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 Why did poison type get nerfed in generation 2? 
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Poison in generation 1 was SE against grass and bug, in gen 2 they took away the effectiveness against bug. Does anybody have an idea why? It's not like poison was an overly powerful type to begin with. I don't think "to give bug one less weakness" would be logical...without poison, bug has three weaknesses. But grass STILL has five, and so does rock. So, does anybody know why Nintendo crippled poison types like that?


Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:19 am
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yeh thats a good point actually.

i fink originally nintendo made a few errors in R/B/Y, such as

1 - Why KARATE CHOP actually was a NORMAL TYPE move???
2 - Why GHOSTS weren't SE against PSYCHIC types, if i remember right LICK didnt even affect a psychic pokemon. The only other move (at the time of R/B/Y) being NIGHT SHADE is based on the level of the user haha, like seismic toss.
3 - Why WEEDLE a DUAL Bug/Poison type, when hit by a POISON attack, it comes up as SUPER EFFECTIVE LOL! even tho the damage inflicted is basically the same as it being just neutral.
4 - The same above but for Zapdos, a DUAL Electric/Flying, when hit by an ELECTRIC attack, it comes up with ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE, even though TECHNICALLY it should just be neutral, since yes he is flying so therefore its SE, but because he is primarily electric, it should cancel it out.

There's probs a lot of others with regards to techniques but the ones i specifically wanna mention are the TRAPPING techniques.


In R/B/Y when you used one of these moves the enemy would be disabled from doing anything, and i think this was actually a GOOD THING, and then they went and changed it in G/S/C!

i mean surely if u trap a pkmn within a fire spin how on EARTH is it gona be able to even see the enemy; nevermind attack it?! and in terms of wrap it depends on the size of the pkmn in question... If an ARBOK decides to wrap a JIGGLYPUFF for example, then theres no way jigglypuff is gona be able to retaliate! but how on earth does an arbok wrap large pkmn like DRAGONITE or GYARADOS or even SNORLAX LOL?!

i think it was stupid for nintendo to change the way these trapping techniques worked. grrr


and one other big thing before i finish, the CASINO.

ok fair enough some prizes were pretty cheap to get, but for example the MEGA RARE PORYGON that costs 9999 COINS on YELLOW is just ridiculous. i mean no1 is gona be able to get that many coins simply by gambling at the slots. all i did on G/S/C was buy 100 or 1000 coins at a time, cant remember which lol.

in R/B/Y the MAXIMUM number of coins u cud buy at a time..... WAS 10!!!

It took god damn FOREVER to get my hands on a porygon, thats why they corrected it in G/S/C offering u the chance to buy lots more coins :D

I also REALLY LIKE how they offered more TMs to buy at the casino in G/S/C such as FIRE BLAST, BLIZZARD, THUNDER and PSYCHIC.

In R/B/Y u can only get ONE fire blast (from BLAINE), ONE blizzard (from cant remember where), ONE thunder (from power plant) and ONE psychic (from the psychic man in saffron city)

Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:57 pm
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yeah i mean nintendo is weird they keep changing things and yeah zapdoses part electric shout atomaticly cancle a thunde what ever electric attack

btw you miss spelled think at the beggining just thought i'd point that out LOL

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Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:33 pm
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nintendo must of thought the trapping moves were cheap or something


Wed Dec 12, 2007 7:00 pm
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