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 The Question of Life 

Enough Pokemon? Or MORE?
There are enough Pokemon! Gawwssh. 21%  21%  [ 6 ]
I NEVER have enough Pokemon!!! More more more!!! 54%  54%  [ 15 ]
Honestly, I dont really care, dude. 25%  25%  [ 7 ]
Total votes : 28

 The Question of Life 
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rex09 wrote:
As Mutant_Mewtwo said, unless they plan on just doing remakes from now on, there are definitely going to be new Pokemon. New Gens, new Regions, and new Pokes to go with them. I voted for "don't really care." Mostly because if they stopped now, it wouldn't really matter to me. If they kept going, that's great.

What I don't get is how someone can be on this site and vote for the first option. Seems kinda contradictory.

^ My thoughts exactly. I think there are already enough pokemon to keep people happy, but new and different games are always exciting. And the new legendaries are always cool to see.

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Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:32 pm
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That's true, it's always interesting to see how they design new Pokemon.

And I just need to put this out there. I met this kid once, and Pokemon Diamond was his first Pokemon game. I was currently working my way through those Battle Areas (I forget what they're called...) and the kid just beat the game. It was a one-time talk, because I met him at a Grocery Store and we were talking, so neither of us had our DSs out. Anyway, the main part of the story I was meaning to tell was this: I brought up how I migrated some of my Pokemon from Emerald using Pal Park. Then he asked me what starter I picked in Emerald. I replied Torchic. Then he asked me, "What's a Torchic?" Take in mind that the kid was my age, easily old enough to have played Emerald.

The point of that story (Yeah, there was one.) is to show that there are a lot of Pokemon, and some people don't know all of them. I thought that was just a small reason why there are enough Pokemon, because each new game is always someone's first game.

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