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 Should Reshiram/Zekrom be available in B/W2? 
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Personally, I think they should be in it, in their respective versions of course (Reshiram and Black Kyurem in B2, and Zekrom and White Kyurem in W2). Kyurem could have fused with Reshiram/Zekrom, and thus leaving the other legendary remaining for you to obtain. Or maybe, Black/White Kyurem could eventually become unfused with Reshiram/Zekrom, and give you whichever one it was fused with. And maybe in the game, you could manually fuse Kyurem with Reshiram or Zekrom!

So sorry for not having much to say, but I think they should be available in the game. Oh and by 'available in the game', I mean that you can obtain it within the game, and not have to trade it with B/W1 (except for if it's a version exclusive).


Oh and on an off-topic note, maybe if Black/White Kyurem used the move Freeze Shock or Ice Burn, then that would let him turn into its Sparkling Blue / Burning Red form?


Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:08 pm
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Manual fusion - Great idea! However, since White/Black Kyurem are part of the main plot it's unlikely that will happen. I can definitely see an opening for more forms of Kyurem though. Maybe something like the plates that can change Arceus' form. Maybe there will be like a lab that you can use to fuse 2 pokemon in your party, maybe 3! That would be cool. :P Although Gamefreak seem to have a thing where they keep it very organised and nothing really changes. E.g: There are always 8 gyms, 2 main characters etc. But in B/W1 they mixed it up a bit because depending on the starter you chose, you battled a different gym leader that counters' yours. Plus, you had no true rival (other than your two plot friends.) And I think that B/W2 is the first time in the Pokemon series there has ever been a sequel instead of a third game. There are also many changes like iced over terrain etc. Gamefreak have started to be more creative with their games and they've started breaking free of their usual barriers which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think I kind of lost track of the topic question but anyway; Yes I do think regular Zekrom/Reshiram should also be available as well as Kyurem's Black/White forms.


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Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:50 am
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However, since White/Black Kyurem are part of the main plot it's unlikely that will happen.

You could also use that very reason to argue that the respective dragon will appear in BW2. That's what I personally believe. I mean, why not, right? If Kyurem absorbs one of the other dragons, wouldn't it make sense that said absorbed dragon will be part of the plot in some form or fashion?

I honestly don't care much either way, but I think it'd make sense if one of the other dragons appeared.

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