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 Trolling Thread 
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If this gets locked/deleted/whatever I don't really care because I need to get this off my back and its more efficient to bunch it all together rather than search for appropriate places for each of my issues. (I am well aware this is not true "trolling", I just like the name, if you don't then thats too bad)

There will be a disproportionate amount of new water pokemon, as always. If it lives in the ocean or anybody of water, or resembles a fish, then it is obviously "water". Yet if it lives in the air, of resembles a bird then it must be both air and normal. Further more there will be at least one route that is completely water and thus all you will fight for a decent portion of the game is wild water types and water trainers. The only way around this is creating a world that is all desert, and I just don't see it in a standard pokemon game.

There will not be new types, they haven't added any new ones since the second generation and there is nothing left to add. The reason they added steel and dark was because it balanced out the game in situations where it was broken, specifically dark type added something that was truly strong against psychic, a type that was immensely broken.

They will add an unnecessary amount of new legendaries. They may or may not have interesting types/abilities, but they will in the end be completely forgettable. They will be over powered and thus not usable in the metagame. Forget the countless legendaries they already have and are unavailable without a cheat device or special event. No, instead of recycling old pokemon to be fully used they will make new pokemon that aren't included in the main game. On a side note, I don't know how, but they will manage to make a pokemon that is stronger than even arceus, and like arceus, incredibly lame.

They won't go back and revamp old pokemon that are truly under powered. Instead they will create a ton of new pokemon that half are underpowered. Seriously, before they create anymore they should go back and make sure that every pokemon line is even balanced so there are more than a handful of the hundreds that can actually be used in competitive play.

And finally despite all the problems I will have with gen 5 I will still buy/play/enjoy it. I will waste hours on the game even though I've played the same story line over 20 times by now, with games that had a larger percent of pokemon that I actually like. After I do that I will spend hours EV training my pokemon in order to be competitive, raising pokemon that I don't necessarily like, but are more powerful than others. Then they will release the inevitable gray version and I will get that too, seduced by the three or four new features, only to not complete it as it will essentially be the exact same game.

Feel free to release your anger and hatred on black and white with me. We all know we will enjoy it, yet at the same time we all know that we are basically getting sold the exact same game as red and blue all those years back, just with different packaging.

Another thought I like the names of this generation. It gives me easy ammunition to poke fun at.


Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:07 pm
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