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 The 100 Factory (An easy method that gives you a LV100!) 

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 The 100 Factory (An easy method that gives you a LV100!) 
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Quick Note: Sorry if I placed this in the wrong area. I posted this here because most of the 100 Factory method takes place in Orre.

Hello, and welcome to the 100 Factory main instruction thread! This is a method developed by me that will get you a LV.100 Pokemon from a LV.1 in as little as 2 days!

Gameboy Advance (Original or SP, Micros WILL NOT WORK.)
GBA Pokemon game (With below requirements met)
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
Gamecube controller (Obviously)
Gamecube Memory card (Again, obviously)
A PXD:GOD save file with the story mode completed.
GBA>GCN Link cable (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look here-Please note that this must be plugged in to slot 2)
Pokemon that you will be using the 100 Factory on. (More than likely, on GBA game)
Pokemon that is a "Standby"(Usually worthless pokemon-More than likely, on XD)
(In either game) EXP share.
OPTIONAL YET REQUIRED FOR 2-DAY GRINDING METHOD-2 pokemon (Already on XD) Levels 60+ (Also, 68 and 57, or similar combination, will do.

Pokemon XD: Story mode completed
Sap./Ruby:Entered Hall of Fame
Emerald:Entered Hall of Fame AND have national dex
LG/FR:Network Machine needs to be working at Pokemon Network Center
Now then. Below are instructions for how to make the 100 Factory more successful. Scroll down more (To the big red text) if you have a pokemon already that you wish to use the technique on. If the pokemon you are going to use the 100 Factory on is already on XD, skip to the big yellow text

Making an ultimate pokemon using The 100 Factory:
Go into the GBA game. You either need an Egg, or a few Poke Balls.
Egg: Get the egg to hatch
No egg: Go to the area directly outside the starting town (Little root/pallet) and catch a Lv. 3 pokemon.

Now then, this is exceptionally important. Again, be sure to have an EXP share either on XD or on the GBA game. If it is on the GBA game, MAKE SURE THE POKEMON IS HOLDING IT WHEN YOU TRADE!!!!

With the newly hatched/caught pokemon in your party, save at a Pokemon Center.


Again, if you aren't trading, skip to the big yellow words.
With the desired pokemon in your party on the GBA game, and the GBA game saved at a pokemon center, switch to XD.
Go to the Phenac City Pokemon center. Go down to the basement, and speak with the woman at the desk. Follow the instructions.
When prompted to trade, trade the standby (already on XD) and the pokemon that will go through the 100 Factory(on GBA game).


Ok. So, you've got the pokemon, and you've also got the game ready.

So, here's the method

If the double battle pokemon (IE the pokemon you battle with) Are at least 55, go to the Realgam tower, and fight with the 100 factory method pokemon in your party (Holding EXP share).

If the pokemon are at least 60, fight in the Duel Square in Pyrite City.

If the pokemon are below 40, go to the Pyrite Colosseum.

NOTE: The pokemon I used were 57 and 68 (Zapdos and Xatu, respectively), and these worked fine for the Duel Square. Don't be surprised if the pokemon levels up 7+ times after an opponent's pokemon faints in these battles.

When the 100 Factory combatant reaches about level 43 (Because it's useless to go in Pyrite Colosseum if you don't have to battle there), place it in the main 2 fighter group, and fight in Realgam tower. By this time, the other pokemon (For example, my Zapdos and Xatu) should be about 60-70. Once the 100 factory pokemon hits 52+, fight in Duel square. After 65, start up the Mt. Battle challenge. Please note that the other fighting pokemon should be close to 100 by now, so this should be easy.

In Pokemon LeafGreen, I flew to pallet town, where, just outside the town, I caught a lv. 3 rattata. I made it hold an EXP share, and saved in a Pokemon Center.

In XD, I had a Lv. 8 rattata (This was my standby.)

I went to the Phenac City Pokemon Center's basement, and traded the two rattata.

I then went to Pyrite, and battled in the Duel Square. Each time a Pokemon fainted, my 2 battling pokemon (A LV.54 Zapdos and LV.67 Xatu) Would recieve EXP. I was lucky, and my Rattata had Pokerus, so the EXP it recieved Via the EXP share was boosted (About 1000 EXP)

I then began fighting in both the Duel Square and Realgam tower, until the pokemon hit level 43, I replaced Zapdos with Rattata, and fought in Realgam tower, until Rattata hit level 53. Then, I went to Pyrite, and fought in the Duel Square.

Finally, when Rattata hit Lv. 65, I went to Mt. Battle, and repeatedly did the challenge, until Rattata hit LV. 100.

Now, because he went from 3-100, he was a stronger LV.100 than a pokemon that went from 50-100. The best combo, however, is doing the Factory with a Lv.1 Mew.

Please note that this method has not been tested fully-It has been tested all the way up to where I tell you to do the Mt. Battle Challenge.

This method of reaching Lv. 100 without cheats is much more effective than attempting to get a Lv.100 pokemon in the normal game.

If I can make any improvements, please say so below.


EDIT: If I have time this weekend, I will test the rest of the method. I just wanted to get it up while I was still sure of the initial instructions...

If you can test it before then, please post your results/improvements below.

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