol had appeared before them.

Houndoom and Kadabra surrounded him, preparing to attack. Absol had leaped on top of Kadabra, knocking him over. As he did this, Houndoom unleashed her trademark Flamethrower attack. This took Absol off guard, as he tumbled to the ground.

"Houndoom, Flamethrower again!" Sedna shouted.

"No, wait!" Jake shouted as he pulled a poke ball out of his pocket. The ball flew through the air, trapping the Absol inside. Once inside, the poke ball rolled once, twice, three times. Absol was caught!

Jake walked over and picked up the poke ball. "Hello, Absol," he said.

"You actually caught that thing," Sedna said to him.

"Hey, he's a great Pokemon," Jake told her. "What happened to us was just a coincidence. I don't believe in the doomsday thing."

"Well, I do."

Jake turned around to find the source of the voice. Behind him, he saw a young man, perhaps a year or two younger than himself. Beside him, there was a mean-looking Ariados.

"Who are you?" Sedna asked him.

"Just call me Martin," he said. "Head of Team Oliga."

"Oh, not you guys again," Jake said. "When will you get the hint to just leave people and Pokemon alone?"

"When they decide to listen to us, of course," Martin replied. "If nobody defied us, we could be able to live in peace with one another. But unfortunately, we can't live like that."

"Ariados, Spider Web!" he then shouted, as Ariados crawled over to Jake and Sedna.

He was just about to start making the web when he was struck from above. As Jake, Sedna, and Martin watched, a Gligar swooped down, and plucked the Ariados off of the ground. Gligar then landed on the branch of a nearby tree, where he began to use the Ariados' silk to put the bug Pokemon in his own spider web!

Gligar then swooped back down to the ground, where he landed on a man's shoulder.

Martin turned to look at the man. "Arnold!" he cried in disbelief.

"Arnold?" Sedna repeated as she looked up at the owner of the Gligar.

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Chapter Seventeen - Steelix-Back Riding Lessons

"Come on, Arnold," Martin said to the Yellowknife gym leader. "Remember the good old days?"

"Of course I remember them," Arnold responded. "I'm living them right now!"

Martin then turned to face him. "Team Oliga needs you to come back to us. Get rid of your stupid gym and come back to us."

"Did you just call my gym stupid?" Arnold questioned, as he took a poke ball off of his belt. "How about taking me on right now, to see who really is the stupid one."

With that, Arnold tossed his poke ball into the forest, as it began to glow a brilliant white. It then revealed the Pokemon who was resting within it: Steelix. The giant Steel-Ground Pokemon turned around, knocking over a few trees in the process, and looked Martin straight in the eye.

"Fine, you want to battle?" Martin shouted, as he threw his own poke ball towards Steelix. Within a few seconds, a second Pokemon had appeared: Arcanine. The Fire type looked up at the giant Steelix who was looming over his head, as the flames covering his body flashed below the setting sun.

Arcanine began the battle by blowing a powerful Flamethrower atttack at his opponent. The fire flew through the air, finally striking the enormous Steelix, who cried in pain as he noticed two of his segments begin to melt slightly. Thinking it would be better to avoid further damage, Steelix coiled his body into a ball, and leapt into the air. Then, he came crashing back into the ground, as he began to dig deep into the ground. All Arcanine could do was wait for the inevitable.

Jake and Sedna watched as the ground began to shake around Arcanine. Not long after, Steelix had erupted from the ground, colliding head-on with Martin's Pokemon. Arcanine flew straight up into the air, where he struck a tree. Then, he began to fall back to the ground-and right into the hole where Steelix has originally dug out!

"Stay back," Arnold said to the two trainers in front of him. "Steelix, use Earthquake!"

Steelix then moved his large head over to the hole where his opponent had fell into. He then swiftly crashed his head into the ground, sending reverberations all the way to where Jake and Sedna were standing. But of course, there was no damage to Steelix, for he could withstand much more then a little head smashing on the Canadian Shield.

"Okay, okay, I give up!" Martin shouted as he recalled his Arcanine. "Nobody is as good as you are, which is why we need you to come back to us!"

