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 Psypoke Names All The Isshu Pokemon! (Halfway Done) 
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Mektar wrote:

Yuniran: Quark
The smallest of the subatomic particles

Daburan: Neutron
A bigger subatomic particle

Rankurusu: Elematom
An atom of an element

I'm pretty sure that Yuniran, Daburan, and Rankurusu are based off of cells rather than subatomic particles. Might I suggest these names?

Yuniran: Psyell (psychic+cell) I'm considering whether I should drop the 'y' or not...
Daburan: Psytosis (psychic+mitosis) Mitosis is the process that cells use to multiply, for those who don't know/remember
Rankurusu: Psytoplasm (psychic+cytoplasm) Cytoplasm is the liquid that the cell's organelles float around in.

For Desukan, I came up with the name Sarcophagold. Desukan is a sarcophagus, and, according to Bulbapedia, it loves to eat gold and it's made of gold. Sarcanubis is okay, but Lucario has more of an Anubis-like appearance as opposed to Desukan.

On a more positive note, I love the name Tarantesla. :)

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to chat about various things.

Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:59 pm
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torchie13125 wrote:
Mr. Dude wrote:
Baffuron: Bafron (bison (buffalo are extinct) + afro)

Buffalo are not extinct! As a proud American, I can say that buffalo are not extinct!
BTW, I'm pretty sure that "buffalo" isn't a real species name at all. It's "American bison" for its real name, but "buffalo" is the generic name.
So, we're both wrong. How's that?
Anyway, I loved the Tarantesla (wow, you know your history!) and Hydragedon!
(I want both so bad! But it doesn't come out here until like next year...)
Oh, and keep it as Tarantesla. It sounds cooler.

Nope. You're the only one that's wrong. Bison are the scientific name for the furry American creature. Buffalo lived in Africa (or south america, I forget which) and are indeed extinct.

Maracacchi - Desbud (desert bud)
Zuruggu - Ziggy
Zuruzukin - Zigbert
Shinboraa - Totemza

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Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:10 pm
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