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 Pokemon Ranger 4 Ideas 
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To any of you out there who are Pokemon Ranger fans (if there is anybody else) seeing as there are BW 3rd version speculation threads I thought it might be interesting to start something like this.

Do you think there needs to be another Ranger game?
If so what should/n't be included?
What should the story line be like in comparison to the other games?
What should the events be? (That's the main reason people get them)
What sort of multiplayer functions should there be?

I'd like the story line to last a while and have big twists in it like Guardian Signs did at the end. Almia became a little predictable with the 3 gems. Although if it lasts too long it could end up tedious but as long as each part of the story has an actual purpose it'll be alright.

If there are events Manaphy seems to be obvious. Pokemon that haven't been released for a while should be included. Regis, Jirachi and the Latis would be good especially with possible Gen3 remakes on the way. Although you could end up with too many Regis and Jirachis if they have another Jirachi event. Also Arceus would be good as we're still waiting on the Arceus from the Dream World event.

I liked the 'back-in-time' missions on Guardian Signs. There was a lot more to it than the Almia ones. Aswell as joint missions there could also be competitive challenges to get somewhere or get something before the other person/people.

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:02 pm
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In terms of events, obviously they will do manaphy but most event Pokemon have been released recently: Darkrai (2008), Arceus (Spring 2010), Jirachi (Summer 2010), Mew (Autumn 2010), Deoxys (Pokemon Ranger, November 2010), Shaymin (Pokemon Ranger, November 2010 and Celebi (Winter 2011). I think that they would have to do another Sinnoh event Pokemon and it will probably be darkrai. They will probaly have a legendary with a special move (Palkia with Water Spout or Reshiram with Eruption - these are unlikely but you get the point).

In terms on storyline - you have to defeat some team who want to steal Pokemon - thats about it. Howvever, it would be good to have a twist at the end

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Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:57 am
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well i really liked the way u could ride pokemon in the guardian signs 1 maybe u should be able to customize ur own character
(this migght not be a good idea but) maybe it migh be risky but maybe if they tried having ranger classes and maybe abilities like that stuff like for exxample this ranger class has more freindship power at the exspense of hp its not a great idea but it could work. A wifi mode might be good to were u could do mission with other people in ur country

Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:39 pm
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