"Kindness, Co-operation, and Respect," Arnold then said. "Those are the aspects of life that I live by."

"And all the things that I oppose," Martin muttered. "Fine, don't join us. But remember, the invitation is always open."

With that, he quickly grabbed his Ariados out of the tree, and began heading back into town.

"As long as you know I'll never accept it!" Arnold shouted back as Martin disappeared into the night.

Arnold then turned to the two trainers that were before him. "Jake of Newfoundland, and Sedna of Nunavut, I presume?"

"How do you know us?" Jake quickly questioned.

"Melissa told me. I usually let my Steelix roam the Shield, searching for undiscovered diamonds."

"Diamonds?" Sedna repeated.

"Sure," Arnold told her. "Next to South Africa, the Shield is the most diamond-rich region on the planet. Well, anyway, Steelix was out looking for diamonds, when he suddenly heard your premature landing take place. He found Melissa unconscious, and quickly brought her to town to get medical attention."

"Is she all right?" Jake asked.

"Oh, she'll be fine. She woke up about an hour ago, when she told the doctors that you two were also out here. Steelix and I then quickly came out here looking for you."

"Thank you," Jake told him. "We weren't sure if we were heading into deeper forest or not."

"No, you were en route to Yellowknife, that's for sure. But of course, it would would take you another three hours to get you there on foot."

"You have something else in mind?" Jake asked him curiously.

That is when Steelix then groaned slightly, as he slithered a bit closer to the group.

"Definetly," Arnold responded. "Let's go Steelix-back riding."

Steelix then lowered his head, so that the humans could easily grab ahold of his sections. Arnold then stepped onto the first section, where he grabbed the protruding spike. Sedna then did the same with the second segment, as Jake did so with the third.

"Amazing!" Sedna exclaimed as she felt the hard texture of the Pokemon's body. "I was sure he would be too rough to ride." Jake nodded in agreement.

"You want rough, you're about to get it," Arnold said. "Hold on tight, this is a lot faster than a roller coaster, you know, and far less predictable."

Steelix then lifted up his head to the trees. Jake looked down at the ground below, noticing how little control he actually had at the moment. Sedna just smiled, as she braced herself for what was to come next.

"Steelix, take us to Yellowknife!" Arnold shouted, as the Pokemon growled in his low voice.

He started in an instant, jumping straight into the air. He went so high up that he actually broke the canopy, as he began his descent. Jake's stomach began to turn, as Sedna held on desperately to the spike in her hands.

All could feel it as the pine needles brushed against their faces as Steelix headed back to the ground.

Sedna couldn't believe her eyes when she realized that Steelix was going underground. She braced herself for impact as the Pokemon grew closer to hitting.

A large crashing sound could be heard as Steelix made impact. All onboard watched as sand blew all around them, as the dark grey rock of the Canadian Shield began to surround them on all sides.

Sedna then began to realize what was going on: Steelix had already created the underground tunnel! It was obviously big enough to take riders, in addition to the fact that a lot of time would be saved because Steelix wouldn't have to dig into the ground to move; instead, he could just travel at top speed. Amazing, Sedna said to herself again.

Steelix sped quickly through those underground tunnels, once in a while jumping out of the ground, only to crash back into a different one. Jake and Sedna could hardly believe their eyes as the Canadian terrain-above and below the ground-whipped by them at incredible speeds.

But soon enough, after twenty minutes had passed, Steelix suddenly stopped.

"We've reached our last stop," Arnold called. "Everybody out." He then hopped off of his Pokemon, as Jake and Sedna soon did the same.

Once off, Jake looked over at a lantern on the wall. Below it was the phrase "Welcome to Yellowknife."

"So we've gotten to Yellowknife, then," he said to Arnold.

"Well, we're below the city," Arnold corrected him. "Once we get to the top of those stars, we'll be in Yellowkinfe." He indicated a metal staircase over by the wall.

With that, Arnold recalled his Steelix, and led the way to the stairs. Jake and Sedna quickly followed, quite curious about what they would see next.

