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 Emerald Team member help 
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ZOMG, the rater needs pokemon help!!!!111!!!!

Now, under normal conditions, I wouldn't. But in game, its a pain. Especially when I have requirements...
1.) This is before national dex, so only Hoenn 1-200 is acceptable
2.) Emerald only - no roselia, masquerain, medicham, zangoose, or lunatone. This also means only 1 starter, 1 fossil. Yes, I mean no trading - golem and machamp are unobtainable.
3.) TM Clause - the only tms that I can use are those that are unlimited though lilycove or mauville.
4.) No tutors - very simple. The only good ones are substitute, explosion, and double edge before the elites - no using them
5.) Limited breeding - don't tell me "get wailmer, and then breed this move onto him" because wailmer is too far outl.
6.) No legends - no Regice, no rayquaza - no discussion.

2 are already chosen - Gardevoir and Swampert. Movesets are:
~Ice Beam

~Calm Mind

The other 4 are negotiable:

~Faint attack
~Needle Arm
~Leech Seed
I find a grass type necessary, but Ludicolo's best non-bred grass move is mega drain, with a whopping 40 base power. Wow, that does lots of damage :(

Rhydon/Graveler (no golem)
~Rock Blast
~Mega Horn/Double Edge

~Metal Sound/???/Crunch

Ok, an explanation is needed - this is emerald, which means Wallace is the champion.
Manectric is good because it is available early on. Its movepool according to my criteria sucks. Thunder, thunderbolt, thunderwave.
Maneton is good - a bit slower, but it has more special attack and defenses. And it gets metal sound :O
Girafarig - good stats, and it can run T-bolt, Psychic, Crunch, and Agility or Thunder.

and then

~Hyper Beam
~Slack off
~Focus Punch/Reversal


~Sky Uppercut
~Mach Punch
~Leech seed


~False Swipe
~Brick Break
~Return/HP Bug (if I can)
~Megahorn/Swords Dance

Final round up:
{rhydon} / {graveler}
{magneton} / {manectric} / {girafarig}
{slaking} / {breloom} / {heracross} / {pinsir}

So, which ones?

Edit: BTW, here's a list of those who can join the team:
{sceptile} {blaziken} {swampert} {mightyena} {linoone} {beautifly} {dustox} {ludicolo} {shiftry} {swellow} {pelipper} {gardevoir} {breloom} {vigoroth} {slaking} {kadabra} {nincada} {ninjask} {shedinja} {exploud} {hariyama} {seaking} {gyarados} {azumarill} {graveler} {nosepass} {delcatty} {crobat} {tentacruel} {sableye} {mawile} {aggron} {machoke} {manectric} {plusle} {minun} {magneton} {electrode} {volbeat} {illumise} {vileplume} {bellossom} {dodrio} {swalot} {sharpedo} {wailord} {camerupt} {magcargo} {torkoal} {muk} {weezing} {grumpig} {sandslash} {spinda} {skarmory} {trapinch} {flygon} {cacturne} {altaria} {seviper} {solrock} {whiscash} {crawdaunt} {claydol} {cradily} {armaldo} {wigglytuff} {milotic} {castform} {starmie} {kecleon} {banette} {dusclops} {tropius} {chimecho} {absol} {ninetales} {pikachu} {raichu} {golduck} {wobbuffet} {xatu} {girafarig} {donphan} {pinsir} {heracross} {rhydon} {glalie} {walrein} {clamperl} {relicanth} {corsola} {lanturn} {luvdisc} {seadra} {salamence}

Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:28 pm
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Pokemon Ranger
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Maybe you could pick {blaziken} instead of {swampert} ,
and pick a {whiscash} ... they're not good for competitive playing,but
are good on ingame...
And for the rest of the team i see no need for change...
assuming you will use it like this:

{blaziken} @????
-Sky Uppercut
-Blaze kick
-Bulk Up

Beats Sydney alone,and helps alot when you fight Glacia......

{whiscash} @????
-Ice Beam
-Rest (He learn without TM !!!)

Good against Drake...

{cacturne} @????
-faint attack
-needle arm
-Leech seed
-Sandstorm / Destiny Bond

Good choice...may not look good but he is excellent ingame...
Looks good to take down Phoebe...Just take care about curses and grudges...
If you want a chance of taking a big threat down...choose DB on last move.
If you want to take the opponent down little by little,and abuse the fact of more that about half of your team is immune to sandstorm...

{rhydon} @...
-Rock Blast
-Horn Drill

Choose {rhydon} oer {graveler} he has more hp more attack and a little (+5 base) speed ....

{gardevoir} @....
-Calm Mind

Good changes at this one...

{slaking} @Any good attack rising/status healing item you can get....
-Focus Punch/Reversal
-Slack off

You need a serious Heavy Weight so put on {slaking} ...
but one thing about him...use return:
if you get him to be happy enough it will have almost the same power of a hyperbeam
but you will be able to bring it back or use items...what you can't if you use hyperbeam(it must recharge...)...

Don't know if it's good enough...
I hope it helps...
See ya!

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Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:46 am
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If I used items, then maybe I'd consider return.
But, I won't, so might as well use hyper beam for power.

Swampert is a must - I really was considering Whiscash, but the attacking stats are pretty bad.

For cacturne, I can't get Destiny bond as it is FrLg only - same with magical leaf gardevoir.

I was figuring Rhydon > Graveler, just that its a huuuuuuge pain.

Verdict on the electric?

Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:55 am
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Peanut-Lover wrote:
Verdict on the electric?

I'm partial to Magneton, but on the other hand, it's annoying, because it only learns good Electric-type attacks, and I like more diversity in my moveset than that.

Sun Feb 10, 2008 12:08 pm
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you can have ingrain for your {cacturne}. {rhydon} vs {graveler}, {rhydon} is way better. and for your electric pokemon {manectric} is better than {magneton}, you can breed your {manectric} with {girafarig} to have crunch. i prefer {breloom} over the 3 choices. it has a versatile moveset than the others... :D

I'm not a tease, Im just a reminder of what you can't have

Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:33 am
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it looks to me like you don't have a fire type.
if i were you i would consider one.

Perhaps {blaziken} / {magcargo} ?

Image Image

Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:04 pm
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Bug Catcher

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What about the Option of having Electrode instead of the other electric choises. I am saying this for the speed. Other Wise Girafarifig over magnaton.

Sat May 31, 2008 8:05 pm
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I think that for the champion, you should use a {sceptile} and maybe have it hold a miracle seed. As the champion is going to have water types, he is a must. Sceptile would also be a good choice against the groung elite.

Image Image Image

Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:37 am
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I would use for the last three slots Rhydon, Starmie and Salamence. All are very good sweepers. If you can't use Salamence use Heracross.

Rhydon @ Something
-Rock slide/blast

Starmie @ Something

Salamence @ Something/CB
-Dragon claw
-Flying move
-Rock move
-Ground move
Very hard to think without tutors and TMs. Rock slide, Aerial ace and EQ are all TM moves. If you have been very lucky use HP Flying. Otherwise hard to think.

Heracross @ Something
-Brick break
Again, without TMs and tutors hard to think. Normally Swords dance and Endure but it needs tutors. Same thing also for Rock slide.

By St. Jimmy.

If you have any problems with breeding, Egg moves, IV:s or EV:s, you can ask me. Feel free to ask other things related to competive battling.

Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:42 am
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