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 Haunted's Black 2 Choose-My-Team 
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Yes, guys. It's here. Like my friends PaX and DNA before me, I've decided to do one myself. The concept this time will be simple.
Here are the rules:
1.) You can suggest whichever pokemon and nickname you want, as long as they appear in the main story of Black 2.
2.) No trade-overs, since my friend who still plays pokemon is all the way in Arizona in college, I don't have a second DS readily available. Nor do I have a copy of White 2 in that case.
3.) No event pokemon. I would love to just destroy the **** out of opponents with my old trio of Samurott, Reshiram, and Victini, but I want to at least make this fair and not a slaughterfest and endgame everyone. Thus, as in compliance with Rule #2, no capes no events or trade-overs. That, and I just got the game, so events aren't possible.

Now, on to other things. This will be mostly like DNA's dolo version, except no dolo and in Black 2. Why? Well, I'm unoriginal and DNA has better ideas than Edison and Tesla combined, so I feel the need to copy his basis of cmt-dom. Deal with it.
As for pokemon, there are other hidden rules. For starters, I'm torn between Oshawott and Tepig. Not Snivy, because Snivy is a stuck-up jerk. If I have one type already picked, don't recommend another, unless it can be found earlier and/or has a second, better type. For instance, I had to get a ground type for Elesa in my prelim recently. I got my Black Version favorite Sandile, but picked up Sandshrew instead because of nostalgia and because I had Purrloin and didn't want two of the same types on one team, especially when both pale in comparison.


Can I be cast as Rival?
Are you DNA?
There's your answer.

Can you cast me as somebody?
PM me and I'll see what I can do. That said, some roles are already taken, so don't be negative if you PM'd me and I can't place you. My word is final on this.

Why did you not select my pokemon?

Why did you rip off my CMT?
Because you're a butt
No, you are HauntedWater!
Shut it!

And without further ado, let the casting begin!

yeah, I just basically c+p'd from the PB version

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