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posted this on a different thread, hope im not breakin any rules...

I've never played it, but the game looks really bad... Sad

But in a few days I plan on renting it from blockbuster because I want Ho-Oh without using GS that bad...

so that gives me about 5 days to get him, and if its 5 days late its like $1.25 for the late fee.

So anyway, I plan on renting this game, playin as mych of it as I can so I can beat it and obtain some good Poke's to transfer onto Emerald version.

So do u people thinik this is realistically possible? Someone claimed they beat it in 2 days, but you have to do way more for Ho-Oh, like purify Poke's.. etc.

About how long would all this take? I hope i succeed with my lil plan, I want Ho-oh pretty bad, and im not flyin to NY.

So tell me what u guys think, 10 days to get Ho-oh off collosem. Keep in mind I'll have to eat sleep, talk to GF, and other things, but I got a good mount of time on my hands. If it makes a difference I beat saphire in like 5 days... heh

can i do it?

Fri Jun 17, 2005 4:12 pm
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It is possible to beat the actual game in two days. However, purifying the Pokemon is another matter. Depending on how you work at it, it may take you over a little of a week to purify them all. But I caution you to save your Time Flutes for Pokemon who relatively take too long to purify, such as Tyranitar (exclude the legendary dogs, they're pretty easy).

There are two shadow Pokemon that you must be aware of. 1) Once you have defeated the Shadow Pokemon leaders, there is another one awaiting. He is in the Under Colosseum, location in noneotherthan The Under. You msut defeat the competitions 4 times, going over each of the main bosses once (the four, like Ein (Raikou), then on the fifth he appears with his strongest Poemon, Kingdra, at level 70. You must capture his Shuckle.

Then, once all Pokemon are finally purified. You'll began getting reports on local TV stations about Pokemon attacking people. Go to the Outskirt Stand (where you started your adventure from the Snagem base) and find this shady character who looks exactly like you, with Pokemon in the upper 60's (68 like Gyarados). His Shadow Pokemon is a level 20 Togetic, so walk on egg shells to capture it! Purify that simple Pokemon, and then you have Ho-Oh once you defeat the 100 battles on Mt. Battle.

It sounds long, and it is going to be long, but refer to Psypoke for help if you need it.

Happy snagging! Good luck!

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Sat Jun 18, 2005 2:21 am
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