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Chapter Eighteen - Trainers of the Great Slave

Yellowknife, NW

The three trainers finally reached the top of the stairs. Jake and Sedna were surprised to see that they were in the Yellowknife Pokemon Centre.

"Well, here we are," Arnold said. "Welcome to Yellowknife."

"How far to the hospital?" Jake then asked him.

"You're already here," Arnold told him. "The Pokemon Centre is just a separate wing."

"Oh," Sedna replied. "Then where is Melissa?"

"I'll take you to her," Arnold said, as he began to lead the two trainers into the human part of the hospital.

Not too long afterwards, they had entered their pilot's room. She was asleep, although she looked completely well.

"Melissa is going to be fine," Arnold told them. "Not a thing to worry about. However, I don't think you should be waking her up quite yet."

He then turned to the two young trainers. "So, you looking to battle me, eh?"

"Yes, sir," Jake responded. "That's why we're here in Yellowknife, after all."

"Well, I'll be accepting challengers at sunset," He then told them. "Why don't you drop by the gym then? It's down below this here Centre, you know."

"You mean underground?" Sedna asked him.

"Yeah, underground," he replied. "Not all of Steelix's tunnels are used for travel."

With that, Arnold headed back down into his tunnels, leaving Jake and Sedna with the city of Yellowkinfe at their disposal.

The two left the hospital, walking out into the street. "It's a lot warmer here," Sedna observed.

"Yeah," Jake agreed. "So, what is there to do in Yellowknife, eh?"

"No idea," Sedna admitted. "I've never been here before."

Just then, the two trainers began to hear a loud grunting sound. They turned to see what was going on, and found that there was a little Vulpix running up to them.

"Vulpix, wait!" called out a young boy who came running up behind the Pokemon. But Vulpix didn't stop. He went right up to Sedna, where he began to sniff at her ankles.

"He's definetly friendly," Sedna said as she picked up the Pokemon, and handed him back to his trainer.

"Yes," the boy said. "He does that with everyone he first meets."

"So, you're from Yellowkinfe, I presume?" Jake asked him.

The boy nodded. "All my life." He then stuck out his hand to Sedna. "Hello, my name's Ian."

Sedna took the hand. "I'm Sedna, and this is my friend Jake."

"So, we were wondering what we can do here in Yellowknife. Can you help us?"

"Sure," Ian told them. "Please, follow me."


So, Ian led the two trainers across town, until they finally got to the shore of the Great Bear Lake.

"This is where all the town's trainers come to battle," Ian told them. "I'm sure they would allow some newcomers for awhile."

The three trainers walked along the seashore, until they reached a small wooden building with the words "Pokemon Batlin Place." It was written with wooden boards, which were nailed together to form the letters.

As they got closer, Jake noticed a young woman, along with her Pokemon: the feral antelope, Stantler.

"Hey, Sam," Ian said to her. "I have some new battlers here with me."

"So, you two want to take on Ian and I?" Sam asked Jake.

"Certainly," Jake called back, as he pulled out a poke ball. "Go, Bellsprout!"

Vulpix began by wagging his seven tails, as he leaped at the Swinub before him, with his jaws wide open. He bit the little Pokemon, who quickly backed away, and looked over at the large Stantler a few metres away. Stanter's eyes began to glow brightly, as she released a Shadow Ball attack, aimed at Jake's Bellsprout. Bellsprout took the attack, as he began to spew out a pungent powder from his mouth. The Sleep Powder flew through the air, making contact with the Stantler, who fell down to the ground, completely exhausted. The final move went to Swinub, who dug straight down into the ground, coming up a few seconds afterward, from beneath Vulpix. Vulpix flew right up into the air, and into the Great Slave Lake.

However, Ian recalled his Pokemon before he could make contact. "You're good," Ian said to Sedna. "Sent my Vulpix flying right into the lake, eh?"

Sedna was about to reply, when she saw a large Pokemon running through the forest behind the PBA.

It was Arcanine. And he wasn't alone....

<center>Pokemon Fan Universe / Canadian League

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